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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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heather? >> i'm going to bring you home somehow, some way. i'm bringing you home. >> we're not giving up never going to give up right now at 1:00, senator kamala harris back on home tougher in oak lnld land as the presidential impeachment inquiry heats up. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening everyone, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> we begin with the impeachment inquiry involving president trump. the whistle-blower in the case cod soo testify. >> the investigation a hot topic of senator kamala harris' east bay appearance today. and kamala trying to reignite her campaign and also pulling no punches in the impeachment conversation. >> reporter: you're right, in
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her hometown in oakland talking about being a fighter and holding the president accountable. >> we thrive off of a good fight. give us a good fight any day. >> reporter: kamala harris speaking to supporters and campaign staff saying she's got the fight and the moxie to unseat president trump in 2020. and she's fielding question unt an impeachment fight as the house intelligence committee prepares for a whistle-blower testimony and the white house questions the whistle-blower's integrity. >> the president of it united states is the whistle-blower, and this individual is a saboteur trying to undermine a democratically elected government. >> reporter: but harris says the secretary of state's inspector general should be investigating who helped the president's personal attorney do the president's bidding with ukraine officials. and she says the secretary of state should take a seat in the impeachment hearings, too. >> pompeo should be required to be a part of that investigation to figure out exactly what he said, what he knew, and what he
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directed, if anything, giuliani to do. >> reporter: and harris said investigators have to find out what else the president discussed with foreign leaders that's stowed away in a secret server normally used to store only classified materials. >> obviously this president is willing to engage in conversations with foreign leaders in a way that is about using american taxpayer dollars to barter or to hold hostage what should be diplomatic aid in exchange for what he needs in terms of political help. >> reporter: one thing that could hold up the whistle-blower's testimony later this week is coming to an agreement on how to protect that person's identity. tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> tom, thanks very much. former vice president and presidential hopeful joe biden going to be visiting the bay area this week. he'll be attending two campaign fund raisers on thursday. one going to be in palo alto,
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the other in san francisco. tickets will cost between $1 and $3,000. his wife dr. jill biden spent the weekend fund-raising here in the bay area. a live look at the golden gate bridge. you may notice a cool down this weekend. it was obvious if you were outside. that might stretch into tomorrow morning, too. rob? >> yeah, a cool down for everyone and a few isolated cases a chance of a few showers. right nour w our storm ranger doppler radar, you can see almost the definition of a shower. you saw a few passing half moon bay and a few earlier this evening. look at the snow in the sierra. temperatures in lake tahoe in the low to mid-30s and winter weather advisory there through 5:00 tomorrow evening. temperatures in the low 40s around the north bay, closer to 48 in san jose. so we've got this cold start to the morning, a few more showers
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tomorrow and a complete u-turn in the forecast when 70s and 80s make a big come back in our forecast coming up in about ten minutes. the national weather service has confirmed a tornado did touch down yesterday in davis. take a look at this incredible video. really a rare sight, fortunately, here in the bay area and anywhere near the bay area for that matter. some gustnados also spotted. those are just bigger dust devils. now a follow up to that sonoma county fire. it happened yesterday at the cornerstone sonoma wine tasting complex. today cornerstone was back open for business. its team released a statement thanking first responders for their hard work. more than a hundred firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading to the main property. the fire chief says the fire is not considered suspicious and may have started from a cigarette butt.
