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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 16, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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microclimate forecast. foggy out there. >> it is so foggy out through the north bay, san francisco coast lined and through the east bay. here is what it looks like outside in the south bay. it is a chilly 57, cloudy skies through there. the peninsula, 55. the tri-valley, no, the camera is not broken. i always double check with directors to make sure, it is just fogged out. 46 degrees right now. it is pretty dense up through the north bay. 43 degrees in san francisco, and look at the east bay, 55 degrees right now. the fog and visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile in santa rosa. look at san carlos, less than that. up to the santa cruz mountains as well, down to half a mile. the dense fog advisory will remain in place through 9:00 and the current temperatures are cold. however, i have good news. once the fog burns out it looks like the temperatures will climb above average for this time of year. we're supposed to be in the 60s, kind of like in the past two, three days. we will be in the 70s today. the sun will take over and high
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pressure is going to be rolling through. a lot of mem have been talking about rain chances. i barely washed my car yesterday, that's not an indicator of no rain. >> sounds god. a four-alarm fire in san francisco's castro district. here is a live look at the fire on castro street. firefighters say it has spread to one or two buildings. this is what it looked like about 30 minutes ago. we are still not sure how many people have been displaced. no injuries have been reported. contra costa county sheriff is painting a gruesome picture of what happened inside that airbnb rental halloween night that left five dead. one of the suspects tried to get away by jumping through a second story window of an antioch home on thursday. these dramatic pictures, along with new details as authorities
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describe what happened halloween night. >> in my 32 years of law enforcement i have never seen a homicide scene like this ever. it was a blood bath inside the home. >> on thursday in separate raids police arrested five suspects, four of them facing charges of murder and conspiracy. one of them, said to be the party promoter, is now behind bars on suspicion of being an accessory. the sheriff says two of the victims were also armed with guns. authorities are still looking for more suspects this morning. turning now to a car crash involving a police officer in san jose, it happened around 10:00 last night on northbound highway 680 north of 101 when his patrol car hit an suv. the police cruiser was destroyed and the officer was taken to a local hospital. he seemed to be conscious and could be seen moving his arm around. all lanes on 680 are back open
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this morning a bizarre collision on the runway in san antonio, texas. it involves a private jet from san jose. that plane reportedly had a fuel leak. the faa says one of the private planes was taxiing when it clipped the wing of another plane. no one was hurt. it is unclear if there were any passengers aboard either plane. the jet from san jose is registered to a company called pilot point consultancy of sunnyvale. we have a follow-up to the dramatic demolition at vallco mall in cupertino, a demolition that almost went wrong as a wall crashed down as cars drove by. the developer says despite what it looks like it went according to plan yesterday. they said the wall came down in a zone that construction workers had cleared. the demolition is almost complete. crews will then begin work on the parking structure across the street. she was accused of orchestrating the murder of her ex-boyfriend who was also the father of her two children.
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hillsborough real estate heiress tiffany li is now a free woman. a jury found her not guilty, but the high-profile case is far from over. today in the bay's sergio contaminant au h contana. >> reporter: she was whisked out minutes after getting her ankle monitor removed. she was under house arrest since posting a whopping $35 million bond more than two years ago. >> she has dedicated herself to being a better person all the way around because she has been given a gift. >> reporter: li was accused of organizing the murder of keith green, her former boyfriend. grown's mother was not happy with the verdict. >> they were together almost seven years. they had a family together and she just threw him out, out on the street. >> reporter: prosecutors accuse li and her current boyfriend of
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conspiring to lure green to her hillsborough home where he was shot and killed. the jury acquitted li but couldn't reach a verdict against her boyfriend. the judge declared a mistrial against him. the district attorney said his team will review the evidence before deciding to retry the case, including looking at a friend of li's boyfriend. >> she said he is the murder. i want to hear what the evidence was that the defense presented. i want to consider all of that. >> reporter: sergio contana, "nbc bay area news." the 16 year old that opened fire at a high school thursday has died. he was hospitalized with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the sheriff's department says he died around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. he shot and killed two students and injured three others. investigators say the attack at saugus high school was planned
