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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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take a look at this right now at 5:00, water woes. there is water everywhere on the streets of san francisco,
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following three water main breaks overnight. they're still causing major headaches right now. plus, it has happened again, something thrown or shot at a car along highway 101. what someone inside that car is now telling us after this 43rd reported case. holiday shopping frenzy. black friday under way across the country, we're live in contra costa county one of the many places people are trying to cash in on deals. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning, everybody. happy friday to you. i hope you have the day off. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kira klapper. laura garcia, marcus washington, kari hall, mike inouye are all off enjoying this black friday morning at home. vianey arana is in for kari and mike. >> thank you for reminding me. i almost forgot. >> doing traffic as well. >> doing weather and forgot traffic. understandably, you have a lot going on including a
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microclimate weather alert. >> not because today is a crazy weather day aside from the fact it's cold. it's because we have another storm on the way this weekend but wow, santa rosa and napa 28 degrees. napa 29, that is below freezing. san jose dipped down into the 30s with a cold 38 degrees and we are under a frost and freeze warning for some parts of the bay area. livermore, san jose, concord, morgan hill under a frost advisory and freeze warning through santa rosa, napa, san rafael and now you know why because we have the 20s on the map. through the afternoon expect the chance of scattered showers but the majority of the rain is off to the east. we have plenty of snow if you're driving through certain parts of fresno. look at the roads, green, we are good to go. san jose showing clear conditions. we have plenty of clear roadways, it looks like a lot of people don't have to head back to work today which is good and
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all those who did go out to black friday seemed like an early start. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge seven minutes. and i don't suspect they'll be turning the metering lights on at the bay bridge any time soon. a quick check of the tri-valley drive times, southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road only ten minutes. the east bay i'm giving you a grand tour, southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road only ten minutes commute. back to you guys. >> love all that green, thanks. new overnight a scare for thanksgiving shoppers at an east bay store. five people are now in custody tied to a shooting outside a target in fremont. it happened late last night at the store on fremont boulevard and mowery avenue. at least one shot was fired. no one was hit. we just spoke to police. they tracked down the suspects while responding to the reported shooting. the suspects led police on a chase and were taken into custody in nearby newark. police say besides recovering
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the gun they found stolen video games. take a look at this. this is water streaming down the street in the hills of san francisco. it is a mess. there have been three of these, and we've got thom jensen out there live this morning in the cold taking a look at that. >> the last thing people want to deal with waking up the morning after thanksgiving. thom, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: good morning. you guys, a little hard to hear you right now. they're firing up the heavy equipment here. we don't know how extensive flooding is to the homes here, three homes were flooded, but as you can see, they're working to repair this 12 inch main that ruptured here late last night. this is the culprit, that caused most of the damage. when you saw that video, the video that you showed when it broke last night the water was screaming down the street as you said it was deep enough to run
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into three homes and cause damage to garages and basements in the homes and a lot of damage to the roadway itself. a six inch line and eight inch line also broke in this area, although puc is telling us it's probably directly related to this break after this broke, it caused those lines also to be damaged and to open up. it sent a flood of water on to northbound lanes of highway 101 causing traffic to be routed to i-280 around withstanding water for a short period of time. we have the jackhammers fired up now doing a little more work. another water line opened up in chinatown, not a line break, that caused some damage to the roadway there stopping cable car service and causing a lot of damage to the street itself. we understand that repairs have been made there. i was there a short time ago and sounded like it sounds here.