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>> tensions mounting over boulders on a sidewalk. neighbors fed up with crime put them there to keep people off their streets and now they've become a spectacle with opponents even rolling them into the street. marianne favro live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: this gives you an idea just how large these boulders are. there are 20 of them and the city is no longer moving them from the street back onto the sidewalk. instead today crews came out and put out these orange cones. spent the day writing several quotes in san francisco, including this one saying for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. these boulders nearby compelled him to share his messages. neighbors in clinton park paid to have them brought in hopes of stopping drug use, camping and
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crime on their street. >> i just want people to stop and think and kind of think before they act about what's going on, you know, because there is so much attention on this issue. >> reporter: neighbors say they're not anti-homeless but anti-crime. they've dealt with fires and drug dealing and say calls to the city and police haven't helped. so they pooled their money to put the boulders on the sidewalk. but not all the neighbors agree. >> there are legitimate concerns on the street. i've seen everything from mattress fire to pop on the street. and, you know, nobody wants folks to sleep out on the street. i just don't believe the boulders are the right way to go about it. >> reporter: daniel has spent the last two months sleeping on this street. >> they would have saved a lot of money and trouble if they could have said something to us. you need to understand we're humans. >> reporter: the boulders started on the sidewalk but have
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moved into the street. the city says they've moved them back on the sidewalk three times. crews left the boulders on the street and put out orange cones. a spokeswoman for the san francisco public works unit says we continue to look at options and are committed to supporting and working with neighbors. >> people are out here dying on the streets and to say that boulders have more of a right to rest than homeless people is just wrong. >> reporter: there has been so much interest in these boulders that today tourists even stopped by to take pictures of them. reporting live in san francisco, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the lights are back on for about 50,000 east bay pg&e customers tonight. the majority of the customers were in berkeley, but surrounding east bay communities also went dark. that outage started around 7:30 this morning and even affected b.a.r.t. the downtown berkeley station was forced to close until they
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could rev up the backup generator. pg&e says the outage was the result of an equipment problem at a substation. power was restored at 11:00 this morning. several investigations under way right now after a police shooting in san mateo. a lot to this story. here's what police are saying. 5:00 yesterday morning officers were patrolling at the mall, spot a stolen chevy, the driver takes off, won't stop and then starts throwing stolen credit cards out the window. the chevy then hit another car and pulled into a cul-de-sac, there's nowhere to go. the driver sped towards the officers and an officer opened fire hitting two people inside that car. they had to be taken to the hospital. reportedly they're in stable condition. derek almena due back in court this week. they were on trial for the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. early this month a jury acquitted harris for involuntary manslaughter but they couldn't reach a decision about the role
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in the 2016 fire. a hearing to discuss a potentially new trial is set for friday morning. a deadly shooting outside a popular north bay shopping hot spot. police responded to reports of gunshots in the area of the petaluma factory outlets. this happened last night. about the same time that was coming in someone reported a car crash. officers found an unconscious man in a car had been shot. they tried to save him, they couldn't. investigators are hoping to find surveillance video of the crime. the victim's name has not been released. trouble en route to paradise. bay areaassengers aboard a hawaiian airlines flight got quite a scare today. it was diverted this morning because of a mechanical issue. about an hour into the flight the plane dropped from 38,000 feet to about 10,000 feet, and that happened in about 11 minutes. the airline says there was a possible issue with the aircraft's pressurization system and out of caution the pilot
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returned to sfo, nobody hurt. >> now to the emotional send-off for a three-time world champion. >> yeah, bruce bochy has had a legendary career in the bay area and today he received a pretty fitting send-off at oracle park. >> your manager, bruce bochy. >> bruce bochy is retiring after 13 years with the giants. a career that left an incredible mark on san francisco. fans and giants legends came out to show their support in boats and kayaks and inside the park fans stood for an emotional post game ceremony. >> you've got to take 10, 12, 14 all the greatest moments and from there take a number. he's just the best. >> in the end bochy took one final victory lap in style. >> thank you, bruce bochy. >> a keen clothing empire that popularized fast fashion, but now might be crumbling.
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details next. plus the deadline to get your real i.d. card is looming. and if you don't have one yet, you're not alone. we'll have the alarming new report. and plan on a chilly start to the morning and possibly a few isolated showers here and more. we'll have a look at both when we come back and a big warmen on the way in the seven day forecast.
