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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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voting on a big change in how it treats land lords. >> city leaders say renters are more vulnerable than ever and it's ready to protect them. scott budman joins us from city hall with the latest. scott. >> reporter: they're talking money, jessica. in fact city leaders like a financial incentive to make sure land lords follow the law. renters love the idea. the land lords tell us it's another layer of bureaucracy that won't do a thing. like many young renters, this woman feels vulnerable in a tight market and likes the idea that the city of san jose is looking out for her. >> to have that protection would be wonderful. >> reporter: in fact san jose is thinking about protecting its renters. city council meeting tuesday to consider levying fines against land lords starting at $500 if a land lord breaks the law, by for example not following the just
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cause eviction law. >> we're in a housing crisis and we all know it. and it's not going to get any better if we're not enforcing the laws that are on the books against land lord that is know better. >> if i knew that a land lord was prone to do something like that, i wouldn't even take an apartment in that place. >> reporter: but many land lords here say they have no problem with the law. one says he would never evict someone without cause and calls the plan unnecessary. both sides understanding that speem are caught in the middle. >> we're not interested in simply punishing land lords but a lot of folks are you are the hadding. >> reporter: as for a decision, we're going to have to wait a while. no decision yet. we'll have the latest for you at 11:00. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc news. a lot of people are on the move. holiday shopping and holiday parties and getting those christmas trees. you better get it done before the rain comes in.
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this is a live look in downtown san jose. christmas in the park to the lower left of your screen. let's bring in jeff raniere tracking this incoming storm. >> nothing that big as we move through tonight. we have instability pushing in from the south. you can see on storm ranger and doppler radar. we have moderate rain here and showers for the hillsborough. also getting wet over fairfax. this cell is moving off towards the north keeping showers in marin, and navarro. but we continue to be really focused on the next storm to bring heavier widespread rain fall. everything i see right now has this developing by thursday at 9:30 at night to bring back some heavier rain fall. there you can see it by 1:30 on friday lining up on northern california, then moving in towards the bay area. an early look at what we can expect with this, rain fall
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moving back in, heavier times on friday, wide ranging rain fall totals, wind gusts of 20 to 40-miles-per-hour and heavy sierra. i'll see you at 6:19 to take a closer look. >> you can follow jeff on twitter as well. he's a great resource for all of our changing conditions. his handle @jeffraniere. a presidential campaign that started strong, then stuttered, ended today. kamala harris formally ending her run for the white house. she was sliding towards the back of the pack even here in her own state. harris says she's running out of money but there are some people within the campaign that say there were major stumbles. >> reporter: that's right. you know, we're hearing that some of the problems came from her campaign staff, the top advisers, all of them at scrb strategists head quartered just
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around the corner from where i'm standing. kamala harris launched her campaign 11 months ago to a huge crowd in oakland and gained national attention when she went after joe biden on the campaign stage. campaign strategists include ace smith and his senior partners. they had handled winning campaigns for harris' senate race, gavin newsom, libby shaf. but former san francisco mayor willy brown says they made disastrous mistakes with harris starting with moving her headquarters to baltimore. >> not a good move. >> reporter: another big mistake was going after joe biden. >> you've got to know that joe biden is like mr. rogers. >> reporter: and perhaps themis repter: kamala harris told because of lack e campaign is
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of finances. >> it is with deep regret i'm suspending my campaign today. >> reporter: her head quarters locked. >> i don't think it took off like it needed to. >> reporter: sabrina crow said she met and talked with harris more than once. at first she was a supporter then says the ship sailed past her. >> i couldn't get a grasp of what her core was. it seemed like it was all over the place. >> reporter: and we reached out to the harris campaign and to her top add vvisers, got no response. this failure in campaign for the it harris facing stiffer challenges when running for the senate in four years. >> let's dissect this a little bit more. how did senator harris get to this point. it'shirlwind year. as mark mentioned she launched her bid for the white house
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january 21st, martin luther king, jr. day. in april, she had already raised 12 million. that was second only to senator bernie sanders. in june, she came out swinging in that first democratic debate as mark showed us, she attacked former vice president joe biden for his stance on bussing and school segregation. after an initial bump from that, her polling numbers started to lag. then the money did as well. and that ultimately led to today's announcement that she's dropping out of the race. >> you move to baltimore, you move a lot of the ambience because your collection of friends are here. >> now, you can watch much more of mark's interview with willy brown right on ouro see who's still running for the presidency in 2020 and who's dropped out. to get there quickly, just point your iphone to the qr code on the bottom left of the screen.