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they had the jack hhammers out, heavy equipment in chinatown. they did repair that and we are being told that cable car service will not be affected later this morning. as far as what caused so many lines to open up, looked like it was just this one main line that broke, causing damage to two more lines in this area, and then the leak in chinatown, unrelated to this. the main point is getting repairs done so they can restore water service to this neighborhood. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> that is a lot of work and other people will have an early morning with the jackhammers. other news investigators are looking into another case of something being thrown or shot at a car in monterey county. this is the 43rd time this has happened this year in the prunedale year north of salinas. the latest incident happened
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before 8:00 last night on eastbound 156, a car full of a family was headed toward the san miguel canyon when something hit the car. it shattered the glass and fell onto a man inside the car and cut his arm. here is what one of the passengers had to say. >> it was kind of like a balloon popping. it was more disorienting than anything but i guess, i mean it's lucky that nothing bad happened. >> yes, yes. >> but something bad could happen. >> another attack happened monday when a van carrying a family was hit. there's a $4,000 reward being offered to find who is responsible. it's 5:07. president trump is back in south florida this morning after making a surprise thanksgiving visit to troops in afghanistan. there he is serving turkey at bagram air field. more than two hours he was there, he sat down with the baghdad president as well. there were strict instructions
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to keep this trip a secret to ensure his safety. this was his first trip to the site of america's longest war where 12,000 u.s. forces remain. some good news right now, a once missing great grandmother is back home safely this morning. we told but this 75-year-old fairfield woman, she was missing with her two great grandkids and hadn't been seen since monday. yesterday she pulled into a gas station in pinole, when an attendant received a text alert on her phone and called police. they were able to reunite the family who says they're thankful she was found safely just in time for the holidays. >> it was turning out to be the worst but in one phone call, it was the best thanksgiving ever. >> indeed. the family believes the woman, sandra young is her name, has some form of dementia. they believe she had been driving between richmond and danville along highway 4 all
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that time, in an area where she used to live. back to the microclimate weather alert. v v this morning we get a good look what the last storm system left behind in the sierra. the sierra got three feet of snow in some spots. this morning the national weather service has a warning to people who are headed up to the sierra this weekend because of more heavy snow to come. plan ahead. the best bet leave the bay area by tonight or early tomorrow morning before the next snowstorm hits. these low temperatures across the bay area are putting thousands of people and lives, people who live on the streets, putting them in danger. santa clara county is opening up warming shelters through tuesday, 19 different warming centers in fact will offer a place for those folks to stay. and we will be tracking all of the changing weather throughout the weekend. our website is a great resource. you can download our free app with access to our live radar.
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it is 5:09 this morning. kris sanchez is out there in that cold, she is at the confusingly named san francisco premium outlets in livermore, and she, you said this is the first time you've been out on black friday at a shopping mall, right? >> reporter: ever. >> wow. >> reporter: ever. ever. you're staying here and hang willing out with your family, not out there shopping buying stuff. i met this guy over here, he was just in the nike store. >> bought a little sweater, for the children. we got a little orange sweater, we got to match the holidays, a little nike. >> reporter: very good. what time did you get here? >> we got here around 4:00 actually. >> reporter: really? >> no, 3:00. 3:30? yes. >> reporter: what did your family say? are you here with your friends? >> friends, i'm here with steph curry right here.
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>> reporter: they're having a good time. let's show you the line here at nike town over here, no wonder it is so bustling inside, the sign says there's an additional 30% off the entire purchase so that's a pretty good deal. you see the folks waiting in line to pay. this is the line just to get into the store. following us over here, these folks are waiting to get in this morning. we see lots of bags, papaya. good morning, how are you? good morning. oh my goodness these two have been running around having a great time. mom and dad? >> yes. >> reporter: what's it like to be out -- you can't miss your turn to get into the store, that's for sure. he's having a hot chocolate a minute ago. bye, you guys. bye! what did you buy? >> clothes. >> reporter: for who, a present? >> just everybody. >> reporter: you are doing christmas shopping? >> i am >> reporter: a lot of folks are
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buying for themselves only which seems kind of grinchy i think. a young lady, what did you buy? >> a couple of jackets, purses and more clothes. >> reporter: presents or for yourself? >> for ourselves. >> reporter: for yourselves. that's what we've been hearing a lot this morning for sure. >> i forgot it's 70%. >> reporter: early holiday, very good. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> reporter: where are you guys from? >> from santa clara. >> reporter: santa clara, okay, so you drove up to livermore. >> yes. >> reporter: keeping warm, this is cute. these folks look happy and chic for this time of the morning. it's really cold out here so if you're headed out for black friday shopping, make sure you wear something warm or maybe get somebody to carry it around like that guy. that's the way i want to do it. back to you guys. >> kris sanchez, who we send out to all kinds of story, getting a happy torrey this morning, thanks. happening today, christmas in the park is opening. here is a live look at the tree.
