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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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that whistle-blower case. and temperatures finally falling after two days of extreme heat gripping the bay area sparking fire concerns and power outages. what we're tracking right now as "today in the bay" continues. and a good morning to you. or starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. traffic for super commuters. we want to start with kari because you have good news. >> we're coming down out of the high temperatures and upper 80s. we'll be up to 88 in pittsburgh. 83 in oakland and for the peninsula. san francisco mostly stays in the 70s. north bay reaching into the upper 80s. a few low 90s. a new crash in the north bay. there is your typical commute. good news it's standard. maybe lighter than standard coming into livermore out of the
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altamont. some slowing through construction zone for sunnyvale. no major concerns there. this is the crash we're talking about eastbound at 780 off i-80. not presenting a problem. back to you. >> thanks, mike. on capitol hill today it's expected to be another explosive day as president trump denies accusations of impeachable acts. a key hearing will happen in one hour from now. >> the acting director of national intelligence is set to testify about the phone call with the president of ukraine. live with what we should expect on this very momentous day. good morning, chris. >> reporter: yes, good morning, kris and marcus. according to the latest nbc news count there is a majority in the house of representatives for the first time of people who believe some sort of impeachment action should take place with president
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trump. he is coming back to washington today after spending the early part for the u.n. general assembly. he will arrive while his acting director of national intelligence is answering questions on capitol hill about that whistle-blower report that launched this latest impeachment talk. >> intelligence collection -- >> reporter: acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire testifies before the intelligence committees today. he arrives just hours after committee members finally read the whistle-blower report which spurred house speaker nancy pelosi to launch an impeachment inquiry against president trump. >> i found the allegations to be deeply disturbing. i also found them very credible. >> reporter: the whistle-blower complaint reportedly stems from the president's dealings with the dealer of ukraine, in a july phone call which notes show trump asked zelensky to investigate his political rival, former vice president joe biden,
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and biden's son. right after zelensky said ukraine intended to buy more missiles. >> the integrity of our foreign policy and democratic elections. >> reporter: the president and his allies scoffed. >> no push, no pressure, no nothing. it's all a hoax, folks. it's all a big hoax. >> from my point of view to impeach any president over a phone call like this would be insane. >> reporter: republicans are not totally unified in support of the president. >> i did read the transcript. it remains troubling in the extreme. it's deeply troubling. >> reporter: troubling but is it impeachable. six committees in the house are conducting an inquiry to figure that out. in that whistle-blower report senator romney was referring to that he said was troubling was declassified last night and lightly redacted. it appeared it was going to be released to the public. we received clarification this
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morning from the office of the detectivor of national intelligence they have no intention to release it publicly. they just did that so that senators and representatives would be able to carry a copy with them without violating any regulations about classification. so, kris, we'll keep an eye on the hearings today and let you know the latest. >> it's one thing to see the words on paper but are the members of congress going to actually hear from the whistle-blower, him or herself? >> reporter: the whistle-blower has indicated through his or her lawyer lawyers that he would like to speak with members of congress, but at this point, according to nbc news, our reporting, there has been nothing worked out, nothing is scheduled. the attorneys for the bh whistle-blower are waiting to hear how to proceed. that would require his or her lawyers have a certain level of security clearance as well.
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>> thank you very much, chris, for breaking it down. now wenow what to expect as that intelligence heang happens right around 6:00 this morning. nbc news does have a special report planned, and you will be able to watch it right here on nbc bay area. again, expected to start right around the top of the 6:00 hour. 5:05 right now. as it unfolds today, chris -- >> all of this is happening in washington, d.c. president trump's administration will sign a new asylum agreement with honduras that could force them to seek protection in that country instead of in the united states. critics have said migrants are already fleeing tremendous violence in the central american countries and that keeping them there could further endanger them. honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world. >> up to 10,000 more scooters could be rolling into the town.
