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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 24, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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tipping point. vee heard it before but could the president be facing impeachment proceedings as pelosi may be dropping her month had long opposition in light of thoukrain/biden controversy. and a sailer under arrest. and mentioning a presidential candidate. the dramatic rescue. the girl pulled onto the subway tracks and survibes. two six-year-olds arrested at school. one handcuffs and fingerprinted.
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and a homecoming to warm your heart the home owner and dog that never lost hope of a reunion "early today" starts right now grrs to be with you. president trump will take the world stage just after 10:00 eastern to address leaders at the united nations general assembly in new york he's expected to discuss major issues like tensions with iran and the china trade war. to be over shadows by called to ukrain's president where he called for pushed to look into joe biden's son. president trump him sl ordered a hold on aid for ukrain days before the call. an aid for the highs called the allegations completely false there's growing talk for
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impeachment. >> reporter: and it's based on the idea that the president tried to pressure the president of ukrain to look into biden and his son. it's all about how hunter got a spot on the board seat while his father was president and the report about whether aid was with held unless this investigation was launched the president said it never happened >> did you tell the ukrainian leader they would have the claim only if they investigated joe biden and his family >> no, i tud not make a statement that you have to do this or i'm not going to give you a. >> reporter: are calls from them to release the whistleblowerer complaint and there are calls to release the transcript of af the
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phone call between the president and ukrain's leader. the can concerns whether that sets a bad precedent and now renewed calls for impeachment. we learned house speaker nancy pelosi may be reconsidering. house speaker pelosi and other democrats said to meet this afternoon. >> if this isn't impeachable, what is? i feel this is a clear and concise instance of the american people can understand where the president of the united states has tried to enlist foreign influence in our election process and threatened our national security by with holding foreign aid and this is a game changerthisfternoon if it's a game changer. law makers are set to meet without their staff members in the room. >> what a backdrop to the speech
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today. and the showdown between the u.s. and iran grows. britain, france and germany issue as joint statement saying in part there is no other plausible explanation than that iran bears responsibility for the attack joining us from teheran, how is iran reing spondinging to all o this >> reporter: unsurprisingly not reacting very well a strong joint statement issued by athe u. can k iran immediately rejected the statement. accused them of quote parroting absurd u.s. claims while at the same time ruling out the possibility of negotiating a new deal with world powers as well as negotiating iran's regional influence and missile program. iran's foreign minister said the three european partners had
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demonstrated paralysis in fulfilling their obligation without u.s. approval and iran has continually been warning the u.s. and its allies against any military response on iranian soil, saying their response will be crushing. back to you. >> thank you well, we turn to the troubling accusations against the u.s. army soldier behind bars the fbi says the soldier shared bomb-making instructions on social media and the activists and head quarters of a news network. >> reporter: fbi says it was tipped off that a soldier uncentrals can ks had talked before enlisting about wanting to fight for a far right paramilitary group in ukrain and posted bomb-making instructions on facebook. after joining the army, private
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smith explained how to use a cell phone to make a bomb detinator. he says smith told hem about the potential attacks on the u.s., like blowing up ll a target can be a major news network. and last friday the fbi says he was telling the undercover ajt about other ways to build bombs. the court document asks anyone in texas that would be a good fit for it the attack? >> and he replied outside of beto, i dont know anyone relevant enough to cause a change that's a remark relative to beto o'rourke who mentioned taking
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assault rifles from people who owned them private smith is not accused of plotting any specific attacked but the maximum penalty is 20 years in prison. philip it is a case that sparks massive protests in dallas and now a murder trial is underway for former dallas police officer accu accused of killing her unarmed neighbor she shot and killed botham jean last september >> reporter: amber guyger walked into a court room. >> amber guyger shot someone in his home doing nothing to nobody >> reporter: she shot and killed it botham jean
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>> you shot someone? >> yes, i thought it was my apartment. oh, my god, i'm sorry. >> reporter: she says she walked to what she believed was her apartment. it turns out it was her floor. she thought he was an intruder and felt threatened. >> he must want to kill me because i caught him >> reporter: but say she's been texting her partner on the police force whom she had an intimate relationship to meet up >> i think it's important to know after a 13.5 hour shift, she did not have plans just to go home and crash or talk it ease >> i miss him every single day
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being in dallas is hard and that he's not here. i muss him >> reporter: if convicted amber guyger faces up to life in prison a very tense scene as the father jumped on the subway tracks holding his 5-year-old daughter he was killed but incredibly the girl survived. she was handed to stunned commuters on the platform with the whole thing being recorded by someone across the tracks and breaking news overnight. a 6.0 magnitude earthquake has struck off theoast of puerto coas9 miles off the northwest coast. officials don't expect heavy damage and there is no tsunami risk this was taken west of s said t lagsed about an entire minute.
