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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 30, 2019 3:30am-3:58am PDT

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dark clouds over d.c. this morning amid a dramatic escalation in the impeachment inquiry. house democrats finalize plans to hear from the whistle-blower himself as president trump lashes out in a fiery tweet storm. winter goes west montana buried in a record snowstorm just days after the end of summer. and the days could be numbered for forever 21. the new trouble in store for the latest retailer to file for bankruptcy. one step closer to the final frontier spacex unveils its spacecraf "e tstar right now. good morning i'm gigi stone w. thanks for joining us. >> i'm fraes rivera. good to be with you. a new week, a new phas impeachment inquiry on capitol
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hill house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff is hinting new subpoenas could go out as early as today, even with congress out on a two-week recess the members most focused on impeachment will remain in d.c. through the week at the white house president trump is mounting a fiery defense, lashing out with nearly 80 tweets throughout the weekend. last night, directing his ire at the whistle-blower, saying, quote, i deserve to meet my accuser, and that he wants schiff questioned at the highest level for fraud and treason. the president adding that he not only wants to meet his accuser but also the person who gave the information, ending with, was this person spying on the u.s. president? big consequences meanwhile, a cbs news poll finds the majority of americans now i >> reporter: the lawmakers are working on that and digging into this inquiry they're expecting to hear from
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several people starting this week over the next weeks, five state department employees will speak to lawmakers about whether president trump tried to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on rival joe biden in a phone call with the country's leader >> we don't have to show quid pro quo, though this conversation comes close >> reporter: on thursday, they hear from kurt volker, who just resigned, on whether he helped president trump's lawyer go after biden or scrambled to do damage control friday, there's a closed hearing with the intelligence committee's inspector general who told lawmakers about the whistle-blower who exposed president trump's conversatione out details to get the whistle-blower in to testify soon. >> if you read tt
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drips with condemnation and contempt for the president >> i find it unlikely in the isonnt. >> reporter: the president tweets, i deserve to meet my accuser, questioning if the person who informed the whistle-blower was spying on the u.s. president big consequences, he warns. >> president donald trump has been caught head handed with his hand in the taxpayer cookie jar. >> i have the president's back because i think this is a set up >> reporter: we may know more this week. and as we continue to watch what these lawmakers are doing this week, we'll see not only those testifying but also we're expecting to see possibly more subpoenas as early as today. back to you. >> we'll be watching out for those. tracie, thank you. breaking news overnight. police say three of four inmates have been captured after escaping an ohio jail. an urgent search began when official says the four men overpowered two female corrections officers using a homemade weapon and fled with
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the help of someone on the outside. the sheriff this morning announced three of the four inmates have been arrested they were found about 400 miles away from carrie, north carolina, at a red roof inn. one inmate is still on the run lawrencelee was with the other men and fled from officers at the time of the arrest lee was in jail for assault an new problems for boeing. the faa is ordering inspections after cracks showed up in some of the older 737 next generation jets the cracks appear to be along the plane's pickle fork. they attach the wings to the rest of the plane's structure. in a statement, boeing said the cracking issue was found on a small number of planes the company notified the faa and airlines of this issue a community in mourning. a prayer vigil was head for a fallen officer who was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop community members bothered at a
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makeshift memorial near where the shooting happened to pay tribute to the ten-year veteran who was the first member of the sikh community to join the harris county sheriff's office here is nbc's morgan chesky. >> the moment i heard that he had been shot, i started crying. >> reporter: he was the sheriff's deputy who served with a smile, and his legacy is now uniting a community in the midst of incredible loss >> he was a really great person. >> reporter: at a houston vigil, hundreds honored the deputy killed during a traffic stop alleged gunman, charged with capital murder, was violating his parole when he opened fire, hitting the officer multiple times. >> a male suspect exited the vehicle armed with a pistol, and in a cold-blooded manner, ambush style, shot deputhe deputy from
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behind. >> reporter: the father of three sold pursus rban with pride >> sikh believe in community service. >> reporter: practicing what he preached, filling a semi-truck with donations after hurricane harvey. >> we've distributed 20 to 25 truckloads. >> reporter: his generosity caught here when he took a moment to engage a deaf boy interested in his uniform. >> to lose a hero, a leader, a public servant, in this violent, tragic manner is just -- there's just no words. >> reporter: his service recognized during the houston texans g paners. a moment of silence for a good man whose legacy shines bright morgan chesky, nbc news. a defensive showcase capping off a crazy day of football. sunday night football set up shop in the bayou with the undefeated cowboys facing ofsais both offenses sputtered.