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it'll take you straight to the page on super easy. the major changes at google. the legendary cofounders step down. larry paige and ser gay started google back in 1998. then they moved to alphabet, the parent company. today they announced they'll be stepping away from their role. in a blog boast, they said the company is 21 years old and it's time for it to grow up. the ceo of google will become the ceo of alphabet and google. tonight one of the most dangerous roads in fremont might be getting safer. the city council is voting on the future of niles boulevard which is where a woman and her dog were hit and killed in a cross walk just last week. nbc bay area laura sam has the rorter: k a car while
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biking along niles boulevard. >> this little honda type car and just went right around me. >> reporter: and watch how long it takes this woman to cross. three cars go by before one finally lets her through. >> it can be used as awe speedway at times. people who are not used to it will fly through here quickly. >> reporter: last friday night a woman and her dog we are hit and killed while crossing. this is a picture of the suspect's car. witnesses say the driver stopped and walked over to the woman, then drove away. lives nearby says drivers are out of control. >> police do park here and write a lot of speeding tickets quite often, but it doesn't slow people down. >> reporter: after months of receiving feedback from neighbors, tonight the fremont city council will discuss proposed improvements to the roadway. possible changes include a traffic signal at rock avenue, flashing lights at pedestrian
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crossin crossings, curb extensions along the roadway, and narrowed lanes. davis says something needs to be done. >> they are going to have to put signal lights because more and more people are using it. >> reporter: laura sambol nbc bay area news. >> that meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. tonight at fremont city hall. well, pressure to clean up some of san francisco's dirtiest streets is resulting in actual pressure washing. a group called the tenderloin community benefit district announced the city will wash sidewalks in the tenderloin once a week instead of once a month. >> everyone in the tenderloin, people who live here, people who wo here, they sidewalks, beautiful sidewalks, safe sidewalks, inviting sidewalks. >> supervisor matt haney who was standing behind that gentleman
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helped get the money in the budget to pay for the clean up. our investigative unit has done extensive reports on san francisco's dirty and diseased streets. you can watch all those reports on our website at up next at 6:00, are you running on empty? the new trick thieves are using to steal gas out of your tank and why you may not know it until you're on the road. plus the dmv says the lines are shorter, but is that the case in the bay area? we'll show you what we found.
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okay. look at that, water rushing down a street in san francisco. the water mane broke this morning. the broken pipe created a small sinkhole where the water just kept gushing out of it right through the pavement. some of it made its way into a few homes.
