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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome ba mondto monday mo it is november 11th, veteran's day. a live look from sfo, hoping for a nice forecast. a lot of people have a three-day weekend. we are here this morning for you. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the early morning commute. literally. >> very. >> kari, today? >> the weather looks really good today. it is veteran's day, a lot of outdoor celebrations and festivities going on. we'll take a live look outside in san francisco, no fog as we
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start out and we're going to see mostly clear conditions across the bay area. as we look at our temperatures, it's really cool, right now down to 40 degrees in napa. we're going to drop a few more degrees as we head throughout the morning and warm up quite a bit today, very warm temperatures for this time of year. we still do have those mid-70s and low 80s inland. so we'll have more on what's ahead as we go into the rest of the week and mike, you're focused on the bay bridge. >> i am for a couple of reasons, kari. you show a great view of the golden gate bridge we're looking at the green speed sensors for the view around the bay but we will call out an issue getting out of san francisco along the lower deck a disabled vehicle was reported just off of the san francisco side, helped it off the bridge at treasure island. we just got clearance a couple of minutes ago saying they had cleared the span but was concerned because with the lower moving caravan out of the city and into some of the low clouds we saw for a few minutes that could have been an issue. it's clear but toward the oakland side you see the fog
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creeping in to our shot. i didn't change the camera but this is a view of the airport but the bay bridge toll plaza does have fog drifting in. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a fire threat growing up another notch this morning as high winds move back into some places. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live in marin. without any november rain, we're still extremely vulnerable. >> reporter: yes, guys, and it's not quite a red flag warning as of yet but there's a little bit of elevated fire danger at least for today. in fact, we want to show you a map of some of those affected areas in parts of the bay area that could see some of that elevated fire danger. you can see on that map a number of cities that are still kind of in that danger zone with winds hitting 10 toe 25 miles per hour in some of the higher elevations of parts of the north bay, that you see there on the map. i do want to point out we're still near all-time highs for this time of year but not seeing the strong winds so that's again why it's not quite a red flag warning. of course winds were a factor
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when dealing with the kincade fire, which was finally contained last week. you had wind gusts reported in the deep terrain up there up north, hitting between 45 to 60 miles per hour. that fire did reach more than 77,000 acres and destroyed hundreds of structures. as you mentioned, it's going to be pretty dry, not much rain until next week. we could expect more wind next weekend. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> something certainly to keep an eye on. thank you, pete. this morning, family and friends of a vallejo man are demanding answers after investigators say an off-duty officer shot and killed them over the weekend. >> the shooting happened last night at a gas station on fairgrounds drive in vallejo. when officers arrived they found a man shot. he later died. vallejo police say the other person involved in the shooting was an off-duty richmond police officer. in the meantime, family members identifying the person killed as eric reason of vallejo. friends say he was a father of six. >> all i know is this needs to
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be investigated. i will not lie down and let this go away. i he was a working man. >> the vallejo police department and the solano county district attorney's office are investigating what led up to the shooting. one of the san jose police chief's officers shot and killed a man over the weekend. on saturday afternoon, officers tried pulling over a car on southbound highway 85, near winchester boulevard. during the traffic stop investigators say a man in the passenger seat of that car pulled out a gun, and that's when the officer shot him. that suspect died at the scene. police say that he had a warrant out for his arrest. his identity has not yet been released. and police in san francisco's chinatown are rattled after new video surfaced showing a violent altercation over the weekend. some of that video you're about to see is considered graphic by some. "today in the bay's" sergio quintana has details on what
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happened and the response from city leaders. >> reporter: the video is pretty tough to watch, what you can clearly see is one of the attackers violently hitting a man, and then just a few seconds later, a second man is hit, and seemingly knocked out cold. the scuffle continues for a few more seconds as the main attacker tries to help one of his friends, then they get back into the dark colored suv and drive off. san francisco's supervisor aaron peskin tells me the three men who were hit were actually good samaritans. >> folks took the law in their own hands. they tackled one of the perpetrators, and then other perpetrators came and assaulted them. >> reporter: witnesses told police there were four people in that dark colored suv. supervisor peskin says officers have several very good leads including information from a potentially related violent purse snatching outside this bakery the night before. >> this appears to be the same vehicle that was involved in a robbery on friday evening
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november the 8th. >> reporter: portsmouth square is a popular spot for locals affectionately called chinatown's living room because people gather here every day. >> chinatown is a community with a large number of senior citizens who live in very small quarters and this is where they congregate. this is where they socialize. >> reporter: the there men who were injured in the video were treated by medics. one had minor injuries. two others were transported to a local hospital. they have already been released. sergio quintana, "today in the bay." it is 4:36. leading bay area health provider kaiser permanente facing a world of uncertainty after the unexpected death of its leader, krerks, o bernard tyson. the 60-year-old died in his sleep early yesterday. he took over as chairman and ceo five years ago, after spending nearly 30 years with kaiser in various other roles. he pushed for affordable health care for all americans.