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some people can't stand them. >> reporter: that's exactly right, marcus. they look nice and tidy but about a year ago this wasn't really the case. they are popular. our photographer just rode one to the metallica concert to chase center. they are popular. t 4,000 more escooters on the streets. the c has learned from working with past operators they need to be locked up after the ride. there was a problem in the past and riders just dropping off the escooters blocking sidewalks but they must locked to something like a bike rack. josh's ride only cost about $4.
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use kearse lock up their escooters. they will be charged about $75 per escooter to help make up for building. >> they are great to get around in but you have to be careful with the people who are walking. a chance to overhaul the mental health system appears to be in limbo, according to "the chronicle" mayor london breed is pulling out of talks with two supervisors to transform the system. those talks centered around a proposed ballot measure next spring. it's not clear if supporters will try to get the measure or will draft other legislation instead. unusual midair emergency led to a very long night for airline passengers on their way to sfo. one of the passengers onboard
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the flight posted this video here on your screen. you'll see a lot of activity because somebody got stuck inside the lavatory. they had to divert the flight to denver which delayed the flight by more than two hours. that's not where you want to get stuck on a plane for sure. now that the high heat and winds are calming down, the lights are back on in the north bay. pg&e tweeted out planned outages are essentially complete. the company made the decision to cut service yesterday because of high fire danger. pg&e is calling the safety power shutoff a success. others an inconvenience. >> i don't really blame them. just looking out for everybody's best interests. it was kind of inconvenient. >> we want everyone to be prepared.
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we know the impacts of a power outage, what that can create. >> the company says about 11% of customers in butte county are still without power this morning. it says it plans to complete restoration efforts there by daylight. >> did we set any records? it felt like we did, kari. >> we had so many records fall yesterday. it was unbelievable. i had to make two pages of graphics. here is a look at all of the records yesterday. santa rosa made it up to 105 degrees as the daily record. conco concord, 99. breaking the old record. san francisco airport got up to 96 degrees yesterday. monterey 96 degrees there. and then we take a look at half moon bay reaching 92 yesterday. 98 downtown observing. redwood city as well as san jose made it up to 99 degrees. okay, now we're about to cool off. in oakland we're starting out
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with clear skies as you get ready to head out this morning. a look at our highs today. no upper 90s, no highs over 100 degrees. we're still going to be slightly above normal. heading over to mike, the overnight crews are still working. even they're grateful it's cooler. looking at slower drives. the section through sunnyvale, reports overnight they had one lane closed but there may be more than one lane or it may just be the slower moving gther lane over to keep data. clear of the crew. feeding up through palo alto out of mountain view, another traffic break that cleared north of willow. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. still ahead for you here on "today in the bay," after the
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gilroy garlic festival mass shooting the sheriff's office is coming under more pressure to add security to a south bay festival after requests were denied. coming up at 5:25 the change of heart. and a travel trifecta, it is a traveler's nightmare being stranded in a foreign country for three days. why the plane despite several attempts could not take off, and what the airline is finally doing about it this morning. that's next. you are watching "today in the bay." tv just keeps getting better.
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good thursday morning. we're coming up on 5:14. a live look outside in walnut creek. of course it's still dark now but we'll see all clear skies throughout the day. temperatures starting out in the upper 60s. we could have lunch outside today. we'll talk about that and what's ahead for the weekend forecast coming up in less than five minutes. and over here looking at richmond/san rafael bridge. a few cars, it's a smooth drive. we'll show you how things are shaping up. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open higher. stocks rising as optimism over trade and political implications of the house impeachment inquiry. the market is higher after president trump told reporters a trade deal with china could happen sooner than you think.
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stocks had their best day in about two weeks. sam's club is teaming up to offer discounts to members on everydaycare they might put off because of the cost. members in michigan, pennsylvania, and north carolina will be able to buy a package of services including dental, vision, and generic prescriptions. they range frommed $50 to $240 for families. the program could be rolled out nationwide. sam's club says the program is designed to supplement insurance and reduce out of pocket costs. the brand is now heading east. 100 wegmann stores and two market locations in new york city. the impossible burger has been in restaurants for three years now but it was just two months ago the fda approved the color additive to make its burgers look and bleed like red meat.
