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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 14, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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president trump orders all u.s. forces out of northern syria. a thousand troops to depart as psorsegin escaping during turkey's assault. we're live in the region growing anger and demands for answers after police officers shot and killed a 28-year-old woman in her home. the school bus driver has been arrested for child abuse after a profanity-laced tirade over kids throwing paper in the trash. >> you better get your [ bleep ] down there right now and pick up. i'm going to knock -- a deadly crane collapse in a
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new orleans hotel. plus, the greatest ever. simone biles is now the most decorated gymnast at the world championships. and did you catch the alcs game that ended early this morning? well, "early today" starts right now. good morning to you. i'm dara brown. >> and i'm phillip mena. syria plunging into total chaos as turkish forces advance, president trump has ordered a withdrawal of u.s. forces from northern syria the defense secretary says about a thousand troops are set to evacuate meanwhile, fears of an isis resurgence grows after isis supporters escaped from a detention cap. joining us is matt bradley what more can you tell us about the withdrawal >> phillip, they're call it a withdrawal it kind of looks like a retreat because the turks have managed to take over the m4 highway, that's complicated the withdrawal u.s. forces are going to have to
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find a way to get out of there without stepping on the toes of the turks who they have allowed to essentially make that incursion, which is causing this very, very -- i would have said slow motion humanitarian catastrophe, but it's actually really picked up in the last couple of days we're now talking about well more than 100,000 internally displaced people who are now leaving their homes, trying to avoid that bloody turkish incursion that's now been taking dozens of civilian lives you also mention that isis issue there was something like 500 to a thousand -- we're still getting different numbers -- women and children who managed to form some kind of escape attempt in from where they were held in northern syria now there are some 11,000 hardened jihadi men who are held elsewhere in northern syria. so it's quite possible given the chaos, given the security vacuum, that we could see the same kind of problem from these hardened jihadi men. that is something we're all looking toward in the future,
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because this is one of the main anxiety surrounding the trump administration's decision to pull back u.s. troops from the syrian border with turkey. this was something that is now being realized, that the security vacuum is something that isis could exploit, possibly reform their ranks and reform that caliphate that was defeated back in march >> well, it was the fear coming into fruition almost immediately. all right, matt bradley joining us from iraq, thank yo sir breaking news from birmingham, alabama. there are new developments in the kidnapping case of 3-year-old camille mckinney. she was abducted while attending a birthday this man in a photo identified as a person of interest was detained for questioning overnight. in center point, alabama, they're asking the public to come forward with any information. there is growing anger in fort worth, texas, after a woman is shot and killed in her own home
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>> what do we want >> justice >> when do we want it? >> now >> community leaders demanding justice and answers after a 28-year-old woman was killed after police were called to check on her welfare nbc's sam brock joins us now with more on the story sam, good morning. >> fellowshphillip, this traged when concerned neighbor noticed an open door across the street and called a non-emergency police number. it ended with a 27-year-old woman shot and killed. community leader, loved ones and a lawyer for atatiana jefferson's family want justice. >> she went to investigate at the window an officer was on the other side and before she had a moment to respond, he shot her to death. that's murder. >> reporter: speak out after police released body cam footage showing two officers responding to a welfare check when one officer calls for someone to put up their hands. >> put your hands up, show me
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your hands [ gunshot >> reporter: the fort worth police department saying the officer perceived a threat the officer drew his duty weapon and fired a shot, striking the person inside. community leaders don't buy it. >> she was in her own place and shot and killed her that is not only unacceptable, that's murder. >> there is no reason for her to be dead, because there was nothing violent going on there was no distress at this particular property. >> rep even the mayor of fort worth striking an emotional tone this is tragic and something that should never be necessary a young woman has lost her life, leaving her family in unbelievable grief questions tonight about whether the firearm found at atatiana's home was ever pointed at responding officers. another controversial officer-involved shooting just weeks after dallas police officer amber guyger was convicted and sentenced for killing a man in his home. the parallels not lost on those in fort worth. >> i call on the fort worth police department to stop this stop the shooting first, asking questions later, especially when
