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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 7, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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we will want to hear from that person. >> people who are in the very core of all of these events are saying this can't happen >> a second whistle-blower with firsthand knowledge of the president's controversial phone call with ukraine's president. what's next in the impeachment inquiry? four people are murdered in cold blood at a kansas city, kansas bar as two gunmen remain at large police have their manhunt and it continues. the supreme court is back in session today, facing hot button issues on immigration, gay rights and religious freedom then to the bizarre story of weeding pig the size of polar bears. and the incredible simone biles does it again and again.
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she nails two moves in competition that have never be en before. "early today" starts right now >> good monday morning i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. the impeachment inquiry is gathering steam this morning with a second whistle-blower coming forward with information about president trump's phone call with ukraine's leader the difference this person claims to have firsthand knowledge, which could punch a hole in a key defense for mr. trump. the white house responding in part it doesn't change the facts that the president had done nothing wrong. meanwhile, president trump is targeting top democrats on twitter, claiming that house speaker nancy pelosi and intelligence committee chairman adam schiff are guilty of treason and calling for them to be impeached we should point out the constitution does not allow for a member of congress to be impeached. nbc's tracie potts has the latest from d.c. tracy, good morning. >> hi there, frances good morning, everyone of
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focusing on the impeachment inquiry, the phone calls, ukraine, whether there was pressure which the ukrainian president has ed be focusing onn which is the president's intent in this conversation, or was his intent in this conversation. with ukraine he argued that the media and democrats are ignoring what was going on with joe biden and his son in ukraine meantime president trump also baring down very specifically on democrats involved in this impeachment inquiry. >> the clutches they finally convinced her to impeach the president. all of you know your constitution the way that impeachment stops is when a senate majority with me as majority leader. >> donald, you used to own a casino you know the house always winsy. let's talk about that new and second whistle-blower. we found out more than about that today
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we do know according to the attorney representing both whistle-blowers now that person does not plan to file a separate complaint. by the way, there are four more current and former state department employees that could tell their stories to congress, including some beginning this week back to you. >> all right, tracie potts for us to start us off tracy, thanks. a search is under way for two suspects after four people were killed in a kansas city bar. police responded twiceo tequila a fight. and again just after last call on sunday morning to respond to a mass shooting. four people were killed and five others were wounded. the gunmen are at large. here's what police said about potential danger to the public >> i still believe that this was an isolated incident worried that we have two people out there that have done this definitely but that they're going to go out and do this again. we don't belief that's going to ham. >> police have released these surveillance video photos of two
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suspects overnight family and friends of the victims gathered near that bar for an emotional candlelight vigil. breaking news. and a major policy shift turkey is moving forward with a military operation in syria. turkish military convoys have been drinking troops equipment in the northern region the white house says the u.s. will not be involved more than one thousand u.s. troops are deployed in northeastern syria and work with kurdish troops against isis. it's now up to turkey to figure out what to do with isis fighters that have been captured in the area. in an effort to reduce tensions, president trump spoke to the turkish president about establishing a safe zone east of the you have frateuphrates rive. harry dunn was killed in a collision while on his motorcycle
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the wife of an american diplomat is accused of driving the car that hit him british police said she was driving on the wrong side of the road the u.s. embassy was asked to waive the suspect's diplomatic immunity be, the u.s. declined the family has left the uk a case like this receives intense attention at senior levels, and immunity is rarely waived the supreme court is back in session today for what's shaping up to be a blockbuster term. the justices are hearing cases about hot button issues from immigration to gay rights to religious freedom. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has a preview >> reporter: in one of the term's most important cases, the supreme court will decide what's to become of daca. >> the dreamers united, we'll never be defeated. >> reporter: the obama era program that lets chdrf undocumented migrants stay in the u.s. if they were under 16 when their parents brought them here it now covers more than 700,000 young people including claudia
