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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 5, 2019 2:07am-2:35am PST

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and others the family's reaction tonight. the alarming headlines about hair dyes and straighteners and the risk o breast cancer. what you need to know to protect yourself. the new warning about porch pirates. the family who turned the tables on one thief and how to keep your holiday packages from being stolen. and the one thing it seems congress can the plan work? >> announcer: this is robocalls, but will "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening and thank you for joining us. as we come on the air tonight, there is breaking news. let's get late details from nbc's steve patterson. >> reporter: lester, authorities in hawaii ares confirming an active shooter situation in pearl harbor naval shipyard in honolulu. the base access is open as authorities investigate what happened tonight, shots fired at pearl harbor. the naval shipyard
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locked down following reports of three people injured after an active shooter was spotted on the base. >> we want to know what's going on and responders wer called to the scene at 2:30 local time. witnesses report hearing loud popping noises while the p.a. system urges people on base to take cover >> i'm hoping for the best, i guess. >> reporter: our affiliate khln reporting the situation on the base is now contained and that happened just three days before the 78th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor at this time no update on the condition of the injured. i'm steve patterson in los angeles. now back to lester in new york president trump returning from the u tonight, leaving one humiliation behind only to face another here at home before leaving the nato meetings in london, the id mic moment caught on
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camera then abruptly calling off a scheduled news conference and as he was in the air, back on capitol scholars were telling democrats exactly what they wanted to hear, that the president has indeed committed impeachable offenses and that's where we start with nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: tonight house democrats leaning on history to make their case for impeaching president trump. >> if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. >> reporter: inviting a panel of constitutional scholars to bolster their investigation. >> president trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors by corruptly abusing the office of the presidency >> what has happened in the case today is something that i do not think we have ever seen before, a president who has doubled down on violating his oath to faithfully execute the laws >> reporter: three of the democrats' experts arguing the president's alleged misconduct pressuring ukraine's leader t investigate th
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rival, joe biden, is grounds for removal. the republicans' lone witness dismissing the democrats' case as wafer-thin >> i'm concerned about lowering impeachment standard furgency for action >> if we do not act to hold him in check now, president trump will almost certainly try again to solicit interference in the election. >> reporter: but the top republican doug collins appearing exasperated, attacked the inquiry as a partisan sham. >> it didn't start with mueller it didn't start with a phone call you know where this started? it started with tears in brooklyn in november 2016. >> reporter: with democrats eyeing an impeachment vote before christmas, republicans say they're focusing on the calendar, not the facts. >> this is a fast impeachment. i would argue it's not a fast impeachment it's a predetermined impeachment. >> reporter: the tone not always scholarly professor pamela karlan taking offens to the republicans' have not done their homework. >> i would like to say to you, sir, that i read transcripts of
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every one of the witnesses. i'm insulted by the suggestion that as a law professor, i don't care about those facts. >> reporter: later, karlan drawing criticism for invoking president trump's 13-year-old son to make her point that a president is not a king >> the constitution says there can be no titles of nobility so while the president can name his son barron, he can't make him a baron. >> reporter: the first lady tweeting, pamela karlan, yo should be ashamed. karlan later apologizing. >> i want to apologize for what i said earlier about the president's son. it was wrong of me to do that. >> reporter: all of it coming as ru lawyer already under scrutiny for his role in the pressure campaign on ukraine is back in eaststed ukrainian prosecutor as giuliani again tries to dig up dirt on the president's political rivals >> all right, peter, so what's next in this impeachment process? >> reporter: yeah, lester, afte today's marathon hearing, hous democrats are trying to keep to a short
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timeline to review the evidence, draft articles of impeachment, and vote, all in the next two and a half weeks lester >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. and for his part, the president hoped his trip to the nato summit would focus attention on his foreign policy priorities as the impeachment drama played out at home instead, there was only more controversy in london. kristen welker is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight while other world leaders were holding closing press erens, president trump was leaving london in dramatic fashion, abruptly cancelling a planned news conference, surprising even his conferences because we've had about eight of them. so i can't imagine you'd have any more questions. >> reporter: the move came after stunning video emerged overnight. some of america's closest allies caught on video at buckingham palace mocking him in one part, canadian prime minister justin trudeau, who met with the president for over half an hour tuesday, can be heard venting about someone's tardiness. >> takes 40 minutes.
