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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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the traffic is still moving better than that san mateo bridge. >> we're back at 7:25 to check on traffic and weather then. in all of the day's news. join us for the midday show. >> i'll be there as well. in the meantime. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight, on offense. president trump begins a key overseas trip by sounding off on impeachment. >> i would say this, i think it's very unpatriotic of the democrats. >> what he's saying about the investigation as democrats prepare to go public with their case and hold a crucial vote on capitol hill today. nasty weather, that deadly winter storm dumping even more snow on parts of the northeast this morning. states of emergency now declared, thousands of post thanksgiving flights cancelled, tens of thousands without power. we'll have the very latest and al's full forecast.
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chicago mystery, the city's police chief suddenly fired just weeks before he was due to retire. the mayor saying the top cop misled both her and the public. >> eddie johnson intentionally lied to me. he maintained that he was telling the truth. i now know definitively that he was not. >> those stories, plus taking a stand, a bomb shell new interview with prince andrew's accuser. >> there's only one of us telling the truth, and i know that's me. >> move over cyber monday, here comes travel tuesday, why today is the day to find major deals on your next vacation. and monday night thriller. >> wide open and into the hands of david moore. >> seattle hangs on to defeat the minnesota vikings, a big win that left the seahawks dancing for joy. today, tuesday, december 3rd, 2019. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. you know that those guys practiced that dance over and over again. >> i don't think we've shown enough of this end zone dance. it goes on and on and on, i think we timed it out to 20 seconds, apparently they had a new edition song in their heads. >> we don't know if it was "cool it now" we'll have to find out. >> it's the only part of football i really understand, you know? >> we'll have more on the game in a moment. let's start with this high stakes day for the president here and home and overseas. this morning he's getting to work at a nato summit in london. much of his attention appears to be focused on the impeachment investigation at home. we've got two reports, we'll start with nbc white house correspondent peter alexander, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. seated alongside the head of nato in london, president trump spent nearly an hour taking
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questions and taking aim at democrats back home. here in washington on the impeachment front, today marks another critical day with the house intelligence committee expected to vote on its impeachment report tonight. new this morning, president trump attacking the impeachment inquiry from overseas. >> i would say this, i think it's very unpatriotic of the democrats. >> reporter: devoting much attention during his first public comments at the nato summit in london to blasting the impeachment process and his political opponents. >> i think it's a very bad thing for our country. the democrats have gone nuts. they're crazy. i did nothing wrong. i had a great conversation. very respectful conversation. >> reporter: it comes as democrats back in washington say they'll publicly release their report today, detailing the case for impeachment against president trump. >> there's really no contesting the facts. there's no contesting what all of these witnesses have said. >> reporter: after a vote on that report tonight, the house intelligence committee is
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expected to turn it over to the judiciary committee that would write any articles of impeachment. top democrat adam schiff says the intelligence committee will keep investigating while outlining the scheme to benefit president trump politically. >> he was willing to sacrifice not only ukraine's security but our own national security, our own fight against russian aggression in the service of his political aspirations. >> reporter: the republicans rebuttal in the form of their own 123 page report arguing president trump did nothing wrong. the evidence republicans say does not establish any impeachable offense. the president's legal team has already rejected the democrats' invitation to participate in a key judiciary committee hearing tomorrow. mr. trump's lawyers attacking what they call an irretrievably broken process. the committee's democratic chairman jerry nadler calling that decision unfortunate. house speaker nancy pelosi at a climate summit in spain declining to discuss the impeachment process. >> we aren't here to talk about impeachment or the president of
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the united states. we're here to talk about, i have a rule of codels, when we travel abroad, we don't talk about the president in a negative way. >> peter, you mentioned democrats are going to release their report today. right now it's actually under lock and key, behind closed doors and members can come visit it and read it. >> reporter: you're exactly right. throughout this day, the members of the house intelligence committee, they will be able to review the impeachment report before the rest of america sees it, and before the committee's vote tonight. they are expected to approve that report tonight, so then it goes to the judiciary committee that will host a hearing with constitutional experts tomorrow. they'll discuss whether the president's actions amount to high crimes and misdemeanors and worth watching here, house democrats are now considering whether to expand articles of impeachment to include charges that go beyond ukraine that might include findings from the mueller report as well. >> thank you so much, and now to the other issues the president
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touched on during his opening remarks in london this morning. kristen welker is traveling with the president. good morning to you. >> reporter: the nato summit is off to a dramatic start with president trump taking aim at a key ally, french president emmanuel macron, the two meeting moments ago as he's grappling with other foreign policy changes from afghanistan to syria. this morning president trump and french president macron meeting face to face in london. >> we have a fairly long relationship, a good one. we're discussing certain things and we're going to have a long conversation afterwards. >> reporter: this just hours after president trump came out swinging against macron, one of his key allies in the alliance. >> president macron said nato is braindead. that's insulting. >> reporter: the french leader said the global alliance is
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experiencing the brain death of nato. macron made the comments as a criticism of president trump's decision to pull troops out of syria. the president firing back at macron today. >> it's a tough statement but when you make a statement like that, that is a very very nasty statement to essentially 28, including them, 28 countries. >> reporter: but president trump has been sharply critical of nato himself since taking office, accusing other member countries of failing to pay their fair share in defense spending. >> i'm going to tell nato, you have to start paying your bills, the united states is not going to take care of everything. and we're the schmucks that are paying for the whole thing. >> reporter: another close reliance under scrutiny, the president's relationship with british prime minister boris johnson, while the two will cross paths this week, they do not have an official one on one meeting scheduled yet. it's unusual for the president not to meet with the host of the international summit.
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this year, johnson is keeping his distance from mr. trump, locked in a tough fight with uk's election just a week away. today, the president down played any division. >> i'll stay out of the election. i think boris is very capable, and i think he'll do a good job. >> reporter: president trump will meet with the leaders of germany, italy, canada, and denmark. later today he'll attend an event at buckingham palace with the queen and other world leaders. prince andrew is currently embroiled in the jeffrey epstein controversy and won't attend. the president saying today, quote, i don't know prince andrew. the two were pictured together when the president visited the uk for a state visit in june. a couple of other headlines we are watching. the president rattled markets when he said he could wait until after the election, a year before striking a trade deal with china. savannah, back to you. >> reporter: all right, kristen, thank you. >> craig joins the table. another big story is the weather. >> good morning to you.