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12 pipes have burst in the last couple of weeks. it's a combination of old pipes and old fashioned cold weather. we know this, the trip to the dmv can take you hours just waiting in line. but recently the state made improvements and the state says wait times have been cut in half. is that true? we investigated. nbc bay area's tom jensen is in oakland with us for the results. tom, what did you find? >> reporter: raj, i wish i could report to you that that was true in this office in clairemont avenue in oakland. we talked to people who were in line outside for more than an hour. when they got inside, they were inside even longer. >> i had an appointment at 10:00 and it was 11:00 when i was finally attended to. >> reporter: don was visibly upset after spending nea dmv tow real id even though she had an appoint. >> they don't tell you whether
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you have to be in that line or not. >> reporter: many drivers were hoping the visit would be a short one after the agency announced new numbers showing it drastically reduced waits. but it appears not every office has seen the drop in delay. >> i wouldn't know. i think so. that's what i've heard but i'll let you know when i'm done. >> reporter: unfortunately, several drivers who made an appointment and went right to the front of the line tell us it still took at least two hours to get their new upgraded ids. without a spokesperson in the bay area today, the dmv responded in a video release from the sacramento head quarters. >> we arkingoro employees so that as customers come in, they'r appropriatelyhey can get and out of there, take care of their business, and be on their way. >> reporter: it's still very important to make an
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appointment. if you come down here, people who did not have an appointment spent three to six hours in this dmv office today. dmv also trying to upgrade its technology especially at its customer kiosks. in fact it has recently awarded comcast with a $24 million contract. comcast is nbc bay area's parent company. we're live in oakland, tom jensen. we're learning more about how a petaluma man died in a deputy's custody.62-year-old gl thought to be an armed car thief. it was actually his car. he reported it stolen a few days earlier but deputies didn't know it had been found. that still doesn't explain why ward took off when deputies tried to pull him over. one deputy tased him, ward became unresponsive and later died. watch your gas. thieves are bypassing locked gas
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caps and drilling into your tank. the men use gas cans, a drill, and a plastic pumpkin to collect the fuel. he pilled a lot of it in the street in the process. a passer from fairfield says thieves targeted his church van twice and he's hoping the men police caught is the one responsible for the theft. >> for me it's unbelievable that someone is drilling holes in gas tanks and getting gas. >> reporter: from awe church van as well. police have not tied that man they arrested to all the cases. repairing one of those drilled out gas tanks can set you back as much as 2,000 bucks. finally relief for one of the most congested corridors. a new stretch of the expressway opened. the new seven mile stretch of express lane connects the 880
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interchange. the goal is to help shave off 20 minutes from the daily commute. >> we've seen how well these facilities work throughout the country and our successful venture into express lanes being one of the first in the bay area has created a blueprint. >> if you want to use the express lanes, you must have a fast track transponder. that includes car poolers and motorcyclists. tolls can range from 30 cents to $13 depending on how congested the roads are. tonight a woman is getting help after rain opened a huge hole in her ceiling. she says that hole began forming just before thanksgiving but the land lord didn't come out to inspect it until yesterday. she tells us it's too dangerous land lord to reimburs h do. so, you know, there goes my
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christmas. and i don't know what to do. >> reporter: we spoke with representatives at wedge wood properties earlier today. they tell us the problem was only brought to them yesterday. they will begin fixing that roof tomorrow. the tenant will be reimbursed for the remainder of this month's rent if she chooses to leave. how would you like the vip treatment at a 49ers game. it could happen to you. the annual auction happened today. you call in to kbr and bid honorary 49er experiences such as traveling with the team to a road game next season or going to the upcoming nfl draft. all the proceeds go to help bay area kids in need. the auction ends tomorrow. er jimmy g. quite yet but that might be hot selling. >> that could be a money maker for the children of course. >> for the children. >> i know someone who would bid
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right away. >> i don't know about you guys. i feel this big rush at christmas. >> the scramble is on and it's wet outside. >> i'm feeling the pressure. >> don't feel the pressure. enjoy the season. >> today i'm like what do i do? >> from a person who doesn't go christmas shopping. >> we're going to get good weather for you on the microclimate forecast eventually. let's take a look right now. the airport delays, those of course have been tremendous the past couple of days. you can see now we are still running behind in boston and newark, anywhere from 94 to 164 minutes behind. notice in the west coast even with rain fall happening right now we have no delays and that is good news. we'll take you to storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. and you'll see spotty rain here through the north bay. nothing major for tonight. you'll be getting wet weather and marin, napa, and sonoma counties. it's just a small branch bai fa.
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what about as we head through the next several hours. 11:30 this evening most of the heaviest rain fall is through the south. for the morning commute tomorrow, we see rain fall moving up into san jose, redwood city, livermore. i think we're looking at .5 of an inch to a quarter of an inch. we'll see that pass with dry weather tomorrow afternoon and we have rain fall shaping up by friday's forecast. so, what about our temperatures? and you can see we'll begin tomorrow in the upper 40s to low 50s and by the afternoon plent of 60s from the north bay to the ist bay rig bay. i think as we move ahead through this forecast by 9:30 on thursday, that's when that storm begins to line up and that eventually does bring us wet weather here by friday
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afternoon. we'll take a closer look at that coming up in 25 minutes. i'll see you then. >> we'll see you shortly. up next, gilroy strong has new meaning tonight, how a community helped a grandmother who lost her grandson in the garlic festival shooting. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
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but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dr dines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead.
