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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 2, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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that heavy rht there highway 4. for the south bay, this is what we were talking about, just some really heavy rain pushing through in san jose, moving over toward evergreen, so if you're about to head out the door, watch out for that. and scattered showers will continue today, but it won't be as heavy as we've seen, and we're also going to see the winds calming down a bit today so that's some good news, as we get ready to head back to work and school on this monday morning. we're going to see still some wet weather, but it won't be as bad as it was. now, we'll talk about what's ahead and how much rain we've measured coming up. mike, you have a word of warning for our compumuters. >> you might say kari is showing rain other places not where i am but slick roadways, west 580, a good amount of traffic, folks coming back to work after a long break perhaps and off of freeway speeds you make turns on the off-ramp near tassajara, could be an issue, a spinout sot isal
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puddles, that's what happens around the off-ramps, sometimes drains are blocked, sometimes the drainage machines are off so that will be an issue. usual suspects through san jose, flooding reports scattered around and here is 87 at 85 with recent rain. we've got that radar around here but you take it off and you're met with green. green means wet roads and also means green on the speed sensors at speed. be careful, lower the speed. kris sanchez talked about the basic speed law and with all of this radar activity that's the big concern, wind and rain across the bridges. just be careful that no major crashes right now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the commute might be inconvenient for you but one of our big concerns has been the north bay and the burn zone, so we've sent a lot of manpower and woman power up there to get that covered for you. >> sharon katsuda joins us live from geyserville this morning. at least she has a smile on her face but there was a lot of concern with all the rain that came down, sharon. >> reporter: there is a lot of concern in this area, and right now, it feels pretty calm out here, not too much rain.
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not too windy but just up the road here we're here along highway 128 and on the way here we saw mudslides, smaller mudslides and downed trees so be careful out there. now right near chalk hill road here yesterday, huge boulders came didn't happen. chp had to call in extra help to remove the rock from the roadway. >> people needed to keep an eye out, drive slow, pay attention, because it can be around any curve, any of the roadways. >> reporter: here is another rock slide that happened along geyser road in geyserville. these rock slides occurring in the kincade burn area so with more rain on the way this week, there's concern about what more could come tumbling down and we just drove up the road here along highway 128, and we did see some equipment that's ready to remove future mudslides, so we decided to park down here a little ways, closer to chalk hill road just to be in a safe
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spot to give you this report. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> good decision, sharon, thank you. certainly was a travel nightmare for a lot of people across california. this is a live look right now at the airport. you know, all this rain happens to fall on the holiday weekend, where people are either trying to get to town, or in to town. >> that's right or coming back from tahoe, as well. bob redell is out there i walnut creek, just sort of with a wrap-up of all the different places that people are running into trouble. >> reporter: scott and laura, there have been flight interruptions at sfo. more of that in a sec. this is what the drive back into the state looked at for a number of us trying to get back to be withk with and other parts of the bay area. this is highway 80 in the sierra nevada, near the border, california/nevada border. there is a lot of snow there. a number of drivers got stuck on the side of the road, trying to get their chains on their tires and this was the scene much further south.
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this is an image from the state department of transportation there in nevada. this is californians trying to leave las vegas to get back home into the golden state, finding themselves in a backup along i-15 westbound that extended for 21 miles yesterday afternoon, a 21-mile backup out of las vegas. nevada's highway patrol was warning drivers do not use the shoulder to bypass that traffic or you could be fined $200 and at sfo the bad weather here and other parts of the country has already led to the cancellation of 13 flights today, we're talking about nine arrivals, four departures. yesterday the airport saw almost 500 flights >> i'm just thinking it's going to be a pretty long night canceled. because we lose two hours going back flying in to dallas and then we have the three-hour drive to get home to shreveport, and i have to be at work in the morning, so i'm not looking forward to it.