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it's dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of the northeast after marching across the country creating major problems for post-thanksgiving travellers this morning, snow is still falling in parts of new england. mr. roker is standing by with that forecast, but first, nbc's kathy park once again in albany, new york, where this morning a state of emergency has been declared kathy, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you, in places like albany, the snow has been very persistent we have been following it ever since sunday afternoon you might remember this time yesterday we had about a foot of snow on the ground, now the number is closer to 20 inches so certainly a lot of digging out to do here and throughout the northeast. this morning much of the northeast is buried in snow. after a powerful winter storm pummelled the region over the last 24 hours. >> inconvenience, just because
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you plan your day, but this weather is impossible to plan it. >> reporter: overnight, conditions got worse in connecticut and new jersey as rain turned to several inches of snow the same system that brought bad weather to the midwest this weekend unloaded a wintry mess monday from tennessee to maine the powerful storm now being blamed on at least seven deaths. with snow totals rising and temperatures falling, new york's governor declared a state of emergency in seven counties and deployed 300 national guard members. >> new yorkers, we're tough, but the roads are dangerous. there's a lot of work to do. >> reporter: parts of upstate new york got slammed with two rounds of winter weather the snow stacked up so high in albany, homeowners spent most of monday digging out what's the toughest part of doing this >> finding a place to put it you get this much snow, i'm running out of places. >> reporter: the nor'easter complicating air travel, too,
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with thousands of flight cancellations and delays for post thanksgiving travelers still trying to get home >> i tried to rebook us, there was nothing available. all the flights were cancelled there's not too many options >> reporter: so where we are, the snow is finally starting to taper off. the conditions are still very chilly, only in the 20s right now, and temperatures are expected to be below average throughout the rest of the week, so a lot of the snow will be sticking around for quite some time craig. >> kathy park in 20 inches of snow, there in albany, new york. all right. we're going to head over to mr. roker, we've got a question that's on everyone's mind, al, when will this end >> about the next 12 hours for the northeast and new england. in fact, albany's 20.3 inches of snow, that's the fifth largest december snowstorm they have ever had, and it's the snowiest storm since 2002 this morning, possible delays for boston logan, laguardia, newark, jfk because of gusty winds and then this thing starts to pull away
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morning snow and wind for new england, but behind that system, gusty winds come in out of the northwest, that's going to cause an increase in lake effect snow and reinforce the chill in the northeast. snowfall amounts, the leeward side of the great lakes around buffalo, new york, oswego, erie, pennsylvania, upwards of six inches close to a foot in parts of northern new england. guys >> al's going to keep an eye on this throughout the show thanks, al jimmy carter is back in the hospital this morning, being treated for a urinary tract infection. carter is feeling better and looks forward to returning home soon it is just the latest in a series of health challenges for the former president just last wednesday he was released from the hospital after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain and in october he received 14 stitches after hitting his head in a fall. now to a surprise shakeup at the top of the chicago police department
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superintendent eddie johnson has been abruptly fired by the city's mayor after what she calls a series of ethical lapses nbc's gabe gutierrez is here with more on this one. hey, gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning, quite a mystery here, chicago's mayor says the police superintendent flat out lied to her and the public about what happened the night he was found asleep at the wheel. but she won't disclose what really happened because she says it would be inappropriate for his wife and children. and that's leading to speculation about his ouster this morning, chicago's top cop is out of a job, and questions are swirling about what led to eddie johnson's firing. >> eddie johnson engaged in conduct that is not only unbecoming but demonstrated a series of ethical lapses and flawed decision making that is inconsistent with having the privilege of leading the chicago police department. >> reporter: the stunning announcement from the city's mayor lori lightfoot came just weeks before johnson was set to refire after more than three
7:14 am
decades on the force he had taken over as police superintendent in 2016 after the wake of the laquan mcdonald shooting and drew national attention for his department's handling of the jussie smollett case he blamed the incident on a problem with his medication. >> it's painful to admit this, but when he adjusted my medication, i took the old medication for high blood pressure but failed to put the new medication in. >> reporter: but the next day, the mayor said his story changed slightly >> he revealed he had a couple drinks with dinner. >> reporter: johnson announced he was going to retire. >> this job has taken a toll, integrity remains intact. taken a toll on my health, my family, my friends, but my integrity remains intact. >> reporter: less than a month later, he has been dismissed after the mayor reviewed the city's inspector general report
7:15 am
and video evidence related to the night he was found in his car. >> eddie johnson intentionally lied to me several times even when i challenged him about the narrative that he shared with me, he maintained that he was telling the truth. i now know definitively that he was not. >> reporter: mayor lightfoot would not specify what those alleged lies were, saying revealing them would not be fair to johnson's wife and children nbc news has reached out repeatedly to eddie johnson but we have not heard back he also declined to comment to the media in chicago the mayor hinted that the inspector general's report may one day become public but until then we might not know what led to the firing. >> the mayor seemed to drop real big hints as to the nature of the situation. thank you, gabe. a lot to get to this morning, including monday night football two of the top teams in the nfl, the seattle seahawks, minnesota vikings, squaring off in last night's prime time game.
7:16 am
>> third down and 5. wilson is going to go deep, wide open and into the hands of david moore. >> there's russell wilson finding david moore for the 60 yard touchdown seattle takes a 10-point lead and the hawks celebrating. that's right, we're going back to the 80s, ladies and gentlemen. >> can i do the highlights now >> the vikings would make it interesting, kyle rudolph with a spectacular grab in the end zone, minnesota got within 4 that's as close as they would get. seattle holding on to win it, 37-30. seattle 10 and 2 on the season first place in the nfc east. how long do you think they had to practice. >> i think you need to do highlights, first they do the hip shake, then they turn around. >> i like that >> that's elaborate choreography. >> i loved it. >> one of the players said they had to rush. they knew they didn't have much time that's the shortened version we're looking at very cool. >> keep it going, guys. al has the rest of the forecast. good morning >> remember i got to get some highlighters. >> tell me later. >> their uniforms.
7:17 am
>> yes >> tell me later >> the uniforms -- >> i'm like all of america, i just woke five minutes ago. >> that will wake you up, highlighters. >> oh, i get it. >> couldn't have been that good. >> i only have one eye >> oh, there you are. >> suddenly i'm in the light it's like a lightbulb went off with the joke too. an east coast chill. we have the winter storm moving out of the northeast, mild in the plains, and we've got another big storm coming into the west we're going to be watching this one very closely as we move through the week we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds
7:18 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at still some light rain lingering across parts of the bay area this morning, we will see the heavier rain taking a break and then the atmospheric river that was to our south will start to move back to the north and bring us another round of rain heading into tomorrow morning. it should be wrapping up by tomorrow afternoon. thursday is looking dry and then a more significant storm system will be arriving early on friday with off and on rain through saturday. and that's your latest weather, guys. >> al, thank you so much just ahead, a bomb shell new interview with prince andrew's accuser. what she's saying about his denials. and the photo that shows the two of them together that he suggested could be a fake. also, are you guys planning a trip. >> yes >> why booking today, mr. melvin, could be your best bet for big savings. what you need to know about travel tuesday that's what they call it but first, this is "today" on
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nbc. that's what we call it >> why bookingoday, t
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for all the tradition twisters, love" by sam smith] we're thinking of you. good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. emeryville police still looking for the people in this melee who they beat and choked an off-duty chp officer until he was unconscious. it happened at the bay street mall in emeryville on black friday. they stepped in to help a woman who was wearing a white top. she had approached a group of young people to ask for her phone back which she believed they had stolen a few minutes earlier. officers did arrest two juveniles in connection with the assault. they're still trying to identify at least five other people. let's check the forecast for the tuesday morning. >> it looks dry today for much of bay area as we wake up and
7:27 am
take a live look outside in walnut creek. it is nice to see some sunshine today. although, it won't be with us that long. now, we're also tracking some spotty light rain for parts of the north bay. that will clear out going into the afternoon. but our next round of rain arrives by tomorrow morning. the rain will be moving from south to north going into the morning commute starting out tomorrow and then off and on rain into tomorrow afternoon. and that will bring in some lighter rainfall totals compared to a bigger storm system that will be arriving on friday. temperaturewise, we're staying cool. upper 50s and low 60s into the weekend. mike, how are the roads moving? >> a little better than a typical tuesday. the san mateo bridge looks cloer. better than it was. watch out for motorcycles. good advice. it's a little slower on the dumb dumbarton and easing up through hayward. typical after thanksgiving. we'll see a lighter flow of traffic overall for the morning
7:28 am
commute. traffic south bay, as you see, through san jose and the silicon valley. holding steady. back to you. another local news update in a half an hour. receive you then.
