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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 11, 2019 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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knew immediately they had to get involved. >> really well done. >> nice way to end the week. jeff, take us out. it's going to be chilly tomorrow morning, right? >> yes. waking up to 40s and low 50s and if you're headed out to fleet week in san francisco, 74 on saturday. cooler sunday. this is big-time stuff. 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., head out at 450 storypoint road. we're looking good throughout next week as well. >> that's nice. >> yes, very beautiful weather. >> we made it to the weekend. you'll be back here tomorrow. >> i will be. >> good fight. >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, we now present to you, the history of music video dancing
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[ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ can't touch thi can't touch this ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause
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♪ ♪ ♪ bye bye bye bye by don't want to be a fool for you ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ just another player in your game for two ain't no lie bye bye bye ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause
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[ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you very much. [ cheers and applause >> steve: oh >> jimmy: thank you very, very much please have a seat welcome, everybody, welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." you're here, you made it [ cheers and applause thank you very much. you guys, jennifer lopez is my guest tonight. [ cheers and applause
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jennifer is here promoting her new movie "hustlers," which is about a group oftrpe who steal money from wealthy men on wall street. [ cheers and applause jennifer has done the impossible -- she made a movie that both president trump and bernie sanders can enjoy [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause the impossible she made it happen let's get to the big news out of washington. earlier today, president trump announced over twitter that he fired his national security adviser john bolton. yep, trump tweeted bolton's services were no longer needed and that he strongly disagreed with many of his suggestions bolton thought we should continue the war in afghanistan and trump thought we should continue the war with chrissy teigen [ laughter ] they didn't agree on that. [ applause ] pretty soon after trump's tweets, bolton responded on twitter by saying, "i offered to resign last night and president trump said, 'let's talk about it tomorrow.' [ laughter ] trump was like, "technically i am talking about it tomorrow." [ laughter ]
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i mean, bolton really should have seen this coming. every kid on earth knows "let's talk about it tomorrow" means you're definitely not getting that pony. [ laughter ] can we see a picture of john bolton? yeah, now that he's -- now that he's out of a job, bolton said he's going to spend more time with his fellow walruses [ laughter ] i'm kidding, i'm just kidding. [ applause ] i'm kidding. bolton actually said he's going to head west, and go pan for gold in dem der hills. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause "come on oh, chicken scratch. >> steve: oh daggumit [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not all bad news for bolton i mean, if he wants to keep his job, he can just shave his mustache and show up for work tomorrow [ laughter ] it's like, "who's the new guy? i like him welcome aboard." [ laughter ] but trump says he'll name a new national security adviser next week i'm a little worried because so far his number one choice is the general. [ laughter and applause
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some more news, last night trump went to north carolina for a rally. and right after he arrived, a bolt of lightning struck close to air force one check it out, look at this >> steve: ooh. [ audience oohs >> jimmy: it's weird for a few minutes, everything trump tweeted was spelled exactly right. [ laughter and applause >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: thankfully everyone was fine but i think we have a picture of the president getting off the plane. is that true yeah, there he is. [ laughter ] >> steve: that's not good. [ applause ] >> jimmy: but it's smart for trump to hit the campaign trail, because a new poll is showing his approval rating is at just 38%. trump didn't seem too upset. he was like, "the only polls i care about now are the ones in strip clubs. [ laughter ] go see 'hustlers' out this weekend. [ laughter and applause and now trump is doing the best he can to boost his approval rating today he took a sharpie and turned the 38 into an 88 >> steve: oh [ laughter ] >> jimmy: hey, this is big apple unveiled its new iphones today and everyone's excited
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because the new version has three cameras on the back. >> steve: oh >> jimmy: yeah [ audience oohs apple said it takes such clear selfies, you'll find chins you never knew you had [ laughter ] they also introduced a new frogger game for their apple arcade service nothing says cutting edge like the hottest game from 1981 [ laughter ] guys, it's currently fashion week here in new york city. [ cheers and applause and this -- exciting, right? fashion week this year, many designers are showing off some interesting new looks. for example, one designer debuted something a little strange. a bejeweled beard. look at this [ light laughter ] it's actually part of their wolf blitzer collection. [ laughter ] i saw one of the hot new trends this year are tiny purses. take a look at this. [ laughter ] they're perfect if you only want to carry one altoid >> steve: oh >> jimmy: yeah [ laughter ] it's tiny, but somehow it still takes you 10 minutes to find your keys. you're like, "where -- [ laughter ] i just heard that kanye west just purchased a $14 million ranch in wyoming, where he'll raise horses and cattle. [ light laughter ]
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yeah, horses and cattle. so, kanye, get ready to scoopay de poop. [ laughter and applause poopy-di scoop scoopy de poop and finally there's a new version of "monopoly" out called ms. monopoly, where women get paid more than men [ cheers and applause there's the box right there. yeah, the monopoly guy got the boot, so between him and john bolton, it's been a rough day for old guys with mustaches. [ laughter ] we have a great show jennifer lopez is here russell westbrook is here. and we got stand-up with ryan hamilton. stick around, we'll be right back with jennifer lopez, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ when i think of what my imagination looks like... [laughs] i mean, wow. ♪ the surface is a tool that helps me realize beautiful ideas.
