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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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right now at 11:00, home for the holidays, but it comes with some headaches on the roads and at the airport and it's not over. leaving the bay area this weekend will mean more travel troubles. let's get right to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> and our storm system that we have been tracking, the main part of that is well off the south but we have some instability that's lingering across the bay area. you can see it right now on storm ranger and mobile doppler radar. should also be said snow level down to about 2,000 feet. so we could get a rain-snow mix down to about 1500 feet.
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as you wake up tomorrow morning look off toward those mountain peaks and you're going to see some of that white stuff. as we get a closer look track twog areas, some rainfall near san francisco headed to doesn't by 11:12. second location here is around oakland. that's pushing some rain to orinda by 11:38. some lingering showers right now but get ready for the chill. 30s, widespread 30s from the north bay down to the south bay as well as 31 in santa rosa. look at half moon bay 38 and livermore 34. coming up we'll talk about our next round of rain in what is called an atmospheric river. i'll explain and have details on that and some more travel delays in about 18 minutes. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. we know the drill. on thanksgiving eve everyone just trying to get home. here's a live look at sfo. the weather causing some delays. the real problem, though,ies. there's also an issue right now at san jose international and that's the gridlock getting in and out of the airport. let's bring in nbc bay area's
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sergio quintana, joins us at sjc. sergio. >> reporter: yeah, not an easy task to get into or out of san jose international airport at the moment. check this out. red lights as far as you can see. those taillights have been lit up here at sjc since this afternoon. this was traffic heading into mineta san jose international at rush hour. plenty of travelers running to their flights. >> it was a little bit of a mess to get into the actual airport. >> it sucks. like the traffic was horrible. >> reporter: the storms may be returning in just a few days, right about the time people will be returning back home. some aren't too worried about that yet. >> we brought coats. we live in portland. a littleaiwe're good. rrntd for those who did get to their flights on time, air travel tonight was mya handful canceled out of san jose international. sfo had more delays but airlines have mostly recovered from storms that swept through the
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bay area. travelers heading toward denver or chicago will likely be seeing delays because of weather conditions storming through those regions. for those on the road conditions are also improving, just not as quickly. >> people with like -- that were just bundled up and just waiting inside the car, no food, no water. >> reporter: this is video of the snow and wind storm that prompted the chp to close i-5 near the oregon border. drivers were stranded in the cold for 10 to 15 hours. that section of i-5 has reopened but it's still a chance to get through the grapevine in southern california. back in the bay area snow on mt. hamilton and nail bay point rounded out a wild day of weather. and check this out. pick someone up, be patient. it's going to take a while. reporting live in san jose, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. scl that airport looks jam-packed. thank you, sergio. the lights are back on but still no idea what caused the power to go out last night at oakland
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international, dark for hours. thousands of passengers had their thanksgiving plans interrupted. some of them stranded, others diverted. dozens much people were back at the airport today trying to get their bags back. the baggage carousel simply stopped working. not just rain and snow we have cows on the highway. big rig crashed on the way to south lake tahoe. more than 70 cows got loose. both directions of 50 were closed. this is in el dorado county. about an hour ago, though, good news. eather and pe travel updates, especially in the thanksgiving week, our website is a great resource. you can also download our free app to get the latest updates on your phone or where could she b night before thanksgiving? the search is on tonight for a fairfield grandmother and two young children. police say the family last spoke to the 75-year-old on sunday. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in fairfield for the very
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latest. cheryl, the woman's car has been spotted, so there may be some good news. >> reporter: there may be. and jessica, this is a very strange story. you have a grandmother and two young grandchildren missing. she told the family that she was going to her sister's house to pick up a turkey, and she never showed. take a look at the picture of the family. sandra young is 75 years old. her grandchildren are 9 and 7 years old. she's had custody of them since they were babies. their parents apparently died in a car crash. now, the family was last seen at young's dialysis appointment on monday in fairfield. she told the family that she would later pick up a turkey at her sister's house in vallejo. but she never showed up. police have been track her license plate, and it was spotted in several different locations. i spoke with her daughter-in-law by phone tonight, and she says the family is distraught. >> fairfield pd, they did a ping on the license plate when she
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was going through those cameras, and it ended up in -- tableau, richmond and now danville. she's distraught right now. so we need her home. >> reporter: now, young is driving a 2004 acura with california license plate number 5hl as in larry, m as in mary, 514. she has no cell phone but the family tells me that that is by choice. now, the family also tells me that she suffers from a very slight case of dementia. they think that she is confused and they don't think foul play is involved. at least that is their hope. so i if you see this car, pick up the phone and dial 911. reporting live in fairfield, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> well, let's hope she's home soon. thank you, cheryl. a new lead in a cold case. investigators have finally
