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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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officer is demanding answers. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. what happened? the only thing not in dispute is that an argument over that parking spot sparked the whole thing. jodi, there's a vigil under way that we can see behind you. >> reporter: that's right. friends and family of the shooting victim of holding their second vigil of the day. you can see them behind me with candles and balloons. but tonight the officer's attorney is speaking out for the first time. he says he did not provoke what happened out here in any way. in fact he says he tried to deescalate it. he says the man pulled out a gun with an extended magazine. >> that's my 38 year old son and i'm devastated and i just don't know what to do. i don't know what to do.
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>> reporter: stephanie bask came to vallejo to see for herself where her 38-year-old son was shot and killed last night. witnesses say it started as an argument over a parking spot. at some point, an off duty richmond police officer fired the gun at the man. >> he popped his gun and shot my gun. my sun started running that way and started yelling please don't let this man kill me. he apparently shot him in the back and the back of the head. ♪ >> reporter: reason is a local rapper who goes by the name cheddar man. >> he didn't deserve that. he didn't deserve to die like that. >> reporter: the officer's attorney tells a much different story. michael reign tells resin got
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angry and got out of his car to confront the officer. >> when the individual confronted the officer he started threatening him and made the statement i'm going to f you up right here in front of i don't you are wife. >> reporter: he says the officer tried to deescalate the situation, but the man went to his car and pulled out a gun. >> opens the front gun and pulls out a sack with a gun nit. he pulls out this gun with an extended magazine and comes back at the officer. he was in fear for his life and that of his wife. his wife was seated in their car and he had no idea whether this guy was going to start shooting him, shoot his wife. he didn't know. >> reporter: we're back here live where the vigil is under way. we understand the family has hired an attorney. meanwhile the officer's attorney again says he has never used his service weapon in his 27 years
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of policing and has never wanted to. he hopes that investigators release details of what happened soon. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. worse case scenario confirmed by san francisco police, a tiny body found at the lincoln park golf course is that of an infant. police are desperately trying to find the mother saying they're concerned about her health. a cvs store in palo alto is limiting the number of teenagers allowed inside. the reason is shoplifting. this is the cvs across the street from pal although high school. marianne favro is there with the new restrictions. >> reporter: as you mentioned, raj, this shopping center is just a few yards away from palo alto high school. so, during lunchtime dozens of students come here to this cvs pharmacy.
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but the store supervisor told me today that since school began this year, they've seen an increase in shoplifting so now they're trying to do something about it. palo alto high school students heading to cvs pharmacy during lunch can no longer expect to breeze in. three weeks ago, the store began manning the door and restricting how many students can come in to just five at a time. the move is aimed at cracking down on shoplifting. but some students feel like they're unfairly being targeted. >> i feel like the kids that don't do anything are being punished for what other people would do. so, i think it's kind of unfair. >> reporter: according to the latest census numbers, the median income in palo alto is $137,000 per household which is why some are surprised to learn the drugstore is having a shoplifting problem. since implementing the five at a time policy at lunchtime, the store has seen a significant decline in shoplifting.
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but some question the move. >> i think limiting anyone to enter the store is pretty strange. if they have issues with shoplifting, they probably need to get better security in there and monitoring systems. >> reporter: others say if it's working, they're okay with the new limits. >> i totally understand it. >> reporter: and there is another concern. some told us other young people including stanford students are also being forced to wait as part of the five students at a time limit. during lunchtime a cvs employee actually mans the door to make sure that only five students go in at a time. but a supervisor told me that last friday so many students rushed the door that on that day they decided not to let any students in during lunchtime. reporting live in palo alto marianne favro, nbc news. let's get to the weather now. let's take a live look in san jose. it's beautiful on this veteran's
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day. it's been an unusually dry start to the month and that's concerning for firefighters. is there any rain in the forecast? >> maybe in the next 14 days we could see the pattern certainly changing. and i will get to that. but yeah, it has been certainly dry as you just mentioned. 176 days since we've seen a half inch or higher across the bay area. so, it's now putting us in a 1 to 3 1/2 inch rain fall deficit for new rainfall season which starts october 1s. the fire season certainly extended and air quality from fires that have started, the pollution lingers longer. so, where are we at right now in the weather pattern? high pressure is really the thing that's been deflecting that rainfall and sending it to the north. high pressure always acts as this inhibitor to rainfall. it's the opposite of the weather pattern that brings that rain. so, with high pressure here, it's a road block. we're not going to get any action here.