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when you bundle with us. he's a bit more brave. ♪ oh. look. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: our first guest is one of the biggest stars on the planet she's a grammy and golden globe nominated performer who is getting oscar buzz for her role in the new movie "hustlers," which is in theaters this friday please welcome, the one and only jennifer lopez. [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> jimmy: oh, we love you so much oh my gosh >> thank you i love you guys. >> jimmy: i love you oh my gosh welcome back to the show [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> jimmy: thank you for doing -- >> we're back. >> jimmy: the history of music video dance. >> wow >> jimmy: wow! >> every time i come here, i have to work overtime. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you really do. you were here all day today. i'm like -- i almost -- seriously, i've never worked out. i don't know how you do it you do like two and a half hour concerts >> yeah. >> jimmy: that was three minutes. i couldn't breathe [ laughter ] i mean, i saw you at madison square garden. >> yes, you finally came to my show i was so excited >> jimmy: the most impressive thing. i know - >> thank you >> jimmy: how much work you put into every single thing you do, but that concert was insane.
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>> thank you >> jimmy: you were unbelievable [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> jimmy: it looked like you were having fun. but is it fun or is it just -- >> it is fun you know, sometimes it's work. >> jimmy: yeah >> we did, i think, 38 shows in two months so we did a lot of shows >> jimmy: is it also true, you got a black eye at one point >> yeah. i get beat up out there. >> jimmy: you hit yourself with a microphone >> yeah, i clobbered myself with a microphone. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh my god. >> i think once you get tired, you're going to get a little bit -- >> jimmy: yeah >> off you know, you're so exhausted. >> jimmy: yeah, you crushed it >> and i just knocked myself and i just started bleeding. i was like, "is there blood dripping down? >> jimmy: and the crowd's clapping they're like, "this is the best part of the show." [ laughter ] wait, what is this real yeah >> yeah. >> jimmy: but i mean, the set changes were great >> yes >> jimmy: and you know what i really loved >> what? >> jimmy: the little vignettes, the videos that you did. you did like a "godfather. >> i did >> jimmy: it was so good >> thank you >> jimmy: and everyone went nuts as you were - >> thank you >> jimmy: changing for another thing. >> oh my gosh. >> jimmy: but you're just unbelievable i mean dancing and everything. >> thank you >> jimmy: and then you brought your daughter out to sing. >> i did i did. yeah, yeah [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: how old is she
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>> she's 11. >> jimmy: emme, right? >> yes she's 11 >> jimmy: 11 years old >> she just started 6th grade. yes. >> jimmy: do you think she's going to follow in your footsteps? >> i don't know. i don't know she does a lot of things >> jimmy: yeah, yeah >> she does a lot of things. so i don't know. maybe she'll wind up doing a a lot of things and that will be one of them >> jimmy: yeah, she started school this week >> yes yeah, last week. >> jimmy: yeah, mine too oh my gosh i was ready to -- for them to start crying and -- >> yes >> jimmy: and i was like, "alright well, look, you know, you're going to be out there. and you're going to be your --" [ laughter ] and they already ran away. and i'm crying [ laughter ] call daddy, miss daddy i see you really miss me i wanted to show a clip of you and your daughter singing. 'cause it's really sweet >> aw. oh, okay >> jimmy: here's jennifer singing "limitless." ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: the look that you gave >> do i look - >> jimmy: the look where you were like -- you gave the look
11:52 pm
like, "oh, yeah, she hit that high note. >> yes she's amazing. >> jimmy: oh my god. >> she's amazing and you know, i asked her to do just the first opening weekend with us. and i was like -- 'cause she was going to be on tour with me the whole time. 'cause we did it in the summer on purpose so they could be with me on tour. >> jimmy: yeah >> and i was lik "you want to do the first show? you can sing and we can do it together. it'll be a thing and it'll be fun and with mommy. >> jimmy: she had fun. >> and she was like, "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." and then after that, i was like, "do you want to keep doing this you don't have to do it every night. you can if you want. she did the whole entire tour with me. >> jimmy: that's got to be a a rush >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i mean, for an 11-year-old kid -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: to do madison square garden and all these -- >> i mean -- i mean that's a a big deal i mean, 20,000 people sometimes that we're playing to. you know, and she just gets out there, she just does it. she just - >> jimmy: it was so much fun >> nerves of steel >> jimmy: there's just one thing that i mean -- we'll get to "hustlers." congratulations on that one. >> thank you >> jimmy: there's one part where you pull a guy out of the audience and it was his birthday. >> oh yes. oh yes >> jimmy: and you pull him out of the audience. >> you're lucky i didn't know you were there >> jimmy: oh, thank god. [ laughter ] you have these girls give him a lap dance -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: in front of
