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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 27, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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welcome sight, though. we certainly need all of it. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the one thing that people are talking about, that rain. it came through overnight, you could hear it and look here, you can see the rain, the wind, snow in some parts of the sierra. there was some hail out there, kari was telling us. >> exactly. it was a big, juicy storm coming through. >> and i know that we really needed this rain but for it to come on the busiest travel day of the year, some people are like, yeah, all right. but we will have a break though. we're going to see the scattered showers still moving through today. we're tracking it all with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar moving through san francisco, now down into the peninsula, as well as parts of the east bay, right there along 880 and down to san jose. as we take a closer look, we saw that heavy rain just moving through fremont, and then also over toward livermore, so just watch out for the heavy pockets of rain. as of right now, san jose seeing some lighter showers moving through. we'll track this and also talk
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about what's ahead with the potential of some lightning and hail today, but mike, you have breaking news in the traffic department. >> we do. a couple of areas, kari. this is not the traffic alert that's been issued by chp but this is a jam and it's spectacular to look at, not great to be in. north 101 a short area from just before university just past willow, a tough drive. the crash in lanes northbound 101. we actually have one lane blocked but that's the slowdown. central, el camino and 280 are the alternates. the westbound 84 alert on the dumbarton bridge a crash blocks two of your three lanes. we just need crews to get there but they have to circle back from the newark and fremont side, causing a bill detail. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. the green highlighting wet, slick roadways but here behind that 680 shield i'll talk more about this coming up. there's flooding so bad there was a spinout and an alert from chp for 680 as well. more on this topic, we'll send
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it back to you guys. >> staying on the big story this morning, which is the weather and how it will impact you as you get out the door this morning. >> kris sanchez is live in san jose, and now it's coming down on you, too, kris. >> reporter: hi there. we are now geared up for the rain. kari's radar is so accurate. she says it's going to be in san jose in a few minutes and boom, here we are. we are now getting some rain. we got a pause overnight but certainly we are back in it. very different story last night, really very heavy in downtown san jose, where folks struggled against the wind to hold onto their umbrellas. we saw lightning down here in san jose as well. i didn't roll video, i was trying to hustle the kids into the car at swim practice when it was happening. we'll take you to the east bay with brand new video of a 50-foot eucalyptus tree that barely missed a home there. a police officer estimated it is about four feet across. that is a monster of a tree. this public works work her to
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break it up with a chainsaw. to a known trouble spot in the north bay our photographer found this body of water near the larkspur ferry terminal at the 101/580 connector. this is a known trouble spot. if you live in the area you know what your detour routes are so you don't get stuck in that. south of there in san francisco, this driver was stuck in this mess on northbound 101 and vermont. in the mission folks walking by couldn't see the sidewalks at fulsome and 18th streets. the sidewalks were covered in water and debris and a reminder of why you have to turn around when you see deep water on the roadway. this is san mateo where a driver was stranded at 42nd and pacific. a police officer had to swim out and rescue that person, get them out of that car and the car has now been towed. you never know how much water is on the roadway and even in spots that are getting a break as we got here earlier in san jose, there's still water on the
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roadway because everything is kind of saturated at this point so be careful out there, if you hit a patch of water, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> making its way through the bay area, that rain. >> take it easy out there. >> absolutely. >> this is the first of a series? >> it's going to come in waves today so there will be some breaks in between the rain. we're seeing the north bay taking a break right now and we'll see it kind of really starting to pick up just a bit for the east bay and south bay, but in case you were wondering how much rain we had in parts of the north bay, mt. tam we had over two inches of rain, and the santa cruz mountains ben lomond an inch and three quarters, walnut creek over an inch and over an inch in san francisco. close to an inch in oakland and san jose about a half inch of rain. for the rest of the day still going to see spotty showers and in these little individual showers there may be some thunderstorms. the possibility of some lightning and small hail and notice we are going to see some
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snow falling on mt. hamilton, going into late this morning into the afternoon, while the rest of the bay area sees these off and on showers continue until it ends tonight. we'll talk about what else is ahead in that forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. we've been warning people to be prepared for long lines at airports this thanksgiving but we had no idea we were going to be telling byou about this. >> the power went out at oakland international airport. at lohse the lights are on this morning where we find bob redell live to show us how things are kind of getting back to normal out there, bob? >> reporter: the power is back on here in terminal two and terminal one at oakland international. 300 bags here got disconnected from passengers last night. what happened is planes landed during the power outage, but the power went out the passengers came to the terminal and the baggage carousels weren't
