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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 28, 2019 11:02pm-11:28pm PDT

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afternoon, increasing chance of i'll have a closer fecast coming up in ten minutes. >> we'll see you then, rob. thank you. a chaotic celebration, a birthday party in sonoma county ends with people running from flames. a fire ripped through a popular wedding venue destroying at least three buildings. nbc bay area's marianne favro has new developments for us. marianne. >> reporter: anoushah, the fire only burned seven acres, but people attending that birthday party say that the high winds fanned the flames and they had to run to their cars to get away. this birthday party ended abruptly when flames engulfed a nearby building at the cornerstone sonoma wine tasting complex with strong winds, u pae quickly doubled in size. >> this fire started this big in the front of the street right here by the driveway. the fire started, it was a little bonfire. then within ten minutes it was a massive blaze, and everybody is running trying to get personal affects. >> reporter: patty said she warned people to get out.
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>> i smelled smoke and it was very clear it was close. so i ran out and told everybody, run, run, run, run, run. >> reporter: not only did the people at the birthday party run, but guests at two weddings at cornerstone were also forced to evacuate. in addition, a mandatory evacuation was ordered for about 200 people in homes and businesses within a one-mile radius of the enter six of highways 116 and 121 near shellville. more than 100 firefighters sp said t cigarette may be the blame. the fire started in a ditch, read toderoyed three winery com outbuildings. fortunately, no one was hurt. bt fire crews do plan to remain out at the sne flare-ups. marianne favro, nbc bay area news.
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>> marianne, thanks very much. we are learning new details about a shooting in richmond last night after a high school football game. at dee anza high school, this surveillance video shows people scattering and a dark sedan leaving the scene immediately after the shots rang out. police say two teenagers are in serious condition. a third is recovering from minor injuries. investigators say that shooting happened as groups of high school students were walking to the high school after the game. >> now to decision 2020, kamala harris is in thetries campaign. tonight. nshs bay area's sergio quintana president's impeachmeon of the n is live in san francisco with all the details. sergio. >> reporter: senator kamala harris is on a two-week legislative recess from washington, so, of course she's here in the bay area campaigning. and she's here at a point where unfortunately california support for her presidential run seems to be senator kamala shars harri town museum.
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a warm reessential at manila many know her well from prior campaigns for san francisco district attorney, california continue general and for u.s. senate. but her presidential campaign has hit a soft patch among the rest of california's voters. it's something she and her supporters aren't worried about now. >> i have a complicated relationship with polls. polls for every one of my races certainly for district attorney said i couldn't win. >>poll kam >> reporter: the latest poll from the u.c. berkeley of governmental in fourth place among likely california primary voters. she dropped five points since the last poll, down to single digits. >> she's got problems. they're probably repairable because there is so much time left between now and when we get really serious about the nomination. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: on this swing through the bay area, she'll be revisiting oakland where she kicked off her presidential run. she will be opening her west coast campaign headquarters there tomorrow.
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her visit also comes as her colleagues in the u.s. house of representatives launched impeachment inquiry against president donald trump. senator harris has been tough on former vice-president joe biden during the democratic debates, but she came to his defense against newly released transcript summaries of conversations showing president trump trying to convince the president of ukraine to launch an investigation against biden and his son hunter. >> as far as i'm concerned, leave joe biden alone. just leave him alone. >> reporter: now, supporters of president donald trump say tt ga his son should be investigated for their actions in ukraine in 2014. nbc news hate in 2014, and they found nothing. senator kamala harris says that is now a distraction from the president's impeachment inquiry. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thanks for that report. coming up in 7 minutes we'll have more on president trump's impeachment inquiry, including when democratic lawmakers are
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pushing to get witnesses to testify. >> a woman who wants to be first lady of the united states made her rounds in the bay area today. dr. joe biden, the wife of democratic candidate joe biden, seen here at a fund-raising event, this is last night in san francisco. today she was up in sonoma and then in fremont. of course raising funds for her husband's 2020 presidential campaign. >> not taking any chances. that's what organizers at a popular pumpkin patch in the south bay are doing. they are adding extra gilroy garlic festival. it was opening day at the pumpkin park in san martin. you will see extra uniformed deputies on the ground. that request was initially declined by the santa clara county sheriff's department. they don't allow deputies to work extra paid jobs in uniform, but today a department spokesperson said it just took time to make it happen. the general manager of the pumpkin festival says she wants everyone to feel safe. >> we have always had a security