11:53 pm
20,000 people. >> yes >> jimmy: and it is the funniest thing you've ever seen [ laughter ] that dude, it was the perfect guy, the guy at the garden i forget his name. but he was so cute his face was like, "oh my god. my wife is going to kill me. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and then the chair - >> they're like, "my wife loves you. i said, "i hope she will after this." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: they're giving him a a lap dance. then all of a sudden, they just sink into the stage and disappear. >> disappear >> jimmy: they capture them and take them over >> into the abyss. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, god. it's so good i didn't -- i haven't talked to you since you got engaged to alex rodriguez congratulations. [ cheers and applause >> we haven't? >> jimmy: no, no >> we have >> jimmy: we haven't talked. no, i talked to alex >> oh, you talked to alex. >> jimmy: i had -- alex came on the show and he told me everything that he -- he was really nervous about it >> yeah. >> jimmy: but he told me his side of the story. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but i wanted to hear your side of the story did he - >> i didn't know anything. >> jimmy: you didn't >> no. i mean, we had talked about it a little bit but i had no idea. >> jimmy: he was freaking out. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and he had the ring. he didn't know what to do. >> he had rehearsals and stuff with his assistant >> jimmy: he did >> and the housekeeper >> jimmy: he googled when the sun was setting. >> yes >> jimmy: so that he knew exactly -- >> he wanted the perfect light
11:54 pm
he's hilarious >> jimmy: he was so good oh, my gosh. >> he's hilarious. >> jimmy: did he say anything to tip you off anything like -- >> you know, it didn't we walked on -- we were walking. we went on a little beach vacation for a weekend he was like, "we should go away before you start to tour, before you start everything. we have a big year ahead, just me and you, without the kids." and i was like, "okay, yeah, let's do that. we went away for the weekend and, you know, we were walking on the beach it was just like nothing you know, we were with somebody - >> jimmy: you didn't have like -- i think my wife kind of -- we both knew that we were going to get married >> i thought he was just trying to be romantic you know >> jimmy: yeah >> he set up us eating outside by ourselves and then all of a sudden, he's like, "let's go by the fire. there was like a little fire i was like, "okay. >> jimmy: yeah >> and he starts like saying - >> jimmy: romantic things? >> not romantic things i don't even remember now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: was it like a poem or something? >> i have to remember the story. i didn't know you were going to ask me the story >> jimmy: sorry. >> he was like -- he said something like, "when did you know i was crazy?" or something like that he was almost nervous.
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: yeah >> didn't know what to say >> jimmy: yeah >> and i was like -- i was like - >> jimmy: i screwed up my whole speech >> i said, "pretty much the whole time i know you're crazy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's why we love you. >> i said, "but --" >> jimmy: we're both crazy, yeah >> i said, "but i know what i'm signing up for." >> jimmy: yeah, of course. >> and he just goes down on one knee and i was like, "what are you doing? >> jimmy: yeah >> it was like - >> jimmy: i did that for my wife and she thought i was having a a stroke >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's like, okay. and i go, "will you marry me?" she's like, "yes, do you need help?" >> yes >> jimmy: i mean, blink if you want me to call 911. what is happening right now? i'm so not romantic. oh my god. this sweaty mess like i was dancing over there >> yeah, it feels like guys get like that. they get like all -- >> jimmy: i do like hyped up. >> right, right. >> jimmy: i was too hyped up for me it was crazy >> but afterwards we were so happy. >> jimmy: yeah >> it was like we were waiting for that we knew i guess eventually we were going to get there. but -- >> jimmy: oh, it's great i'm so happy for both of you guys >> it was like a - yeah, it was awesome >> jimmy: and then how do you end up meeting with ruth bader ginsberg? do you know what i'm talking about? >> yes >> jimmy: i just heard this.