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it comes to our community. >> and the mayor is calling for a transparent and immediate investigation. fort worth police are going to be interviewing the police officer involved later today the decision on whether or not to charge him ultimately lies in the hands of the tarrant county district attorney. back to you. >> all right, sam, thank you a frantic search-and-rescue mission is under way ts morning for a missing worker who may be trapped in the rubble after the collapse of a hard rock hotel it happened in new orleans officials say the deadly collapse has claimed of at least two people here is nbc's morgan chesky. >> reporter: tonight it's the question looming over new orleans. what caused the collapse. >> oh my god. >> reporter: sparking a deadly chain reaction. >> everyone get back, get back, get back any one of those could go down. >> reporter: the future hard rock hotel falling in pieces, the impact killing at least two, injuring 30 others and leaving at least one man trapped inside. >> until we know different, we
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will stay in the rescue mode. >> reporter: loved one watched, wait and prayed as drones with thermal technology scoured the wreckage, searching for any signs of life. how concerned are you about another possible collapse here >> very concerned. i mean, it's obvious you've got pictures of it. you can see the concrete hanging off that building. >> we heard a whole lot of rumbling, and it kept getting louder and louder. >> reporter: philip outlaw thankful he is alive, snapping this picture from barely a block away construction workers caught on upper floors as the building collapsed. the cause still under investigation. the hard rock hotel says they had no involvement in the construction of the project. we want to extend our deepest sympathies to victims. for now the biggest threat remains one of the two cranes its only support debris, which could give way at any moment and the morning the main priority remains shoring up that unstable building.
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officials have brought in a 110-ton crane. they're in the process of constructing to prevent it from falling to let officials get inside and hopefully figure out a cause. dara >> that's morgan chesky reporting. thank you, morgan. it is a holiday on capitol hill, but there is no break for the house impeachment inquiry into president trump a former aide on russia and europe is expected to testify before lawmakers today, and later this week the u.s. ambassador to the european union is in the hot seat after initially refusing to comply with the subpoena. nbc's tracie potts has the latest from d.c. tracie, good morning so the eu ambassador is already hinting at a bombshell >> exactly we're going hear from at least four people who are familiar with this week, starting with fiona hill, who you mentioned who was the top -- or who was the top russia and european aide to president trump she's set to testify today reportedly, she will say the president's lawyer and gordon sondland, who is testifying
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later this week, that they went around the national security council in dealing with ukraine. and then that bombshell that you mentioned expected on thursday that's gordon sondland, the ambassador to the european union who will reportedly say when he said there was no quid pro quo here that that was actually coming from president trump, and he had no independent knowledge of that. meantime, here on capitol hill, lawmakers are defending the president. >> he released the entire transcript of the supposed phone call that supposedly had all of this quid pro quo, which once again proved to not be true. >> this had of course nothing to do with the united states foreign policy interests or national security interests. it had to do with the president's personal interests and rudy giuliani's interest >> reporter: meantime, we're following news of a disturbing video that was shown to supporters, trump supporters at his miami resort at doral. that individual yes showing an animated president trump murdering members of the media and some of his political
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opponents. it had his campaign logo, but the campaign says the video was not produced by the campaign and they do not condone violence phillip? that is disturbing tracie potts for us, thank you, tracie the parents of a uk teenager who was killed in a wrong-way crash have landed in the u.s their 19-year-old son harry dunn died after allegedly being hit by 42-year-old anne sacoolas, the wife of an american diplomat this morning sacoolas is speaking out and apologizing, and has offered to meet the policeman in person. here is nbc's kathy park with the latest >> reporter: dara, good morning. after weeks of trying to seek justice for their son, harry dunn, the parents are bringing their fight from the uk this week and now the diplomat who fled the country under the cloak of diplomatic immunity is breaking her silence. an apology from anne sacoolas, the wife of a u.s. diplomat suspected of driving the car killing 19-year-old harry dunn
