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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 25, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this te of emination does raise ethical questions but it could very well be years before this kind of testing becomes widely available in our area or other medical centers across the country. back to you. right now at 6:00, overnight outages early this morning, planned shutoffs by pg&e in parts of napa and sonoma counties started. we're live in the impacted zones as that fire danger remains high. it's really a sad day for our country actually. >> if she does that, they all say that's a positive for me from the election. >> impeachment inquiry reaction and fallout from house speaker nancy pelosi's dision and what the white house is pledging to do soon. we have team coverage. later, lyft for your commute, at 6:15, we update the san francisco rideshare company is making to its app to help you track down more than just a car, even if the company doesn't profit. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is going to get us through the commute in a bit. first meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the fire dangers in our area as well as some of those controlled power outages. >> the controlled power outages, the high heat, low humidity, we're all the things that we're watching this morning and we'll have to start out with some mild temperatures as you get ready to head out the door. we have some upper 60s in the tri-valley, all clear skies. we also have some unhealthy air quality in the inland east bay as well as the south bay, and we want to make sure we're trying to do our part in reducing the ozone emissions and carbon emissions as well. our temperatures today in dublin will reach the low 90s by early afternoon. we'll continue to go up from there, reaching the triple digits again today in many of our inland spots. we'll talk more about this and the fire danger in a few minutes. mike there are a couple issues in the north bay. >> there are. on the big map at this latitude we see more slowing here, castro valley, hayward, san leandro,
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and also 580 coming out of theality month pass westbound, there seems to be more focused slowing in toward livermore. i'll keep my eyes on that. we have been watching this car fire just north of the carquinez bridge, and bay bridge is showing slowing in both directions north of the bay bridge benicia bridge, and the fire on mare island the peninsula, not affecting the freeways. we'll have more in a second. the rest of the drive toward the bay bridge we focusen othe backup at the metering lights. back to you. developing on capitol hill, house speaker nancy pelosi announcing a formal impeachment inquiry in to president trump, the speaker accusing mr. trump of betraying national security and the integrity of american elections with his conduct. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill to break down what it all means. tracie? >> good morning, laura, good morning, everyone. it means not that the president's been charged with
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anything or found guilty of any wrongdoing, but what it does mean is whatever democrats do from here o out, the six committees investigating hearings, testimony, evidence, it is now formally part of a process to determine if president trump broke the law. house speaker nancy pelosi made it official, lawmakers are opening an impeachment inquiry against president trump. >> the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. >> reporter: pelosi, who has been reluctant, moves forward at the urging of more than 180 democrats. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's a witch hunt. i'm leading in the polls, they have no ea how they stop me, the only way they can try is through impeachment. >> reporter: what turned the tide, a phone call with the president of ukraine, a whistle-blower claims president trump threatened to cancel aid unless the country investigated joe biden and his son's connection to a ukrainian company. under pressure, president trump
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has agreed to release the transcript of that call. >> i feel like when you see this transcript, the president's going to be vindicated. it's going to be proven he's done nothing wrong. >> reporter: impeachment isn't a crime, it's a charge, and we're not even there yet. this inquiry allows lawmakers to officially gather evidence and interview witnesses to build a case. >> we're going to get this, have the opportunity to hear from the whistle-blower, make sure that whistle-blower is protected. >> there are clear battle lines. democrats who insist the president's done something wrong. >> we must not wait. now is the time to act. >> reporter: and republicans who argue this is about democrats loss in the last election. >> they should have given it up then but they can't let it go. >> reporter: the white house says they'll turn over the whistle-blower's complaint when the director of national intelligence testifies tomorrow. meantime this morning, we are hearing from the president of the ukraine. he tweeted a picture of himself and president trump, and the first lady. he said in a statement earlier that he did not feel pressured.
