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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, a dramatic and dangerous night across the bay area. fire lights up the night sky as bay area homes go dark. tonight the kincade fire rages on, forcing newudg patients at hospital. all while thousands of people endure another1:00tarts right now. thanks so much for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. power shut offs, bay area facing it all tonight.
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the kincade fire in sonoma county has grown and forcing new evacuations. take a look at this map. the purple you see here, there's a lot of it. the are areas where people have been told to get out before it's too late. more than 90,000 people have been told to evacuate in sonoma county today alone making it the largest evacuation in county history. >> here's the latest on the fire. it scorched nearly 26,000 acres and destroyed 77 buildings. now, that number includes 31 homes. firefighters say the flames are only 11% contained. >> we have a team of reporters covering this fire since it started. let's head out to nbc bay area sergio quintana live in santa rosa. sergio, you're at a hospital that's, evacuated. >> reporter: yeah, the expanded mandatory 6:00 or just after 6:00 this evening. included in that expanded evacuation zone which basically doubled the evacuation area of this county is sutter santa rosa
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hospital. nearly immediately after they made that announcement they started preparing these patients to get moved out. at sutter santa rosa regional hospital, buses arrived to help transport patients who are safe to move in groups. about 100 are transferring to medical centers across the region. some with more critical needs. >> i think about ten are in the intensive care unit. 13 are in the emergency unit. and the emergency department and the rest are med surge patients. >> reporter: and as the hospital begins to move people, law enforcement officers are fanning out across an expanded mandatory evacuation zone in sonoma county. they are going door to door telling people to leave. during tonight's breaching by inded nd o people about the conditions they faced just two years ago. >> fire is not something you can fight. in october of 2017, we lost 24 lives in sonoma county because we didn't have a warning. we now have a warning. >> reporter: the kincade fire continues to grow, and the fears are it may grow just as fast as
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the tubbs fire in 2017 as winds increase tonight. >> the problem tonight or potentially we're going to see is the conditions of 60 miles an hour wind. it does president matter how much gear we have on. it doesn't matter how much equipment we have on. the fire has the potential to overwhelm professionals. >> reporter: people trying to leave ahead of the danger pile into gas stations on the way out of the area. some pumps are beginning to run out. and unfortunately as people head away from the fire for safety, they're heading into areas without power. nancy floyd is headed home to martinez because her funnel cake stand was cleared out of the sonoma county fairgrounds. >> we have a repair shop in martinez, so we're on generators. >> reporter: are you going to be moving those to your home? if you guys are going to be in martinez without power -- >> no, candles at home. >> reporter: now, this is video that we shot just a few minutes ago. this is a parade of ambulances
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that just started arrg hospital to start clearing out some of those more critical patients. we understand some are going to be going as far away as san francisco tonight. now, coming out here back live, i want to make sure that people also recognize that just as the hospital is in that evacuation zone, there are also homes that are in this portion of northern santa rosa that are also in that mandatory evacuation zone. we've been watching as deputies have been coming by to these neighborhoods to announce to those people that they also have to evacuate. reporting live in santa rosa, i'm sergio sergio, thanks very . if you're one of those people told to evacuate, there are places you can go. santa rosa veterans memorial il center, petaluma veterans building and petaluma fairgrounds. addresses are on the screen. evacuees are allowed to bring small pets and animals. for livestock you can take it to
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the sonoma county fair ground. that evacuation center is for people. >> meteorologist mayeda adjoining us now. rob, the latest on what's about to become pretty dangerous. >> yeah, we were watching midnight being a critical hour for the on set of the stronger winds. everything in the weather models showing you that time line is holding. right now around the wildfire there, the kincade fire, notice wind speeds not too bad. 65es. humidity at 33%. the gusty winds haven't reached that area yet. most of the bay area has been seeing an on shore breeze tonight. a lot of folks are thinking there's not a lot of wind where i live. most of the bay area can say that right now. but notice the purple that is nowtanty and northern napa county. this is the wind we've been expecting to move down the northern half of the state through the northern half and the western side of the sacramento valley. this is what's going to begin to spill into those higher approaching 1:00 a.m., there you see those higher wind speeds starting to pick up. specifically those places that did have the evacuation orders
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today around the kincade fire from healdsburg down into windsor, notice how the speeds continue to climb. 40 to 50 mile per hour gusts all the way from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. you see how much purple is on this map. that would mean sustained winds 120 to 30. occasional gusts up to 50, including around healdsburg and windsor. it's the north bay mountains that will see the worst of the fire danger and high wind warning starting now all the way through 11:00 a.m. monday, elevations towards the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains also with those red flag conditions and wind advisories. coming up we'll take a look at the peak wind impact around the rest of the bay area and our hour by hour outlook coming up in ten minutes. >> we'll check in with you then, rob. thank you. these evacuation orders have many people remembering the destructive north bay fires that burned just two years ago. 101 was backed up for miles as people headed south. for some evacuees, they're shell sh everything behind once again. >> everything i have re-gotten again and people here, you know,
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we have to act as if nothing matters except or lives. >> cal fire says there will be 47 community resource centers all over northern california for evacuees if they have no other place to go. >> now to our other top story, the power shutoffs are underway. we have video, there it is. nbc bay area sky ranger shot this. you have in the middle of highway 24, orinda and lafayette to the right. to the left is the lafayette bart station. along the highway, you can see it is totally dark. also video in lafayette near oak hill road in lafayette circle, street lights are on one moment, and gone the next. same story for thousands of customers across the bay area. one by one people's homes and businesses going dark tonight. the north bay, the most impacted. let's go out live to nbc bay area's marianne favro. shs in novato. it looks pretty dark there, marianne. >> reporter: it is really dark here in downtown novato.