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we'll send it back to you. >> what if you don't like it rare? >> then maybe you won't see it. i think it's odd. thank you, rahel. ro a major cruise line is making a new push to reduce its plastic footprint and preserve the oceans it travels. in other words don't expect to buy or even drink from single use plastic water bottles. norwegian cruise line is saying bon voyage to those bottles by the end of the year. the company plans to use alternatives. and it's teaming up with the company founded by junk jaden smith and his father called just water. single use bottles used across the fleet each year. >> that's a lot. when it comes to airline horror stories this might win the prize. imagine waiting three long days to take off which is what a group of american airlines travelers did posting lolts of images while they were waiting.
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the airline says it's trying to make things right. the plane was supposed to fly september 9 from lima, peru to dallas. it had mechanical issues so passengers were put up in a hotel. different issues popped up each day for three whole days with no other planes available. many people arrived home four days late. american calls it a perfect storm and that there were some poor decisions made. >> three days. >> so airport, hotel room, that's a pain but didn't we just talk about that person stuck in the bathroom? >> you don't want to be in the bathroom from lima all the way home. >> even worse. >> that's not something to smile about. the temperatures today will be. i'm so excited. we will be cooling off and look at what's back.
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most of san francisco is all clear this morning as you get ready to head out. let's check out our temperature trend today, we'll be at 66 degrees in the morning and then it will be at 70 degrees at 9:00. at noon we're at 79 degrees. thank you, chris, for this picture. let's check out our high temperatures. 88 in concord. yesterday, we just talked about it, we were up to 105 this is a huge drop in temperatures even though it's still above normal, we're reaching up to 86 in san jose. oakland a high of 83 and 85 today in santa rosa. san francisco we're staying in the 70s today after hitting the mid to upper 90s yesterday. so the high pressure that brought us the high heat is backing off. now a storm system approaches the pacific northwest. as it does so our winds will shift from the south today and eventually turn more onshore as we go into the weekend. cooler winds and also a chance of showers through the sierra.
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some of those high elevations could get a light dusting of snow this weekend. so, yes, we're talking about snow as we go into our first weekend of fall reaching the upper 80s in the warmest spots and mid-70s for tomorrow. upper 70s for saturday. sunday is also looking great. it will continue to cool off on monday. san francisco seeing drizzle to start out tomorrow morning. kari, looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are looking at a backup at the bay bridge. metering lights likely turned on a minute or two earlier than we see on a thursday. looking at slowing 880. we have that construction. it's slower right now. they may be clearing earlier than we see.
5:20 am
westbound highway 4 and eastbound 780. that crash still on the grid just off i-80. folks trying to get to the bridge westbound 780. smooth drive for the rest of the bay. also that zone through sunnyvale may be moving better approaching the matilda area, fair oaks. construction crews there. the crew shows periodic traffic breaks. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the thoughts of the mass shooting in gilroy are still in the minds of people. a nearby festival asked for extra help from the sheriff's department and was turned down. you'll have to hear the rest of the story. new video from indonesia where a 6.5 quake struck one of the islands. what we're learning about the damage and the possible tsunami warning next. 5:20 for you right now watching
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"today in the bay." the juul rec. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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5:23. a follow-up and an about-face from santa clara county sheriff's office which is now agreeing to help provide security to a weekend south bay pumpkin festival where there were concerns about gun violence. outside of morgan hill holds the festival each year.