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it's not lit up just yet. that will happen later today. christmas in the park is an annual tradition in the south bay. thousands atend the event in cesar chavez park. we have video from last year for you. later today, mike inouye will be emceeing an event there that starts at 5:00. in the city, mayor london breed will help light the christmas tree at union square, and that happens at 6:00. look at that. isn't that fun? >> i love that. such a great time of year. it's the best. i'm officially ready for christmas now. i just needed yesterday to be done. i personally needed yesterday to be done. >> as king of the world, let me declare it is now acceptable to talk about christmas. >> thank you. >> the king has spoken. >> the king has spoken. coming up, heartbreak in the midwest this morning, look at that, a barn fire breaks out at this safari park.
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the reason employees are still devastated, despite no loss to human life. plus a debate over a new netflix blockbuster. how long is too long? why the irishman is receiving pushback from parents this morning. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi!
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it is 5:16. we're under a microclimate weather alert because of how cold it is. in san jose it is 38 degrees.
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we have frost advisories in effect through 9:00 a.m. we have a big storm on the way in time for the weekend. don't worry, i got you covered. i'll break down the timing, how much rain we're expecting, also more sierra snow coming up shortly but first let's see how the roads are doing out there, because if you are heading out, to do a little bit of shopping, palo alto smooth commute. chp has not reported any major accidents, just a couple fender benders but no blocked roadways right now. back to you. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters and here are today's top business headlines. wall street could open in the red this morning. lingering concerns about u.s./china trade and weak economic data out of japan are hanging over the markets. stocks coming off a positive day on wednesday with the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closing at new record highs for the 11th time this month. they're all on pace for their best month since june. a quick note a half trading day. the stock market closes at 1:00 p.m.
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the malls and stores could be busy. new data from retail me not shows 85% of consumers plan to shop at some point black friday through cyber monday and plan to spend an average of $738. small electronics top this year's shopping list followed by clothing and shoes. and if you were trying to share photos of your thanksgiving feast or your family you may have had some issues yesterday. facebook and instagram suffered outages worldwide. facebook says that a problem with one of facebook's software systems caused many people to have access its apps. facebook, instagram and whatsapp suffered their worst outage in march with problems that persisted for more than 24 hours. scott and kira, thank heavens, facebook and instagram and all of it is back up again. i'll send it back to you. >> thank goodness. we can all spend some family time together on thanksgiving. it was perfect timing.
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>> we could. >> rahel, thanks. all right, trending this morning, interesting discussion about the new movie on netflix, the los gatos based company hoping "the irishman" will earn oscar nominations. some people say it's too long. three and a half hours. >> ooh. >> one viewer suggested break it down into four episodes. others say the movie is supposed to be watched in full. many parents are pointing out they don't have three and a half hours without children to watch it, so there. i did start it yesterday and i will admit i did not finish it. >> you don't even have little kids running around. >> i had to go to bed. >> yes. all right, vianey has a look at the weather. >> we are under a microclimate weather alert. the rain is back but not from the last storm. we have a new storm. right now san jose 38 degrees. the thing that's going to impact your morning the most right now are going to be those cold temperatures. so if you're noticing a frosty windshield, this is why.
5:20 am
we're in the 30s right now in san jose, but the most impactful by far napa 29, santa rosa 27 degrees. which is the reason why we are under frost advisories down through san jose, livermore and concord and freeze marnings through 9:00 app, napa, santa rosa, san rafael area. protect your pets if you're inside and up right now and thinking i have to let them out to use the restroom and bring back in. it's too cold today. what are we looking at in terms of the rain? storm ranger looking dry, up and scanning. plenty of instability so i'll zoom this out to show you. we have a couple of showers offshore. the majority of that trekked east through fresno and that could mean that we could get just some light rain on and off again through the afternoon. here is a look at your microclimate highs. oakland 53 degrees. san francisco 51. yesterday in san francisco, they didn't hit the 50s. it was a cold afternoon, i think they only topped out at 48. i'll check that out. 52 degrees and santa rosa 53, so
5:21 am
we'll see what happens this weekend, when a lot of people hit the roads on their way back from thanksgiving celebrations. it's going to be another wet day ahead. another winter blast expected for this weekend, and that's because we have a bit of an atmospheric river event that will be forming. let's check out and see how the roads are doing. we are not tracking any accidents at this hour. the roadways have been clear all morning long and so have our traffic maps, but i did notice this one accident that just popped up near societies headed toward palo alto. i'll see what that's about. hopefully nothing serious. a quick check of your peninsula drive times, southbound van necessary to sfo 101 11 minutes. southbound 101 sfo to highway 92 six minutes. looking to get to the san francisco international airport, you should be all clear. back to you. >> looks good. no traffic, if you're headed out for black friday. if you need some extra savings for your black friday shopping, you want to listen to this. >> before you hit the malls, pay
5:22 am
attention to this story, how experts say you could get the most bang for your buck. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it is 5:24. this is video of a barn fire at a wildlife park in ohio. at least ten animals were killed. in a facebook post, the park said it was devastated by the loss and will be closed today.
