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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 13, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

11:00 pm right now at 11:00, a new warning for stanford students after one woman says someone slipped a date rape drug in her drink. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. >> that student says the drug caused her to pass out. nbc bay area's marianne favro has the latest for us. >> reporter: this happened on an on campus party here on the row, and this is not the first time a stanford student has reported being drugged while at a party on campus. tonight stanford students are talking about an alert they received over the weekend.
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it says a female student passed out after drinking at a party on the row and may have been drugged. the next morning the woman took a drug test which came back positive for ghb, often considered a date rape drug. >> i think it was just very concerning because i live on the row and i know it happens more commonly here because more parties occur he. >> reporter: riley simpson appreciates the university alerting students but says more should be done. >> the school's response to these kinds of things isn't dramatic enough. >> reporter: the public safety department says there are no indications the woman was sexually assaulted. this is not the first report of a drugging on campus. last year seven people said they suspected they'd been drugged at a sigma kye party. and there's also heighten awareness about sexual assault after former stanford swimmer brock turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman outside a party on campus.
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riley simpson says she plans to bring her own drinks to parties and be even more vigilant. >> just because college camps are liberal and seem safe and all of that, they -- they can be far from it. >> reporter: the alleged drugging happened late thursday night. the victim did not report directly to police. instead she told a campus security authority. so police tell us that so far they have not been able to interview the victim. reporting live at stan fard marianne favro, nbc bay area news. we're following developing news out of san francisco tonight where firefighters used the jaws of life to save several people trapped in cars. the crash happened around 8:00 to 9:00. firefighters say there were five people trapped in these cars. four of the victims have nonlife threatening injuries. one is now fighting for her life in the hospital. police say this all started because a driver was fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run.
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investigators say speed played a role in a deadly crash last night in contra costa county. chp says the driver crashed into a pickup truck and then into a parked car. the driver who we're told was not wearing his seat belt died at the scene. his passenger and the driver in the c that he hit had minor injuries. as thousands of people enjoyed italian heritage day celebrations in san francisco little italy, this happened. public works teams were scraping red paint after the city's statue of christopher columbus just a few blocks away. the graffiti painted at the base of the statue especially disturbing. >> reporter: tonight most of the red participate has been removed after crews spent most of the day power washing and scraping. some rvisitors here were puzzle by the red paint on the bronze statue. >> this is my first time here
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and i was looking at the statue and trying to put it together. >> reporter: one of the first things they removed was the message scrawled on the base. a neighbor shared these series of pictures that was written. destroy all monuments of genocide and kill off all colonizers. people here to see the air show were startled by the vandalism. >> i saw christopher columbus covered in red participate. i think it's horrible. >> tell me why. >> people should -- yes they have freedom of speech but they shouldn't deface property. >> it's going to be hard to get it off there, but obviously they don't teach you in school but christopher columbus did a bunch of stuff that wasn't the greatest. >> reporter: it's likely no coincidence the statue was defaced on columbus day weekend. but packed in what's now called italian heritage was being celebrated just a few blocks away. when asked for comment about this vandalism they issued a statement that says in part we are proud of more than 150 years
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of italian-american history in the bay area and choose to focus on bringing people together. there has been a movement to replace columbus day with an indigenous peoples day like this event that was celebrated in los angeles this afternoon. and tonight you can see there is still some of that red paint that is left on the bronze statue of christopher columbus. crews are still going to be working on taking off the rest of it over the next few days. there are securitiesameras up here. the san francisco police department is currently going through them to see if they can figure out who's responsible for this vandalism. reporting live in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much for that report. the governor signed a bill making california the first state to roll back school start times. it doesn't take effect until the 2022-2023 school year. but it ultimately means middle schools will begin no earlier