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team out here with armed guards. but with everything that happened at the garlic festival, we wanted that presence here, to give people a sense of security. >> the farms is expected more than 150,000 visitors over the next month. >> more developments in that street fight in san francisco involving boulders. overnight, some of the rocks, big rocks were pushed into the street for a third time. neighbors have been sin these huge rocks between dolores and valencia streets. the idea is to discourage homeless people from camping there by giving them less room. but now some people are upset with the boulders. homeless advocates say it sends a message of hate. other people with disabilities can't navigate around them. the city says it has no plans to remove them. >> police found themselves in an unusually difficult search at a petaluma pumpkin patch. they spotted a man accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend. when the man noticed the officers, he ran into a corn maze and hid. officers say it was taking so
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long to find the man that they almost called the search off, but they eventually found him, and then they arrested him. >> we are learning new details about the man accused of setting fires in milpitas. it happened last weekend, you might remember. he had apparently flown in from missouri for his high school reunion in milpitas. well, last week we reported more than a dozen wildfires burning in milpitas. police arrested this guy freddy graham. they say he set the fires. saturday night graham reportedly at 50th reunion allegedly set 1 the course of two days. no one was injured. no buildings burned because of the fires. >> there might be a little slow on bart and highway 24 tomorrow because bart is working on its track again in contra costa county. this is a time lapsed video of the construction. trains will not be running between orinda and walnut creek. free buses, though, will replace those trains. also, the work near the lafayette station will close two lanes of eastbound 24. the two lanes will be closed
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until 7:00 in the morning on monday. >> one more game, it is the final weekend for giants manager bruce boce. a chance for fans to say good-bye. before the giants game today, san francisco mayor london breed presented boech ee with the key to the city. and he certainly deserved it for what he has done for the city. boech ee has been with the giants 13 years. in that time, three world series titles. we'll have complete coverage tomorrow of that big send-off at oracle park. >> still ahead, just dropping in with creative way one burglar broke into a bay area store. and it was all caught on camera. >> his parents say he was once the shy kid. but now he's a newly crowned home coming king. we're going to bring you a sweet update that will make you bay area proud. >> and most of the wild weather today has been to our east, but we have storm ranger. our mobile doppler radar atop san bruno mountain scanning the skies in the sierra east and
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maybe sunday showers heading our way. we'll look at the changes in the forecast when we come right back. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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juroro show you tonight of a brazen burglary in pittsburgh early this morning. you can see right there. suspect breaks into an upper way in.then climbed over the then he has some trouble getting up. he set off the store's alarm, but officers didn't get there in time to arrest this person. police haven't said what they stole. it is not a myth, but a fact. a former myth busters coe host had his car broken into last night. it happened in san francisco. adam savage said most of what was taken is not of value, but he took to twitter asking the public for help to find his whip r whip. you may remember it from the myth busters indiana joends
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episode. >> the impeachment investigation into president trump could wrap up by the end of the year. at least 225 house democrats now support some type of impeachment action. and are insisting on a tight time line. nbc news sarah dallof reports the president and his personal lawyers are doubling down on their defense. fens thisng t stop me donald >> reporter: democrats layout a because i'm fighting for you. time line for impeachment inquiry. >> we expect more subpoenas to go out first thing next week as well, so we're moving with all speed. >> reporter: democrats are seeking records between interaction of president and rudy giuliani. about a plan to investigate joe biden. >> would i like to testify and tell my story, sure, i've been telling it all the time. >> reporter: ukraine's former chief prosecutor tells nbc's
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richard engel he was also in contact with giuliani. >> i have spoken with him maybe ten times. >> reporter: and wasli campaign doubling down unsubstantiated accusations former vice-president biden pressured ukraine to fire its prut protect his board of a ukrainian gas company. >> they lost the election. now they want to steal this one. >> reporter: there's been no evidence of wrongdoing by biden. joe biden said the president is afraid of him. >> it's clear he will stop at nothing to hold -- it's not surprising that i've become the object of his attention. >> reporter: intensifying emotions and pressure as the investigation ramps up. sarah dallof. >> be sure to join nbc host chuck todd tomorrow morning for "meet the press" featuring an interview with congressman and house intelligence chair adam schiff.