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at the same time in the wake of tyson's death a strike workers planned to start today has been postponed. some 4,000 mental health professionals were planning to hold a five-day strike but the union believes it's inappropriate to do so. a new strike date has not been set. coast guard rescue crews never located one of four people on board a fishing boat that capsized saturday, 30 miles off the coast of bodega bay. this is video showing the rescue of two men and one woman after the boat capsized. the coast guard yesterday called for the search for the fourth person a man that may have been wearing a life jacket, but could not locate him despite an excessive, extensive search. a reminder for you on this veterans day most federal, state, county and city offices are closed. there are several events across the bay area, honoring those who have served our country. >> the 101st san jose veterans day parade begins at 11:00 this morning downdowntown.
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a full list of events is at 4:37 for you right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," it's considered a bigger shopping day than black friday and cyber monday for china, but it takes an american pop star to get things going. the big kickoff taylor swift is headlining. the apple credit is here, but could your gender play a role in how high your limit is set? a recent investigation into how credit limits are set based on gender. who is speaking out.
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good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open lower this morning amid lingering concerns over u.s./china trade talks, the escalation of protests in long kong and a global economic slowdown. the markets are coming off of their fifth straight positive week trading at record highs. the bond market is closed for veterans day but stocks will trade as usual. the move over black friday and cyber monday. china's alibaba 24-hour shopping bonanza singles day set a new sales record of more than $30 billion and it's not over for a few more hours. singles day started in 2009 and grown to be the world's largest shopping event, more than
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200,000 brands offer discounts across alibaba shopping sites, big celebrities also take part to promote the event. taylor swift headlined the kickoff concert. new york regulators launched a probe into goldman sachs credit practices, this comes after a tech entrepreneur accused the bank of gender discrimination with the algorithm it uses for apple's credit card. apple and goldman launched the card in august and he claims he got a credit limit that was 20 times that of his wife's, even though they file a joint tax return and she actually has a higher credit score. apple co-founder steve wozniak saying he got a higher credit limit than his wife as well. goldman says it's possible two family members could receive different credit decisions but it does not make decisions based on factors like gender. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> very interesting. >> suspicious. >> hmm. >> hmm. >> thank you, kate. >> thanks, kate. >> 4:42 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," kari hall tracking wind and of course fire danger. >> yes, we are going to keep an eye on that especially for the north bay, and some of the areas where we will have a higher
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wind. in the south bay we're starting out with clear skies and it's also going to be a very warm day. santa teresa starts out at 49 degrees but we lead into upper 60s at 11:00. we'll talk about the rest of the week, coming up next. and we're watching here, the tri-valley, we can see the dublin grade, visibility is a little better through the tri-valley. we'll focus on what it takes to get to this important traffic spot as well as what's going on at the bay bridge. you're watching "today in the bay."