11:56 pm
>> okay so, funny you talk about the engagement that weekend we were in bed, and we were watching the documentary. we just happened to watch her documentary. i don't know if you guys have seen it, "rbg. >> jimmy: oh yeah, it's good "rbg." >> and it was fascinating to me first of all, she's an amazing woman. >> jimmy: she's unbelievable >> you know, been fighting for laws and justice for so many years in our country, for women, for minorities, for the underprivileged. and she also had this amazing marriage to marty -- >> jimmy: yeah >> who was a tax attorney. i mean -- i'm telling you the whole thing. [ light laughter ] but basically -- >> jimmy: you should watch the documentary. >> when i went on tour, and we were in washington, i was like, "i'd love to meet her. alex is like, "we should see if we can meet her. and i invited her to the concert. and she was like, "it's a little bit late for me." [ laughter ] i was like, "okay. >> jimmy: she's like, "i'm not doing the lap dance part okay?" [ talking over each other [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm not doing that part >> i was like, "is it your birthday?" so we -- she goes, "come to my chambers let's have a visit let's have a little time together." and we sat there and we talked. and -- >> jimmy: you asked her for marriage advice? >> i did you know, he told her the story
11:57 pm
that we got engaged. and that's how we, you know -- >> jimmy: yeah >> became so interested in her and wanted to meet her we admired her so. and i said, "oh yeah, you had the most amazing marriage. what's the marriage advice give me the secret please. >> jimmy: yeah >> i need it." >> jimmy: yeah >> and she was like, "you know, it's good -- i'll tell you what my mother-in-law told me on my wedding day, which was, it's good to be a little deaf sometimes. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's very good >> but it was so simple and wise, you know what i mean 'cause like, you know, somebody says an unkind word. >> jimmy: sometimes you got to be a little deaf >> somebody says an unkind word she goes, "and i've used that not only in my marriage, but in my job that i -- >> jimmy: i didn't hear that yeah, i didn't hear that >> yeah. >> jimmy: and what was her over all advice on -- any life secrets or anything? >> you know, we were really interested in -- i think there's a lot going on in this country. there's a lot of divisiveness. there's a lot of things going on that are concerning i said, "what can me and alex -- somebody like me and
11:58 pm
alex do? and she was like, "what anybody can do, just do what you're doing, be your best self, and put out into the world what you're putting out, inspiring people, doing what you do, living your life in a way that is an example -- >> jimmy: yeah >> "to other people. you know, which is a a responsibility 'cause you don't want to, you know, think about everybody watching and stuff but that was her thing it's like, you're not going to maybe be a judge, but she was the best judge but you be the best you. >> jimmy: yeah >> and i thought that was amazing advice too >> jimmy: and you are doing that >> i'm trying. >> jimmy: you are. you are doing that >> i'm trying my best. >> jimmy: more with jennifer lopez when we come back, everybody. [ cheers and applause let's talk "hustlers." [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [♪]
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hey. ♪hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back, everyone we're hanging out with jennifer lopez
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[ cheers and applause her new movie -- her new movie "hustlers" is in theaters on friday i have to say congratulations on "hustlers." >> thank you >> jimmy: the reviews are coming in. it's 95% fresh on rotten tomatoes >> yeah. 96 96 >> jimmy: 96 sorry, 96. >> humble brag humble brag. >> jimmy: has to be -- yeah. [ laughter ] and you're getting oscar buzz for this >> i know, know. [ cheers ] it's crazy it's crazy stop [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't talk about it, don't talk about it. [ laughter ] uh, it's based on a true story >> it is it is. this actually happened at the big strip clubs, and -- yeah >> jimmy: do you want to set it up for everyone? what - >> it's about a group of exotic dancers, strippers in a big club in -- in new york city. and it's right -- it takes place right around the crash -- right before the stock market crash. and so everything is, like, amazing before that happens and they're making tons of money, and then all of a sudden, you know, the crash, and, you know, the place is filled with wall street guys. that's where their club was. >> jimmy: yeah >> and once that happened,
12:04 am
