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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 29, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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his extraordinary 13-year run. if you're just joining us we are on with a prime time edition of nbc bay area news because of sunday night football. trouble en route to paradise. the bay area passengers aboard hawaiian airlines flight got quite a scare today. the flightrom sfo to honolulu. it was diverted this morning because of a mechanical issue. about an hour into the flight, the plane dropped from 00 feet down to about 10,000 feet in just 11 minutes. the airlines said it was a possible issue with the aircraft's pressurization system. out of caution the pilot returned to sfo. nobody hurt. federal investigations are under way after a police shooting in san mateo. happened just after 5: p.m. yesterday. while police were patrolling at hillsdale mall, officers say they saw a stolen chevy. they tried to pull it over. the driver, though, wouldn't stop and started throwing stolen credit cards out the window. the chevy hit another car, pulled into a cul-de-sac when
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officers approached the chevy, they say the driver sped towards the officers forcing one of them to shoot at the car. that officer shot two people inside the stolen chevy and those two people had to be taken to the hospital. new tonight, a man found dead in a car in petaluma. police responded to reports of gunshots in the area in the petaluma factory outlets. at the same time someone reported a car crash there. officers found an unconscious man in a car. he had been shot. they tried to save him. he died at the scene. investigators are trying to find surveillance video of that crime. the victim's name has not been released. derek almenez due back in court. earlier this month a jury acquitted harris but couldn't
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determine alamez's part. san francisco neighbors place large boulderss along the sidewalk to deter crime and they've now been pushed into a street and the city says that's where they're going to stay for now. live in san francisco with that stor for us tonight. >> reporter: there are 20 boulders out here and many of them are here in the street. the city says they're no longer going to move the boulders back onto the sidewalk. instead today, crews came out and put out these orange cones. wesley house spent the day writing several quotes, including this one, for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. these boulders nearby compelled him to share his messages. neighbors in clinton park paid to have them brought in in hopes of stopping drug use, camping and crime on their street. >> i want people to stop and
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think and just kind of think before they act about what's going on, you know, and because there is so much attention on this issue. >> reporter: neighboring say they're not anti-homeless but anti-crime. they've dealt with fires, assault and drug use on their street and say calls to the city and police haven't helped. so, they pooled their money to put the boulders on the sidewalk. >> people out here are dying on the streets and to say boulders have more of a right to rest than homeless people is just wrong. >> reporter: daniel has spent the last two months sleeping on this street. >> they would have saved a lot of sxhoen a lot of trouble if they had come and said something to us. you know, use compassion and love and understanding. we're humans. >> reporter: the boirlultders started on the sidewalk and moved them back to the street. the crews have moved them back three times. today crews left the boulders in the street and put out orange cones. a spokeswoman for the san francisco public works
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department says we continue to look at options and are committed to supporting and working with neighbors. there is so much interest in these boulders that today even tourists came out to take pictures of them. reporting live in san francisco, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a follow-up to sonoma county fire. happened yesterday at cornerstone sonoma wine tasting complex. today the cornerstone was back open for business. you look at these flames, they're back open. they thanked first responders for their hard work. more than 100 firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading to the main property. the fire chief says the fire is not considered suspicious and may have started from something as simple as a cigarette butt. get ready to pay more to fill up your tank. gas prices in the bay area are sitting at about $4 a gallon. you may be wondering why the sudden rise in prices. well, that's because the bay area refinery recently had some
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technical problems cutting production. state wide gas prices are sitting above $4 a gallon. that's more than $1 over the national average. good news, though, is prices are expected to drop back down in october. the deadline to get your real i.d. card is looming. if you don't have one yet, you're not alone. we'll have the alarming new report. and a gas station without any gas. how one gas station is changing with the times. and we're still tracking a few isolated showers tonight as everyone wakes up to chilly temperatures in time for your monday morning commute. we'll talk about that and some big, warmer changes ahead in your seven-day forecast. the juu.