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and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. the kindness of strapgers in the face of tragedy. a woman who lost her grandson in the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival got a gift today from the community. >> a car. marianne favro with the story behind that gift. what an emotional moment for that grandmother. >> oh, she was speechless, jessica. technicians here at caliber collision worked give a caro a grandmother struggling to move on after tragedy. barbara aguirre was overcome with emotion today when she was handed keys to a newly
6:25 pm
refurbished car. barbara still walks with a crutch, a cruel reminder of the gunman that shot her grandson and shot her in the leg. >> gilroy is in a bad place, and the stuff that happened was tragic. but the people in the community shows something different. >> reporter: geico donated the damaged car and a team of technicians spent 135 hours of their own time repairing the hyundai. >> a lot of the donated time was after hours from their normal eight hourhi as well as saturday and sunday. >> reporter: the gilroy foundation selected barbara to receive the vehicle. >> the grandmother who received this vehicle was shot herself. her daughter was shot, and her grandson, six years old, was shot and is no longer living. >> reporter: considered the mate i can't recollect of her family,
6:26 pm
she drives her kids to activities. but her car had no air conditioning and was unreliable. she can continue to help her family as they cope with loss through the holidays. >> we're getting through it. that's all we can do is just keeping moving forward. >> reporter: moving forward with a new set of wheels powered by the kindness of strangers. this is the second car that caliber collision has given to a victim of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. reporting live in morgan hill, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> it is a nice gift. up next at 6:30 the public focus shift in the impeachment inquiry as a professor prepares to testify tomorrow. also b.a.r.t. and the salvation army teaming up this holiday season. how the money inside all those red kettles will work to combat homelessness. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now at 6:30 a significant milestone in the impeachment inquiry. today the house intelligence committee released its findings, summarizing the evidence collected so far. >> the report accusing president trump of abusing his power in ukraine for his personal political gain. the president is in london tonight, but he's the investigation on the world stage. here's nbc's alice barr in
6:30 pm
washington, d.c. >> reporter: after weeks of investigation, the house intelligence committee releasing a 300 page report that reads more like an indictment declaring, quote, the evidence of the president's misconduct is overwhelming and so too is the evidence of his obstruction of congress. >> the president of the united states solicited foreign interference in our election and used the power of his office to get his political dirty work done. >> reporter: that dirty work according to the report pressuring ukraine to investigate the bidens and the 2016 election conspiracy theory while withholding military aid. democrats also accusing president trump of obstruction by defying subpoenas for documents for testimony. the president blasting democrats for pushing ahead while he's overseas at the nato summit. >> i think it's very unpatriotic of the democrats. doesn't cast a cloud -- well, if it does, then the democrats have
6:31 pm
done a great disservice to the country which they have. >> republicans putting out a rebuttal before the committee's report before the report was even released. they argued the president did nothing wrong and accused democrats of trying to reverse the results of the 2016 election. >> they know it's a hoax. >> reporter: tomorrow the house judiciary committee holds it's first hearing with legal experts testifying about the possible grounds for impeachment, shifting the process from the fact-gathering phase to lawmakers deciding what to do about it. alice barr, nbc newsentioned th house judiciary committee holding a hearing. a bay area professor will be among the experts testifying. >> my area of study is the law of the political process, the law of democracy. >> she's an expert on voting
6:32 pm
rights. her degrees are from yale but joined stanford law in 1998. she's a nationally recognized expert on the constitution. nbc news will have full kocovere of the house judiciary committee. you can watch it beginning at 7:00 a.m. a san diego congressman has pled guilty to misusing campaign funds. at first he claimed the charges against him were politically motivated. prosecutors say hunter and his wife spent more than a quarter million dollar on travel, bar tabs, and school tuition for their children. he told reporters he made mistakes. the fall out from the college admissions scandal is now leading to a policy change at stanford. the president sent a letter to the stanford community today saying after conducting an external review the school will be adopting changes to the athletic admissions policy.