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powered up. they have to come back today or the next few days to collect their bags. they have the flights listed on there so one of its kothe conses of losing power. several flights were delayed leaving oakland international and the airport this morning tells us at least eight were canceled. i spoke with a tsa agent, they saw a handful of people who slept in the terminal upstairs beyond security last night instead of going back home, sleeping up there, so they could catch their flight out tomorrow. we've also been trying to talk to people in the tsa line. we have not found anyone coming back today to catch flights back out. it's a random mitt or miss. the power was out for about four and a half hours, didn't get back on until around 10:00. people could check their bags but the security checkpoint was closed which led to super long lines. some flights landed during the power outage. other arriving flights were diverted to other airports. here is a passenger just trying
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to get out of oakland international for the thanksgiving holiday. >> it's been delayed until 10:55. i heard some people their flights are canceled. it's just really bad. i have my dog here in the bag. it's just, we're just hoping we can get home so happy thanksgiving, right? >> reporter: we asked oakland international if they knew what caused the power outage last night. they're trying to figure it out. we did reach out to pg&e. they said at that point it did not appear to be related to their equipment but again they're looking into it and we're back out here live terminal two, this is just your normal precheck line, normal security line for the wednesday before the big holiday tomorrow, thanksgiving. nothing unusual in that respect. reporting live in terminal two at oakland international, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob. congress on break this week for thanksgiving but the next round of impeachment hearings
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gets under way next week and president trump's lawyers may be there. >> nbc bay area's tracie potts has a story live from capitol hill this morning. tracie? >> good morning. if you thought the impeachment hearings were over, not quite. we're now moving in to the next phase, a different committee is taking over, starting their process and this is actually the panel that will decide whether or not the president should be charged with something. the house judiciary committee, the one that actually decides whether to draw up articles of impeachment has announced its first hearing next wednesday. >> we have to combine the evidence. it may be one article, it could be three articles, could be four, but the evidence and then the judiciary matches that to the law. >> reporter: unlike last week's hearings, this time president trump's legal team is invited to question witnesses. in a statement, chair jerry nadler said "the president has a
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choice to make, can he take this opportunity to be represented in the impeachment hearings, or he can stop complaining about the process." at a florida rally last night, the president again denied the key issue, withholding foreign aid for a political favor. >> i have never had a direct link between investigations and security assistance. >> reporter: there's no word yet who will testify. president trump tweets he wants cabinet members to speak in his defense, including the secretary of state. >> when the time is right, all good things happen. >> reporter: democrats are predicting charges of obstruction, abuse of power, and bribery. >> extortion, bribery is illegal, so in this case, we're actually looking at an illegal act. >> reporter: the president's legal team has until sunday to notify lawmakers if they'll attend. also we are just getting word from the white house about whether or not the president's
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team will be part of this hearing next week. in a statement the white house saying they are currently reviewing chairman nadler's letter, in other words the request, but they still call the impeachment inquiry a "sham partisan process." bottom line, we don't know if the president's lawyer also show up. back to you. >> we'll continue to follow it. it will be a big week next week. thank you, tracie. back here at home, that weather is not letting up. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that storm. look at it behind you, kari. >> we'll see waves of rain off and on and at 6:10 we'll be tracking some heavier rain moving into the east bay as well as the south bay up and down the peninsula. as we go into the morning it's chilly out there. let's talk about how cool it will be. santa rosa headed out the door, only 41 degrees. we're seeing some mid-40s across the bay area, and looking at all of our microclimates, our temperatures today will reach up to about 49 degrees in danville. that's at lunch time.
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only 50 in san mateo and we will struggle to get it out of the 40s today, with a few low 50s for many of our microclimates. going in to tonight, our temperatures will plummet, once this rain clears out we're talking about mid-30s in the north bay and upper 30s in san jose, san francisco in the mid-40s. we'll look at our time line for rain coming up. mike, you have that alert for the tri-valley. >> i do, kari. we'll take you to our waze system where we have some help out here. we have a zoomed out view and small font, sorry, i hit the wrong button but it says there's a ten-minute delay counter commute, unexpectedly slow as you travel through the area, heading north. you're headed north up out of fremont and in toward highway 84 and that's where we have the flooding and the crash reported. that detail came in from our partners at waze. join nbc bay area wazers. let's show you our regular map as well showing a similar counter commute slowing. the commute slows for a distraction for the flashing lights, counter commute unusually slow so that's why there's a ten-minute delay.
