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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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is sonoma counties because of a fire warning. >> what we are learning about a crash. >> public system ream assumes today on the impeachment inquiry. the much-anticipated key witness expected to speak what could be pivotal testimony. "today in the day" continues right now. good wednesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we have been talking about those high incoming winds are putting us under that micro climate weather alert. meteorologist carrie haulsman is tracking that. >> wet roads out there. rain moved into part of the bay area over night and new video what it looked like in san jose. rain very much needed. not everyone picked it up but the big question is how much do
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the buckets get filled up? >> also with that light rain, after awhile, the wet roads and grease rises. >> it was spotty. looping the radar i want to show you where exactly we had that rain. it started yesterday evening in parts of lake county through northern sonoma county and it moved through and rolling quickly. in san francisco we saw some of that rain moving through coming from mill valley into san francisco. now it has cleared out. we also had a couple of cells that moved over parts of the foothills into san jose towards los gatos. all of the rain has cleared out. we will talk about the wind forecast coming up. mike, you have one spot to avoid in san jose? >> i do. our buddy chris is covering a deadly crash that happened on alum rock at jackson. there will likely be traffic
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control there until 6:00 morning and might affect bta lines 23 and 70. we will check in with kris later on in the morning. freeways moving nicely to the bay bridge. a backup for fastrak and check in with a couple of minutes to see if it's cleared up as it should. back to you. >> in hours thousands of people will find themselves in the dark when pg&e shuts off their power. again. this is because of the high fire danger we have been talking about. here is a look at the impacted households and businesses. locally shut jaw you to dart parts of sonoma, napa and today in the bay we are live in santa rosa and we find pete suratos
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there. >> pg&e shutoffs taking place so frequently and we are standing in front of hidden valley elementary in santa rosa and many of the schools closed as a result of these shutoffs. last time around they were closed as well as they were dealing with the pg&e power shutoff. here is a list of the districts affected throughout sonoma county. there is a complete list you guys are looking at. they fall into the zone of where pg&e feels they are the most wildfire threats. that is a primary reason for these shutoffs in the first place. wildfire prevention was discussed last night in marin county. they are no longer dealing with the shutoffs but they were there to discuss ways to harden your home in the event of a wildfire and important lesson for folks
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as we continue to deal with the threat of wires. >> look at your front doormat. do you have a natural juke doormat at your door? that could ignite when an ember lands on it. >> it makes you realize what you can do to your home to save yourself because the fires are coming to marin. >> reporter: here is a look at the overall numbers of households affected by the shutout. drastically dropped from yesterday's from pg&e. shutoff is expected to begin in napa and sonoma counties at 8:00 a.m. we are expecting winds to peak later on this morning. we are still under that red flag warning for all of these areas shaded in red above 1,000 feet.
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this is where we could see some of those mountain gusts up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. so far in the hills i've seen the winds at 40 to 50 miles per hour so far this morning. we go into the wind forecast. we do seep the winds increasing where we see the bright colors. it indicates where we will have those highest winds and includes parts of the east bay hills. 1:00 to 2:00, wind speeds in nap aa and clear lake 30 miles per hour and into the evening still going to quite breezy. northeasterly wind will continue for several hours and create a high fire danger and any sparks could develop rapidly into a brush fire so something we will watch throughout the day. by 4:00 tomorrow morning, the red flag warning will expire but we will watch all of our micro climates and the north bay. until then i'll have another
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update what we are expecting temperature wise in about three minutes. >> a lot of people wondering will i lose power in this shutoff? you can check our interactive map on our website and type in your exact address using our look-up tool and look at the left corner of your screen there, that qr code at the corner point your phone's camera to it and it will take you to the map on our website. a lot of questions about a cash that killed one person overnight in san jose alum rock neighborhood. kris hernandez is here with new information? >> reporter: we just got new confirmation from the san jose p.d. the investigators are still taking measurements here at the scene of alum rock and jackson avenues. the car have all now been towed away. we know this intersection is going to remain closed, though, for at least another hour or so.