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legoland's official mascot is traveling all over the bay area visiting some of the most famous landmarks. this is birdie. he's enjoying some of the best sites in the area from golden gate bridge to levi stadium. birdie really making his rounds here, so here's why. you can actually vote on which local landmark will be made out of legos, this is at legoland discovery center, which opens next fall at milpitas' great mall. voting takes place from now through november 19th and you can vote on legoland discover center bay area's facebook page. get to that now, we'll link that on twitter and facebook. >> birdie outside of levi's stadium, is he going to the game tonight maybe? >> maybe. >> we'll see him in the crowd. will the weather hold up for tonight? >> yes, it's going to be really nice out there. we have some warm weather across the bay area, but it does start out cool this morning. here is a look at where we are right now, 40 degrees in napa.
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it's 50 in palo alto and 49 in san jose. we're walking out the door to 47 in livermore. let's head over to palo alto to see how the morning will shape up for you. we're going to see our temperatures mostly in the upper 40s to start. it will be slow to warm up with a few clouds drifting by, and then going into the rest of the day, we start to see that warming trend under way. that seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, as we take a look at our highs for this afternoon, and we're going to reach up to 76 downtown san jose, 80 in morgan hill and 82 today in gilroy. these temperatures still well above normal, as we are going to see a lot of sunshine for the afternoon. concord reaches 80 degrees. 74 in hayward. also 74 in san mateo, and for san francisco we're up to 70 today. for the north bay, we're going to see highs up to 83 degrees in ukiah, while napa will see a high of 78 degrees there. also the low humidity will be a factor in tracking the fire
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danger for today. we don't have a red flag warning in effect but we are still going to see some very dry conditions as our humidity levels drop down to the 20% range. it will come up just gradually for the overnight hours, not a whole lot here, as we normally start to see some good recovery with humidity levels closer to what we see in san francisco, where we are not going to see that overnight, and the winds for most of us won't be a noticeable difference today, but it's the hills where we'll be watching out for those gusty winds today. normally we're getting into one of the wettest times of the year, but we know we haven't had a drop of rain so far, and there is unfortunately no rain in the forecast, that one chance i was hoping for, for friday, has dried up, as we are expecting just some cooler temperatures to head in, in time for the weekend. mike, as promised you have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> that's right, and that's why everybody wakes up for this time of morning. these folks have woken up a while back enough to get to the
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line for the cash lanes. you notice not all of them are open, and you also notice thin veil right here, that is sort of impeding our view of the east shore freeway, as you drive through this, it's short lived because by the time you get to the main span of the bay bridge, everything's okay, just past the toll plaza. we're looking at not a manjor issue as far as contra costa goes but the road weather index shows patches of fog through the north bay. these are not surprises. there's lighter traffic flow for many drivers. it's still under 20 minutes of course from marsh creek road down vasco to 580, which moves smoothly, we showed you the earlier shot at the dublin interchange. we have a disabled vehicle getting away from the area eastbound in livermore but it is over on the shoulder over the next couple of minutes and a roadside fire 680 at berryessa, at you know surprising spot, should be taken care of by fire cruise locally. we'll keep our eyes on any reports. i saw flashing lights across the
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san mateo bridge but nothing developed in the last five minutes. we have a reduced service for the antioch line but special service for capitol corridor and caltrain for the niners game. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> our investigative unit had been looking to issues on b.a.r.t. trains. we want to hear more about your experience. >> here's how you can be a part of our investigation. >> more violence on the b.a.r.t. system. >> how safe is b.a.r.t.? to find out, we are riding all across the bay area and we're taking you with us. i just got to the civic center stop and this is the powell street station. we want to know what you're seeing on b.a.r.t. so send us your videos, from the whacky and weird to the downright dangerous. you can also just record yourself explaining what you saw. email us at theunitat or get your attention on social media using #weinvestigate. we want to hear from you.
