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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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911 says she saw a man near the lab an umbrella. it was a kmchallenge to get to e man. but when they did, they brought him to shore and realized he was dead. he suffered from blunt trauma, likely from hitting the rocks. >> when you're off the trails, at our parks, and you're beyond the signage at our parks. when you have the rain which we're having today, which makes the terrain very slippery, it increases the hazards for a fall. >> reporter: now this isveigati. they're trying to figure out what led to the man's fall, trying t decid i was an accident. i can tell you that fire crews out here are constantly telling people to be very careful out
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here, because it's dangerous for anyone who's walking along these slippery trails, but also it's very dangerous for the rescuers if they do have to go into the water to try to get someone out. and all this is happening on another wet day in the bay area. let's take a look at the slick roads near the golden gate bridge in richmond. that's what drivers are dealing with tonight on this evening commute. let's check in with jeff ranieri who's tracking it all for us. jeff? >> we're just really kind of seeing these impacts here from all this rainfall over the past seven to ten days. the ground is just becoming saturated. if you're doing any traveling tonight, even though the radar is not active. we've picked up .35 of an inch. now i think through tonight at
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this point, there's nothing big, just hit and miss showers there at 7:30. tomorrow morning just a very slight chance, but it's mainly cloud cover. what we are waiting on right now is this developing storm by thursday at 10 clo:00 p.m. on friday, a cold front arrives with wind and then it continues with wet weather into part of the weekend. i'll tell you how much wind and rain and when it moves out in about 15 minutes. a lot to get to. thank you, jeff. you can keep track of what's going on with the website and our app. the qr code that you see on the bottom left of your screen, it's going to take you right to our weather map. if you have an iphone, point at that qr code and it will take you to the weather page. now this rain is also creating problems in san bruno, a
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landslide is blocking part of a road right near many homes. we're live near the scene on the peninsula in less than ten minutes. our other top story, the impeachment investigation takes another step forward. >> today the house judiciary committee held its first public hearing, and a stanford professor was one of the experts asked to weigh in on whether president trump broke the law. >> alice barr has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: from gathering facts to deciding what to do with them, the impeachment inquiry against president trump is moving one step closer to action. >> we must move swiftly to do our duty. >> in is not an impeachment. this is a simple railroad job. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee opening its first hearing with four constitutiona should be impeachmeed. >> when president trump invited,
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in fact demanded interference in our le elections, he struck at the heart. >> reporter: by urging ukraine to announce investigations of the bidens and 2016 election interference while withholding military aid. >> if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. >> reporter: democrats making the case for obstruction, accusing the president of silencing witnesses and refusing subpoenas. >> why do you want to set the record for the fastest impeachment? >> reporter: and democrats haven't made their case. >> close enough is not good enough. if you're going to accuse a president of bribery, you need to make it stick. >> reporter: this committee now weighing the evidence against the constitution. in deciding whether to impeach a president for the third time in american history.
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if the committee decides the president's actions warrant it, they'll draw up formal articles of impeachment for the house to vote on. >> one of the stars of today's hearings is a well-respected professor at stanford. she's argued in front of the supreme court nine different times. today we spoke with one of her former students. >> as a professor, she was fantastic, always engaging. she was known for her very quick wit, she's brilliant, and with her brilliance, she combines a lot of humor and wit. >> coming up at 6:00, find out what her colleagues say. a member of the 49ers broadcast team has been suspended. tim ryan made controversial comments about lamar jackson, saying jackson had an advantage because of his skin color. >> when he's, his dark skin
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color with a dark football, with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing. i mean, you literally could not see when he was in and out of match point. >> ryan made those comments today on knbr radio, following sunday's game when they beat the 49ers. the team released the statement late this afternoon saying it's disappointed in tim ryan's comments and they've apologized to the baltimore ravens. ryan also releasing a statement saying in part, i regret my choice of words in trying to describe the conditions of the game. lamar jackson is a mvp-caliber player and i respect him greatly. i want to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else i have offended. he has been suspended for one game. lyft is under fire again. this time 20 women are claiming lyft let drivers keep working after someone sexually assaulted them, after they were accused of sexual assault.
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14 other women sued lyft because of similar claims. we're joined live from san francisco. and eight of these women say their attack happened after that september lawsuit. >> reporter: that's right, and since then, survivors say they don't feel any concrete changes have been made inside this building or just outside of lyft headquarters. three women stepped forward to tell their stories, and they say they haven't heard a word, much less an apology from anyone here. >> i can't tell you how scared i was. >> reporter: these are just some of the horrifying stories from sexual assault survivors, now suing lyft. >> he had his hand down my pants and groping and raping me. >> i told him i'm married. the next thing i knew he was on top of me, touching me. >> during the rape i immediately froze and thought to myself that the lyft driver would kill me.