5:25 am
four antelopes, three giraffes and three hogs were killed. the fire started about a half hour outside of sandusky, ohio. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in better news, it is time to start holiday shopping. you have one week less than did you last year because thanksgiving was later this year. >> so 26 shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas, nbc's liz mcloughlin has a look at the deals. >> reporter: black friday is already here. >> black friday is a two-week period rather than one day. >> reporter: 165 million consumer also break out their wallets in the five days around thanksgiving, but increasingly, shoppers are logging on, rather than lining up. >> 99% of the sales are equally good if not better online than they are in the store. >> reporter: discounts already live on electronics from target, and game consoles from walmart.
5:26 am
and amazon is rolling out new deals each day on its black friday page. >> every day all day, up and through the end of the season. >> reporter: to keep spending in check, make a list, then set up price alerts for those items using a tool like google shopping. >> you can click the track prices button and that's going to give you an alert via text message or email or whatever alert that you'd like when that price drops. >> reporter: apps can also help you find the best deal. use flip to browse store ads and camel, camel, camel to look up price history. some sellers inflate the price to look like you're getting a better discount than you are or use black friday deals to get rid of low quality inventory. check product reviews before you buy. >> the least expensive thing is usually not the thing you want to get. >> reporter: liz mcloughlin, nbc news. >> if you're planning to venture out on black friday, check out nbc bay area respond's guide to how to have a successful
5:27 am
shopping experience at nbc bay area youtube channel or on our website coming up, a scare for shoppers in the east bay. we have new information about an overnight shooting at a target store. plus, preparing for the storm. with a potential for an atmospheric river to hit the bay area this weekend, what overnight models are now revealing about when all of the rain is expected to move in. we will take you out live to look at that, traffic not a factor if you wanted to go to work, i don't know why you would. you could. >> we'll be back.
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welcome back. it's 5:30 on this friday. if i see clear skies it's going to be cold out there. we have a microclimate weather alert about an incoming storm, coming up. >> 38 degrees on our screen right now. >> that's in san jose right now. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. >> aim eskpt ask th >> i'm scott mcgrew. laura, marcus, kari and mike are all home. vianey arana is here to talk about the traffic but let's talk about the cold first. >> in san francisco it's 44, the high you see there was yesterday's high, 48 degrees so if you were in the city a, that how cold it was.
5:31 am
wind speeds 5 miles per hour. live look in downtown san jose getting ready for christmas in the park at 38 degrees. so we're dipping down into the 30s, but that's not even the coldest spot. santa rosa 26 degrees. napa 29 and in through san jose as well as palo alto and santa cruz the 30s but we have the frost advisories that will remain in place in a couple of freeze warnings at least through 9:00 a.m. let's see how the roads are doing. if you have to get back to work today after a very nice i hope thanksgiving dinner, you don't have to worry about the traffic. look at the speed sensors. i'm barely seeing any yellowing, if any at all, down through the south bay, there was a little bit of a fender bend ear long highway 101, that i'm happy to report has been cleared out and no major accidents. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you much. new overnight, a scare for thanksgiving shoppers at an east bay store. five people are in police custody right now tied to a shooting outside a target in fremont, happened late last night at the store on fremont boulevard and mowery avenue.