6:33 pm
that means fundraising will no longer be part of a coach's application. athletes will no longer go through coaches or the athletic department but through an admissions committee. new numbers out today say complaints of sexual assault and harassment are on the rise at stanford. stanford releasing a report today that shows campus police responded to nearly 280 sexual assault complaints throughout the year. that's up almost 30% from last year. the report also says university removed 8 employees and three students for sexual harassment. stanford is hosting a town hall meeting this very evening to try to talk about this problem. four google workers say they were unfairly fired two weeks ago and are planning to file a federal labor complaint. the former employees claim they were let go for organizing coworkers around social causes. but google maintains they were fired for violating its data security policy. google recently updated its
6:34 pm
community guidelines to tell employees to avoid disrupting the work day to debate politics or other topics. the four former workers believe the move was meant to discourage open speech and to crackdown on employee push back. u.s. authorities called it a national security risk. now the chinese tech company huawei is leaving silicon valley claiming the trade war and tariffs. it fired about 600 workers in santa clara and is now moving to canada. there's no word on what will happen to the people that still work in santa clara. you may hear bells on your next b.a.r.t. ride. the growing number of homeless people looking for shelters in stations and on trains has become a really important issue. the money raised with those salvation kettles will go to helping them. this includes providing the homeless socks and blankets and
6:35 pm
investing in more shelters and treatment centers. the red kettle campaign will run through christmas eve. our investigative unit just finished the series that takes an in depth look at what happens on b.a.r.t. they spent months riding on trains recording what they saw. you can watch that entire series on the fight to bring home the perfect fish is getting more dangerous especially for the bay area sea life. the troubling trend that has people dodging more than nets. in the mills of sausalito, the marine center treats a variety of sea critters suffering a variety of ailments. the issues include things like starvation, shark bites, and acid poisoningunrelated to natu. we only have 15 animals on
6:36 pm
site right now and three of them are gunshots. >> reporter: the center rescued bluegrass from fisherman's wharf. it had been shot in the face, losing an eye. a second also lost an eye. a third shot in the flipper. >> these are pellets probably from a shotgun blast. >> the evidence of human inflicted wounds is disheartening. >> they have a lot of challenges as it is. something like this is unnecessary. >> reporter: for all three sea lions, the center doesn't know the source of the gunshots. >> by the time we rescue the animals we have no idea how or when they got shot. >> reporter: it isn't entirely rare for the center to treat patients with gunshot wounds. the finger is often pointed at
6:37 pm
fishermen who encounter sea lions while pursuing the same fish. >> it's most likely what's causing the human interactions. >> reporter: still representatives of the bay area fishing industry say they don't condone the deadly violence. >> nobody in the fishing industry supports vigilante sea lion justice. >> reporter: even with these severe wounds, a little tlc and a steady diet of fish can do wonders. >> i think these animals have recovered well enough that we are confident that they can forage on tir own. >> reporter: last week bluegrass and transit were healthy enough to return to the wild so they were trucked to point reyes for release. >> it's the reward we get for all the hard work we putno caring for these animals. >> reporter: first transit made his way to the ocean. then it was bluegrass freedom a
6:38 pm
challenges of the wild. joe ri sa toe, jr., nbc bay area news. well, up next it is a porch pirate capital of the u.s. and it is super close to home. we're going to tell you where it is next.
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a local high school wrestling coach has been arrested for sexually abusing a teenager. bruce shelton faces charges of acting inappropriately with a child. he's currently a wrestling coach at oak grove high school. before that he worked for the east side district for 37 years before retiring in 2017. it's unclear whether his crime involves a student in the district. the school district releasing a statement saying in part we want to ensure the east side community that the safety and well being of our students is our highest priority and we are shocked and deeply disturbed that this could happen.