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and they're now trying to figure out what drove the gunman to kill his classmates. trail blazing across california. last night senator bernie sanders was in fresno. the presidential candidate spoke at fresno city college about his plans for the new green deal. he also touched on topics like climate change and immigration. earlier yesterday he was here in the bay area, not only raising money but picking up a major endorsement from the largest nurses union in the nation. in oakland he told hundreds of registered nurses they're on the front line of medicare for all and have been for years. he said if elected every american would have health care by the end of his first term. >> we lower the eligibility age from 65 down to 55. >> the union represents more than 150,000 registered nurses nationwide. it was day two for the televised impeachment inquiry
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hearings. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch testified for some five hours. she recapped her decades of service and her abrupt removal by president trump. also, long-time trump ally roger stone was convicted. a jury found him guilty of lying to congress, witness tampering and obstructing a house investigation. the impeachment hearings continue tuesday with lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, the top ukraine expert for the national security council, and jennifer williams, an aide to vice president pence. the nfl hands down a substantial punishment after an ugly incident on thursday. myles garrett of the cleveland browns ripped off the helmet of the steelers' quarterback and then hit him in the head with it. garrett is suspended important the rest of the season, and this is the longest suspension in league history for a single on-field incident. garrett issued an apology to his
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team, the steelers and the fans. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, san jose students putting an international issue on display. how a new play highlights the struggles of undocumented immigrants. also, if you are sick and tired of sitting in traffic, a change could be on the way. the possible new plan senator feinstein and an east bay congressman have for a new bridge in the bay area. ok, network inspection. -ok.
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take a live look outside in downtown san jose. not quite as foggy as it was in san francisco. art imitating life and the struggles of dreamers, immigration highlighted on a south bay stage for the next two weeks. a play shows the struggles of undocumented immigrants. one of the lead actors is an outspoken dreamer who plays himself. today in the bay's ian cole has
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the details. >> reporter: these students are opening a new play called dreamer project, an undocu play, focusing on undocumented immigrants and the experiences they endured. >> because i'm not a citizen, i can't work at what i want to do. >> reporter: the words are all real from actual interviews with undocumented students on campus done by lecturer kathleen normington. >> i realized many needed to hear the stories. >> reporter: we were given a sneak peek address rehearsal. >> i'm undocumented. >> i'm undocumented. >> reporter: the actors are performing as peers they've never met, ones who could be in the audience here at the hammer theater a block from campus. >> we have to portray them authentically but also portray them in a way where we're educating our community about this topic. >> reporter: and then there is jose, the only actual undocumented immigrant on stage who is playing himself.
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>> definitely a new experience. >> reporter: he has lived in the u.s. since he was five, but says since growing up without papers held him back. >> i just had this conversation with one of my cast mates because i'm trying to help him get in the right head space for this. i asked, how old were you when you got your license. he said he was 15. okay, what if you couldn't have your license at 15, what would you do? how would you feel with people around you being able to get to the next level of existence? >> reporter: his experience, shared with actors and now with an audience in the hopes for better understanding that we are all human. >> and leave the theater with a little more knowledge and a little more empathy. >> we have many faces. dreamers are all kind of different people. >> reporter: in saj, in jose, i cole, "nbc bay area news." more ahead on today in the bay. winter has come early in the east bay. the one-of-a-kind ice rink that just opened and the bay aero
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limb peaan lacing up her skates. we have a dense fog advisory in place for north bay, east bay and san francisco, but are we going to get sunshine? what about the next time we see rain? i'll have that answer for you coming up. stay with us.
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taking a live look outside, you see the golden gate bridge. it is very foggy this morning. remember to use your regular headlights, not your high beams in this foggy weather. more talk about adding another bridge in the bay area. senator dianne feinstein and east bay representative wants to build another bridge across the bay, and it would likely be located south of the bay bridge, linking highway 238 in san lorenzo to 380 near sfo. this is an idea that's been tossed around for the last 80 years, but the new push comes as local leaders are working on a mega tax measure for the 2020 ballot. well, it is getting colder out there, slowly but surely.
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you know what that means. it is ski season in tahoe. squaw and alpine opened some runs yesterday. skiers and snowboarders lined up as early at 6:00 a.m. to get on the mountain. there haven't been any snow storms recently, so the resorts use manmade snow for those who can't wait to get some fresh powder. hopefully that changes soon. nothing says it is the holidays more than ice skating. last night was the grand opening for the kristi yamaguchi holiday ice rink in san ramon. it is at the city center bishop ranch. she is an east bay native and an olympic gold medalist. the outdoor ice rink is the only one of its kind in the tri-valley. >> it is a great place, peeshl here. it is a family friendly entertainment center and you add an ice rink and you get the holiday feel. >> the proceeds for tickets go toward her always dream foundation which supports early childhood literacy.