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the two of them are set to meet later this afternoon. back to you. >> that is very interesting. so the things are developing. what happens next then in the impeachment process? >> next they get this transcript, start to analyze what was said, what it meant. the whistle-blower's complaint trying to put some of that into context at least from that person's perspective and then trying to figure out if they can get the whistle-blower to come in and testify and whether or no that person's identity will be protected. >> it will be a busy time in d.c. as it always is. tracie potts, thank you. >> 6:05 for you right now. breaking news in vallejo. firefighters are battling a fire on mare island. this is live video right now from nbc bay area sky ranger. as you can see those flames there engulfed that sffire. the fire has burned at least three acres and said to be about 50% contained. it started near the south point
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of the island, and is burning to the north. no evacuations have been ordered at this point. investigators say that it started when someone tried to use a saw to cut down two power poles. and they say there have been no previous or there have been previous attempts to steal copper power lines for recycling purposes. that fire comes as red flag warning is in effect amid high fire danger. some north bay residents are already feeling the impact. controlled power outages just started this morning in napa and sonoma counties. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in sonoma county with the latest. bob? >> reporter: marcus, pg&e shut off just over 1400 dust mers in sonoma and napa, and if you look above us, the tree here, fortunately the wind has been
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relatively still. we're northeast of santa rosa, just outside safari west the game park. they have the orange generator they turned on about 45 minutes ago. look at the video, workers out here powered up the generator and they were able to power up the lights, keep the power on in the office. they will be open for business later today, by the way. again, the concern from pg&e is if we had the high winds, they could see the same kind of devastation we saw two years ago during north bay wildfires. of the 1400 customers right now without power in the north bay, about 700 in the area of porter creek road and sonoma which as you can see in this outage map provided by pg&e covers safari west, the geyser and a part of calistoga. the other 700 customers without power are located in napa in the northern part of lake berryessa. 48,000 customers are involved in the second round of safety
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shutoffs that reach out to the sierra foothills. pg&e is monitoring high fire danger conditions for several days. the utility company waited until late yesterday to make the decision. >> we understand turning off the power for the 1400 customers in the north bay means, we understand the impacts that this can create and so that's why we've been really monitoring closely and it's a decision that we didn't take lightly. >> i've had friends and family friends that have lost homes and so i think all in all, with the power being shut off if it can save someone's home it's good. >> reporter: in calistoga, restaurants like pacifico lost money during last year's safety shutoff. this year the owner installed a generator joust to be on the safe side, like the people at safari west brought in this portable generator which mind me is up and running. pg&e is expecting the expected wind event to end at noon and as i mentioned it's very still out here but noon around that
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time they'll have some of the crews go out and check the equipment make sure everything is okay before powering back on. reporting live here in sonoma, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> really playing it safe there, thanks, bob. 6:09 right now. >> happening today, a 21-year-old man who police say fired a gun last week on the san jose state campus is expected to appear in court. joseph vicensio faces several charges including attempted murder. no one was hit but bullets did hit the mlk library and a nearby parking structure. officers arrested the suspect a few days later after releasing surveillance images. mountain view has become the latest bay area city to restrict rv parking on city streets. late last night, councilmembers narrowly voted to approve the ban. starting next june, rvs will not be allowed to park long-term on residential streets or any road with bike lanes. instead, vehicles will be restricted to industrial and commercial roads.
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opponents say it will hurt those without homes who are living in their rvs the most. the heat on the horizon today, san francisco will be helping people try to deal with what could be some high temperatures today. the rec and parks department ll offer free admission at seven city pools and all pools plan to keep at least one lap lane open for anyone who is hoping to get in some exercise today. >> definitely going to need to try to escape the heat, that red flag warning is still in effect. >> that and the heat advisory, so there's a lot to keep up with today. make sure you have that nbc bay area app, so that you are aware of what's going on, as we get more of these fires possibly popping up and so theed flag warning continues until this evening, and then we are also still seeing those winds picking up. this is for elevations above 1,000 feet, so if you're lower than that, you're probably not feeling much, and some of those hilltops are getting some of those gusts so we're going to
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see throughout the morning still some high winds, but it will start to calm down throughout the day, and then it starts to really heat up so we'll have a light wind and also really hot weather again. here is a look at what we are going to see in terms of highs today, reaching 101 in antioch, concord, as well as napa. 98 in clearlake. in palo alto expect a high of 95, while san jose reaches 96 degrees and some big cooling ahead. i'll talk about that. mike, it's slow through benicia. >> a full view of much of contra costa county, which shows a pretty predictable drive, very pleasant for the walnut creek interchange. indeed the north bay where we're looking north of the benicia bridge northbound 680 around lake herman there was an earlier car fire. there's still activity in the fast lane which is visible to the southbound side, it's right up there on that commute direction. that's why both directions slow north of the benicia bridge. 780 and i-80 moves smoothly, i-80 across the carquinez bridge no problem. there is where the fire is
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marcus was showing you sky ranger and the activity. highway 37, in fact 29 as well are moving smoothly through the area, they are not affected immediately by that fire. the smoke may be visible in that area. we don't see a lot of other colors besides green south of there, slowing through pleasanton and hayward. back to you. still ahead this hour, a snapshot of the coming holiday hiring spree, the types of jobs that will be most in demand, and why the time to apply it now. then later, usually zombies, not ghosts, make a comeback to life. this morning there's new life for a so-called haunted toy store in the bay area. we'll explain.
