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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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good evening. >> raj and jessica have the night off. tonight the whistleblower complaint regarding president donald trump in hands of the committees. democrats calling it disturbing. republicans defending the president. >> declassified, expected to be released to the public tomorrow. tonight one presidential hopeful is weighing in. jean elle is live with the
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story. >> reporter: democratic presidential hopeful julian castro in the bay area tonight, saying notes on the controversial call are putting gain before the country's well-being. >> i believe this is going to be the undoing of that president. >> reporter: presidential hopeful castro says he believes the conversation with ukraine's president crossed the line. >> it is beyond comprehensible how we let american president try to use our government and a foreign government to investigate his political opponent for his own benefit. n that in itself impeachment. >> president met him in new york but released transcript of the call that candidate castro is reacting to. says thankful for u.s. military support and expresses desire to
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by more equipment, president trump said would like you to do us a favor though, investigate matters regarding the 2016 election meddling inquiry, and later asked him to look into claims that joe biden interfered in investigation regarding his son. house speaker nancy pelosi launched impeachment inquiry. president trump said he did nothing wrong. >> no push, no pressure, no nothing, all a hoax. >> reporter: republicans defending the president. >> to impeach any president over phone call like is insane. >> reporter: democrats disagree. >> undermining national security of this country for personal
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political kb political gain. >> reporter: sowhiseblower to meet with congress. firefighters not sure what caused a house to catch fire earlier this evening. thornton avenue around 6:30. flames to bad, roof fell in. no firefighters were hurt, no one was home at the time. family who lives there, happy to be alive but devastated their home is gone. fighting the vaping epidemic with technology, school district moving forward to track down students who vape on campus. sergio quintana is live with the details. > reporter: the school board program, only the largest school is going to get the new detectors ashealth concerns of
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especially amongst young people. most vocal vaping opponents say ecigarette manufacturers are marketing to children selling flavored products. elementary and middle schoolers tell us, some vaping on campus. >> trying to hide in the field, then gave to some of they are friends. [ speaking spanish ]. >> reporter: she says they go in the bathroom and do it there. both childrens in schools in redwood city school district and board voted to install detectors in all the bathrooms. can sniff out the vapor that smoke detectors cannot. new technology and district assures parents won't violate student policy. >> this is not technology recording any sound or video, just going to know when
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electronic cigarettes are being used. >> reporter: decision comes as experts in washington, d.c., testified before a congressional hearing on ecigarettes. >> don't consider them safe, think they have harm. don't think anyone should be using them other than in place of combustible to bacco. >> reporter: kevin burns, ceo of san francisco headquarter juul was replaced by the company board. and board also announced tonight they're going to be suspending all advertising and going to pull back on a lot of their last lobbying. what they're not going to do is stop backing of proposition c, effort in san francisco to overturn that city's recently passed ban on selling ecigarette products. reporting live in redwood city, sergio quintana, nbc bay area
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news. sanal inside the plane's bathroom. emergency, someone was stuck cruise working to open the door. got locked shut. flight from washington, d.c., to san francisco, expected to land a few minutes from now. according to flight aware, this mishap delays the flight 2 1/2 hours. from new york and wanted for murder but tonight in jail in bay area. started yesterday when police say they spotted these three men hanging around marina plaza is shopping center in san mateo, a hot spot for car break-ins. confronted the men and arrested them for stolen found that stephen martinez was wanted for murder in new york. say shot and killed this person back in june. all three arrested in san mateo, they're from new york. 13 fires in two days is what investigators say this man did
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in milpitas foothills, freddy graham arrested on monday. say the missouri man is responsible for starting fires friday and saturday. witness spotted him friday and then saturday firefighters saw him in same area. facing 13 counts of arsons and starting fires in state of emergency. firefighters working to put out fire today, look into possibility that copper thieves could be to blame. captured the flames from above, burned about ten acres before the firefightersoter hand. company that provides power to the island say someone took a saw to the power poles and started the fire. >> after the copper wire. high value to recyclers. >> the
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copper lines not used any longer to stop something like this happening again. looking for relief from hot weather, on the way. need it in north bay in form of ac, in luck. power back on. some people had to go all day without power. cheryl hurd is live with details. >> reporter: you are looking at the main gas station in town. went without power about 15 hours. as you can see, it's back up and people here are trying to get back to normal. >> just when we were unpacking they said, wait loaded back up and drove. now on the way to dinner. >> reporter: in calistoga, visitond residen pg&e's power gh that hr tough situation again, that's
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horrible, just looking for everybody's best interest but inconvenient. >> reporter: turning off power to 1,400 customers in napa and sonoma county. reason, high fire danger in area devastated by tubbs fire in 2017. >> we know impacts of power outage, what that can create. >> reporter: utility company ready with cooling center. some complaining didn't get enough warning. mayor calling the safety power ut up with tot inspecting lines in sierra foothills, half the customers there still without power tonight. reporting live in calistoga, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri, here's the relief from the heat and sierra snow on the way, detail it in about eight minutes. wasn't a tree, house or car not overturned. >> coming to the rescue, east bay man using skills he learned from national geographic to find lost pets. waiting for b.a.r.t. to get to downtown san jose.