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ezekiel elliott hunched in the only touchdown in the third. four field goals by new orleans was enough to win it, 12-10. another defensive clash in buffalo with the patriots taking on the bills new england taking an early lead after blocking a punt and running it in for the touchdown. buffalo never recovered, going on to lose it 16-10. the bills may have lost, but two fans won over hearts at halftime by doing this. tieing the the knot. hall of famer quarterback jim kelly escorted the bride down the field, and the couple said "i do" at the 50 yard mark the chief star quarterback mahomes brought the magic to motown the taeeams traded leads. chiefs won it, 34-30 for the giants fans, it looks like daniel jones is the real es high-flying fantasy players.
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bucks wide receiver godwin put up 41 points browns running back nick chubb had 39 points. followed by christian mccaffery. the eagles jorda and the rams' robert woods just one week after the end of summer, we're already witnessing a historic snowstorm. six states have seen record-breaking september snowfall from north to montana spokane, washington, faced p freeze montana's governor knodeclared emergency. in terms of how widespread and pourf fu powerful the storm has been, the national weather service says it could be the strongest on record for early onl one saying we have to pump theug over 40 inches for northern montana this morning the whole storm system will continue to travel north that system will let up this
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morning, but this is the problem. look at our temperatures right now. great falls, 26 degrees. the feels like temperature in the teens. with all that snow, also a little bit of rain that's mixing in, your dealing with some black ice this morning, and travel is a major concern fic at a the california you're still in the 70s. sunshine for southern following rain for nevada this alaska.n. going to bring another round of snow for seattle then we have record highs on tht we'll talk about that coming up. >> it is unbelievable, what we're feeling over here with this weather janessa, thank you. when you see oprah, you know it is going to be good you know you're probably in for a big surprise
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the last car derailed. the victims, 18 and 21 years old, died of head and other injuries two women on the ride were also injured. authorities say the investigation is being treated as a case of negligent homicide. a washington state school district is changing its bus driver policy after a school bus driver was charged with a dui. the driver is 48-year-old catherine maccarone. she's since resigned from her job. a fifth grade student is credited with calling police to report her being intoxicated now, there's shocking, new video of her alleged erratic behavior. here's nbc's sam brock >> reporter: good morning. when this happened, the 911 call from a 10-year-old boy was enough to raise an alarm bell for parents. now, bus cam video, which came through a records request, paints a new picture of a hair-raising ride. >> oh, no, no, no! >> reporter: for the first time, stunning video m cooing to life
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of elementary school students sleeking with terror as their washington state school bus driver, allegedl the time, rambles and drives erratically. >> i am crazy. i'm totally crazy. i love life >> she was drunk because she passed three redt onide roads. >> reporter: a 10-year-old boy on that bus phoned 911 when he got home >> this should not have happened >> reporter: the longview school district promising to screen drivers before they get behind the wheel. >> yeah. yeah catherine maccarone ran two routes, one with high schoolers and the other elementary students 90 kids. even ranting to an empty bus before dispatch forced her to the side of the road according to the police report her blood alcohol level more than double the legal limit of a
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bus driver and she advised deputies about taking anxiety and sleep medication she faces charges of dui and reckless endangerment. she's no longer employed by the school district. >> boys and girls, we do have basic rules. >> reporter: but on this day many of those rules smashed, with soul-searching ahead for the district officials for parents wondering what can be done to prevent this from happening again, all drivers have to go through extensive background checks. now, the district requires face-to-face interaction every day between managers and drivers. >> sam, thank you. still ahead, bad news for your morning commute. plus, forever 21 unraveling, the new bankruptcy woes for the retailer next on "early today. ♪
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fast forwarding into monday. a 20-year-old houston man who pleaded guilty to trying to join over the "national geographic" stagram account today. the duke of sussex will be sharing content related to conservation as he continues his official tour of southern africa and tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the mass shooting in las vegas which killed 58 people several events are being held today including a blood drive and a vegas strong charity ride in honor of first responders the store forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy, but first