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more than 118,000 pg&e customers are in the dark tonight. throughout marin county, and that includes thousands here in novato. now, today i talked with some people who said that the power went out at their homes around 5:30 tonight. so they came here downtown to get a nice hot meal, and then lo and behold, the power went out again. so here at finnegan's marin restaurant and bar, you can see the lights are out. there were more than 100 people inside here when the electricity went out, and they were all forced to leave. instead of a packed house at finnegan's marine restaurant and bar in novato, it's dark and empty because the power is out. part of pg&e's planned outage, one the owner was not expecting. >> we plugged our address into the pg&e website and it came up as, you know, we weren't going to be affected. but 20 minutes ago everything went out. so we were sort of caught with our pants down. >> reporter: without
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electricity, there is a 's no w register. they had to ask customers for their email addresses to settle later. this wine bar down the street had a generator so it was able to remain open. the only change, acoustic music. with 99% of marin county expected to be in the dark tonight, police are patrolling more frequently. many people spent the day preparing, buying up flashlights and generators. >> i have lanterns from when we go camping. so those are batteries generated and that's a good thing. >> reporter: and waiting in long lines to gas up. two generators. the owner of fga to richmond to tonight after the power went out, picked up these two generators. he's going t btorment. pg&e tells customers to be prepared to be out -- without power for at least two days. and that's important reminder
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because some schools, including kent middle school near san anselmo has already made the call to not have school or classes on monday. so that's an important reminder that you need to check with your district before monday to make sure that classes are in session or perhaps not because of the pg&e power outage. as for here in novato, we've seen a lot of people who have been walking around with flashlights. they seem to be prepared, but you can see that it's still very dark here. and businesses that normally who have been very lively at this time of night on a saturday are now closed. reporting live inin our forecass do suggest that we are likely to and poles in the mage to treesl process. and just highlighting that because it may delay restoration. >> this is exactly why officials
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are urging people to be prepared for a longer shut off time than the predict the 48 hours. during the last weather event pg&e documented dozens of spots where trees fell or branches fell onto power lines. depending on the damage, restoring power could take days longer than anticipated. >> some parts of san jose are in the dark tonight, and the mayor is not happy about that. mayor sam liccardo held a bianna golodrygaing this morning showing a map showing the impacted areas in the eastern foothills and southern parts of san jose. city is opening a team emergencr community resource centers. it's been no easy task putting this all together. >> in addition to this being very disruptive in the lives of our residents, it's extremely disruptive to the lives of our employees. they're working round the clock quite often, obviously on weekends as you can see this morning. >> the last shutoff cost the city half a million dollars. one of the reasons the mayor hopes it doesn't become the new
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norm. >> we have stenson i. coverage of the kincade fire here on nbc bay area. don't miss it. >> still ahead, we'll continue to follow the latest on the pg&e blackout including the one thing marin county sheriff does not want you to do right no. >> plus, a u.s. attack that may have killed the leader of isis. find out about the covert attack next. >> and microclimate weather alert continues for increasing fire danger overnight and strong potentially damaging winds moving across the north bay mountains. a closer look at that time line when we come right back.
