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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 27, 2019 3:30pm-3:58pm PDT

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then come back immediately to continue our coverage of the wild fires throughout the bay area. here's "nightly." breaking news, as we come on the air. the world's most wanted terrorist dead. the leader of isis killed in a u.s. operation in syria, more than 100 special forces taking part in the raid. >> the world is now place. >> as the president and team monitored from the situation room. >> he died like a dog. he died like a coward. >> we have new details on the informant who may have led the u.s. to him. state of emergency, one of the worst wildfires in california history. >> the crews are actively firefight. >> nearly 200,000 people evacuated. homes and wineries burned to the ground. >> the fire has jumped the containment lines.
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>> 2.5 million people plunged into darkness tonight as the power is pulled deliberately. shooting at a college party. a gunman opens fire on students from a texas university. >> we're going to need more than one amr unit out this. we have multiple people shot. civil rights icon, congressman john conyers, loes to earth right in the backyard of one family. we began the day with a major announcement from the white house in the fight against isis. the organiza lea'sr blamed for deaths of thousands across the world, including americans, killed in a late-night raid by u.s. forces. >> last night, the united states brought the world's numbene to . abu bakr al baghdadi is dead.
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>> in a dramatic press conference, president trump went into remarkable detail on just how the operation went down and we're getting late details now about how u.s. intelligence found al baghdadi, an informant inside isis may have helped. we also have a clearer sense of just how long the u.s. had been tracking him. we have three reports tonight. we start in syria with our chief correspondent richard engel. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, kate. it was navy s.e.a.l.s who tracked down and killed osama bin laden. this time on point it was the army's highly secretive force.e called himself the ruler of aow just a hole in the ground. witnesses tell us at 11:00 p.m. local time u.s. special operations forces swooped down on his safehouse on the outskirts of a small syrian town. 100 elite u.s. troops in eight helicopters, flying in for over an hour. intelligence supported by the cia.
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president trump watching on secure communication. >> we had him under surveillance for a couple of weeks. we knew a little bit about where he was going, where he was heading. we knew something about the compound. we knew it had tunnels. >> reporter: today, this is what our camera found when we visited the town. aa building nearbyh hole. >> a large crew of brilliant fighters ran out of those helicopters bo the side of the building, not wanting to go through the main door because that was booby-trapped. >> reporter: american special ops were on ground about two hours, hunting for baghdadi and gathering intelligence. baghdadi hiding in a tunnel, a dog chasing him when he blew himself up. >> test results gave certain immediate and totally positive identification. it was him. >> reporter: abu bakr al baghdadi founded isis. at its peak it controlled a
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large swath of iraq and syria. it killed tens of thousands and sent terrorists around the world, killing hundreds more, including americans. the family of journalist james foley, slain by isis, welcomed the news. >> i am grateful, certainly, that al baghd h must not think that they're defeated. we must continue to be vigilant. >> reporter: baghdadi had been on the run for years. the leader of the most brutal best-armed terrorist group in history, killed in a the turkis >> richard, sources are telling you now there was maybe an informant in baghdadi's inner circle? >> kurdish officials tell us that they had a mole very close to baghdadi. someone who would visit him, was trusted by him and was passing information to the kurds right till the very end and they were passing that information along
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to the united states. >> richard engel, thank you. president trump said he has had baghdadi in his sights since he took office, calling him a thug and the number one terrorist. attack. now leading up to the >> reporter: a dramatic retelling of a mission. wldacati of the elusive and reclusive terrorist, with the operation ramping up in earnest two weeks ago after officialsri confirm baghdadi was where they thought he was, the president says. he was briefed thursday, given military options friday. and on saturday as go time ticked closer, the president huddled in a situation room with his top advisers around 5:00 p.m. >> the attack started moments after that. the element of attack that they were most afraid of was getting from our base into that compound. >> reporter: the president, clearly riveted, waited and
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watched. >> absolutely perfect. as though you were watching a movie. >> reporter: after special forces landed at the compound, president trump in graphic terms, explained what happened way in and then all hell broke loose. he died like a dog. he died like a coward. he was whimpering, screaming and crying. >> reporter: the terrorist's death is among the most significant othe trump era, with the president seemingly well aware of the weight of the moment. his announcement compared to this one of barack obama. >> they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> reporter: at that time, president obama notified top lawmakers first, even called his predecessor, george bush. this time, president trump, concerned about leaks, he said, never told key congressional democrats like nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and adam schiff. >> i think that's a mistake but
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let's not lose sight of the fact, it was a success. >> reporter: the president did call his closest republican ally, senator lindsey graham. he did not call other members of the gang of eight. was that a mistake? >> i was in town. i was right down the street. >> does the president not trust the speaker of the house with sensitive national security information? >> chris, i don't think that was the implication at all. >> hallie, nancy pelosi not thrilled with how the notifications went down tonight? >> not at all, kate. she acknowledges that it's significant but now is calling for a house investigation on the raid and the strategy. while sop top lawmakers weren't notified in advance, the russians were. kate? >> hallie jackson, thank you. the death of al baghdadi raises questions about what it means for the future of isis and forces fighting them. joining us from irbil, iraq,