they're, like, not in there. the business is slow, and everybody has to learn how to hustle a little bit. and that's why it's called "hustlers. >> jimmy: yeah >> these girls actually -- i play a woman named ramona, and she -- yeah. her name says it all [ laughter ] ramona >> jimmy: ramona >> and she's kind of the ring leader >> jimmy: yeah >> and the entrepreneur of the group. >> jimmy: yeah, okay >> and she comes up with some ideas on how to get the cash a a little bit quicker >> jimmy: do you know -- do you -- i know you're an amazing dancer i've seen you dance for your whole career, but do you know this kind of dancing >> no. no, i didn't [ laughter ] and no, i did not. no, i didn't know how to pole dance. >> jimmy: that's a whole different feel, yeah >> and it's was -- it's like acrobats it's like learning gymnastics or something, you know, but with a pole. it was super hard. i -- i remember i called cardi cardi's in the movie as well, cardi b. and she -- [ cheers ] >> jimmy: uh-huh >> i was, like, "you have to be in this movie. >> jimmy: and she's like, "okurrr. >> "you know this world. >> jimmy: yeah [ laughter ] >> yes "you know this world you could see to us. and she was, like -- and i was, like, "but i'm learning how to pole dance." i said, "it is really hard this is really hard. she goes, "oh, yeah.
12:05 am
it took me years, years to master." [ laughter ] she goes, "but now i'm great at it." [ laughter ] and i was, like, "well, then you have to be in the movie," and she was like, "absolutely," so - >> jimmy: did you give her any acting tips? and she gave you like -- >> no, i didn't -- you know, she's such a natural - >> jimmy: yeah >> -- at what she does >> jshe : ver acted before that? >> no, no, but -- and this was so suited to her like, she really knew this world. and i told her, i said, "you don't have to -- you just have to be the person that you were when i first started looking at you on instagram that girl. that's the girl that we need." and she was, like, "okay." >> jimmy: wow. >> she knew exactly what to do >> jimmy: she did great. >> but the movie has so many dynamics to it i think people think, "oh, it's a stripper movie it's going to be, like this or like that. but, it's actually really surprising it's about friendship. it's about greed it's about society men and women making different choices, and how they get treated for them it's -- it's -- it's cool. >> jimmy: the usher scene, i thought that was funny >> amazing >> jimmy: all right, usher comes in -- the real usher he plays himself [ laughter ] he does a great job as himself >> he was perfect. >> jimmy: he was perfect he looked and acted just like usher. >> yeah, i know. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he comes in to the -- and sees you guys. what was -- was that a fun
12:06 am
scene to do? the champagne? >> it was so much fun. it was toward the end of the shoot, and it was, like, again, in that really big time, when they were all making money and life was glamorous and sexy -- >> jimmy: yeah >> -- before everything, like, gets really -- >> jimmy: was that all choreographed, or -- >> uh, yeah. no, we just -- you know, they were, like, "get up, usher's coming into the club go, act. you know and we were, like, "ahh!" and everybody just kind of went crazy. >> jimmy: yeah >> it was exactly, like, that. we were, like, "oh, [ bleep ] usher's here." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you were, like, popping bottles and champagne going all over the place >> yeah. and he's just throwing money >> jimmy: it's just fun to do that >> he was very comfortable by the way. [ laughter ] he knew exactly what to do [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he didn't -- he didn't have to get no direction on that. >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: usher knew what he was doing. >> he's good he's good. >> jimmy: yeah, he knew how to do that. it's fantastic >> he's, like, "these ain't ones, these 100s." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's writing his own dialogue [ laughter ] i want to show everyone a clip here's jennifer lopez in "hustlers. take a look at this. ♪ >> front hook. >> ankle hook. >> yep knee hook. hold on with that knee >> okay. >> come here, you can do carousel ♪
12:07 am
put your head back come down. you can do peter pan and you hook just spin. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: it was beautiful it was glamorous >> it's -- it's cool, yeah >> jimmy: jennifer lopez, everybody. "hustlers" - [ cheers and applause -- is in theaters everywhere on friday we'll be right back with russell westbrook. stick around [ cheers and applause ♪ [ "turn around, look at me" -the vogues ] ♪ there is someone ♪ walking behind you ♪ turn around ♪ look at me ♪ there is someone
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is the new starting point guard for the houston rockets. he also has a clothing line called "honor the gift," and does amazing work for a -- through his charity, the why
12:13 am
not? foundation, which we are going to talk about. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome russell westbrook. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> i like that what's going on? >> jimmy: everything's great, man. i'm so happy you're here there's so much to talk to you about. >> there's a lot >> jimmy: there's a lot. there's basketball [ light laughter ] there's a fashion line, your charity. but also you have your hands full at home how are the twins? how is the babies? [ audience aweing >> -- every morning >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, right, yeah >> yeah, it's great. >> jimmy: how old? >> my son is two and my daughters are nine months now >> jimmy: wow. >> i know, it's so great >> jimmy: is he a big brother now? does he love it? >> yeah, he loves it until i get the girls with me and then he gets upset. >> jimmy: and then he get's jealous. yeah, yeah, yeah [ laughter ] and you and your wife nina just celebrated your fourth wedding anniversary? is that right?