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we're following some breaking news out of great america tonight where rumors about an active shooter sparked mass panic. videos like this from witnesses show people rushing for exits, sprinting to their cars. but santa clara police say no shots were fired. it's not clear what caused the scare in the first place. this did take place during halloween fright night at the park. gang aery real shooting in san deadlyt happened right near city hall. shooting happened about 5:00 this evening in the area of north 5th and east santa clara street. san jose police say they actually found two men with bullet wounds. one survived, the other died at the hospital. no word on the police say they are still looking for the kimmer. we are learning about a significant calculated strike against isis tonight. two u.s. officials tell nbc news a special ops mission likely killed abu bakr al-baghdadi. intelligence sources received information about his whereabouts in northern syria.
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the mission included helicopters, jets and drones. u.s. special forces troops fired on a convoy from the air, then landed to gather intelligence. baghd baghdadi is believed to be among the five or six people killed, but they are still working to identify the bodies. >> we are turning now to our coverage of the pg&e power shutoff. some local businesses are getting creative. there are bare shelves in the village market in montclair neighborhood. the store put food in the storage truck to keep it fresh until the power comes back on. >> marin county sheriff's office sent out this tweet telling people not -- not -- to call 911 if their power goes out. they want to keep those emergency lines open for real emergencies. dispatchers are getting flooded with calls from people who lost their electricity. if you need to get to someone about the power outage, call 211. 211. or you can text marin shutoff to that number on your screen. >> okay. so, of course, we've got the power outages that were planned
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by pg&e, but then we have power outages that could happen from tree branches, flying debris. because of all the wind. >> on the nonpower down areas. that's true. something we can watch with the bigger storms that bring rain to the bay area. we get those power outages. this case more extreme because the wind gusts will be very strong and, well, obviously the fire danger is quite high so the humidity gets lower overnight when we've the bay right now we are still waiting on the wind. look at san jose. humidity is at 90%. clearly we do not have a north wind around the south bay. in fact, if you're around san jose tonight, may not notice hardly any wind around the santa clara valley. a very different story towards the north bay. walnut creek not too bad at the moment. 59 degrees. humidity 49%. none othou yet. san francisco still technically a sea breeze. 55 degrees, west wind 12 miles per hour. but by the morning if the wind doesn't wake you up in the diablo range north hills, speeds
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get going, you'll be waking up to the temperatures in the 40s and 50s for the morning. high temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid 70s for most of the bay area, even out toward san francisco and half moon bay. by let's face it, the high temperatures aren't the big story. it's the wind and the very low humidity. right now as the weather models ve bn indicating through the night, we wouldn't see much through about 11:00, but notice what's happening north of napa. we are beginning to see some stronger winds coming into northern california. interior northern california that as you'll see here will take the humidity levels which aren't all that bad. you see how the trend has been with the light on shore breeze tonight. watch how the numbers decrease approaching sunrise. and the one thing that does that is a strong dry offshore breeze. not quite reaching areas around the fire just yet. we're seeing the wind speeds -- actually that just changed. 17 miles per hour out of the north east. we may just right now be seeing some of the north winds reaching the kincade fire which is part of the futurecast. 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., and 5:00 a.m., this is the danger time
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for when those wind speeds expect to accelerate around healdsburg, windsor, out towards guerneville and santa rosa. really the morning you see all the purple there on the map. even as the wind speeds start to throttle down a little bit for the lower elevations, notice how the hill tops of the north bay stay in the purple. those gusts near 45 miles per hour. around the central bay area, not a lot of wind at this hour. by 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., we begin to see the winds pickingu mountains and the diablo range. generally breezy in the south bay, like we're seeing at those wind speeds in the north bay. so as this pattern starts to rampxt tuesday and wednesday cl another offshore wind event. the last thing that you want to see in the seven-day forecast. but unfortunately, that's where we got that next chance of dry wind tuesday into wednesday. right now the wind speeds don't look quite as strong as the gusts we could see in the north bay mountains. again, we're talking elevations closer to 4,000 feet. could get gusts to 75 miles per hour before sun advise rise
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tomorrow morning. tough looking seven-day forecast. >> we're hoping round two disappears. >> well, things will look good for halloween. >> all right, thanks, rob. >> in the midst of all we've been talking about, all the news again.there was a world series stick around and find out. sports is next. ey the you know when you're at ross astros slam the nationals?
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we'll continue to follow the latest on the pg&e power
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outages. right now hundreds of thousands of people in the dark across the bay area and northern california. we'll continue to update you online throughout the night with any new information. >> yeah, we are also closely monitoring the kincade fire burning in sonoma county. so far we're going to keep an eye on all this for you, and on the social media platform. log on there. >> thanks so much for joining us. have a safe night.
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