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than 8:00 a.m. and high schools no earlier than 8:30. the bill study show authors cite better correlation between more sleep. interesting to note here governor bruin rejected similar legislation last year saying it should be up to local districts to decide. tourists can keep driving down san francisco's world famous crookedest street without having to pay after governor newsom shot down a skroefcontrol bill that charged people to drive down that street. a veto bill that would have allowed the sit tee a experiment with the paid reservation system there on lombard street. >> reporter: it's on any tourist's to-do list, pull out the cellphones and get the perfect shot. >> you kind of get swept up in to whole feeling of it. >> it's a nightmare. >> reporter: san francisco
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native celia avoids it. she thought a paid transportation system for cars was a good one. >> i think the traffic is awful here. >> reporter: the city leader then authored a bill to allow the city to tets a fee and reservation system but governor newsom has rejected it. >> obviously the hope is we can sit down with the governor's office and find a solution that's probably more -- that he's more open to. >> reporter: newsom said in part the pricing program proposed in this bill creates social equity issues. access should be available to all regardless of ability to pay. >> if it's like $5 or less i don't think that's a big deal. >> reporter: some estimates were $5 per car on weekdays, more on weekends. >> we like it free. we like it the way it is. >> reporter: for some neighbors it means still dealing with some traffic, trash and people in the
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middle of it street. a world famous street that people travel to see. >> leave it as is, my personal opinion. people know it's a tourist attraction. >> reporter: in san francisco christy smith, nbc bay area news. a part of highway 12 in fairfield was briefly closed because of a brush fire. these pictures show the fairfield fire department fighting that blaze. happened around 3:40 this afternoon at red top road near the highway 80 on-ramp. it took crews about 20 minutes to knock out those flames. an electrical tower could be the ignition point of a fire. a husband and wife said they'd just finished their nightly prayer when they looked out the window and saw flames at the base of a tall electrical transmission tower. minutes later surveillance video captured the husband running from his backyard to the front as those winds shifted. firefighters also unprepared for that running away from the wall
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of flames. arson investigators now looking to the nearby transmission tower. the fire 42% contained. so far 8,000 acres have burned. several homes are damaged or destroyed. >> a few small earthquakes through the south bay this afternoon. it was a magnitude 2.9 off highway 101 down near morgan hill. two hours after that an after shock, same area. that quake was a 2.6. no reports of any damage. it's been 30 years since the devastating and deadly earthquake, the whole thing captured on live tv during the bay bridge series in san francisco. since then the technology industry has taken on the challenge of making our workplaces, hospitals and houses more earthquake safe. >> tonight our business and tech reporter scott budman takes us beneath the surface literally to find the new tech that's protecting us. >> reporter: it shook the bay area and then bay area? gen ears went to work.
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signing new technology to potentially anchor the buildings of today. >> so these two hves will just sheer back and forth. >> reporter: like the brand new stanford hospital, made to stand out above ground but made to withstand an earthquake of 8.0 underground. so we are under the entire building by a little bit. under the building which is raised up above 206 based isolators. they weigh up to 4 tons each allowing the structure to shift by as much as 6 feet during a quake. >> that is going to move back and forth in the earthquake and the building is essentially going to sit still. >> reporter: he took us below the hospital featuring close to $50 million of state-of-the-art earthquake tech. the kind also anchoring apple's
11:11 pm
giant new campus. >> it turns out apple had a huge influence in the way this ste jobs was going to start working with the hospital on design and also he said i want to be my own. >> reporter: something that big is going to be an earthquake support for a big structure, but there are also innovative technologies to keep our individual homes earthquake safe as well. that technology comes in a different shape. the shape of water. water to separate buildings from the ground. >> we are floating buildings in water. las gatos based -- has designed what it calls safe project, similar goals but using nature to help a hse sway safely. >> fundmentally just think about building in a different way rather than fighting mother nature through sheer brute force we want to allow those forces. >> reporter: the federal
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government says fixing an earthquake damaged building can cost four times asuch m as building one in the first place. so consider this work an investment. in palo alto scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> you can head over to our website and see more in-depth reporting about the earthquake as well as a slide show from the day the earthquake hit. that's a dazzling show by the blue angels capping off fleet week, but it wasn't all fun and games. more on one group protesting the air show. and a race against the clock after a hotel collapse in new orleans. who rescuers believe may still be trapped under the rubble. and we're watching some cooler changes to start the workweek incng the return of some low clouds in san francisco tonight. 54 degrees, we'll talk about that. and a slight chance of midweek showers in the forecast when we