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>> 4:50 right now. an east bay community rocked by a mass shooting is taking one more step towards healing. dozens of people gathered last night in orinda to remember the five people shot and killed at a halloween party. the names of the victims were read aloud. organizers say they wanted the victim's families to feel like they were supported. >> while we can never imagine what they're going through, we wanted to honor the children, i think, they're between 20 and 30, the people who died. so we needed to say their names, and we need to let people know that we care that they are lost. >> the shooting happened at an airbnb rental. it's prompting changes at the company, including banning so-called party houses. police have yet to make an arrest in the case. contra costa county leaders appear posed to be the latest to approve a vaping ban. supervisors will vote on a plan to halt sales of ecigarettes along with menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco
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products. the ban would apply to unincorporated parts of the county. san francisco, santa clara and san mateo counties have all passed similar bans. a live look at capitol hill this morning, on wednesday the impeachment inquiry against president trump is expected to hit the public stage, when public hearings begin to determine if president trump pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden in exchange for military aid. silicon valley congressman connor held a town hall meeting yesterday in frae month. he said it's important americans get answers. >> people will realize the xwraft gravity of the offense, the abuse of office and it's important americans understand really what took place. >> the congressman serves on the house oversight committee. this week americans are due to hear from at least three witnesses. "today in the bay's" tracie potts will have a live live report from d.c. at the top of the hour. coming up here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> her efforts to get a real i.d. were a real headache at the
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dmv. i'm consumer investigator cl chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. first happening now, cold weather expected to shatter records across the midwest and east coast. over 200 record lows could be tied or set from today to wednesday. the arctic blast could bring below freezing temperatures to some places. the winter storm is bringing fresh snow to chicago. we'll be right back, after this break.
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nbc bay area responds to a san francisco woman who wasn't getting anywhere, she says w the dmv. >> she contacted consumer investigator chris chmura and his team for help. >> good morning. jenny maclin has been going back and forth with the dmv since june of last year, when she says
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she visited an office for a real i.d., which will be required for air travel next october. jenny says she paid $28, but soon discovered her new license had the same expiration date as her old one. she expected her renewal to be pushed back a little. she was right. it turns out the clerk issued a duplicate license instead of doing a full renewal. jenny complained, but ended up paying an additional $35 just two months later for a proper renewal with an extended expiration date. next jenny applied for a refund of the initial $28 that she paid and didn't get her money back, so she contacted us. we contacted the dmv and within 24 hours, she got her 28 bucks back. the dmv in a statement said that miss maclin was right to request a refund and we regret it took so long and so many attempts before she was issued one. head over to
4:57 am with your consumer complaints or call us 888-996-tips. >> all right, thanks, chris. it's 4:56. coming up, a mural features latino leaders defaced in san francisco. still ahead, how the artist plans to save his work. and as we take a live look outside in dublin, you're headed out the door to clear conditions, also another chilly start to the day. we're going to warm up on this veterans day. we'll talk more about the sunshine and the dry conditions ahead, coming up next. and we're looking at san jose, great start right here, much better visibility than the last few days last week. we'll show you how the shape of that commute is shaping up, because a lot of folks are getting the morning off.
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i never even heard of some of these people. i don't know who they are. >> right now at 5:00, the impeachment inquiry. this week it's going public. a live report on who democrats are calling to testify for all americans to see, plus who republicans want to hear from. plus, going viral. video of a b.a.r.t. rider getting cited for eating on the platform of a contra costa county b.a.r.t. station, sparking outrage and shock. a live report on the investigation now under way. and -- note are you ready for some football? ♪ the 49ers take on the seahawks at home. what jimmy g. is saying ahead of the big game. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good monday morning to you.
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nice bright and early for you. >> mmm. >> okay, dark and early. >> "early" is fine. >> you're very bright and awake right now. >> i am, on this monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. coming off, well it should be a three-day weekend for a lot of folks out there. >> it is. >> veterans day as well. hoping for a nice forecast. >> it is. it's going to start out clear for most of the bay area. we are seeing that as we take a live look in san francisco, just some light patches of fog, as you get ready to head out, we'll see temperatures in the low 50s, and san francisco about 65 degrees at noon. we will get some sun today, we'll talk more about what we're expecting inland. mike, you are expecting a lighter commute. >> at least for the early morning commute because we should have fewer drivers because a lot of businesses and schools are out of service today because of saluting those who have been in service for our country. we're looking at the a nice easy drive for the green sensors, we


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