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the rink will be open through january 5th. now let's check in with vianey arana. i always wanted to learn how to ice skate. >> yes, i'm not very good. i'm look out or hang on to the side. >> that's me. >> or shameless and get one of the walker things they give to the kids. got to do what you got to do. it is not cold enough, as you saw, to snow in the sierra, but i want to take you through the extended forecast because a lot of folks got excited -- well, maybe not excited if you don't like the rain. the fog is hiding the golden gate bridge shot under the fog. this is a view from our sutro tower cam. you can barely make it out. 55 degrees right now in san francisco and very foggy, not just through the coastline but through the north bay and east bay, but keep in mind we will see it burning off. san jose, 57 degrees. pretty chilly in santa rosa, 42
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degrees. 55 in oakland. 57, san jose. i want to show you something for comparison, because if you are a true californian you know everybody on the east coast or the midwest make fun of us for complaining about the cold. this is why. do you want to see their current temperatures? 30s and 20s. that's pretty cold, i'm not going to lie. when you look at minneapolis, 36. detroit, 29, and over in new york, 36 degrees. i guess they have a point, but i'm from california and i'm still cold so let us be. right now your microclimate highs for today, we have the high pressure taking over which means the dry conditions will remain. it is also going to warm up about 10 to 12 degrees above what we saw the last two or three days. in san jose, we are talking a high of 73. through morgan hill, 75. gilroy, 76. up through the east bay, 67 degrees in oakland. walnut cream, 75. concord, 76. hayward, 68. along the peninsula, 68 in
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redwood city, 67 for san mateo. it will remain in the 60s and along the coastline the fog is slower to clear. partial clearing through the afternoon and better through the evening. 74, novato. 69, mill valley. let's talk about the weather setup. the orange, brown, red hues you see are dry conditions. as of right now, there is a bit of a low pressure system that seems to be lingering, however, if you notice where the green shows up, that's the rain. the majority of our rain right now seems to be sticking more to the south, to the east of us and just over to the north. so it may just miss the bay area either entirely or barely give us any rain in this scenario. the models are flip-flopping so we will keep a close eye on that storm heading into wednesday and thursday evening hours. overall though, over the next ten days we will see some
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changes, at least in terms of the temperatures. we have that morning fog through today. by tomorrow we will warm up a bit to about 66 degrees in san francisco. still warm by monday, 67. then, again, we have the two systems nearby, so for now looks like the showers will remain to the south but we will know as we get closer to that. 77 for tomorrow. 78, inland areas. yes, that's a ten-degree drop by tuesday, drop back down to the 60s, so i'll keep a close eye on the storms nearby. for now, sunshine all day, marianne. >> thanks so much. two rival teams come together to make a waterboy's dream come true. he played in the game. it is part of our bay area proud series.
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you don't have to be a sports fan to understand that sometimes the core really doesn't matter. at a recent high school football game that was definitely the case when two rival teams came together to make a boy's wish
7:23 am
come true. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas shows us the memorable moment in this morning's "bay area proud." >> so have you ever heard of the egg bowl? it is the rivalry game between petaluma and casa grande high school. the game almost didn't take place this year because of smoke from the kincade fire nearby, but in the end the game was played on schedule. who won? well, everyone. the petaluma high school football team, going into their last game of this season. >> here we go. on your mark, get set, go! >> reporter: did not have what coach rick chris would call a good record. >> it was a tough year. it was a tough year for the wins and losses. >> you got it, you got it! >> reporter: but for the time game against rive au casa grande, coach chris had a play up his sleeve. he just knew it would turn the trojans' losing record into a winning season. >> so we ran flex 25 draw, and
7:24 am
he was the draw. >> reporter: he is aiden spillane, a 17-year-old senior with cerebral palsy. it is a condition that makes it hard for aid an to speak. >> here we go. >> reporter: but when it comes to football. >> what do you do, run or throw it, aid an? >> reporter: he's easy to understand. >> throw it. >> reporter: aid an's dad bret says his son fell in love with the sport as a little boy when he would take him to petaluma high school games. being a part of that team, bret knew would mean the world to aid an. >> prior to the freshman year and during that summer i called up coach and said, is there any way you can get aidan somehow involved in the team in any capacity? coach said, absolutely would love to, maybe make him the waterboy. >> reporter: coach chris never regretted that decision for a moment. >> didn't miss one practice, not one time, not one game, not one practice. he embodies everything that as a
7:25 am
coach you want your program to be. he is all about us instead of him, which is great. >> reporter: but at the end of the last game of his last season as waterboy, coach wanted the moment for once to be about him. so they suited him up, handed him the ball and watched him score. >> and if you watch the video, he does a little hop after he scores his touchdown. for aidan to even express himself to that regard i think really speaks volumes to how truly excited he was about it. i'm not a cryer by nature, but, yeah, i broke down and cried. >> i was lucky to be that person to get to choose that, but there's millions of people that would make that decision if you knew aidan. >> coach chris wanted to make sure there was a big shout-out of thanks to casa grande high school. the game was actually played on their home turf and their entire team and all of their fans willingless participated in