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some 50,000 people will attend. the pumpkin patch is a short drive from where the gilroy garlic festival shooting rampage played out. organizers told nbc bay area their request for deputies was turned down. organizers now say that request has been granted. a panic overnight after a large earthquake struck one of the country's islands. the u.s. geological survey says the 6.5 magnitude quake was centered off a remote island. right now we are getting reports that at least three people died and people are also hurt. a damaged hospital had to force patients to outdoor tents. witnesses say people along the coastal areas also ran to higher ground because they were worried about tsunamis. a tsunami warning was not issued. this morning there is hope your cheerleading skirt and
5:25 am
those pompoms stuffed in your closet mightake a serious comeback on the big screen. >> today kelly clarkson is sitting down with bring it on star who says when it comes to a sequel it was up to her and it would have been "touched by an angel" girl. >> if they wanted to make another movie, i would. why not? it would be so fun. >> it would be so good. >> we made that movie for no money. >> now if you know the story, then you know it was a huge hit bringing in more than $90 million at the box office. if you want some early 2000 nostalgia tune in to "kelly clarkson" at 3:00 and then "ellen" with a special guest. she has comedian whitney cummings. if you're not home you can also set your dvr. talk about a bear of a good time in wine country. look at that big fellow. this is a new video in this morning. this guy creeping around the
5:26 am
mendocino county winery. the footage w captured nearly a month ago but just posted to facebook this week. the bear was munching on the grapes. it plans to harvest them in the next few weeks so hopefully there are still some left. >> he looks so harmless and cuddly. the top stories we're following on this thursday morning. >> including this morning a peninsula school district taking drastic measures to fight vaping at schools. in a live report up next the technology the district is now using. b.a.r.t. could pick a new gate design. coming up, the option b.a.r.t. officials are considering. testifying on the whistle-blower case.
5:27 am
you can see this live picture inside the chambers. folks are already gathered. they're ready to hear what he or she has to say if, indeed, the whistle-blower speaks. what to expect in today's testimony coming up next. and taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, looks like a parking lot this morning. mike will get us through the commute in a bit. a pleasant forecast today. you are watching "today in the bay." from the couldn't be prouders
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and a good morning to you on this thursday. taking a live look outside for us this morning. this is san jose. a beautiful start in the south bay. good morning. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia today. what a great day to work outside. i'm missing out on it, kari. it's finally cooling down. >> you'll have a chance heading into the week. the cooldown begins but it lingers into the weekend. a live look outside in fremont. a little bit of a breeze as you head out the door. we're in the upper 60s. it will be a warm day for many spots reaching into the low 80s here already by noon with a high temperature reaching into the mid-80s. a high of 86. 88 in livermore. we are going to have a big cooldown compared to yesterday and much more cooling tomorrow. a look at that and weekend events. mike, you're starting with a look at the bay bridge. you said it looks like a parking lot and it does.
5:31 am
that's not a parking lot. that's the parking lot there. the metering lights were turned on just a couple minutes earlier than we see on a thursday. highway 4 shows a nice easy drive out of pittsburg, pretty typical. we also have slowing, clearing, i think, for north 101 that construction crews should have reopened the lanes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. another hot button day is on tap and it's being watched closely around the world. this is a live look inside the chambers where we will hear possibly from that whistle-blower. the president is still denying accusations of impeachable acts and is calling all of it a hoax. now in just hours acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire will testify before the house and senate intelligence committees.
5:32 am
he arifts a short time after committee members finally read the whistle-blower report which ultimately spurred house speaker nancy pelosi to launch an inquiry. the complaint stems from the president's july phone call with the president of ukraine. notes show mr. trump to investigate his political rival, former vice president joe biden, and his son. this morning biden is firing back. meantime, key republicans are still defending the president. >> it seems to me it's awful hard to avoid that it is an impeachable offense and a violation of constitutional responsibility. >> in my point of view to impeach a president over a phone call like this would be insane. >> that full whistle-blower report was declassified late last night. nbc news has a special report planned as the hearing starts. you'll be able to watch right here on nbc bay area. it's expected to start during our 6:00 hour.
