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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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good morning everyone. happy tuesday to you. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. >> i'm laura garcia. who shopped on cyber monday? >> i bought two things. >> you did shop. >> i did. but of course not at work. >> of course. >> of course not at work. >>. >> record sales. we'll get to that story in a little bit. i think people are doing more online. it's tough to go to the stores especially with the weather lately. >> i went to the mall on black friday. >> you did? >> i had no idea y i looked at that line and i was like, you know what -- >> did you get anything? >> not a thing. you couldn't get in the door. it was a parking lot. it was ridiculous. maybe it's a sign of the times that people are shopping in the bay area. i don't know. >> yogi rr too rain but the
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rain is tapering off rightno taking a look at storm ranger. as we nth bay. throughout the morning but we're going to have rain clearing for this afternoon. it will be a nice day before the next round of rain moves in. traffic is shifting around oakland, mike? >> it typically does, kari, folks shift around and they start to use the fastrak lanes. that's what's happening at the bay bridge. a standard build for a tuesday. you know what, overall, it might be a little lighter. that's kind of what we expect out of the thanksgiving weekend. we'll time out your drive out of tri-valley coming up soon. back to you, laura. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:01 right now. south bay landlords may face penalties for breaking certain "today in the bay" bob rydell joins us to how it
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protects renters. >> reporter: what's going to happen is the city council in city hall behind me is going to decide whether to approve new fines for landlords within the city limits. this is to encourage those property owners to follow the law when it comes to how they treat their tenants. for example, landlords have to require a legitimate reason for not renewing a tenant's lease. the city is considering a fine of $500 for landlords who don't follow that so-called just cause eviction rule. some landlords say the new fines create a financial burden on them and believe the city should be focusing on the affordability crisis, not them. the san francisco supervisors rules committee, they approved new protections for currently, landlords in sf can evict tenants without cause unless they're living in a building more than 40 years old. the law that needs full board approval would extend no cause eviction protection to renters
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in any building regardless of the building's age from the moment they sign the lease. >> reflects the moment we're in. which is a true affordability crisis. it's not about supply. it's not about what webuild, when we build it. it's about can working class people stay here in san francisco and be able to survive. this is a step in that direction. >> reporter: the san francisco apartment association says that proposal would add more red tape and make it more difficult for building owners to handle problem tenants. reporting in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." president trump in london attending a nato summit. trump expected to renew demands that european allies in canada step up defense spending. now his trip comes as the impeachment inquiry in washington moves forward. tracie potts live on capitol hill. the president blaming democrats for scheduling a hearing while he's overseas.
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>> right, scott. he's pointing fingers and also suggesting on twitter that maybe it's time for the u.s. supreme court to step in, slow down or stop impeachment from going forward. lawmakers vote tonight on whether to approve the report summarizing the impeachment inquiry so far. >> it's a hoax. the impeachment thing is a hoax. >> republicans have already written a 123-page rebuttal dpee fe defending the p. >> this republican report is absolutely ridiculous. >> tomorrow's judiciary hearing will focus on whether the law supports articles of impeachment against president trump for requesting a political biden investigation, from ukraine while withholding aid. one republican insists, without proof, that ukraine interfered in the clear to me that ukraine did meddle in t u.s
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u helping spread that russian propaganda in an effort to defend the president. >> the president is watching nato leaders today. his focus, making them pay their fair share of defense spending. >> we've increased the numbers that other countries are paying by $130 billion. it was going down for close to 20 years, if you look at it. like a roller coaster down. that was going on for a long time. we wouldn't have had a nato if it kept going that way. >> he's had several one-on-one meetings with heads of state today. tracie potts, nbc washington. a deadly house fire in east oakland happened yesterday on east 48th avenue. the man who died was 86 years old and confined to a wheelchair. firefighters managed to rescue his wife and the family dog. the woman suffered smoke inhalation. they have not given us an exact cause. but firefighters say ac5:05.