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courtney, could this mark the end of isis? >> reporter: isis has not yet a encouraging followers to continue the jihad if confirmed dead. the manner in which he died could actually inspire isis fighters to retaliate but it's become de wit affiliates well established in their region, making isis more capable of withstanding the loss of a strong figurehead like baghdadi. >> interesting. what does it mean for u.s. troops in the region? the u.s. just announceing that troops were being pulled out of the area. >> that's right. we heard president trump say u.s. troops would go into syria in a mission to secure the oil field. we've seen that deployment of troops from erbil yesterday. it will be a smaller u.s. footprint in syria. with a smaller footprint there's less intelligence gathering capabilities and less opportunity to potentially act
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on any intelligence that's gathered with the raids we saw like the one last night. kate? >> courtney kube in iraq, thank you. out of northern california, increasingly desperate situation as several in many areas andthetate of califo under red flag warnings with the national weather service warning of potentially historic fires. our teams are on the ground near the worst of it. sam brock has been there throughout the weekend. sam, what are the biggest challenges tonight? >> reporter: kate, good evening, certainly countering the massive flames. but at the same time, look at all the hotspots and smoke. they are everywhere. with wind conditions like this, all it takes is one big gust for that to go south in a hurry. tonight the worst fire california has seen this season is tearing through wine country, burning homes, and reducing wineries to ash, fuelled by
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hurricane force winds, forcing nearly 200,000 people to evacuate, nearly 2.5 million ar without power. >> the winds that we predicted are here. the crews are actively engaged in a pretty intense fire right. >> reporter: the nightmare unfolding before our eyes. >> how close that is to the highway. >> reporter: with wind gusts peakint temrarily at least six spot fires, if not more. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency across california as historic conditions sparked other blazes like this one in vallejo. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. i can't believe they're letting us drive through this. >> reporter: the hot embers being driven by strong winds more than a mile away. the problem with conditions as windy as they are, firefighters don't get on it right now, it could be worse than a spot fire. >> the fire has jumped the containment lines.
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>> reporter: flames tore through the soda rock winery. >> have you seen the flames jump like that? >> not in the 30 years i've worked here. >> reporter: jose gonzalez works at the winery next door. >> you changed the entire life of five to ten families t. did. >> reporter: now more to keep the flames from spreading southwest toward heavily populated aor lives and propert from the wrath of kincade fire, far from over. >> sam, the wind seems to be the key here. what are we expecting tomorrow and tonight? >> it's a little bit lighter right now. it is expected to pick up going into tonight, not as bad as the night before. the bigger news, officials monitoring for another severe wind event in the middle of next
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week. >> as the fires rip through jumping roads and scorching neighborhoods, people can't get out of the way fast enough, fleeing for their lives. two hospitals and a prison have been evacuated and schools in the area are already closed down for tomorrow. here's sarah harmon. >> reporter: with fast-moving flames bearing down on northern california, residents trying to escape with just minutes >> reporter: entire hospital es vac waited. >> we have about 100 patients in spare. >> i was today and now we're reassessing. there. i think about 10 are in the intensive area unit. >> reporter: now some who want toe are fighting. >> we knew we needed to evacuate, we had no idea where to go. >> reporter: with evacuation centers at capacity, some were forced to turn people away. >> we have no place to go. we're only about a mile from our house. >> reporter: gas stations overrun. a major highway shut down by flames. still, people like 78-year-old gary are refusing to go.
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>> a farmer is a stubborn person. >> reporter: defying the mandatory evacuation orders. >> i have here all my life. i want to stay here. >> reporter: deputies are marking the homes of those who stayed with yellow tape so they can find them. >> there's significant danger to anyone in the windsor/hillsburg area, so please get out. >> reporter: as northern california prepares for more wind and more fire, evacuees are bracing for the worst. >> and sarah is with us now. we're hearing that the evacuation zone might be expanding tonight? >> kate, that's right. officials are issuing new advisories for parts of napa, telling people be ready to go at a moment's notice. as for this area, a big concern is what people are going to have to come back to. a situation like this, it's a nig nightmare for everyone. kate. >> certainly.
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former congressman john conyers has passed. the democrat is the longest african-american congressman in history. he stepped down in 2015 amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment, charges he denied. he was a native of detroit and fought to make martin luther king jr.'s birthday a national holiday. still ahead tonight, searching for a killer after a mass shooting at a college party. and later, secrets from inside the situation room as special forces track the leader of isis. >> the soda rock winery, there much left to burn. >> they thought the fire was half a mile from here, but now i think it's here. >> i was back there with the garden hose on my hands and knees trying to save it. it's burning down. >> you can't even see the houses anymore.
