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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us. lester holt is next with nightly news. breaking news tonight, the american soldier under arrest. the suspect charged after allegedly discussing plans to bomb a tv news network the fbi saying he also made mention of a presidential candidate to an undercover agent. what we're learning now. also breaking, president trump at the u.n. and his new denial he says he did not use u.s. aid to pressure ukraine to investigate the son of rival joe biden. and what the president is saying tonight about the mounting calls among democrats for impeachment. the trial now underway, the former police officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed man in his own home. she says she makes up his apartment with hers. what prosecutors in court said she did in the moments before firing the fatal shot. the growing outrage, two
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6-year-old children a a a arrested at school one girl handcuffed, put in the back of a police car and a fingerprinted. late word tonight a about the officer's fate on the force. nightmare at the airport, 150,000 vacationers stranded all over the world after a travel giant goes bust. >> what the heck is going on, and when can i get my money back >> the major effort to bring them back home >> the emotional reunion the couple that wouldn't give up finding their lost best friend
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>> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening, a u.s. army soldier is behind bars tonight accused of sharing bomb making instructions on social media while authorities have not identified any plots, the fbi says the soldier had discussed potential targets here in the u.s., including members of a left wing activist movement and the headquarters of a news network. our pete williams has details. >> reporter: the fbi says it was tipped off that a soldier stationed at ft. raleigh i central kansas talked before enlisting about wanting to fight with a far right group in ukraine and posted bomb making instructions on facebook after joining the u.s. army in 2017, the fbi says, private first class jared william smith described how to use a cell phone to make a bomb detonator. beginning last month the fbi says smith told an undercover agent about possible attacks in the u.s. on members of the radical left group antifah blowing up cell phone towers according to a court document, smith said a possible target could be a major news network headquarters, not identified in the papers the fbi says its bomb technicians determined his method for building a car bomb would not have worked and last friday the fbi says he was telling the undercover agent other ways to build bombs. the court document says the agent asked do you got anyone down in texas that would be a good fit for an attack smith replied outside of beto, i don't know enough people that would be relevant enough to cause a change if they died.
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that's an apparent reference to presidential candidate beto o'rourke of texas,who recently suggested taking away assault rifles from people who own them. tonight o'rourke's campaign says they've been in touch with the fbi, but he's not backing down on guns. private smith is not accused of plotting any specific attacks, but the maximum penalty for disseminating bomb instructions is 20 years in prison. lester >> pete williams tonight, thank you. here in new york president trump attended the u.n. general assembly and found himself responding to new questions about his phone call to ukraine's president that's reportedly the center of a whistleblower complaint. our kristen welker has the new details. >> reporter: tonight, president trump dismissing new impeachment calls from democrats and defending his july phone call with the leader of ukraine insisting he never threaten to withhold military aid if ukraine didn't investigate accusations against joe biden and his son. at the time, the aide wa
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suspended, its since been released. >> did you tell the ukrainian leader they would have the aid if they invest gated joe biden and his family. >> i didn't. i did not make a statement you have to do this or i'm not going to give you aid. >> reporter: according to the washington post siting people familiar with the matter, a government whistle blower alleges the president did pressure the president of ukraine to investigate a ukrainian company which had given hunter biden a position on its board while joe biden was vice president the president raising eyebrows with this comment about media coverage. >> if a republican ever did what joe biden did, if a republican ever said what joe biden said, they would be getting the electric chair right now. >> reporter: there is no evidence of wrongdoing by biden. >> why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to intimidate a foreign leader if that's what happened that appears what's happened you should be looking at trump. >> reporter: nancy pelosi who
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resisted calls for impeachment warned not turning over the complaint will be a new chapter of lawlessness that will take us into a whole new stage o investigation. other democrats wanting impeachment now. >> he is jeopardizing our democracy every day. >> how seriously are taking these? >> not at all. we had a perfect phone call with the president of ukraine everybody knows it's just a democrat witch hunt. here we go again the one who has a problem is biden. what biden did is a disgrace. >> kristen, i know democrats really want to look at that whistleblower complaint. >> that's right. chuck schumer wants a subpoena to see that complaint, which the administration refuses to give to congress. now, we could learn more on thursday, that's when the acting director of national intelligence testifies, lester. >> kristen welker, thank you. the other major issue looming over the u.n. meeting tonight, iran and whether its growing showdown with the u.s. can be dialed back hallie jackson has that story. >> reporter: president trump in meeting after meeting after
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meeting today, but perhaps the most important is the one he probably won't have with the iranians dismissing a one-on-one with president hassan rouhani. >> are you meeting with president trump? >> no. >> reporter: president trump not quite ready to rule it out just yet. >> we'll see what happens but we have nothing scheduled at this moment. >> reporter: the escalating tensions hover over the united nation's general assembly after the u.s. blamed iran for the attack on saudi oil facilities last weekend iran showing off military might in a parade demanding the u.s. leave the region with the pentagon set to deploy a small number of troops to saudi arabia soon and new sanctions slapped on iran's national bank. it's the backdrop to the week's gathering of world leaders in new york with the u.s. looking to build a diplomatic coalition with iran, likely to be a centerpiece of the president's address to the assembly tomorrow. >> iran, the state of terror it's the number one state of terror in the world.