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high pressure starts to fade as we head through next week. right now there are signs that maybe from about november 19th, next tuesday, into december 5th, i'm seeing a 70% chance of showers. there is hope in the long range forecast, but for right now it's dry. we'll have a look at when things cool down for us coming up this hour. b.a.r.t. is apologizing tonight after police handcuffed and cited an african-american man for eating a sandwich on the platform. that confrontation caught on camera and went viral. melissa colorado joins us. melissa, that man says this apology just isn't enough for him. >> reporter: yeah, steve foster is that b.a.r.t. rider caught in that video. he has this to say: apology not accepted. it's hypothetical of people to rent out booths like this one
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and not expect people to eat and drink. >> it's back to the morning grind of steve foster who has to catch a train to go to work in the city. like many people on the go, he gets hunger pangs. >> hell yeah, if i'm ung had ri, i'm going to eat. >> it was a sandwich who got him in trouble last week after b.a.r.t. police cuffed him and cited him for eating on a b.a.r.t. station platform. his girlfriend caught it on camera. so many people have seen the video. foster says he's getting calls from reporters in russia. a lot of people are like lawsuit, a lot of people are like you're wrong, a lot of people like you didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: the rules are posted by the gates, no eating or drinking. b.a.r.t. says the rules are posted in each train. >> i'm not harming anybody and i'm not endangerment to myself or anybody else by eating a sandwich. >> reporter: the man in charge of b.a.r.t. says the officer
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involved was doing his job. powers says, quote, i'm disappointed how the situation unfolded. i apologize to mr. foster, our riders, employees, and the ub approximate lick who have had an emotional reaction to the video. b.a.r.t. director debra allen says rules are rules and she's going to propose posting more rules and signage at this station. meanwhile, the b.a.r.t. police union has released a statement of their own, and they are standing by that officer. they say they are not apologizing for the way in which that officer handled last week's situation. that's the latest here at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. >> melissa, thank you. this is a special day not just for veterans but for their family members and community members across the country. that includes san jose, home to one of the bay area's largest veteran's day parades. from marnling bands to cub scouts, thousands of people came out to honor veterans. this year's grand marshall is the commander of the air
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national guard. he said every american should thank a veteran for service and sacrifice. many veterans told us this nation needs to provide better care for service members after they return to civilian life. >> make sure that we serve them, that they may come back as a society and be successful in their lives with their families. >> today city leaders in san jose announced they have housed 1,600 homeless veterans in the last four years. in alameda a very different way of marking veterans day, a wreath cast on the bay opened the ceremony. this was the aircraft carrier turned into a museum. the guest speaker urged everyone to honor not just veterans but also those in active service. >> got a lot of people serving our country right now. they're in harm's way there and our prayers and thoughts are with them. be with them, be with the
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families. they're waiting for their loved ones to come home. >> it's nice to see them and we should add this is a big week for him. he's just a few days away from celebrating his 100th birthday. up next, allegations of sexism involving apple's new credit card and complaints about the company he once founded. also the violent attack in chinatown in san francisco that has a lot of people concerned. we'll explain. clouds moving across the bay area as we move through tomorrow's forecast. we'll track that and show what this means for temperatures in about six minutes.
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okay. watch the video closely. this is a surveillance video of robbers trying to steal some cell phones, difficult to watch. they violently as you see it there punch three men. the men are in their 60s. this happened saturday night at a san francisco park known as chinatown's living room. i understand there was a silent protest calling for peace and unity this evening. >> reporter: and neighbors say this is the just the latest of several attacks on seniors in and around chinatown. this hits the community hard because this is portsmouth square, their safe place where they come to play cards, picnic, and for evening strolls.