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>> reporter: today 20 victims filed a lawsuit, accusing the company of ignoring complaints. one said he refused to give the name or license plate number so he could find his wife. >> knowing that they probably have the tools to know instantly. >> they can, but -- >> even when a police officer asked them. >> reporter: what these women described is something no one should haever have to endure. they've launched 15 new safety features, including criminal background monitoring and in-app assistance. they want them to fingerprint every driver. >> what are you going to do with it? it's insulting. >> reporter: now their attorney says on average, sexual assault
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survivors spend $125,000 on medical, legal and other costs. they're not suing for a specific amount but say that amount is a good place to start. lyft says it will continue to invest in new features and policies to make it safer for riders and drivers. live in san francisco, lili tan. take a look at thieves targeting phone stores. this is surveillance video. you can see them holding a gun and demanding money. police say he robbed three t-mobile stores in oakland. he hit the first store in october and the other store on monday and tuesday of this week. governor newsom is accusing president trump of blocking california's efforts to fight homelessness. the governor invited cities to apply for millions of dollars in emergency aid to address the homeless crisis. the money is budgeted but tied to federal numbers which the trump administration has failed
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to release for months. today the governor instructed cities to use preliminary homeless estimates in in application. a new hotel could soon be come being to the south bay on first street in san jose near the guadalupe river. developers say it is a prime spot, because it is so close to tech offices. construction is slated to begin in 2021. it will be five stories, expected to be completed by the summer of 2022. another skyscraper could be dotting san francisco's skyline. these are the renderings for it. it would go up near the trans center and sales force tower. it would stand 61 stories tall, making it the city's fourth tallest building, it would have a hotel, condos, office space and stores. san francisco's planning commission will be debating the plan tomorrow. up next at 5:00, a car smashed into a home in the north bay. you see there. why police say this as soon as
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t this isn't the first time. why people say they are growing unhappy living here. our next storm said to bring heavier rain by friday afternoon. we'll put a track on this and let you know how wet it's going to be in the upcoming weekend in about eight minutes.
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all this rain causing a lot of concern. san bruno has a state ofm emergency because of the hillside. we're joined with an upclose look. laura? >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see where city crews have blocked off the sidewalk and one lane of traffic. the city manager says no homes are at risk, but homeowners aren't so sure. >> a big slide. holy smokes. >> reporter: floyd schiller takes his first look at a landslide across the street from his home. 30 feet of hillside along the east side of san bruno avenue now a sunken hole. with it. my house doesn't go the whole street is cracked, too. >> reporter: about ten feet of hillside remain between the edge of the slope and the sidewalk. javon grogan says right now the
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sidewalk and one lane of the road are closed as a precaution. >> we don't think there's any safety issues, but we just want to be on the extra safe side. >> reporter: roggin says declaring an emergency allowed the city to get help right away. and construction crews have inspected the site and are figuring out thousand fix it. >> we want to have a permanent fix installed during the rainy season, but we're looking at the ability to do a permanent fix might limit. >> reporter: a possible temporary fix could include a concrete wall along the hillside. a permanent one would be a path for stormwater to drain into the canyon. one lane of san bruno avenue will remain closed indefinitely while crews shore up landslide. laura sambol, nbc bay area news. today the d.a. formally
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dr remaining charge against jose garcia zarate of being a felon in possession of a firearm. since the federal government has charged him for the same crime, san francisco is simply yielding to federal authorities. the gun used in the killing of steinle was stolen from a federal agent 's car. not one but two drivers have crashed into this house in the past three weeks. the house is on maria way. a mini van lost control, tore right into the garage. see the damage there, luckily no one was hurt. the home has been red tagged and labeled unlivable. during the first crash, a driver drove his truck through the house, hit a car parked in the front. getting a tesla for christmas got a little more challenging. in past years, a lot of early
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buyers for the electric vehicles got help with rebates from the state's air resources board, bubut the agency no longer offering rebates. it is getting cut from $2500 to $2,000. low-income buyers can get higher rebating. unhappy with the bay area? turns out you're not alone. people are growing increasingly worried about their future. the san francisco foundation survey shows 67% of people polled were either unhappy or worried about change happening here. up 10% from what the group found three years ago. people were asked if they thought things in the bay area were on the wrong track, 53% said yes, up 45% in the last three years. the survey says people listed traffic, cost of living and homelessness as the three worst things about living in the bayd because of the upcoming storm.