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identified a woman who was killed 18 years go. the body of perine gray was found in a garbage bin that had been set on fire in sacramento back in 2001. she was actually reported missing, though, in san francisco. investigators used advanced dna technology to identify those remains. there is a $1,000 reward for any information about this case. extra patrols will be out in force in two east bay neighborhoods. this comes after that deadly halloween shooting in orinda that left five people dead. and a home invasion in lafayette. now, lafayette police say three thieves stormed their way into a home last night, tied up the two people inside. it took the victims hours to break free to call 911. it's the second home invasion in lafayette. the first happened halloween the same night of the orinda shooting. contra costa sheriff deputies are not sure if those two home invasions are linked. one of the most notable comedians in the country is in san francisco tonight. his show is getting a lot of attention for what he's asking everyone to do before his show
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starts. pete davidson of "saturday night live" fame requires his fans to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and he's threatening a million-dollar penalty if they break the nda. this is no joke. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in san francisco with the details. jean? >> reporter: raj, this is the form that fans had to sign before being allowed into the theater. it's a lot to read as you're waiting in line to get into a show. we didn't see anyone refuse to sign it and walk away. some say locking up your cell phone and signing a document that says you won't share any part of the show on social media is part of seeing a live performance these days. but when we pointed out there is a million-dollar penalty for violating the agreement, that got people's attention. some say it's a great way to protect material. others say it's not realistic. >> i think he's doing the right thingpersonally. you know, he wants to stop people from -- you can't get offended. you go to a comedian you need to expect to hear some funny jokes
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that may offend you and you can't walk out of there and talk about it and get all mad about it. you just can't. so this, this is that extra bit that keeps you from doing that. >> that's insane. that's not -- that's not a feasible situation. >> reporter: now, davidson's show is about 40 minutes tonight. fans say he did mention the non-disclosure agreement, telling the crowd he saw an article written about it, and he told them it wouldn't be necessary if people would just stop leaking footage. now, fans who didn't want to sign this form were eligible for a complete refund. but again, we didn't see anybody take them up on that offer. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> sign of the times. thank you, jean. a fund-raiser tonight for the victims of last week's fire in the castro. the sisters of perpetual indulgence raised money to help people who lost everything. this is one of the fire victims. he says this evening he's grateful for the friend who gave him a place to live and for the boss who took him shopping for clothing.
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>> it's hard for me to be like whoa me, poor me, when everybody's really just wrapping their arms around all of us. it's hopeful. this is great to see this side of humanity. >> reporter: the cause of that fire that damaged several buildings is still under investigation. up next a visa loophole. we investigate how hundreds of foreign students were able to stay in the united states even after their student visa expired. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have your thanksgiving forecast. and look at this. it might be the last thing you want to see, but an atmospheric river will be lining up. i'll tell you when travel delays are likely again in about 8 minutes.
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every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. it might be happening right in your own neighborhood. people employing foreign hem to stay in the country after they graduate. >> we started digging and found a dozen more questionable
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companies claiming to employ thousands of foreign students almost all from just one country, china. senior investigator steven stock took what we found to the national security officials in washington, d. washington, d.c. >> reporter: shawn thon young's morning looks like thousands in the south bay. hopping in the family minivan and driving to his tech job at google. >> i'll tell you which direction he's heading toward. >> reporter: we spent weeks watching yong drive from what property records show is his home to his work at google. >> looks like he's going to work. >> reporter: we focused on yong because state corporation records list his home address also as the headquarters of a tech company called cloud particle. and u.s. homeland security records show cloud particle employed more than 300 foreign students with f-1 visas in 2017. the f-1 visas' optional practical training and stem programs allow students to work
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in the u.s. for up to three years in a field related to their studies. but we couldn't find any trace of the company online or any business office other than that mountain view home. i'm steven stock with nbc bay area. we've been trying to get you for months. >> reporter: after he didn't respond to our calls and e-mails asking how he employs hundreds of foreign students out of his mountain view home, we decided to wait for yong outside the office where he works. >> c tyou about cloud particle? what is cloud partiisted -- it' your home address. why is it listed as your home address? >> reporter: yong suggested we talk someplace else. and we readily agreed. >> can we find a different place to meet. >> i'd be glad to. we'd like to talk to you. take my card. >> no, i don't want to take your card. >> reporter: we'll come back to yong in a minute. because our research found that cloud particle is not the only questionable company that reports employing hundreds of foreign students on f-1 visas.