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oh, we are back. 7:30 now, you know that tree, don't you. it's the world's most famous tree it happens to be in our backyard, and guess what, we're going to light it up tomorrow night, rockefeller center. >> be sure to join us. christmas in rockefeller center. we're going to have a fun night. it will be filled with awesome performances stars like john legend, idina menzel, brett eldridge, so many more this starts tomorrow night, 8 eastern and pacific. it's right on nbc. we're going to ring in the holidays. >> it's so fun to kind of get in the mood, get the hot cocoa out, put a little something extra in it
7:31 am
not on the show. >> as al roker says, the tree's not going to be the only thing getting lit. >> exactly. >> rehearsal went well yesterday. >> yes we'll do that tomorrow night headlines on this tuesday morning, president trump is sounding off this morning on the impeachment inquiry. his comments came during his first public remarks at the nato summit in london >> i would say this, i think it's very unpatriotic of the democrats. the democrats have gone nuts they're crazy. i did nothing wrong. i had a great conversation very respectful conversation >> the comments come as democrats back in washington say they will publicly release their report today detailing the case for impeachment against the president after a vote on that report tonight, the house intelligence committee is expected to turn it over to the judiciary committee that would write any articles of impeachment. a stunning turn of events, duncan hunter says he plans to plead guilty to misusing campaign funds and is prepared
7:32 am
to go to jail for it he previously claimed no wrong doing and said he was the victim of a political witch hunt. he had pleaded not guilty. yesterday he said he will change his plea to guilty he wants to protect his children from going through a trial. we have incredible video to show you out of florida. a 7-year-old surfer got some unexpected company, while catching a wave at new smyrna beach. the boy is suddenly thrown off his surf board, and the culprit appears to be a small black tip shark. the boy wasn't hurt, wasn't bitten, wasn't injured he said it was a close call. that encounter will not keep him from getting back on the surf board. the latest scandal surrounding prince andrew, the woman who has accused the royal of sexual abuse is speaking out in a new interview kelly cobiella joins us this morning from buckingham palace good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you.
7:33 am
this was a very emotional interview with the bbc's panorama program in it, virginia giuffre repeated those allegations that she was instructed to have sex with prince andrew three times, and called his denials, quote, ridiculous >> it was a wicked time in my life it was really scary time in my life i had just been abused by a member of the royal family i didn't know what happened. and i just, i couldn't comprehend how on the highest levels of the government and powerful people were allowing this to happen not only allowing it to happen, but participating in it. >> reporter: virginia giuffre gave the bbc a detailed account of the first time she says she met prince andrew in london in 2001 the night she says this photo was taken at the home of epstein associate ghislaine maxwell. >> but i knew i had to keep him happy because that's what jeffrey and ghislaine expected from me. >> reporter: she was instructed
7:34 am
to have sexual encounters with the prince three times when she was 17 the night in london she says was the first. it's the same story she told savannah. >> prince andrew of course denies that this ever happened >> he denies that it ever happened, and he's going to keep denying that it ever happened but he knows the truth and i know the truth >> i have no recollection of ever meeting her >> reporter: in his widely criticized interview with the bbc, the queen's second son denied ever having sex with giuffre and said he couldn't explain the photo. >> that's me, but whether that's my hand or whether that's the position, but i don't -- i have simply no recollection of the photograph ever being taken. >> people on the inside are going to keep coming up with these ridiculous excuses like the photo was doctored or he came to new york to break up with jeffrey epstein i mean, come on, i'm calling bs on this because that's what it
7:35 am
is. >> reporter: prince andrew admits he was friends with jeffrey epstein inviting him and ghislaine maxwell to ascot to the queen's estate, and to windsor for his daughter's birthday party, his disastrous bbc interview led him to step down from royal duties, prince charles reportedly pushed for that the 71-year-old future king taking on a bigger role inside the royal family. >> i think transition is the buzz word behind palace gates. there is a sense that him and his staff are preparing for the next stage. >> reporter: in response to the bbc's program, buckingham palace again emphatically denied the duke of york had any form of sexual contact or relationship with giuffre and did not see, witness or suspect any behavior that led to epstein's arrest giuffre's interview was taped before the prince's sit down. >> this is not some sordid sex story, this is a story of being trafficked this is a story of abuse
7:36 am
and this is a story of your guys', your guys' royalty. >> reporter: she's now asking the british public to help her fight this fight >> so kelly, lawyers for some of epstein's accusers for some time now, they have been calling on prince andrew to talk to authorities back here in the united states. any idea whether they are in closer to achieving that >> reporter: well, bbc's panorama is reporting the lawyers for five of epstein's accusers have actually drawn up subpoenas for prince andrew and that he could be served if he returns to the united states as far as we're aware, there's no formal sit down with u.s. investigators, but it's been agreed by prince andrew at this point. we should also make very clear that ghislaine maxwell has not been charged with a crime, and she denies any wrong doing craig. >> kelly cobiella outside buckingham palace. thank you. let's switch gears how about bargain hunting for a special gift. >> cyber monday is in our rear
7:37 am
view mirror. travel tuesday is here before you head online to book the next get away, i'm going to tell you which sites to try, and what new apps to try to make sure you get the very best deals. that's all coming up next. ♪ ♪
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give to philanthropy >> it is it is a new day to score deals on your next get away, and here with details, nbc's investigative and consumer correspondent, vicky nguyen. >> travel tuesday, is it going to become a thing? i don't know but it's here today it's an attempt to take advantage of all of us, our consumers, we're in the mood to spend and give but instead of buying things, how about an experience in a new place. this morning, what you want to look for when it comes to hotels, flights, cruises, vacation packages, we searched for the best deals to get you going. the holiday shopping season is hitting the road, sea and sky. about 114 million americans plan to spend almost $1,400 per person for those 2019 holiday travel expenses, including flights and hotels but when should you book your trip to get max savings in the new year some experts say today, travel tuesday, an unofficial retail holiday. >> travel tuesday has really emerged in recent years as the
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best day in the post thanksgiving sales period to book flights and hotels. there are more deals on this day than cyber monday and black friday combined. >> reporter: consumers can expect 18 deals per second today with an average savings of 40% on airfare, airlines like fiji air and alaska airlines joining in on the savings. >> we're seeing a lot of international carriers discount their flights today. they're really trying to incentivize travelers to take the long haul bucket list trips into next year >> reporter: if you know exactly where you want to go start tracking your flights, kayak and google flights, they will send price alerts when the price changes so you can buy when the price is right for you this is a trick you can use if you have open-ended travel plans or don't know where you want to go use an app called hopper, scroll down to here where it says deals speed, enter the airport you usually fly out of, for me it's new york city.