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is there any hope that gm workers will be getting back to business soon? let's check in with cnbc's geoff cutmore. good morning >> good morning, frances unfortunately, headwinds for co hour on that gm story, it doesn't look like it the uaw continues to persist stepn eye on this one ith their but, obviously, a difficult story for the automotive industry moving on, another issue that will not be so good for consumers here the lundberg survey says the average price of regular gasoline is up 10 cents. that takes us up to $2.73. if there's one crumb of comfort, it's the fact that 12 months ago, it was 18 cents higher in price. a little easier over the year but has risen recently let's just wrap up on
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forever 21 they have sought bankruptcy protection, 178 stores they're seeking to close in the united states 21 in asia and europe. analysts saying the trend for sustainable fashion is having an impact on a lot of these retailers. back to you. >> geoff cutmore for us. thank you. just ahead, could too much exercise lead to you exercising suringewtu n a rpsi n sdyext up on "early today. stick around. that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics (bubbles popping) and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up to keep your whole house smelling fresh air cle fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪la la la la la. i'm jimmy dean, and only one like this any nicer.ning a hearty, hefty, good tasting breakfast.
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here's a question for you, could working out too much lead to bad >> crews and his euro training scene. a new study compared the brains of male s and found out those who overtrained had a reduced capacity to resist temptation compared to those who trained normally that's your incentive not to work out too hard. you'll reach for the donuts. >> i didn't need any more incentive. >> we're good with the way we are. >> what do you think, janessa? you have to be strong to handle the crazy weather coming your way. >> it's another incentive. then the heat. no need to go for a run today. a nice little walk if you're from the south, northeast, mid-atlantic temperatures are well above normal you're really going to sweat for at least the next 24 to 36 hours. we're also watching a storm system for the plains that will cause excessive rain for the midwestofternoon >> thank you still ahd,ea from yeezus to
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breathe easy. my question is for senator sanders. the democrats said they're going forward with impeachment quickly, but do you have the patience to see that through >> patience? don't talk to me about patience. it takes me 40 minutes to figure out how to turn on the tv. every single time. if i accidentally hit input, that's a whole day >> a lot of us can relate to that, especially our parents, as well back now that "snl" is on. >> poor bernie. democratic presidential
3:56 am
candidate pete buttigieg knows how to light up a rally. he wasin sparks. instead of shutting down the event, supporters brought out their cell phones, lighting up the stage ascontued going and got an applause from the crowd. >>e revealed she injured herself on the set of "batwoman," resulting in her needing to undergo emergency surgery. she herniated two disks, close to severing her spinal cord. a video on instagram shows everything, including her initial decision on her neck. the grammy-win aerner annou an imax documentary. a kanye west film will premiere exclusively in imax thee chatern friday, october 25 filmed at hi
3:57 am
service in arizona if you are expecting more hip hop music from kanye, you might be out of luck according to a music promoter, kanye said at an event, he is no longer making secular music, only gospel from here on out. >> fascinating looks like an interesting movie. there were lots of bigfoot sightings this weekend, speaking of movies doing well dreamworks's "adbominable"abomi debuted at the number one spot at the box three, "downton abbey" with $14.5 million. "hustlers" with 1 $11.5 million. rapper and singer t-pain turns 34 also, "mean girls" actress lacy chaberes fran drescher. and also, grammy halof
3:58 am
turns 84, johnny mathis. dickinson is 88. i'm gigi stone woods. >> i'm frances
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you expect the whistle-blower to testify? and if so, when? >> yes, and i hope very soon >> the person who set the impeachment inquiry in motion is soon to speak out as the president sets his sights on not just the whistle-blower, but their sources as well. the latest on the constitutional clash on capitol hill. violent inmates on the lam after a dramatic manhunt in ohio new i believes uncovered with the boeing 737 ma
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