5:32 am
at least one shot was fired but we know nobody was hit. we've been talking to police, they tracked down the suspects while responding to the reported shooting. the suspects led police on a chase, taken into custody in nearby newark. besides recovering the gun they found stolen video games. take a look at this. multiple water main breaks in san francisco, patrero hill and chinatown. >> the good news is they are working on it. the bad news is it's very loud. thom jensen you were out there with the jackhammers, that's a heck of a way to wake up on a day off for those people around there. >> reporter: again, having a tough time hearing you guys right now. they just pulled up this piece of heavy equipment behind me. you can see at petreira hill the 12 inch line break caused most of the damage last night, and they need to get this fixed to
5:33 am
get water service turned back on to this area. after that line broke late last night, you showed that video earlier, water just came rushing down the asphalt here turning the street into rivers. it was deep enough to flood the garages and basements of at least three homes and caused a lot of damage to the pavement. a six inch line and an eight inch line nearby also broke as a result of this rupture. meanwhile, water ran on to northbound lanes of highway 101, causing traffic to be routed around that standing water, up on i-280, until they got the repairs made there, water off the highway. the highway is open this morning in both directions. another water line broke meanwhile a leak puc is calling t not a break, but caused a sizeable fissure at mason and jackson streets chinatown shutting down cable car service for a short period of time. repairs were completed there
5:34 am
just a short time ago this morning. back live, no word yet on what caused this line. they're still getting an idea of that as they dig in there, and get a look at the line itself, and until they get this fixed, though, the people up in this neighborhood will not have water service. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thom, thanks. investigators are looking into yet another case of something being thrown or shot at cars in monterey county. it's the 43rd time something like this has happened to a car in the prunedale area north of salinas. this latest incident happened just before 8:00 last night on eastbound 156. a family was headed toward san miguel canyon when something hit their car and shattered the glass, which fell onto a man inside the car and cut his arm. here is what one of the passengers told us. >> it was kind of like a balloon popping. it was more disorienting than anything but i guess it's lucky that nothing bad happened. >> yes.
5:35 am
>> but i mean, something bad could happen. >> another attack happened monday when a van carrying a family was hit. right now, there is a $4,000 reward being offered to find who is responsible. back to our microclimate weather alert. a one-two punch. >> that's right, freezing cold temps followed by another storm that's coming in, so people are getting ready. this weekend's atmospheric river event a real concern for communities that were hit by the wildfires, because the terrain now is very fragile, not much to hold back the mud, even the santa clara county area near los gatos was torn up by the loma fire, that was three years ago, and it's still recovering. one homeowner says residents ready for the storms, he's not so sure about the soil. >> there's all the massive water t gets super muddy and there's a couple times about last year we couldn't get out of our house. we had to have atvs come and
5:36 am
pick us up and drive us out. >> the homeowner wants the county to repair the roads. we'll be tracking the weather through the weekend. our website a great resource and download our free app that has access to live radar. now we're going to send, speaking of of the cold weather our poor beloved kris sanchez is braidsing the cold weather. >> you're so good at it, kris. you're so enthusiastic, talking to all the shoppers. >> all the shoppers who don't want to talk to her. >> i'm sure you'll be doing this every year from here on out. this is your first time ever at a mall. >> reporter: a lot of people. >> yes. >> poor kris. >> reporter: on black friday. we don't do the black friday shopping. sometimes we'll do like shopping online while my mom is not looking but usually she's like this is family time! not for these folks although some of them are here shopping with their families, so i guess that's a good deal.
5:37 am
we have these ladies, what did you buy? tell me what you bought. >> i bought a lot of clothes, bags. >> reporter: for yourself or presents? >> some were presents, most of it myself. >> reporter: what time did you get here? >> 12:00. >> reporter: you got here at midnight. did you have thanksgiving dinner before you came? >> yes. kind of rushed one but yes. >> reporter: i'm thankful, let's eat the turkey, let's go. happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> reporter: happy black friday. i want to show you the line for sta buc starbucks, this is apparently how people are sustaining themselves through the shopping frenzy. look at the line here. this is one of the longer lines here at the mall this morning. they've been open here since 3:00 this afternoon. yesterday, not this afternoon, 3:00 yesterday afternoon. so some of the stores are dark, maybe not participating or maybe closing for just a few hours,
5:38 am
but it has been very busy out here. we seem to be in a bit of a lull this morning right now. so security guards say there's plenty of parking. you should dress warm because it is pretty chilly out here. i'll go back to you guys. >> thank you. >> reporter: what did you buy? >> some box gear. black friday was a success. >> reporter: very good. >> hope you had a good thanksgiving. y'all drive safe. >> reporter: do drive safe out there. there are a lot of folks crossing the roadway and whatnot. back to you. >> that was a great find, kris. >> reporter: i'm more hard news breaking news kind of girl? >> yes. no, but you're doing a great job. you're just breaking in. >> reporter: where is bob redell? he's good at these. >> this is his assignment normally. >> you're doing a great job, kris. she's usually capital "j" journalist and today bringing it down for shopping black friday