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a deal to barcelona, spain, 251, usually $591 or a deal to tampa for $65 travel sites and apps, all day, hopper with $200 cash back for select bucket list destinations, and hotel tonight with 25% off reservations, using the pro mo code ht deal 25. >> when it comes to hotels, they're going to be discounted 50 to $150 off >> reporter: hotels getting in on the action. the cosmopolitan in vegas offering a book one, get another free on select dates from december to march. virgin hotels in san francisco, chicago, and dallas, giving customers 30% off all month for trips booked through june of 2020 and it's not just air fare and hotels, you can also find deals on cruises, too. riviera river cruises offering $1,500 in savings per cabin. msc giving up to $700 of free
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perks per state room booked on caribbean cruises. what's the best strategy for super savings? >> the best thing to do is to be flexible a lot of these deals are going to be for destinations all over the world. some close to home some far away, and at all different times of the year. >> well, don't get swept up in the frenzy, set a budget, stick to it. if the deals aren't right, keep an eye on price alerts you may see a last minute deal close to the dates. >> if you want to book a last minute trip to the holiday, could you get a deal today. >> you may be out of luck if you want the december holiday. the best time for those was around halloween still time for new year's eve travel and definitely into 2020. >> maybe we should have done your segment around halloween. we tried to book last week >> we did do that segment around halloween. >> this coming from last minute shopper, craig >> you could buy it as a gift and go like in february. that would be fun. >> speaking of travel, by the way, mr. roker, how is that weather looking. >> it's going to be interesting,
7:45 am
things are going to be quieting down after tomorrow. we are looking at a significant pattern change for november, mostly, it was the ridge in the west, hot and dry in the east, record cold, very wet, storms making their way up into canada. we're looking at this pattern change that is going to be zonal, a storm track, cross country, for example, coming up, we have this next coast-to-coast storms on saturday, a pacific coast storm that hits the west coast, brings heavy mountain rain into the mid weekend period and by sunday, we're looking at a real mess in the eastern third of the country for today, the winter storm moves out of the northeast, east coast chill, we're looking at temperatures fairly mild in the plains, and there's that storm lurking offshore west. we good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a look at what we're seeing right now.
7:46 am
still rain close by. we'll keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast. this is in between our storm systems. at times, we could see the sun peeking out and temperatures reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s. going into tomorrow our next round of rain moves in early in the morning. most of it by the afternoon, thursday looking dry and then a stronger storm system arriving on friday. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much coming up next, the new holiday ad from peloton that has people talking for all the wrong reasons. >> ready now. >> a peloton >> peloton, give it up for our first time -- >> why has that ad suddenly gone viral overnight. first, these messages. nl honey, can you get the snacks? (laughter) (cat meows) (dark barks) ♪ guess who's early?
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7:50 am
and welcome back, so if the point of a commercial is to get folks talking, the new ones from peloton got it right. >> it may not be the type of attention they were hoping for gabe gutierrez back with more on this one it's a doozy hi, gabe. >> reporter: this one may have missed the park, peloton's holiday ad for exercise bikes is being mocked on social media, it chronicles a slim woman's journey to slim down >> you ready now! >> a peloton. >> as the christmas season spins into high gear, a new ad from peloton is going viral for all the wrong reasons. facing backlash after sending
7:51 am
shoppers into a vicious cycle. >> i'm nervous but excited let's do this. >> the ad released late last month features a fictional woman's yearlong diary after her partner gave her a peloton bike. the 30-second clip chronicles her journey. herself in selfie mode, peddling furiously on the peloton, including 6:00 a.m. wake-ups and workouts fiver days in a row, concluding at the end of the year, watching the selfie diary with her partner. >> a year ago i didn't realize how much this would change me. >> criticism and mockery of the ad reaching a fever pitch on social media nothing says maybe you should lose a few pounds like gifting your already rail thin life partner a peloton. a blog about the 116 pound woman's yearlong fitness journey to becoming a 112 pound woman, who says, i didn't realize how much this would change me. one woman tweeting her own parody of the commercial viewed
7:52 am
2 million times. >> my husband got me a peloton for christmas. nothing weird about that six days in a row? are you surprised? i am -- that my marriage is still intact let's get on the bike. >> nbc news reached out to peloton for comment, but we did not hear back. we should also mention that our parent company comcast is an investor in peloton. >> does that mean we can't hate on the ad. >> i don't know. there are those iconic christmas ads. >> i don't know, it seems like peloton knows their audience pretty well. every time i see one of those classes, you know. >> why does it get under people's skin. i think it's because for me she just seems sort of needy and helpless, oh, i don't know if i can get on this bike i'm 115. >> it's a look of fear. >> my husband, do you see my journey, did i do good, daddy. >> are we reverse body shaming. >> we're not no >> case closed
7:53 am
>> straight ahead. >> see more about peloton on >> sorry bosses. maria schriver is going to show us the diets of blue zones, what can happen when the rest of us try it. >> and the stars of "the marvelous mrs. maisel", rachel brosnahan and tony shalhoub. we'll be right back. of when we see you enter through our doors, we don't see who you're against, or for, whether tomorrow will be light or dark, all we see in you, is a spark we see your spark in each nod, each smile, we see sparks in every aisle. we see you find a hidden gem, and buying diapers at 3am. we see your kindness and humanity. the strength of each community. we've seen more sparks than we can say.
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7:56 am
good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia. we have breaking news to tell you about. a water main break causing major problems in the sunset district. it's at 18th and noriega. water coming up from underground. there's a sinkhole. we've had reports from the scene that the break has been going on for quite some time now. it's flooding at least one home. you can see all the water pouring out into the street there. emergency crews are there. nearby 19th avenue is a major traffic artery. so proceed with caution through that area. mike inouye joins us with the impact for commuters possibly out there. >> that's right, laurament on the map, you see where it sets sunset district. that's what we're focusing on. right off 19th avenue. it's also highway 1.
7:57 am
between golden gate park and 280. you see this is one block away from there. it looked like the water from that shot was coming down from 17th down toward 19th. i'm assuming those two roadways are closed. you can use them to the south -- to the north there. the other roadways are just fine. particularly to the south. should be no problem. they're all two-way traffic. the water is a concern for the houses in the area and more complications. meanwhile, over to san francisco. traffic over there the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup. kari. >> for the most part, we're taking a break from the rain. a couple of spotty showers, then the rain will be back by tomorrow. we'll see our temperatures reaching into the low 60s across much of the bay area inland and then rain by tomorrow morning. it should start to taper off by tomorrow evening. we're dry on thursday and a larger storm system will be coming in on friday bringing on and off rain into saturday and a
7:58 am
break from the rain once again on sunday. very busy over the next few days. laura? >> thanks so much. another update in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, taking questions and taking aim. the president talking impeachment while at the nato summit in london. >> i think it's very unpatriotic of the democrats. >> as house democrats are set to publicly release their impeachment report. >> there's no contesting what all of these witnesses have said. >> what happens now and how will the president react? we're live with the latest. plus food for thought. >> beyond a shadow of a doubt, what people are eating will live longer. >> we'll bring you inside the blue zone diet which could mean living a longer life. what you need to know about eating and aging well.
8:01 am
and tunes from the teens from carly rae jepsen, to bts, and "despactio," "bad romance," a definitive look at this decade's most streamed songs. tuesday, december 3rd, 2019. ♪ >> georgia peaches. >> on the "today" show. >> hi to my son tate in oxford, mississippi. >> good morning to our family in north carolina. >> celebrating our 25th anniversary. >> from the country roads -- >> west virginia. >> welcome back to "today," what a beautiful crowd we have outside, thank you for starting your tuesday morning with us. >> we would love to see you in our open. you don't even have to come to the plaza to be a part of this big party. all you have to do is post that video message on instagram. you can put it on twitter, and just use the hash tag at the bottom of your screen there.