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this woman in deep meditation thinking of her 89-year-old grandmother who was randomly attacked in january and who is permanently disabled. after the attack saturday night, yi is calling for an end to the violence and renewed peace and unity in san francisco. >> this is a problem that happens too often. we don't know how to live further. how do we go on? >> reporter: close friend serves as yi's spokesperson as yi focuses her energy on peace with her grandmother's image nearby. >> are we bringing street gang violence to chinatown and exert it on little senior, little old lady, little old man? i don't think this is acceptable. >> reporter: portsmouth square's unofficial mayor says it's a story playing widely on chinese
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tv, staining san francisco's reputation around the world. >> chinatown is getting to be so-called unsafe place. >> reporter: but they also say this is a wake up call for the whole city and that everyone needs to help when police aren't around. >> because if this can happen in one community for one person, it could happen to anyone in every community. >> reporter: the victims are out of the hospital now and as far as the suspects go they're still on the loose. and we've learned they may be implicated in an earlier robbery. >> thank you, thom. it's the first of its kind in oakland, aimed at keeping people safe. cities have installed a new traffic safety barrier foothill and 22nd avenue. she and her 4-year-old niece were walking in the cross walk near garfield elementary.
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police say the driver ran a red light. you might have heard apple has a new credit card, but that new card is getting a lot of backlash even from the cofounder of apple. charges of sexism, people saying the card discriminates against women. our business tech reporter sat down with steve woz knee yak and his wife. >> steve and his wife janet tell me they're surprised and upset that his credit limit is so much higher than hers when it comes to the apple card. and other people are weighing in with the same complaint. apple's recently launched credit card is aimed at people who like to spend money and spend time on their phones. but some early apple card adopters took to their phones to complain about the card. tech entrepreneur and author david hansen wrote the apple card gave him 20 times the credit limit as his wife. fellow twitter user a.j. jamal
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seconded the complaint. and then steve wazwozniak weigh in and his wife janet. >> it was so low i could barely buy a phone or a plane ticket. >> apple says its logo is on the card but details are handled by goldman sachs who uses a computer algorithm but does not discriminate by gender. woz says that's too much technology. >> i'm going to watch for other people. did they call the number on the apple number, did they call it and actually get to a human being who would listen to their situation? >> and professional money managers -- >> the public response in this case for the first time is that's not enough. that's not okay. >> reporter: hillary hindershot
6:19 pm
says she's seen sexism in the financial world. >> i hear a lot from womening that they get dreeted in disparaging way by investment professionals. >> new york regulators looking into claims that the card discriminates against women. also we heard from goldman sachs, they say they have just launched a customer service line where holders can call and talk to a human if they have concerns. >> jeff raniere, talk about this forecast, not just this, but what's happening with the next couple of weeks with thanksgiving around the corner. >> only slim chance of showers the next 14 days. immediately as we move into tomorrow, i do see some cloud cover right there at the coastline with some fog that will be developing and a little bit of high cloud cover here moving throughout the bay area. so, nothing we can't handle. once we hit 11:00 in the morning though, i do see thicker cloud cover starting to move into
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marin, napa, sonoma counties and that will push down into the bay area. it is november, so a little bit of change like this probably feels good to you. we'll begin tomorrow with plenty of 40s here, 47 in morgan hill, 47 san jose, 44 in napa, also santa rosa. so, jacket weather is back. once we hit the afternoon, a pretty good surge in temperatures. up to 77 in antioch. mid to upper 70s for the south bay. not exactly feeling like november on the temperatures though. over to oakland, 70, san francisco, 66, and half moon bay, 59. but we are going to change this in the forecast this week. we're going to see about a five to ten degree drop in temperatures. going to feel a lot better. the next change i'm seeing gets here by thursday. dry high pressure moves to the south. that going to allow the cooler pattern to set up and talking about the temperatures dropping thursday and friday coming up in 25 minutes. but the best news about this, it
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should help to clear out the air quality with better air quality as we hit thursday's forecast. a look at the temperatures this week in about 25 minutes. up next at 6:00, a share show from the planet closest to the sun. what mercury did that has astron hers looking to the skies today.