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photographer in the bahamas, went to rescue pets stranded after hurricane dorian. st then the calls for people wanting to help the photographer. spoke with him about what he saw, difference he's making. >> reporter: homes crushed,
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trees snapped in half, crumbled businesses. drone video that douglas shot days ago showing the aftermath of hurricane dorian. for two days sat on top of the island, pummelling it with waves and winds up to 200 miles an hour. >> literally not a tree, house or car not overturned, shredded apart. >> reporter: killed at least 50 people and 1,300 are still missing. douglas is aerial cito s, helped after camp fire but this devastation was different. >> dogs and cats, dead people underneath all the rubble. so i just made a vow to myself i would go out and keep helping as much as i can. >> reporter: using drone spotted
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this dog, nicknamed duke, bought him kibble. rescued by relief workers and air also lifted to nassau where he's doing well. rescued a dozen other dogs and cats but more work to do, adding infrared and heading back to rescue more pets. alameda, nbc bay area news. gofundme page has been created, last check more than $6,000 was raised to help him rescue homeless animals in the bahamas. follow-up to story broke yesterday, providing security for a popular south bay pumpkin patch. yesterday told nbc bay area the sheriffs office turned down request for uniformed officers several times. organizers wanted them to ease
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fears after gilroy mass shooting last summer. after our report yesterday, sheriffs office called and offered to provide officers. new way to get help, people in santa clara county can text to 911. launched to help people unable to talk and hearing impaired. only works in santa clara county. otherwise call 911. crisis, how one described opioid epidemic in the city. staff learned how to use life-saving drug narcan, see someone on the street overdosed, can save their lives. training for community members in the future.
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those anxiously awaiting b.a.r.t. for san jose may have to wait longer. may not be ready until 2030. original estimate of 2026 was made more than five years ago. new underground design will take longer to construct but cause less disruption in the city. >> single bore tunnel changes construction from cut and cover construction, tearing up roadways, to doing the project, most of the work happening underground in the tunnel. >> bta also says the new design helped get early federal grant and could still finish well before 2030. dancing and music filled san francisco's city hall for latino heritage celebration, theme roots of resistance.