6:41 pm
the holiday spending races are off with dramatic flare. americans spent a record amount of money on cyber monday. shoppers dished out $9.4 billion online yesterday. that's nearly 20% more than last year. adobe says shoppers clicked on $3 billion worth of goods on their smartphones. all those cyber monday orders will be arriving in the bay area which means porch pirates will be on the prowl. it's estimated 26 million americans have had a package swiped from their front porch this year. the bay area sees more porch thefts than any other area in america. get security cameras, find more secure places to leave the packages. recent rains brought down the roof of dublin elementary school. the roof gave way to the wind
6:42 pm
and rain. you can see some of the ceiling material that crumbled and collapsed. >> when you've got water coming into classrooms, it certainly efrply identifies the challenges that the school is facing. >> it's necessary. it's time. the schools are the same as when i went here. >> that is true for many of us. the school had 33 million bucks set aside to update the school so it's expediting the construction. >> they won't be able to fix it in time for the next round of rain. >> you've got to take control of stuff. we had dry weather to start the season. now we're starting to see things pick up. st now. we'll talk more about the stronger rain ahead. i'll spend a lot of time on that coming up in a few minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there.
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well nbc bay area responds to a lot of people who confuse one website for another. >> it's so easy to do too. consumer investigator chris chmura says you've got to be
6:45 pm
careful ep will with someone spoofing the government. >> we want you to be careful when looking for government info like dmv, social security, or public records online. your typical search engine you mind send you to unofficial web pages that could charge you to do things that are free on real government websites. real government websites end in dot gov and they don't charge you to fill out forms or applications. let us know if you have a consumer complaint. the number is 888-996-tips or go to nbc bay >> after black friday and cyber monday comes today giving tuesday. before you make that donation, the better business bureau wants you to hear this. make sure you're giving to a legitimate charity. there are fakes out there. if you're making a non-monetary donation such as clothes or toys, make sure they're in good
6:46 pm
shape because if you give junk, your donation will do more harm than good. the charity has to pay to toss it. if you're looking for a way to give today or tonight, consider donating to our feed the need food drive. we've teamed up with safeway. from now until christmas day you can stop at any participating safeway store and grab a ticket and donate ten bucks. it goes a long way. okay. the earth is heating up at a record breaking pace. the past decade is concern to be the hottest in recorded history. that's according to a report released today by the world meteorological organization. it notes the record heating means every country needs to brace for faster melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and increase in deadly heat waves. >> that impacts what you do in the next five to ten years in how you look at forecasts. >> extremes in the weather we
6:47 pm
could see. as we look ahead we have stronger rain coming our way over the next three-day period so we want to spend a lot of time on that tonight. we are going to get you good to go for this next chance of heavier rain fall. do need to address first some of the rain fall we've dealt with tonight hasn't been that bad. we've had a few passing showers for the peninsula, east bay, and south bay. some of the most consistent moderate rain fall has been in the north bay. most of that's calming down with just a little bit less here moving off to the north into bodega baby 7:21 tonight. this is part of a system that's based well off to the south. we're just seeing this branch of moisture moving up throughout the evening. let'se 11:30 tonight, the bulk continues to remain through the south of some spinnin through the santa cruz mountains. by tomorrow morning this brings in rain chances to the bay
6:48 pm
area, .5 to about .25 of an inch for the morning commute. this tomorrow afternoon, this will be the next break in between storm systems for us. so, i still think you'll need the umbrella as you move through the wednesday forecast. what we are focused in on and well out here in the pacific. i think everything continues to show. all the data we're combing over here by 11:00 p.m. on thursday, this wide-reaching system will start to move in. we have the cold front that will pass over on friday. then you can see this organized area of low pressure out here. that's going to start to move over once we hit saturday. so, it's like this one-two punch here for the bay area. over all we'll see the first round of the rain develop byonr. so, totals with this looks good for a two day event. friday into sat. take a look at the key at the top, find your city. you'll notice over the south bay we're looking at half to one inch average.