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good morning. we'll be at 81 degrees at 10:00 and reaching the mid-90s by early afternoon. we could hit the triple digits again here today. we'll talk more about that and what's ahead with a cooler weekend forecast in less than five minutes. >> this view of the san mateo bridge shows your westbound commute away from us, building, sun is at our backs. palo alto the sun is starting to build. the commute is starting to build, neither are a problem but
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you heard what kari said and i'll show you the slowing. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could open lower this morning after stocks fell yesterday. the markets coming under pressure from a weak report on consumer confidence and also worries about trade after president trump criticized china during his u.n. speech. political uncertainty also weighing on the market, following news that house speaker nancy pelosi would make an announcement on launching an impeachment inquiry. the nasdaq and s&p 500 suffering their worst day in a month and on the watch list a report on new home sales. hiring for seasonal jobs at retailers and delivery services is in full swing, and apparently the time to apply is now. staffing firm challenger is out with its annual holiday job forecast and it suggests hiring will meet or fall short of last year, challengers says it's a tight labor market so
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companies are paying more for seasonal workers but not a lot of jobs inside of stores. over the past five years, seasonal job market changed as online shopping has surged so most holiday positions are now in logistics, such as warehouses and fulfillment centers. lith making it easier to find every transit option inside the app. it's rolling out updates to merge searches for rideshares, bikes, scooters or mass transit, so the standard search now shows every choice within view rather than just defaulting to ride sharing. lets you compare options once you set your destination. this reflects its view future cities will be centered around people and not cars. marcus and laura, back to you. >> i like that. >> thank you so much. 6:17 right now. you're going to like this? some call a haunted piece of bay area history coming back to life, sort of. the location that once housed sunnyvale toys "r" us is having
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a seasonal comeback after closing last year. don't look for geoffrey the giraffe. spirit halloween is moving in along el camino reale. the location made headlines in the 1970s when it was featured as part of a ghost hunting television show. i think there's a few haunted places in the bay area they say. >> i can't imagine that winchester mystery house would have an incident and the seance room. >> invited there. >> maybe geoffrey shows up at winchester. >> what a combo. let's look at what we can expect for the weather today, a hot one. >> it's still going to be hot today and so make sure as you're about to head out the door, you're prepared for the heat that will be on the way. not only that, but you're aware of the fire conditions, and the possibility that we could see some more fires popping up again today. here is a live look outside in dublin, as you get ready to head out the door, already a lot of
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people already on the way to work, and so if you're about to head out, maybe call someone up, see if you can carpool or get on b.a.r.t., and we can help spare the air today, because air quality will be an issue, especially for the inland east bay, as well as the south bay. we look at these numbers for the amount of particulate matter that's harmful to breathe in. we are seeing some unhealthy levels there. as we get a live look outside in san francisco, after setting a record high yesterday, we could do it all over again today, but we walk out the door to temperatures in the upper 60s, and we have temperatures all over the map here. we're at 57 in napa, 72 in brentwood, and 67 in san jose, with half moon bay at 54. so where we have the highest winds already this morning, that keep those temperatures from really dropping, and so we are starting out in pleasant hill with some upper 60s, headed into the mid-90s by early afternoon, with our high temperatures today reaching the triple digits once again for the tri-valley, inland east bay as well as the valleys
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in the north bay, but going into the next several days, this high pressure has less of an influence on our weather as the storm system starts to drop in from the pacific northwest that will bring in gusty winds, shifting our winds onshore and bring a chance of spotty showers mostly for the sierra, parts of northern and central sierra may see some rain this weekend while we catch the cool breezes coming off of that storm system. we're up to 102 degrees today. we'll feel that in ukiah, and then for tomorrow, reaching the mid 80s in some of the warmer spots throughout the weekend, early next week we'll drop it back to the mid-70s, actually cooler than normal but finally feeling like fall, a san francisco one more hot day before that fog returns. heading over to mike, you're seeing more reports filling the blotters. >> over the last ten minutes seen a lot more pop up from chp, a few more details, so we'll call out just a couple right now. no major problems as far as those incidents are concerned, south bay peninsula, all light. the build traditionally
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westbound. the speed sensors look great. the big slow ing altamont west 580 the altamont pass and patterson pass road. there's a crash on patterson pass road but not the area where it comes over in affecting 580 itself, that's a slower drive. we're looking over here toward vasco, the traditional slowing pattern here, so from marsh creek to 580 it's just over a half hour and building now, expect about 40 minutes if you don't leave over the next ten. we hope you stick around, though. toward pleasanton and hayward more slowing and second incident here i'm concerned with, north 238 off the castro valley y, reported a few minutes ago, haven't seen any extensive slowing and haven't seen it clear from reports. walnut creek a little more build and slowing and the earlier car fire still blocks one lane northbound 680 just north of the benicia bridge. westbound 80 shows a smoother build to richmond out of
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hercules and pinol. a nice sunrise behind the richmond-san rafael bridge. back to you. dramatic new video, at 6:30 the updates on the massive hay fire burning in northern california, east of the bay area. an airline ticket tussle, a bedding battle and a delivery dispute. we're on them all. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next.