8:02 am
mytoday. >> so you guys, we have had an october to remember. we have had an all new november. and for december, it's time for today's season of giving. >> i like that. >> tomorrow we've got a gift for you, we're going to give you the gift of dance. if you watch the thanksgiving day parade, you may have seen the famed alvin ailey school. they were incredible. tomorrow they'll be right here in studio 1a. they have a special routine they have made just for us. >> the legendary dance group. >> looking forward to that. let's get right to the news at 8:00, the president has taken his case against impeachment to the nato conference in london where he's also criticizing u.s. allies. kristen welker joins us with the three things to watch today. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah, good morning to you. the first big headline we're watching today, president trump is kicking off the nato summit while taking sharp new aim at house democrats for intensifying the impeachment inquiry back at home.
8:03 am
the president calling democrats unpatriotic, he also blasted the entire process. take a listen. >> the democrats have gone nuts. they're crazy. it's very bad for our country. >> reporter: the second headline we're watching, democrats in washington say they will release their report today detailing the case for impeachment against president trump. the house intelligence committee is expected to vote on the report tonight, and then we'll turn it over to the judiciary committee which would write any articles of impeachment and then finally, the president is kicking off the nato summit by slamming close ally french president emanuel macron after macron accused nato of becoming brain dead. the president called those comments insulting. in a meeting today, both leaders aim to downplay differences. later today, the president will attend an event at buckingham palace with the queen and other leaders. savannah? >> kristen welker traveling with
8:04 am
the president in london. thank you, kristen. much of the northeast is digging out this morning from the deadly winter storm that slammed the region overnight. new york's governor declared a state of emergency in albany, and deployed the national guard to help with that snow removal. boston public schools are having a snow day today, too. in some areas, high winds and freezing rain knocked out power. airlines cancelled or delayed thousands of flights. the new research is suggesting a possible link this morning between extremely hot weather and early labor. a study in "the journal of nature and climate change" analyzed data on more than 50 million births in the united states, and found a spike in births on days when the temperature was above 90 degrees in areas where the heat isn't typical. birthrates dropped off once the heat led up. the research concluded that sudden hot weather may be responsible for as many as 25,000 early births in the u.s. every year. brace yourself for this one, america's favorite food could
8:05 am
soon cost more, that's right, the nation is facing a french fry shortage, cold, wet weather across the u.s. reduced the size of the potato crop to a ten-year low and the potatoes themselves are smaller than usual, some restaurants say they might have to deal with the shortage by serving smaller portions of fries. >> that's a national emergency >> it certainly is. >> feels like it >> geez. >> kids, we got the news covered, i've got a boost for you. dog owner alan witten turned t social media when his jack russell was missing in the woods. missy was found but stuck in a fox hole you know what alex did, he dug her out with his bare hands. >> come on, come on. >> hello [ cheers and applause >> cutie >> this video was posted on facebook and the caption there was ever see a grown man cry
8:06 am
who can blame that guy >> not i. >> misty is back. still to come. think you can guess the most streamed music stars of the year and the decade >> "old town road. >> it's got to be, right. >> "despacito," we're about to reveal spotify's brand new list. before that though, would the eating habits of the world's healthiest communities work for you? maria shriver had a group of friends give it a go she's going to share flat out astonishing results. that's right after this. how about a battery that lasts up to 12 hours? [bell rings] order up! ♪ now we're cooking. or how about one with virus protection built in? which... would be helpful... right... about... now... yeah, if you want all that, switch to chromebook. ♪
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8:10 am
♪this is the first day of my life♪ ♪i was born right in the doorway♪ ♪now i don't know where i am, i don't know where i've been♪ ♪but i know where i wanna go we're back, at the table, our series, eating to 100 today. yesterday, maria schriver was here to show us what some of the world's oldest and healthiest people eat and why the meals may be the reason they are living well into their 100s >> maria is back this morning with a follow up we all need to see. good morning, maria. >> for two years we have joined best selling author dan buettner on a journey to write down the
8:11 am
recipes of the blue zones. those are the five regions in okinawa, sardinia, costa rica, and loma linda, california, where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth the question is could they be eating what they're eating, does that add years to our lives. well, we teamed up with dan to try it out in one american city and the results were remarkable. >> dan buettner said he found the recipe on how to reach a happy and healthy 100th year, 100 recipes to be exact, all written down during a two-year journey through the blue zones, places around the world where people seem to defy the limits of age. >> without heart disease, cancer or diabetes, any diseases plaguing america this is what they eat. beyond a shadow of a doubt what people are eating to live to 100.
8:12 am
>> we're seeing 500 years of wisdom concentrated in one bowl. >> those recipes in his new book, the blue zone's kitchen. >> this is the traditional diet. >> but can eating the same meals here at home add years to our lives? we teamed up with dan in naples, florida. >> the secret sauce is blending them the way the koreans do it we showed them how to make some of the dishes, but more importantly, we help them choose three or four other people and all we did was challenge them to have at least five pot luck dinners together where they cook from the book. >> a ten-week challenge. >> this is what centenarians really eat. >> involving about a hundred volunteers everyone was split into groups moais. >> a moai is an idea of bringing four or five friends together. if you could put that in a pill, it would be a pharmaceutical block buster loneliness in this country shaves about 8 years off your life expectancy. in 1980, the average american had three good friends they can count on
8:13 am
we're now down to under two. we're spending all of our time sucked into our little devices we have to resume that connection, and if we can resume that connection around healthy food, we kill two birds with one stone. >> hi, i'm lisa. i'm 50 years old >> armed with video cameras. >> olives, tomatoes. >> longevity stew. >> and recipes from the blue zones, the moais gathered and encouraged each other. >> it's really good. >> your neighborhood or your community has to be on board eating the same way, otherwise it won't work. >> diets fail almost all the people almost all the time what seems to work in blue zones not only knowing that a largely whole plant food diet is going to help you live longer, then you need to have a social network around this way of eating >> three months later, dan returns to see the results reuniting with three women who vowed to stick with that ten-week challenge jeanette, joann, and lisa.
8:14 am
>> three months ago. >> it's a little painful for me to look at it, but look at that. >> what happened >> i lost 12 pounds. >> that's amazing. cholesterol down 22 points >> wow >> yeah. >> starting to eat this way, she started to make other changes in her life, more physical activity she's really set up, i think, for long-term success. >> i'm making black bean salad >> as for jeanette who used to feed her family fast food most nights before. >> she adopted in a big way. >> i lost 17 pound. >> wow, that's amazing that's over a pound a week >> i feel happy, i feel energized, i'm out, i'm adventurous, i go places, i do things i'm excited about it >> we don't allow any soda. >> but the biggest change came from joann. >> a lot has changed since i saw you three months ago. >> absolutely. >> you have lost a lot of weight >> like 37 pounds. >> unbelievable. >> not only did she lose the weight, her entire attitude and presentation changed >> we helped get her out of pain
8:15 am
we helped her look better, build her self-esteem, and then her well being followed it. >> i had to get rid of so many different clothes, that felt good. >> what's your hope to spend all of this time traveling around the world it to get it just right. >> i have discovered something that i truly believe can improve the human condition, the secret to eating for longevity is to eat simple foods every day for years or decades like people in the blue zones do >> well, the women we talked to saw the most dramatic change, everyone who stuck with the program for three months also reported weight loss, but i think the thing that's the most exciting to me is that they all reported kind of emotional well being went up. >> i love that i love the emotional well being, i mean, we talked about the cholesterol numbers, the blood pressure numbers, and all that stuff. >> it makes a ton of sense. >> i kind of want that book right now. >> you are what you eat. >> i have been eating a lot of beans since we did this story. it's actually pretty easy to
8:16 am
incorporate and you kind of find yourself, you know, eating lentils and brown rice, and going, it's actually much better than you thought >> maria likes very simple foods. she doesn't like anything fancy. >> whatever maria is doing, we want to do you're our guru. >> you can find the book, the blue zones kitchen o tomorrow, dan will be here in our kitchen, and he's going to share some of the easy to make blue zone meals. >> can't wait to try them. >> that will be fun. >> how about a little pop start. >> we've got a lot to get to in "popstart," and let's start with james corden he took a break from sitting behind the late night desk to stop by jimmy kimmel's show where he talked about the shooting of the upcoming "cats" movie, has some of hollywood's biggest stars acting and singing their hearts out as cats, something corden says was quite bizarre on set >> we had like one day which was
8:17 am
me, taylor swift, rebel wilson, idris elba, sir ian mckellen, dame judi dench all shooting a scene together that in itself is quite extraordinary, then when you add the layer of everybody pretending to be a cat, you really can't help but feel you're on some kind of hallucinogenic, where you were looking at judi dench and she's like, and you're like. >> it sounds like outtakes behind the scenes is how that all went down. next up, larry david, he plays our favorite curmudgeon on hb o's "curb your enthusiasm", and we're getting a premier date for the 10th season of the show, thanks to a very curb teaser involving a toaster that just won't pop. the wait is not much longer because curb returns in january. we're hoping larry stops by next month to talk about the new season, we all know he's not a big fan of saving dates. >> save the date, are you serious? that's so stupid. >> larry, everybody saves dates. >> you don't need to send me something to tell me you're going to send something.
