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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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dangerous cold is here. we )re under a microclimate weather alert. the tempe right now at 11:00, dangerous cold is here, we are under a microclimate weather alert. temperatures are also plunging to freezing levels. thanksgiving is coming to an end. and now weather. >> at this hour, those near freezing temperatures before another storm arrives this weekend. sunday could be a real mess for everyone on the roads and the airports. >> let's begin with
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meteorologist rob mayeda. who is seeing the coldest temperatures right now? >> we have seen temperatures at or slightly below freezing around the north bay. at 32 in santa rosa. 31 in napa. 30s around mountain view. 35 in fairfield. we think it will be the north bay. these areas in purple under this freeze warning through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. we could see low 20s, and the areas in blue, santa clara valley, looking at a frost advisory for temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. look what's headed our way this weekend. more wind and a lot more rain than we saw just this last wednesday. we could see up to 2 1/2 to 5 inches of rain in the mountain. we have an atmospheric river that will set up and may not leave the bay area until monday area. a closer look on your weekend
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plans coming up. >> thanks, rob. it is so cold outside to know it's sticking around on bay area mountain peeks. this shows how the storm rolled through yesterday. at the lower elevations, no snow, but people will be hit with the frigid temps and a lot of rain. robert? >> reporter: workers are putting the finishing touches on christmas in the park here in downtown san jose, which opens friday. and in a way, exhibitors and a lot of other people are racing against the cold and wet weather.d remedy for a cold thanksgiving night. and no one is worried about a little ice rink, but they all noticed the temperatures are dipping fast, with raindroping throughout the day. and both rain as well as snow on
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mount hamilton. >> we are taking precautions. we turned the heating on in the house to make sure nothing freezes. spent a lot of time this morning cleaning the gutters because of last night. >> reporter: the upcoming atmospheric river is a concern for many communities hit by wildfires. even this areaer to up by the loma fire three years ago is still recovers. one home resident said he wants the county to stabilize and repair the muddy. a couple times about last year, we couldn't get of house. we had to have atvs pick us up and drive us out. >> reporter: while homeowners and residents in vulnerable virgin areas scramble to protect areas, so are workers here. robert handa, nbc bay area news.
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>> let's photo the mountains. there's so much snow the national weather service is discouraging people from heading up there this weekend. if you're planning to go to lake tahoe, you might want to ed up friday night or saturday morning. our website is a great resource to check the weather. it's happened again. another projectile, someone is throwing or shooting projectiles at cars. tonight, it happened on east bound 156. a family was headed towards the. >> it was kind of like a balloon popping. it was more disorienting than anything, but i guess it's lucky nothing bad happened.
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but something bad could have happened. >> we've been follow thing for weeks now. another attack happened monday, and last week a bus got hit, as well. tonight's attack is the 43rd this year. breaking news in san francisco. a water main break is creating quite the mess. this is 101, the water main break leaking onto the freeway. it's a broken fire hydrant spewing water, going on the 101, creating dangerous conditions. and drivers are navigating through six inches of water. and this neighborhood is flooding into some garages right now. so dangerous caused a three-car crash earlier. so they're working to clean up this mess right now. a thanksgiving blessing in fairfield. a great grandmother and great kids have been found safe and
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unharmed. they had been missing since monday.reunited with their loved ones. our reporter joins us now where this all happened. >> reporter: this could have turned out much different, but thanks to the quick thinking of the good samaritan at the gas station, everyone is back home in time for thanksgiving dinner. at 8:30 in the morning, this 75-year-old woman pulled into this gas station. she had been missing since monday. about that time, this clerk had gotten an alert on her phone. >> i thought she looks familiar. i looked at the phone and i called 911 and i said i think the lady you're looking for is here. >> reporter: police arrived and
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found young and her great grand kids safe and reunited them with their family. >> joy, that's all. >> reporter: their family is grateful. they believe the 75-year-old has some dementia and she had been driving around all that time. it's an area where she used to live. her car was snack stocked with and water. >> they still don't know what was going on. were having fun with their granny. >> reporter: he says they're most thankful for the alert gas station clerk who made all the difference. >> it was turning out to be the worst, but in one phone call, it was the best thanksgiving ever. >> reporter: now, that good samaritan is very modest. she says she does not feel like a hero, just happy she could he. >> that is a great ending there.