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in a few hours the u.s. coast guard will be holding an active shooter drill on yer yerba buena island. you may hear gunshots between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. it is part of a training exercise. officials say you should not contact police about that noise. we're getting a closer look at the destruction left behind after a powerful earthquake struck pakistan. at least 22 people are dead, more than 700 injured. the 5.8 magnitude quake collapsed homes and damaged central roads. when it hit yesterday, it sent many running for their lives. take a look. new video of a man able to narrowly able to escape injury as a building collapsed directly behind him. tropical storm karen is moving away from puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands but not before delivering a powerful hit. strong winds and torrential rain still threatening to unleash flooding and mudslides. you may remember an earthquake
6:26 am
struck puerto rico last monday. puerto rico is still trying to recover from back-to-back hurricanes in 2017. 6:25 for you right now. nbc bay area responds to your consumer struggles every single day. >> consumer chris chmura is here with a fresh batch of hot tomatoes. >> good morning. we have now responded to more than 2600 consumer complaints. let's talk about some of the recent ones including doris, we'll start with her. she was in oakland having trouble settling a squabble with a subscription service. we helped deliver dolores a refund of $113.15. the copelands family in redwood city hit some turbulence rebooking a flight. we helped them land a $1,424.80 refund from the airline. nancy in martinez asked us to help, because she had taken her lumps in a skirmish over a problem with a mattress, and she wanted our help. we stepped in and help her g
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a refund of $224.05. perhaps we can help put your consumer problems to bed. visit or you can call us, 888-996-tips. >> thanks so much, chris. 6:2. still ahead breaking news this wednesday morning a major shakeup for juul overnight amid rising scrutiny on the vaping industry. what you don't be seeing online or on tv anymore. big developments in the north bay the places where pg&e shut off power as high fire danger persists. kari tells us when conditions clear up. you're watching "today in the bay." ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane]
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they're starting up the generators right now at 6:30, power is out in parts of napa and sonoma county. this was the scene at safari west overnight. pg&e shutting off power as a precaution due to high fire danger. we've got all your morning and overnight developments for you. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get right to meteorologist kari hall tracking those conditions for us with the weather. >> we still have the red flag warning in effect for parts of the north bay. that continues until this evening, but the highest winds are right now still kicking u in some of the areas. i was just looking at some of those peak wind gusts and mt. st. helena, current wind gusts
6:31 am
is 54miles per hour. we're not feeling that in the valleys so that's the reason why the red flag warnings are in effect for elevations above 1,000 feet and we're going to still have those high winds as we get ready to head out through the day. we're going to see it calming down, but still some hot weather remains, in palo alto a clear sunrise and our temperatures starting out in the upper 60s, headed to 90 by 1:00. we'll talk more about our conditions and when we cool off, coming up. mike there's a new crash in contra costa county. >> there is. we'll show you the big view of your commute, pick your path. you are seeing a pretty smooth drive, pretty predictable. disabled vehicle i'm tracking that into danville, that's not the problem. it's your commute direction highway 4 just before you get to kirker pass road. we have a crash which may be blocking the lanes, still you see quick slowing build there. also concern just north of the benicia bridge, the earlier car fire still blocks that fast lane. folks are getting by, also distracted in your southbound commute direction. we'll track that, slowing north of the benicia bridge. toward the carquinez bridge,
6:32 am
you're fine but over here mare island the slowing for highway 37, it's not directly affected by this, but this is a fire and for the rest of that, i'll hand it back to you. >> that's the breaking news we're talking about, mike. right now in vallejo, firefighter its are battling that grass fire an mare eyislan. this is a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger. you can see the fire lines there, this started after 3:00 in the morning. it has burned at least three acres and it is said to be about 50% contained. the fire started near the south point of the island and firefighters say it is burning to the north. no evacuations have been ordered at this point, but investigators now say that it started when someone used a saw to cut down two power poles, and they say that there have been previous attempts to steal copper power lines for recycling purposes. and the fire comes with a red flag warning in effect for most of the bay area, amid high fire danger and some north bay residents are already feeling the impact.