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>> fire crews are trying to fight this fire. >> they're heroes. they're back there fighting it right now. >> sounds from a traumatic day here in the bay area. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it's a frightening day for so many people across the bay area. we have been here covering this breaking story on air and online all day long since early morning hours. the biggest concern now continues to be the kincade fire which continues to grow. these are the latest numbers. over 30,000 acres burned. at this juncture, only 10% contained. over 180,000 people have been told to evacuate. in total, 93 structures have burned. over 31,000 buildings are threatened. and we are awaiting another update from cal fire this evening at 6:30 in which we expect those numbers, that
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acreage, to grow and the numbers of structures to go up in terms of those that have burned. >> and jessica was just talking about it. as we look at the evacuation map, nearly 200,000 people evacuated, the largest evacuation in the history of sonoma county. you can see it starts over in the kincade fire, the evacuation zone, all the way over to the coast. the winds are westerly direction. while all that's going on, fire broke out near the car key nas bridge. that fire can be see both sides of the bridge. evacuation orders were in place for nearby neighborhoods in vallejo and crockett. they have been lifted. no more evacuations for crockett and vallejo. as of last check, the fire is 50% contained. there are new fires burning in the lafayette area. this is new video just into the news room. fires are burning on either side of highway 24, powerlines are down in the area. what we know right now is the fires have burned 7 acres, 3
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homes have burned down. there are immediate evacuations near camino diablo and spring brook roads in lafayette. the crews have stopped the progress ofre that was breaking windsor as a result of the kincade gene alley was on the fire this morning and she was there before they got to any it's a really exciting moment, scary moment. and it's probably not the last. the wind really is picking up. the kincade fire is coming this way, coming toward windsor. you can see there's lots and lots of firefighters, an army of firefighters here in this neighborhood in windsor ready to defend homes. and it's spot fires at this point from the kincade fire. those embers are just flying through the area and starting fires. we have video of those tense moments from earlier today when
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one of the spot fires really took off and that sky turned orange and the smoke got really thick and we heard that roar and the hillside just erupted in flames and several homes nearly caught on those fires out and save those homes. we did see a couple of roof fires. firefighters were able to put those fires out as well. but the watch isn't over. the wait isn't over. folks are stillerl park setting backfires hoping to take fuel away from the kincade fire as it approaches windsor. so, everybody right now is watching and waiting and hoping that firefighters can handle this thing as it approaches. reporting live in windsor. >> jean, great job. another community where they're watching and waiting, hillsburg, that's where we find christie smith. she is there. what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: terry, we stopped here on chalk hill road because this is where some of the air
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attack was happening just five, ten minutes ago. i checked my google map. there was a small pond just on the other side of the hills there. we saw helicopters going in, picking up water, and what they were doing was heading over to this end where there is smoke. and they were doing multiple drops. in fact, we lost count of how many. they just took off and started heading a little bit north of first responders go lights ande speaking with you, we'll go ahead and eout. and i have to tell you we teionf windsor. couldn't even get through. there were flames on the side of the road and smoke very, very thick. so, this is kind of the situation that we're dealing with. i have to say the one bright spot in all of this, we have seen firefighters doing quite a bit of structure protection where we've been today at least in this area we have not seen homes burned. we've seen some of the vegetation burned around those homes but firefighters out here
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doing a very good job with their work. but again they are heading this way and i think when we're clear with you we're going to see what's going on that way goi th way as well. >> that's perfect. you go check that out. sam brock is in hillsburg with a different vantage point for us. sam.tey, good evening. i'm halfway between hills burg and atirefighters. we're expecting windt. simple little spot of spoke it could blow up and go from a smoke to a spot fire and perhaps worst. that's one of the things we saw today. when i was coming in to cover this fire in hills burg and we were driving down 128 from calistoga, what we saw was very unnerving. fires on both sides of the highways, power lines down, trees down, what borderline looked like an apocalyptic scene of total wreckage. as hard as this is to believe, they had to coax people to get out of their home despite the fact there was a 4:00 evacuation
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yesterday, they were still pulling people out atn hills buo reports of serious injury oris . pins and needles tonight because we kno's going to be increased wind speeds. we are looking forward to next week when pg&e says there could be another severe wind event. that's the latest from hillsburg. >> sam, thank you very much. that echos exactly what cal fire has been saying. everybody's been saying you cannot fight this fire. you cannot fight it. they tell you to leave. you really got to go. people are arguing with them. i mean, please. >> we've still seen better response than we did with the wine country fires just two years ago. >> and no fatalities and no injuries to this point. >> a lot of property loss but not the loss of life like last time. let's hope it stays that er the.