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>> reporter: another big issue man attended by teenhe president activist greta thunberg. >> you have stolen my dreams and my childhood, which are empty words. we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth how dare you >> reporter: nuclear talks with north korea are another key international issue with president trump. late tonight he's suggesting the door is open to a possible third summit with kim jong-un despite the recent short-range missile tests. lester >> hallie jackson, thank you. the murder trial began for a former dallas police officer who shot and killed her unarme neighbor in his apartment. with the defense team saying she mistakenly thought he had broken into hers. let's get more from gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: today amber guyger walked into a dallas courtroom where prosecutors began laying out their murder case.
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>> amber guyger shot an unarmed man in his home, who was doing no harm to anybody >> reporter: the former police officer is accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old botham john in his own apartment last year >> he's in my apartment. >> reporter: guyger's defense team says she repeated that phrase 22 times after the shooting the 911 recording was obtained. >> you shot someone? >> yes, i thought it was my apartment. i'm [ bleep ]. oh, my god i'm sorry. >> reporter: guyger was off duty but in uniform she told police she walked to what she believed was her apartment. turns out, it was the wrong floor. her defense team said she shot botham because she thought he was an >> reporter: b argue she overlooked many clues it was the wrong apartment, including this bright red door mat. she also had been texting her
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partner on the police force with whom she had an intimate relationship and planned to meet up >> it's very important for you folks to know after a 13.5-hour shift, amber guyger didn't have plans to go home and crash and take it easy. >> reporter: today john's sister took the stand. >> i miss him every single day being in dallas is hard that he's not here. i miss him >> reporter: if convicted, amber guyger faces up to life in prison gabe gutierrez, nbc news. there's word tonight of another death linked to e-cigarettes now nine people have died linked to vaping across the country the latest death involves a man over 50 in kansas that also had underlying health conditions officials say. the cdc reports 530 cases of vaping-related illnesses in 38 states and the virgin islands. following a massive effort tonight to bring 150,000 citizens back home after a travel giant went bankrupt over the weekend and stranded vacationers all over the world, including some here in the u.s
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here is nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: from the u.k. to germany to airports all over the globe, tens of tho vacationers and honeymooners spent today standing in long lines with few answers. >> what the hell is going on and when can i get my money back >> we're not really sure all we're hearing is things that add to the worry. >> reporter: this travel nightmare began when thomas cook went bust. all planes grounded. 155,000 customers stranded worldwide. many with complicated travel packages including in new york, miami, l.a., seattle, san francisco and orlando. >> go on the website to tell you there will be someone here there is no one here. >> reporter: the good news, u.k. law insures british customers. now britain's largest civilian airlift since world war ii, 1,000 flights over the next two weeks to bring everyone home the lesson for american travelers, consider travel insurance on big trips. >> you might want to buy travel insurance if you go on a cruise or safari or tour or expensive
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air/hotel package. >> reporter: tonight the first two british airlift flights have already left orlando, but tens of thousands are still waiting for their flights home tom costello, nbc news, washington. tonight we're tracking three tropical disturbances in the atlantic and one is taking aim at puerto rico nbc's morgan chesky is there morgan, is the island prepared >> reporter: lester, good evening. a state of emergency has been declared here in puerto rico where tonight all eyes are on karen, one of three churning storms in the atlantic images from trinidad and tobago show the impact along the coast including destructive flash floods back here in puerto rico, flooding and mudslides are all possible more than 50 shelters have bee opened up across the island ahead of karen's anticipated landfall come tomorrow. >> morgan chesky, thank you. britain's prime minister boris johnson facing pressures over a looming brexit deadline
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with other leaders in new york tonight as part of the u.n. general assembly, i sat down with him in an exclusive u.s. network interview where i began by asking if he agreed with the u.s. assessment that iran was behind the recent attack on saudi oil facilities >> we are virtually certain that it was from iran, so that presents the world with a very difficult scenario and very difficult position how do we respond? >> that's my question to you, what is the u.k.'s position? military force >> you know, it's -- look, to be honest, it's not something i think will necessarily help the situation i think actually, there is logic in having some kind of deal with the iranians that stop them from getting nuclear weapons in exchange for some participation in the wider economy >> would we be here today had the u.s. not withdrawn from that agreement? >> that's a difficult question because the reality is president trump rightly -- it was a bad deal it wasn't a great deal
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iran was and is behaving disruptively in the region and i think there is one guy who can do a better deal one guy who can understand how to get a difficult partner like iran over the line and that is the president of the united states. >> and i brought up those comparisons of johnson to president trump even by the president himself. >> they are saying britain trump. they call him britain trump and people say that's a good thing. >> what do you think about the comparisons between you and donald trump >> well, look, i think that they are peculiar they are not -- you know, i'm a british conservative i come from, you k a tradition that believes in free market, free trade, all sorts of things
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where most difference is, when it comes to twitter. i'm not a master of that medium. >> is that the only big difference between you two >> i'm just giving you one difference i'll leave it to your imagination for the many other differences. but there are plenty of differences. >> we had limited time with the prime minister but i also asked about brexit he said he's committed to achieving the uk's breakup with the eu with or without a deal, despite suffering several key defeats in parliament that may prevent him from doing that. there is more ahead, outrage in florida and a police officer fired after arresting two 6-year-olds in their school.lit subway tracks and survives and the remarkable homecoming with the family that never gave up on their best friend stay with us
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there is a harrowing scene here in new york during the morning rush hour as a father jumped holding his 5-year-old daughter on the subway tracks. he was killed but remarkably, the little girl survived she was rescued and handed up to stunned commuters on the platform the whole thing recorded by someone across the tracks. the girl has minor injuries. let's turn to the outrage after two 6-year-old children were arrested in separate latwe officer at the cen here is miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the arrest happened at this orlando charter school, two children in separate incidents arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center.