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also be exclusive interviews with congressman steve scalise. that starts 8:00 tomorrow morning after nbc bay area. >> sad news for music fans tonight. legendary mexican singer and song writer jose jose died today at the age of r spanish languagt telemundo confirmed he passed away in florida while he was battling pancreatic cancer. he rose to fame in 1970 after he performed the song el triste. his fans called him the prince of song. cowboy hats are a symbol of the old west, and now they are also part of the napa county sheriff's department's new look. the department just issued new cowboy hats to their officers. they say the hats work twofold. they protect deputies from the son and also a tribute to the area's historical legacy. >> a home coming coronation in the east bay for a deserving young man.
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gus excexepoleas, he has down syndrome. his parents say he used to be shy. this is his senior year and seniors have a way about them, don't they? they say he's coming out of his shell. he's the king. you might recognize the guy. our own garvin thomas featured gus in his bay area proud series in january. >> it looked like a good night out there. nice night in walnut cre interesting weather this week. we saw everything from the heat earlier in the week, comfortable temperatures the last couple days. then severe weather off to our east this evening. and now see our snow totals that have actually gone up as you are about to see in the forecast. let's show you right now in san jose where you have breezy conditions. 56 degrees and already tonight's temperatures at 11:00 cooler than the low temperatures we've had over the last couple of nights around the bay area. you've got 59 degrees in
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emeryville. winds still out of the west at 13. at least we're not in a drizzle storm in san francisco. yesterday we had the morning of drizzle. nighttime drizzle right now. 55 degrees. it is blustery out there. the winds not as strong as earlier today, but still 15 to 25 miles as these winds ease off, which they're starting to do around santa rosa and napa, for the morning we'll see low 40s and maybe some upper 30s around some of those wind sheltered valleys of the north bay. so this is a taste of canadian air conditioning coming in as opposed to ashore air conditioning. yes, let's talk about the chance of showers coming up. right now storm ranger not seeing much as you saw in those clear city camera views. most of the moisture is off to the east in the sierra where we're seeing a lot of snow at this hour. still aly more shower activity dropping down on the coast tomorrow. look at the update to the sierra. we're going to see another wave of moisture come through. is it possible we see more than a foot of snow at king dale and
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donner summit by tomorrow night into monday? we'll be watching that closely. winter weather advisory will continue at least till about 5:00 on monday. now, as impressive as that is, the bay area rain chances not as much. you can see here it's in the north bay. we'll probably see our best chance, the morning right now doesn't look like much. it will be chilly and breezy again. as we head towards mid afternoon and probably about 5:00 to chance of finding some showers. mostly we think in the north bay, but we just can't rule out a few more stray showers into monday as well with thoff to th. monday morning still a chance of scattered showers as the up earn level system starts to move out. and that is the second part of the forecast. as that moves out by monday and tuesday, high pressure starts to build back in and perhaps more strongly so by the time we head towards next weekend. so the seven-day forecast will start to rebound. by the time we approach next weekend. but cool finish to the weekend around the bay area. chilly mornings, too. slight chance of showers will
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follow us into monday morning. after that the skies clear. and we'll see numbers in the 70s by mid week, and then we think possibly back to the mid-'80s. in time for next weekend. xt we'll be right back. my experience with usaa
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golf's biggest stars are still battling in napa at the safeway open after shooting a 64 second round. bryson dechambeau led at the start of today's round, but that lead did not last for long. that's because the appropriately named cameron champ took the lead with that putt. how about a beautiful shot now for nick taylor. this is his approach. landing within a couple feet of the pin. he would end up birdieing the hole, moving to a tie for the lead. shot of the day, that goes to adam scott. adam scott is nowhere near anywhere near the top. but his approach on the par 4, 17, watch this. where did it go? where did it go? it went in the hole. didn't even bounce. an eagle 2. >> all right. giants legend is now on the wall of fame. today the team's late former
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president peter mcgowan was honored with a bronze plaque during a preon-player to join the 52 other giants legends who are currently on the wall. friends, family and former players gathered to speak about the legacy that mcgowan left behind. >> took his vision and a group of people to ride along with him to create what all of us have here, leaving around such a beautiful ballpark. apartments, jobs. there's a lot to peter mcgowan than just oracle ballpark. >> the giants hall of fame was established by mcgowan in 2008. it serves as a tribute to the greatest players of the san francisco era. we'll be right back. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content.
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finallytonight, waiters worked their tails off tonight, but not for tips. >> they competed in the waiters race. contestants raced each other, a
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