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crews in new orleans are carefully trying to find a worker who's believed to be missing in the ruins of that hotel that collapsed on saturday. officials say the search for the missing worker is slow because the structure is not stable. several floors of the hotel which is under construction collapsed and crashed into the street. nbc's dan shennaman reports. >> reporter: rescuers in new orleans continue to look for one worker. the worker was at the hard rock hotel under construction just outside the french quarter when it partially caved in saturday. a large crane was brought in
11:15 pm
overnight to assist rescuers. >> we have teams currently making entry as we speak into the building again and to try and locate the one victim we had we've not pin able to locate. >> reporter: at least two lives were lost when the building crumbled. one of those bodies has been recovered. 30 people were hurt, one remains in the hospital. philip outlaw was in a nearby hotel saturday when he felt the ground shake. >> i knew there was a lot of possibility a lot of people were getting hurt at that time. >> reporter: family members waiting for news about loved ones have gathered near the hotel, but they can do little but wait. nbc news. a caravan of migrants started from southern mexico has been blocked from reaching the united states. about 2,000 migrants whose only possessions are what they can carry have been stalled for weeks waiting for the proper paperwork to pass through mexico. some ran away while others turned themselves into authorities when they were
11:16 pm
approached by mexican law enforcement. migrants are originally from central america, africa or the caribbean. almost oall of them want to seek asylum in the united states rather than stay in mexico. we're learning new details about the crisis in northern syria tonight. on orders from president trump the united states military is pulling out of syria just as turkey is making rapid advances in its war against u.s. allies. the kurds of syria fought with u.s. troops against isis for four years, but now turkish troops along with militias that include former members of al-qaeda and isis are attacking those kurds. news of the roughly 1,000 americans in syria leaving dropped like a bomb. >> i spoke with the president last night. he directed that we begin a deliberate withdrawal. >> the 2 million kurds in syria fear they'll be ethnically cleansed by turkey and its militias, and isis is regrouping. hundreds of family members of isis fighters today broke out of
11:17 pm
a detention camp. amid all of this president trump tweeting, quote, the kurds and turkey have been fighting for years. others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other. let them. turning to decision 2020, this week's democratic presidential debate will be the biggest in history. 12 candidates will share the stage tuesday night. that's more than any other primary debate in american history. the same ten candidates from last month will be there as well as hawaii representative tulsi gabbard and billionaire activist tom steyer who now have the numbers to join and airs live here in california at 5:00 p.m. the battle of ideas comes as elizabeth warren and joe biden remain the front runners. bernie sanders rounding out the top three. the latest quinnipiac university poll shows warren with 29% of the democratic vote. biden with 26%, sanders with 16%. no other candidate tops 4%. a former santa cruz doctor facing charges he sexually
11:18 pm
abused children has been found dead in his jail cell. santa cruz county sheriff's office says james cohen was found alone in his cell this morning. the medical examiner says that a preliminary autopsy indicates he likely killed himself. investigators say he did not share a cell when he was being held in protective custody. he was a neuro surgeon at dominican hospital in santa cruz. he'd been in custody since may of 2017 when he and two women were accused and arrested of running a child sex ring. happening tomorrow, a group of bay area kaiser permanente workers say they're joining other kaiser workers through the state who are plarninning ongoi on strike in support of 80,000 other kaiser workers. tomorrow's strike will affect more than 20,000 workers here in the bay area. it would be the nation's largest strike in more than two decades.
11:19 pm
the union says the strike is in protest of unfair labor practices at kaiser permanent hospitals and medical offices in the state of california. pleat week wrapped up today with another phenomenal performance by the blue mangles li like the one you're looking at right now. and you can they say a million people turn out over the course of the week. most of them i think today came out to watch things like this, the blue angels putting on an amazing show during fleet week. thousands flocked to san francisco for the annual air show. not everyone was excited to see the blue angels taking flight. the group called veterans for peace were protesting the air show. a couple of boats sailed along the shoreline. they say the air show florifies war and causes noise and air pollution. >> here we're entertaining and amusing ourselves watching killing machines. when is america going to be tired of war?