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. we won't see this for another 30 years, the planet mercury crossed over the sun today. it started around 4:30 this morning and lasted about five hours, that small black dot going across the sun. you couldn't see mercury with the naked eye so we have this. the space and science center opened up its telescopes for the viewing party. hundreds of people showed up to witness the spectacle. >> it's just a great way to remind us that we are part of a bigger universe. it's not all on earth. it's not all on our smartphones.
6:25 pm
there's a lot of stuff going on out there. >> it is pretty cool. scientists say it gives them an opportunity to get a better idea of what the atmosphere of mercury is made of. spacex launched 60 satellites into service today. >> lift off with gratitude to veterans. >> the satellites blasted into space inside the nose cone of a falcon 9 rocket. two minutes after lift off, the nose cone broke off and flew into orbit. the rocket flew back to earth and landed on a drone ship in the atlantic ocean. it will give internet connection to people. >> this is a big deal for a lot of people. you may not like it but instagram will soon hide the number of likes on posts. instagram has already piloted this idea in seven countries. this week it will expand those tests to a small portion of users here in the united states.
6:26 pm
you'll be able to still see the number of likes on your photos, but you won't be able to see how many people like the posts of others. the goal is to remove social pressure around getting likes. some celebrities like kim kardashian support the decision, but many instagram influencers say this will put them out of business. up next at 6:30 getting ready for the political hearings. lair gersen joins us with what we can expect. a scare moment for passengers aboard this flight, the landing that ended with this plane skidding off the runway. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now at 6:30 the next critical phase of the impeachment inquiry, public hearings televised live. and president trump continues to insist the proceedings are a witch hunt. now, both parties see this week's televised impeachment hearings as their best chance to shape public opinion about president trump's dealings with ukraine. the stakes are sky high. here's alice barr from washington, d.c. >> reporter: as the public phase of the impeachment inquiry against president trump moves from on paper to in person, democrats are looking to simplify their message to the american people moving away from the phrase quid pro quo. >> the president acting criminally and extorted in the way a mob boss would extort
6:30 pm
somebody. it's probably best not to use latin words to explain it. >> officials testifying on camera will reinforce the case that president trump withheld military aid to get ukraine to investigate his political rivals including joe biden and his son hunter. in new testimony released today, laura cooper says she was concerned about that aid being held up because it serves u.s. national security to help ukraine deter russian aggression. republicans are hoping to shift the focus requesting a list of witnesses that includes the whistleblower and hunter biden who they want to ask about business dealings in ukraine while his father was vice president. >> it's unfair to treat trump under one standard and joe biden in a different standard. >> democrats get to decide who appears based on republicans in the last impeachment. they say bringing in the bidens is an unfounded distraction.