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use caution and patience over in that area. wet roadways throughout the bay, that's the green highlighting we see all over. headed toward menlo park, the alert across the dumbarton bridge we have lanes that are still blocked westbound on the span, crews still not there to tow the vehicles away. north 101 jammed up headed toward willow. there's a crash that may only be blocking one lane but it's a bad time there. 280 much clearer right now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:23 f 6:12 right now. coming up on "today in the bay" the united states of plates, a brand new celebration on the "today" show. we're not going to make you wait to find out which california chef is joining 51 others in the studio this morning. the holiday shopping season gets under way. it's not here yet but almost here. we'll look at how confident consumers are about buying, when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 6:15 our microclimate weather alert continues as we track rain right now in walnut creek, seeing a break from the showers and we'll see it coming in waves, kind of off and on, chilly temperatures, only making it into the lower 50s going to today with some peeks of sunshine. as we take a look at storm ranger once again right now, walnut creek is dry, but we will see off and on rain even the potential of some thunderstorms, so we'll time it out hour by
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hour and a look ahead to the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> we have bus shuttles and delays in place. the muni underground is partly underwater, at least the tracks between church and van ness, causing those delays. no delays for the other systems including b.a.r.t., that's good news. we have the rain hitting the lens over in hayward on the san mateo bridge. you find slowing. we have the alert on the dumbarton bridge, we'll follow up with that. good morning. happy wednesday to you, the day before thanksgiving. markets will be closed tomorrow. they started a record today. boeing running into more trouble with its 737 max 8. the government wants to inspect each one individually before certifying them to fly next year. tesla has a quarter million deposits on its cyber truck. they're low cost deposits, our producer tony ponying up the deposit for the tesla truck. that said, consumers are not certain about the future. the latest consumer confidence
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numbers show americans slightly less optimistic, but still overall quite positive, near 18-year highs, in fact but we'll see as we get into the holiday shopping season which despite what you see at stores has not started yet. i assume you've heard about tiktok, a video app, all the kids are using it. there's also concern about it, because it's owned by a chinese company, and some questions around the app's security, but its censorship brings up the story today. after an american girl on the east coast posted a video about the chinese treatment of the uighurs, a muslim minority. she disguised it as a makeup tutorial. >> hi guys. i'm going to teach you guys how to get long lashes. the first thing you need to do is grab your lash color. curl your lashes obviously, then put them down and use your phone that you're using right now to search up what's happening in china, how they're getting concentration camps, throwing innocent muslims in there, separating their families, kidnapping them, murdering them. >> the young woman has been
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locked out of her tiktok and tiktok says this was for a different post. but what would be interesting to see is if more tiktok users were to post about the uighurs and see what the chinese company does about it. marcus and laura? >> that's true, scott, thanks. 6:18 for you right now. it is a true food event at 30 rockefeller plaza this morning. the "today" show celebrating thanksgiving with 52 chefs. they are from all 50 states, along with washington, d.c., and puerto rico. each chef cooking up a thanksgiving dish based on where they're from. representing california is jett teela. the group will share tips and tricks to enhance or save your thanksgiving meal, all on the "today" show, right after "today in the bay." >> a lot of cooking there. >> making me hungry, too. >> it's thanksgiving coming. back to our coverage of our first significant winter storm of the season and if you're headed to the sierra, make sure you bring the chains, extra
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clothes and some water. >> blankets, snacks. brian hickey, see if he took it with him, you're in colfax, brian? >> reporter: we've already plowed through the snack this is morning at colfax. they have the road basically set up behind us here, you talk about the first significant storm of the season, this is really something because we're seeing snow all the way down to applegate, which those of you who know the area around 1500, 2,000 feet so low snow we're lucky to see in january or february but here we are, our first big storm of the season, we have low snow. chain controls from colfax over to the nevada state line. they are turning trucks around on both sides of the pass because there's been spinouts with the big rigs and holding westbound traffic from truckee. at the valero station it's basically become a makeshift chain-up station, folks trying to use the cover of the fuel pumps to put their chains on, if