11:20 pm
we're not saying don't enjoy yourself, but also be aware of the back story of what all of this is about. >> code pink, women for peace and allies also took part in the protest. take a look at the golden girl gymnastics. simone biles became the most decorated gymnast in world championship history today and she's not slowing down. >> there she goes. she broke the record when he won gold in today's balance beam final. it was her 24th career medal. that makes her the first gymnast to win five gold medals at a single world championship. >> it's like how do you compete against yourself? you only try to get better. >> her next goal the tokyo 2020 olympics which you can see on nbc. wow. they're going to be her last olympics. you do not want to miss it. >> something tells me she's
11:21 pm
going to do pretty well. >> there'll probably be a few more moves named after her by then. >> you ever try that stuff? >> no, my back hurts just -- but if you're going to go outside and exercise -- >> you don't have to do what she did. >> how about a nice walk or stroll? >> yeah, that's a little more my speed. nice jog outside, walk the dog. it's going to be comfortable outside except it might be chilly tomorrow morning. and the fog it held off for the air show today lurking around the golden gate at times but it's moving back across the bay, 54 degrees and yes, humidity is up. the sea breeze is back so that is short-term good news for any fire danger issues at least for bay side and coast locations. dublin already down to 52 degrees after a high of 79. and san jose cooling comfortably at 58 degrees. and by tomorrow morning we'll likely see maybe a patch or two of low clouds. if you have allergies you might have noticed it's gotten a
11:22 pm
little worse this past week. in the weed category thore starting to come up a little bit as things start to change over to fall-like pollen issues around the bay area. but you can see except for pacifica inland locations starting to cool off. the winds turning back onshore which will push in some areas of low clouds for the morning. you can see the patches of low clouds there, generally west of san francisco. but the all-day sea breeze will likely keep san francisco in the 60s. but inland locations warming up pretty nicely during the day tomorrow. notice some of the inland valleys may still have air dry enough for some clear skies. bay side close door the upper 40s and then highs tomorrow trending closer to 80 around morgan hill, antioch and santa rosa so you've got that 30 to 40 degree swing in temperatures. the only chance of showers this week sticking in the north bay might come in late wednesday
11:23 pm
night. right now mendocino county, maybe northwestern sonoma county might see a brief shower. as this system passes by we'll see generally northwest winds. as we head through the weekend similar pattern there, but we may beginning to see winds turning more out of the north to northeast. at this point it doesn't look as strong as what we saw last week, but we'll see some drying conditions in the weekend that is typical this time of year. most of the storms they can't fight through the ridge off to the west. for now at least the seven day forecast looking dry. and tomorrow morning onshore wind means a chance of misty skies and breezy conditions a we get into thursday and repeat pattern for inland areas, a little bit of wind pickup wednesday night into thursday and then next sunday, breezy again. right now doesn't look like we're seeing any red flag warnings but we'll keep an eye on sunday. things will be drying out again late next weekend.
11:24 pm
>> no rain but no red flag. coming up a new pilot program for recycling centers. more about the new law that governor newsom just signed that takes effect immediately. a later a flurry of testimonies lined up this week in the trump impeachment inquiry. the key witness that can help or hurt the democratic push for impeachment. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses
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ends monday. help is on the way for places in california that don't have recycling centers. governor newsom signed a bill yesterday to encourage a mobile recycling pilot program effective immediately. the new law is in response to the recent shutdown of replanted recycling centers. there's one in san francisco, one in alameda. under the new program local governments and nonprofits can
11:27 pm
apply for grants to help expand or start recycling centers. the $5 million program will be operated by cal recycle. people flooded the streets of north peach today for the annual italian heritage parade. is celebration of columbus day is one of the oldest in the country. people watched the parade of floats, listened to bands, got a little taste of italy. there it is. people say this is a way to celebrate their italian heritage. >> streets are packed. the rest of the city doesn't even know what's happening. all the true italian fans we all came out, eat some pizza. it's the best. >> that pizza looked good. i want some of that pizza. >> italians know about pizza. >> oh, they sure do. the parades been around for more than 150 years. there's another shot of it. they're tauptinting us. coming up two industries butting heads.