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>> reporter: that monday morning is here, good luck to him. the wind was so bad above the bay area yesterday the national weather service issued a severe turbulence notice for all aircraft flying in and out of sfo. "the chronicle" reports a pilot flying into the airport at monterey reported winds at 75 miles an hour at an elevation of 2,000 feet. reporting live in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you much. >> as the weather evolves and changes, we are tracking it all. our website and mobile app really great resources to stay in the know. you've got a qr code there on the bottom left of your screen, if you have an i-phone, you point it at that code, it will take you right tour stay up to date and get tailo 4:35. developing this morning, concord police iesofficers. this happened yesterday around noon at a home on oasis drive between treat and monument boulevard. police shot and killed a 60-year-old man.
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police or neighbors say the man who died had severely beaten his elderly parents. when officers arrive they say the man was on the verge of killing his own mother. >> our officers went inside and they located the son, straddling his mother, while holding a knife. >> to be honest, it's a sad thing that things like this have to happen this time of year and it ended the way it did. >> police say the couple called 911 saying their son was armed and drunk or on drugs. the husband and wife are in the hospital with serious injuries. how about a happier story on nbc bay area the community giving back after a mobile shower unit that serves homeless people was damage million-dollar the south bay. it's a story we brought you last week on "today in the bay." so far more than $2,200 has been donated to casa de clara, the charity provides hot showers to more than 100 people on
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the streets in san jose. thieves stole the catalytic converter. replacing the part will cost $3,000. police continue to investigate. the capitol christmas tree set to light up sacramento. >> it was chopped down from a state forest in shasta county. governor gavin newsom welcoming a 10-year-old girl for the ceremony. she has down's syndrome. she was selected to attend today's event because her teachers say she is an independent and energetic student that inspires others. coming up next on "today in the bay" a black friday bust for stores. where shoppers went instead of heading to the mall. and did you see "frozen 2" over the holiday box office mo aan aelsa and anna broke. and live outside tracking the morning commute. a lot of people to work to help pay for signer
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarter anss h headlines. wall street is pointing towards a higher open this morning. investors are reacting to positive economic data out of china. factory activity growing at the
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fastest pace in three years despite the impact from the trade war. stocks fell on black friday, and the dow, s&p, nasdaq had their best month since june. today's watch list reporting on manufacturing and construction spending. new numbers, consumers friday choosed to shop from the comfort of their couch. online sales hit $7.4 billion, up more than 19% from last year but still a shy of estimates. store visits fell a combined 3% on thursday and friday. so traffic was actually up on thanksgiving evening, but that was dragged down by a 6% decline on black friday. shopper track says the traditional pattern of people visiting stores has not only been disrumted b also offers li buy online and pick up in stores. and disney's "frozen 2" stuffing the competition, or the thanksgiving holiday weekend with a record-setting $137.2
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million. the film has made $739 million worldwide and will likely be the sixth disney movie to cross $1 billion by the end of its run in theaters. overall, thanksgiving brought in a solid $253 million in sales, but that was shy of last year's record $315 million. the holiday season is helping to offset what has been a blaeng november at the box office. sales had been down more than 7%, headed into the weekend. scott and laura, over to you. >> rahel, thank you. >> it will be big with a lot of "today in the , "stars wars" bay," kari hall tracking our wet and windy forecast, whether we should head inside to the movies. >> it's going to be still another good morning to stay inside, but we should see this rain lightening up later today. we can still see it's coming down here and a lot of snow in the sierra. we'll talk about all of this, and what's ahead for the rest of the week, that's coming up next. we can also see where it came down, right here richmond-san rafael bridge. lighter traffic starting to
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build as folks return from a longer holiday weekend perhaps. we're looking at wet conditions and windy conditions. we'll talk about what you can and can't see, based on this shot and others.
