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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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right now at 11:00, a critical 24 hours. tomorrow morning the hus judiciary committee will be hearing from legalou impeachment. >> among those advising, is stanford professor. ian we reached out to the professor. >> an expert in the political process. she politely declined request for interview as she's preparing
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for tomorrow. democrats map out plan for impeachment. tonight after first wave of hearings. house intellie releasing 300 page report that reads like indictment. accusing president trump of abusing his power by pressuring ukraine to benefit his election and obstructing congress's efforts to investigate. the evidence is overwhelming it reads and obstruction of congress. >> this is not about ukraine, this is our democracy. if we don't care about it, be darned well sure the president will be this all over again. >> president trump blasting the investigation. >> this is what you're going to impeach the president of the united states on? republicans have never been stronger, more unified, the democrats have gone crazy. >> in the morning the committee
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begins the next stage and natio expert on the constitution. taught at prestigious law school since 1998 and argued before the supreme court nine times. former u.s. deputy assistant attorney general. will lead the house and viewers through what is needed for impeachment. colleague of 30 years weighed in on her record. >> if you have a question about what something in constitution means, can't think of anybody better to ask. >> known as liberal legal scholar and once a potential pick for supreme court s ithtern manager tweeted message of support saying i couldn't be more proud of you. as senator harris dropped out of the presidential race amid claims of infighting,
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mismanagement. president trump responded, too bad, we'll miss. . harris fired back. don't worry, mr. president, i'll see you at your trial. in san francisco where the senator rose to political stardom, jean. >> reporter: that's right. and senator harris has widespread support from elected officials in the bay area. lots of people are expressing disappointment about her dropping out of the race. political insiders say it was chaos within the campaign that sank her efforts. senator harris jumped into the campaign in january. >> let's do this. >> launching into top tier of democraticop11 months later, ca over. >> here's the deal, guys. my campaign for president simply does not have the financial resources to continue. >> best launch ever.
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worst exit ever. >> reporter: political adviser jay says the former attorney general struggled to maintain momentum with progressives in the democratic party. infighting, all fizzled. >> all giving good advice but frequently contradictory advice. unless you have a really intense internal road map and know why you're doing something, easy to get lost. >> reporter: has widespread support i she began political career. >> criminal justice reformer, forward thinker, amazing public servant. >> reporter: says disappointed she's out. mayor london breed expects the senator to try again. >> so proud of her on the national stage, being a contender for this office. i'm not giving up hope for the future. >> jean elle, nbc bay area news.
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tomorrow morning nbc news will have full coverage of the judiciary committee meeting. live at 7:00 a.m. after our morning news cast. >> we've had a break in the rain but changes on the horizon. live lock at san francisco. it's clear but not going to stay that way. jeff ranieri is with us now. what are we talking about with morning commute? >> i don't think close to what we experienced past weekend, one to three inches of rain on average. lightning straights off to the south there. right about there over the past 45 minutes. can't rule out isolated lightning into overnight hours. even for from its system to the south. could bring us more showers, cupertino, 11:36. 11:30 tonight, rainfall to the south. move into tomorrow pockets.
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expect wet weather in the morning commute. but stronger storm developing, by 9:30 on thursday in the pacific going to hit us starting friday. show you what it brings for weekend in about ten minutes. >> if you want to keep up with changes in the weather, super easy. website and mobile app are a great resource. on the screen is qr code. if you have iphone with you, point it at it, will take you to our weather page and keep up to date. intersections are dangerous and deadly. cars often speed down niles boulevard in fremont. recent deadly accident last friday. suzanne and her dog molly were killed in the crosswalk. city council of fremont addressed the problem of this stretch of niles boulevard.