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we uncovered at least 13 other suspicious companies like cloud particle, each with unreachable corporate officers and an f-1 workforce comprised of 99% chinese nationals. we tried looking for their offices. >> we found this address. >> reporter: and found single-family homes, luxury condos, shared workspaces where staff couldn't verify the company's presence. >> what are you doing to ensure there aren't bad actors taking advantage of the f-1 visa program? >> we have a multiprong approach tos director of the student exchange visitor program overseeing f-1 visas in washington, d.c. >> we do data analytics. we have technology. we do a lot of vetting tools. v part of this program. >> reporter: uc davis professor giovanni perry chairs the economics department there. he acknowledges there are security vulnerabilities with the program. but he says and our data confirms that the number of students listed as working for
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suspicious companies make up a small fraction of the total f-1 students and he points out there are many benefits for students, universities, and u.s. companies. >> in some research that i have done i show that almost half of the growth in productivity in the last 20 years can be attributed to just foreigners. >> reporter: but even while touting its benefits, supporters of the f-1 program admit being troubled when we shared the list of 13 questionable companies we found along with cloud particle. >> here's the list of the 13 companies. how is it possible we found them but you didn't? >> it doesn't mean we did not find them. it means we may be actively looking at them right now. >> could this be a security risk to national security? >> anytime you have people in the united states that are doing something other than what they've told us they're doing there's always a risk. but that is why we look at the companies very carefully. that's why we do data analytics. and that's why we do investigations. >> another example, tellon trading based in georgia. back in 2017 according to the
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dhs tellon had almost 900 f-1 visa workers. in 2018 it had 647. but those f-1 students may have been working for a company that didn't exist because state corporation records show the business dissolved in 2016. we traced tellon's ceo to an address outside l.a. for a new company called afc trading. >> not here. >> reporter: the corporate address is a condo with a family living inside. they told us they had not seen the ceo in months. >> this is clearly a problem area. >> reporter: senator mark warner of virginia is ranking member on the select committee on intelligence. he believes we've exposed a loophole that is a risk to national security. >> many of these shell companies we don't have any ability to pierce that veil. infwemation not justf-1 visa program but candidly against potential terrorist financing, crime, other national security threats as well. >> reporter: which brings us
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back to zhang fang yong's home in mountain view. remember he promised to talk to us while we were standing in a parking lot at his other workplace. >> you why did have f-1 visa workers? where do you want to meet? >> reporter: yong would not answer or even give us a time or place to meet. >> did you employ f-1 visa workers? did they pay you? >> no. you're -- sorry. >> reporter: instead he got in his car and drove away and we never heard from him again. we reached out to the people listed as company officials in all the other businesses that we've talked about, and they never got back to us. we also asked google seval times for comment about zhang fang yong's job there. they never returned our phone calls or e-mails. federal sources tell me they're now check out yong's mountain view address and his company. i.c.e. officials tell me in some cases their hands are tied by current law because while they can make inspection visits at universities and some employers they can't do it with every
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company. current rules prevent them from doing just wha showing up and knocking on company doors unannounced. that's a loophole senator warner wants closed. steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, steven, fascinating. if you have a story for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips or you can visit our website, let's bring in jeff ranieri once again, talk about thanksgiving. we are here. fast forward to this weekend. everyone getting back home or leaving town. >> whatever i said i want to put it on pause for right now. we're going to get a nice little break in between and then eventually as raj just mentioned we do have some wetter weather back on the weather board. let's take you microclimate forecast right now. while the main storm front has already pushed well off toward the south we have enough instabilitle'reeeing some of th sh2,0 feet.