11:28 pm
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welcome back. time for a check of some of the top stories we're following tonight. the bronze statue of christopher columbus in san francisco was vandalized with red paint and a message to destroy the monument. this on a day when thousands of people enjoyed italian heritage celebrations in san francisco's little italy. a stanford student said she passed out when someone put a date rape drug in her drink. the police department says there's no indication the woman was sexually assaulted. >> tourists can keep driving down san francisco's lombard street without paying a toll. governor gavin newsom shot down a bill charging people to drive down the famed steep curvy street. city leaders say they are
11:31 pm
disappointed. newsom says he vetoed the idea because the experience should be available to everyone regardless of anyone's ability to pay. expect a flurry ofdes this week on capitol hill as democratic lawmakers continue their impeachment inquiry of president trump. nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest from washington. >> reporter: lawmakers take no break in their impeachment inquiry questions president trump's former advisor on russia fiona hill on monday. and on thursday the u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland. both cooperating despite the president's asrsertions that members of his administration would not. sondland will reportedly tell lawmakers he doesn't know why the president held up military aid to ukraine. democrats investigating whether part of the deal included an investigation of joe biden and his son. but republicans are backing the president. >> he released a transcript of this supposed phone call that
11:32 pm
supposedly all all this quid pro quo which once again proved not to be true. >> reporter: on monday lawmakers deposed the former ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch who reportedly clashed with the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani. she was fired week as after being asked to extend her door. >> this had nothing to do with the united states natural security interest. it had to do with the president's personal interest and rudy giuliani's interest. >> reporter: hunter biden no longer works for a ukrainian gas company, and just announced he'll resign from the board of a chinese equity firm pie the end of this month. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> a creative show of support for the impeachment inquiry in san francisco today. you heard of the baby trump balloon, but today a chicken, this one right here resemling the president was part of a protest calling for president trump's speedy impeachment. comedians and musicians took the stage along with some more
11:33 pm
serious speakers. organizers say impeachment is about much more than the president's phone call with ukraine. >> there's heavy damage being caused each day that the trump-pence administration is in office, children dying in custody, there's the risk of something happening to ruth paider ginsberg who's gone through multiple cancer diagnoses. we don't want another kavanaugh on the court. >> organizers say the color has been hijacked and turned into a symbol of hate instead of love. americans remain divided on the idea of impeaching president trump. that's according to the latest quinnipiac university poll. 45% say he should be impeached while 49% oppose the idea. 53% of voters approve of the impeachment inquiry while 43% disapprove. 51% say the inquiry is a legitimate investigation while 43% call it a witch hunt. among republicans 88% see the
11:34 pm
inquiry as a witch hunt while 92% of the democrats and 52% of independents believe it is legitimate. well, in the farm world pot and wine apparently don't mix. >> apparently not. and now some farmers in the state are butting heads over the budding industry. cnbc's jane wells explains. >> reporter: california's great experiment with legal marijuana is running into unintended consequences especially in santa barbara county where avocado groves butt up against pot growing in greenhouses for flowers. >> we have more than 80 years of stigma we need to work against in order to normalize this industry as another crop. >> reporter: he's building a 44 acre cannabis empire in prime wine country in a county that's handed out more than a third of the state's total growing permits. that has surprised some traditional farmers. >> there's like one, two, three, four projects right there. >> all of the money. that's the only explanation.
11:35 pm
>> reporter: and here's the bottom line on the money. the local university estimates the value of these wine grape to santa barbara are $120 million. that's worth $180 million on less land in faster time. two problems popped up, the first is the odor which can be strong in some places. some are worried it can affect the taste of it grapes though there's no proof of that. cannabis grower autumn shelten spent $100,000 on a deodorizing system to be a good neighbor as she blames illegal growrs for the smell. the second issue, pesticides. cannabis by law cannot have any pesticide residue on it. and so growers of other crops are being forced to sometimes hand spree or use less effective means to avoid legal problems. >> probably down 2 to 4,000
11:36 pm
acres cost in lost quality and cost having to do it the way we did it. >> reporter: some farmers on both sides are trying to work together to find solutions without lawsuits. >> everybody wants everyone to be successful. no one wants to hurt anybody's business. >> i actually think in large part the agriculture industry is either indifferent or excited about seeing a new crop come in. >> reporter: not everyone's excited. >> it's going to be a giant legal battle and in the end the lawyers will win. but we're going to fight it tooth and nail and fight it in the end. >> reporter: just the latest sign that high hopes for legal cannabis in california have so far been a bit of a buzz kill. for cnbc business news jane wells, california. still ahead they may look like ordinary school supplies but they're not. tonight we're skg can you spot the vape?
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
new concerns tonight tied to america's vaping epidemic. the first lady hosted a listening session with a group of teenagers to hear their stories and discuss ways to keep kids from using e-cigarettes. >> now even more cases of that mysterious vaping lung disease are being reported from coast to coast. nbc's vicky winn is asking can you spot the vape. >> reporter: take a close look this student is outfitted with vaping devices but you can't see them. why? they're designed to look just like normal school gear for sale online and in vashape shops givg kids new ways to hide their vaping habits anywhere they go including school.
11:39 pm
>> it's rampant. i think every administrator who has a middle school or high school is grappling with vaping issues. >> reporter: she oversees the school district in new jersey. so would you know what to look for? >> we're taking over a classroom at this high school that's filled with student volunteers. thank you, guys. we're going to plant these hidden vaping devices and bring in teachers and parents and see just how well they do at spotting the vape. i get to work. here's one that's designed to look just like a black marker. stashing stuff all over the classroom. so this guy looks like a usb. it's not. it's a vape. and on students, too. she looks like she's just wearing a regular hoodie, but underneath arb where vaping device. some vapes even look just like school supplies. looks just like a pen but the vaping device is inside and you can write with it. time to bring in our volunteers.