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in the last 15 minutes, san jose police confirmed for us that this is, indeed, a deadly hit-and-run crash. the person who died was a passenger in a honda driven by a man who fled the scene on foot. this was a scene just after the driver of that honda hit a tesla golden gate on jackson avenue. that honda then continued through the bus lane and hit a third vehicle, a dodge suv. two people had to be cut from the wreckage of that honda before they headed to the hospital where one of them died. a baby was also in one of those three cars but was checked out at the scene and was unhurt, along with the parents. in all, nine people were hurt in the crash that witnesses say happened very fast. >> there was the car. i tried to see if they were okay.
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this is investigated as a felony hit-and-run crash and we don't know who the driver is of that honda but police are looking for a suspect described as hispanic man in his 40s and thin build and wearing a red jersey at the time this happened. if you were in the area around 10:00 last night, perhaps you know something, definitely reach out to san jose police. there is a major bta lines that runs through here. we know the roadway will be closed until 6:00 this morning and we expect this will have an impact on the light rail line at least until 6:00 this morning. we will keep you updated. we know mike is also tracking that for us as well. is details come in we will share
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them with you. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> on capitol hill, another critical day in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. this is a live look inside. over an hour, the testimony will resume. house investigators will start questioning gordon sondland about his direct conversations with president trump on ukraine. during yesterday's session, ambassador kurt volker changed his testimony he didn't know at the time but realized the trump administration sought military aid that gepeddepended in the investigation. we will have break down of the testimony in the "checks and balances" segment coming up. micro climate weather alert.
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mid-50s in oakland and carolina temperatures start out at 51. a look at the highs. we will see clearing skies. temperatures reaching the upper 60s and low 70s for some of our micro climates. up to 72 food in napa and oakland reaches 67. i'll have a look at our east bay temperature trend coming up in about four minutes. mike, you're checking in at the bay bridge? >> east bay traffic trend as we know is trend toward slower and more congested. fastrak lanes are filling in. we should seep the metering l i lights on in ten minutes. no problems here contra costa county a nice smooth drive and
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north bay towards san francisco construction crew down to one lane and speeds return back to normal and should be okay. we will double-check. rest of the bay moving nicely on the freeway. >> it's on top of almost every tour's list of san francisco, alcatraz. >> today is the 50th anniversary of the moment that changed the prison forever. we open up the history books on the protest that took over alcatraz. who was behind it and the changes that followed coming up. apple's tim cook will meet again with the president today to try to convince him not to tax your iphone. stay around for this. celebrities turning cheerleaders at the lakers game! you're watching "today in the bay." ok, network inspection. -ok.
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we are under a high micro alert for a high fire danger. 60s at noon and gusty and sunny here but see more warm weather in the forecast. we will talk about our winds calming down and what else is in the forecast in about five minutes. nice easy drive you expect along the peninsula 101 north
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toward the yellow crossing there. that is willow. stocks down 20% after profits were down 24% the company said from a year ago. markets sank on worries about our not very good relationship with china. you got the trade deal, of course, which nobody is actually seeing. the u.s. senate has passed a bill supporting protesters in hong kong as police there start using live ammunition against those protesters. the house passed a similar bill here in washington last month. beijing says the u.s. government is meddling in its internal affairs. president trump and apple ceo tim cook will tour a third-party factor in texas today. tariffs that would affect apple products go into effect next
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month. cook was able to convince trump to leave them off until now. the ntsb says the death of a jay walker in arizona can be blamed on an inattentive driver. the safety driver was supposed to be supervising actions of automated uber car and instead watching a video on her phone. the ntsb says the uber lacked safety in their car. a judge in los angeles says elon musk must stand trial. musk claimed a british worker was a pedophile after musk tried to rescue the kids trapped in a indicative with a minisubmarine. the rescuer helped rescue them and musk later deleted the tweets and apologized but 9 man sued. trial begins december 3rd. in 2018, elon musk had a --
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>> he was a strange interaction that and a couple of other things. >> one in which he was talking to reporters as he is -- legally required to do every quarter. he said stop asking me boring questions. you're the ceo of the company. we are the analysts. this is our job! >> exactly. >> up answer the questions. he since has gotten better at that. >> we will see how the trial goes there. today marks the 50th anniversary of the alcatraz occupation. it started on november 20th back in 1969 and went on 19 months. they protest the u.s. government over taking their land. many historians believe the alcatraz occupation greatly influenced the american's government to end its indian termination policy. celebrities are known to flock to the los angeles lakers but last night, the team got a couple of a-listers to cheaper
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on the team literally. venus williams dancing alongside the laker girls at the staples center and joining her was the patriots tight end retired rob gronkowski and then james corden, the comedian. >> you can tell they practiced. >> that might be the first laker girl ever to be named gronk! >> a gronk girl! >> you could hurt your neck whipping your head around like that. back at home, we are talking about some serious weather today. >> yeah. it's still fire danger even though we have some rain move in yesterday. we are looking at the past 12 hours. i wanted to show you some of the showers that moved through parts of lake county and over toward northern sonoma county rush through those areas. it moved so fast that it only dropped .300 of an inch.