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cheryl hurd has the latest. >> reporter: this recent death is putting a spotlight on a problem that's been plaguing this area for a very long time. who else is fed up? people who see people run up and down this crosswalk, speeding. another person is son of a woman who was killed in the latest hit and run. >> justice that everyone should pay if they hit and run right? but not going to bring my mom back. >> reporter: only had four days to comprehend his mother and her dog are gone. >> after seeing the car on the news, you know, emotions go, what does that really mean? going to catch the guy? i think they will. >> reporter: fremont police officers are hoping the release of this picture of what they believe is the suspect's car will help them catch the driver. witnesses say the man behind the
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wheel stopped and walked over to the 72-year-old, then drove off. after months of feedback from neighbors, fremont city council members discussing ways to improve safety on this dangerous stretch of freeway. >> could narrow the lanes there. >> reporter: other proposals, traffic light at rock avenue. flashing lights at parkway and the avenue, and change from 40 to 35 miles per hour. >> terrible and senseless tragedy that could have been . >> asking for change for enough. >> reporter: council members put this issue on the agenda to get information from the public. committee has been put together to work on solutions. reporting live in fremont, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you cheryl. south bay, san jose says renters are more vulnerable than
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ever. council debated whether to increase fines on landlords who it don't follow the law. breaks cause eviction rule, could fine them more. reached out but have yet to hear back. bad news for east bay boy scout group tot, fundraiser dashed by scam artist and troop leader on the hook for $5,000. ripping off the boychristmas, t? >> reporter: exactly. exactly. this is the christmas tree lat scout troop 152 sells trees and makes money for their projects all year long. never know looking at these that trees they paid for never
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arrived. here's the troop. the troop paid a company in washington state $5,000 for 500 trees. last monday the trucker supposed to pick them up called to say there are no trees. what happened? we're going to get into that in a minute. no trees meant no fundraising so demarco stepped up. >> i'm confident over time i'll get the money, maybe not this christmas but next maybe. i'm in for the long haul. that's how it is. >> reporter: been in touch with the wholesaler who was supposed to bring the trees to the trucker. there seems to be a lot of confusion. no one is saying dishonest yet but a lot of confusion. trees arrived last friday, some given on do have, will turn a profit and be success after all.
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far worse for other charities. one out of san francisco put up $150,000 for trees and received absolutely nothing so far. live, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. for me, absolutely unbelievable. >> we're back in 60 seconds. running on empty, new trick thieves are using to steal gas right out of your tank. dmv says its lines are shorter. is it really the case in the bay area? area? on track area? ois your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. with a 30-day money-back guarantee, installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support. so what are you waiting for? get this great deal when you
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"g" street. had to dig up a big chunk of the road to work on it. no word when they will be reopened. drivers beware, thieves are drilling into your tank. >> in benicia, police caught one of the thieves. >> for me, it's absolutely unbelievable. >> pastor eisen can get over what happened to his church van as the staff set off to driver churchgoers to a funeral, gas had been siphoned t undeeath. >> got under the van and drilled a hole. >> same van hit in june, thief left tools behind that time and shadowy image of the suspect. >> twice had them steal gas. >> hit twice parked in two
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different solano county park an >> once drilled in the fuel tank and other time cut a hole in the fuel pipe and siphoned the gas out. >> benicia police say they caught a kpsuspect in the act using gas cans, drill and plastic pumpkin to collect the fuel, spilling much on the street. >> suspected the vehicle, hole drilled into the gas tank underneath. >> a truck was hit parked in benicia driveway, owner found gas pouring out of the tank. police haven't connected the suspect to other thefts but grateful someone has been caught. >> would have been happy to give
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someone gas money, didn't want them to cost us that for a little bit of gas. next trip to the dmv may be your shortest or not. set a goal of 15 minutes or less with drivers with appointments, 45 minutes for people without. after state wait times ballooned past year. dmv says also improving technology at customer service kiosks to make them more efficient. study showed that wait times varied across the state. it's world aids day. san jose city hall lit up in red, candlelight vigil and memorial quilt with memories of those who died from aids related illnesses. hiv epidemic has stabilized. less than 35 hnz now diagnosed.
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those hiv positive there are treatment options. >> if you do have hiv there's a medicine you can take to live a long, healthy life and not transmit it to anyone else. that's one of the key messages we want out there. >> works by reducing the virus until it's undetectible in your body. next goal is making it affordable and available for all. >> we had a nice break but now in throes of it again. microclimate forecast. get you ready for tomorrow morning. on storm ranger mobile doppler radar, lightning straights off to the south as moisture moves in. i do think there's possibility of lightning overnight, even into tomorrow morning. closer look, also show you how the rain is moving from the south to the north. usually don't see rainfall from
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this direction. first over the santa cruz mountains. sunnyvale by 12:08. looks impressive but overall expecting lot of heavier rainfall to break up before tomorrow morning. but wet weather on the way. as you get ready, umbrellas by the door and your jacket. everybody does have a chance of scattered rainfall. it will be cold but not in the 30s. 40s to low 50s to start with slight chance of thunderstorms in the south bay. peninsula 39, tri-valley 46. san francisco 50 and north bay 47 degrees. tomorrow morning's rain forecast. 8:30 in the morning, see the nature of this, scattered rainfall with bulk of the storm system off to the south. through the afternoon, slight
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chance of spotty showers and cloud cover lingering. after this, break on thursday but next storm system is possibly going to bring very heavy rainfall. 11:00 p.m. on thursday, wide reaching storm system. wanted to highlight this for you, one-two punch for the bay area. friday, cold front arriving here. then saturday, up and low pressure tucked back in here moving in. looks like rain chances friday through saturday's forecast. totals as the storm arrives, ramp up. half to one inch for the south bay. look at key, find your city on the map. also see for the north bay it's really anywhere from one to maybe two-plus inches for the north bay. it's another good hit of rainfall with north bay getting worst impact. i did check rivers across the
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bay area, not expecting any major rivers to go to flood stage. but russian will rise about five to six feet. should stay back from creeks, rivers or streams, friday night into saturday. storm system arrives 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. on friday. stays saturday, then clearing to sunday, midday to afternoon and dry weather on monday. inland valleys, 50s to low 60s, rain, friday and saturday. sierra, dangerous travel friday and saturday. and get skiing weather on sunday inton here with all these storms. christmas just a few days away. >> a few days? >> not yet, like 20 days. >> that's how i feel lately. >> very honest. >> list keeps getting longer.