7:26 am
aidan's play. garvin thomas, "nbc bay area news." wow, what a role model. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, how an east bay football star discovered he has cancer. why his family says he dreams of playing on the grid iron are far from over. plus, apple is taking a stance after the rise in vaping-related illnesses. what the company is doing. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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the fog is literally dominating the north bay and east bay. look at this view. you can't even see the golden
7:29 am
gate bridge shot. it is truly hiding it, and that's right above the view from our sutro tower cam. 55 degrees in san francisco. we have the dense fog in san jose through walnut creek. 57 degrees right now. wind speeds about 5 miles per hour, so winds are not the factor but it is chilly to north bay right now. 43 degrees. napa, 55 degrees. once the fog clears out we will see sunshine and the temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. i want to show you a comparison. i showed it in the last, but if you are just joining us when we complain about the coast in california, the east coast and midwest make fun of us. look at detroit right now, 29 degrees. it is below freezing. new york city, 36 degrees. boston, 33. it is still cold for me. i lived in boston, a little too chilly. thank goodness i'm back in california. >> it does feel good, doesn't it? >> it does. >> thanks so much. we begin with breaking news. a four-alarm fire in san
7:30 am
francisco's castro district. here is a live look at a building on castro street. fire crews say the fire spread to at least one other building, possibly two. fire crews are still out there and the buildings are both residential and commercial. this is what it looked like about an hour ago. we're still not sure how many people have been displaced because of this fire. so far no injuries have been reported. contra costa county sheriff painting a gruesome picture of what happened inside that orinda airbnb rental halloween night that left five people dead. the sheriff's department releasing new individualon of one of the suspects trying to get away by jumping through a second story window of an antioch home on thursday. these dramatic pictures, along with new details as authorities describe what happened halloween night. >> in my 32 years of law enforcement i have never seen a homicide scene like this ever. it was a blood bath inside the
7:31 am
home. >> on thursday in separate raids police arrested five suspects, four of them facing charges of murder and conspiracy. one of them, said to be the party promoter, is behind bars on suspicion of being an accessory. the sheriff says two of the victims were also armed with guns. authorities are still looking for more suspects this morning. turning now to a car crash involving a police officer in san jose. it happened around 10:00 last night on northbound highway 680 north of 101. his police cruiser is destroyed and that officer was taken to a local hospital. he seemed to be conscious. he could be seen moving his arm around. all lanes of highway 680 are back open. a bizarre collision on the runway in san antonio, texas. it involved a private jet from san jose. that plane reportedly had a fuel leak. the faa says one of the private planes was taxiing when it
7:32 am
clipped the wing of another plane. no one was hurt and it is unclear if there were any passengers aboard either plane. the jet from san jose is registered to a company called pilot point consultancy of sunnyvale. we have a follow-up to the dramatic demolition at vallco mall in cupertino, a demolition that almost went wrong when a wall came crashing down as cars drove by. this all happened yesterday. the developer, sand hill properties, told us despite what it looks like everything did go according to plan. they said the wall came down in a zone that construction workers had cleared. the demolition is almost complete and crews are going to start work on the parking structure across the street. with vaping-related deaths on the rise, apple is drawing a line. earlier this week there were apps in its app store that let you check vaping news, share vaping photos, even control the temperature of your vape pen, but not anymore. apple has removed close to 200
7:33 am
vaping-related apps from its stores in an effort to improve public health. dr. robert jackler of stanford calls it a good start to help wean young people off of vaping. >> having it in the app store, a large number of apps together with social media like instagram and facebook and ticktock and all of those make it part of youth culture. >> now, if you already have vape-related apps on your phone you have already downloaded, apple says you can keep them, but it will not allow any more to be downloaded. an east bay standout football player is used to having people rooting for him while he is on the football field. now they're rooting for him while he's in a hospital bed battling cancer. "today in the bay's" gene elle has the details. >> reporter: from his hospital bed ramone sanders jr. thanks everyone who is praying for his
7:34 am
recovery. the 19 year old standout football player from high school in oakland is battling cancer. his father says he is in hospice care, but he is confident his son will pull through. >> we had tons of people here last night to where you couldn't really shed too many tears because of the love that was in the room because, you know, we know raymone will be okay. >> reporter: he broke his leg playing football earlier this year, that's when doctors discovered a tumor, diagnosing him with cancer. sanders' fiance says he still has big football dreams. >> he really wants to open up a camp pretty much to where kids who have a dream to become an nfl football player can have the chance to get the experience that he had. >> in the meantime, his 1-year-old daughter, family and friends are keeping his spirits high. jean elle, "nbc bay area news." >> we wish them well.