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keen i don't understand, a college student who came here as a young girl with her mother from bolivia. >> daca truly changed my life. i have a social number have i the ability to work have i the ability to contribute and pay taxes. >> reporter: president trump tried to shut dhaaca down, but another court blocked the case it makes it illegal to fire employees because they're gay, lesbian or transgender ment darryl bostock lost his county job in florida after joining a gay softball league. >> i lost everything, my livelihood, my source of income, my medical insurance. >> reporter: the question, does the civil rights law that bans sex discrimination also apply to sexual orientation the court will also decide whether stocks can block religiously affiliated schools from scholarship programs funded with taxpayer money. whether to issue its first ruling on gun rights in nearly a decade, and whether to approve
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new restrictions on the right of access to abortion and the court might take up a battle over how the electoral college is supposed to work, which is how america chooses a big uncertainty is the health of ruth bader ginsburg after recent battles with lung and pancreatic cancers >> at my age, 8 of, you have to take it year by year i know i'm okay. i was okay this last term. i expect to be okay next term. >> pete williams, nbc news at the supreme court. just days after a former dallas police officer amber guyger was sentenced to ten years in prison for killing botham jean in his own apartment, police are searching for the killer of joshua brown brown lived across the hall and testified in the murder trial. brown was found shot multiple times in a parking lot here is nbc's morgan chesney
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>> we can take a moment. we're not in rush. okay >> yeah, i need a moment. >> reporter: in the murder trial watched by millions, joshua brown one of the few able to describe the moments before amber guyger shot and killed their neighbor, botham jean. >> how soon after this did you hear the sound of gunshots >> after. >> right after >> right after. >> it was quick? >> quick. apartment complex after someone shot brown multiple times and drove off. witnesses reported a silver sedan speeding out of a parking lot. soon after in a nearby hospital, joshua brown was pronounced dead the shooting in the aterra apartments six miles from where brown lived last year when he heard the fatal gunshots fired by the former dallas police officer killing botham jean. when brown took the stand last week, his testimony was credited in guyger's conviction >> do you recall ever hearing someone say "hey, put your hands up". >> no, no ma'am. >> no, ma'am
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>> reporter: upon hearing of his death, the dallas county prosecutor wrote he bravely came forward to testify when others wouldn't, adding if we had more people like him, we would have a better world as questions swirl about the motive in brown's death, the attorney representing jean's family calling for action, tweeting i just spoke with joshua brown's mother. she is devastated. we need answers. police say there are no suspects in brown's death, and the investigation is ongoing leaving a new family calling for justice in dal morgan chesky, nbc news a weekend of destructive protests rocked hong kong. things took a turn when protesters started hurling molotov cocktails. a journalist was hit in the face with one, and people cam help put that fire out the chinese governmente four mo plunged the chinese world city into its worst political crisis in decades. to football now and defense stole the show in a wild sunday night game the colts smothered the chiefs'
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high octane offense, sacking their star quarterback four times. indy held mahomes to one touchdown. here it is a stunner of play. and then the colts' justin houston came up with a huge stop in the fourth quarter in the upset kc at arrowhead 19-13. now jason rre packers have s at home,3 lead in thes had michael gallop a nice little charge and run into the end zone.34-24. an overtime thriller, the ravens and heinz field, there was jumping out to an early lead lamar jackson to brown the steelers would tie it up only to lose on this justin tucker field goal. and over time it barely got through, but the ravens win i by that field goal. the texans put on a show against atlanta. deshaun watson had his best game
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ever, throwing for five touchdowns, including three of them to will fuller the. the texans blow out the falcons, 53-21. that game was a dream for fantasy owners fuller put up more than 53 points that is the most for a wide receiver terrell owens, jones for the packers had 49 points. christian mccaffrey, deshaun s dor dropping game three from dgers powered to a 10-4 win. in st. louis, the cards have felt on to a lead for most of the game but the braves came alive in the top of the ninth, jumping out to a 3-1 lead that was enough to win it atlanta takes a 2-1 lead heavy rain and possible flooding in store for the northeast. let's bring in meteorologist