6:33 am
>> controlled power outages started a short time ago in napa and bob redell is live in sonoma county with the latest. >> reporter: pg&e shut off power to 1400 customers here in napa and sonoma counties around 4:30 this morning, as a precaution, concern about high winds. you can see here safari west just northeast of santa rosa, they powered up this generator so they can keep the lights on in their offices, and they can open up later today for business. look the at the treetops around here, it is very still out here, very calm. we have not seen high winds that pg&e was concerned about, which is a good thing. the reason why they shut down the power, if the winds picked up they didn't want to damage electrical equipment and start the wildfires we saw in the north bay back in 2017, those devastating wildfires. of the 1400 customers without power in the north bay, look at this outage map, about 700 in
6:34 am
the area of porter creek road which as you can see covers safari west, the geyser and a part of calistoga. the other 700 customers without power are located in the napa and northern part of lake berryessa. throhout all of northern california there are 48,000 customers involved in this second round of safety shutoffs that reach to the sierra foothills. pg&e is monitoring high fire danger conditions for several days. the utility company waited until late yesterday to make the decision. >> we understand what turning off the power for the 1400 customers in the north bay means, we understand the impacts that this can create and so that's why we've been really monitoring closely and it's a decision that we didn't take lightly. >> i've had friends and family friends that have lost homes and with the power being shut off if it can save someone's home it's good. >> reporter: in calistoga, restaurants like pacifico lost
6:35 am
money during last year's safety shutoffs. this year the owner installed a generator just to be on the safe side. safari west live on northeast santa rosa, they were prepared this morning, powering up this generator so they could be ready to go for business later today. the idea the initial plan with pg&e is, this high wind event which doesn't seem like we're having right now, if it were to end around noon, then around they'd send out crews, check the electrical equipment and turn the power back on. it's still in this part of sonoma county. reporting live here in sonoma, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> let's hope it remains quiet and safe. thank you, bob. 6:35 right now amid the high fire danger, a massive fire broke out yesterday in fresno county. it's been very hot as well. the hay fire burning near the city of kerman yesterday afternoon that destroyed some 1100 tons of hay and farm equipment before it was put out.
6:36 am
no one was injured and the cause is under investigation. breaking news the ceo of san francisco-based juul is stepping down immediately. >> kris sanchez, what could this mean for the vaping industry? >> the most obvious change an average person will see isn't whose name is on the ceo's door. it's a full stop of all advertising. kevin burns stepped down amid heavy criticism of the vaping industry and of juul in particular, which is accused of marketing its ecigarettes to young people with the sleek designs and the sweet flavorings. he will be replaced by an executive from the third largest tobacco producer in the world, that's the company behind marlboro. the new ceo is known for his work with regulators. the ceo replaced effective immediately, all advertising is suspended immediately, that's broadcast, print and digital. lobbying related to federal policy is now stopped while the federal government comes up with its policy on vaping.