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happening today, a man involved in a recent standoff with san jose police is expected in court. la arrested facing drug charges. it prompted evacuations for people nearby the home. two blocks from oak grove high school. police still not saying if white had something to do with the homemade bomb found on that school's campus. it is 5:06 right now. changes are coming to 880 that could shave some time off the east bay commute. but at a cost to drivers. today in the bay's kris sanchez joins us live from fremont with what drivers can expect. >> reporter: hi there, laura. the 880 corridor is plenty busy almost every morning and likely keeps you behind the wheel longer than you'd like. that's why they want to move more people through the roadways a little more efficiently. ths lanes.
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ey up. >> i don't think that we should have to pay to drive on the freeway that we've already paid for with our taxes. >> expensive enough with the express lanes. i mean, with the fast lanes and all that. no, i don't think so. >> when the traffic stops, the diamond lanes stop as well. they really don't work. >> reporter: all right. here's the stretch of 880 we're talking about. it's 25 miles of 880 southbound between heg en berger road to dixon landing. 20 miles in the northbound direction between dixon landing to lewelling boulevard. >> tonight is the first oor people to weigh in before the metropolitan transportation commission financing authority which will hold a public hearing in two weeks and then a vote to
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public meeting, check out my twitter feed and facebook page for a link to a five-minute virtual open house. it has a pretty good amount of information. here's what's inform consideration. they want to convert the hov lanes, the carpool lanes to express lanes in the summer of 2020. that is in part because 20% of hov lane users don't pay. they're carpool cheap. the drivers would be required to have fastrak transponders for anybody who wants to use the express lanes. the toll would be dynamic pricing starting at 50 cents per trip going up from there depending on congestion. january. they will consider making changes to the existing express la ocounty. you can find details in my twitter feed and facebook page as well. that s some folks who drive clean air vehicles pay a little more and increasing the minimum toll.
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so all of this could affect you if you want to have your say, you have until january 18th to weigh in either in person or in writing. and then the vote happens later this month -- rather, the vote happens in january. in fremont, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. 5:09 right now. happening now, heavy snow and freezing rain causing quite the mess in the northwest. eight deaths are attributed to the storm. the driver of an suv was killed after a vehicle spun out of control. it was then hit by a tractor-trailer. more than 10 inches o s new york state capital of albany was slammed with more than 20 inches of snow. forced students in n a delay o for many districts this morning. closer to home, the sierra getting a lot of fresh snow. at times, both i-80 and highway 50 seeing near white-out conditions.
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anyone further up the mountain should take tire chains. some areas have seen up to 7 feet of snow. what's ahead for everything, rain, snow? let's bring in kari. >> pennsylvania getting 20 inches. we got 7 feet. >> as we start out this morning, this is our break. we're just now seeing spotty showers across parts of the north bay as we track it on storm ranger. our mobile doppler radar. you're headed out, patchy fog, it feels humid outside and some spotty light rain. that's the case into the morning. the atmospheric river has now shifted to the south. as we go into the day, we're going to have our break with some sunshine tomorrow. we'll talk about how much more is on the way. mike, you have now two crashes in oakland? >> i do, kari. >> the flashing lights cleared
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off the freeway a couple minutes later. we have a smooth flow. this is before the sam rah shot. right here, there's no slowing through that stretch. we're going to track that. no lanes reported blocked. over here, west 580, around 35th. another crash. both show speed sensors at the limit. and have for ten minutes. a smooth drive-by the pittsburg and walnut creek. brentwo brentwood, you have until 5:30 until that. watch another report. back to you. thank you, mike. coming up all new this morning, to canada after u.s. authorities labeled the company a national security risk. up ne hundreds of huawei workers in silicon lo could be a shortage of fries in the near future. we'll serve up the reasons next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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let's get you ready to oakland. we're going to have a pretty dry day. temperatures on the cool side. you do still need that jacket. we'll have rain returning by tomorrow morning. i'll show you that in the forecast. that's coming up in about five minutes. >> we're looking at a new crash here. i just got it on the map.