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>> reporter: the president took aim at trudeau when asked about the video today, noting he had criticized canada for not contributing more to the nato defense budget >> two-faced >> do you think that germany -- >> and honestly, with trudeau, he is a nice guy. i find him to be a very nice guy. but the truth is that i called him out on the fact that he is not paying 2%, and i guess he is not very happy about it >> reporter: and later mr. trump appeared to compliment himself for that remark in comments that were captured on audio. >> that was funny when i said the guy is two-faced. >> reporter: for his part, trudeau tried to downplay any division. >> last night i made a reference to the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference before my meeting with president trump, and i was happy to take part of it, but it was certainly notable. and i've had a number of good conversations with the preside >> reporter: for president trump, the trip was aimed at turning the page at
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least temporarily away from the impeachment he world stage. and tonight president trump is defending his relationships with nato leaders, tweeting from air force one that he got along great with them and that there is only deep respect he returned to the white house late tonight. lester >> kristen welker in london tonight, thank you. one issue looming this evening in the background of that summit, is there a new threat on the horizon from north korea the signals, including north korea's leader riding a horse, a potentially symbolic act, drawing a strong warning from president trump. richard engel explains >> reporter: mounted on a white steed, north korea's kim jong-un ascended the slopes of his country's highest mountain country's founder. the like this, kim jong-un is signaling that he's contemplating a big decision that likely has to do with the united states. president trump in london seemed to threaten kim jong-un. >> we have the most powerful military
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we've ever had, and hopefully we don't have to use it, but if we do, we'll use it. >> reporter: president trump has met kim jong-un three times, most recently and most dramatically the president stepped in to north korean territory. in exchange for diplomacy, north korea has scaled back the testing of its most powerful weapons but north korean officials say the country won't play political games anymore that benefit president trump domestically while no progress has been made to lift economic sanctirea.onpotical prop, a north korean official warned that america may expect, quote, a christmas gift, interpreted to mean either a missile or even a nuclear te >> richard engel tonight, thank you this evening, nearly 700,000 people in this country are on the verge of losing food stamps after the trump administration finalized a rule enforcing work requirements for adults who don't have children the new rule requiring
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20 hours of work a week was denounced by anti-poverty groups and is set to take effect april 1 it was an explosive moment in race relations the 2012 shooting in florida of a black teenager, trayvon martin, by a neighborhood watch volunteer, george zimmerman, who was later acquitted of homicide charges well, today zimmerma filed a $100 million lawsuit against 17-year-old trayvon martin's death launched a national movement charwiodatch zimmerman called 911 and said marti followed the teen as he walked home through his central florida neighborhood >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need you to do that. >> reporter: zimmerman claimed self-defense, and in 2013, a jury acquitted zimmerman on all charges. the key witness for the prosecution was rachel jeantel, trayvon martin's girlfriend.