6:37 am
according to juul. the new ceo's statement this morning reads, "i have long believed in a future where adult smokers overwhelmingly choose alternative products like juul. unfortunately, today that future is at risk due to unacceptable levels of youth usage and eroding public confidence in our industry." now he adds that juul has to strive to work with regulators and policymakers to regain the public's trust. we don't know what that means for juul's effort to convince voters to overturn san francisco's vaping ban. juul has spent more than $3 million on that effort. san francisco not the only city enacting policies to ban vaping. other states have done it as well and we now know that nine deaths are attributed to the effects of vaping. marcus and laura? plans for a 5,000 square foot rooftop bar in downtown san jose are moving forward. the city-based company submitted
6:38 am
a site development permit with the hopes of revitalizing the historic building along south first street, along with the new bar, the new proposal includes plans for office and retail space adjacent to the bank of italy office building. developers hope to break ground in 2021. a follow-up for you now, contra costa county leaders have approved the first step in a new tax that may soon hit you at the cash register. os o as our bob redell reported yesterday supervisors want to head a half cent sales tax. yesterday they approved a plan to put it on the ballot next spring. if voters approve it, the county sales tax would go up from 8.25 to 8.75%. those added revenues would fund transportation and road improvement projects. if it passes, the added sales tax will go into effect next july. same supervisors yesterday also approving a new styrofoam plan that applies to restaurants, food trucks and
6:39 am
other vendors in other parts of unincorporated contra costa county. it does not include trays for raw meat, reusable ice chests or prepackaged food. vendors can request a hardship exemption for up to one year. all right, i just heard food trucks and my mind is imagining. >> i think it happened to all of us obviously. >> clearly. you talked about contra costa county, that is where one of my issues is. we're looking at highway 4, we're concerned about this crash and i just heard a tow truck may take about 7:25 to clear this one vehicle from your westbound commute direction just as you approach port chicago highway. that is a problem for pittsburg, bay point, and antioch coming through the area. once you get past that, everything's okay. still watching this area as well, benicia a concern northbound getting away from the benicia bridge, we had that earlier truck fire or car fire, it's a van, that's still in the center divide and a distraction for the southbound side which is your commute and that's why we have the big area that shows your red there as you slow down through that area.
6:40 am
the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive and let's hope for the best for everybody else. ofrse i'll watch it. >> there you go, watching and waiting and anticipating that cooldown for the weekend. >> absolutely. >> it's going to be a great weekend for getting outside. make some plans to check out some of the festivals that will be going on, on saturday, we're looking at our inland temperatures in the low 80s, which is very normal, reaching 75 degrees for the bay, and some upper 60s for the coast. on sunday, that cooldown continues, so the valleys in some of the warmer spots only reached 78 degrees. we'll be up to 74 for the bay, and the coast up to about 66 degrees. if you're making weekend plans, how about checking out the barbecue in the glen happening in willow glen this saturday, starting at noon. we'll be in the upper 60s, great day for grilling out. it's going to be nice with a breeze and some sunshine. and then we also have the pacific coast fog festival happening in pacifica. it will start out cloudy, misting and drizzling but we
6:41 am
should see peeks of sun throughout the day staying in the low 60s there. if you're going to lake shasta, heads up we'll see a big drop in temperatures from friday in the upper 70s to 60 degrees for the high temperature on sunday, and then for half moon bay, we'll have some mist and drizzle to start out the weekend on friday, reaching 63 degrees, and we'll see more temperatures like that as we see a lot of clouds and fog moving in, along the coast, and staying cool and breezy. we'll talk about what's going on today, as we still deal with this high heat, more on that coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you, kari. with all the impeachment talk in washington, has you secretly saying i don't know what that means. don't you worry, we've got you covered. a quick and easy explanation coming up. plus modernizing 911, details on a new way to help to get help in the south bay. but first, an overnight fire at a church in contra costa county. a look at the damage this morning. then later, archie meets the archbishop. our first glimpse of the royal baby as he's getting a little
6:42 am
older, as his parents tour africa. see more of the video coming into our newsroom. before we go to break a look at the big board, the dow up 74 points right now. the dow rises 100 points despite impeachment fears. 6:42 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay." tv just keeps getting better.
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a heat advisory and red flag warning. dublin our temperature also heat up fast in the low 90s by early afternoon after a morning start in the mid-60s. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up in less than five minutes. >> san jose 101 shows the build and potential for that heat. i'm looking in the area for a stall that might affect these freeways. so far we do see in general your commute on the freeways slows down for the south bay. among our top stories fallout from nancy pelosi's impeachment inquiry announcement. peter sal alexander is outside trump tower with what happens today. >> reporter: good morning to you. first the formal impeachment inquiry announcement by nancy pelosi and this morning the fallout. president trump decrying it as presidential harassment, and a total witch hunt, as democrats begin to formally investigate the president with six separate house committees doing the work.