8:18 am
just send it if i say something to you, i don't say i'm going to say something to you and then say it i just say it. >> this is the way things are done you're going to come and you're going to enjoy it. >> i'm on larry's side, he makes a good point there we'll see if we can get him here. 2019 is nearing an end, get ready for all of those end of the year lists, spotify has done theirs already but they also released their lists for the decade in music. kind of crazy to think we're at the end of a decade here spotify says the top five most streamed artists of the decade are eminem at number five. ariana grande at number four post malone at 3 ed sheeran at number two and drake takes the top spot >> no surprises there. >> spotify released the top streamed songs of the decade, which unsurprisingly included ed sheeran's 2017 hit "shape of you. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of
8:19 am
you ♪ ♪ push and pull like a magnet ♪ though my heart is falling to i'm in love with your body ♪ >> eminem and rihanna's 2010 song "love the way you lie" made the list ♪ just gonna stand there and watch me burn ♪ ♪ that's all right because i like the way it hurts ♪ >> that was nine, ten years ago. crazy. also on the list, remember this one from 2014, pharrell's "happy." ♪ clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ >> number one? >> we wanted those to get stuck in your head >> end of the decade, think about where you were ten years ago, none of us was married, i didn't work here, but al did >> i worked here >> you're still sitting in that chair. >> over here >> some things are timely. >> what's your secret to longevity, mr. roker. >> being there >> i thought you were going to
8:20 am
say beans like maria >> that too. >> and here's a question, when is actually the end of the decade, is it the end of this year or there are those who say it's the end of '20. >> those people are wrong. >> all of '20. >> now you have blown our minds. >> why isn't it '20. >> because you have to fill in the whole year. >> 2,000 was the start of the decade >> there are those who argue about that >> what color is the dress i don't know. >> i'm not wearing a dress anyway, let's take a look. that storm is pulling away man they got dumped in albany. the storm total, 22.6 inches it's 8th largest storm of all time, 4th largest, and the most since 1993's superstorm, that's what's going on around the good morning, i'm kari hall. we're taking a break from the heavier rain and it is still very close by. we could see times of sunshine
8:21 am
across the bay area as we reach into the upper 50s and lower 60s today. tomorrow the rain is back starting early in the morning, most of it tapering off by tomorrow evening. on thursday we're seeing sunshine ahead of another larger storm set to arrive early on friday. and that's your latest weather. hoda. al, thank you, if you have been eagerly awaiting the return of "the marvelous mrs. maisel," you are in luck, season three finally here in the emmy winning series heading into the 1960s. rachel brosnahan stars as mrs. maisel tony shalhoub plays her complicated father midge is taking her act on the road while her family is left to deal with issues on their own. take a look. >> have you worn all of these dresses? i don't think you have been on earth long enough at a rate of two per day. >> what is happening
8:22 am
>> what do you mean what is happening? have you not been paying attention? >> she never pays attention. >> where have you been >> she's out doing whatever she does at night. >> you know what i'm doing at night. >> she wouldn't be turning to prostitution instead of being married. >> i'm not a prostitute. i'm a comic. >> is there a difference >> yes, prostitutes get paid more. >> hilarious. >> it is hilarious, rachel and tony, good morning >> good morning. >> season 3 is here, how did it feel to get the band back together because everyone was wild about season 2, how did it feel when you all got back together to start season 3. >> it was so fun >> it's a terrific group you know, we almost have too much fun it's a really tight, cohesive group. well, you know, the material is just challenging they write in such a kind of quick pattern. >> yes, you can feel it. >> so we're all kind of holding on for dear life and clinging to each other. >> that clip very well shows what happens to your character, rachel, you hit the road, and
8:23 am
you kind of leave your family behind, and so pick up where, what kind of dynamic is created with this character now. >> so at the end of season 2, shy baldwin asks midge to open for him on tour, and they're kicking it off and the parents, everyone knows now that midge is a comic. that's caused a ripple effect in the family it's a little tense between us when we start season 3. >> i saw just even in that clip, there's kind of like a shaming you leaving the family behind and i just found it so fascinating and interesting that that not only happened in the show but there's some real life mom shaming that goes on when it comes to your character. tell me about that. >> it's been so surprising i mean, i'm not a mom, so it's not something i have ever experienced personally but i found myself being offended on behalf of a fictional character. the response, i mean, the number of times i have been asked whether or not i think midge is a terrible mom, i got asked in an interview whether or not i thought she loved her children. >> just because you're working.
8:24 am
>> and alex is sitting in the interview with me, and she says, i'm away from my kids right now, are you questioning whether i love mine. you know, i'm getting a little taste of the kind of mom shaming that goes on in the real world be kind to each other. it's hard. >> your character is going through tough times, the career is going south, and that does not make you happy >> right at the end of season two we see that abe has kind of left his job at columbia, he's left his job at bell labs. he's having a bit of a midlife crisis, which i think was triggered by the fact that, you know, her marriage dissolved and then she went on this other path and it's had this ripple effect to all characters in the piece abe is starting anew. >> i was reading something about you that cracked me up it said in high school, it was like rachel was on the wrestling team >> yeah. yeah my weird claim to fame >> was it a boys and girls wrestling team.