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a break in the case now in san jose. new video of a truck and its driver wanted in connection with a deadly hit and run. this happened last thursday early in the morning on old bayshore highway. take a look there. the driver of this truck hit a 71-year-old man riding his bike, who died at the scene. officers think this may be a commercial sewage truck. it's a thanksgiving tradition. stuff yourself with turkey, then work iff at the stores. yes, people are shopping right now to cash in on preblack friday deals can. seargeo quintana is live where the deals started this afternoon. some people just skipped thanksgiving dinner all together. >> reporter: there are some people out here waiting in line. you can still see where the steel barriers are, that's where they were waiting in line since about 11:00 this morning and they went in and kept on kepting their stuff. tonight, these crowds are not
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subsided, shopping in there, going on frantically. the parking lot at best buy, packed full of cars and busy shoppers most of the evening. many lined up around the corner this afternoon, all in hopes of getting the good deals. it's become a family tradition to work as a team for the best place in line. >> i had my sister here since 11:00 in the morning. >> reporter: at the target store, people lined up waiting for their deals. some shoppers skipped thanksgiving day turat today? >> no, i came hungry. you shop better when you're hungry. >> reporter: and a few others wanted to stay home after dinner. >> i would be at home at couch with a turkey leg and a nice beer. >> reporter: but on this thanksgiving day, danny told me it's important to be thankful for family and to keep the peace at home, so he's being the good
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husband. >> i don't know. i just push the cart and say yes, dear. >> reporter: do you know the secret to a happy marriage >>? >> oh, yeah. don't talk, just agree. happy wife, happy life. i'm good. >> reporter: a lot of the people in line say they're looking for deals on those gigantic screen tvs. one woman told me she's looking to upgrade to a 60-inch tv. i was talking to a couple of guys who had to wait, they had to ask a friend of theirs to come with their suv, because they coun't fit their 75-inch television into their vehicle. >> 75 inches? wow, they scored. thanks, sergio. planning to venture out for black friday? we have tips on how to have a successful shopping experience.
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you can find it on our nbc bay area youtube channel or website, up next at 11:00, someone's been stealing the salvation army red kettles. we'll tell you what's being done to make up for the missing money. traffic headaches for anyone head headed. coming back from southern california, the snow, mudslides on an interstate. >> we're not tracking snow locally but we have a freeze warning for the north bay tomorrow morning. and a big storm on the way for the weekend when we come right back. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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sign up for fast, reliable internet. call 1-800-501-6000 today. comcast business. beyond fast. major traffic issues in southern california on this thanksgiving night. the grapevine has been a mess all day, and really throughout the night. about 90 minutes ago, you could
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see some good news here. it reopened, this is the grapevine, after it was closed a few hours due to snow and ice. and traffic nightmare on interstate 10 near san bernardino. you can see all of the rain down in l.a. this is in redlands. traffic was backed up for miles. the rain causing mudslides and that's a sinkhole right there on the 10. it's a season of giving, but the salvation army say some thieves have been taking from those in need. thieves have stolen two salvation kettles full of money. on tuesday, two men sprayed a bell ringer in the faceste her convinced a real volunteer to hand over the pot. deal, i'll steal a couple hundred dollars.
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it has a direct impact on who we serve around the bay area. >> yes. the money helps purchase clothing, toys, turkeys for those in need. the salvation army is collecting donations online to make up for those stolen kettles. the devastating kinkade fire has left 200 families without a home this thanksgiving. it forced hundreds to evacuate, and many didn't realize they wouldn't have a home to come back to. jodi hernandez spent the holiday with one family that still doesn't know they >> that was my sister's room right there. >> reporter: ramona hall never thought she would be spending thanksgiving like this. five weeks after the kinkade fire destroyed her family's home, hall finally got the courage to return. >> my mom would have been in the house cooking thanksgiving for us with my grandmother's old
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recipes. >> reporter: instead of enjoying grandma's recipes, hall managed to salvage a few treasures. >> this is my grandmother's old copper pot. i bet i can clean that up. >> reporter: her 10-year-old daughter has spent her life here, returning to home to see the home she grow ew up in destroyed wasn't easy. >> it hurts to know all my stuff >> reporter: may have lost their house, but they have so much to be thankful for. the community has rallied behind them evenithout insurance, they know they'll recover. >> today's a good day to be thankful, and we are. so we have each other. and we're safe. this was just stuff. now we have to worry about cleaning up. >> reporter: the family is among four families who have been staying at this hotel. they say it's all been paid for by the local nonprofit that is
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trying to find them homes but they can use all the help they can get. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> hopefully people will give a lot this holiday season. it is in full swing. it was today. and like every year, volunteers handed out hot thanksgiving meals. hundreds of volunteers came out in serving turkey and ham and it's estimated more than 200,000 people in san francisco don't have reliable access to another affordable nutritious food. >> if it wasn't for the meal, i don't know where i would be. you know? my life has changed because of this place and that meal. but the meals are slamming. >> we're here to do our best to give them a great holiday. this is the official sign that the holiday season is now
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officially on. city hall in san francisco, aglo aglow in holiday seasons, much like rob mayeda's tie, seasonal. >> you pull it out once year. >> yes, for the holiday dinner. >> we had a great evening here. it was really nice. it's fun to be part of this team. >> and the weather was great today. a little chilly for some, a little too cold by tomorrow morningyo plans to those ousaturday. outside right now, it's cold. below freezing in napa, down to 31 degrees. 33 in santa rosa and 36 in mountain view. tomorrow morning, 20s will be in some of these north bay valleys. mid 20s in a few spots. and close to patchy frost temperatures around the south bay for the morning.