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they have them. we're finding a lot of people didn't come prepared for this travel and what we're hearing in the forecast is this will be with us for most of the day so really putting a cramp on people's holiday travel plans so if you are coming to the sierra, it's not -- >> we lost our live shot there. some interruption now. if you are planning on going to the sierra, check ahead. you want to check with cal trans, chp and mike. >> black friday you get good bargains, but chains are very expensive when you get up to there. >> very much so. >> you told me before practice putting them on ahead of time before you go up there so you know how to do it. >> exactly. >> so that's going to be what we'll have to prepare for as we get this first significant storm coming in. also some bay area rain, and we're making sure our windshield wipers are working as we see more rounds of rain coming in. a look at the wide view across the state. people are traveling and having to deal with that rain and snow
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all across the state, and so we're going to see snow coming , it coming in waves, most of the rain is south of where storm ranger is parked but as we head over toward the east bay, it is really pouring right now in fremont but it's about to get lighter and moving toward the east over toward sunol. 680 getting a bout of heavy rain right now. we'll see it off and on, maybe even some peeks of sunshine today, but where we see the cells moving through, there could be some thunder and lightning, possibly some small hail and also the potential of some snow on mt. hamilton going into the rest of today. we're still going to see this active weather still with us throughout today but winding down tonight and it's churning up high waves along the coast, the high surf advisory going on until 3:00 today with breakers up to 27 feet. now we have another storm to track. we take a break for a couple of days. thursday, friday, looking good, but then by late saturday into
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sunday, we'll see this rolling on in, now this may tap into an atmospheric river and enhance the amount of rain that we could see. this could potentially bring us anywhere from an inch and a half to over four inches of rain for parts of the bay area and the santa cruz mountains. this is something we'll want to watch especially as a lot of people are headed back to the bay area, after traveling and in the sierra, more snow on the way. the possibility of another three to four feet of snow especially the higher up you go in elevation. some very cold storms rolling in especially this early in the season. we'll see some nice, cool weather for tomorrow, and the turkey trot is looking good. it's just going to be cool, with some upper 30s and we'll see some mid-40s for highs the next several days once again, very busy conditions. and mike, you're tracking muni, you have some breaking news for the muni riders? >> that's right, kari. we heard about the delays caused by some flooding on the lines for the muni underground now tracks underwater, at least in
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portions between church and van ness. you take the bus bridge above because you can't reroute the tracks. this means you're out in the cold and the rain longer than you might have expected if you were planning on using the underground stations. we have a crew headed out there to see if we can find out more details. recovery, good recovery north 101, looks like they cleared from lanes. chp still lagging oen that update because they are taking care of this, the problem across the dumbarton bridge. use the san mateo bridge or 237. if you can this morning, those are both light traffic flow. west 84 with the jam and the crash mid span blocking two lanes. south bay is just fine but getting counter commute out of fremont headed up in toward sunol and pleasanton we have flooding reported an earlier crash has to move to the shoulder. there may be a traffic break. lanes are flooded as the rain traveled through the area. now the san mateo bridge drying off a bit as the westbound commute builds. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:23. coming up on "today in the
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owners were worried about maintaining quality. they tell "the press democrat" they can't ignore the trend of younger consumers who prefer cans over glass bottles. more news for you coming up next, including kari's forecast. the rain continues to fall across parts of the bay area. kari is tracking it for us, and will show us the holiday travel impact. plus a massive explosion overnight, this is what is left after a chemical plant fire and explosion. where that fire fight stands right now, and an update on the people that were hurt. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, a live look at the radar, powered by storm ranger, and you can see there our microclimate weather alert in full effect. the rain in the bay area, and it doesn't look like it's going to slack up any time soon. meteorologist kari hall is tracking that. right now we say good morning to you. thanks for joining us here on "today in the bay." >> and you're marcus. >> yes, i'm marcus. >> i'm laura. nbc bay area issued a microclimate weather alert for a big storm that hit the bay area. "today in the bay" meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the system for us. >> marcus and laura, i don't know if you saw the tweet yesterday, i was talking about this bomb cyclone, and some people were like what is that? we are actually using this meteorological term to describe this storm system that's moving through and the millibars as a