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in a wrong-way crash in england, and then leaving the country under diplomatic imcommunity sacoolas in a statement issued by her attorney says she is devastated and would like to meet with mr. dunn's parents so she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies for this tragic accident dunn's mother, charlotte charles says this is a start to their healing, as they bring their fight for justice to the u.s >> sorryoesn't cut it. it's just not quite enough but i'm still very, very open to her. i can't promise what i would and wouldn't say but i certainly won't be aggressive >> reporter: with growing international pressure to bring sacoolas back to the uk, the u.s. state department issued a statement saying immunity is rarely waved but now sky news reports in a letter from the foreign office indicates immunity is no longer relevant because sacoolas is back home. adding the u.s. have now informed us that they too consider that immunity is no longer pertinent
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nbc news reached out to the state department for comment but have not heard back. as the investigation continues, sacoolas' attorney says she will continue to cooperate. dunn's parents hope their plea to americans will give them some closure. >> they're not coming forward. they're not coming to do anything other than tell their story. >> since the suspect is not physically in the uk right now, british officials are not able to move forward with any charges. the prosecutors are currently reviewing the case dara, back to you. >> kathy, thank you. winter is just over two months away, but people living in bismarck, north dakota are already feeling winter's wrath look that they're digging themselves out after three rounds of snow hit that area within a week. the historic snowfall is hitting the central and eastern half of that state strong winds and snowfall up to 30 inches have been reported there. >> i'm just going to shake my head no, not ready and with that, nbc meteorologist
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janessa webb, tell me no, janessa. >> it's time for the winter coat we've got to buy the snowsuits it's really feeling like it in that area. the storm has lifted to eastern canada, but left behind is the cooler temperatures. we do have frost advisories that are in place for the midwest and that will continue this morning until 8:00 a.m. with lows currently in the mid-20s to 30s. so we have kind of a divide in our temperatures cold to the upper midwest, and for the midaantic, stilltl vid- city upper midwest still very chilly. also, a storm system that's brewing in the gulf. we'll talk about the rain for the southeast coming up. >> keep an eye on. the alcs, it is all tied up
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after a battle of the bull pence between the astros and the yankees. new york leapt out to a 2-1 lead in the fourth on that aaron judge home run, the first of the postseason but houston would fire right back look at this moon shot from george springer, off the wall. they took it to extra innings until a wa-off home run in the 11th from carlos correa. astros win it, 3-2 the series shifts to new york. hill to come, a holy #fail sends new orleans insats fans into a twitter frenzy. let's talk about a flawless execution, simone biles. e to call an ambulance. and i didn't have to contact your famil because your afib didn't cause a blood clot that led to a stroke. not today. we'd discussed how your stroke risk increases over time, so even though you were feeling fine, we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. once-daily xarelto®, significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. in fact, over 96% of people remained stroke-free.
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whether your beauty routine is 3or 57,... make nature's bounty hair skin and nails step one. it's the numbeone brand uniquely formulated for silky hair, glowing skin and healthy nails. nature's bounty, because you're better off healthy. introducing new vicks vapopatch easy to wear with soothing vicks vapors for her, for you, for the whole family. new vicks vapopatch. breathe easy. simone biles has made history once again the four-time olympic gold medalist broke a world record at the 2019 world championships in germany with her 24th and 25th gold medal wins, making her the most decorated gymnast in history. nbc's molly hunter has more. >> up to that top step for the gold medal ceremony. >> reporter: she's untouchable
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>> there she goes! >> reporter: no one can soar as high, leap as far, spin as many times, or for that matter, twist as many times, showing off her triple-double on the floor known as the biles ii. she now has four original skills named after her, some of which the gymnastics federation hasn't valued as highly as she hoped. >> the beam, we were a little disappointed with that but at the end of the day, we can only control what we do, not what they do. >> perfect. >> wow >> reporter: at 22 in stuttgart, germany, she passed another milestone, sticking that landing, ecstatic, nabbing her 25th world medal to become the most decorated world champion gymnast of all time. >> very impressed with what i've been able to do, especially after all these days of competition. just keep the dice rolling, basically, and it's just -- it's insane >> reporter: her mother tweeting encouragement yesterday. "just remember, just like practice i love you." and she is not done yet. >> the only competition is herself.