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north 17 around summit road. not like yesterday. but it's still an issue. only two lanes in each direction. that's coming up. good morning. i'm rahel solomon. here are the top business headlines. wall street could ex tebd the losses this morning after president trump said it may be better to wait until after the 2020 election to have trade talks. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 had the worst day in nearly two months. on today's watch list, automakers report november sales numbers. the trump administration may slap tariffs on more than $2 billion in imports of french champagne, cheese, handbags and other goods. u.s. government has determined that france's new digital services tax would hurt u.s. tech companies, including google, facebook, apple and amazon. target some products that were
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spared from 25% tariffs imposed earlier this year, including handbags, makeups. lvmp, l'oreal are lower in europe this morning. shoppers were pointing and clicking and buying quite a bit yesterday. because cyber monday sales are on track to bring in a record $9.2 billion building on the black friday weekend and driven by early promotions and free shipping. sales rose about 17% from last year nearly a third of the sales from smartphones, which also set a new record. scott and laura, back to you. >> a lot of spending out there. thanks a lot. new details. huawei moving its silicon valley-based american research center to canada. huawei cut 600 jobs at the santa clara facility. no word on what happens to the 250 employees still working huawei a national security risk. pretty soon restaurants
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across america may be forced to hold the fries. bloomberg is reporting the possibility of a french fry shortage due to cold weather and hurricane dorian damaging american potato crops. the u.s. department of agriculture is estimating the output will drop more than 6% this year. >> when i was growing up, my dad used to have a food check. make sure there was enough food. give him fries. my dad checkser checked. >> you're still with us. >> all paubecause of that. >> that plate is not quite clean. make it easierdad.. >> absolutely. let's check your weather this mornin >> we're getting ready for day. we're starting out with light rain. mostly in marin county. zoomed in storm ranger to show you exactly where that rain is falling. still pretty soggy on highway 101 south of petaluma.
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down in san rafael. as we head out the door this morning, we're going to see light rain, pafrp i fog. for the most part, the heavier rain moved out of the bay area. we're seeing that atmospheric weather to the south. heading out the door this morning, you can see the remnants of all the rain we've had. you may be wondering how we're doing this morning. in santa rosa, we've mit95% of rainfall that we had in the last week. almost 7 inches of rain. we do still have work to do in san francisco, oakland, livermore, as well as san jose getting up to half of the normal amount that we should have at this time in december. as we go into the day, it's our chance to dry out from the heavy rain that we had from over the weekend and yesterday. then we'll see the next round of rain coming in late tonight and into early tomorrow morning moving from south to north.
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so this round will be mostly concentrated for areas toshward san francisco, oakland and may bring up to a quarter of an inch of rain before it moves on. we'll have a more significant storm system on friday with a break on thursday. we'll see this rain moving in throughout the day on friday, continuing on saturday and then out of here by sunday. we're going to have another heavy round of rain moving in. shows anywhere from 1 to possibly over 4 inches of rain in the santa cruz looking at ou chances staying low today but then coming back early tomorrow. thursday is looking like a dry day up until late thursday night and then that rain off and on throughout the day on friday into saturday and dry on sunday and monday. mike, you're seeing a couple of unexpected updates. >> i expected to have the
5:20 am
metering lights turned on at 5:20. what i didn't expect is it was just after 5:00. turned on early this morning. i think folks were expecting a big rush off the thanksgiving return. the rush is here. it's not as dramatic but still the metering lights are on. let's move the drive. we do have the rest of the bay showing green sensors, overall. this is a new crash. our second unexpected incident. a crash here which quickly cleared northbound 17. it looks like everything is las delays. summit drive to or from santa apch is moving just fine. contra costa county moving smoothly. i want to talk about the crash north bay 101 coming up. ew racing in southern california. how the latest stat is tied to a horse trainer with deep ties to the area. a firefighter in china, the latest on evacuations there. you're watching todd in the bay.