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it made it into parts of the bay area. it was also spotty and moved from mill valley into san francisco. this happened later last night. this was mostly at about 11:00 to 12:00 we saw showers moving through parts of the north bay and then for the south bay, we saw some rain that developed over some of the foothills that moved into milpitas and san jose and caused lightning moving quickly across the cruz mountains. in all of these areas we only got a few hundredths of an inch and most of it is all gone but still raining and snowing across parts of the sierra. this will cause us to have a red flag warning throughout the day as the winds pick up for all of these areas shade inside red and includes our hills and mountains at elevation above 1,000 feet and we will have our highest wind gusts today here is a look
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at the gusts i've been seeing the past couple of hours. some of our peak winds may not come until later this morning and calm down during the day. dry weather, area of low pressure moving away. then we are going to warm up just slilted in tightly for the. more changes ahead for next week. there could be a chance of some showers moving in by next wednesday and thursday. i know that is like peak travel time but our models are showing that we could get some beneficial rain in here, at least by next wednesday and thursday right into time for thanksgiving and especially for the north bay up to an inch of rain. another computer model shows a lot more. this is the gps and showing rain in the forecast. they disagree but we have rain chances in the forecast.
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mike you're breaking that pattern at the bay bridge? >> absolutely right. look behind me, folks. metering lights are on but turned on at 5:15 monday and tuesday and now it's 5:18 and still seeing that pattern. we may have a new normal but see as things shake out. it may have been somebody is different on the timing button when they turn the metering lights on. crash reported in san francisco. look at this on harrison at fifth. we also have the congestion around because of the dream force golden gate on around that area. no major concerns.
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freeways are moving smoothly. a major thoroughway shows slowing here. where you merge to one lane and things bogged down out of brentwood and byron there. everything fine during that area. another area on the san san mateo bridge i'll check that out later. >> there is already a nutcracker on my porch. >> there you go. >> have you got your christmas tree? stay tuned. in two minutes, we will tell you why there is a shortage there year and what to do about it.
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welcome back. 5:25. governor gavin newsome is working to crack down on fracking and oil drilling. he is halting approval of hundreds of permits until independent scientists can review them. he is also temporarily banning new wells that use to drill methods that regulators believe is linked to one of the largest spills in the state's history. you may recall in 1990 a tank unleashed more than 400,000 gallons of crude oil off the coast of huntington beach. a follow-up on the real live grinch who stole decorations from a san jose family.