5:33 am
former president french jacques chirac has died. that news coming within the last hour. he served two terms starting in 1995. the tail end was defined by scandal and corruption allegations dating back to his time as mayor of paris. jacques chirac was 86 years old. back here at home b.a.r.t. will try to solve a problem that cost the transit agency tens of millions of dollars every year and, of course, whenever there's lost revenue, it usually ends up impacting riders. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live to talk about b.a.r.t.'s new attempt, the latest attempt, another one, to stop the fare evaders. >> reporter: people who don't pay to ride b.a.r.t. cost the transit agency according to b.a.r.t. $25 million. you can see why it's relatively easy to evade the fare. these people right here, they're doing the right thing. they have a ticket and they're going through the gates. there are a few people who jump
5:34 am
over the gates. they're not hard to do. they're not very tall. according to b.a.r.t., the preferred option is this tall swing style fare gate pictured on your screen. the next option is a retractable barrier and the final and third option is the floor-to-ceiling turnstile. b.a.r.t. tested out two other designs at fruitvale b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. installed four-inch pop-ups on the red barriers. the transit removed those. at richmond they installed a double stack barrier. that design is not foolproof. we watched as they squeezed through the gates and got into a fight with police. b.a.r.t. does not plan on implementing that double stack system but will keep them at
5:35 am
richmond b.a.r.t. the transit agency is leaning to this tall swing style similar to what's used on muni. whatever decision the board decides on at their meeting expect it to cost between $115 million and $135 million to implement. reporting live at walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> if it work though, not a lot of money in the long run. thanks, bob. transportation leaders are talking about a likely extension of time when it comes to opening the much-anticipated bart extension to san jose. they want it had done by the year 2026. here is what it would look like when everything is complete. but we are now getting a look at something that seems more tricky. complexities in the new design plan mean vta says you might want to mark your calendar closer to the year 2030 though that is not set in stone either. the updated single board design, they say, will cause less aboveground disruption.
5:36 am
firefighters are trying to determine what caused a fire that reportedly badly damaged a home last night in san francisco's silver terrace. this happened on thornton avenue. those flames eventually made the roof llapse alsoomes on either side were damaged. but no one was injured and no one was home at the time of the fire. we are learning more about a man who started 13 fires in two days. investigators are charging this man, freddie graham. they say the man is from missouri and that he is responsible for starting those fires over the weekend, that includes the reservoir fire which burned 128 acres. a witness said they spotted graham on friday and saturday. firefighters saw him in the same area. he faces 13 counts of arson along with a charge of starting fires during a state of emergency. we don't know why graham, who is from missouri, is in the area. a bay area school district is turning to technology to combat vaping.
5:37 am
>> 11 people have died nationwide from vaping, and more than 1,000 are sick. roz, parents are wondering what are the schools doing to make sure kids aren't doing it at school? >> reporter: we have a new pilot program launched by the redwood city school district as concerns grows. kids as young as sixth grade now. we just heard from the acting commissioner who told congress that these e-cigarettes are not safe and need to be more highly regulated. vaping opponents say that the makers are marketing to children and elementary and middle schoolchildren are telling us their fellow classmates are already vaping on campus. the school district is testing a new detector. >> this is not technology that is going to be recording any type of sound or video.
5:38 am
they're just going to know when the electronic cigarettes are being used. >> reporter: now the redwood city school district's board voted last night to install the vaping detectors in all eight bathrooms of the kennedy middle school, the district's largest facility. the new detectors can sniff out e-cigarette vapors. meanwhile, juul, the largest of the cigarette -- e-cigarette makers, says it will suspend advertising and some lobbying but is still pushing to get passed prop c on the ballot this fall that would overturn the recent ban on the sale of e-cigarettes. >> a lot of folks watching that. thank you, roz. >> 5:38. some of the world's best golfers are in napa for the start of the pga safeway open at silverado resort. >> that's why i'm here. guess who is already stealing the show, steph curry, proving
5:39 am
he can hit any shot with a basketball even when it's from 60 feet away on a golf course. he's with phil mickelson and he was on fire there, too. he did his trademark shimmy following a very nice putt. i need a trademark something. he even has phil mickelson shimmying. that's cu. whenever i try that, that weekend at bernie's thing. >> oh, yeah. >> not the same thing. >> close. close. >> but not quite. let's look out to the roadways and your morning commute. we have folks getting closer together. that's not a good thing for northbound 101 approaching the crash in your fast lane. it should clear quickly but will have to cross all these lanes. expect more slowing. things are lighter. they had the earlier construction crews. overnight it was slow. that has cleared up, right on
5:40 am
schedule. up to palo alto where the last of the crews should be clearing. we're talking a lot about 101 and there's palo alto. that's better. >> speaking of better, better conditions. >> a hot start to the week so we're really going to enjoy what's ahead in the forecast. let's start out with saturday's overall look across the bay and our inland valleys will only reach 79 degrees. some upper 60s expected for the coast. on sunday a high of 66 degrees while the bay tops out at 72. it'll be 75 for the warmest inland areas. how about heading to capitola this weekend. the beach festival happening in the village. it will be in the low 60s to start. we only reached the upper 60s throughout the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. we have the paradef champions in santa clara. the parade starts at 11:00.