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get ready to pay more to fill up your tank. gas prices in the bay area sitting about $4 a gallon. you may be wondering why the sudden rise in prices. that's because the bay area refinery recently had technical problem, cutting production. and it's not just the bay area. statewide prices are sitting above $4 a gallon and that's more than a dollar above the national average. the good news is prices are expected to drop back down in october. a true sign of the times, a gas station in maryland doesn't have any gas. the first in the country to become an all electric charging station. if you're driving along at first glance this lot looks like any other gas station, but take a
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closer look there's no gas here anymore. >> simply plug it in. >> reporter: instead it's all electricity. each pump putting out charges for electric cars. >> it's great. we're really proud of it. >> reporter: matthew wade helped oversee the project. used to be a liberty gas station. the whole thing had to be redone so they could take out the petroleum pipes underground. charging your car almost all the way will take about half an hour, but it'll cost just $7. >> for me a super chaj is the way to go. >> reporter: he owns a tesla and made a special trip for today's ribbon cutting ceremony. he says he's excited to see more options for helping the environment. >> definitely feeling good about doing my part, and this is just one way to do it. >> reporter: the idea of electric cars lighting up police stations, too. >> gasoline cars are, you know, spewing carbon dioxide into the
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air which makes it hard for everyone to breathe and electric cars aren't doing that. >> reporter: when it comes to helping the environment this new charging station helping folks move full speed ahead. there are more than 20,000 electric registered vehicles in maryland. americans are unprepared for the new real idea crack down. a report found almost 40% of americans still don't have a real i.d. or any other forms of i.d. that are going to be required at airports next fall. 57% are not aware they won't be allowed through airport security without a valid driver's license. here in california the deadline is the same as the national deadline and that is october 1st, 2020. new tonight it is bad news for lovers of fast fashion. forever 21 has filed for bankruptcy protection today saying they're more than a billion dollars in debt. the company known for its cheap
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trends drew from a single california store into 800 locations worldwide. but just like malls across the country the chain is struggling to keep up. it filed for chapter 11 protection meaning it'll try to reorganize and stay in business. in the meantime the company says it will have to close a number of its stores. >> a glimpse into the future stanford business grad students showed off their new startup ideas at the demo day expo. the event was created by the non-profit that is an accelerator that helps get young startups off the ground. it's continuing to help hundreds of companies. the founder says it gives founders of companies fresh startup ideas rargts than just making lots and lots of ideas. >> from our perspective it's hard to have a fulfilling life without a real purpose and feeling you've made an impact and helped other people. we have plenty of billionaires
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around us and they tell us money didn't make me happy. >> some notable ones to look out for is one called palms which zaps the sweat glands in your hands to prevent excessive sweating and there's level five labs that have modified a segue robot to make solo deliveries using the bike lane. while much of the focus this weekend was on kamala harris' visit another presidential hopeful was in the area. pete buttigieg addressed a cheering crowd of thousands. as an openly gay mayor buttigieg has a lot in common with the mayor of sacramento. but much of buttigieg's focus is getting president trump out of the white house and how he wants to unite americans in shared values. >> the same how we're going to govern and that is according to the values that should unite us and knit us together as americans. and the problem today those very
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values, the values supposed to bring us together are being used to divide us, to pit us against one another and that's what's got to change. >> looks like he's growing a mustache. nationwide buttigieg is polling fourth place among democrats. okay, we've had a bit of taste of winter but now going to go back into summer. >> very different next weekend. we'll put it that way. we went from summer last week to winter this weekend. now we're going to see the changes heading into next weekend. but tonight the view in the sierra continues to show snow showers. 34 degrees, that's the south lake tahoe temperature and you can see the forecast heading into your mondays morning commute and daytime commute over the summit there. you'll still see this winter weather advisory through about 5:00. still looking at a couple of inches of snow. san jose right now, no snow. it's a little chilly, though. 57 degrees after a high of only
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69 degrees. we'll see a similar day taking shape for tomorrow. and there's a clear view of the golden gate bridge. no fog tonight. so our taste of winter will be those temperatures in the north bay valley in the low 40s and may even see a few upper 30s the next couple of nights as the dry air settles in. and around san jose 48 to start and low 50s around san francisco. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the workweek of temperatures again in the 60s. almost 5 to 10 degrees below average. for the valley 73 will be the warm spot. tri-valley temperatures again in the low 60s to 70s. bay side from oakland down to union city and fremont you'll see numbers in the mid to upper 60s around the peninsula and san francisco cool numbers for now with numbers in the low to mid-60s. and north bay temperatures ranging from 73 to 68 degrees in napa. storm ranger local doppler radar not seeing a whole lot right
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now, but you can see a few passing showers, a few batch around the half moon bay. and again, most of the action for tonight has been off to the east where you can still see the snow there for the sierra. tonight let's say between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. we're going to get one more wave come through. in terms of actually filling up rain gauges it doesn't look like much, but the future cast gets a little interesting here. right around 3:00 a.m. you can see this little line that comes through san jose. if you're sleeping and think you hear a bit of rain around 9:00 a.m. it could be this line that moves through. the cooler air is still a bit unstable outside with the little bit of moisture below. could see a few isolated summit showers here. but after monday dryer air moves in, high pressure starts to build in and this transitions us back to more fall-like weather for the rest of the week with
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breezy conditions thursday into friday. and next weekend look how this high builds back across california. that's going to lead to about a 20 degree jump in temperatures between monday and next saturday and sunday. so even san francisco should see mid-70s by next weekend and a similar friend for the valleys, 60s and 70s the next few days and likely mid to upper 80s the way the trend is going by next sunday. >> nice temperatures. something for everyone. honoring the fallen. we'll take you out to the run and show you how local firefighters honored a 9/11 hero. >> plus the future is here if you're spacex. we're going to unveil the company's new plan for safe travel not that far down the road. the story's next.