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they took $12.8 billion from
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big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. americans are woefully unprepared for the real i.d. crackdown. the report found almost 40% of americans still don't have a
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real i.d. or any of the other forms of i.d. required at airports starting next fall. a whopping 57% are not aware they won't be allowed through airport security with a standard driver's license. here in california the deadline is the same as the national deadline. that is, folks, october 1st, 2020. a true sign of the times. a gas station in maryland doesn't have any gas. it's the first in gas to be an all-electric charging station. if you're driving along carol avenue in tacoma park, at first glance this lot looks like any other gas station. take a closer look. there's no gas here anymore. >> you simply plug it in -- >> instead, it's all electricity. >> away it goes. >> each pump putting out charges for electric cars. >> it's great. we're really provided of it. matthew wade helped oversee the project. used to be a liberty gas station. whole thing had to be redone to
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take out the petroleum pipes underground. >> it's something people will look to. >> reporter: charging your car all the way will take about half an hour but cost just $7. >> for me the super chargers are the way to go. >> reporter: j.d. owns a tesla and made a special trip for today's ribbon-cutting ceremony. he said he's excited to see more options for the environment. >> definitely feel good for doing my part, at least part of it. this is just one way to do it. >> reporter: the idea of electric cars lighting up police stations, too. this sergeant drives one. >> gasoline cars are spewing carbon dioxide into the air. >> reporter: this new charging station helping folks move full speed ahead. there are more than 20,000 registered vehicles in maryland. chuck schumer is challenging president donald trump to move forward on universal background
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check legislation. despite the impeachment inquiri. schumer urged the president not to allow the nra to call the shots while this impeachment inquiry advances. >> the best way president trump can prove he still can govern is universal background checks. that's where governing begins. despite the ongoing impeachment inquiry. >> a bill phone universal background checks was passed by the house earlier this year, but it has not yet been heard on the senate floor. much of the focus this weekend was on kamala harris' visit to california. another presidential hopeful was in the area. pete buttigieg addressed a cheering crowd of thousands in west sacramento as an openly gay mayor. buttigieg has a lot in common with the sacramento mayor. much of buttigieg's speech focused on how to get president
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trump out of the white house and unite americans behind shared values. >> the most important part of how we're going to win is the same as how we're going to govern, that is according to the values that should unite us, that should knit us together as americans. and the problem today is those very values, the values that are supposed to bring us together are being used to divide us, to pit us against one another. that's what has to change. >> nationwide buttigieg is polling fourth among democrats. tee time in the north bay. we'll take you out to napa for the safeway open. we're taking you to the golden gated bridge. fog-free right now. temperatures at 59 degrees. when we might see 70s back in san francisco and 80s inland. my experience with usaa
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. the winner of the safeway open in napa is no stranger t northern california. cameron champ is from sacramento and he wins his second pga
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victory. we have a report from napa. >> reporter: golfers teeing off at safeway open for the final time this afternoon. >> please welcome justin thomas. >> with big names such as justin thomas headlining one of the best fields in safeway open history, much to the delight of these two young fans from alamo. >> i think it's better because it's bringing in bigger names like justin thomas and dechambeau. justin thomas is my favorite. it was nice to see him. >> it was nice to see champ with a long drive and justin thomas. >> final round of the 2019 safeway open. >> reporter: cameron champ is putting on quite the performance at the safeway open and joins a local contingent of golfers this year, which includes stanford's isaiah, who hails from san francisco. i spoke with the executive director of the open. for the first time in four years it didn't follow the ryder or
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president's cup. >> we didn't compete against the cups so we had a phenomenal field. 15 guys in the top 30 money winners. >> reporter: it's more than just fun and games in napa with nearly $2 million from the tournament going to local charities in the area. last year those charities hit close to home. >> in the past we actually gave 100% of our ticket sales last year to fire relief because we had on on the 2016 year, we had fire hit our tournament sunday night. >> reporter: as another safeway open comes to a close in napa, dreams of being the next local golfer to compete to this stage are getting closer to a reality. walker, what year should we expect to see you out here? >> probably like 2025, i think. >> reporter: is that lack in confidence? >> yeah. >> reporter: in napa, nbc bay area news. a glimpse into the future. stanford business grad students showed off their new startup
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ideas at the demo day expo. the event was created by the nonprofit startx, which is an accelerator which gets young startups off the ground. the founder says startx gives scholarships to companies with fresh problem-solving ideas rather than those expected to make a lot of money. >> from our perspective it's hard to have a fulfilling life without making an impact and helping others. we have plenty of billionaires around us who tell us, you know, money didn't make me happy. >> some notable companies to look out for is palm, which zaps the sweat glands in your hand to prevent excessive sweating. and level 5 labs use robot deliveries using the bike lane. that's very important.