7:35 am
a small yet significant step forward in the small town of paradise. last night they played in their first playoff game beating live oak 56-0. it has been a year since the fire in butte county ripped through paradise. almost everyone on the team lost their homes. this team played a crucial part in reuniting the community. everyone comes together to cheer on the bobcats. police are playing poker for a good cause. last night the santa clara police union held its eighth annual poker tournament for the special olympics. there are 23,000 athletes here in northern california, everything for them is free because of events like this one. the goal was to raise $100,000 for one athlete. it is his favorite event of the year. >> i connect with other people. i connect with all of my friends and family.
7:36 am
>> to see them excel and to see them here, it is something that we can get gratification doing away from the everyday job as a police officer. >> the event was held at the boulder ridge golf club. last year law enforcement across northern california raised $1.2 million for the special olympics. still ahead on "today in the bay," steph curry was trying to root his young warriors' teammates to victory at chase center. we will show you how the dubs did against the best team in the nba.
7:37 am
7:38 am
a big weekend of football. both the raiders and the 49ers are home for their games tomorrow afternoon. to basketball now. the warriors hosting the boston celtics at chase center last night. an injured steph curry cheering his team on. the warriors hung in tough against the team with the best record in the nba, and this game would come down to the wire, but in the end the celtics pulled out the win.
7:39 am
the warriors have now lost six straight games. before last night's game warriors' coach steve kerr met with the b.a.r.t employee who pulled a man to safety after he fell on to the b.a.r.t tracks. you may remember the jaw-dropping video that happened just a few weeks ago. a sacramento area man fell on to the tracks. that's when john o'connor quickly grabbed the victim and pulled him off the tracks just seconds before the b.a.r.t train pulled into the stop. today is a big day for former 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick after a yooers-long stalemate he will be attending a private workout for several nfl teams. he hasn't played since 2016. today's workout will be in atlanta. it will include an on-field workout and an interview opportunity. kaepernick, who is 32, posted a video of himself working out back in august saying he is ready to play again. much more ahead on "today in
7:40 am
the bay." coming up, commercials and clinics promising pain relief with a shot, but is it too good to be true? the warning from the fda that may make you think twice about getting a stem cell injection. it is a foggy start, a little chilly. we also have seen drizzle this week. what about the rain? i will have a look at that plus the latest drought monitor coming up just after the break. stay with us.
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good saturday morning. it is 7:42, and we have avenue got the fog rolling through. here is a look right now outside the window. in south bay we have a cloudy start, a chilly 57. certainly seeing the fog along the peninsula, 55. in the tri-valley, yes, it is a live camera but there's just so much fog that it is completely fogged out the cam. you can't even see anything behind it. a cold 46 degrees, and that is the location where there is a dense fog add vevisory. the san francisco shot is pretty cool because this is a view from
7:43 am
the sutro tower cam. below is the golden gate bridge. a very cold 40s through the north bay. the limited visibility is down to less than a quarter of a mile. in san francisco, san carlos and down through sanpt santa cruz w the fog advisory in place. remember to keep your headlights on low beams. satellite right now, not a lot of activity going on. we have the high pressure rolling through, keeping us dry but also warming us up by about 10 degrees through the tri-valley and interior valleys. san jose, high of 73. morgan hill, 75. gilroy, 76. keep in mind the past two days we only managed to climb into the 60s, so you certainly will feel a warmer afternoon. danville, 76. walnut creek, 75.