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ceremony by the mayor's office, during the festivities, julian castro took to the stage. >> all of us here today know the destiny of the country is intertwined like never before with destiny of the latino community. jeff ranieri, news? if you're sick of the heat, good news, if you're not, coming anyway? >> yes, some of you have been enjoying the hot weather but going to start to fade next couple of days and eventually feeling like fall outside. microclimate forecast. i know we all felt it today, this is a look at some of the records. 105 in santa rosa, concord 99, san jose 99. and drier offshore wind that had the fire danger up brought
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san francisco up to 94. tomorrow, no way it's going to be that hot. developing system to the north, approaching tomorrow to drop temperatures and then moves over the bay area and going to have dramatic changes. tomorrow morning's forecast, begin to see things cooling off. start off not as warm. 73 in the tri-valley, mostly sunny skies. peninsula 67 and south bay at 69. san francisco, no fog and ocean breeze returns, 66. ten degree cooling at least tomorrow. make all the difference. south bay, out of the 90s and low 100s and back to 86, 85 in los gatos. if you live in east bay, going to love this. air conditioners at home taking a big break. still may have to run them, maybe not as much. upper 80s through pleasanton,
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antioch. closer to the bay, ocean breeze at 83 in oakland. immediate coastline, 69 at half moon bay. redwood city is good, 85 degrees. san francisco out of the 80s and 90s. 79 in mission, 73 in marina, napa or sonoma, tomorrow. friday's forecast, biggest change for us as we look ahead. fog coming on back, also spotty drizzle, temperatures going down to 60, big, big change for us, plenty of 60s through next several days. inland valleys, another dramatic shift. morning fog, spotty drizzle, 76 by friday. hold with 70s through the weekend into next week. actually below average temperatures moving in next seven days. changes but also big-time changes up across the sierra. headed there saturday or sunday,
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we have some rain/snow mix moving in this weekend, 7:00 to 11:00 at night on saturday, snow chance starts. sunday could see accumulations of one inch at 6,000 feet. down to 30 upcoming weekend and clear out through next week. rain chances. three different systems next two weeks. best chance of cooler weather, much colder and possibly showers could get here by october 7th, still early out but that's what we're seeing now. overall, good for no more 100s next two weeks. to a lot of you out there, i know you're wanting cooler weather. >> snow/rain mix in sierra and 39? >> not a typo? >> not at all. >> fantastic. >> thank you. day where reality goes virtual.
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thousands of people packed san jose convention center for oculus connect convention. owned by facebook, unveiled facebook horizon today. users can interact with one another in virtual town, rolled out next year. coming up, getting more sleep, experimental treatment developed in the bay area helping teenagers catch more zs. >> and jimmy. >> hey guys, live all week tonight, robert de niro and music from bastille and charlie scx. stay tuned. h now,ity man called himself american nationalist on probation nest next five years. violent trump rally in berkeley, hitting people over the head with wooden cane. he pleaded no contest.
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be right back. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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helping teenagers get more sleep. d researchers found subtle light flashes in last two hours of sleep combined with going to bed earlier can help reset body clocks. sleeping almost an hour more each night. show must go on, despite fire danger in oakland. "13 reasons why" were at joaquin
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miller park. park is closed but the film crew agreed to pay for fire inspector. reopened today. filmed all over the bay area, including vallejo and other parts of the north bay. giants and a's don't have a lot in common, oakland doing well. but tonight had a lot in common, spectacular ninth inning. beautiful video on the way, sports is next. ecor they took $12.8 billion from big cco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco,
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no to prop c.
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♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. there are just a handful of games left in the regular season and the a's are fighting for their playoff lives. >> every game feels like must-win for oakland. a's came into today's game with half game lead for top wild card spot. down 2-1. angels, matt chapman, that's a good home run call from glen kuiper. chapman's 35th of the season and a's win 3-2. tied with tampa bay rays for top wild card position. oracle, games remaining in bochy's career with giants. hall of famer and bruce bochy talking. maybe about this, davis with a
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drive to deep center and that's dway duane kuiper, glen's brother, making that call. >> incredible. >> giants win 2-1. davis's first career home run in the majors. to football, rocky start for the raiders, silver games and looking for win this sunday. travel tondy to play first place remains confident. >> don't overreact after first games to be honest. did some good things but got to be morell be all right. >> kickoff at 10:00 a.m. american football to football. ear
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scorching temperatures, relief in sight. north bay fire victims feel cheated out of thousands of dollars. response team helping them. >> 4:30 to 7:00. steph curry loves playing basketball and golf, and today got to do both. wowed crowd with this shot. whoa. yes. silverado resort in shots befo pro-am with phil mickelson. man, wild. prelude to the safeway open that starts tomorrow. about 100 degrees, didn't care, did a dance, a shimmy together. mickelson is latest star he's played with, played with former president obama and -- >> steph curry can do what he wants. >> i think helps his game a
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little bit. >> going to fall off tomorrow? >> you said it. we love you steph. cooler fog, spotty drizzle. nice weekend and sierra snow saturday night and sunday morning. >> wow. >> highs in 30s. >> 60 to 39, have a good night. >> live from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city it's "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon


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