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welcome to monday morning. first monday in december, and boy, december kind ofms looking at the s curve up in san rafael, folks are trying to get up and out the door. take it slow. maybe allow a little extra time this morning. you never know what you'll that's how i drove in to work. tree down here, lots of limbs. >> and puddle't want to get. >> that's the thing about being
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early, drivers a lot of times you can't see the deep potholes or branches on the ground. watch out for that, we know it's been busy out there. getting you ready for the day, our first atmospheric river of the season, moving through the bay area, and of course brought in a lot of rain for some areas. now we can also see from this view that some of the heaviest rain shifted to the south of the bay. while we see this circulation here, that's the center of the low pressure, and the storm system, that will kind of help push this a little bit farther to the south, but it will also bring about some rain as we go especially this morning. so we're seeing some widespread light showers across the bay area, but a few areas that we're focusing in on, where we see the reds and yellows around st. helena and yountville, seeing heavy rain and also seeing some heavy rain once again coming over the santa cruz mountains, getting ready to move in to
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saratoga, as well as los gatos, as well as cambria park so watch out for that. as we look back at how much rain this storm system brought, ben lomand in the santa cruz mountains getting nearly seven inches of rain and marin county in marin. this is typical of an atmospheric river. check out san jose, a little over a tenth of an inch of rain and the reason why is because atmospheric rivers are so low, as they moveocea and then start tf the higher some of our mountain a elevations along the coast, and and a half inches of rain, and morgan hill, where we had two redwood city an inch of rain. we're not done yet. we're still going to have a chance of scattered showers at least for the morning, but rain should taper off as we go into this afternoon. we see a lot of that rain mostly in the north bay, but then we see it just very hit or miss so be prepared for it all. we're going to see a little bit of a break headed into tomorrow, as the rain returns late
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tomorrow evening, and it will move from south to north, and really impact the area on wednesday. but then we're also looking at some additional rainfall totals anywhere from about a tenth of an inch of rain to close to an inch of rain and the sierra should start to see snow showers tapering off io an additional one to tra. ahead of the next storm system that will be coming in, bringing so we're going to see this system moving to the south, and then still some scattered showers headed into thursday, that's the only see another storm system bringing in some high wind and rain for the first part of the weekend. seven-day forecast inland keeps it cool, highs upper 50s and low 60s and off and on rain now through wednesday. thursday a little bit of sunshine before that next storm system comes in. mike, you're seeing some tough driving conditions in a few
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important spots. >> that's right. we have wet and windy conditions statered around the bay but critical here the bay bridge starting to show the backup for the cash lanes. it's 10 to 5:00 or 11 'til 5:00. i didn't want you to think you were late. about a half hour from now we should see the metering lights on. look at the flags perpendicular to the agdget the top here, san mateo bridge, they called off the wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge but be careful out there. this is a messy shot but i wanted to show you the radar activity that kari is tracking, that's our storm ranger showing you that data, and over here our maps, tak t show youw, i blends in with the note scott was talking about highway 87 some big puddles green bay. that's the usual suspect. we have some reported in the 280 interchange area and getting toward downtown san jose. keep that in mind if you usually see puddles you probably will this morning as well and highway 17 was a mess overnight, still a lot of rain.