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firefighters from santa clara followed in the footsteps of a fallen hero in new york. thousands of people including santa clara firefighters ran from brooklyn to ground zero today for the 18th annual fires to towers run. on 9/11 he ran from brooklyn to new york using the battery tunnel to assist rescuers before he lost his life that day. organizers say around 30,000 people came to retrace the route of that fallen firefighter. elon musk, he is reaching for the stars and more. he says he wants a prototype of spacex's star ship to reach orbit in less than six months. musk unveiled the prototype at the company's facility in texas today. he says in one year he hopes the star ship can fly people into space. musk says the goal is to build at least two star ships before he starts work on the rocket booster that will power the
11:26 pm
ship. intended to eventually replace the falcon 9 rocket. musk did not give a time line on when the star ship could go to mars, but he says the mission is to do missions to the red planet in 2022. >> pretty unbelievable stuff. still ahead a gilroy garlic festival victim honored in his hometown. how family and friends remember him months after the tragedy. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. recapping our top stories now. california senator and presidential candidate kamala harris spent a second day in the bay area today. the main event was opening a campaign office in oakland and also weighed in on the impeachment proceedings in washington saying secretary of state mike pompeo should be required to be part of that investigation as well. >> more tensions after neighbors
11:29 pm
in san francisco placed large boulders along the sidewalk in an effort to deter crime and keep away the homeless. those boulders have now been rolled into the street again. the city says it's not going to keep picking them back up, putting them back on the sidewalk. they're going to leave them in the street with orange cones around them as the city works on a solution. family and friends gather to remember the victims of the garlic festival shooting. trevor irby was one of three people killed when -- he was just 25 years old. the college created a scholarship in his honor. senate minority leader chuck schumer is challenging president donald trump to move forward on universal background check legislation despite the impeachment inquiry. today the senator called out president trump for a meeting with the head of the nra last week. schumer urged the president not to allow the nra to call the
11:30 pm
shots while the impeachment inquiry advances. >> and the best way president trump can prove he still can govern is universal background checks. that's where governing begins. despite the ongoing impeachment inquiry -- >> a bill for universal background checks was passed by the house earlier this year but it has not been heard by the senate floor. could you stop a murder a year before it happens? cutting edge science right here in the bay area aims to project brain patterns to prevent attacks. >> reporter: the research centers around the mind of a murderer. scientists are trying to understand what makes a murderer not only think about violence but also act on it. the answer might be all in the brain. seven people gunned down last month in odessa, texas.
