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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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right now at 11:00, rain hitting the bay area hard. and in the sierra tonight, snow, bringing holiday travelers to a standstill. >> sit tight, we'll let you know as soon as we know. >> oakland international in the dark. thousands of passengers wondering if they'll make it home in time. this is just the beginning. >> another storm right around the corner. go right to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the time line.
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>> that storm system did rake right across the bay satellite bay to south bay. over an inch at san mateo, los gatos .65. all in six hours, that's why areas of street flooding. right now mainly moderate rain, heaviest hofed to the south. stronger pocket right near oakland and and east. union city about 11:3 this could hold small hail. watch out traveling 680 or 580 next 45 over mt. h here's the deal. tomorrow morning's forecast, keep the chance of scattered rain pushing over the bay area. we'll talk more about the bomb cyclone that hit us tonight. what it is, what it means for us and when the next storm hits in
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about 15 minutes. >> see you then, thanks jeff. flooding, not where the owner of this mercedes wanted to end up but flooding proved too much. driver rescued in san mateo, one of many stranded cars after sudden, intense rain. joining us live, ian cull, the water is gone and left as fast as it appeared. >> reporter: certainly did. police spokesperson told me it's crazy to see this in urban here, about waist high and some of the residue still othefferen hours ago. driver of the mercedes going into the flooded underpass. don't know if thought could make it through or didn't see the water, san mateo police officers jumped in the water, swam out to rescue that person and bring them to safety. luckily no one was hurt.
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car was towed. intersection was blocked for a couple of hours, just a short time. it's reopened near el camino. this is a good reminder to turn around when you see water in the roadway, you just never know how deep it is. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> you really don't. thanks very much. dangerous conditions in san francisco tonight as well. viewer sent this video of drive on northbound 101 and vermont. see the overpass is flooded and roads river-like. >> check out flooding in mission and 18th street, sidewalk's no longer visible, just water and debris. so many people trying to avoid the wednesday night rush but oakland airport, tuesday just as bad, power outage causing this. jean elle with the impact. lot of frustration as well.
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>> reporter: unbelievable, raj. right now flights diverted and delayed because of the power outage are finally landed at oakland. looking at lot of stressed out people in baggage claim relieved to finally be here in oakland. but those who landed befor the power outage have to come back. this is their luggage, not able to retrieve the bags when the power went out. they have to come back. four hours after the power outage, almost back to normal. pictures of what a dark airport looks like. oakland international pitch black inside and out. power came back but damage was done in terminal two. took two hours to get back up and running. could check bags but security checkpoint was closed. hundreds of people in a line that snaked through baggage claim. passengers say it feels like a disaster. >> electricity went out. and everything was dark. and the emergency lights came
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up. >> just hundreds of people everywhere, horrible, pouring outside, i'm still drenched, just a mess. i don't know, never seen it this bad. >> reporter: i did speak with those two women, both made it on to flights and are heading home. during the power outage, arrives flights were diverted to other airports. planes that landed sat on the tarmac in the sooutage, some flights were canceled because of long t outage is related to its equipment but it's investigating. no word yet from the elle, nbc bay area news. >> unbelievable price we pay to see friends and family. san jose, this video downtown tonight, so windy, people struggling to keep the umbrellas up. snow in the sierra, first
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winter storm blanketing that area. colfax, lower elevation, drivers getting warning, if you don't have chains or four-wheel drive, can't go further. cheryl, some people are told to turn around. >> reporter: well, that's right. cal trans -- it's a fluid situation. cal trans informing me that big rigs can't go forward because of whiteout conditions. interstate 80 is behind this truck. cars and trucks can go forwardf and and wet and roads are definitely dangerous. first checkpoint we ran into was in colfax, where chains or four-wheel drive cars are required. >> i've got a four-wheel drive what the snow. >> reporter: whiteout conditions on interstate 80 are making travel on the road heading to the sierra dangerous.