11:40 pm
we want to know if you can spot the vapes. so we have outfitted this classroom with vaping devices. look high, look low. you get one minute. she spots a couple of them. >> that device there. >> but breezes right past most. >> i think that could be. >> before time runs out. three, two, and that is time. how many of you had a vaping device hat she spotted? three items, not bad. how many of you actually have vaping devices? but she missed 11 of the 14 items we hid. >> it'scary. because it could be just in plain sight. >> reporter: some teachers spot a couple of the more obvious ones. but most miss the harder to find items like this watch. sam is wearing what looks like a smart watch. but you press this button, this part comes out. you can fill this with nicotine and an e cigarette. >> it blend in and so no one would ever know.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: all five teachers missing this vape backpack. right here in the strap. and the hoodie. >> i think it's ingenious marketing and i'm a little frightened. >> reporter: this could be happening right under your nose. >> absolutely. it could be happening in my house. i have a 15-year-old. so now no hoodies. >> reporter: even this school aid, a retired police officer missing the watch and pen. what about parents? will they do a better job spotting the vape? >> i think that's a vaping device. >> reporter: not this group. he was writing with a pen but inside the pen. >> got me. >> reporter: parent after parent also mistaking the decoys for vapes. >> i was pointing at this one but that one looks fairly suspicious as well. >> reporter: that's just a marker. and they confuse the real vapes for regular items. >> did want even think to look at that. >> reporter: the most any of our
11:42 pm
volunteers spotted, just five of the 14 items we hid. that's 36%, a failing grade. >> it's very, very scary. >> reporter: an eye opening experience for both teachers and parents. >> if you have to hide something then there's something wrong with it. >> parents need to be more invasive in their kids spaces and really actively engaged. >> after last week's pg&e black outs you may consider going solar but it might not prevent you from those planned power outages. consumer investigator chris chmura explains that. >> and temperatures already drop in to low 40s in napa. what you can expect for that morning commute when we come right back. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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during last week's pg&e blackout some families with solar panels didn't have a problem at all their power was never disrupted. >> but not all of them. consumer investigative reporter chris chmura is explaining why some had power and some did want. >> here's a reality check, some solar systems were useless when the power wept out. take a look at this q&a from the solar company sun run. question will solar pams work during a blackout? answer, no, unless you have battery storage. those batteries are optional and can be expensive. many of the state's 926,000 solar homes don't have a battery. so they were left in the dark
11:46 pm
despite their rooftop panels. at solaria, another solar company located in oakland its ceo explained an existing system can be retrofitted. >> i would call your local installer and see what it would cost to put in batteries on top of the system that you have to have backup. most system sources installed you can get batteries and back it up and avoid this in the future. >> pat batteries do have limitations. typically they only wire to key appliances as well as a couple of plugs around the house. even if you do have a battery he ur urges conservation to make sure it lasts. turning it over to sports now. dave feldman is going to join us
11:47 pm
in just a second after rob apparently. i want today get to it right away. can we show the hoy lights and go back and go back again? >> well, the whether is also good news. again, the offshore winds we had last week, the dry conditions and now the sea breeze has made a bit of a comeback with some fog into san francisco. and you can see our temperatures. it's actually kind of interesting. half moon bay, the coast and san francisco mid-50s. these are the few areas right now seeing the temperatures run a little bit warmer than they were at at the same time last night and you can see right there on the coast the clouds have come back. but cooling in napa. and san jose inland starting to see some low temperatures compared to 4 hours ago. probably not too far inland but notice by 8:00 you've still got some patchy low clouds in san francisco and kind of staying on the coast at times tomorrow with
11:48 pm
sunshine for inland areas. so with the low clouds might see some misty skies around the peninsula and coastline for your morning commutes and jacket weather to say the least. inland around the north bay valleys upper 0s and low 40s. bay side temperatures mostly in the upper 40s and maybe closer to 50s giving us those low cloud setup. and for the afternoon, back into t-shirt and short sleeves. once again t-shirt weather again for inland areas. mid to upper 70s near san jose, 80 around morgan hill, santa rosa and antioch. and near 70 degrees in oakland. so the chance interest seeing showers is going to follow this system right there wednesday night, parts of the north bay will certainly get more clouds. but it looks like the best chances for finding measurable rainfall are going to stay just off to the north and really just stops after you get past ucaya. so a lot of the more substantial rain will be up here for the