11:31 pm
22 people shot and killed just a few weeks earlier at a wal-mart in el paso. here in california three people including two children died in a mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in late july. more than 17,000 people are murdered in the u.s. each year. now two scientists, one in palo alto, another in albuquerque, new mexico, believe they can stop the killers before they pull the trigger. >> you can intervene and perhaps avoid the dark consequences. >> reporter: he's the director of neuro pathology at stanford university. is there a specific part of the brain that actually triggers a mass shooter to act? >> i think we're getting there in terms of finding areas of the brain that may explain homicidal
11:32 pm
behavior. >> reporter: at stanford university on the second floor of a research lab behind this door and inside a locked cabinet is some of the doctor's most infamous work. inside is the brain belonging to stephen paddock. he was the gunman in that las vegas shooting two years ago that left 58 people dead. >> i was asked to diagnose and rule out certain of these processes that might have contributed to his behavior. >> so it leaned on you to determine whether something in his brain may have led him to commit that act of violence? >> yes. >> what did you find? he took his own life with a bullet wupd to the back of the brain. but it's still left a considerable amount of the brain to examination. >> reporter: in the shooter's brain vogel found large amounts of what could be described as a type of scarring of the brain
11:33 pm
tissue. diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's can cause that, but pin pointing exactly how or even why it forms remains a mystery in modern medicine. >> the quasi scarring process in the brain was higher than the average 60-something-year-old male, yes. but the significance of it is totally unknown. >> reporter: so whether or not it could have played a role in his behavior that day, we don't know? >> don't know. >> reporter: that sort of scarring was spotted on parts of the brain responsible for fear and memory and in other key areas of the brain. >> it's linked to parts of it brain that has to do with emotion and anger and so forth. >> reporter: and decision making? >> and decision making, yes. the frontal lobes are very interesting and very complex in humans because they involve a balance between restraint and initiative. >> reporter: more than a thousand miles away in new mexico, cutting edge research inside prisons is revealing even more about the minds of
11:34 pm
murderers. >> for such a big problem it's really surprising this is the first study of its kind. >> reporter: this doctor specializes in studying psychopaths. he's a neuro scientist and psychologist. he and his team designed a mobile brain scanner and drove it across the u.s. to study inmates at ten prisons. over the last decade he's conducted mri scans of nearly a thousand prisoners in order to examine the prbrain differencesf killers versus nonkillers. >> there are regions of the brain in individuals that committed homicide -- >> reporter: he and his research team found the brains of killers are wired differently. specific sections of the brain responsible for controlling emotions, impulses and social awareness are less developed among those who have taken a life. >> we're finding for the first time that they are quite different. and so now it's the question of how did they get that way, how we might understand this information. >> reporter: he says therapy or
11:35 pm
even medicine can physically transform the brain to reduce the risk of dangeroushavior. >> we're going to try to implement treatments that we know work on those systems of it brain and hopefully we'd see changes that would then prevent these types of things from happening. >> reporter: he believes some people are born with those brain differences. and while that doesn't necessarily mean they'll commit murder, he says his research reveals some strong connections. understanding who might be at risk could eventually help in literally changing peoples minds. he's already getting requests from parents around the country who want their kids tested for potentially violent behavior. the scans and analysis run about $10,000 per child. now, this type of examination does raise some ethical questions, but it could very well be years before this kind of testing becomes widely available here in our area or at other medical centers across the country. back to you. >> if you have a story for our
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investigative unit, give us a ll or vit our website. a new message to the state from some north bay fire victims. why one woman is telling them to grow a backbone and why many fire victims are feeling short changed. our consumer investigator breaks it all down for us coming up. th. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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homes are slowly going back up in the north bay almost two years after the fires. >> people are rebuilding their homes and their lives, but some home owners are feeling short changed and they asked us to help. our consumer investigator has spent the last few months working with them and he
11:38 pm
explains it comes down to money and insurance companies. >> reporter: when the 2017 inferno leveled coffey park in santa rosa his house didn't stand a chance. >> they burned down along with everything else around here. >> reporter: today his house is finally looking like a home again. how long did it take to get to this point? >> to this point i guess we're probably at 7 or 8 months. >> reporter: he's faced several hurdles and one surprise when his insurance company paid his clim claim, gabe didn't get the check, his mortgage company did. >> the purse strings are held by my lien holder, mr. cooper. >> reporter: mr. cooper is not a person. it's a mortgage servicing company. gabe says mr. cooper distributed his mortgage money progressively over about a year at various stages of construction. that's common practice to make sure that people with mortgages rebuild. but as hundreds of thousands of his insurance money sat idle gabe wondered if it was earning any interest.