6:46 am
>> truly a sad day for our country, actually. >> if she does that, they say it's a positive for me for the election. >> reporter: still unclear whether it will lead to an impeachment vote by the house. it would require two-thirds of the senate for the prent to be removed. a political gamble by the democrats as they await a release of the transcript of the president's call with the ukrainian leader. we'll have the latest on all of it when we see this morning coming up on "today." here is how the process works. first the house committee must decide whether to recommend impeachment. then the full house votes whether to move forward. finally, the senate holds a trial with chief justice john roberts presiding. each side makes their case and then two-thirds senate vote is required to remove the president from office. >> 6:46. fire crews on the scene in antioch this morning after part of a church went up in flames. this started at around 1:30 this morning at antioch christian
6:47 am
center off. flames destroyed the church's offices but the chapel is okay. firefighters say it all started as a small grass fire and then spread to the church grounds. there's still no word on a cause. happening today, santa clara county launching a new 911 emergency texting service. local leaders say texting can help during home invasions, school shootings, domestic violence and countless other situations in which people are afraid of being overheard. it will also help improve access for the hearing impaired. san jose police dispatch conducted a soft launch of the texting system earlier this year. the official kickoff event takes place later this morning in san jose. the deadly rampage at this year's gilroy garlic festival is raising concerns about security for another upcoming south bay festival. about 50,000 people are expected to attend a pumpkin festival outside of morgan hill, starting this weekend. it takes place at the local pumpkin patch just a few miles from gilroy. one organizer says requests have been made to add extra uniformed
6:48 am
deputies along with undercover officers. right now, the santa clara sheri sheriff's office is not commenting to the situation, telling us that it is still considering whether or not to staff the event. if you're headed home for the holidays, you may want to think about booking your thanksgiving flights. >> aaa says the best value deals start today. the organization analyzed three years' worth of booking data for its members to determine the best and most popular times to book air travel, from september 25th through october 27th, consumers are expected to get good prices and more flight options. aaa spokesperson says the key to getting best deals are just booking early and being flexible. >> last year aaa says more than 50 million people traveled for
6:49 am
thanksgiving and another 112 million or so traveled for christmas. new overnight an archbishop meets baby archie. prince harry and meghan markle introduced their royal addition to archbishop desmond tutu and his daughter. the face-to-face meeting part of the royal couple's tour of the country. the royal couple met with the pair to talk about tutu's foundation, which focuses on raising global awareness on critical issues around the world. >> i bet they didn't get anything done. babies -- >> the attention goes there, exactly. he looked a little lively, too. >> oh, the baby. archbishop tutu also very lively. >> he can be. all right, look outside for us today, another hot one and fire danger. >> fire danger continues today. that's what we're watching not only the high winds in some of our higher elevations, but hot temperatures again. here is a live look outside in walnut creek, looking toward mt.
6:50 am
diablo. we've seen the winds gusting up to about 30 to 40 miles per hour, probably not feeling it in the valleys, because it's mostly for the higher elevations, where we have the red flag warning. it's also a spare the air alert day with unhealthy air quality, we've continued to track some of the ozone levels as well as particulate matter. these numbers show you how much of those particulate matter levels we're sensing in the area, making it unhealthy if you have breathing problems. we're also tracking that fire near mare island, or on mare island. this is going to affect our air quality as well, in terms of temperatures today, we'll start out with some low 60s and then it will heat up, so hopefully they get some containment soon. we mostly have some very light winds and dry conditions. as we look at what's happening with our red flag warning, that continues until 7:00 this evening. for all of these areas shaded in red, that means that due to the high levels of the wind gusts and low humidity, we have
6:51 am
conditions ripe for any fires that develop to spread rapidly. but then in the valleys we have a heat advisory that will be in effect starting at 11:00 and continuing until 7:00 p.m. for all of the areas shaded in orange, which include san francisco, and extends to the inland bay. as we look at what to expect as we go through our hour by hour outlook, we take it through 10:00, livermore is at 79. 81 in concord. we continue to heat up, so fairfield at 2:00 today will be at 99 degrees, and novato 96, and 92 in san mateo and then we will see those highs over 100 degrees in spots like fairfield, danville, concord, reaching up to 101 today and we'll see our winds calming down later this evening, but this is what's causing that hot weather, this high pressure northerly winds blowing offshore, we'll see that changing going into the end of the week, as this storm system drops into the pacific northwest. breezy winds and even a chance of some rain in the sierra, we're going to get the cool air
6:52 am