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>> we tried to leave early to beat the snow and it ended up not working out in our favor. >> reporter: heading home to fairfield after taking a college tour, not prepared for the storm. >> left reno at noon, multiple car accident, got stuck behind that. >> reporter: traffic is backed up for miles, making it tough to get to ski resorts. >> opened with snow making over the weekend, now working in concert with mother nature, she is delivering. >> reporter: chp reporting 40 crashes on interstate 80 earlier today. >> dealt with storms all over the country, only thing that thin think changes here is people that come up and plug the roads, not weather. >> reporter: now is not good time, check with cal trans, conditions are changing by the minute. reporting live in colfax, cheryl
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hurd. los angeles, making a mad dash to get out of town for holiday week. in los angeles, traffic at crawl both directions 405 in west l.a. aaa says nearly 50 million travelers will be hitting the road to join family and friends. >> what a mess. at home, blessing and curse, rain is causing concerns near the burn zone of the kinkaid fire. it's hard to catch a break in that community. >> reporter: absolutely. fire threat is gone because rains have come. but now comes threat of pollution from runoff in the russian river. too much rain too quickly could be a disaster. in sonoma county, the rain celebration tempered by the threat of toxic runoff from the kinkaid fire burn zone into the russian river. >> over a million people swim in
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the river, 700,000 people get drinking water here. >> reporter: nonprofit set up toxin barriers around homes 50 feet from the river. >> homes and cars. average car has as many toxins as house. plastic and petrochemicals and when you light them on fire, bad things happen. >> blessing and curse. >> reporter: former hieldsbrook mayors is this is co quickly. what did snow look like for the burn scar? >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. violent crime on b.a.r.t. has more than doubled last few years. how did with he get here? coming up we investigate how a world-class transportation system got derailed. hit extremely hard by that storm tonight, main part has
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moved south, lots of instability left. heavy rain headed for hayward. tracking the forecast and chill and another storm. nine minutes.
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for the past few nights we've been exposing the dirty and dangerous conditions on b.a.r.t. tonight a message from b.a.r.t.'s new general manager, we're working to eliminate the problem he says. >> investigative unit spent past few months interviewing commuters as of the investigative report. bigad shaban sits down tonight with the man in charge. ♪ >> riders who skip out on paying
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cost b.a.r.t. an estimated $25 million each year. b.a.r.t. fare inspectors are in charge of catching those trying to get a free ride. can issue $75 tickets but there are only 11 inspectors for all of b.a.r.t. the agency now hopes to just about double that team within the next year. in the meantime, to keep fare evaders off trains, b.a.r.t. spent close to $200,000 renovating fare gates at two stations. installed stack barriers at one and tiny blade-looking things in another. not actually sharp and then painted them orange to look less blade-like. pop-up barriers, only added a few inches to barriers already there. interim chief. >> for a lot of passengers the changes looked laughable.
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did you honestly think the gates would make a difference? >> it's a prototype, just putting out there. >> people can easily get past them, seems like waste of money for some. >> can't 100% stop any crime, quality of life issues from coming into the system but going to do best we can to try to limit it. >> after the new gates, b.a.r.t. said it saw decrease in number of people sneaking a free ride, t 31%, stacked barriers, 60%. board of directors nixed designs and approved larger swing style gates. installing them at each station will cost about $150 million. but when it will happen is unclear because b.a.r.t. still doesn't know where it's going to find all the money to buy new gates. >> i'm the new general manager with b.a.r.t. >> now this guy's job.
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>> is this your train. >> took over as general manager, part of the new gig periodically visiting b.a.r.t. stations to speak to passengers. >> anything you want to share? >> what are you hearing fro riders? >> homelessness and fare evasions are constant themes that people noticed. it's like they've never paid a b.a.r.t. ride in their life. >> we're all over it, approval for new swing gates and we call it hardening the stations. >> do you think riders are safe on b.a.r.t.? >> i do. b.a.r.t. is a safe system. >> reality is violent crime has more than doubled over last few years. >> i would push become that's because of the cell phone theft. pull that out, it's not accurate statement. >> those are still crimes committed. >> they are, they are. >> i want to pause here for just one minute to explain what's happening. we looked at crime stats and
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discovered that violent crime on b.a.r.t. including rape, robberies, aggravated assaults and murders increased 115% 202014 and 2019, more than doubled. b.a.r.t. is saying that rate is only high if you include violent crimes where cell phones were taken. here's the thing, why should that matter? if someone steals anything from you using force or even threat of force, by the fbi's own definition, that's a violent crime. some think hearing that, b.a.r.t. is trying to minimize the problem. >> not at all, we're trying to eliminate the problem. if everybody is paying attention to surroundings and fully staffed department, goal is eliminate the behavior. >> your own chief says doesn't
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have enough people to keep people safe. >> we're going to get to fully staffed b.a.r.t. police department and second part is make sure our police department is out in the system, walking the trains. >> one of the biggest complaints we hear from riders is they don't see officers on b.a.r.t. trains. >> i've heard it, heard it this morning. i meet with chief of police every tuesday morning at 8:30 in my office and we go over hiring and his deployments, and we talked just last tuesday about the need when they're out in the system that they walk the length of the train and they're out. >> if your own chief of police doesn't think he has enough officers to keep people safe, what does that say? >> when he gets fully staffed b.a.r.t. will be even more responsive to being seen by the passengers and system. >> would like 100 officers next