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t's turn to nbc meteorologis >> and that's unfortunate about the earthquake we're going to see winds up to 20 miles per hour. and tropical storm warnings in place. and karen starts -- upper midwest we have six states, 9 million peep wurl going to see an abundce oan follow this stork throughout your eve ebenning and not feeling like fall in the
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midatlantic to the northeast you with would think the fall temperatures would start to move back in. >> eventually. >> and snow. most people don't like mondays but nobody has a reason to not like mondays more than redskins-fans. a very defense setting the tone early. and that's clayton dix runing it black the way to the touchdown and a bomb from mitch trubisky would later put them up 1- 0 bears win 31-15. and ahead the dubious new record well 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection.
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13,000 who lived there at the time of the attacks and they'r working to reach out to 13,000 teachers and a new study found that white house turnover is breaking records. they focussed on the top 65 positions and found someone othem took over at some point in time since office. researchers found this rate of ofsurpasdss predecessors and in just 32 months two 6-year-old children were arrested and i hear the officer at the center of the controversy has been fired >> reporter: arrests happened at the orlando charter school
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arrested, a six-year-old handcuffed, finger printed and frafed for a mug shot. allegedly kicking a staff member >> no 6-year-old child should be able to tell somebody that they have handcuffs on them and they were riding in the back of a police car and taken to a juvenile detention senter to be fingerprinted. >> reporter: she says her grandchild was treated like a criminal and police confirming dennis turner arrested another 6-year-old the same day without his supervisor's permission. >> i refuse to knowingly play any role in the school to prison pipeline at any age. >> and he's now been fired skblrks wi >> reporter: orlando's top cop promises a lesson has been
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nancy pelosi told the white house to hand thoev secret
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whistleblower complaint by thursday or face consequences. and it from goes it now goes tuesday, wednesday, friday there is no thursday >> no 13th floor on an elevator. >> i'm okay with that if it shortens our work week jimmy fallon is doing a show live all week. live tv, anything can happen so another reason to watch jimmy fallon tsa has a million fall ooars on instagram they have the strangest confuskagzs including a bag of eels this is found in el paso folding blades, a chain saw third place and second to a bottle of cognac that had five dead endangerered seahorses inside it. the strangest find now, drum roll that is a human skull.
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they say passengers had this clay pot and had no idea that was inside there >> that's scary because you know it's there but no krd the skull is in there, that's pretty insane the largest social media network is putt to up the ante facebook acquired the control app. they have gadgets like the wrist band that imitates human movement on a computer they're going to join facebook's augmented reality lab.r 500 mil a billion for those. >> they got the money for it technology always amazes us and who knows what's going to be possible so there's a guy named carson king.
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a originally just looking for a couple of bucks for busch light. he's holding it up on espn's college game day and like a million dollars came in. he decided to donate that money to iowa. they're rewarding him by providing him busch light with his farks name and a title that says iowa legend on the can. you got your name on a can obeer? >> listen, i'm sure he's getting the t-shirts, the capscusy still ahead the remarkable homecoming with the family that never gave up on their best friend fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts.
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the united autoworkers strike has gone into a second week this is on top of an estimated 4500 temporary layoffs they've been on strike since september 15th after contract talks failed they estimate gm is losing up to $1 million a day in production now nine people have died related to vaping had related illnesses. in kansas who also had underlying health conditions they must say. and 38 states and the virgin islands. director matt reeves may have found his evil villain for the badman and the latest take on the d.c.
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comic's character. sources say it's unclear what player heeller pl'll play andt still working it out preproduction played by "the batman" has already been done and set for release june twunt 21 >> any guess >> penguin penguin in "batman returns." now for the couple whose four-ing alled friend went missing and their determination no matter how long it took >> reporter: an unforgettable homecoming nearly two months in the making it began with a moment of desperation. they were vacationing in
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calispell, montana >> and i open the door and my dog is gone. i'm devastated >> they've used night vision goggles. >> and you you just can't give up >> carol even quit her job as a mail carrier to keep the search going. "instead of saying goodbye, i'd rather say see you soon. love, dad. en the a tip >> and she was right in there bushes i kreled her name and she came running to me. >> she was 15 pounds lighter but happy to go home happy to go home the juul record.d' s they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine.
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five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. tuesday. it is going to be a hot one.
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take a look at this. one of the hottest days of the week. that combined with putting parts of the bay area in fire danger. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to the forecast. >> we have the red flag warning for all of our hills. elevations above 1,000 feet will have that fire danger. that's a lot of the north bay from northern sonoma county and all those areas in red.


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