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the city now stepping up to help. >> we told you about the jimenez had decorations to cheer up their terminally ill son but someone stole their decorations in the yard on monday. yesterday, the board of the christmas park donated and installed a brand-new display! go fund me page raised more than $3,000 for that family and they hope to light up the entire block this christmas! >> i love seeing that r. a tight supply of christmas trees in some parts of the country. farmers and major tree growing states like oregon and missouri and michigan and north carolina have cited hot weather and a recession in 2008 bring fewer trees this year. >> 2008 recession, really there is a farmers stopped planting trees. they weren't growing as many. farms went out of bounds. it hit the whole country pretty
5:27 am
hard so it's a ten-year cycle so trees they were planting then wouldn't be able for a decade later and add the increased demand about this time it's really been a perfect storm for shorta shortage. >> so that could mean a higher price for trees across the country. i'm excited for this. mandy moore announces 2020 tour. she will play in san francisco, new york, nashville and dallas at the she will play new and old songs on the tour and presales start today' general public sales start on friday. you can always catch more on "this is us." here on nbc. top stories we are following for you coming up. >> we are warning you about the upcoming high winds and fire danger. we are counting down to the planned power outages for thousands of people in the north
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bay. a live report on that impact moments away. anne coulter on cal's campus today. coming up how the university and city of berkeley are preparing to avoid riots we have seen in similar situations. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. you might be waking up to wet roads this morning. that is because rain moved into
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parts of the bay area overnight. this is video we have from san jose. the rain much needed but not everyone waking up to that rain or wet round this morning. we are also under a micro climate weather alert for a different reason. meteorologist kari hall is tracking it all this morning. talking about winds. >> it's crazy that we had this rain move through with you still talking about a high fire danger and the rain moved through so quickly and only dropped a few hundredths of an inch and not all of the bay area saw that. north bay late last night had rain and san francisco and mill valley had showers that moved through but cleared out. south bay we saw quick round of rain moving across san jose over
5:32 am
towar los gatos. red flag warns throughout the day as winds pick up late morning into early this afternoon. i'll have more on this time line and a look ahead to the weekend as well. mike, you're checking on that drive out of hayward? >> i promised we would report this at the san mateo bridge. you see the volume increasing. we don't see a chance for the sensors. disabled vehicle reported around the toll plaza. no problems as far as those speed senseors go but note there may be activity as we try to move a vehicle from the center divide. you might get a quick traffic break. traffic building out of that area and not a major area. east bay, bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. you might get a delay for line 23 alum record and jackson where police activity. this is a big deal.
5:33 am
overnight police are looking for the driver who may be responsible for this crash in the south bay. one person was killed. eight others hurt. san jose officers say one of the drivers may have run away from the scene. this happened after 10:00 last night on alum rock avenue near 680. we will bring you a live report in about 25 minutes. it's another rough day for people in the north bay who are expected to lose power later this morning. >> pg&e cutting electricity to thousands because of that high fire danger. the number is down, though, from what the utility originally estimated. here is a look at how many homes and businesses will lose power. utility says they will pull the plug in napa and sonoma counties in parts of the counties. solano is expected to lose power but not clear what time. people attended a sem armeninaro
5:34 am
harden your home should a wildfire come your way. the one on the left had cement siding and the other home hardening featured things like this. >> look at your front doormat. do you have a natural juke doormat at your door? that could ignite when an ember lands on it. >> it makes you realize what you can do to your home to save yourself because the fires are coming to marin. >> they hope to have power on tomorrow night. you can check our interactive map on our website and type in your exact address using our look-up tool and look at the left corner of your screen there, that qr code at the corner point your phone's camera to it and it will take you to the map on our website. i'll try to put it out to twitter to make it easier for you. >> state regulators plan to discuss the utility's communication during last
5:35 am
month's planned shutoffs and that is to examine a commission hearing in san francisco. the company's ceo bill johnson defended previous shutoffs saying they are a matter of safety. he did admit that there were problems with the way they handled that situation. new details key cleanup milestone is now reached a following the deadliest wildfire in the state's history. crews have finished removing millions of tons of debris left by the camp fire. the work took nine months and the fire killed 85 people and nearly destroyed an entire town that is paradise. officials say the debris removed is twice the amount removed from the world trade center site following the 9/11 attacks. a look at capitol hill where more key witnesses are expected to testify before lawmakers in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. house investigators will