12:14 am
>> fourth, yeah. >> jimmy: that's great >> yeah. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: and you -- you dated for a while, right >> yeah. >> 12 years. >> jimmy: how long did you guys date >> 12 years. >> jimmy: no, no >> since college >> jimmy: russ, you can't date someone for 12 years [ laughter ] what is wrong with you man you get away with that >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, my god how did you do that? yeah, but, you met in a -- in college, right ucla >> yeah. >> jimmy: and she played basketball as well >> she did she was actually a lot better than i was in college. >> jimmy: yeah [ laughter ] >> she was she was a lot better than me >> jimmy: do you guys ever play one on one >> you know, we did. we did she won. she won. and then she never played me again. so i guess she just -- >> jimmy: she wanted to go out on top >> that's it, that's it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, smart. over the summer you -- you got traded to houston. >> yeah. yeah >> jimmy: the houston rockets. so this is a whole new - >> yeah, it's exciting, man. >> jimmy: whole new life for you. >> yeah, man, it's kind of different hearing you say, "welcome, starting point guard from houston rockets." it was kind of weird for me for the first time but -- >> jimmy: it is, right >> you know, it's exciting i'm happy. i'm so thankful for all the
12:15 am
people in oklahoma city, and just excited for a new journey >> jimmy: yeah well, houston's great. i mean, they've got some good -- good food over there [ laughter ] >> that is true. that is true >> jimmy: they really got good food in houston. >> their food is hot though. it's really hot. >> jimmy: it really is hot but, then you've got your pal james harden >> yeah, the bearded one >> jimmy: yeah, the bearded one. yeah, exactly, yeah. [ light laughter ] he's got a great -- he's got one of the best beard games in the business >> i mean, yeah, that may be true >> jimmy: yeah but you -- you've knew him your whole life, right? >> i did since about 10/11 years-old. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: would you ever grow a james harden beard >> well, see, this is the problem. i've never shaved in my life so, what i got, is what i got. [ laughter ] that's it. [ laughter ] so, whatever you see >> jimmy: really >> that's it >> jimmy: wow. >> so, this is what you're gonna get. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's -- that's you on a bender. >> yeah. so i've been growing this for about 30 years [ laughter ] that's is it that's is it >> jimmy: we mocked it up to see what you would look like if you had a beard. >> let's see it. [ laughter ] [ applause ] not bad, though. >> it ain't bad. see, look at that.
12:16 am
>> jimmy: it's not bad, yeah [ laughter ] >> only if i can grow it >> jimmy: you know, "nba 2k20" just came out. >> yep >> jimmy: and a lot of people -- it just came out -- everyone's excited to play but i don't know if you saw your rating. you know, they rate the players. >> you know what i haven't. i haven't even played the game yet. you know, i think -- as you know - >> jimmy: would you like to know what your rating is tonight? >> i mean, sure. why not? >> jimmy: i mean, lebron is 97 >> okay. >> jimmy: yeah >> that's the best >> jimmy: that's the best. >> okay. >> jimmy: yeah so, you want to know your rating drum roll please ♪ >> let's check it out. >> jimmy: your rating is 90. [ cheers and applause ♪ are you good >> i mean, i feel like they're clapping because it's good >> jimmy: yeah >> but to me it doesn't mean [ bleep ]. nothing. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: even you throwing that, i want to give you a 100 right there, just for that it was that good yeah, you think the numbers should be higher, obviously.