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>> rob joining us and i want an explanation of gustnados. >> we're taking you to texas. gustnado, tornado or land spout. dustnado develops along a front. most of the videos we see from last night were the smaller dustnados that look like dust devils. the connection from cloud to ground, tornado with the super cell, rotating updraft. gustnados can spin along an outflow boundary. we have a story of it on our website. >> leave it to rob to be ahead of the whole thing. >> our weather today a lot more calm. less windy conditions out near the coast. it's chilly, though, outside. you'll notice it tomorrow morning. set the coat aside. you can't get away with one of the lighter jackets. you need the liner for tomorrow morning's forecast. we have numbers dipping into the 50s.
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partly cloudy skies around san jose right now. 50 in walnut creek, temperatures 71 degrees. temperatures 11 degrees below average this time of year. fog-free and a lot less windy. san francisco, 59 degrees after a high of 64. tomorrow morning in the north bay, some wind-sheltered areas into the low to mid-40s and possibly might see a few upper 30s. it will be chilly to start the day. 40s and low 50s as we begin your monday. we'll see highs, one more day, in the 60s to low 70s up and down the santa clara valley. tri-valley over to oakland. only 5 degrees of separation. usually you see 60s, 70s and 80s. tomorrow a little breezy and cool. again, 60s around the peninsula and coastside. for san francisco, highs in the mid-60s to low 70s. our storm ranger, mobile doppler
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radar has been picking up a few widely scattered showers around the north bay. that was about an hour ago. we were posting that on our social media sites, which you can see how this line kind of fell apart as it crossed through the north bay. there's still a chance tonight right after midnight, might see another impulse come through around 2:00 to 3:00. could see a few scattered showers and can't rule out a very brief stray shower around mt. hamilton or the coast. notice during the day a few clouds building around the hill top. that's probably where the best chance of showers will be monday afternoon as temperatures stay cool for one more day before we see the temperatures rebounding for the second half of the week. you can see on the futurecast, a little something on the hills but nothing showing there. still most of the moisture with this particular storm has been off to the east. the sierra, another 5 inches of snow possible near the summit. that winter weather advisory will last through 5:00 tomorrow. one more day of winter-like air
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around the sierra. see how the low scoots out. we'll see another system approach wednesday and thursday. it will stay too far to the north. high pressure builds from the coast, here's what you have to watch out for. thursday night into friday we could see a dose of high winds as the high builds back. it's that high this time next week thaend could give us a taste of summer. that's something the weather models have been trending to taking san francisco out of the low 60s and chilly mornings into 70s for the better part of the end of the week. the valleys this weekend in the 60s, we're trending into the 80s second half of the week and upper 80s by next sunday. it was too soon jumping into winter. you'll have a better week ahead next weekend. >> thank you very much. coming up, changing the face of homelessness. how a south bay artist is sketching the change. before we go, we leave you with a little bit more from oracle park today as fans said good-bye to bruce bochy.
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>> joined by his wife, kim, number 15, your manager, bruce bochy! >> to manage here with these players in this city with you fans as one of the greatest blessings in my life. ♪
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there.