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another race horse has died in southern california. in the latest case the 3-year-old broke down during training over the weekend at del mar. that's outside san diego. the horse's trainer is jerry hollendorfer from the bay area. del mar recently tried to ban the trainer after four of his horses died at the troubled santa anita racetrack. but a judge reversed that decision. santa anita also banned him. that one remains. 5:23 now. a scary sight from china as this fire engulfed a 25-story residential building. the fire started on the fourth floor, quickly climbed to the top floor of the building as insulation burned. firefighters were able to jump into action and evacuate everyone inside. so far, there'ss of injuries. new this morning, a suburban
5:24 am
boston family raising concerns after an airplane's evacuation slide plunged from the sky into their yard over the weekend. luckily new york city one was hurt. the uninflated slide fell from one of its planes headed to boston from paris. it's not clear how the slide became detached from the plane. the san rafael police department has two new members this morning. >> both have four legs. meet blue and jess coe. blue is a retired guide dog. there's the dog. and offered stress relief as the first-ever comfort dog. jessko will be on the apprehension beat. loved and unique pet missing for several days home with his family. this is blue the macaw. he escaped from andy's pet shop in san jose on friday. his owner took him to get his nails trimmed. he flew out the back door. he got spooked. yesterday his owner posted that
5:25 am
blue was found on a balcony in the condo complex right across the street from andy's pet store. 5:25. trending this morning. a photographer in the uk making wishes come true for special children. pictures with children with down syndrome dressed as disney characters going viral. part of a campaign drawing attention to the condition. each child has their own web page with advice from parents. the photographer works full-time as a teaching assistant for children with special needs. >> a lot of smiles there. that's nice. 5:25 there. good news if you plan to go to the dmv. wait times are down. but by how much? it's all coming up in a live report. with thanksgiving behind us, full speed with the rest of the holidays. new overnight, flipping the switch on east bay's christmas tradition. coming up at 5:50 where you can
5:26 am
check out this festive home. look at that. look at the friends you can make at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like the metering lights are on. we'll check in with mike inouye and kari has a look at the forecast. when are we getting a break in the rain? 5:26 right now.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. taking a peek outside across san francisco. what a lovely sight this morning. the bay bridge all lit up. getting into the christmas spirit. a lot of buildings in the city. >> see a lot of red lights. >> illuminated. i look for the positive all the time. >> it's christmas is red lights. >> there's a little traffic, too. we'll get to that this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia.
5:29 am
>> those are some lights. i'm scott mcgrew. >> christmas is certainly in the air there. this is a house with thousands of lights. can you imagine all the work put into that as well. that's in the east bay.whe it i. >> of course, they couldn't light the lights over the weekend because of the weather. that was miserable. it's looking better, kari. >> it's looking better. this upcoming weekend once again will be wet. let's get you out the door. we're starting out with mist, drizzle and patchy fog. the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. temperatures reaching 60 degrees. the storm ranger still tracking some rain, especially for the north bay. we'll take a closer look at that in a few minutes. mike, you were saying there's a -- >> slowing before you get to the robin williams tunnel southbound
5:30 am
101. i told folks we'd check on that crash. one lane is blocked. traffic is relatively light still making your way through that portion of the north bay. you see slowing in that area. that may be the sensor read as you approach the robin williams tunnel. one lane is blockedol bridge. one lane is affected with the metering lights. fastrak lanes are visibly moving. that's good. the rest of the bay, smooth flow. we'll check on the two crashes that popped up. back to you, scott. the dmv put the pedal to the metal when it comes to cutting down wait times at their offices. sharon katsuda is live to explain what the agency did to cut waiting time in half, sharon. >> reporter: yeah. pretty impressive, right, scott? a farntly new leadership and staffing has created this quick turn around. that's good news. the sacramento bee reports the
5:31 am
state has a goal for cutting wait times to 45 minutes and those with walk-in appointments to 15 minutes. in a recent study, the bee found that in large part the dmv met that goal. in the bay area here and los angeles, wait times hovered around 20 minutes, at times 58 minutes in the l.a. area. still that's down from 73 minutes the average earlier this year. now there's concern about the real i.d. deadline coming up next year in october. drivers will be flocking to the dmv to get that done so they can still use their driver's license with real i.d. to get into federal builds and on to flights. the dmv is urging people still to come into the offices and get your eel i.d.s done before the deadline ends october next year. reporting live in walnut creek, sharon katsuda. still looking for some of of the people seen in this black friday melee. they beat an off-duty chp