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>> pressure. >> you need a vacation, jeff. tonight a south bay woman is asking for help after all the recent rain opened up hole in her ceiling. with her son in section eight housing. hole forming and landlord didn't inspect it until yesterday, she's asking the landlord to reimburse the deposit and this month as rent. >> i don't know what to do. there goes my christmas. i don't know what to do. >> you can tell she's very upset. did speak with representatives of the properties. section eight properties are routinely inspected. said the problem was brought to them only yesterday. said she will be reimbursed if she feels she needs to leave. is your smart tv too smart?
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spying on you? warning tonight from the fbi. and jimmy. >> hey guys, kevin delaney is here with new science experiments, felicity jones, music and return of 12 days of christmas sweaters. stay tuned. happening now, warning sirens in san francisco going silent. been sounding every tuesday at noon more than 70 years but week from today all 119 sirens will go offline for upgrades and could take up to two years. back in a moment. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. reacht before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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all right. if you have a smart tv or want one for christmas, be careful, someone may be watching you. fbi says hackers may be able to take over the tv to spy on you. could turn on the bedroom tv's
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camera and microphone and silently cyberstalk you. if that's not enough, millions of those tvs have security flaws. >> cybermonday orders will be arriving, peak season for porch pirates. estimated at least 26 million americans have had package swiped from porn porch this year and bay area sees more than any other metro a countryras.. new at 11:00, one of the most well-known leaders in east bay is facing charges. scott mckiben is accused of violating state laws. coliseum says didn't know about
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the fee when approved the deal in may. he resigned as executive director in august after his alleged side deal was exposed. new naming rights deal is being negotiated. back in a moment with draymond green in pierce tonight but good thing. we'll show you.
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this was one of the memorable nights of the season for the woirz and they didn't play a game. >> draymond green was in tears, that's good thing. green hads number retired at alma mater, michigan state. kids there, family. halftime of the michigan state/duke game. number 23 lifted into the rafters. family and few teammates on hand. steve kerr, klay thompson and team owner joe lacob. drafted draymond green out of michigan in 2012. shark tank. team dog. >> so cute. >> fin the yellow lab. sharks and capitals on the ice. ugly. sharks had 1-0 lead and gave up
11:29 pm
five unanswered goals. washington beats sharks 5-2. final. 49ers look to get back in win column against the saints in new orleans, both are 10-2. raiders play huge game at coliseum against the titans. tough day for local guy, former cal star ron rivera fired as head coach of the carolina panthers. panthers lost four straight games and 5 of last 7. been coach since 2011. here in super bowl l when they lost to the broncos. will get another job soon. >> back in a moment. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class.
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♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ breaking ground. >> new housing development near peninsula b.a.r.t. station. had to pay twice to solve one problem with her car. tomorrow, 4: to 7:00. very high tech, passengers arrive in silicon valley, new technology. cafex robotic coffee bar. robot from a company based in san francisco and does a dance when you put in order there. order at kiosk and goes to work.
11:33 pm
can make more than a thousand coffee variations, half caf, double caf, all that stuff. six drinks at time. >> getting rid of lines, giving people quality coffee and helping out employees with breaks, don't have to wait in line. saving time, creating great product. >> not sure, we'll have to taste test to make sure all the variations are correct. >> there's the sjc, order your >> have to try it. >> looks good. >> you in, >> i'm in. need some to get through 21 days and 25 minutes until christmas. >> oh, no. >> there you go. >> i did exact count. >> felt like your pain. >> you said next week. >> i said in days, that's technically correct. not in months. spotty spain for tomorrow
11:34 pm
morning. watch the commute. friday and saturday a new storm. sunday, midday afternoon, best chance to get decorations up and tree and going. >> what's the countdown? >> 21 days and odd minutes. >> thanks for joining us, have a safe day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause >> steve: 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - felicity jones


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