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janessa webb. >> good morning. we have a front that is making its way right now. that will impact you throughout your afternoon, into your evening. into your evening commute for the northeast, we're really going to be falling. some strong, heavy downpours possible but accumulation looking pretty light from west virginia to pittsburgh, up to an inch. with the torrential rain, we're be watching that tl very warm f south. we're going to follow the storms as the front makes its way through. also we're watching a winter storm. i'll show you that coming up. >> wow, winter storms and fall thank you, jan necessary salt. in today's quick hits. celebrities including oprah winfrey, spike lee, whoopi goldberg and many other more
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all female spacewalk in march, nasa says it's on. it will be part of ten scheduled for this month they had to reschedule the walk because they didn't have enough space institutes for all the women. it is scheduled for october 24th have you ever seen a pig as big as a polar bear? there are a whole lot in southern china a farm there in that region is breeding these giant swine in an effort to combat its pork shortage because of the swine flu. the giant pigs can sell for over a thousand dollars it's over three times higher what people make in that town in a month. the disease is causingarme ai pigs to reach an average weight of a thousand pounds because the prices of pork have soared to record level. really tough bringing home the bacon. quite a talent when it comes to that >> it freaks me out a little what are they putting in that to
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you know this impeachment farce is growing worse by the day. and now a second whistle-blower is coming forward. >> and it's all happening during my busy season, halloween. >> where is the president, mike? >> he has more important things
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to deal with he is meeting with an alligator breeder about filling in a moat at the border. >> you should have told me i know a couple gators from when i lived in the central park zoo. >> nailing it as they do every week now since they started the season. >> yeah, i like it amy bryant playing bill barr it should be good. carrie underwood surprised one of her biggest fans. 8-year-old savannah went viral for her sign language rendition of "the champion." ♪ i'm a fire like rodney ♪ i'm the greatest, i'm stronger, i paid my dues, i can't lose, i'm on you ♪ >> i love it savannah was at her d.c. concert and said it was the best day ever for her >> how can you argue with that >> right along with your hero. the glen livet distillery
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make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪la la la la la. good morning, everyone if you're looking for fall, look at this. some locations to the west getting their first frost this morning. morning lows in the teens to upper 20s. you're watching "early today." you're watching "early today." 'ljust between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's tas and its awesome. it's an all-in-one so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks and the pad absorbs it deep inside. so, it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop.myhest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee but one blows them all out of the water. hydro boost with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells
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and go back out through the front doors. besides leaving the shop in shambles, it also left a woman with some injuries here, although she is expected to be okay no word on if police found that deer that just bolted there. >> wow, that lady on the couch knocked her right off. >> out of nowhere. a texas man is recovering this morning after being struck by lightning it happened near houston late last week. this video shows himal but he wg and was revived. the hospital says he is in good condition, and his dogs, they're okay too. >> the odds of getting hit by lightning and the odds of surviving it too incredible world champion gymnast simone biles is making history again. the olympic phenom wowed the crowd during the world championships this weekend with two moves that have never been done before. get this, each of those new moves, they'll now be called the biles which will be confusing for future gymnasts because there are four different moves that has that title. anne thompson has more >> reporter: what a way to open.
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the incomparable simone biles, flying into history in her first tumbling pass, landing two new skills at the world championships that will bear the biles name the first, twisting three times while doing two flips in kwn as biles 2 in gymnastics competition, the second on the balance >> backflip, backflip. double, double that's the somersaults, two rotations at the same time, bouncing off a 4-inch widey named for her, one on the vault at last year's worlds, and this on floor exercise. >> double layout with a half twist, also known as the biles >> reporter: in germany, the minute the 22-year-old walked into the arena, a sense history was to be made >> she has a habit of doing things that other people have never done before.
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>> reporter: her parents cheering as biles astonished everyone but herself >> my goal going into tonight was to not be great, it wasn't to do great. it was just to do well and i feel like i accomplished that i made it into finals. >> an athlete wh motion anne thompson, nbc news. >> we haven't seen anything like what she does. >> and she just did it right there. not bein
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88 in san jose, 90 in livermore, a lot of upper 8


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