5:32 am
officer unconscious. investigators say the officer had stepped in to help a woman who had approached a group of young people tohad stolen all this happened at the bay street mall. other shoppers say they are not surprised by violence there. >> when there's such disparities in terms of income and wealth and opportunity and access, so yes, i'm not surprised at all that something like that happened. >> officers did arrest two juveniles in connection with the assault. they're trying to identify at least five other people. authorities in the south bay not sure if wet roads played a role in this deadly solo crash near 280 in san jose. as you can see, boy, whas left of that car, they say speed played a factor. the car split in two after slamming into a tree yesterday on meridian avenue. witnesses say the crash sounded like an explosion. the driver has not been identified but that street was closed well into the evening.
5:33 am
>> faulty maintenance by pg&e is report that says crews last state legislators issued a new performed close inspections on the power line that failed in 2001. regulators say a proper inspection would likely have spotted a worn hook which eventually broke and led to the fire. >> new this morning, a new report outlining sexual harassment complaints and assaults on campus. it reveals that campus police responded to nearly 280 incidents throughout the year. that's up nearly 70 from last year. according to the report, the university removed several employees and expelled one student due toafternoon, stanfo respond to sexual violence on about the report and how to campus. a new push for cleaning on san francisco's dirtiest streets. right now sidewalks in the tenderloin are pressure washed
5:34 am
that will change to once a week. it's thanks to a new plan by the tenderloin benefit district. they'll talk about the new program later today. our investigative unit has done extensive reports on the dirty and diseased streets. you can watch them, visit a whole lot of stuffing and sewing expected in san francisco today ahead of the winter holiday. salesforce teaming up with build a bear as part of giving tuesday. all stuffed animals created will be donated to the make-a-wish foundation. last year salesforce donated 1,000 teddy bears. san francisco has an official tree. we'll have the 90th annual lighting of the official city tree in golden gate park. the event starts at 4:00 this afternoon. it's a monterey cypress that will be lit with more than 500 lights. the tree planted more than 100 years ago by the city's first park superintendent. >> it's a really nice tradition.
5:35 am
they don't cut it down. they reuse it every year. very bay area. >> cypress, too. >> exactly. beautiful. >> it's gorgeous. >> certainly getting into the spirit as christmas is quickly approaching now. >> unfortunately, i only have a string of green lights to show you on my map. it's actually a -- love that. >> you did talk about the red lights across the bay bridge. i want to let folks know there's lights in motion. not brake lights but taillights. most of the places, the scattered crashes i told you about, i checked that one in fremont near mission and the other one on the peninsula near third. they're both off of the roadway. even the one on the tunnel, the robin williams tunnel. no lanes blocked right now for crashes. all lanes held up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a little build for 580. i want to take you to the waze system. we're talking about the backup over there. as you approach the slowdown for 580 getting over there off the
5:36 am
highway 13 split. it was reported, this crash. thank you for that -- callie kid reported it. wazers, you can pick a cool namet i'd like to say it on tv. >> exactly. >> has to be cali kid. drier for part of the weekend. not the whole weekend unfortunately as we go into friday and saturday. we're going to have some rain justouring with another storm system coming again. it does look good on sunday for parts of the bay area. inland, we'll have sunshine and low 60s and some 50s in san francisco between friday and saturday. we're up to 58 degrees on sunday. if you're planning to go hiking x probably still not the best weekend for that. there will be some clearing on sunday with a break in the rain here and there. we're going to have wet trails
5:37 am
and temperatures only reaching the mid to upper 50s. if you're going to the tri-valley this weekend, expect that sunshine coming in on sunday. but it will be soggy for shopping and going out to some of the vineyards on friday and saturday with highs reaching 60 degrees. if you're heading up this weeket some 40s for highs off and on rain and some out on we'll be tracking this next storm system. i'll talk about the break in the rain today coming up in about sunday. three minutes. i want to hear about that. thanks. it's 5:38. up nix, caught on camera. thieves plow a truck straight through the walls of a jewelry store. coming up, why the shop owner is blaming police. plus, southern california congressman duncan hunter set to plead guilty today to charges of misusing campaign funds. up next, hear from the congressman on why he's changing his original not guilty plea. trending this morning.