5:36 am
question gordon sondland today. how he answers brings stakes to the highest point yet. craig boswell is live in washington with more for us. craig? >> good morning, everyone. day four of public hearings and today it's all about the lead witnesses in what is expected to be a dramatic hearing. >> ultimately, you don't know. >> reporter: a day after four key witnesses testified for nearly ten hours the appearance of ambassador of the eu gordon sondland to testify today. could be the most key witnesses so far in the investigation into president trump. >> we know he used the unvarnished quid pro quo to the krauns ukrainians on september 1st. >> reporter: sondland changed
5:37 am
list testimony his testimony about a september conversation with a top ukraine official saying he now recalls u.s. military aid to ukraine was held up in exchange for an investigation of president trump's political rival. sondland will also face questions about a previously unknown cell phone call with the president while at a restaurant in kiev that led to these impeachment proceedings. >> it involved discussions what appeared to be a domestic political matter. >> reporter: in monday's afternoon session, ambassador kurt volker changed his testimony he didn't know at the time but now realizes the trump administration sought investigations and military aid depended on it. >> in retrospect i should have seen that differently and had i done so i would have raised my objections. >> reporter: president trump bashed the hearings. >> it's a scam! it's a scam! >> reporter: today, sondland will take about his conversations with the president and he will be asked about july meeting with ukrainian officials and former national security adviser john
5:38 am
bolton, a meeting that ended abruptly when sondland brought up the investigation idea. back to you. >> thank you, craig. it starts less than 30 minutes and watch it here. we will have more in the "checks and balances" segment with scott mcgrew. protesters on cal campus as the school welcomes controversial pundit right wing anne coulter. others are willing to listen to her who has turned against trump who she says trump did not keep campaign promises. city and police will be there at the event which starts at 9:00.
5:39 am
south bay a glimpse of 87. no surprises out of south county. tri-valley looking great and slowing here and clear through livermore and dublin interchange and watching for update on the disabled vehicle toward the san mateo bridge. this car is eastbound highway 24. a disabled vehicle and someone apparently is out of their vehicle waving their shirt around to try to make folks go around the vehicle. i think that the person might be more of a distraction than a danger by being out of their vehicle. be careful. we will follow that closely. the bay bridge and a crash north of the [ inaudible ] bridge and car on the shoulder. >> a little concerning there. stay out of the roadway. >> and put your shirt. >> because it's cool out there. >> yes. you can still carry it.
5:40 am
kari, is here with the weather. >> we will be raising money this weekend. >> and wearing shirts. >> and wearing shirts. hopefully, you're join us. nice conditions for all of our micro climates. sunshine reaching 70 inland and upper 60s for sunday. if you plan to go ice skating this weekend it will be great. san francisco will see more of that sunny sky and temperatures reaching about 65 degrees during the middle of the day in union square. if you're going to be in san jose, expect it to also be pretty perfect with mid-60s during the middle of the afternoon and then cooling down to upper 50s as we go into the evening. you're golden gate out of town? golden gate hiking in yosemite? only 42 for the high! we keep the dry conditions on sunday. i think this weekend is the best
5:41 am
one to head to the sierra before we get more rain and snow and the travel conditions get a little bit tricky. . we will talk more about that and take a look what we are expecting today in the south bay coming up in about three minutes. before you will head out the door, stick around for just a few more minutes. this morning, safety, no doubt, on the top of minds for being b.a.r.t. riders. >> a man stabbed and killed on the train. this morning, it's rattling riders. >> you still don't feel that safe. i'm not totally feeling safe. >> what we found out about the suspect overnight and if you're not happy about b.a.r.t. service, we will tell you you can speak your mind to b.a.r.t.'s leaders. >> we will continue our coverage of the impeachment hearings with the laitest and important witnes today. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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right now we are under a micro climate weather alert due to the high fire danger today. you get ready to step out the door a milder start in cupertino. gusty winds and temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. in the rest of the forecast, we will see our winds calming down and we are keeping cooler air and talk about this and rain chances coming up in about five minutes. we are still looking at a disabled vehicle inside here. i'll have more details what is
5:45 am
having inside the caldecott tunnel and show you the traffic where you have this wait for you at the toll plaza. commuters may be nervous on b.a.r.t. this morning following a deadly attack. the victim a good samaritan and within last hour, we found out who the suspect is. >> today we are joined live with bob redell. commuters are heading to work today. bob? >> reporter: so try to assure the riders they are safe, b.a.r.t. will up the security here after a good samaritan was stabbed to death on one of the trains. this happened yesterday afternoon around 1:30. the train was traveling between warm spring stations and b.a.r.t. says it appears a passenger was trying to stop a m man from stealing another passenger's shoes. the man was stabbed.