11:20 pm
we could get a rain-snow mix to about 1500 feet. as you wake up tomorrow morning definitely some snow in the mountaintops, especially here over mt. hamilton. let's track the top two locations right now. we have some rain over oakland and berkeley moving off to the north and the east. picking it up in orinda by 11:30. walnut creek just after midnight. and a second location with some showers out here in the pacific moving into san francisco also just after midnight. now, the good news as we head through thanksgiving, we have just a slight chance of a spotty shower. i think overall we start the day off with some overcast. by the afternoon a little sun in here but the clouds want to hang on. the biggest weather item of note as we moveo your jaet get them ready, you'll thank me tomorrow. look at how cold it's going to get. 37 for the south bay. 38 in the peninsula. tri-valley down to 34. check it out in the east bay. our average at 36. san francisco, 39 degrees for the average and the north bay at
11:21 pm
32 with some patchy frost possible. we start cold and the reason i wanted you to find the heavy jacket is we are not going to warm up much. look at our forecast as we head through thanksgiving tomorrow. definitely going to feel like the holidays. upper 40s and low 50s for the south bay for your daytime highs. similar weather through the east bay. concord at 49. we'll take you to the east bay and more upper 40s and low 50s. it doesn't really change much. if you're headed over te the we to be very similar across all of the bay area. 47 along the embarcadero and right herehrough marin, napa, sonoma counties. 49 in sonoma, 51 in santa rosa. so tomorrow is the break. also a break on friday. and then now let's fast-forward it into this weekend. this is a change that is looking more and more likely. an atmospheric river setting up. it's a subtropical moisture tap based in hawaii out near hawaii and you can ee how that moisture would line up, ailment right at
11:22 pm
california by saturday. i think this would continue rain into sunday's forecast and likely into monday as well. even into tuesday, where rain totals could exceed one to two inches. on that extended forecast in san francisco, 40s to 50s next seven days and you'll see for the inland valleys also 40s to 50s with that rain returning saturday, sunday, monday, also into tuesday. i think if everything stays on track i think we might have to watch the small creeks, rivers, and streams by monday and anyone traveling home on sunday or monday it could be awful. >> that's going to be a big deal. >> that's going to be such a mess because those are the two days everyone's going home. >> so eat up, get your leftovers thursday and friday and get your -- >> a lot of festival of lights parades around the bay area on sunday night. those might be postponed. thanks, jeff. up next here at 11:00, gearing up for the thanksgiving dinner. how volunteers at glide memorial church are preparing for thousands of meals tomorrow. and happening now, a vigil
11:23 pm
tonight to remember both harvey milk and george moscone. it was 41 years ago today that supervisor dan white shot mayor moscone and supervisor milk at city hall. today both remembered in a small gathering in the castro. we're back with more news in a minute.
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chase. make more of what's yours®. on this thanksgiving eve the busiest kitchen in the bay area, it's got to be, glide memorial church in san francisco zb. >> for sure. volunteers and staff slicing hundreds of pounds of ham and turkey even as they work on tomorrow's feast they still were serving people this evening. the volunteers say they'll make more than 2,000 meals. >> in addition to the meal that
11:26 pm
we're serving here tomorrow, part of our holiday tradition is something we call glide on the go. we'll be taking 200 of our delicious holiday meals out into the community. >> they are so generous there. thanksgiving day begins with a celebration at the church at 10:00, then to the dining hall for the thanksgiving meal. anyone and everyone, as they say at glide, is welcome. >> we will be there tomorrow as on, his n job with the warriors. he debuted tonight. we'll show you. stay with us. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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okay. imagine this. maybe the most entertaining part of the warriors' game tonight was the tv reporter. >> klay thompson. the warriors are undefeated with klay as an nbc reporter. at chase center warriors and bulls. there he is. it gets boring being on the bench all season. so klay has a side hustle just for tonight. he had plenty to talk about. watch this. amary spellman the emphatic put-back slam. warriors were rolling against chicago. a rare win for the warriors. they beat the bulls. watch the replay here. 104-90. and then we saw this. >> how did you feel out there
11:30 pm
tonight, man? that two-way impact that was something special. >> it's so great, man, just to compete with my guys and get after it and come up with a win. >> he was enjoying that. he likes it. >> that should be all reporters, oh, my man, how'd that feel out there? >> he has a special connection. >> at the shark tank tonight let's show you what happened. a fight between the sharks and the jets. >> look at that. >> i said a fight between the sharks and the jets. >> when you're a jet you're a jet all the way. >> "west side story." later in the second period jets crashing the net. jack russell gets it past aaron bell. sharks lose 5-1. fun night. i love it. >> we'll be right back. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not?
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a break in the rain for thanksgiving day but we're tracking another round of rain for your weekend plans. >> plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. the san francisco church that's making sure thousands have a holiday meal. >> join us tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. it is only a few hours away and it's still unclear if the balloons will fly at the macy's thngay parade. volunteers inflated the big balloons in new york city today but strong winds may keep them grounded and in those nets. it looks like new york police will make the call just before the parade starts. balloons won't fly if wind gusts hit 34 miles an hour because it's too dangerous. instead the teams would just drag them at ground level. >> oh, man. >> to be able to see it all tune
11:34 pm
in to see whether they fly or not on nbc bay area at 8:00 in the morning. >> breaking news at 8:55 a.m. will we have the balloons flying high? >> dragged down the street. >> it will be good either way. >> how are we doing tomorrow, by the way, on thanksgiving? >> as you were talking, pull ut o'the jacket, the flannel, whatever you you want to wear. it's going to be chilly. thanksgiving weather. and rain. >> thanks for joining us. have a safe holiday. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - john boyega,


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