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measure of how strong that area of low pressure is and if it drops 24 millibars in 24 hours, we're seeing explosive intensification, and so that means it's a bomb cyclone. look at the lightning strikes just off the coast. this has been a pretty strong storm, and we have a chance of seeing some thunderstorms today, with some of the scattered showers still left behind, and we'll be tracking that today. a closer look at some heavy rain right there near san mateo and foster city. this may slow you down as you get ready to head out the door. we're going to be tracking that as well as the other waves of rain coming in throughout the day, that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you were saying there is an issue with flooding in the tri-valley. >> that's right. i want to alert folks to a couple of issues. looking at a live look for fremont and the volume of traffic building a bit and we have wet roadways, definitely the wind brings this flag movement as well. we'll take you through the area. this has flooding reported as well as we look all over the bay a couple of key spots, but that's why i'm pointing them out because everywhere else looks
6:32 am
calm but definitely wet and slick as well. northbound 680 right here headed in towards sunol, we have flooding reportedly involved with a crash as well. vehicles being removed to the shoulder and taking a while. about five or ten-minute delay through the area, just to use caution northbound. over here on the other side looking at westbound 84, your commute direction across that dumbarton bridge, that crash still may have to remove vehicles from two lanes. that's the alert chp issued so avoid the dumbarton bridge if you can. slick on the peninsula but the crash cleared in menlo park. back to you. >> this rain can cause a lot of problems. that's why we're covering it so extensively for you. if you're planning to hit the road, in fact, soon, for the thanksgiving travel, going to be a wet one. it will take a while. >> it could, meteorologist -- not meteorologist but we're talking about the rain. kris sanchez has been out in the elements. we've seen you through the rain, dealing with it dry, so what is it like now? >> reporter: i'm no meteorologist but i can tell you when it's raining because i'm
6:33 am
usually outside. we're getting a little bit of a break in san jose. the rain rolled right through at al maden expressway and 85 and now we're getting a little bit of a break. i want to take you to the east bay, where folks are hustling to get out of the rain. maybe this is part of your commute this morning. folks trying to get to the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. overnight one public works worker and a chainsaw battled a 50-foot eucalyptus tree that crashed down on star flower drive, barely missing a home. a police officer estimated it is about four feet across so as tall as or as wide. this body of water near the lack spur ferry terminal and you can barely see ponding like that so be careful because that can make you spin out. south of there in san francisco,
6:34 am
the drive for one viewer was harrowing, northbound 101 and vermont looks like a river. in the mission, couldn't see the sidewalks, covered in water and debris. and here say reminder why you should turn around if you see water and don't know how deep it is on the roadway. in san mateo that driver went for it and got stranded at 42nd and pacific. a san mateo police officer had to swim out to rescue that person. in the south bay we often talk about the rain shadow, we often don't get the bulk of the heaviest rain because of the mountain formations, that wasn't the case last night. this was folks in downtown san jose, where the rain was coming down pretty much sideways because of all the wind. the wind also threatening to rip those umbrellas right out of people's hands. we saw lightning in our part of town as well, but we didn't roll video on that because we were trying to get the kids into the car. they were at swim practice. swim practice clearly canceled for the evening. we're going to keep monitoring
6:35 am
the rain. right now it's kind of a hair spray mist right now, but we know that we'll likely get soaked again, we've been listening to kari's forecast all morning long, just like you. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> off and on today. kris, thank you for that. you know what? stay on top of the rain as well, including that snow with our interactive radar. head over to our website there you can see it on our front page. you can also type in your zip code and get a closer look at what's going on in your neighborhood. new overnight, an explosion at a texas chemical plant is forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. that blast happened late last night near beaumont, about two hours east of houston. some homes had their windows blown out several miles away. reports at least three workers hurt. the plant makes chemicals and petroleum based products. not clear how that explosion started. palo alto is facing another claim from a man who says police used excessive force.
6:36 am
our investigative unit spoke with julio arevalho about the incident. he accuses police of throwing him to the ground and breaking a bone around his eye during a probation search. this is the third time one of the officers involved has been formally accused of excessive force. we showed you surveillance video back in july of one of those previous arrests where the suspect was pulled from his home and slammed on the hood of his car. the city just settled with him for more than half a million dollars and now he's seeking nearly $4 million. >> to be a victim it feels helpless. it feels like you have no choice, you're just, that they have control and power over you and he did it because he abuses authority. >> palo alto has declined to talk with us, but our investigative unit will continue digging and bringing you updates.