5:46 am
a witness says this is the video of the shirtless suspect before he was arrested. police satisfy he ran to a used car dealership where he tried to steal two cars and an employee there tells you he fought him off. >> give me the keys. you can leave. he didn't. at that point, i attempted to still go after him. as soon as i went after him, we started boxing in the middle of the street. >> reporter: police did eventually arrest the man who is in custody. they have not released his name. b.a.r.t. interim's police chief called what happened yesterday, quote, a rare occurrence. alameda county coroner has not released the name of the victim. b.a.r.t.'s general manager is holding a weekly listening tour is scheduled this afternoon from 3:00 until 4:15 at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station and not be surprised if rider safety is not the issue that comes up during that conversation.
5:47 am
bob redell, reporting live for "today in the bay." we finished a series that takes an undisclosed look at what happens on b.a.r.t. trains. our investigative unit rode the train for months and recorded all kinds of troubling scenes from the violence to the bizarre. you can watch that entire series now on also watch it on our youtube channel and if you have apple tv or roku, all five parts are there as well. impechted. impeachment inquiry in washington continues today. >> gordon sondland is the rich hotel owner who came the u.s. ambassador to the european union and found himself square in the middle of this quid pro quo deal and he is talking about the investigation into the bidens deal with ukraine. nobody except the president closer to that deal and he testifies this morning. on tuesday, four people testified. jennifer williams, a career
5:48 am
foreign service officer working for vice president pence. then lieutenant krnted vindm li vindman testified and also kurt volker. >> why did you not to be believed what you heard on the phone? >> i have known former vice president biden a long time and i know how he respects his duties of higher office and it's just not credible to me that a vice president of the united states is going to do anything other than act as how he sees best for the national interests. >> so many names. i'd add a boilerplate each day out talking about what exactly all of this is. the president accused of withholding military aid to our allies, ukrainians to convince
5:49 am
them to launch an investigation into joe biden and his son hunter. here is lieutenant colonel vindman on ukraine, the president's top adviser at the time. >> i was clear that the president wanted zelensky to commit to investigating the bid bidens, was it not? >> that is correct. >> that is one of the favors that you thought should be properly characterized as a demand? >> that is correct. >> there is no ambiguity about that? >> in my mind, there was not. >> our special coverage of the impeachment hearings begins exactly at 6:00 a.m. we will continue our local news, including all of those power outages and the fire coverage in a digital newscast at or on the nbc bay area app. >> we hope you join us as we will continue the news and bring you all of your local news updates. >> now we want to look at the weather. >> we were excited to see the rain last night. >> a little bit of a surprise but we are seeing it all moving
5:50 am
out and now we still have the gusty winds. take a look at our top wind gusts we have had, especially in the north bay. san headlilena a wind gust of 6 miles per hour and not making it to the the peak we expect our winds to gust later today. gusts up to 50 here in hillsborough. lack of rain across the area will give us dry conditions and red flag warnings today. winds will still stay strong through 11:00 as we see our winds turning north easterly and very dry and continues until this evening when we see the winds calming down. red flag warning expires tomorrow morning at 7:00 and see dry conditions and warming temperatures as the high pressure moves in and looking good for the weekend but changes ahead for the weekend as this low drops in and it could bring
5:51 am
us showers by early next week. we will have a lot of updates early next week, as we track our next chance of rain. mike, you have a concern for the east bay? >> right. we have your backup at the bay bridge but i saw these cash lanes moving a little better than we often seep on a wednesday so there may be good news for the toll plaza in your commute direction westbound 80. westbound 24 as well. moving smoothly in that direction. it is east bay away from the bay bridge a disabled vehicle here. a person who apparently was driving that vehicle now out of their car waving folks around their car so be very careful. i got word there is a light issue also reported inside that tunnel so maybe tougher to see that vehicle. crews should arrive hopefully quickly and they have been dispatched but i'll let you know. so far we don't have any other problems for that area.