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the big one up north. another one in mill pea das right now. ian, what do you see? >> we're here at marylandnd barker street. this is on the east side of the street. dozens of firefighters are here. we believe it started at this house. you can see it being doused with gallons and gallons of water. it appears to be mostly out. they want to make sure that every little bit of burning charred home is out so it won't spread to even more homes. we're told there are at least three structures involved here. looks like they're getting a good hold on this one just to the left. but -- and no real flames right now, however. there's just so much smoke and so much wind in this neighborhood. it's just east of 101. they want to make sure that it is all completely out. firefighters going back and forth with oxygen tanks and everything like that. they want to make sure it doesn't spread now. it is under powerlines.
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we're not sure if this neighborhood had its power cut or not. so, we're going to -- just arrived on scene here. we're going to work on getting more information. as you can see the wind is picking up. bugartg to put out more black smoke. we'll get more information and we'll be live here and remaun on the scene. guys. >> thank you very much. a fire that would be just a common normal fire at just about any other day, with this wind event, it gets special attention. >> it gets exponentially more n jeff raniere. we're seeing fires all across the bay area breaking out. we saw one in lafayette, mill pea das. >> i think lower elevations will likely have wind gusts of 15 to 25-miles-per-hour. but for the higher elevations in the mountains, we're still expecting wind gusts about
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50-miles-per-hour through midnight. so, the danger continues to be with us. as we've been telling you, this is a long duration wind event. that's why the fire danger is so high. right near themu wind gus last here of 45-miles-per-hour. the big problem of course is the wind coming from the northeast blowing to the southwest pushing these embers into hillsburg and windsor where we've had our reporters this afternoon. and with the 50-miles-per-hour gusts through tonight, these evacuation orders are in place for a gooden are. so, don't try to head back in because we could see the situation don't through the ooechbing. in calistoga, you're on evacuation warning. mount st. helena has 50-miles-per-hour gusts. that could whip up embers from the kincade fire and move it toward you do. have a plan ready. good news on the lafayette fire. they are sending out alerts that the forward progress has been stopped. this fire started right near the lafayette tennis club. you still also need to be on alert here as well because the
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fire is still very hot and they're going to be watching those embers. it is very terrain, highly populated area. watch the warnings as they come in on your phones. th foreast as we h tonight, 7:00 p.m. still gusty. 25 to 30-miles-per-hour wind gusts for the low elevations. i do think about 11:00 p.m. it starts to get a little bit better for us here. notice the red zone in the north bay. that's where we could have the mountain gusts right near the kincade fire of about 50-miles-per-hour this evening. we do get the winds calming down. i wanted to get this in here by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. not that bad through the day. but by tuesday afternoon a new wind event moving in that definitely could gust another 30 to maybe 50-miles-per-hour as we head into tuesday night and also into wednesday morning. so, to wrap it up here on this, we have the winds continues tonight especially in the
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mountains up to 50. calmer tomorrow. and a new wind event tuesday evening into wednesday. i want to bring in rob. rob, you've been looking at the fire danger tonight. show us what you have on this map. >> you see the coverage of all the fires not just limited to the hills and mountains of the north bay but all across the north bay. we've been watching this the last few days. the fire danger index,sethe yele map, still running fairly high. as weeahroughhe nex ind will st decline as the fire weather warning and high wind warning starts to expire by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> that's great news for the fire. i know you want to take it toward the greater bay area. >> similar pattern here. have the high fire danger today and as warnings expire, short relief. >> that is good news in the short term. a lebl of a blaek coming tomorrow. >> it is relief to see the yellow and red going away even if it's just for a short amount
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of time because it's such a dramatic difference when you see it on the map, just the coverage area. then you see the guys lift that. >> then you see the words calm. >> that's going to be good tomorrow. little break. >> thanks very much. we're going to check in with cal state university maritime. that's where jodi hernandez is. she's been there all day the water drops, the flames burning, what do you got? >> itkerry. it appears firefighters finally have theu can see they're pulli the last of the hose. we're going to pan up here and die si out here red hillside. today. things looking better. in fact as you can see the bridge has reopened after being closed all day. we're going to show you video of what it looked like when we got here this morning. helicopters and air tankers dropping water and retardant on the fire that broke out just after 9:00 this morning. it quickly spread to both sides of the highway forcing the
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closure of a portion of intertate 80 and again the entire bridge. now the fire did make its way on to the campus of the california maritime academy burning one building and a couple of cars. but for the most part the campus is looking pretty unscathed. so, a very dicey day, but wrack understatement of the day. thank you very much jodi. as we continue to follow this throughout the evening we do sri aresource for you, you can go online at any moment and stream us live or also find out the latest information. >> the last few images of what's going on as we send you to "football night in america." be safe everyone.
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