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so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. could you stop a murder years before it ever happens? cutting-edge science right here in the bay area ames to detect brain patterns that could help identify who might be at risk of committing violent attacks. >> senior investigative reporter has the story. >> scientists are trying to understand what makes someone
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not only think about violence but also act on it. the answer might be all in the brain. seven people gunned down last month in odessa, texas. 22 people shot and killed just a few weeks earlier at a walmart in el paso. here in california, three people including two children died in a mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in late july. more than 17,000 people are murdered in the u.s. each year. now two scientists, one in palo alto, one in albuquerque, new mexico, believes they can stop the killers before they pull the trigger. >> you could intervene. you could perhaps avoid the dire consequences. >> reporter: dr. hans vogel is the director of neuropathology at stanford university. is there a specific part of the brain that actually triggers a mass shooter to act?
9:25 pm
>> i think we're getting there in terms of areas of the brain that may explain homicidal behavior. >> reporter: at stanford university on the second floor of a research lab, behind this door and inside a locked cabinet is some of dr. vogel's most infamous work. inside is the brain belonging to steven paddock. he was the gunman in that las vegas mass shooting two years ago that left 58 people dead. >> i was asked to diagnosis and rule out certain disease processes that might have contributed to his behavior. >> reporter: so they leaned on you to determine if something in his brain might have made him act on that violence? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you find? >> he took a bullet wound to the back of the brain. it still left a considerable amount of the brain that
9:26 pm
amenable to examination. >> reporter: in the shooter's brain he found lots of scarring of the brain tissue, diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's can cause that, but pinpointing exactly how or even why it forms remains a mystery in modern medicine. >> the quasi scarring process in the brain was higher than the average 60-something-year-old male, yes. but the significance of it is totally unknown. >> reporter: whether or not it could have played a role in his behavior that day, we don't know. >> don't know. >> reporter: that sort of scarring was spotted on parts of the brain responsible for fear and memory and in other key areas of the brain. >> it's linked to parts of the brain that have to deal with emotion and anger and so forth. >> reporter: and decision-making? >> and decision-making, yes. the frontal lobes are very interesting and complex in humans because they involve a balance between restraint and
9:27 pm
initiative. >> reporter: more than 1,000 miles away in new mexico, cutting-edge research inside prisons is revealing even more about the minds of murderers. >> for such a big problem it's spridzing this is the first study of its kind. >> reporter: dr. kent keel specializes in studying psychopaths. he's a neuroscientist and psychologist. he and his team designed a mobile brain scanner and drove it across the u.s. to study inmates at ten prisons. over the last decade he's conducted mri scans of nearly 1,000 prisoners in order to examine the brain differences of killers versus nonkillers. >> there are regions of the brain in individuals who have committed homicide that truly are different. >> reporter: keel and his research team found the brains of killers are wired differently. specific sections of the brain responsible for controlling emotions, impulses and social awareness are less developed
9:28 pm
among those who have taken a life. >> we're finding for the first time they are quite different and so now it's a question of how did they get that way? how might we understand this information? >> reporter: keel says therapy or even medicine can physically transform the brain to reduce the risk of dangerous behavior. >> we're going to try to implement treatments that we know work on those systems of the brain, then we would hopefully see changes that would then event these types of things from ever happening. >> reporter: keel believes some people are born with those brain differences. and while that doesn't necessarily mean they'll commit murder, he says his research reveals some strong connections. understanding who might be at risk could eventually help in literally changing people's minds. dr. keel is already getting requests from parents around the country who want their kids tested for potentially violent behavior. the scans and analysis run about $10,000 per child. this type of examination does raise sommetical questions but it could very well be years