5:41 am
we'll see mid-60s leading into some low 70s for the rest of the day. if you're heading out of town maybe going to yosemite this week, look at the big drop-off in temperatures. we go from 64 tomorrow to a high of 38 on sunday. there will be some parts of the sierra getting in on rain and light snow. this week in napa we also have some beautiful weather ahead as we continue to cool off. only up to 71 degrees. also a nice weekend for hiking, but we're watching out for the start of the day tomorrow with some mist and drizzle along the coast and that includes areas like muir woods. we'll be watching out for that and a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thank you, kari. coming up next on "today in the bay," an absolutely terrifying moment caught on camera. the woman held hostage inside a northern california police station. she's okay. we'll show you how it all ended. today we expect to learn a
5:42 am
lot more about president trump's actions concerning ukraine. all eyes on capitol hill. now a live look inside as we await testimony that will play out live on tv. this is the room where it will happen and is scheduled to start at 6:00 this morning. the acting director of national intelligence will answer questions from congress on capitol hill. this is about what's in the whistle-blower report. keep it right here on nbc bay area "today in the bay" as we get you through the morning. humira patients, you inspire us.
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good thursday morning. 5:45. it's going to be much cooler this afternoon with campbell starting out in the upper 60s. now normally we're hitting 80 guess. we're still going to be slightly above normal but a big improvement over the weather we just had recently. i'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend in less than five minutes. and here is to 101, another little traffic break, maybe a little slowing again toward marsh wherehe crews and highway 101. better news for san jose where the crash did ear. 5:45. a federal bill aimed at giving banking access to marijuana businesses is moving forward. the u.s. house of representatives passed the legislation yesterday. it now moves to the senate. 33 states have legalized cannabis for recreational use and medical use.
5:46 am
prohibitions have made it difficult to get bank accounts and loans. a woman driving a fruit truck was struck and killed by a freight train. this is new video that happened yesterday at an unmarked crossing on private property near state highway west of salina. no one was hurt. however, diesel spilt on the tracks and as we have been reporting this is national rail safety week. officials say you should never try to beat a train. police also talking about a bizarre and dangerous situation that played out yesterday in their police headquarters. this image showing a woman with a meat cleaver. it happened in the department's front lobby. the californian reports the suspect silently walked in, randomly grabbed the victim as she was walking out the door. within minutes officers subdued the suspect and freed the hostage as she was unharmed. >> here is another disturbing
5:47 am
story. this one in southern california. that's where a homeless man is facing murder charges. authorities say he lit another homeless man on fire while he slept in his encampment in glendale. to top it off police say surveillance video shows the suspect actually taking photos of that fire as it burned. the victim did wake up in time to avoid being seriously injured, but the suspect is being held on $1 million bail. 5:47 right now. new details in the corrupt case brought against southern california representative duncan hunter. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco will now hear hunter's argument for the dismissal of charges. hunter and his wife are both accused of misusing more than $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses. the court is scheduled to hear hunter's appeal in december. well, they say what goes up must go down. >> what they say. this next story proves that. it doesn't necessarily
5:48 am
disappear. an iphone that fell from a plane more than a year ago was just found. >> okay, just found. >> just found. the pilot was trying to film a flood in an icelandic river and dropped it out of the plane's window. he tried to find it but had no luck. then, more than a year later it was located by the owner of the land where it fell. that person charged it and was able to get ahold of the pilot. >> what? >> the phone is still working and video from the fall is still on it. they must have put it in a bag of rice. >> because i would imagine it rained at some point. >> my poor brother dropped it, sat down and it fell out of his pocket onto the seat and broke. just in how it falls, i think, more than how far. >> a gust of wind came. >> cradled it all the way down. >> i don't know but they are not that durable. >> clouds.