11:39 pm
well, it turns out california law says when a mortgage holder receives money for payment of taxes or assessments on the property for insurance or for other purposes relating to the property they shall pay interest at the rate of at least 2%. >> when it's close to half a million dollars at one point, 2% really starts to add up. >> reporter: gabe says mr. cooper was paying a lot less. >> 0.1%. they had paid me about $22. >> reporter: by gabe's calculation he was owed an additional $5,300. he said mr. cooper wouldn't pay, so me made contact with us. we made contact with mr. cooper, it didn't comment but gabe said he got his $5300. the picture gets murkier here. linda fry and her husband james also lost their home, also had a mortgage, also expected 2% interest on more than $300,000
11:40 pm
that quick and loans has hel onto. >> as much as i tried to get that 2%, they kept refusing. >> reporter: linda asked us to help. quick and loans didn't address our questions, but it sent linda a letter stating that it believes the 2% is only required on traditional escrow for property tax and insurance premiums, not rebuilding money. so we have one state law and two companies taking opposite views of it. for a tiebreaker we contacted the department of business oversight which oversees mortgage loss. however, it tells us the agency has not taken a position on whether the 2 percentage law applies specifically to proceeds. we asked if it plans to take a position. we haven't heard back. that infuriates them. >> grow a backbone and make a decision and so everybody's on the same page. we feel like the state needs to
11:41 pm
make a decision and do something. >> we wanted to talk to association that represents mortgage companies for its take. it didn't respond to us. one north bay homeowner tells us it's gotten a group together and they're getting a lawyer involved. we'll let you know if that fight goes to court. give us a call or visit if you have a problem. the workweek begins with some winter like weather around california with some scattered showers here, snow in the see era but the seven day forecast with more summer like temperatures our way. the time line when we come back.
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the winner of the safe way open in napa today no stranger to northern california, he's from sacramento. he wins his second pga tour over some of the biggest names in golf. >> reporter: golfers teeing off at the safe way open for the final time this afternoon. >> please welcome justin thomas. >> reporter: with big names such as justin thomas headlining one of the best fields in safe way open history, much to the delight of these two young fans from alamo. >> i think it's better because it's bringing in better names like justin thomas which justin thomas is my favorite, so it was nice being able to see him. >> the final round of the 2019 safe way open.
11:45 pm
>> reporter: sacramento native cameron champ putting on quite a performance at the safe way open which also includes stanford's isaiah who hails from south san francisco. i did get a chance to speak with the executive drerirector of th open who credits the deep class of golfers this year for the timing of the event. for the first time in four years it didn't follow the ryder or presidents cups. it's more than just fun and games here in napa with nearly $2 million from the tournament going to local charities in the area. last year those charities hit close to home. >> in the past we actually gave 80% of our ticket sales to fire relief. in the 2016 year we had fire hit our tournament on sunday night. >> reporter: and dreams of being the next local golfer to compete on this big stage are getting closer to a reality.
11:46 pm
>> walker, what year should we expect to see you out here? >> probably like 2025 i think. >> he's not lacking confidence, right? >> reporter: in napa, nbc bay area news. >> you know, every day is a good day for golf. >> most days in napa are good days. >> that's a fact. >> we had actually temperatures below average for that tournament. normally they might have to worry about 80s. that really wasn't the case this weekend. mid-60s san francisco, you see napa, 71 was the high. that's 7 degrees below average, but the biggest change for places like tri-valley and concord and santa rosa. today upper 60s. now outside right now cool, clear skies and a few clouds off to the west of san jose. and right now san francisco's golden gate bridge and the temperatures in the upper 50s at this hour, and we should see low
11:47 pm
50s by the morning but speaking of napa and the north bay you'll have numbers dropping in the low to mid-40s for the morning so you'll certainly want a nice thick coat if you run outicide. might even run the heater in your car, too. near 60s in clear lake, so again this looks a lot more like november temperatures. right now we're not seeing a whole lot. we've been talking about isolated showers. here's a good example of those very isolated showers. we've seen a few of those at times. but kind of like yesterday, a lot of the energy, most of the moisture over the see era where we're still seeing winter type driving and tomorrow winter weather continues above 6,000 feet for now until about 5:00 tomorrow evening. tonight, there's one more batch of moisture that moves through from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.