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we're talking about that festival in oakland that includes performers and food trucks. rain is threatening to put a damper on the event. if only a few people would show up, the vendors would lose a lot of money. they had to make the hard decision to qucancel it. >> we cannot blame jeff ranieri. >> thank you. >> protecting you right away from the hate mail. >> i think it's good reason that they did postpone that event. appreciate that. we're going to get you prepared for that next incoming storm system so you are ready to go and not caught offguard. let's bring you into that mike roy clima mikemicro climate weather. spotty activity over the santa cruz mountains. it was enough to get the roadways wet, about a third to a tenth of an inch. moderate pockets moving off to the north. more showers in campbell at
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5:28. milpitas by 6:10 tonight. as we move through 8:00 this evening, it's pretty much the same scenario. you're driving around, you're going to encounter spotty showers. dangerous fog you want to watch out for if you're traveling on interstate 5 or 99. we could see some of that fog move our way if as we head into tomorrow as well. this will be the calm between systems as we move through thursday's forecast. by the evening on thursday what we have lining up is this storm system. and i've highlighted this to show it's a one-two punch. we have the gold front moving down on friday, then the associated area of low pressure, the same storm system, it's going to hit on friday. this will keep the rainfall going for us for about a day and a half here. so friday, 1:00. there's that rain, the storm moving down across the north bay. yellow indicates some of
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those heavier pockets. it's all about you getting that rainfall first in the north bay. them 4:00 to 5:00 in the evening we'll start to see the rain push down to the peninsula, east bay and south bay. at the same time this cold front is sweeping across, that wind's going to pick up. i wanted to go ahead and flip it on over to the wind for example. at 4:00 p.m. on friday, wind gusts of 20 to 50 miles per hour. this could take down some trees friday afternoon into friday evening. let's head back to the future cast, and you'll see from 4:00 p.m. on friday to 8:00 p.m., rain stays with us, and the rain chance will linger into saturday as well. the way i see it, would be the highest in the north bay. one to two inches. higher elevations could be even a little more than that. peninsula and east bay, and for san jose half to three quarters of an inch. so at this point, i think over
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aushlg t all, we should see it dry out on sunday and not so bad as we head through monday, tuesday and also on wednesday. for the inland valleys, we have dense morning fog tomorrow. watch out for that. storm on friday and saturday, and eventually we get clearing here as we move through next week's forecast, at least for any major storm activity. going to the sierra i wanted to make sure to get this in here. you should be okay on travel thursday and most of friday, then by friday night into saturday and sunday, one to two feet of snow coming our way. we will take all we can get to stay out of a drought u. >> and you can take credit from the snowboarders. >> that's the beauty of your job, jeff. we wanted to show you that qr code again, it will take you right to the nbc bay area weather page, walk right up to it with your iphone. you can keep track of any incoming rain, open up your camera app, take to the code, it
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a new warning tonight. bmw says stop driving one of its car, because of the takata air bags. the company recalled more than a million of it says it can't inflate people in three-series bmw cars. they are working on replacing them with new ones and they will be notified when the new ones are ready. for now, they say keep those cars in park. the salvation army is making
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a big move. they are accepting more than just cash donations. we're all used to seeing these red kettles. the salvation army sets them up to collect coins and dollar bills, but this holiday season it is allowing people to donate electronically. all you need is apple or google pay. they're trying to keep up with the times, because people don't really carry cash anymore. a madhouse at this target in san jose. police officers chase kids around the aisles, but it was all for a good cause. today was shop with a cop shopping spree. more than 200 elementary school kids were invited. it was a wild scene. each kid got $150, then it was off to the races. happy kids, happy santa, happy cops. >> it's very important to recognize these kids. we know from law enforcement public safety that education is extremely important. and if these kids can see how important we think that is as
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well, and applaud them for their accomplishments, i think it means a lot. >> even the chief was out there. >> look at that, 49ers mascot. more than 20 organizations were there contributing. up next, we'll have a last look at your weather coming up. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to evyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today.
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well, following breaking news out of hawaii. someone opened fire at pearl harbor about an hour ago. at least three people have been shot. two are in critical condition. one person is in stable condition. we're also told that the military has taken over and has the situation under control. no word yet on the condition of the shooter. no one is being allowed in or out. we'll keep you updated on air and online as we get more in warnings, beware of porch pirates. that story and more coming up at 6:00. and also setting up the world famous tree. nightly news has an exclusive view on top of the rockefeller center christmas tree to show you what goes in to getting it all ready. lester holt joins us right now on nightly news. breaking news tonight.
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the high stakes new impeachment showdown house democrats moving their inquiry to a critical new phase three legal experts declaring president trump committed impeachable offenses with his conduct toward ukraine >> if what we are talking about today is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. >> the lone witness for republicans denouncing the evidence as wafer thin, and tonight the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani back overseas. why was he reportedly meeting with a former ukrainian prosecutor also breaking, the surprise of a nato summitpresident trump abruptly cancelling a news conference after fellow world leaders were caught on a hot mic mocking him. the fallout tonight. new lawsuit. george zimmerman, years after he was acquitted in the death of trayvon martin now


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