5:49 am
>> mike inouye is here all week. all right. it was what we were talking about. everyone is looking at the app on their phone. take a look at this picture i had from one of my friends on facebook, gary mattei. i posted a picture of those cirrus clouds we had yesterday during the morning hours. i love when you all post weather pictures. let's talk about how hot it was yesterday as we set several new records. santa rosa, up to 105 degrees. that just smashed that daily record of 98. we had a lot of upper 90s with records set in concord as well as san francisco at the airport and downtown. we made it up to 96 degrees. in monterey, also 96 degrees. half moon bay had some hot weather as well reaching 92 and we were up to 99 in redwood city and in san jose. oakland reaching 98 degrees. we are past that hot weather as
5:50 am
you get ready to get the kids up and out the door in san jose. maybe a light jacket. you'll be comfortable with short sleeves on and we'll need that throughout the day as we continue to warm up into the low 80s, hitting 86 degrees. livermore will see a high of 88. 85 in napa and in santa rosa with san francisco reaching the mid-90s. as we go into the weekend, cooling will be under way. nour now we're about to go to nbc for a special report. this is an nbc news special report, here's savannah guthrie. morning, everybody, breaking news if you've come on the air in the impeachment inquiry of president trump moments ago, the house intelligence committee released a declassified complaint from that whistle-blower against president trump that comes just as acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire is
5:51 am
about to testify on capitol hill about these matters. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is poring through what's in that complaint. i have a copy of it here, pete, i've only had a couple second to look at it. what do you see? >> it's dated august 12th, when the complaint was originally made to the inspector general, originally intended to go to congress and as you know it was stopped. we know the basics of it. he's complaining about the nature of the president's call with the president of ukraine. he says he doesn't know who initiated the call. we now know, as we were told yesterday for sure, that this person, whether it's a man or a woman in the intelligence community, didn't know this firsthand but was told this by what's described in the letter as multiple white house officials with direct knowledge of the call. and then the letter goes through what we now know was in the call. the asking for help in looking into the crowd strike issue and the biden family. and the way the letter describes it it says the president used
5:52 am
the call, the remainder of the call after congratulating president se zelensky to advance personal interests, to help the 2020 reelection bid. the letter says this person was told by the white house that there was a discussion going on after the call by white house officials about how to treat it. once it was made. because of the likelihood in the official's retelling that they had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain. the letter says there were at least a dozen white house officials who had listened to the call because everybody thought it was going to be routine. and that they were very surprised by the turn the call took. and then the letter says in the days after the call this person claims to have heard from multiple u.s. officials that senior people at the white house intervened to lock down is the phrase the letter uses all records of the call, especially the official transcript, the word for word transcript that was produced by the white house
5:53 am
situation room. now, that's the document that we got yesterday even though it wasn't a word for word transcript. white house officials told me the letter says that they were directed by white house lawyers to remove the electronic transcript from the computer system, and finally the letter says, this is page 4, that after the call two representatives of the u.s. met with ukrainian leaders on how to "navigate" the demands the president made of president zelensky in the call. this is a total of seven pages in the letter with a two-page classified appendix. the record of the call we received yesterday was originally classify secret. no foreign. meaning no foreign meeting, can't be shared with any foreign leaders. i frankly don't know whether that's the typical way a congratulatory call like this would be classified, whether it's the secret level or not.
