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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 23, 2019 3:00am-3:28am PDT

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a presidential tweet storm as donald trump triples down on the scrutiny over his biden discussion with ukrainian leaders heats up ahead of his u.n. meetings with world leaders. >> and the emmy goes to peter, "game of thrones." >> it was a huge night at the emmys. we've got you covered. >> away from the parking lot get away from there! >> and police rush to a fire as a propane tank explodes right in
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front of them. >> plus we'll take 3,000-year-old coral reef that is giving a major clue about climate change >> "early today" starts right now. good monday morning. i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. >> president trump prepares to meet with leaders at the united nations general assembly he admitted to speaking about leaders of ukraine about joe biden but denied aid to the country for political reasons. tom ukrainian officials were blindsided by the move nbc's kelly o'donnell has more >> reporter: president trump added new detail about his july phone call with ukraine's president. >> the conversation i had was largely ratutory >> reporter: including for the first time how joe biden and his
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son hunter played into that conversation >> it was largely the fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son creating to the corruption already in the ukraine >> reporter: the firestorm is whether the president crossed a line by engaging a foreign leader's help to investigate a political rival, and whether pending u.s. military aid for ukraine was a factor >> there was no quid pro quo >> reporter: i asked the president to explain why the ukraine aid was delayed. >> and i didn't delay anything we paid the military aid to the best of my knowledge >> reporter: after this complaint was filed, sir >> listen to me. i gave so much more to ukraine -- >> reporter: leader pressure -- >> reporter: the president appeared irritated but three hours later, he readily responded. >> that was not pressure i know when i give pressure.
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>> reporter: democrats in congress denied access to the secret whistleblower report say the white house must cooperate and provide more about the you've crane ca ukraine call regarding joe biden, no evidence of wrong doing tied to his son's ukraine business was found >> i'm calling for the president to release the transcript of the call >> the president said maybe. >> we'll make a determination about how to release it. >> reporter: president trump will be waking up today in his own trump tower apartment back in new york city of course he's there because world leaders are gathering for the united nations at a time when his interactions with world leaders are unde m th ukraine's president that is scheduled for wednesday, their first in-purse, on iran as well there is no meeting scheduled between the u.s. president and
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the iranian president, but mr. trump said he would remain flexible frances. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. the focus will be on iran. the iranian president is warning the u.s. and other countries to leave the persian gulf immediately. joining us is ali arouzi are we getting any closer to a military confrontation >> the saudis are still maintaining that they believe iran is behind those attacks they have, however, stopped short of saying that those attacks came from iranian soil not least of all because these attacks on the oil field expose exactly how vulnerable they are, how vulnerable their moshey wer say that those attacks came from iranian soil, then they would
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have to make some very difficult choices and it may put them on a war footing, something they seem reluctant to do at this stage because an all-out war would be devastating to their most valuable commodity oil, something they want to float on the stock exchange in the coming years and if they were to have an all-out conflict with iran, that would do enormous damage to that planned ipo for aramcop the rhetoric is very fiery both chances are digging in. the talk of talking themselves into some sort of conflict or accidental conflict breaking out is stillgh >>li arouzi, thank you >> the world's oldest travel firm collapses leaving hundreds of thousands stranded around the world. thomas cook announced it ceased trading crippled by crushing
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debt they ran resorts, hotels and airlines for 19 million people in 16 countries. 16,000 people are abroad rescue operations are under way trying to bring stranded flyers back home. about 9,000 employees are also out of jobs. >> the death toll from the virus known as triple e is climbing. the mosquito-born disease is now being linked to new deaths in massachusetts and connecticut, bringing the total number of fatalities to nine nbc's kathy park has been following the story. good morning >> reporter: phillip, good morning. triple e is pretty rare but the number has spiked into the triple digits. 78 james longwell of massachusetts was killed and patricia shaw of connecticut >> we're here to pray for the
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family it not easy with a sudden loss >> reporter: dozens of cases of triple e have been reported in six states and nine people have died from the disease, the threat triggering aerial spraying and cancelling outdoor events at night in several communities. >> there is no vaccination to prevent triple e this is one of the deadliest moss kqui mosquito-born infections >> chris died within a week of being diagnosed. >> within nine days he went from perfectly healthy to brain dead. >> reporter: less than 6 people contract it. symptoms are similar to the flu or worse >> if they have that infection of the brain known as encephalitis, they may act confused, have a seizure or be
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unresponsive >> one in three die from triple e. to stay safe, the key is to avoid mosquito bites remember insect repellant, especially during the dusk and dawn hours when mosquitos are most active. at home, if there's any standing water at home, drain it because that could be a breeding site foss those mosquitoes. >> it looks like antonio brown's football careee former patriotsl player twewent on a tweeter tire >> reporter: antonio brown out of a job but on the offensive. accused to rain, he took to twitter to announce he done with the nfl and targeted former teammates, the league and patriots owner robert kraft,
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saying patriots fans threatened a "sports illustrated" writer for revealing a second sexual harassment claim against him commenting "system working effectively, will not be playing in the nfl anymore, these owners can cancel deals, do what they want any time. we'll see if the nfl players association will hold them responsible. he mentioned ben roethlisberger's case over rain allegations that settled out of cou court. the patriots released the wide receiver during an ongoing nfl investigation. on espn, >> when the new england patriots say good-bye to you, that's a kiss of death. >> on monday the nfl spent ten hours interviewing brown's accuser, britt any tney taylor,
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former trainer who says he raped her on multiple occasions. brown says he'll sue the league for the millions he hasn't been paid due to being cut before pay day. >> meanwhile, a wild day in the nfl was capped off in cleveland with a nail biter. it all came down to one play >> fourth down here's your ball game. and the pass is picked off in the end zone >> the rams' defense making that crucial stop on fourth down to browns,he08 up see jared goff there finallyt
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tampa, the daniel jones era for the giants got off to a heck of a start with new york trailing the bucks 28-10 at the half, their new quarterback delivered an unbelievable comeback, complete with this 75-yard touchdown pass to evan ingram and with the game on the line, jones scrambled in for the game-winning touchdown eli who? giants win it 32-31. a duel to the death, they put on a show that touchdown was not enough for baltimore to stop the reigning mvp look at the smiern, thoupin tho. three touchdowns in a chief's win. in l.a. it was a battle of the brothers that is j.j. watt and his nd bragging ther derek watt, a rights for thanksgiving.