9:29 pm
before this kind of testing becomes widely available in our area or at other medical centers across the country. back to you. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit call us or visit our website, still ahead, a gilroy garlic festival victim honored in his hometown. how family and friends remember trevor irving months after the tragedy. and grow a backbone, that's the message to the state from some north bay fire victims who are feeling short-changed as they rebuild. consumer investigator chris breaks it down.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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light snow dusting here. >> here's kendis gibson with more. >> reporter: a powerful and historic storm is hitting the
9:32 pm
northern rockies. it's snow in september across at least six states just one week after the end of summer. in montana, a blizzard and a state of emergency. more than three feet of snow in some parts. it's piling up on trees, weighing heavy on power lines above. the northern part of the state socked in. in glacier national park. >> you see the wind is blowing quite hard here. lots of snow. we do have whiteout conditions here. >> reporter: wind pushes snow drifts onto city sidewalks. treacherous conditions across the state and on the road. this car slipped and flipped. further west, storms in spokane, washington. a dangerous deep freeze warning is in effect overnight. the dangerous weather system rattled the great plains this weekend, too. in eastern kansas, powerful rain, wind and hail battered this region. in northern california, a
9:33 pm
tornado touched down in sacramento saturday. the twister spinning up debris as it passed over this field. summer heat held on another week in some places. especially in the south. raleigh, 93 degrees today. wilmington, 94. charlotte, 95. family and friends gather to remember a victim of the gilroy garlic festival shootings. trevor was one of three killed. today's memorial service was held at a college where he graduated from in 2017. cameras were not allow inside. the college created a scholarship in his honor. firefighters from santa clara followed in the foot steps of a fallen hero in new york. thousands of people including santa clara firefighters ran from brooklyn to ground zero for the 18th annual tunnel to tower
9:34 pm
run. it honors firefighter steven siller who ran from brooklyn to new york using the battery tunnel to assist rescuers before he lost his life that day. organizers say around 30,000 people came to retrace the route of that fallen firefighter. homes are slowly going back up in the north bay after almost two years after those fires. >> people are rebuilding their homes and their lives, but some homeowners are feeling short-changed and they asked us to help. chris explains this all comes down to money and insurance companies. >> it looked like somebody dropped a bomb. >> reporter: when the inferno leveled coffey mark, gabe's house didn't stand a chance. >> it burnt down along with everything else here. >> reporter: his house is finally looking like a home again. >> how long has it taken to get to this point? >> to this point, i guess we're
9:35 pm
at probably seven or eight months. >> reporter: gabe's faced several hurdles and one surprise, when his insurance company paid his claim, he didn't get the check, his mortgageom did. >> it was sent to mr. cooper. >> reporter: mr. cooper is a mortgage holding company. he said he distributed his money progressively throughout the year at various stages of construction. that's common practice to make sure people with mortgages rebuild. but as hundreds of thousands of dollars of his insurance money sat idle, gabe wondered if it was earning any inrest. turns out california law says when a mortgage holder receives money for payment of taxes and assessments on the property for insurance or for other purposes relating to the property, they shall pay interest at the rate of at least 2%. >> when it's close to $500,000 at one point, 2% adds up. >> reporter: gabe says mr. cooper was paying a lot
9:36 pm
less. >> 0.1%. they paid me about $22. >> reporter: by gabe's calculation he was owed an additional $5, 300. we contacted mr. cooper. he did get it. >> it's good move-in money. >> reporter: the picture gets murkier here on st. andrews drive. >> it was a very, very special place. >> reporter: linda and her husband james also lost their home. also had a mortgage. also expected 2% interest on more than $300,000 that quicken loans has held onto. >> as much as i tried to get that 2%, they kept refusing. >> reporter: linda asked us to help. quicken loans didn't address our question but it sent linda a letter stating it believes 2% interest is only required on traditional escrows where property tax and insurance premiums, not rebuilding money.