5:39 am
>> it is a dangerous drive this week on bay area roads, not just because of the rain from the recent storms, but what the storms left behind, a lot of new potholes and with more storms in the forecast ch the forecast, expect things to get worse. aaa says it's a good time to inspect your tires and car's suspension system. slow down of course before you drive over a pothole and remember puddles can disguise deep potholes. earlier oakland began a $100 million to project to repave city streets. normally when we talk about the weekend weather, we're all oh it's exciting and great. this one has storms. >> it is serious because they are already looking at flash flood watches through the burn scars for the kincade fire. i'm going to try to break down the timing for you. the hour-by-hour outlook friday
5:40 am
8:00 a.m., it looks dry but if i fast forward this time line i'll take you hour by hour, we start to see some pockets of rain moving through saturday at about 5:00 a.m., we start to see the rain moving from santa rosa, san rafael, half moon bay, hayward, oakland, around the 5:00 a.m. hour and fast forward a little bit more around 8:30 and look at this cell right now, a line of heavy downpours right around the 8:30 hour. we'll get some rain by the morning but by the afternoon, not even the afternoon right now, the speeds are kind of speeding up a little bit through early morning. we'll get a combination of wind and rain, so by the afternoon and evening, i'm going to fast forward this time line more, notice the timing, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, we get rain all day on saturday, and these pockets of the yellows and the reds, those are periods of heavy downpours at times. that is going to sweep through saturday. saturday is going to be extremely dangerous when it comes to the road conditions. but also i want to get to that flash flood watch that's going to take effect saturday at 1:00
5:41 am
p.m. through monday 4:00 a.m. for the north bay, santa rosa, san rafael and napa. at risk is the kincade fire burn area that i was talking about in northern sonoma county. the impacts potential for rock slides, debris flow and flash flooding for locations just down the stream of that burn scar so that's going to be a major area for concern, but so is the sierra travel. beautiful sight there, if you managed to make it up to lake tahoe, look at the sierra forecast. frigid, cold temperatures and snow, once the new storm rolls in saturday. your travel window to head up there is right now through early tomorrow morning. back to you. >> vianey, thanks >> it might be black friday but next week, many people are expected to donate to charities as part of giving tuesday. >> and if you are one of the many who are wondering who should you donate to? our consumer team has advice on how you can find organizations who can use the help this holiday season.
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good morning. we have a new storm only the way, santa rosa 26 degrees. napa 29. san jose already dipping down into the 30s. it's going to be a cool day ahead, but it's the rain we're worried about this weekend and more sierra snow. i'm breaking down the timing for that coming up. a quick check of the bridge drive times for the east bay,
5:45 am
southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road ten minutes. i don't know if it gets better than that, 238 from i-580 to 808, two minutes. no metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza. tough driving conditions through the grapevine. snow and icy roads forced part of i-5 to close in both directions yesterday morning that created problems for many drivers trying to get to their thanksgiving destinations. crews with snowplows worked all morning to clear the roads. the freeway did reopen yesterday afternoon. way up to our north in alaska, hurricane-force winds battering anchorage, causing power outages and some damage. gusts between 80 and 90 miles an hour hammered that area. winds ripped a portion of a roof off several buildings there as well. the season of giving is upon us again, as many of us are focused on holiday shopping, there's something else to think about. >> plenty of others who desperately need our help.
5:46 am
chris clackham looks at giving tuesday. >> reporter: giving tuesday follows thursday's thanksgiving celebration for the eighths year. >> there's giving tuesday activities today in every country on every continent in the world. >> reporter: in the midst of the most commerce-driven time of the year, people are now asked to set aside at least one day for giving, instead of getting. >> you can give an hour of your time, you can of course give cash, nonprofits always need cash but five bucks, ten bucks still impacts. it doesn't have to be $100 or $1,000 gift. >> reporter: amy jacobs, donors and volunteers are connected to some 450 charitable or non-profit groups. >> the call to action is to be part of this movement and to give. it doesn't matter what or how much you give. >> reporter: does it matter what you give to the red cross? they're in need of your time, cash or -- >> you can sign up to donate
5:47 am
blood. that's an easy way if you can't donate money to save a life. >> reporter: the hope is giving on the one day will translate into giving year round. >> all the good creativity and thinking on the giving tuesday movement happens out there in the grassroots in communities around the world. >> reporter: if you want to see if there's a community campaign in your region, you can find a list of those organizations on the website. chris clackham, nbc news. happy thanksgiving from the cur currys. steph curry writing "thankful for my squad today and always." by the way, while the warriors are in miami tomorrow to take on the heat, steph will be an analyst for the pregame show in the nbc sports bay area studio. how cool? >> that will be fun to watch >> really fun to watch. got to love steph curry. >> i enjoy the family photos.