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so how do you compete against yourself you only try to get better that's what she is doing with these skills >> reporter: her fans watching closely to see what the reigning queen does next. molly hunter, nbc news, london >> we have tokyo next. >> absolutely. watching her after the break, new york gears up to recognize columbus day. > pl, dolly parton celebrates a major milestone in country music history. that's next. can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. how sexy are these elbows? ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. does scrubbing grease feel like a workout? scrub less with dawn ultra it's superior grease-cleaning formula gets to work faster,
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in today's quick hits, the new orleans saints get a hail mary from a higher power it happened after the pope tweeted after using the #saints. the pontiff didn't know it meant the nfl team twitter went wild asking if teddy bridgewater would now be tedy bridgewine. >> it is kind of funny there mega star dolly parton celebrated 50 years at the grand ol' opry dolly first played at the opry when she was just a teenager it has been 50 years of magic. new york city's 75th annual columbus day parade will kick off today. more than 130 marching groups will celebrate italian-american heritage and up next, janessa's got your weather for the week ahead. plus, one town takes pumpkin carving to new levels. your car's
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week six in the nfl. sunday night right here on nbc pittsburgh in los angeles. the steelers' undrafted rookie third string quarterback devlin is making his first start, leading to victory 24-17 jets quarterback sam darnold is wearing a flak jacket underneath his jersey to help protect his spleen as he recovers from mono, but managed to throw for 338 yards as the visiting cowboys suffered their third loss in a row. the final, 24-22 on to kansas city. and it f it seems like the texans offense was tonight field for most of the game, you're not
4:27 am
crazy. they were. deshaun watson led houston for 38 plays on offense, 36 more than the chiefs' patrick mahomes. the texans would overcome three turnovers to beat the chiefs in kansas city, 31-24 and an arizona school bus driver is behind bars this morning and facing child abuse charges after police say he intentionally slammed on the brakes out of anger, injuring a child. but the bus driver's shocking behavior didn't stop there her is mitch carr from our affiliate, xpnx. the video you're looking at >> mesa public schools gave us the video you're looking at right now. it shows bus driver jamie tellez taking kids home from school one appears to throw a wad of paper towards a trash can and misses it. what happened next got him arrested with abuse and child endangerment >> didn't i tell you see what happens when you're
4:28 am
standing in the [ bleep ] aisle? >> reporter: the child, an elementary schooler hit the windshield hard enough to suffer injuries to his head >> it's not my fault. >> if you were behind the seat, you wouldn't be flying around the bus, would you >> reporter: when police questioned tellez, the bus driver admitted to using foul language and to reacting badly >> then you get over here and pick that up [ bleep ] you are the biggest pawn in the [ bleep ], you know that >> as the bus driver continues, so does the abuse. >> the truth of the matter is i can't touch you, but every day i would like to beat the [ bleep ] out of you. >> mesa saying safety and security of the students is first priority and that tellez has been recommended for termination. >> thank you, mitch, for that story. quite a story. >> yes, it was in maine, they're putting a nautical spin on pumpkin carving. the 13th annual pumpkin regatta
4:29 am
is today sailors putting the finishing touches to their boats it's not easy to make these pumpkins sea worthy. some of them weigh over 1500 pounds how about that. >> have a terrific monday. i'm dara
4:30 am
welcome to monday morning. it is columbus day. expect blood banks to be closed. won't get your mail. some government offices are shut down, as well. we'll take a beautiful live look outside at the bay bridge. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. >> it looks pretty good especially seeing the air show. it was a really nice one. the weather was perfect. that weather continues into today. in san jose, let's


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