9:37 pm
we have one state law and two companies taking opposite views of it. for a tiebreaker we contacted the department of business oversight which oversees mortgage law. however, it told us the agency has not taken a position on whether the 2% law applies specifically to insurance and casualty loss proceeds. we asked if it plans to take a position. we didn't hear back. that infuriates linda and james. >> grow a backbone and make a decision so everybody's on the same page. we feel like the state needs to make a decision and do something. >> we wanted to talk to the association that represents mortgage companies for its take. it didn't respond to us. one north bay homeowner told us they've gotten a group together and they're getting an attorney involved. we'll let you know if they take their fight to court. the man who drove through a
9:38 pm
shopping mall has been charged with terrorism at the woodfield mall near chicago on september 20th. you can see people running away as the suv plows through the mall. they arrested the man behind the wheel, javier garcia, they believe he acted alone. new details on the shocking case in washington of a little boy who called 911 on his school bus driver saying he thought she was drunk. now newly released video shows the driver acting erratically and screaming at the children. nbc's sam brock has the story. >> oh, no, no! >> reporter: for the first time stunning video coming to life of elementary students sleeking with terror earlier this month as their washington state school bus driver allegedly drunk at the time rambles and drives erratically. >> i am crazy. i'm totally crazy. i'm so fun crazy. because i love life!
9:39 pm
>> she was drunk because she passed three red lights and she got on side roads. >> reporter: a 10-year-old boy on that bus phoned 911 once he got home. >> as a system, this should not have happened. >> reporter: the longview school district now promising to screen drivers before they get behind the wheel. >> yeah! yeah! >> reporter: 48-year-old katherine ran two routes, one with high schoolers and then another with elementary students. in total, up to 90 kids. even continuing her rants to an empty bus. >> my marriage sucks. >> reporter: before dispatch forced her to the side of the road. according to the police report, her blood alcohol level more than double the legal limit for a bus driver. and she advised deputies about taking anxiety and sleep medication. she faces charges of dui and reckless endangerment and is no longer employed by the school district. >> boys and girls! we do have basic rules! >> reporter: but on this day, many of those rules apparently
9:40 pm
smashed for soul-searching ahead for district officials. sam brock, nbc news. protest in the form of art painted murals in el paso, texas. they were protesting president trump's border wall and increased military presence at the border. the mural says no walls, no military in spanish. the artists say they hope their murals will reduce fears in the border area. a san jose artist wants to change how you view homelessness. not the issue, the people. >> as she's sketching and drawing the homeless hoping you'll see them in a different light. we have her story and her artwork in tonight's "bay area proud "request the. >> reporter: she came to the south bay from india 20 years ago. she thought it was just going to be for school but now she's a graphic designer, mother of two living what she calls her little suburban life. now she's using her art to open her world and hopefully do the
9:41 pm
same for others. every piece of art she creates starts not with a brush stroke but with a question. >> the question has to be mine. it's what drives this sort of wanting to work on something long term. >> reporter: like her recent project sketching vintage signs of san jose. you see, she was curious about her adopted city's past. >> i've seen it only at silicon valley but drawing these signs sort of made me research them and go back to a time when it was farm country and all this stuff. it gave me a sense of place. >> reporter: it was doing this project, though, that led to her next. you see, standing on downtown san jose streets brought her closer to the homeless than she had ever been and she wanted to know who they were. >> i got talking to people that i wouldn't usually talk to in my
9:42 pm
little suburban life. this has been the thought process that i have no name and no face to a life very different from mine. >> reporter: so, she reached out to recovery cafe in san jose -- >> you talk for however long it takes you to tell your story. >> reporter: and is now learning the names and faces of those who have or are battling homelessness or addiction. >> what do you hope to take this forward? >> reporter: he had sits with an hour or two with her subject, sketching them, listening to the story. she has completed close to a dozen of them. the first going on display at the santa clara county government center last week. >> when i talk to these people and they have a face and a story, what is incredible is how the resilience of the human spirit. >> reporter: the whole
9:43 pm
experience has changed homelessness fro an issue to individuals for her, and that is just what she hopes it does for the rest of us. >> i just think putting a face and individual story changes how you interact with somebody you meet the next time. >> reporter: she has gwynn her project the name "faces of recovery" and she's hoping to continue doing many more of these portraits. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. this is not your typical halftime entertainment, but it wasn't only memorable for the fans. if you thought our weekend temperatures were below average, they certainly were. as you can see concord and livermore, more than 10 degrees cooler than average. find out when these same highs could be going back above average in your work week forecast coming up. and before we go, we leave you with a little bit from oracle park today as fans said
9:44 pm
good-bye to bruce bochy. >> for the last time i get to say, number 15, bruce bochy! >> those qualities boch gave us, humble, honest, sincere, direct.