6:37 am
a big effort in the fight against the homelessness crisis expected to get under way in san jose this morning. habitat for humanity will build the first tiny home housing city for residents, going up along mayberry road off of berryessa road. we got a look at the prototypes of what the homes will look like, last year. each costs about $6500 to build. mayor liccardo and his wife are expected to volunteer at this morning's event. two storms are targeting travelers in the northwest, midwest and southeast. they are bringing snow, rain, and high winds. 49 million americans are expected to deal with the bad weather on the ground, while there are another 5 million will have to contend with delays and cancellations at airports. people headed to the gripe vine dealing with snowy conditions. brand new video from our sister station in los angeles. look at that. let's take you there live, so far not bad enough this morning
6:38 am
at least to close i-5 but very treacherous for drivers. the chp is warning people to take their time, while they're driving through that pass. look at that already a winter wonderland up through the grapevine. >> you saw how tall the trucks were compared to the regular passenger vehicles. they're called high-profile vehicles. those are the ones with a special warning because of high winds through the area as well so be careful. if you are driving through the grapevine for example, stay in the lane if you can because they might get swayed by the wind, u.s. be careful. over here watching continued issues across the dumbarton bridge. better news maybe but still the alert from chp westbound 84, we're down one lane, the crash still is not cleared from that westbound commute direction. that's what's slowing you down. unexpectedly slow because the rest of the bay almost everywhere else is looking pretty good. we have here northbound 680 that's counter to your typical commute, flooding around on andrade, and the crash in the area is also an issue and one
6:39 am
vehicle to remain clearing. the commute southbound through the area and down toward the san mateo bridge looks good. slowing across west 92 of course and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, you have that. we're looking at a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. one other big note for san francisco, flooding reported in the muni metro, between church and van ness. there's track issues so they have to use bus bridges in place and b.a.r.t. will provide mutual aid. >> good to know there. headed into the weekend, we have to get through this rain as well. thanksgiving tomorrow. >> a lot of people are traveling today for the weekend, and i wanted to show you what it looks like across the state, as many people start to hit the roads and so we are still going to have that heavy snow coming down in the sierra, and look at the lightning strikes, those are live lightning icons popping up here on mostly the offshore waters, but could work into the bay area as well as other parts of california today. as we take a closer look, if you're about to head out the
6:40 am
door, most of the rain is across the bay moving over toward the east bay, and then we'll have another storm coming in on sunday, and this may affect you coming back to the bay area, or trying to get out and about and enjoy the weekend. for the sierra we'll see the snow getting a little bit lighter tomorrow but still coming down, and some spotty snow showers. also on friday some lighter snow, but then it gets heavier going in to sunday, as well as early next week. if you're going to be in napa valley this weekend, you have a break tomorrow, as well as friday for some sunshine, but also staying very cool with some low 50s. we'll see some upper 40s on saturday, as that rain comes back, off and on showers for san francisco as well. upper 40s for thanksgiving day, and 51 degrees on friday. of course we have the turkey trot in san jose tomorrow, and it's looking good for that, but just watch out for that rain, late saturday evening into sunday. we'll talk about today's temperature trend and a look at the radar coming up in about three minutes. >> sounds good.
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of course this is the season of being thankful, even giving, but this next story not so much. you only see it here on nbc bay area. >> it's a huge part and just their ability to recognize their own human dignity. >> hurting those who help others. the brazen theft that's hurting an entire community, but there's a way you can help. in washington, the classic question, what did the president know and when did he know it? we'll concentrate on the when today. take you out to the big board, traditionally one of the lightest trading days of the entire year. markets closed tomorrow. we're above 28,000 on the dow. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:44, the microclimate weather alert continues as we track more rounds of rain. a live look in san jose, roads are still wet. we've seen the rain coming in waves today. it's going to be cool out there, only reaching the lower 50s and some off and on showers but we'll also have a chance of thunderstorms today, seeing it off the coast. have you ever wondered why we don't see thunderstorms that often? we'll talk about that and what's ahead for today, coming up in about five minutes. kari, right now the san mateo bridge camera in hayward, drops of rain. you see the build for the commute here but the alert is a little farther south from the dumbarton bridge, good news, muni metro, the flooding issue
6:45 am
has been resolved between church and van ness, getting back to schedule there. we'll talk about what else you can expect with what our forecast looks like for traffic. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. it's quarter to 7:00 right now. breaking overnight, a large police presence in the east bay. police in lafayette spent the overnight hours combing in the area near happy valley road off of highway 24. it's not clear yet exactly what happened, but we're hearing reports it may have been a home invasion. our crew on the scene spotted at least one ambulance near that scene. we've got several calls to authorities in to find out more. lafayette police chief is expected to release an update at some point this morning. deputies in contra costa county are looking for whomever shot and killed a 17-year-old boy. the victim was found in front of a store along market avenue in north richmond yesterday morning. deputies immediately started cpr but he was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital. investigators are asking you to
6:46 am