5:48 am
some people worry about the aesthetics of their plate, looking jumbled. >> you need everything in little separate piles. >> family photos that was a cute one. i love the currys. i got aeisha's new pants set. shout out, but that's going to inspire me. get to your temperatures right now, 26 degrees in santa rosa. napa 29. san jose 38. it is so cold out there, we've got the freeze warnings in place for the north bay, frost warnings down through the south bay, and storm ranger right now it looks pretty dry. we have it scanning. i'm going to zoom this out, plenty of instability left over from the initial storm. so we could see a chance or two of some showers, mostly scattered in your microclimate highs for the coast, bay and inland again, a chance of scattered showers, it's not going to be pouring all day, right now it's fairly dry. 51 degrees in san francisco. just two degrees warmer compared to yesterday's high of 48. san jose 54, but the big story is going to be that next system
5:49 am
that is already setting up to make its arrival as early as saturday morning, so this is an atmospheric river event, it's going to be windy, with light rain through the morning, and then it's going to get heavier as the day goes on. the models right now are showing that rain making its arrival around the 9:00/10:00 a.m. hour. it becomes widespread on saturday, heavy downpours expected by the evening, that's going to continue through sunday morning. right now localized flooding is possible especially in the mountains, and of course, those burn scars which is why there is a flash flood watch expected to take place or in effect from saturday, tomorrow 1:00 p.m. through monday at 4:00 a.m., impacts possible rock slides, debris flow and of course any locations down the stream from the kincade fire burn scar going to be a concern. estimated snow totals another big area for concern, although it's going to make for great ski/snow season. over 58 inches the models are brid bringing in for kingvale monday
5:50 am
from the storm alone. that affects the travel back from lake tahoe if you wept up there for thanksgiving. nearly an inch and a half for the mountains, five inches and gusty winds, 20 to 35 miles per hour so here is your seven-day setup. temperatures remain in the 50s. san francisco temps also expect to keep that weather alert all weekend long. let's she how the roads are doing. not a lot to tell you about a. my day is made easy when it comes to traffic. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge seven minutes. not a lot of people headed out to work. westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge 13 minutes and westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge only eight minutes. how is the peninsula doing if you're headed to sfo? southbound 01 from van ness avenue to sfo 11 minutes. southbound 101 sfo to 29, five minutes and southbound 101 from 92 to shoreline boulevard only nine minutes. let's take you to the east bay, tapping in to all the commuters,
5:51 am
i got the time. southbound 680 from 58 to to vargas road about ten minutes. northbound 238 from 58 to 880, two minutes. southbound 238 to highway 84 ten minutes and northbound 101 from highway 85 in san jose to highway 87 about 12 minutes. northbound 87 there was a crash earlier reported along that area, that has moved over to the right-hand shoulder, not causing any delays from highway 85 to highway 101, only ten minutes, although you don't have to worry about the traffic. look out for the potholes. we'll keep a close eye on the next big storm system making its arrival. one thing you want to check the grapevine travel right now has been reopened, the sierra travel will be tough this weekend. leave an hour early tomorrow morning. back to you. >> thank you. happening now, a collapsed drain causing more than traffic delays along the california freeway. a problem if you're heading to palm springs, there's a mudslide adding to traffic backup on i-10 in redland.