5:54 am
the only thing that strikes me that would possibly be classified in that letter is the discussion between the very brief discussion by the president and the president of ukraine about wanting to buy additional anti-tank systems from the pentagon. so these are the -- i mean, we knew the basics of what this complaint was. we now are -- have confirmation of what the original complaint was, the fact that this person in the intelligence community didn't know about this firsthand, but was relaying what he or she was told by several people at the white house, savannah. >> i'm looking at it, along with you here, i mean, the fact that this whistle-blower says several, not just one, but several white house officials had expressed concern, not just about the content of the call, but then the subsequent measures they say, according to this whistle-blower, that the procedures used that there were some -- the allegation here is that there was some kind of attempted cover-up. now we have what's close to a transcript of that call released
5:55 am
by the white house. in fairness. let's go to geoff bennett on capitol hill. in a few moments from now, the man at the center of this, the director of national intelligence joseph maguire will come before congress and testify. this is the dni, the director of national intelligence, who initially blocked this very complaint that's now in our hands from going to congress. and geoff, the expectation is perhaps we'll get an explanation today as to why. >> reporter: certainly with democrats on this panel are hoping for, savannah. we expect they will press him on why he did not transmit that whistle-blower complaint that was deemed urgent and credible over to congress as was consistent with past practice. expect the republicans on this panel to give mr. maguire some political cover. this hearing is critical, i'm told, for democrats as they try to push forward with this new formal impeachment inquiry.
5:56 am
the house speaker, nancy pelosi, i'm told by several sources now wants to make this ukraine controversy the central focus of this impeachment effort because the thinking is it's something that's simple, straightforward, e american people can easily digest what democrats see as the underlying bad act here whereas other issues such as the president's tax returns, violations of the emoluments clause, findings of the mueller report, a lot of that stuff is bogged down in the courts. democrats generally think those issues and the hearings they've had haven't really moved the needle in terms of how the american public views the president. so when it comes to ukraine they think they have the best argument here as they try to build the public case against president trump. one other thing, we will not see the whistle-blower, him or herself appear in person today, adam schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee at a press conference today hoped the whistle-blower would be able to appear in private voluntarily but i'm told by sources familiar overnight that the legal team is
5:57 am
still waiting for some guidance from the director of national intelligence, the office of the director of national intelligence on that issue, savannah. >> stand by. i want to go to jeremy bash, our national security analyst, chief of staff at the pentagon, and you're looking at the complaint as well. one of the things that had been reported prior to the release of this unclassified version of the complaint was that there was more than just the call at issue. it was now seen that the hearing -- the notes of the situation room call, the quasi-transcript i've been calling it. we've seen what's in the call. is there more than in this complaint than that that would tend to corroborate the central allegation here, which is that the president misused his office to try to get political dirt on an opponent by asking a foreign country to intervene? >> yes. for example, one of the things, savannah, that the whistle-blower mentions is that on august 2nd, a week after that phone call between president trump and president zelensky rudy giuliani held a follow-up
5:58 am
meeting to have direct follow-up from that phone call. there was an effort under way launched by president trump to have rudy giuliani serve as that go between. this whistle-blower complaint is detailed. it's fairly comprehensive. it shows this whistle-blower was concerned about this going all the way back to the mid-may time frame. this person carefully, meticulously assembled facts and talked to multiple officials. it's obvious the white house is going to try to destroy this personal's credibility but the other document was the inspector general's memo in which he says that he did an initial review and he found the allegations credible. >> he found it to be -- i mean, this is -- he had to -- in order to pass it along he had to find that the matter was urgent and there's a particular legal definition given to that word. and that it was credible. he found both to be the case but then -- so how will he explain the fact that at some point this whistle-blower complaint did not go to congress as would have
5:59 am
been dictated by law? what was the rationale there? >> well, the inspector general, savannah, found it credible but it was the decision of the acting dni, joe maguire who will be testifying in the next half hour to take this to the justice department. that's where the justice department got involved. attorney general bill barr is going to have to answer for why he made the decision, or at least his department made the decision to quash this, to make sure it was never forwarded to congress as the law requires. and of course one of the big questions is, is that because bill barr was part of the discussion between the president, rudy giuliani, and others to have this engagement with the ukraine? i think one thing that's important, savannah, is that notwithstanding whatever the whistle-blower says or doesn't
6:00 am
the reaction has been defiance but behind the scenes there is real concern what this means for the president politically. i want to make two points on what we are reading and learning from the complaint. there is a classified appendix that is attached to this


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