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there's a spin-out around redwood. they were going to shut down the freeway but able to clear that the last few minutes. that indicates how tough it is between santa cruz and the south bay. easy out u gu there. the chp talking more about the recent attacks targeting drivers. 101 meets highway 152 and 156 in the gilroy area. someone is either shooting or throwing projectiles at cars. four cars were hit on thanksgiving night alone, adding to the nearly 50 attacks in that same area since february. it's not really clear if all these cases are linked, but the sad truth is the chp now has a new name for that area, calling it projectile alley. >> they do match some of the previous incidents we have had, so we have a lot of resources dedicated to this. >> i have this on both sides of my kids because i'm too afraid to drive around. >> that's a driver who lives in
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prunedale trying to better protect herself and her two young children. the reward to catch whoever is doing it up to $4,500. it's all for information leading to an arrest and conviction. >> 4:51. san jose firefighters did not yet said they know what sparked a house fire near alum rock park that left a family of five without a place to live for some time. three adults, two children made it out of this home safely, this started before 9:00 on adams drive in the berryessa neighborhood. flames damaged the kitchen, dining room and garage. other areas sustained smoke damage. new details about the cost of pg&e's october power shutoff in one east bay city. orinda's city manager ran those numbers, his reports showed the city wracked up nearly $60,000 in expenses. about 30,000 went to city workers who had to put aside their usual work to deal with the power shutoff. $28,000 went to overtime pay, and buying and renting emergency
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supplies. pg&e turned off the power to orinda as a fire safety precaution october 9th through the 11th, and again from the 26th through the 29th. >> 4:52. southern california, passengers of a norwegian cruise ship recovering after falling ill for the second time in a week. at least 19 in total are reported to have flu-like symptoms as the norwegian "joy" arrived at the port of los angeles yesterday. officials said no one requested to be taken to the hospital. last week, six people fell ill aboard that same cruise ship. four were taken to the hospital. coming up on "today in the bay," you have to see this out of the world home, what one california man is doing to restore it. and happening now, montana governor steve bullock ending his presidential campaign, the announcement happened overnight. the 53-year-old democrat entered the race in may, filed for the new hampshire primary less than a month ago. bullock pitched himself as to voters as a campaign finance reformer, who could win in red
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states, but he never caught fire. there are now 16 candidates running for the democratic national convention.
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welcome back he. you s the rain on our lens there. this is a live pcreek. we are following all of this. kari will have the latest coming up in just a minute. the 49ers could lose even more tonight after a close loss to the ravens early on sunday. fans already know baltimore kicked that field goal as time expired to drop the niners to 10-2 on the season. that other loss of course, the two came from the seahawks. this is why it matters. if the seahawks win tonight,
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seattle owns the tiebreaker which jobs the niners from first place in the nfc to fifth and it means no home field advantage. don't worry, though, plenty of season left to play. could come down to the final game of the regular season between the 49ers and the seahawks. that is december 29th. warriors green going to spend tonight on the bench. he's dealing with a heel injury. he tried playing yesterday but went to the bench after only spending about half the game on the court. the warriors ended up losing to the magic last night. in other news, green will be back in his own modern michigan state tuesday when his college jersey will be retired. nice tribute for him there. 4:57. trending this morning, a california man truly has a home that stands out. >> the futuro home showing that off the renovated plastic prefabricated home. its ufo style was popular back in the late '60s when it was first built, has about 500 square feet, includes all the
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creature comforts of a tiny home. >> looks like it's ready to take off there. 4:57. coming up next on "today in the bay," team coverage on our microclimate weather alert. >> we're still seeing some heavy rain moving through san jose right now but it's one of the few areas still struggling to wrack up some decent amount of rain. we'll talk about what's going on for today, and the rest of the forecast, coming up next. and a live look over here shows oakland, it seems just fine but if you look closely you can really see those headlights fwl glowing. we'll talk about what else we can see with our full technology on your maybe not so full commute, coming up.
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all right, right now at 5:00, the story impacting everyone. rain still falling across the bay area, after weekend atmospheric river. nbc bay area storm ranger is fired up scanning those skies. >> all that rain, you know, it's got to go somewhere. we have crews across the bay area tracking some trouble spots for your morning commute. >> and of course a winter whiteout in the sierra. treacherous traveling but a good sign for our water year. kari is adding up the weekend snow totals. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. first monday of december now. hard to believe. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus, who has the day off. kari definitely does not. it was a messy weekend and we're still seeing a lot of rain. >> we are still seeing a lot of
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rain, even though the main part of that atmospheric river has shifted just south, we are still going to have to deal with some off and on rain today. and so we are seeing mostly some light rain as you get ready to head out the door. where you see the reds and the yellows indicates some heavier rain, now moving into oakland and that will make it very hard for to you get out the door this morning. dealing with the heavy rain and the wet conditions out there, with, along with the


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