6:31 pm
the president wants his party to defend him more directly. >> this is a witch hunt. >> tweeting republicans shouldn't say the call was not perfect but not impeachable but rather that nothing was done wrong. alice barr, nbc news, washington. >> now, the house intelligence committee will conduct this week's public hearings, and bay area congresswoman jackie speiers sits on that committee. she calls the phone call and the rivalry. >> this is a simple straightforward act. the president broke the law. >> now, some republicans say while the president's request was improper, it doesn't rise to the level of an impeachable offense. joining us now is a political analyst. we can see both sides saying different things. let's talk about what this is going to unfold like what it's going to look like and what the game plan is for each side. so, let's start with the democrats. >> first of all, jessica, we have to realize this is the
6:32 pm
second chapter oof a three-chapter play. first it was getting the testimony behind the scenes, closed sessions. this week and the week after perhaps they're going to go out and talk publicly. assuming there's enough information and reason to go so, they'll impeach. that'll be the trial that take place in the senate. >> so, the democrat's position is going to be. >> democrats are going to try to connect the dots, one dot being the fact that trump asked the ukrainians to dig up bad information on the bidens, father and son. the second dot meaning that the president is withholding $400 million. the first dot is real easy. we saw it there on the transcript. but the second dot is a little harder to put together. why? because it comes from other testimony. >> okay. and how will the republicans then deconstruct the dots that the democrats are putting together? >> right, republicans are going to say what is this? it's butch ado about nothing. maybe he did something wrong but probably more the result of not thinking it through. but there's something else you
6:33 pm
can watch and that is to disengage the president from rudy giuliani and mick mulvaney. if they can sacrifice those two and keep trump, that might be a way out for the republicans. that we're now waiting to see necessarily. >> the other part is everyone will be watching this together as we try to see what dots and what dots are not put together. thank you, larry. this is how the week unfolds, president trump expected to release a new transcript of the conversation. then wednesday taylor and kent will publicly testify before the house. then friday former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch will do the same. we'll air live on nbc bay area so you can tune in. more unrest in hong kong. protesters and police officers continue to clash. you can see it and you can hear it. officers firing shots and tear gas into the crowds today.
6:34 pm
one demonstrator was hit at close range. and police say protesters set another man on fire outside of a subway station. this is the 23rd straight week of antigovernment demonstrations. it all started in june over a proposed law that would allow extraditions back to mainland china. that bill was withdrawn, but protests continue. well the midwest and northeast getting hammered by a winter-like storm, icy runway conditions made for a scary landing in chicago. take a look. a passenger took this video while the american airlines plane landed just before 8:00 a.m. passengers say once the plane touched down, it didn't slow down. that plane started veering to the left and eventually skidded off the runway and tilted over. >> it was windy. there was no visibility at all. the first visibility of the city we got we were maybe 50 feet from the ground. that's dangerous.
6:35 pm
>> no one on the plane was injured. the blast of winter weather caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled in and out of o'hara impacting air travel across the country. on a day dedicating to honoring our country, today mark craton. he served in the army from 1978 to 1979 and served in colorado. he would benefit from having solar power. semper sew lair is nominated him. they gave him a new roof as well. the old one was in bad shape. >> to be picked is more than an esteemed honor. >> now, over the past two years, semp semper solaris has denated more
6:36 pm
roofs. >> the ceo is in hot water, what he said about the murder of a saudi journalist and how he's backtracking today.
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an overturned tanker truck shut down southbound 101 in gilroy. at 11:30 this morning the truck rolled over on the freeway. it started leeking fuel which forced cal fire to bring in its hazmat team to unload the fuel to a different tanker. this is the view from the sky ranger earlier today. traffic was backed up for miles most of the day. we have heard in the last few minutes that traffic si alittle better. it's still really bad near morgan hill. we're also hearing that it probably won't open until about 8:30 this evening, so traffic is being forced off 101. >> the ceo of uber is apologizing. in a recent interview about the
6:39 pm
murder of jamal khashoggi. >> i think the government made a mistake. it's a serious mistake. we've made mistakes too with self-driving and we stopped driving and we're recovering from that mistake. so, i think that people make mistakes. it doesn't mean they can never be forgiven. >> he later said he regrets his comments. he says there's no forgiving or forgetting what happened to khashoggi. the saudi government ordered the killing of khashoggi. saudi arabia is one of the biggest investors holding $2 billion worth of uber stock. many remembering the life of bernard tyson, the ceo of sizer permanente died yesterday. he spent 34 years in a variety