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years. is that realistic? >> i do. study done said 19 police officers next five years and b.a.r.t. board approved first year of that last budget season. i have to go to the board every year to get budget approved and going to put in9 additional police officers and hopefully the board will approve that. >> if b.a.r.t. police does get the extra money, how will those additional officers be used? will you feel safer? will you actually feel safer? and what happens if that plan stalls? this is a story we're differentdefinitely going to continue to follow up on. what are you seeing? send us videos or record yourself explaining what you saw. email us or on social media, #weinvestigate. want to hear from you, what do
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you think it will take to get b.a.r.t. back on track? ♪ as you can imagine, getting a lot of negative and positive response to the series, to be part of it. next couple of days, bomb cyclone in the weather. >> explain this to us. >> posting about it on twitter. explosion of intensification of a storm system in 24-hour period. just had a rapid intensification of the storm system today, so extremely gusty winds and heavy rainfall and the sierra snow. i did want to start off with that. we got hit with bomb cyclone tonight, a term that's been around, normally hear on the
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east coast, nor'easter. but what you need is 24 millibar drop in 24 hours. that's measure of a storm's strength. right now got down to 970 millibars, set a new record in eureka, california, strongest by central pressure. we've had wider and more devastating impact storms but last time had central low pressure like this was 2010, this is like a new record. bomb cyclone is explosion of intensification in 24-hour period. look it up, hopefully you learned something today. name sounds fun but the weather we went through definitely was not. treacherous, extremely dangerous, isolated street flooding. worst of the widespread heavy rainfall has moved south. but here's the
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isolated storms popping up, lightning and possibly small hail as well over the 580 corridor from hayward back into dublin, moving south. likely pick up in union city by 11:45 tonight. as we head to the peninsula, weather moving to fremont to 12:09 into early tomorrow morning. by commute, isolated storms will linger. scattered and potentially small hail, not all clear ffternoon id chance through the bay area. we have to watch out for the storms as you move through wednesday. not only the rain but don't want the cold weather to take a back seat. you have to be ready tomorrow morning. north bay, down to 36 in napa, 35 santa rosa. towards danville, 41. 30s to 40s to start, not going to warm up in the day, jacket
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morning to afternoon. extended forecast, spotty chance of rain on thanksgiving, nothing big. break on friday, new storm this weekend, half to one inch possible and more rain chances next week. inland valley temperatures, 53 high for thanksgiving, low temperatures into the 30s, in wet weather trend for next ng to be something not fun upcoming weekend. >> but thanksgiving is going to be great, perfect day to be inside, comfort food. >> with friends and family. >> turkey, fried chicken, whatever it takes. >> i like that spin. happening now, milbury family in lake tahoe had a scare when bear opened suv door and got in. thankfully watching safely from
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home. realized the bear was trapped, someone ran outside and opened the door to free the bear. back in a moment.
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tonight palo alto is facing another claim from a man who says police used excessive force. the incident. accuses police officers in palo alto of throwing him to ground and breaking a bone around his eye in probation search. see the photos here. third time one of the officers there has been formally accused of excessive force. showed this surveillance video of previous, pulled from car.
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city settled with that man, now arevalo is seeking claim. >> feel powerless, they have control and power over you. he did abused his authority. >> palo alto pd has declined to talk to us but investigative unit will continue dig on the story for updates. back in a moment. we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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so they took care of the er. 49ers head to baltimore on friday for sunday's game against the ravens. >> going to be watching? going to be good. considered two best teams in nfl, maybe a super bowl preview. won't say that yet. >> college hoops, stanford in kansas city, took on butler, championship game of the hall of fame classic. final 30 seconds. stanford down by one, nice dunk, stanford up by one but butler has one last shot. when butler hits it, the butler
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did it. stanford's first loss of the year. 68-67 the final. in town today, harlem globetrotters checking out chase center first time. >> did he make it? >> yep. >> they're good. >> not sure if trick photography or amazing shots. >> no way. >> does he do it? he does. >> noobetrottersanuary 11th. >> no way. >> back in a moment. >> no way! so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill.
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as the storm continues, we assess rain, wind and possible snow hitting the bay swiped fr charity truck, plea for help this holiday season. >> 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. you can see for tomorrow the worst of the widespread rain is gone but chance of isolated thunderstorms, possibly small hail. overall will be a break, cold, 39. morning lows in the 30s. friday looks good. sierra forecast, still coming down good but should be able to travel up on thursday and friday with snow flurries. saturday, higher snow level, warmer storm, 5,000 or 6,000 feet. but another one to two feet is possible. should bode well for first snow survey end of the month,
11:34 pm
beginning of 2020. >> that's a full week right there. >> yes, a big feast. dancing turkey on the icon as well. >> i knew that. >> thanks for joining us. be safe tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - senator bernie sanders


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