blowing off of that storm system. here is a look at our high temperatures reaching 102 degrees today. mid 80s tomorrow and then we'll have even slightly cooler than normal weather for the end of the week into the weekend, for san francisco 85 today but the fog returns tomorrow, and much cooler by friday. mike, you're starting with some south bay slowing. >> i am, kari. i thought i was going to find a crash north 101 reported around capitol expressway where we've been seeing this focused slowing. there's not a construction crew and no crash but i see that slowing been there for about five minutes. keep that in mind traveling north on 101 out of morgan hill, gilroy, san martin, a lot of folks taking 101 lehere. the rest of the build looks zoord and the incident north 101 is up here in san mateo where you find more slowing, a crash may be in lanes. the chp is just getting there on scene. i'll let you know if there's anything major going on. that's the only thing for the peninsula and crash west 92 and
6:53 am
we'll get details i'll tell you if there is a major problem. we haven't seen a major change to speed sensors. southbound still distracted by the crash activity on the northbound side of 680, off the benicia bridge and coming down toward the benicia bridge for folks heading off of the area, in the cor delia junction. you know what? the speed sensors did improve a bit. maybe they just moved the vehicle. we'll let you know if there's any problems. over there that is a problem the fire we continue to follow on the mare island area, smoke possibly visibility from highway 37 or 29 but the roadways there are open as far as the freeways. a smooth drive down the east shore freeway slowing through berkeley to the toll plaza. lots of options, spare the air, take transit, there are no delays. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:53 right now. happening now, all new poll shows senator kamala harris dropping further behind in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. and a surprise change at the top.
6:54 am
according to quinnipiac poll, senator elizabeth warren is leading with 27% support among voters followed by former vice president joe biden with 25%. senator bernie sanders, south bend mayor pete buttigieg and harris follow behind. harris has only 3% support. next a quick look at the top stories here on "today in the bay," including the crime that fire investigators say sparked an overnight fire in vallejo, and a major shakeup for juul overnight. plus later this morning, we're getting the honest about aging here, mariah shriver's eye-opening talk with hollywood stars on the "today" show about what women face after 50. we're back in just two minutes with more news for you. you're watching "today in the bay."
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8:57. here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> following breaking news in vallejo, where firefighters are battling a grass fire on mare island. these are live pictures from nbc bay area sky ranger. you can see the smoke smoldering there. the fire started a little after 3:00. firefighters gave us an update, it has now burned seven acres and still at 50% containment, which is where it was when we got the last update, and that fire started near the south part of the island and is burning to the north. no evacuations have been ordered at this point, and investigators
6:58 am
say that this started when someone tried to use a saw to cut down two power poles. they also say that there have been previous attempts to steal copper power lines for recycling purposes. a live look for you this morning at safari west in santa rosa. it is one of the many places being impacted by power outages in sonoma and napa counties. despite this, it does have a generator and will be open today. there's also a red flag warning in effect amid high fire danger, those controlled power outages began this morning and include some 1400 people in the north bay communities. across northern california and into the sierra foothills, close to 50,000 customers are being affected by safety shut yours f yourselfoffs. the ceo of san francisco based juul labs has stepped down, effective immediately. kevin burns will stepped down
6:59 am
and juul stopped all of its advertising in the u.s. that includes broadcast, print and digital. this comes as the ecigarette industry has come under fire recently at least nine deaths, two of them in california, are being attributed to vaping. a reminder for people this morning, there is a heat advisory as well as fire danger. >> right, we are going to have those concerns today, another hot one, but the last one wanted to leave with you this beautiful shot looking from mt. tam toward the richmond-san rafael bridge as the sun rises this morning, a clear start but yes it will be hot, dangerous heat with our inland valleys up to 102 degrees, and then cooling off in the rest of the forecast with some 70s this weekend. >> we'll look forward to that. more cars and slowing out there? >> just the way it works. san mateo bridge trying to fit everybody on the same number of lanes. easy early morning. this is getting a little lighter on the bay bridge toll plaza, we'll see another burst of traffic, that will kick in around the bay.
7:00 am
>> we'll keep tabs on that, that's what's happening "today in the bay." savannah guthrie has a special report coming up next. >> join us for the midday newscast with a complete wrap-up. have a great morning. . morning. it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. we have breaking newtied to the now impeachment investigation into president trump. a lot of the renewed attention is focused on the president's phone call with the leader of ukraine and whether there was an inappropriate ask during that call. nbc justice correspondent pete will j williams has a look at the transcripts. tell us what you heard.


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