6:40 pm
of roles with kaiser before taking over as ceo and chairman in 2014. he died in his sleep this morning at the age of 60. among those remembering tyson today, eric swalwell. he tweeted i will miss my friend and constituent bernard tyson. the bay area has some of the happiest renters in the nation if you can afford to rent. surveyed more than 10,000 people about their renting experience. oakland ranked second, san jose checks in at fourth. the survey asked renters if they're happy, if they think they've got a good deal, and how long they've stayed in one place. since the bay area market is so tough, oakland and san jose renters could be more easily satisfied. just in case you didn't know, this is national apprenticeship week. london breed announcing the city is extending tech apprentice
6:41 pm
program. it can be an affordable way to get critical real world tech experience especially as people of color, women, and those with disabilities. so, a great program is being extended. >> talk about the beginning of this week, veteran's day week. but we're going to see changes. >> it's going to be colder for us. that will be comfortable as we head throughout the week. we do have some temperatures dropping. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. she gets a real ed hadache trying to get a real id and feels overcharged. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
nbc bay area responds to a san francisco woman who wasn't getting anywhere with the dmv. >> uh-oh, so she contacted us and our consumer investigator chris chmura. what happened here? >> do you guys have your real id yet? >> we have a year to get it. >> a little less, it's next october 2020. >> right. jenny mac lan knew that. so she went to get one. she told us she was going back and forth with the dmv since june of last year. that's when she says she visited the office for a real id and it did not go exactly as she planned. okay. jenny said she paid $28 but soon discovered that her new license had the same expiration date as her old one. she expected her renewal to be pushed back at least a little. she's going to have to go right back. it turns out the clerk issues a
6:45 pm
duplicate license instead of doing a renewal. jenny complained but paid an additional $35 just two months later for a proper renewal with extended expiration date. jenny did what everybody would want to do, apply for a refund of the first $28 she ent subpoena spent. but that did not get anywhere. she contacted us. we contacted the dmv and within 24 hours of receiving our email, the dmv said it would refund jenny's $28. in a statement a spokesperson said that the -- actually jenny was right to request a refund and the dmv regretted that it took so long and so many attempts before she was issued one. getting a real id has been a hassle for lots of people. recently our digital team put together a video that explains it all. you can find this how-to explanation from jonathan bloom right there on our nbc bay area
6:46 pm
youtube page. if you have a dconsumer complaint, let us know about it on or all 888-996-tips. >> who are you going to call to deal with your touchscreen? >> i don't know. i have to figure that out. >> call the dmv. >> good job with that. thank you. >> thank you, guys. okay. one shopping day in china made more money than black friday, cyber monday, and thanksgiving combined. it's called singles day started in 1993 when college students hosted parties to celebrate being single. alibaba decided to turn the day into a shopping event, a one-day shopping event. this year the biggest ever single day brought $30 billion in sales. that's more than amazon makes in two months. >> what if you're not single. can you shop? >> good question. i don't think they can prohibit you. >> take advantage. >> we've got to ask alibaba. when you're madonna, time
6:47 pm
the immaterial but we're living in a material world. like that? madonna's pattern of starting shows way past the scheduled start time set a lawsuit into motion. fans say she's making them wait more than two hours after the posted start time before she takes the stage. one man is suing calling eight i breech of contract between the single and the ticket buyer. she took the stage at 10:30. madonna's response to all this, a queen is never late. >> i have to admit i've been to a lot of madonna concerts. >> is she so late? >> always. if you know that in advance, you go super late. she always starts late. >> we'll see how that lawsuit turns out. >> it's a really good concert. >> she's a material girl. >> maybe you forget about it. >> she spans a lot of decades. >> our forecast as we head to
6:48 pm
the next couple of days, we'll have changes coming in. so, let's bring you into the micro climate forecast. let's take a look at the levi stadium from our studio looking over there. a little bit of cloud cover moving overhead. it's been great football weather tonight. a lot of you may not have tickets but may have stuff going on after the game hopefully celebrating, not to jinx it here. we'll have temperatures in the 50s with a little bit of cloud cover. if you're headed out later on this evening, bring that jacket with you. as we move into tomorrow morning, you can keep that jacket right by the door. we'll have 40s to start for the south bay, peninsula, and tri-valley. and we'll have the east bay at 46. numbers on the rebound as we hit the afternoon again. not really feeling like november for the temperatures. but we'll have the high cloud cover moving on by. so, at least that'll change it up for us. down here in the south bay, 78