11:48 pm
across the central bay and south bay. after that, the trend is good for the morning commute and until the afternoon looks mostly shower free except here, maybe along the summit of the santa cruz mountain. might see a brief shower during the mid-afternoon hours and after that you can see how most of the action starts to head off to the east, and that's the trend for most of the week, that cold winter like low moves out and high pressure starts to build in. as the high builds into that system there thursday to friday, the one item of caution could be a taste of north wind into friday. we'll watch that closely. and as we head towards the weekend you can see how that high builds in and we'll see a very opposite weather forecast for next weekend compared to what we just went through. another breezy and cool down but look how san francisco's temperatures quickly rebound and 70s for the second half of the weekend. and similar trend for several locations. back into the 80s wednesday and maybe a chance beyond upper 80s
11:49 pm
next weekend. just a complete u-turn in the weather. we saw it last week, looks like we'll see it this weekend. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun. hi, everyone. it's the ends of an era as san francisco officially said good-bye to the future hall of fame manager bruce bochy. to honor a man who won over 2,000 games and did win three world series titles. and everyone who was someone was there. the great willy mayes, barry bonds. he was told to take off his dodgers cap, and madison bumgarner, a great esh change between those two legends. plenty of reaction. >> i was backstage at a willie nelson concert and there i run into ryan, tim flannery and bruce bochy. it was a special night, one of
11:52 pm
our mutual heroes jennings had just passed away and his widow jessie was there, and we got to spend some time on willy's bus. i did speak to bruce a little bit, and we understood we had a mutual respect for country music as well as baseball. you guys i'm sure are speculating what was going on on that bus. i don't want to make this a roast, but you did give the second best speech in boch season history. we're down 0-2 facing elimination in cincinnati and boch gives this unbelievable speech. i was pitching that night and i remember i'm ready to run through the wall, then hunter pence stood up.
11:53 pm
>> this place has enriched our lives with friendships, experiences and memories beyond what words can express. so maybe i'll just echo the words of the great lou gary, i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth. thank you. thank you for making it so. i love y'all. thank you. >> amen, boch. enjoy your retitle. raiders and colts, first quarter leading 7-0. trevor davis and raiders go 60 yards for a touch down and raiders lead 14-0. second quarter raiders leading by 7, third and eight in the red zone. 19-yard touch down.
11:54 pm
raiders take a 21-7 lead. jacoby looking for a receiver, picked off by eric harris, 30 yards for a touch down. raiders win it 31-24, and they improve to 2 and 2. one other note, a's wrapped up their regular season with a 3-1 loss in seattle and finished with 91 wins for the second straight year. oakland host the wild card on wednesday where they will take on tampa bay in a win or go home. more news after the break.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
the movie abominable dominating the box office. the movie is about a shanghai teenager who finds a lost yeti on her roof. >> don't you hate when that
11:57 pm
happens? >> who among us hasn't had that happen? number two, downtown abbey brought in $14 million this weekend. and a very dissimilar movie, "hustlers" comes in number three in its third week at theaters. no american has ever stood on the podium in the womens hammer throw event until saturday. price, you see her right here, she was already in the lead before her final throw in the event. her two previous throws were farther than anyone else's. she's just overwhelmed. one toss was over 77 meters. once she releases the final throw, she knows it. like listen, i won this thing. price is the first american to win a womans hammer throw event. the 2019 champion is someone to look for at the 2020 olympics in tokyo next summer. the games will air right here on
11:58 pm
nbc bay area. >> rob, you've got a gold medal forecast. >> we'll take the winter weather like a hammer throw and it'll be out the window let's say tuesday. but tomorrow it's a chilly start to the morning. you'll want a nice thick coat with a liner tomorrow morning. still a slight chance of isolated showers and 80s make a big come back approaching next weekend. >> thank you for watching. have a great night and a great week. >> have a good night. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
11:59 pm
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chad johnson, one of the top nfl receivers of his era. >> made it fun to be a bengal fan again. >> took the world by storm with record-shattering splay, ochocinco found himself at odds with the organization he loved. >> never knew what it felt like to win at the place i felt like at home. >> 2012 arrest led to jail time and end of his nfl career. >> how tough was that to go through? >> very. you think about your mistakes. >> he was adjusting to life r


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