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right now at 5:41. let's get you ready for the day and. you're going to see a little sunshine today.
5:41 am
temperatures stay on the cool side. only reaching the low 60s. we'll see that rain returning again late tonight. we'll talk about the timing and how much rain and what's ahead for the rest of the week coming up in about fiveminutes. if we get folks to go to the middle lanes, you see a little sheen, couple of huddles west of 580 at the richmond-san rafael bridge. we'll talk about the predictive timing with our friends at waze as well. thanks so much, kari and mike. have you seen this? police expected to say more about this, a bold smash and grab jewelry burglary. take a look. these thieves were aggressive yesterday morning. smashing a stolen truck into the marcel jewelry store on main street in los altos. then they quickly moved to smashing through the display
5:42 am
cases. the shop owner says the truck was actually stuck there and the robbers used a white sedan as a get-away car. the shop owner says it's the third break-in in four months. >> they say they don't have enough staff. maybe shall maybe not. we pay enough taxes. >> the store owner is considering moving his business elsewhere. duncan hunter is set to plead guilty on charges of misusing campaign funds. hunter initially denied the claims and tried to blame his wife who pleaded guilty five months ago. they were both charged for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of donor money on personal expenses, such as vacations, bar tabs, affairs and more. yesterday the representative told a san diego television station why he will no longer fight the charges. >> ink have a public trial for three reasons. those three reasons are my kids.
5:43 am
>> well, his wife was going to testify against him. hunter narrowly won re-election last fall. but the county republican party no longer supports him and he faces a tough primary once he pleads guilty, he'll be a convicted felon. assuming he gets a -- he can continue to serve in congress. now to decision 2020 and the presidential race. governor gavin newsom plans to travel to iowa later this month to campaign for kamala harris. newsom will visit the first state to cast its ballots. she fell to single digits in the recent democratic polls. it is 5:24. looking for a new part-time gig in the new year. how about taking a job to help out your local community. u.s. census is hiring 5,000 temporary workers. it pays up to $30 an hour in some parts of the area. they're hiring fti and
5:44 am
part-time workers. and they say speaking other languages is a plus. deputies east of sacramento are trying to track down thieves who stole nearly 300 amazon packages. a courier service dropped them off on sunday at a post office in a.m. dore county. the only problem. no one works there on sundays. we'll show you this map. the packages were supposed to go to another post office instead. but it didn't. deputies are looking for the courier service driver who made the mistake and contact impacted customers. quarter to 6:00. sorry 49ers fans. the time woken up in fifth place in the nfc. they didn't even play last night. the seahawks won. on monday night football. seattle beat the niners a few weeks ago. seattle now tops the division, moves up in the rankings. if the season ended today, no homefield advantage for the niners. four games are left and the playoff standings could come down to the regular season
5:45 am
finale between the 49ers and the seahawks on december 29th. choreographed dancer team seems like a requirement after touchdowns in the nfl last night. the seahawks receivers showed theirs off. their dance movesfter david moore's score, he was joined by his teammates to create a new edition dance. they get into it. they're dancing into first place in the nfc west there. >> they even take a little bow. >> how about a sure sign that the holiday season has arrived in the east bay? >> whoo! these are some of the 600,000 lights that are all part of the decon dave's display which lit up for the first time last night in livermore. it's the 37-year long tradition along hillcrest avenue. it was supposed to happen saturday night but the weekend storm canceled that. it turns out he had other problems to deal with. >> that's when i looked up and saw that the 50-foot ash tree
5:46 am