12:17 am
come on, it's russell westbrook. >> i just think it should be - >> jimmy: yeah >> a number. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're handling it really well. let me talk about what do you off the court. >> yeah. >> jimmy: 'cause you do a lot of great stuff the "why not?" foundation. >> yeah, man to me that's the most important, besides my family the most important thing i focus on - >> jimmy: yeah >> is impacting youth. i think especially in today's society with social media and everything else going on in the world. impacting and inspiring youth is the most thing important to me and the most important thing i think in the world today, that not just myself, but everybody should focus on. >> jimmy: and it's called, "why not?" because you're saying -- >> yeah, my why not. it's just kind of my motto it's kind of what i stand by since high school. it's something that i've gone and instilled in my brain, and the way i live >> jimmy: like, "why not try" or "why not me?" >> "why not, you." why not be a doctor? why not be an nba player because a lot of people doubt kids guys, like myself. women all across the world but if you believe in yourself and tell yourself, "why not me
12:18 am
why not? why can't i be a billionaire why can't i be this? >> jimmy: yeah >> "why can't i be that? and i think it's important that we instill self-confidence benythfore ag else >> jimmy: and you're teaching these kids - [ cheers and applause and the kids look up to you. and they love you. >> yeah, it's great. >> jimmy: i think it's great you're doing this thing now with tech. >> yes so, i collaborated with a company in l.a. called "conservation corps." and they have a great program, just not a lot of people know about it. and i thought it was a great way for me to kind of start this year off, this summer off by collaborating with them and doing a lot of things. and working with drones, and then tech, and figuring out different ways to be able to expand, you know - >> jimmy: programming and coding and all that. >> programing and coding i grew up in the intercity and i think, for me to program is -- bringing those kids out of the intercity and figuring out a way to be able to understand coding, understanding how to do drones and all of the different things so, when there is s job opportunity, they know exactly what they're doing they understand what it is and they can get a job in the world. >> jimmy: good for you i think it's cool that you're doing that [ cheers and applause
12:19 am
and then, "honor the gift. >> yeah. >> jimmy: "honor the gift. you're wearing it tonight. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love -- this is your clothing line >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: now, this is cool. i mean, you do have some good -- you have some good fashion. yes, you have taste >> i mean, listen, i'm not saying -- not that bad it's not that bad. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'd say it's probably, like a 95. [ laughter ] 94, 95 >> that works. that's good. i can stick with that rating >> jimmy: you're gonna stick with that rating on that one yeah i -- i learned how to dance -- a lot of music video dancing tonight from j. lo >> oh. >> jimmy: but, it turns out -- yeah, exactly, yeah. well, she's not the only one who's known for their dancing. you have -- you have a pregame routine that involves -- that involves dancing while sitting i'll show you what i mean. he's russell westbrook doing some seated dancing. take a look at this. >> i can only imagine what this must be. ♪ ♪
12:20 am
♪ [ cheers andlause >> jimmy: that's why -- that's why we love you. >> it's great. that's fun the best part of the game. everybody's so serious >> jimmy: yeah, just fun, right >> yeah, have fun. why not? >> jimmy: can you show me how to do some seated dancing? >> oh, sure, sure. let's do it. >> jimmy: all right. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ♪ >> okay, you go to this side >> jimmy: all right, yeah. ♪ >> are you -- am i following you, or are you following me >> jimmy: i'll follow you. >> all right, let the beat kick in wait ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ♪ [ laughter ] >> step to the beat. the beat >> jimmy: all right. i'm white. i'm white. sorry. [ laughter ] yeah >> all right you go ahead you go free. >> jimmy: okay >> just go ahead ♪ >> we're in new york so, look >> jimmy: yeah ♪ >> boom. boom boom
12:21 am
boom [ applause ] [ laughter ] here we go boom [ laughter ] >> jimmy: russell westbrook, everybody. [ cheers and applause check out his clothing line, "honor the gift," and his charity, the "why not?" foundation we'll be right back with standup from ryan hamilton check it out [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ man 1 vo: proof of less joint pain woman 1 oc: this is my body of proof. and clearer skin. man 2 vo: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2 vo: ...with humira. woman 3 vo: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections,
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12:27 am
♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our next guest can be seen this saturday night at the paramount theater in huntington, long island. making his "tonight show" debut, please welcome the very funny ryan hamilton. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> thank you thank you. that's very nice thank you. someone said to me, "you look young from far away. [ light laughter ] and i think it might be the worst compliment i've ever heard -- [ laughter ] in my life it has a real m. night shyamalan twist at the end. doesn't it [ light laughter ] "you look young. "yeah? "from far away." "wow i did not see that coming. [ laughter ] you are mean from up close is what you are [ laughter ] i don't like you from this distance i'm trying to stay young, you know, and move we don't move enough