8:25 am
>> no. >> i mean, technically all wrestling is coed, it's separated by weight class but i didn't make the musical my freshman year of high school, and a bunch of my buddies joined the wrestling team sounded like fun i always wanted to do it. >> what was your favorite move. >> i was a fan of the single leg take down. that was my signature move >> were you tough in that? >> i mean, yes i don't know, i didn't look so tough in the singlet with my hair net but i felt tough >> one last quick question, i interviewed tom hanks when he was doing the mr. rogers movie. >> he's an actor, right? >> there's a scene where mr. rogers gets a big award, and he said in that award, i want you all to take ten seconds and think about the person who loved you into being, and he said i'll wait so he waited for ten beats, so i just was curious, who loved you into being. >> my mom and dad for sure, and they're actually here watching
8:26 am
this interview right now. >> your parents are here. >> they are. >> and tony, real quick, who loved you into being. >> my wife and my daughters. for sure. >> we love you all the premiere is coming up af good morning, we're following two breaking stories right now, hazmat teams capped a leaking stank, this is an area around a roofing and solar facility around rodgers avenue. the accident started when a worker tried to strans fer ptrae from one tank to another. and a water mane break in the sunset district. you see the wholes forming. witnesses say the water is flooding at least one home, of
8:27 am
course near by 19th avenue a major traffic artery. mike inouye has the impact on commuters. >> it is right here, that is the concern, you will it going through the sunset district. 17th is up hill from the water so that is clear as well. we're looking at the rest of the bay at north 880 at oakland. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." what a beautiful morning out here on the plaza. it's tuesday, december 3rd the holidays are here. it is a nice, brisk, beautiful sunny day. we've got the tree we're going to light that up but i'm in the mood to dance >> okay. we're going to warm this crowd up, you guys remember the video we showed you earlier of the seattle seahawks
8:31 am
doing that touch down dance at last night's game, so the song that they're playing there is "if it isn't love" by new edition. >> and that got us thinking, you know what if they can have that much fun, why can't we have that much fun and then we thought our crowd should have that much fun. >> you all going to join us. we're going to hand our mics away for a minute. everybody's right hands ready. we'll wait for the music one, two, three. four ♪ if it isn't love ♪ why do i feel this way ♪ why does she stay on my mind ♪ if it isn't love ♪ why does it hurt so bad ♪ make me feel so sad inside >> good rehearsal, everybody >> one more time >> one more time, one more time. ready, we got you. one, two, three, four. one, two, three, out
8:32 am
♪ >> one more time >> not one more time >> savannah, you got to check this out look right here. >> what's your name? >> tracy russell. >> tracy, you are so talented. >> it's beautiful. you even got al's blue glasses >> awesome >> thank you >> love it >> the seahawks are not worried, by the way, friends. they're not worried. meantime, rachel from "the marvelous mrs. maisel", she's joined us for our annual toy drive. >> and tony shalhoub. >> mr. shalhoub as well. so good to see so many folks bringing toys to the plaza if you're coming this way over the next few weeks, please bring an unwrapped gift to donate to a child in need. the tradition continues. coming up, the newest batch of the holiday steals and deals. these are for your kids on the list.
8:33 am
and a special holiday performance from lea michele, she's here live. ♪ if it isn't love >> you talked us into that i'm proud that you did that. >> we love that. >> of course >> more dancing. >> they had a little more swagger than we did. >> how about a little crowd moment i am looking for uriah there's uriah. what's that? >> can i take a photo? >> well, yes, we can take a photo. how old are you, uriah >> 11. >> 11 years old, and you came all the way from california. >> humboldt, california. >> when did you get in >> about two hours ago. >> two hours ago, you landed at 2:00 a.m. from l.a. and you came straight here. >> yeah. >> you're in town for the tree lighting. >> yeah. >> did you come all this way by yourself. >> with my mom. >> where's mom >> right there >> hi, mom. >> hi. >> what prompted the tropical. >> a mother son trip we came for the "today" show.
8:34 am
we wanted to see the rockefeller center tree lighting >> we wanted to give you something because it's cold out here thank you very much, eric. anybody who travels cross country in the middle of the night deserves a hat from the show, there's a sweater. you'll grow into that. enjoy the lighting we'll take our selfie during the commercial how about that. >> you bundle up tomorrow night. >> oh, by the way, coming up on 3rd hour, we've got the entire cast of "the amazing mrs. maisel". >> "the marvelous mrs. maisel. >> marvelous >> they're also amazing. marvelous, fantastic that's right now we're going to give you amazing weather. show you what's happening for today. let's start her out. but first -- >> what? >> let's show you what's going on for the winter outlook, warmer than average for most of the country, which is pretty amazing and then precipitation-wise, we are looking at wetter than average conditions across the
8:35 am
good morning, i'm kari hall, clouding rolling up from the south and this will bring in light rain for the south bay, meantime this is sunny in san francisco and areas further to the north. temperatures at average today, where we should be for this time of year reaching into the upper 50s and lower 60s, and tomorrow heavier rain will return. tapering off by tomorrow evening and a bigger storm moving in early on friday. giving tuesday is created by "today" with our sponsor the salvation army, doing the most good every day thousands fight the battle of hunger, help them win with a monthly gift. and this is giving tuesday and we're so fortunate to have actress candace cameron bure
8:36 am
teaming up with our sponsor, the salvation army, helping make the holidays brighter. good to see you. >> it's great to see you, al. >> we see these iconic red kettles, when you put something in there, what does the donation do >> the donation stays right in your community, which is amazing. the salvation army does so much good and i teamed up with them to shed light on the good work they help about 3 million families during the holiday season providing shelter, a warm meal, christmas presents under the tree for the kids, but it doesn't stop during the holidays they help about 23 million people throughout the year and doing so much good like rehabilitation centers and holistic care and job training when you pass this red kettle, know this is a trusted, charitable organization, one of
8:37 am
the longest standing ones around drop those coins, those dollars in there and it stays right in your community that's a great thing for people to know. >> it really is. speaking of "fuller house," friday, final season, what are your feelings? >> i'm so excited for fans to see it it's a great season, and we have half a season dropping on friday, and then you'll have to wait for the other half after that, but enjoy it on netflix. >> it's the gift that keeps giving. >> candace cameron bure, thank you so much, we appreciate it. for more on the salvation army good, head to we have a touching story, for the season of giving series. we're going to meet a principal going far above and beyond for her students but first, this is "today" on nbc above and beyond her students but fir
8:38 am
8:39 am
this portion of "today" is created by "today" and our sponsor, citi, this giving tuesday, join citi and no kid hungry to help end childhood hunger in america. and we are back, 8:39 with "today's" season of giving. >> that's right. this morning we are teaming up
8:40 am
with our sponsor, citi, to shine a light on childhood hunger and a very special principal who's changing the lives of her students one meal at a time. >> as you drive through the city of bristol downtown on state street, you see all of the beautiful architecture, what you don't see is that families who work multiple jobs are raking and scraping to get by to see their children >> principal pam davis is on a mission to do right by the 200 students who fill the classrooms of highland view elementary. >> turn to your friend and say good morning >> because in her community of bristol, virginia, hunger does not discriminate. >> childhood hunger is an epidemic it's a crisis. it's in every school it's in every community. >> nationwide, the statistics are alarming with one in seven children struggling with hunger and 13 million living in poverty. >> at the most simple way of
8:41 am
describing it, a child cannot learn, cannot function when their belly is growling. we're not just talking about missing a meal it's the kind of hunger that seeps into your pores. >> it's something 5th grader dylan says he deals with every day. >> two people that i live with get paid every so often and we don't really have much money, so we don't have much food. >> but with the help of partners like no kid hungry, who have worked with the school to offer a breakfast on the go program, and a third meal every day and support from community churches and businesses, principal pam has been able to meet the needs of her students so they can focus on what's important. >> since we have implemented some of these feeding programs, we have a positive trend in our reading data, a positive trend in our math and science data our children are coming to school eager to learn. they're excited to learn >> would you like to eat lunch with one of my friends >> my hope for these children is that they come to school every
8:42 am
day happy and excited to learn i want them to see generational poverty. i want them to be the difference maker in other people's lives. these kids are champions, they're champions. >> programs like these, a lot of these kids don't get, forget about it, breakfast, they may not get a good lunch. or dinner. >> how are you supposed to concentrate and learn when you have a rumble in your stomach. it's all you can think about >> citi's support of no kid hungry has provided more than 150 million meals. on this giving tuesday they are going to match all donations up to $100,000, to find out more, head to thank you, buddy jill is ready. she's standing by, and ladies and gentlemen, she's got a new batch of holiday steals and deals, bargains on the season's hottest toys but first, this is "today" on nbc. here, it all starts with a simple...