6:49 pm
north bay getting hit the hardest. highest elevations could get more than 2 inches. we're going to see ponding on the roadways, possibly car accidents from people sliding all over the place. doesn't look like major river flooding but we'll have to keep a look at the creeks, rivers, and streams. i know a lot of you want to get the holiday decorating done. we're going to do tree-riffic weather in the forecast. a quarter inch of rain tomorrow. thursday is going to be the break. the storm hits friday to saturday. you'll be able to put up the tree and decorations -- i think once we hit about noon on sunday right into the afternoon. sunday is going to be the best day to be outside to do that. then we've got dry weather monday and tuesday. inland valleys will stay on the cool side for the morning and for the afternoon 50s to 60s and drying out monday into tuesday.
6:50 pm
you're heading up to the sierra. it's going to get treacherous. i think the last day to travel is on thursday. that snow hits pretty hard by friday and saturday. one to three feet, snow levels to 5,000 to 6,000 feet. this is great news to keep us out of the drought. and we are coming in with that next storm friday and saturday. so, as i mentioned, if you're looking to do any of that decorating -- >> decorating, what's the best day? >> sunday is that the tree-riffic day as i mentioned. >> for indoor or outdoor decorating? >> both. >> okay. >> from noon sunday to the afternoon. you don't want to be out there saturday with the rain slipping on the roof. >> sunday is our day. >> you got it. an incredible turn around. the high school player who led his team to a title. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi!
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okay the nfl playoffs, they begin in january. but the high school playoffs are happening right now. south bay running back isf h. yards to lead his team to a section title.
6:54 pm
anthony flores is on campus. >> reporter: he's only 5'9", 189 pounds but nobody was bigger than wade torres. the milpitas high senior rushed for a school record 329 yards in the the victory on last saturday's section championship game. >> i was shocked. i didn't know i ran that much. >> reporter: torres scored two touchdowns. >> i was full of joy, really happy. i'm really blessed. >> definitely one of the topper formers we've had at the school. we're proud of what he was able to achieve as a team and as an individual. >> this is what happens. >> reporter: uts the fourth section title in school history. an accomplishment that seemed unreachable for the trojans after a 1-6 start to the season.
6:55 pm
it's a remarkable turn around but it's not surprising to the trojans. >> they didn't quit and they refused to quit and still haven't quit. we're working hard. we're go to finish off whatever we're starting here. >> reporter: torrez set a goal to lead his team to a title after missing the last run because he fractured his hip running track. >> i just kept pushing. i never gave up. coach king always talks about it's not how you start, it's how you finish. that's a motto we live by. >> reporter: torres and the trojans will look to finish off their run saturday. nbc bay area news. >> what a great attitude. >> we've got a lot of football games coming up. that championship game -- >> it's not how you start, it's how you finish. night we have college football at levi stadium, oregon and utah. and possibly some one team or t
6:56 pm
other? >> oregon is used to the rain anyway. >> so, let's give it to oregon. the pac 12 championship on friday, it is going to be wet. bring the poncho and layer or two underneath because we have temperatures in the 50s. the storm moves in and develops from 10:00 a.m. on friday, hangs out into saturday. outside decorating this weekend, squeeze it in from noon sunday right through the afternoon. >> you've got to get going on yohe te, the gifts, everything. you're stressing me out. >> the window is closing. overwhelming. >> we'll leave you with this beautiful shot of the bay bridge. have a great ooechbing.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
. that's my like motto of the season. >> one minute to air, jennifer. >> awards season check. super bowl halftime, yep. j.lo confesses to "access" what's really got her nervous. and where in the world are harry and meghan? how have two of the most famous people on the planet managed to disappear? and we found the world's most eligible royal bachelors. >> his dashing good looks really did take royal by storm. ♪ ♪ a cozy little christmas here with you ♪ >> we're off and running with the holiday season, but whose puppy was more like the grinch with this theresa mchristmas tr? and what makes a baby shower even more fun? making sure it's a secret to the mama. >> surprise!


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