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tomorrow afternoon, it's not going to be quite as cold as today, but highs in the low 50s and a chance of showers. technically tomorrow is the driest day we'll see over the next five. but notice what we're seeing here, from time to time, a few of these isolated showers, even though the main storm system is in southern california, snow falling 2,000, 3,000 feet. look at the timeline tomorrow. 3:00, some of the weather models still show enough instability. a few isolated showers from 3:00 to just around sunset tomorrow night. by this time tomorrow night, should be quiet. technically, tomorrow is the drier of the two days and watch what happens here on saturday. here comes the rain again, as we have strong area of low pressure offshore. not as strong as what we saw that was setting those records.
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this will be enough to give us wind speeds by saturday evening in 25 to 40-mile-per-hour wind speeds, right there at about 5:00 saturday evening. this means places like san jose, santa clara valley, gusty winds picking up out of the southeast. this just isn't a mountain wind based event, but everybody seeing the rain increased on saturday. north bay, santa cruz mountains seeing the rain pick up. heading into the mountain areas, could be looking at two to four inches of rai pattern essentially stalls out around the bay area. i think it's a higher likelihood we'll see the rain on the coast. take advantage of tomorrow's weather. mainly a dry day for most of the bay area. by saturday afternoon, theind and rain p mountains, could be adding up the rainfall by the inch.
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and more showers approaching the middle part of the week. >> so you got to clean your gutters, go shopping, put up your lights. >> the to-do list is long. let's go to walmart, they get a surprise gift from the singer sia. and we have jimmy. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. tracy morgan and i are here. playing. jason aldean and i go back to our hometown bar. happening now, the big competition night, america's got a new top dog. thor the bull dog dropped his hammer on 2,000 other dogs to win best in showit aired right c bay area. back in a moment.
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driving can be treacherous because of the potholes that dot the busy road. aaa says it's a good time to inspect your tires and suspension system. slow down before you drive over them. earlier this year, oakland moved forward with a project to repave streets. tom brokaw is coming to town. he's in the bay area tomorrow signing copies of his new book
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"the fall of richard nixon." the 79-year-old will be at the book passage in san francisco at 4:00 p.m. a mishap at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. a balloon hit a parade marcher. handlers were working to pull the balloon upright. at one point,reatening to groun balloons at the parade, but officials decided to let them fly. a famously private singer picked up the tab for people's groceries today. that's singer tia. yesterday she went from register to register and paid for groceries. she told shoppers her name was cc and had just won the lottery. as you can see, fans recognized
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her any way. >> we always see her on "saturday night live." >> she must have been exposed once. up next, steph curry like you've never seen him before. and all the football tonight. so that early retirement we planned.
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this is one of the few football games of the year where the football takes a back seat to the actual event. this is all about san jose, generations of san jose families. >> the annual big bone game, and yes, they play for a big bone. the 77th game between san jose and lincoln high, and for the 22nd year in a row, the lions walked away the winners, 35-14. why is it called the big bone? the san jose high student took a shop and winner from bones to turkey legs, this is how you celebrate on thanksgiving. did you see this on nbc tonight? the saints beat the falcons in atlanta. the 49ers play the saints one week from this sunday. jason hill here with the 30-yard win. saints win 26-18. in stadallas now, the head
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coach jason garrett will be fired is all the buzz. this is josh allen, scrambles here into the end zone. he grew up in the fresno area. the bills are 9-3. they beat the cowboys 26-15. the early game today, the bears beat the lions. steph curry posted this photo writing thank fol for my squad and always. steph curry will be an analyst for the pregame show in the studios tomorrow. >> back in a moment with breaking news in san francisco. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh!
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elliott. you came back!
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we're following breaking news in san francisco. you can see it and hear it there. another water main break, this one on jackson and mason near chinatown. our photographer on the scene says it's closing down the cable car system. and we have calls in to muni for more information. this is separate from another water break we told you about that's flooding 101 and some homes. finally tonight, we want to
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thank all of you, our viewers. we're so grateful to you for tuning in. and we had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner with lots of food and pie. we want to thank our crew, writers, directors, our control room. so you make it all happen and we appreciate you so much. >> thanks for joining us here on this thanksgiving. good night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - tracy morgan


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