7:44 am
oakland, 67. redwood city, 68. anywhere along the coastline the fog will be slower to clear or in san francisco, but the sun will pop through the clouds. novato, 74. i did say i would give you the latest look at the drought monitor. while we are definitely in a deficit when it comes to rain, a lot of people thought they saw a lot of rain last time but remember it was just drizzle. we only got a couple hundredth of an issue. the drought monitor showing almost all of california from san francisco down through southern california and l.a. as abnormally dry for this time of year. when is the next chance of seeing rain? that high pressure will dominate at least for the next several days which is why i washed my car yesterday, but if you want to extend the life of your carwash you may want to hold ous because by wednesday we are monitoring two systems, one to the north and one just to is south that will bring the best chance of seeing some rain. as of right now it seems like southern california and in through the east side of us and
7:45 am
up through the north. so it may just miss the bay area entirely. we will monitor the models as we get closer. it is definitely going to bring a drop in the temperatures, so as that high pressure dominates through tomorrow we will get a high of about 66 in san francisco, 67 into monday, and by wednesday and thursday notice the temperature drop to about 63. it will be way more noticeable for inland areas as we drop down to 10 degrees by tuesday with a high of 68. marianne. >> thanks, i am taking my sons on a boy scout camping trip so i have to bring a jacket. still ahead on "today in the bay" patients who bought a stem cell shot are unsure what is inside their bodies. see what we found next. on capitol hill the impeachment showdown ramps up. >> the public hearing happening this week and what president trump is saying about the inquiry. >> plus, tracking your workweek
7:46 am
forecast. >> join us monday morning 4:30 to 7:00.
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7:48 am
people with chronic pain are lining up to get stem cell injections. they pay dearly for the hope of relief. anything to relieve the pain, but that also leads to some false promises. we've spent the past six months investigating claims by a south bay clinic using stem cells to fix chronic pain. consumer investigator chris chmura talked to patients, doctors and regulators who have concerns about this clinic and hundreds of others like it nationwide. >> reporter: stem cells are microscopic and potentially huge all at the same time. researchers are in labs every day trying to figure out if stem cells can regenerate cartilage
7:49 am
or muscle. that's not proven, and yet many clinics are already offering treatments. some say they're too early, too risky and too expensive. >> i have all kinds of stuff here. >> reporter: marilyn kerchoff is in pain. >> i wanted to fix all of that so i didn't feel like i was 80 years old, you know. >> reporter: this chiropractor's ad spoke to her. advanced health center in san jose offered relief using stem cells. >> 80% chance of success. that sounds really good. so i signed that contract for almost $13,000. >> reporter: she got four shots, two in her hips, two in her shoulders for her $13,000. but -- >> i got nothing for my money. i got nothing. >> reporter: marilyn's sister barbara got the stem cell treatment too, same clinic, say money, same result. >> i cannot tell you any relief that i received. >> reporter: experts we talked to aren't surprised. >> what we would call bogus therapy. >> reporter: all of the scientists -- >> i would be very cautious
7:50 am
about this. >> reporter: doctors -- >> there's no proof they help. >> reporter: and regulators we interviewed voiced the same concerns. >> but they're using it to promise people cures, which we don't actually know they can deliver. >> reporter: look at this advanced health center ad. the chiropractors say, don't mask your pain, fix it with stem cells. knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain. >> is it approved for knee pain? >> no. >> hip pain. >> no. >> arthritis? >> no. >> shoulder pain? >> no. >> what is it approved for? >> bone marrow transplants and three other conditions, two of them quite rare. >> reporter: at uc berkley nobel prize winning biologist says federal approval to treat aches and pains is likely years away and not even guaranteed. he says stem cell injections part of a registered clinical trial might be okay, but in a regular kies regul regular chiropractor's office? >> under no circumstances.