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
an unforgettable moment at the buffalo bills game today. a lucky couple got married at halftime. take a look here. the couple combined their passion for the bills and each other in their wedding ceremony in new york. the bride was escorted down the aisle, also known as the football field, by hall of fame quarterback jim kelly. according to the bills' website, the bride and groom were the winners of the team's halftime wedding experience of a lifetime contest. they beat out more than 1,000 couples. 1,000 couples wanted to get married at halftime.
9:47 pm
newlyweds say 11 years ago they had their first date at a buffalo bills game. >> it all makes sense. >> it all makes sense now. you wish you could have thought of that. you could have gotten married at levi stadium at halftime of the niners. >> on national tv. >> i didn't think of it. maybe they would have paid for the whole thing, too. >> that would have been nice. >> rob, we're heading right back up. >> winter to summer. >> winter to summer. >> the trend of the next seven days we're seeing pretty chilly temperatures tomorrow morning. you'll certainly want a thick coat for that morning commute as temperatures cool down. san jose looking nice in downtown. 59 degrees. high of only 69. keep that in mind by next week with the way things are now, we could be looking at upper 80s by next weekend. the golden gate bridge, no fog. pretty nice evening. a lot less windy than the same time last night. 59 degrees. get ready for this next picture. that is high camp at squaw valley and still snoeg snowing.
9:48 pm
temperatures at lake level. 34 degrees. yes, that winter weather advisory was saturday, all day today. it's going to continue through 5:00 tomorrow. get another 5 inches of snow near the summit. quite the site there around the sierra. and with the cool air in place, you know our morning will start off in the 40s and 50s. might see a few upper 30s around the wind-sheltered valleys of the north bay. highs tomorrow similar to today, 60s to low 70s up and down the santa clara valley. upper 60s from oakland into fremont. peninsula temperatures mostly in the 60s for your afternoon. and for san francisco, highs in the low 60s for another day. and north bay temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. storm ranger has been picking up a few scattered showers in the north bay but most of the moisture, as with the case yesterday, moving east to sacramento towards the sierra where they're seeing more snow. there's a slight chance. you see 3:00 a.m. around diablo and san jose.
9:49 pm
around the hill tops a slight chance of showers tomorrow as that system slowly starts to move away from the bay area. you can see once that gets out of here, temperatures will start to rebound. back into the 70s to low 80s by midweek. one item to watch aas stronger high pressure tries to build in on friday, we'll see if that gives us a dry north wind event. if we see the wind pick up in the hills, probably looking at next friday. as we head towards next weekend, likely the warmest temperatures of the week arriving just in time for those outdoor plans. we'll see a different view in the sierra. san francisco, 70s next week. inland location we'll see numbers getting enclose es to 80 wednesday. mid-80s towards next weekend. let's take a look at regional seven-day forecast. livermore, look at that climb up the mountain from 60s to 80s next weekend. san jose, too, seeing a similar trend. green in the 60s to 80s next weekend. the final stop takes us to san francisco which typically this time of year we see the warmest days for san francisco and the
9:50 pm
coast. it looks like we'll get there for next weekend. a complete reversal of our weather pattern as high pressure returns for next weekend. >> keeping us on our toes. >> it is. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you, rob. good-bye for giants' manager bruce bochy at oracle park. >> here's dave feldman with a look at sports. hi, everyone. it's the end of an era as san francisco officially said good-bye to the future hall of fame manager bruce bochy. the sellout crowd at oracle park to honor a man who won over 2,000 games and did win three world series titles. and everyone who was someone was there. the great willie mays, barry bonds. dodgers' manager dave roberts played for boch and was told to take off his dodgers cap. and madison bumgarner, great exchange between those two legends. plenty of reaction starting with jake peavy. >> i was backstage at a willie nelson concert.