5:52 am
you see the video there showing collapsed portions of the road, the damage done and a massive traffic backup. cal trans crews out repairing that damaged freeway. no word on how long it will take to repair. it is 5:52. we have much more local news still ahead. vianey is updating our forecast and we'll check back in with her at 6:00. something to consider before you buy one of the hot holiday toys. we'll share a few basic reminders for parents of little ones, what is safe and not safe to buy. you're watching "today in the bay." so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
5:53 am
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and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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you know, we're all on social media, this is my facebook page. i just posted about my son who had chinese takeout. the santa clara county ems medic. that was his meal. follow me on facebook and twitter. 49ers on the road this weekend not due back to levi's until they play the falcons next month. when the fans come back to levi's, more improvements. the team is rolling out new video screens, connectivity for your phone and meal plans to make the fun of going to the stadium that much more fun. the team is competing with the big wide screen tvs and you might be tempted to stay home on
5:56 am
the couch. >> the nfl game is a four-hour experience. the live action 25 to 28 minutes. during the three and a half hours, how is someone engaging in the facility? if we're not on the cutting edge of the venue, why is someone going to leave the couch or their bar or streaming device and come in our venue? >> that's al guido on "press:here" this weekend. the president of the 49ers. anthony flores will be here as well as we quiz him about the future of football, sunday mornings after "meet the press" at 9:00 a.m. >> i love your show. that will be interesting to see. levi's stadium is so nice but they need to make it nicer. >> the business of sports. you heard al say that you're there four hours. 25 minutes of that is football. 25 minutes. >> wow. >> so you got to entertain the folks the rest of the time. >> yes, so interesting. it's like you're there to watch football but not really. >> not really. all right, switching gears a little bit from sports to shopping on this black friday, you might be deciding which toys
5:57 am
to buy your kids this year. of course most parents know not everything is a good idea. >> tory dunnan has a look at advice for parents with little ones. >> reporter: the holiday season is upon us. there's a lot to consider when it comes to toys and safety for different ages. >> i can't sit on that. that's too little. >> reporter: jamie and her 2-year-old victoria are getting an early start on holiday shopping. >> i'm always looking for nontoxic toys. my daughter is 2 and everything goes in the mouth. >> reporter: patrick savoie the owner of toy express said first and foremost, pay attention to small pieces. >> here are soft blocks, good alternative to lego blocks because legos are very small pieces. >> reporter: so this is basically because these are sewn on eyes, not eyes that can pop off.
5:58 am
>> yes. >> reporter: bigger is better for babies and toddlers. >> the wheels are small, the rubber can come off as well. >> reporter: each label on toys important, too. >> we recommend the parents to look at the age appropriate. >> reporter: pay special attention to bath toys. >> this is a mildew and mold issue here, as the water gets stuck in there. >> reporter: no hole. look at strangulation hazards like strong strings. >> a great alternative to pull toys which has a cord and can create -- >> reporter: a topper instead of a pull toy. >> yes. >> reporter: don't forget about batteries. and make sure the compartment for them has screws on it. >> tory dunnan for us. if you're planning to venture out for black friday check out the be "nbc bay area responds" guide how to have a successful shopping experience on the nbc bay area youtube channel, did you know we have one? we do, it's a great resource. you can go to our website right now at 6:00, overnight arrests after an alleged
5:59 am
shooting and robbery. shoppers kicking off the holiday season overnight in the middle of a shooting, the must have gifts that police say the suspects stole. and it has happened once again for the 43rd time this year, somebody has thrown or shot an object at passing cars on the same spot on highway 101, the injury to one driver this morning as he describes that scary moment. plus -- >> gushing water in the streets of san francisco. the flooding some people spent the night dealing with. we wake up to very cold temperatures. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good morning. it is 5:59. thanks for joining us on this black friday. i'm kira klapper. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. laura and marcus have the morning off. shopping meanwhile under way across the country, and in the bay area. in a couple of minutes we'll take you out live to the san francisco premium outlets in
6:00 am
livermore. talking to people who woke up early. >> it's funny, kris sanchez is out there right now and she's interviewing everyone, and a lot of people are saying they're buying for themselves. you know what? i don't think that's that bad. they're being frugal with the black friday deals for themselves and maybe they'll pay full price for all the gifts. >> that's right. >> who knows. >> they're dealing with cold. >> cold, yes. >> cold and then a storm ahead. >> a new storm is on the way so let me take you through a quick little recap of the three things i'm going to tap into. the first thing is first, your temperatures as you head out the door, because if you're going out friday, black friday shopping, san jose 37 degrees. palo alto 39. livermore 32, which is where the outlets are. it's so cold, napa and santa rosa below freezing temperatures, dipping down into the 20s. next thing i'll tap into are your microclimate highs for the day. if you're out and about, expect to keep the possibility of showers throughout. not a rain yy


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