was now on my roof and brought down with it 35,000 blue lights. >> poor dave. it fell on top of the display. volunteers quickly worked to save as many lights as they could. every light this year is dedicated as a prayer to finding cures for cancer and als. >> that's sweet. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> he was looking at the fact that they had to delay because of weather. because no one was there for the house, that tree didn't hurt anybody either. >> good point. good way to look at that. >> that's a big tree. >> spread some cheer. >> i have to put a damper on this. >> not for decon dave. >> there's going to be some rain. >> we all want to get there and see it. >> in san francisco, we'll see partly cloudy skies rolling across the bay area. as you get ready to head out the
5:47 am
door, we've been tracking light rain off the coast. take a look at storm ranger. that's ourdcan tracking some of the showers nearby. we've also still seen light rain over parts of the getting a chance to dry out. some spotty sprinklesa the atmospheric river we had yesterday and before has now pushed to the south. take a look at how much rain dropped on the bay area. one of the highest amounts was in kentfield. that's 7.5 inches of rain. now take a look at the santa cruz mountains where we had over 8.5 inches of rain. let's compare that to san jose where we had a little over a half inch of rain and gilroy getting over 4 inches of rain. for most of us, a good soaker. look at how beneficial it was for the sierra. seven-day totals. kirkwood is going to be so happy. 7 feet of snow in the past seven
5:48 am
days. i mean, it's really incredible to see all the snow totals and squaw valley north star and sierra tahoe as well as sugar bowl. that's where we had about five feet of snow. not too bad at all. and we have more on the way going into the weekend. another 2 to 3 feet of snow going into this weekend. it's all because the next storm system coming in on friday. it starts late thursday night and then continues throughout the day on friday. and then also on saay so it will be another soggy weekend with some high winds. but it looks to clear out by sunday. that's our day to get outside. the rain we'll see right now is going to be very light heading into tonight and tomorrow. but then the more significant rain comes in with some computer models showing anywhere from 1 to over 4 inches of rain for the bay air and santa cruz mountains. looking at our forecast, we only
5:49 am
have a couple of opportunities here to get those leaves up and prepare for the next round of rain. a slight chance of rain but otherwise mostly sunny skies. then our rain will be off and on tomorrow. thursday is looking dry and then going into friday and saturday, that's our next heavy rain and then clearing out again on sunday. tuesday is looking pretty light so far. >> especially for a tuesday. but after thanksgiving, we expect a lighter traffic flow. flew the end of the year -- through the end of the year, we're looking at the end of the year slide. there may be a traffic break starting at ralston. i'll wait for the update from chp. north through san mateo. traffic is really light right now. if that's your right -- 580 westbound at 35th. the earlier crash that was causing an issue and slowing, chp just cleared it from the report. you saw the sensor changes. that's a better drive. oakland still moving smoothly and better than before.
5:50 am
the toll plaza at the bay bridge has your backup. the approach through contra costa county looks6:00, tngs bk at how early you have to leave when you want to get there. worked it out in the app. join nbc bay area wazers. you see the fastrak lane. they're still moving. good news as you approach 6:00. the san mateo bridge. this is showing a slower drive. a powerful typhoon blowing across the philippines after slamming overnight. so far it's damaged several homes and an airport. strong winds knocked out power. more than 100,000 residents evacuated before the typhoon made landfall. still ahead this morning, president trump addresses america's allies. >> thank you very much. it great honor -- >> at 6:00 a.m., what he said at the nato summit while you were sleeping. but first -- >> so let's take matt's story
5:51 am
forward into the world and make things better and safer for everyone. >> a solemn honor for the young man killed and a story that shocked the world in the 1990s. all new, his mother's message about moving on. you're watching "today in the bay." so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important.