9:51 pm
and i run into klesko, tim flannery and bruce bochy. it was a special night. one of our mutual hero, waylon jennings had just passed away, and his widow, jessie, was there. we got to spend some time on willie's bus. i did speak to bruce a little bit and we understood we had mutual respect for country music as well as baseball. i didn't see him partake that night in anything illegal. i will say that as you guys, i'm sure, are speculating to what was going on on that bus. >> i don't want to make this a roast but you did give the second best speech in postseason history. 2012 boch gave this unbelievable speech in cincinnati. we're down 0-2, facing elimination in cincinnati. hadn't lost three games there all year. boch gives this unbelievable speech. i was pitching that night and i remember, boy, i'm ready to run through the wall.
9:52 pm
then hunter pence stood up. >> this place has enriched our lives with friendships, experiences and memories what words can express. so maybe i'll just echo the words of the great lou gehrig. i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth. thank you. thank you. thank you for making it so. love you all. >> amen, boch. enjoy your retirement. raiders and colts. first touch as a raider, 60 yards for a touchdown and the raiders lead 14-0. second quarter raiders leading by seven. third and eight in the red zone.
9:53 pm
derek carr, tyrell williams for the 19-yard touchdown. raiders take a 21-7 lead. fourth quarter, colts trail 21-17. brissett picked off, 30 yards for a touchdown. first int for oakland. raiders win it and improve to 2-2. one other note. a's wrapped up their regular season with a 3-1 loss in seattle and fin beished with 97 wins for the second straight year. oakland now hosts the american league wild card series on wednesday where they will take on tampa bay in a win or go home scenario. that will do it for sports. i'm dave feldman. more news right after the break.
9:54 pm
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awe truly amazing first for u.s. female athletes. >> no american has ever stood on the podium in a woman's hammer throw event until saturday. deanna price, who you see right here, was already in the lead before her final throw in the event.
9:56 pm
her two prooe throws went farther than anyone else. one toss was over 77 meters. when she released the final throw, she knew she won, overrun with emotion. you see the video. price is the first american to win a woman's hammer throw event. the 2019 world champion is someone to look out for at the 2020 olympics in tokyo next summer. the games will, of course, air right here on nbc bay area. elon musk is reaching for the stars and then some. he says he wants a prototype of spacex's starship to reach orbit in less than six months. musk unveiled the prototype at the company's facility in texas yesterday. he said in one year he hopes the starship can fly people to space. this is happening. musk says the goal is to build at least two starships before it starts work on the rocket booster that will power the ship. starship is intended to eventually replace the falcon 9 rocket. musk did not give an updated timeline for when starship could
9:57 pm
go to mars but he says the goal is to do cargo emissions to the red planet in 2022. the movie "aboinable" wasn't. it's about a shanghai teenager who finds a lost yeti on her roof. >> we have all done that. >> that's happened to some of us. sliding down to number two is "down t "do "downton abby" and "hustler" filled with kiki palmer, cardi b., jennifer hudson. >> quite an eclectic -- "downton abbey" -- >> start pg and we kind of -- >> "hustler" is about a dedicated sports player. we have some crazy stuff
9:58 pm
happening. >> we do. we got a taste of winter to start the week. for one more day a chance of hill top showers. tomorrow 60s and low 70s. tomorrow will look like today's temperatures. like the north bay seeing a few showers today. that's about the extent of the shower chances tomorrow. look at the second half of the week. if you missed the, again, the first weekend of fall was this weekend, it kind of jumped to winter. next weekend looks more like a fall-like weekend. temperatures at 80 at the coast. we're back at 11:00. join us then. >> have a good night. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
9:59 pm
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she is and always will be my sister i don't know what happened to her. i don't get to say good-bye. it was awful >> if you took h, please just let her come home. >> just overwhelmingly horrible. >> this random pay phone number called heather's phone >> whose number is this? >> he found heather's car at the landing. >> i was scared to death to open the trunk.


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