8:43 am
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we're back, it's 8:44. day two of our steals and deals holiday gift guide, this morning, all about the kids, jill martin joins us with gifts kids will love this holiday season and prices parents will love even more always good to see you. >> good morning, these are great for the kids, a lot of them educational too. let's start with the pillow pets >> part stuffed animal, part pillow. $53.98 retail. >> okay. >> this was invented by a mom with two children, and she found that her kids liked to sleep with their stuffed animals but they were sleeping on them, so she made the pet a pillow. isn't that great and a few of them have night lights on them as well go to you can see the dragon, dinosaur set, puppy set retail is $53.98 and the deal is
8:46 am
$27, 50% off all different ones for boys and girls. >> let's take a spin around the tree this is something my 5 1/2-year-old would love. >> this is the picasso magnetic building block so it's an 82 piece set that come with two cars or a 50-piece racetrack, and this really helps children develop their sense of color, shapes, and numbers at a young age because you have to mix and match. these are great and a fun project to do with your kids. >> do the cars come with them? >> yes >> really? >> the retail $119.99. the deal $39.50. 67% off. that's a great gift. >> what do we have here, a cash register play set? >> i used to play lawyer when i was younger. did you play something >> i did do that i used to play tv news guy >> and look what happened? >> yeah. >> this is the world tech toys register toys, retail, 79.99 it's really fun because they actually work. it's a calculator also teaching you about numbers as well. but the scanning works, so you
8:47 am
could do the ice cream shop, sweet shop, burger shop, it comes with the money, credit cards and coins, so you could learn in the process, retail, 79.99. deal, 28, 65% off. >> we have matching pajama sets. >> i asked to pull the picture because i know in your family matching pajamas is a really big deal. >> it's a thing. these are for the kids sammy & nat pajamas. retail, 49 to 54 really important, these run small, size up two sizes, again, size up two sizes from the side that you would have originally ordered. a lot of celebrity fans, molly sims, the retail, 49 to 54 the deal, 23 up to 57% off >> so we've got the pajamas, now it's time for a bedtime story jill martin. >> and these are always super popular and great to split up as gifts, stocking stuffers, the random house little golden children's set retail, 49.90. 13 different sets. classics, all on, go
8:48 am
to see what you like, and come in a set the retail is $49.90 the deal $17 that's 66% off and really all the classics that we read as a kid. now we can pass them on. >> can you mix and match them. >> no, the sets are preset and on >> jill martin, pillow pets, building blocks from picasso, cash registers from world tech toys pajamas from sammy & nat and book sets from random house. >> and find these deals at and today will make a small share of revenue from your purchases. >> what do you have tomorrow >> guys, girls and everyone else on your list i'll be here all week. >> ms. guthrie >> i have a great gift idea. lea michele has a new christmas album. she's here we cannot wait and you're a newlywed. >> i am. i got married this year. >> a lot to catch up on, a lot to celebrate, and she's going to sing for us live in just a few, but first this is "today" on nbc. sing for us live in my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
8:49 am
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t the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> welcome back, and we are about to get you in the holiday spirit in a big way with some help from lea michele out with her first holiday album called "christmas in the city." >> lea, good morning. >> good morning. >> you're literally home for the holidays. >> i was in new york, i figured i might as welcome by and sing a few songs. >> you said you always come home for the holidays. >> i do. i live in the west coast now but i'm a new yorker, born and raise ed here. i made this as a love letter to new york, and coming home for the holidays. >> it's such a special time, special place. >> i know. >> you did the parade last week. >> anything christmas, i'm taking over christmas this year. >> this isn't any christmas for you, it's your first as a newlywed >> i know, it's exciting. >> you got married in march, tell me about the wedding, and how everything is going. >> it was literally the best day of my entire life. everybody says that but it was so perfect
8:52 am
i wish i could do it over and over and over again, and that's honestly why i wanted to make a christmas album this year because it's been truly a happy, wonderful year, and i wanted to encapsulate that with ending on this happy note with this record. >> so beautiful, you're going to sing at the tree lighting tomorrow night. >> i know. >> do you have a favorite christmas song? >> "silver bells" is my favorite christmas song and that is on the record >> they have to let you put your favorite. >> these are all my most favorite christmas songs and i only did one i had sang on "glee" everything else is my personal favorites. >> as you know, you're one of my personal favorites, what are you going to sing this morning >> i'm singing "it's the most wonderful time of year." >> lea michele, take it away aw. ♪ it's the most w ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year with the kids jingle
8:53 am
belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ it's the hap happiest season of all with those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings when friends come to call ♪ ♪ it's the hap happiest season of all ♪ ♪ there will be parties for hosting marshmallows for toasting carolling out in the snow, there will be scary ghost stories ♪ ♪ and tales of the glories of christmases long long ago. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time
8:54 am
of the year ♪ ♪ there will parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and carolling out in the snow ♪ ♪ there will be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of christmases long long ago ♪ ♪ long ago it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ there will be much mistletoeing, and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time it's the most wonderful time it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ the year ♪ [ applause ] >> yeah.
8:55 am
>> thank you >> lea michele >> good job. >> thank you so much it's good to see you. >> good to see you >> newlywed, engaged person. let's celebrate. >> i'm so happy for you. >> everybody is bringing their moms to the studio. >> my mom is over there. >> hi, mom >> that's adorable >> come on, mom. >> there's mom >> come on >> there's lea's mom >> why didn't you sing for me today? you said you would do it >> if i can wear the shoes. >> your mom looks 12 years old, she's adorable. >> you should see my dad too, like teenagers >> i like that >> album is called "christmas in the city" we can't wait to see you tomorrow night at the tree lighting >> thank you. >> just ahead, more sounds of the season we'll show you a cool holiday display. a tribute to "a charlie brown christmas.
8:56 am
a short time ago in san jose hazmat teams capped a linking propane tank. started when a worker tried to transfer propane from one tank to another, nobody was hurt.
8:57 am
breaking now in frasan francisco, a water mane break. witnesses tell us that the water is flooding at least one home. of course 19th avenue is a major traffic artery. mike inouye says nearby streets will be best to detour around street clotures. we have a crew at the water mane break. we'll have a look at nbc bay area dotcom. if you're at the dmv lately and you feel like your wait time is lower, there is a good reason why. and a push under way to clean up the streets in san francisco's tenderloin. how you could see the start of a notable difference. more local news and weather in an hour.
8:58 am
breaking ground, and across contra costa county. join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 0u7 0. >> discover all that california
8:59 am
has to offer from the bay area to los angeles and san diego. california live takes you where the locals go and we reveal middle treasures and help you live your best california live weekdays at 11:00.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> and good tuesday morning to you, welcome to the "3rd hour of today." craig here with dylan dreyer, baby dreyer, al roker, not allen. al. i was going formal. allen roker, al roker. >> is your name craigary. >> you know what, my aunt calls my craigary. it was


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