7:51 am
>> reporter: yet many are getting the treatment. we asked hthe clinic to review their records and tell us what was in the injections. they declined to participate in the story. the doctor questions whether they are giving the patient living stem cells. >> the patient has no way of knowing. >> reporter: do you have any idea what they injected into you? >> no. >> reporter: marilyn's paperwork says she was injected with sufforce. other suppliers say they use similar material. doctors we talk to are skeptical by the time placenta is processed and injected any stem cells are alive. we tried to get more details and a sample from the company, but they did not return our calls. stem cell clinics are popping up all over. >> learn if stem cell therapy is right for you. >> reporter: the fda estimates 700 nationwide. it produced this cautionary video about unapproved stem cell
7:52 am
treatment. >> none are proven to work to treat these conditions and worse some may cause harm. >> reporter: why doesn't the fda just shut down stem cell clinics and their suppliers? because they straddle a gray area according to the fda. buyer beware, especially since insurance does not cover unapproved stem cell injections. >> people are pang money out of pocket and, unfortunately, if they don't work, even if they aren't necessarily harmed physically, they can be harmed very much financially. >> reporter: the money can be big. online medical consultants are promoting stem cells to chiropractors. one in arizona touts an easy, new revenue stream. >> and we implement and manage your entire regenerative program. >> reporter: at in florida posts testimonials from chiropractors on youtube. >> hi, i'm dr. brian coyle from san jose, california. >> reporter: including one by dr. brian coyle of advanced health center in san jose, the clinic that treated marilyn and barbara. >> and we're going to definitely
7:53 am
double our practice and easily make a million dollars more next year. >> reporter: we wanted to talk with dr. coyle or anyone else at advanced health center. they never responded to our e-mails. so we went in person. they declined to speak with us. that's the same response we got from everyone else we contacted in the stem cell industry, the doctors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, silence. >> the public needs to know. >> reporter: marilyn feels she is being ignored, too. so she has filed complaints with the state. >> they get your hopes up, and you think, oh, my god, this is the fountain of youth. you know, it is going to fix all of my problems. and then you are so crushed when it doesn't do anything for you and they've got your money. >> reporter: one last note, the state board that oversees chiropractors told us chiropractors are not licensed to do injections. in marilyn and barbara's cases the clinic hired a medical doctor they hadn't previously met to give the shots.
7:54 am
that doctor also declined to participate in our story. do you have a stem cell story to tell? you can use your smartphone right now to take a photo of the qr code on your screen. it will take you to our contact us form at, or you can use the smartphone to call us. the number is 888-996-tips. much more ahead on "today in the bay". coming up, it is our clear the shelter segment featuring our friends from pets in need. we will introduce you to pugsley and hughey next.
7:55 am
7:56 am
well, welcome back. it is time for our clear the shelter segment with our friends from pets in need. by the way, this is hughey. jacqueline stewart and rachel nehemiah is here with pugsley and hughey here. there's nothing better than holding a cat that is purring. it is so relaxing. tell us a little bit about what
7:57 am
would make a good home for these kitties? >> sure. pugsley is about ten weeks so he's still a kitten. he's very active, so he would definitely love to go with another kitten. him and hughey were, like, playing the entire time on the way here. hughey, on the other hand, he's pretty chill. he does like to play a lot, but, as you can see, he does like to hang out and purr. >> and you said he likes to be held like a baby, which is so sweet. >> yes. >> tell us about your cat-urday. >> yes, this saturday and next saturday we're doing promotions. we're doing two for one kittens, so two for the price of one, and waived adoption fees on adult cats. it is a great deal. >> it is. is this considered kitten season right now? >> yes, we want to talk about that? >> how full is it? are you really full with kittens? >> yes, at our shelter we have about eight kittens about two months old and we have some of
7:58 am
our older kittens like these two here that have been sitting at the shelter for a long time. so we would really love to get them out and into homes. >> wonderful. again, anything, any special considerations you should make if you never had a cat before? >> i mean cats are generally pretty easy. like if you have never had a pet before, cats on easier than dogs. they usually come litter trained. the only thing i would say is if you do get a singleton cat be ready to get your hands clawed because they want to play with you. that's why we definitely recommend getting two kittens so they can rough and tumble and then they will be ready to cuddle with you after they play. >> good advice. thank you, hughey, for letting me hold you. thanks for being with us. you can find out more about pets in need on their website, thank you for coming in, ladies. thank you, hughey, you have been so good to me. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. we will have more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and
7:59 am
11:00 and all day on we will be back here tomorrow, so have yourself a great morning and a great saturday. take care. .
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