12:28 am
isn't that a weird modern day health concern but it's true. do you ever sit sedentary for 36 hours and just go, "boy, i don't feel well right now. [ laughter ] i think it's going to baffle historians what happened to these people? they just stopped. we're not sure [ laughter ] they kind of slowly coalesced into a gel and that was it for them we have evidence that they were actually counting their individual steps one at a time [ laughter ] that's how little they were moving [ cheers and applause my friends are into running. and they say stuff like, "i'm addicted to running. which i cannot wrap my head around i am so addicted to stopping running. [ light laughter ] i can't stop stopping running. the whole time i'm running, all i'm thinking is, "when does the addiction kick in? [ light laughter ] most things that are addictive take action quick. but this running seems to be a a bit of an outlier, can we agree? [ laughter ] i mean, you see people run who are meant to run
12:29 am
they look graceful and efficient. the whole time i'm running, there's this thought going over and over in my head, which is, "i've never seen me run. but i don't think this looks right. [ laughter ] one leg is doing far more work than it should i might be skipping right now. i'm not certain. [ laughter ] little things are happening. i fell down. i used to trip [ light laughter ] do you understand? [ laughter ] here's how life goes tripping, young. falling, old [ laughter ] i fell down. it was significant i'm calling it an adult fall and i say that because i remember as a child, adults talking to other adults about falling in very hushed serious tones. do you remember those conversations? "ryan, grandma fell. [ light laughter ] "did you tell her to get up? [ laughter ] i fell six times
12:30 am
it's not even noon what do you wantm ?" [ laughter ] but i understand now i have a little empathy. i had my own adult fall. i fell on the streets of new york city. people were around i mean, there was no denying it everyone asked, "are you okay? yes, but let me make this point, not everyone meant it that's true. [ laughter ] two 25 year old girls on the street go, "are you okay?" [ laughter ] i mean there was - [ applause ] zero empathy in their reaction the words came out of their mouths what they actually communicated was, "i wish my camera was on for that that was spectacular." [ laughter ] are you okay has anyone ever answered "no" to "are you okay" in the history of falling down? my body was screaming, "i was not okay." and i still said, "i'm fine. [ laughter ] i want to die alone right here [ laughter ] put the orange cones around me and leave me alone [ cheers and applause
12:31 am
are you okay what am i supposed to say to two 25-year-old girls on the street no, can you two petite children take me to the hospital? [ laughter ] what are you going to do go get a grown-up, quick [ laughter ] i was with a girl when i fell. let me just tell you the whole story. so, there we are we're at dinner. we're enjoying each other's company. over time, i thought maybe we should date. so i brought it up i said, maybe we should date she very kindly, as gingerly as humanly possible said, "maybe we should not date." [ laughter ] now, it's okay i'm happy to have an honest conversation but then we left the restaurant and then i fell down and -- [ laughter ] now my only wish for this whole scenario is that there could
12:32 am
have been a little space between these two moments. [ laughter ] that's all just, does nobody have my back is there not one guardian angel petitioning for me, going, "look, he threw a curveball at dinner nobody saw that coming is there anyway that we can push his adult fall by just a day? and i can just hear god going, "you know, i would love to but we've pushed this adult fall as far as we can possibly push it. [ laughter ] i'm very sorry everyone's in place. there's simply nothing i can do anyway, he's going to be fine, he looks young from up here. [ laughter ] [ applause ] i'm ryan hamilton. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: oh my god. what a great set ryan hamilton. that's a nice standing ovation for you there, buddy well done. ryan hamilton. for info on ryan's fall tour, visit we'll be right back, everybody [ cheers and applause
12:33 am
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: thank you again. that was great >> i appreciate that, thank you. >> jimmy: my thanks to jennifer lopez russell westbrook, ryan hamilton once again [ cheers and applause ryan hamilton. and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania [ cheers and applause stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. thank you for watching have a great night i hope to see you tomorrow bye-bye, everybody [ cheers and applause
12:37 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- woody harrelson. star of "succession," actor kieran culkin. cooking with bobby flay. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is fantastic to hear. in that case, let's get to the news during his congressional testimony today, the acting director of naonal intelligence said that he does


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