call if you know anything about this case. new this morning, only on "today in the bay" a mobile shower unit that serves homeless people in the south bay is stuck in park because thieves stole a critical part from the van, that actually hauls it around town. the charity uses the trailer to provide hot showers to more than 100 people living on the streets in san jose. the charity sets up in three locations in san jose every week and provides people with showers, toiletries, fresh shirts, socks and underwear as well as a hot meal and food to go. that is last week, thieves stole the catalytic converter off the van, putting the brakes on the shower unit. >> having regular access to showers, the number one thing it helps people recognize their own dignity as a human being but also a crucial part of just people's general well-being and their efforts to get back in to permanent housing. >> replacing that catalytic converter will cost $3,000, more than the van is worth, and about
6:47 am
what it costs to run the program for two months. casa de clera is a small charity mostly supported by individual donors. if you want to help, find a link our website. new information to showing president trump knew there was an investigation under way when he released the military aid to ukraine. >> scott mcgrew, this comes from the "new york times" this morning. >> it helps us further narrow down the time line. i feel like you don't need a reminder but let's do it anyway. president trump delayed military aid to our ally ukraine while asking ukraine's leaders to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son. this is established fact. there are no allegations there. he did that. the president though says those two things, the quid and the pro are not related. he also pointed to a denial he made, "i want nothing" he said. >> i say to the ambassador in response, "i want nothing. i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo."
6:48 am
>> now we've known all along that denial made to ambassador gordon sondland came the same day that the word got out, the whistle-blower had alerted his superiors about a quid pro quo. now the "new york times" says it wasn't until president trump knew an investigation was under way that he released the military aid. the president attended a rally in his new home state of florida last night and offered a slightly different defense, not that aid was held up or he asked for an investigation but those things are not linked and he didn't tell anybody to link them. take a listen. >> i have never had a direct link between investigations and security assistance. okay, what that means, you know what it means? it means we did zero. we did nothing wrong. >> the house judiciary committee has set december 4th as the first day of hearings for that committee. these will not be about the alleged quid pro quo. we think the hearings will be about the process.
6:49 am
congress has only done this twice before in modern history. we're watching everything that happens in washington. we expect a quiet holiday. that's what we expect. you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. >> mike is keeping his eye on the morning commute and the muni problem. >> the muni problem is resolved. there was flooding on the tracks so water got into the underground that has been cleared. the potential is still there. a live look at the san mateo bridge, water just stopped hitting the lens on the hayward side but we just continue with the buildup westbound getting away from us and if that looks bad for what we expect is a light traffic flow, look at this dumbarton bridge map here. that was the san mateo bridge we showed you with slowing for the volume. the dumbarton bridge slows and has been slow for the last hour because of a crash getting over toward the peninsula side. one lane blocked, two lanes are now open, that's progress but still that's the big jam. now, a little bit of slowing on the 880 corridor headed down
6:50 am
toward the area out of san leandro and in toward fremont but not a bad deal. fremont a little further south as well. the other issue out of fremont north toward sunol lanes affected by an earlier crash. the big deal is that in call reports of flooding in the northbound lanes and it may be a couple of hours before they can address that so north 680 toward andrade, be careful if you're headed up toward the rest of the tri-valley. the green highlighting shows you wet roads. we'll have that around the bay and colder in the hills so maybe some ice potential probably not likely. we're showing you what the weather data shows on my road weather index. the muni system is resolved so no more delays for the underground. kari, over to you. >> mike, we have some thunderstorms on the peninsula. >> whoa! >> we're seeing that within the past few minutes detected by our storm ranger, mobile doppler radar. you can see the red scan parked on san bruno mountain picking up on the lightning occurring
6:51 am
around san mateo and also just north of redwood city. so if you saw or heard that, reach out to me on social media. i'm @karihallweather. we are seeing the storm moving off toward the east and heavy rain now moving in to san jose. we'll see that moving toward alum rock as well as parts of east san jose within the next few minutes. moving toward sunol and parts of the tri-valley, a soggy commute for the east bay. we're seeing snow on mt. hamilton and this is what we expect throughout the day, rain coming in, in waves, and still some thunderstorms possible especially for areas south of san francisco, but we could see at any point today some times of rain, some gusty winds, maybe some small hail. it's going to be unsettled throughout the day. all of this winds down by later on this evening. at 5:30 during the evening commute we have some rain coming through. we'll take a break for thanksgiving day on friday and our next storm is set to arrive
6:52 am
on sunday and this could tap into an atmospheric river which could enhance the amount of rainfall we see and bring in heavier rain than we're seeing right now. this is what some of the early runs of the computer models show, from an inch and a half in santa rosa to over four inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains, and that's between sunday and monday, possibly even extending into tuesday. for the sierra, more heavy snow headed that way, only some lighter snow showers expected over the next couple of days. we are going to see our wet weather here inland, taking a break thanksgiving day is looking nice and quiet but it's going to be chilly with highs in the upper 40s. morning temperatures in the upper 30s and then we see that rain coming back by the end of the weekend. it just stays cool throughout the seven-day forecast and we're about to get busy here as round after round of rain moves in. >> what we're seeing on the forecast there is the lightning. we don't see it too often here. >> we don't see it often.