11:49 pm
north coast. but that system will likely bring up a little case of some northwest wind to wake up to that on thursday morning. but that's not a true offshore breeze. so while gusty at times near the coast humidity levels won't be as bone dry as they were last week. but we'll have the watch this system. for saturday into sunday this too will miss us as we go into the a good portion of the weekend. notice the arrows trying to turn a bit more outs of the north. there's a chance we may see some drying conditions. as we take a look at the ten day outlook now to see if there's any signs of any long-term rain chances aside from that slight chance on wednesday unfortunately things are looking quite dry and that extended forecast through the 22nd honestly for this time of year that's what you typically get around the bay area. tomorrow san francisco looking at some low clouds through the morning upper 60s for today and
11:50 pm
a little bit warmer. breezy and probably more of a wind event. actually for the coast, you'll get a little bit of that for thursday morning. and next weekend breezy and dry but at this point doesn't look like any anything red flag warning wise. >> nothing too extreme. thanks, rob. >> now let's check sports. here's dave feldman. >> hi, everybody. the san francisco 49ers undefeated through their first four games and looking to go 5-0 for the first time since the 1990s. sports coming up after the break.
11:51 pm
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an emotional homecoming at the tank. check this out. sharks legend patrick mar low with tears in his eyes and that's why. a standing ovation welcoming him back. given the bank scores give the
11:53 pm
sharks a 2-0 lead. sharks win, beat the flames 3-1. also winning today the 49ers, big win over the rams. here's dave feldman. >> the 49ers are legit, 5 and 0 for the first time since the 1990s and boasting in defense that could keep them in any game. the last time they had a defense this good, they wept to the super bowl. taking on the 3 and 2 rams, jimmy g. was ready, kyle shanahan was ready and everyone with the 49er faithful was ready. takes the hand-off and scores the touch down. and the 49ers have evened things up in l.a. second quarter now third and goal from the two. jimmy garoppolo makes a mistake and it's picked off by marcus peters. not a good execution. later in the quarter rams up fourth and goal at the one. malcolm brown gets stuffed.
11:54 pm
niners defense holds. and because they hold robert sala, the defensive coordinator is fired up. they feed off that energy. that's pretty good energy. first play of the third quarter gauff tosses to the helpederson. and wait a minute we've got a fumble. eric armstead had a great game. 49ers take their first lead of the day. and now we go to the fourth quarter, 49ers up 20-7, fourth and one. henderson does not get the first down. so the 49ers hold. what's the reaction from the defense c defensive coordinator? fired up again. 49ers go 20-7, and later coach shanahan was asked if his team was elite. >> no, i'm not going to use that word. good trick but i'm very happy how we played. we're 5 and 0 which is a great
11:55 pm
thing, but we're not playing our best ball. it seemed our defense played extremely high level obviously minus the first drive. we can continue to get better in offense and special teams and i also think our defense is just getting started, too. >> i'm not going to lie i plaque out during those moments so i get excited for the guys and their success and the things they're going through. so when they make great plays i feel like i'm right there with them and when theyfully, i'm there with them, too. sometimes you get overwhelmed. >> oakland raiders will return to action next sunday against the green bay packers. that's all for sports. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. tv just keeps getting better.
11:56 pm
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pope francis had people thinking he was blessing the new orleans saints today.
11:58 pm
turns out it was just a mistake on twitter. the pope tweeted praise t catholic saints earlier today. instead of use the hashtag saints the tweet added a slur which happens to be a logo for the new orleans saints. a linebacker posted this message in response. it might have which through because the saints did end up beating the jaguars 13-6 today. >> and pope francis was wondering why that was there. >> have a great night and a great week. >> have a good week. there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited.
11:59 pm
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we travel to san francisco to sit down with the discount brokerage pioneer at his company's headquarters with a reported net worth of nearly $8 billion. the entrepreneur opens up about his life long battle with dyslexia. >> i still -- to this day, i still have a tough time with the alphabet. >> how golf changed his life, and the positive change he's making with the sport today. >> i think all sports sort of gave me self-confidence that i was good at something. >> plus with his memoir out, the 82-year-old explains how the great depression shaped him. from the city by the bay, right here, on "in-depth". ♪


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