5:52 am
meanwhile, a light build here for hayward southbound in toward union city and 101 north through san jose. happening now. happening now, pope francis arrived in bangkok marking the first of his three-day visit to thailand. he will hold mass tomorrow at national stadium and then he'll view hiroshima and nagasaki after that. a settlement has now been next a final check of our top stories before we take you to an nbc news special report. you can see inside the capitol. the full hearing live at 6:00 a.m. at the same time, we will take our broadcast on to first, deadly hit-and-run crash overnight. this is video that is new to our newsroom this morning. people hurt including a baby in one of the cars. person police are now looking for. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out the door this morning, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> impeachment hearings start in a few minutes. we want to understand what is happening in a moment. nbc special report will air here on nbc bay area. but we are not leaving the studio. you can head to our website or
5:56 am
app to watch "today in the bay" from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. in the meantime, let's take a look at our top stories. search is on for a hit and run drimp aft driver after a deadly crash in san jose eight people were hurt. >> kris sanchez is alum rock neighborhood with what she is just finding out. >> reporter: the roadway is now open eight hours after the driver of a honda plowed into two other vehicles and ran away from the scene when two passengers were trapped inside one of those cars. show you the video of the scene after this happened. san jose police confirmed the last hour one passenger in the honda died at the hospital after firefighters had to cut him and another man from that wreckage. police say that driver also hit a tesla and a dodge suv. a baby was one none of those vehicles but checked out at the scene and unhurt along with the parents. although one witness mentioned speed to us, we don't know whether speed was a factor or if
5:57 am
the rain we got overnight might have contributed to the three-vehicle crash. what we can tell you is san jose police are looking for the suspect who was driving that honda triggering that crash and only described a hispanic man in his 40s wearing a red jersey. it's a pretty vague description but i give you because there is a specific location alum rock and jackson avenues and specific time after 10:00 and maybe that will help. kris sanchez. tens of thousands of people will lose power in the north bay in about an hour. much fewer than pg&e first predicted. >> pete suratos is joining us live. people are tired of it but getting used to it at the same time. >> reporter: right. good morning. one of those places that are impacted right behind me. hidden valley elementary in santa rosa. one of many schools are closed in sonoma county as a result of the shutoffs. here is a look at the districts
5:58 am
that are impacted. a complete list here. who have decided to close result of the shutoffs. they fall into the zone of where pg&e feels they are the most wildfire threats and the primary reason for the shutoffs in the first place. quickly show our viewers a look at the overall numbers of folks affected by the shutoff. you see only three counties altogether there. is a know that, solano and napa counties and nearly 30,000 households impacted. number drastically dropping from yesterday. but the shutoffs expected to begin in napa and sonoma county at 7:00 a.m. >> thanks, pete. you may be waking up to some wet roads out there this morning. rain moved into parts of the bay area overnight. new video from what it looked like in san jose. rain, of course, very much needed but not everybody picked it up. big question this morning just how much rain did we get and is any more heading our way? >> we did see just a few
5:59 am
hundredths of an inch of rain and spotty for much of the bay area. unfortunately it wasn't the rain we needed and also windy today so dry things out quickly. we are still under a red flag warning for elevations above 1,000 feet and temperatures receipt 70 degrees inland. a nice weekend ahead. san francisco windy today. >> last look at what we can expect for the commute. >> i was surprised at the damp parking lot in san jose here. concern over here in the caldecott tunnel away from the bay bridge so a disabled vehicle in your right bore and there may be light issues to make it tougher to see that vehicle so be cautious if you're out there. westbound is smooth toward the
6:00 am
bay bridge. >> on television you'll see the impeachment hearing. online more local news. we will stay here in the studio. you can go to at the top of the page click and find more local news. or download our nbc bay area map' you can watch us there. explosive testimony that the president and his top aide did impose a quid pro quo on the release of millions of dollars of u.s. security assistance to ukraine. i think we're at the level to say fasten your seat belts. a


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