6:53 am
for a lot of people especially if you come from other areas, you're really surprised by how infrequently we see lightning here, but you're probably wondering why. most of our storms that we have here in the bay area are lower in the atmosphere, and they don't go as high in the atmosphere. they're a little bit more shallow, so that's what you kind of need to develop some lightning, when they go higher up, you have the top part of it is frozen. we have ice crystals in there bumping and moving around. they produce that electric charge, and then sometimes it gets discharged down to the ground and that's how lightning forms. now, here we have the pacific current that's very cold, and that's less energy for storms usually, and so you don't have all of that energy to produce the lightning. and if you think about it, on average, we get about two to three thunderstorm days a year here in the bay area, a few more in our bay area mountains, and over toward the sierra, but compare that to daytona beach
6:54 am
that gets 93 thunderstorm days a year, so just in case you're wondering, it's mostly because the pacific is so cold, and our thunderstorms are weaker, but today we've got a pretty strong storm moving in to give us some lightning. we'll be tracking that throughout the day. >> thanks so much, kari. 6:54. happening now, a grinch before thanksgiving. salvation army says thieves stole two kettles in contra costa county. the organization says it's a disappointing start to its annual red kettle campaign. two men sprayed a bell ringer in the face with some substance outside of a hobby lobby store in concord and took the kettle. the first robbery saturday outside of a lucky market, supermarket in martmartinez. next, top stories including rain, wind, lightning, snow and even hail. the big storm everyone is talking about and what you need to know before you head out the door to work or grandma's house. wherever you're going, we've got you covered. it is 6:54 for you this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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here, it all starts with a simple...
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hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone!
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wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today. welcome back. before you head out the door t is 6:57. >> we're in the microclimate weather alert this morning. here is a look at our radar. look at all the rain hitting the bay area. let's look at oakland, walnut
6:58 am
creek and san jose and richmond, across the bay area. be careful. if you're headed out the door. >> this is new video from san jose and you can see the rain leaving behind puddles and a potential mess. in the east bay this is new video of a 50-foot eucalyptus tree that crashed down on star flower drive in martinez. it's about four feet across. this public works worker had to break out the chainsaw to remove it. snowy conditions on the grapevine. so far conditions not bad enough to close i-5, but a treacherous drive. the chp is warning people to take their time while traveling through that pass. if you're planning to head to
6:59 am
the sierra, this is a live look at i-80 at castle peak. whiteout conditions in some spots, snow on the ground up to three feet of snow expected to fa fall, click conditions led to dozens of crashes causing major backups. if you plan ahead that way, check with cal trans or the chp before you leave. kari you said the next best window is tomorrow. >> tomorrow and friday and snowing lightly in the sierra and heavier into the weekend so your window is small. >> you have to come back, too. >> yes. we'll see off and on rain throughout the day and potential of thunderstorms, we'll be tracking that throughout the day. >> and breaking news, the dumbarton bridge just cleared. >> just happened seconds ago, folks so west 84 should recover, the san mateo bridge is okay,
7:00 am
and wet roadways, slick conditions and soupy conditions still out there. >> be careful out there. we'll be here for our midday show. have a great day. >> all right. thanksgiving eve. get the tummies ready. >> turkey pants. good morning, of passengers stranded at the airport. >> it's just a mess. i don't know, i've never seen it this bad. >> and it's just the beginning. al has everything you need to know as you head out the door this morning. breaki


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