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5:54. kris sanchez posting this photo earlier. her family made soup with her leftover turkey. i did the same thing. leftovers are long gone. be sure to follow kris on facebook, twitter and instagram. a new honor for matthew shepard. he was brutally murdered in colorado over 20 years ago. the washington national national cathedral in d.c. dedicated a new plaque for him last night. shepard's remains were interred. the new plaque will help her family move forward. >> we need to stop reflecting on what happened to mattt. from -- should now be how are we going to carry this forward? how are we going to carry what happened to matt and so many
5:55 am
other individuals based on their sexuality or their race or their religion, this is just not what america is supposed to be. >> shepard's plaque will be installed across from helen keller's plaque. 5:55 right now. this morning, the george h.w. bush presidential library has a new addition. an honor for his loyal companion. sully was by his side for his life. yesterday, a bronze statue of the dog was unveiled at the library in texas. the real sully was there as well. the nonprofit america's vet dogs commissioned the tribute. as you may recall, sully was a service dog. he was right by the president's casket. it was very moving. >> beautiful statue, too. 5:56 right now. we've been covering the storm over the country. >> it's like this. local tv reporters out in the weather. this is in denver.
5:56 am
wind at 80 miles per hour. he's out there somewhere. he said he had fun in the elements. on behalf of all photographers everywhere, i will point out the photographer was out there as well. maybe stay out of that kind of wind. tomorrow some lucky fans get to see one of pop's music's biggest sensations in a gig. >> tweeting a one of a kind free performance. it turns out the performance is actually part of apple's first-ever music awards. apple says eilish will be honored as global artist of the year and will perform at the steve jobs theater tomorrow night. fans have until 11:30 last night to sign up for a chance to attend. two of the worst teams in the nba met last night in atlanta. only one escaped with a w. and here's the thing. it wasn't the warriors. the hawks won their fifth game of the season thumping the warriors 104-79. the warriors, meanwhile, still
5:57 am
have four wins but do have company in the basement. the knicks are right there with them. current nfl stars took a break to join popular former stars in giving back to the community. marshawn lynch helped host the fans first family foundation fundraiser. it was in the so ma district. former nfl quarterback and oakland native josh johnson says the foundation helped to transform the lives of thousands worldwide. >> it allows us first and foremost to be within our family and our community and help be one again. you know, marshawn said it takes a village. we embraced that. that's what it represents with our village. we're sharing that with the world. >> marcus peters, all oakland natives played big roles in fan
5:58 am
first which first formedn 2006. fwe're less than a year awa from the 2020 olympics. take a look. the new main stadium is already done. it will host the opening and closing ceremony. it's also the home for soccer track and field. in fact, more than 90% of the olympic venues are set to be complete. >> that's impressive. >> right. the olympics kick off july 24th. you can watch the games right here on nbc bay area. takes a lot of planning to pull it all together. >> yes, it does. right now at 6:00, dense fog in some places around the bay area. we'll tell you where it's hard to see and the spotty showers that kari is tracking. a faster drive for some. the new express lanes going in and the timing and your chance to weigh in. new fines. the possible penalties for landlords in san jose. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you
5:59 am
and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off. today is giving tuesday. yesterday was cyber monday when lots of people went online. this started way back when people didn't have computers at home. so they would come into their offices on monday after black friday and shop online. >> click, click, click. >> now it's become a tradition either way. you know, i buy something online pretty much every day between all the different delivery services and just your life. >> giving tuesday and getting -- buying monday. >> getting my own stuff on monday. >> hopefully there's something left to give. it is the holiday season. >> little bit of break in the rain. >> a nice day for many of us. we're starting off with fog and light spotty rain across the bay area. i want to show you storm ranger. that's our mobile doppler radar. it's parked on san bruno maughan
6:00 am
tan. -- mountain. it's also picking up on rain that still lingers for much of marin county. it's wet on highway 101. south of


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