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texans wina quick look at thy players for the week, mike evans led the way with 45 points, keenan allen, russell wilson, alvin kamara and mark ingram round out the list and we are tracking another tropical storm threat. >> good morning. we have tropical moisture picking up very quick here this just happened yesterday, tropical storm karen here. there is that northwest movement 9 miles per hour now, on our radar is puerto rico it will cross over by tuesday afternoon with winds up to 40 miles per hour, and that's why
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little rock and oklahoma city this afternoon. that continues into phoenix. but look at highs, 90 degrees we're going to introduce fall here at 3:50 and temperatures still in the 90s. you got to love that, right? >> yes it's been really unseasonably warm thank you. >> up next, we have the big winners from the emmy award and an explosive scene caught on camera the terrifying moments after a propane tank catches fire. that's head on "early today. fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we ve by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash.
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>> billy porter became the first openly gay man to win an emmy for a series >> and louis dreyfuss would have become the most honored actor of of all time if she had won but "fleabag" won instead. >> it's just really wonderful to know and dirty, pervy, angry, messed up woman can make it to the emmys so thank you so much >> "fleabag" too best writing overall. and "game of thrones" took home waur ard
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away from the parking lot for the most part you can come in -- get away from there! >> police a man and woman were injured in the blast but are recovering in a burn center. officers say it appears a generator in the bed of their pickup truck caught fire and a
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couple was trying to put it out when it spread to the propane tank >> a man died moments after popping the question to his girl friend but it's how he asked her that may have caused his death. >> reporter: when steven weber proposed to his girl friend, he did it with a little bit of daring, writing, "i can't hold my breath long enough toher anss but weber never heard the reply. he drown shortly after this proposal the louisiana couple, both 40 years old, had been together for two years and were celebrating their love with a bucket list vacation, staying in a partially submerged hotel room about 30 feet underwater. the $1,700 a night room is off
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the coast of tanzania. the family knew they were planning to pop the question but weren't aware of the risky plans. >> he wanted this to be a special opportunity for him to propose to kenishi a, who he loved. >> he was found alive by passing boaters ans emptiness will neve filled we love him. we want him back here in the united states. he's just a beautiful, beautiful, wonderful person. >> a young life ended just as they hoped to begin a new one together matt bradley, nbc news like pronamel repair. this toothpaste takes it to the next level. it takes minerals and it drives it deep
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♪upbeat musieverything was so fresh in the beginning. [sniff] ♪ dramatic music♪ but that plug quickly faded. ♪upbeat music luckily there's febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. [deep inhale] nbc news has been bringing you a series of reports examining the climate in crisis ahead of this weeks u.n. climate summit, but their important
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measure of impact is often out of sight, deep beneath the sea >> we go underwater to examine a 300-year-olduntrained eye appears to be thriving dr. brian la point studied thiss we went diving to see the devastation firsthand.u see what the coral looks like today versus 30 years ago? >> side-by-side views best show the decline. this looks beautiful to me what did it used to look like? >> well, it used to be covered with elcorn coral that came right up to the surface. >> breaking the surface, could
3:27 am
you see it >> yes, beautiful, brown branching corals over 90% of that is gone >> scientists thought it was warming ocean waters and unusual high levels of selenity. >> the temperature looks to be about 30.6 degrees c >> but la point found multiple years with lower water temperatures and no significant fluctuations in selenity yet corals were still dying. in lab tests water with nitrogen turns green, absent nitrogen yellow >> it's a little more complicated than just temperature alone. the planet is warming but it's also simultaneously being enriched with reactive nitrogen. >> nitrogen comes in part from what's driving climate change,
3:28 am
fossil fuels nitrogen from agricultural runoff and untreated waste water. like all science it's complicated. >> it's complicated. >> this is the last elcorn coral here and scientists say growing back what was once here, if even possible, would take another 300,00, florida. >> such a shame. i'm frances riverrivera and i'm fillis
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president trump will wake up in new york city today as pressure mounts over his questionable phone call with ukraine's leader and mr. trump admits to discussing joe biden now, congress wants more info. that as the democratic field
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has a shakeup at the top senator elizabeth warren overtakes the former vice president in a critical new poll. antonio brown lashes out at the nfl.. honoring princes land mines footsteps, alerting a new generation. a woman who droppe


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