6:49 pm
in morgan hill, back to cooper tee know, 74. the east bay up as warm as 79 in pittsburgh, 77 in livermore, even by the bay we're mild. oakland, 70 ke agrees. chilly at half moon bay, 59 degrees. no shocker, palo alto low to mid 70s. san francisco right through the marina and napa, sonoma, santa rosa. more of the 70s coming our way. even to 81 in ukiah. not as mild in mill valley because of the ocean breeze. that'll have you at 74 degrees. no complaints probably about these temperatures except for the fact maybe you want something colder but here is the good news. at least numbers are not going to be like this. look at this. dipped in the jet stream, numbers down to 47 in new orleans tomorrow, 20 in chicago,
6:50 pm
30 kansas city, 29 cleveland, even 46 in atlanta. so, if you're headed to the east coast, bring that jacket. be ready for that chill. a little bit of snow in the interior northeast. i do see changes, not cold, but numbers drop once we move into thursday's forecast. dry air moves in and sets up a cooler pattern for us. no rain fall over the next seven days but changes once we hit next tuesday we're seeing we could see showers at least close by the bay area. we'll continue to monitor that. otherwise look for those numbers to drop as we talked about on thursday to 57 in san francisco, 59 on friday. inland valleys, i think that temperature drop is going to be noticeable. we're going to down to 67 on thursday, 69 on friday, warming back up on sunday to 76. but once again i think we'll be watching out for maybe shower chances as we hit the 19th
6:51 pm
through about december 5th. no big storm for us right now, but hopefully we'll get things to switch up for us. otherwise right now not a bad monday so far. >> yeah, all good. >> we'll take it. thanks jeff. up next at 6:00, the giants continue to change the way they do business. we're going to hear from their new general manager who was introduced today. stay with us. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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okay. this week the giants hiring a new manager to replace bruce bochy. today another big, big hire. >> they'll announce the new manager when they hire someone later this week we're expected. today though a new general manager and he's a local guy from the peninsula. here's anthony flores at oracle park. >> reporter: a pivotal day for the giants as they build for the future. >> i'm so excited i'm even wearing a tie. i didn't wear a tie to my own press conference plus so this is a really big day for us. >> scott harris is the team's new general manager. he comes to san francisco after spending the last seven years in the chicago cubs front office as a assistant general manager. >> it's a privilege to work for
6:55 pm
such a passionate organization. >> scott really stood out in terms of what he has been able to accomplish in his time in chicago. >> harris fills the position in the giants front office that's been open for a year. what makes this more special? it's a homecoming. >> i grew up in redwood city and vividly remembering what the game looks like at the highest level by watching generations of giants come through candlestick and come through this park. it's such a privilege to come back home. >> they will work together when it comes to making tough decisions about the future of the team. harris beat out a talented pool of candidates. what made him stand out head and shoulders above the rest? >> i think in terms of complementing each other, it was important to get someone who had good hair. that was a big one. >> reporter: harris' first order of business is to provide input
6:56 pm
in the search replace bruce b bochy. he's in contact with the leading candidate. the giants hope to finalize a manager this week. anthony florez nbc bay area news. coming up tonight at 11:00, a mystery in the east bay a pregnant mother shot and killed in her front yard, what investigators believe was behind this shooting. that's on the 11:00 news cast. >> tonight you can have a say in what happens on "the voice." the remaining contestants perform live and you at home can vote on who will stay on the show. you have to watch tonight and then you have to vote on who you like. >> we like doing this. >> good. >> i don't like the pressure of voting because i don't want anybody not to win. >> they're all really good singers. >> i feel bad. >> we'll be watching. you can vote we hope. if not, just watch. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
>> he's got that right. only "access" makes gwen's big night even better. can they handle the truth? the co-star confidential as chrissy pulls a fast one on john, he returned the favor. >> i honestly don't know how this happened. >> maybe let's play -- >> that elevated quickly. >> we're going one anna kendrick and it elevates quicker than you would imagine. >> i wouldn't murder someone. plus, it only takes a new york minute to have


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