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one, a 6-year-old girl was handcuffed, fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot. her grandmother spoke to tv station wkmg and says the child misbehaved because she was tired, allegedly kicking a staff member. >> no 6-year-old child should be able to tell somebody they had handcuffed on them and they were riding in the back of a police car and taken to a juvenile at the detention center to be fingerprinted. >> reporter: she says her grandchild was treated like a criminal orlando police confirming dennis turner also arrested another 6-year-old the same day the state attorney dropping all charges. >> i refuse to knowingly play any role in the school to prison pipeline at any age. >> reporter: officer turner who was with orlando p.d. for 23 years has now been fired with the arrest sparking outrage online, tonight orlando's top cop promises a lesson has been learned at this school miguel almaguer, nbc news. we have more to tell you
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about tonight. up next, led zeppelin back in court, accused of stealing the opening of one of its greatest hits the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using
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e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. back now with that heated court battle over one of the biggest hits ever by a group of classic rock legends here is nbc's kevin tibbles. ♪ there's a lady whose sure all that glitters is gold ♪ >> reporter: for '70s rockers led zeppelin, all that was glitters was gold with "stairway to heaven" but today the music was on trail did led zeppelin steal the
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opening rif from torres by randy wolf the estate of wolf better known as randy california is suing in an interview before his death in 1997 california said listeners should make up their own mind it's an exact. i'd say it was a rip-off, and the guys made millions of bucks on it and never said thank you >> led zeppelin is famous for taking inspiration from other artists, usually classic blues artists and blowing it up into super-sized rock 'n' roll. >> reporter: this is the second time "stairway" has been to court. it's also not the first time musicians have been accused of coppery right infringement edn thicke and katy perry have also been sued we've reached a point where
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these lawsuits are more common being called out of tune kevin tibbles, nbc news. nsthat started outght on as a joke, a man with a sign at an iowa football game last weekend saying he needed money to replenish his beer supply what began as a few hundred bucks has surpassed $1 million since carson king said he's donating the money to a children's hospital. up next, the long road home, a reunion you won't want to miss
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finally tonight, the couple whose four-legged friend went missing and their determination to get her back no matter how long it took here is steve patterson. >> reporter: an unforgettable
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homecoming nearly two months in the making it began with a moment of desperation, carol and vern king were vacationing in montana when their 7-year-old border collie katy disappeared. >> i opened up my motel door and my dog was gone. i was devastated. >> reporter: for 57 days they went to neighborhoods and deep into the woods using wildlife cameras and night vision goggles, posting flyers everywhere. >> you love your dog so much and have hope and you know she's out there searching for you, you can't give up. >> reporter: carol quit her job as a mail carrier to keep the search going vern returned to their home outside their home with this note for katie instead of saying good-bye, i would rather say see you soon. then after all seemed lost, a tip. >> she was right there in the bushes she ran out. i yelled her name and she came right to me. >> reporter: katy was 15 pounds lighter but happy to be going home answering her dad's letter with a shower of kisses.
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>> ahh >> reporter: good girl steve patterson, nbc news. >> that's the best and that is "nightly news" for this monday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching and good night. right now the construction can go forward. that's what a judge ruled today about that controversial homeless shelter in san francisco. we look at the next step. >> plus she's accused of arranging her ex's mother. the trial begins for a local real estate heir res. the news at 6 starts right now. good evening thanks for being with us. >> okay. it says feels like summer,
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dangerously hot temperature tomorrow. wind is an issue. now we have a red flag warning as well that begins this evening. >> it's the exact opposite of what we should be seeing. the wind is going to be focused in hills a thousand feet and above. we'll bring you into that warning tonight and you'll be able to see here it includes hills of the northeast and also for the south bay right around fairfax, sonoma, napa, saint helena, berkeley, oakland, fremont. and down to the south bay it's the eastern foothills of san jose and also surrounding hills there of gilroy. sustained winds of 10 to 20. so, that's your steady wind. but those occasional gusts could be 20 to 40-miles-an-hour with humidity down to 10%. so, these are things you really have to start thinking about.


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