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>> and then suddenly the phone hung up. >> reporter: in the defamation suit filed today, zimmerman claims rachel jeantel was an impostor and fake witness who provided false statements to incriminate zimmerman. and in a new film producer joe gilbert says he found who was unwilling to testify. rachel jeantel's attorney tells trayvon martin's family attorney ben crump says martinam attorney larry clayman, founder of the conservative legal foundation judicial watch, filed the lawsuit on behalf of zimmerman meantime, the film, "the trayvon hoax" was scheduled to play here tomorrow, but now the theater has canceled its screening. lester there is news tonight about potential cancer risks for one in three american women who dye or straighten their hair a large new federal study suggests there could be a link to breast cancer. we get more from nbc's kristen dahlgren
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>> reporter: tonight new concerns over hair dyes and chemical straighteners. a study of almost 50,000 women found a 9% increased risk of cancer for those who use a permanent hair dye and an 18% increased risk for frequently as well as for african-american oductsore women who had a 45% increased risk if they used permanent dye >> it's possible the products marketed to black women based on their hair texture and type might be different than the products marketed towards white women. >> reporter: the research can't say dyes and straighteners cause cancer but experts say the more than 5,000 chemicals in hair products could be one factor. >> some of them, which we call endocrine disrupters, can enter into the bloodstream and go to the breast tissue, damage dna, and thereby increase the risk of cancer >> reporter: the study's authors caution more research is needed an say it's not time to stop using dyes and straighteners. >> a lot of factors influence a women's
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risk of breast cancer including their weight and their diet and their physical activity >> reporter: the study found no increased risks for semi permanent dyes experts say you can also wear gloves, don't leave products on your head for longer than the directions say, and always rinse your scalp thoroughly tonight, words of caution for the millions who color or straighten their hair. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york there is breaking news on the controversy involving the hit nbc show "america's got talent." the network meeting with gabrielle union who left the show amid reports of a toxic work environment. nbc's stephanie gosk has details. >> reporter: tonight gabrielle union, former judge on "america's got talent," says she met with nbc and the reality show's production company recent reports revealed that he contract was not renewed after she made multiple complaints about a toxic work environment on set we had a lengthy five-hour and what i
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thought to be productive meeting yesterday, she writes i was able to express my unfiltered truth. i led with transparency and my desire and hope for real change. nbc issuing this statement. the initial conversation was candid and productive. while there will be a further investigation tandg ofe facts, we are working with gabrielle to come to a positive luild are investigating after "variety" reported earlier this week that union experienced racially insensitive incidents including being told her hair styles were, quote, too black for th audience both union and the only other female judge on the panel, julianne hough, did no have their contracts renewed, which triggered former judge howard stern to say this about simon cowell, the show's executive producer >> what he manages to do on all his shows is he constantl replaces the hot chicks with hotter chicks and younger chicks, which is so obvious. >> reporter: so far
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union has not spoken publicly about the allegations, while a long list of fellow actors have lined up to support her stephanie gosk, nbc news there's a lot more to tell you about. ahead, the number of packages getting stolen ahead of the holiday rush how one family turned the tables and the incessant barrage of robocalls is real relief finally on the way a major new step today we'll tell you about and inside the magic as the rock center tree is lit stay with us e gosk, nbc news, new york. there's a lot more to tell you about tonight. the astounding number of packages getting stolen. how one family turned the tables on porch pilots. the robocalls is real relief on the way? a major step taken to and we'll take you inside the magic as the rock setter tree is lit, stay with us.
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package thefts of them. going on all across the country, millions miguel almaguer tonight on how some are fighting back. >> reporter: faster than they arrive, packages can disappear. tonight porch pirates across the country are striking as a record number of cyber monday deliveries are being made captured on camera but not always by police, "the new york times" says nationwide more than 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing every day 90,000 in new york city alone an astonishing $25 million in lost goods and services across the country. >> it just felt good
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to feel like we got some sort of justice >> reporter: near st. louis, one family who wants to remain anonymous fought back after they say this woman took their packages twice homeowners leaving a package full of dirty diapers which was stolen the next day. >> she got the special surprise from my daughter >> reporter: with stations are offering to accept packages under their christmas tree >> we hold them here safe that definitely relieves a lot of anxiety for our citizens >> reporter: there are ways to ensure you get what you paid for. sign up to track your packages require a signature on delivery and if you can, get them sent somewhere secure like your office this holiday season, it is good to give but also to receive. miguel almaguer, nbc news up next, a major move to crack down on robocalls. will we finally be rid of them? season it is good to give but also to receive. miguel almaguer, nbc news. up next, a major (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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>> reporter: politicians on both sides agreeing on one thing tonight. they hate robocalls. >> press 1 now >> reporter: uniting to pass a bipartisan bill >> today the house is giving americans back control of their phones >> reporter: cracking down on the annoying automated calls. >> there's one thing in our country today that unites republicans and democrats, vegetarians and carnivores, is that they are sick and tired of being bombarded by unwanted robocalls. >> reporter: americans have already been hit with more than 49 billion of them this year at work, dinner time, even the middle of the night. >> starting at 1:15 a.m. my phone started ringing incessantly. >> reporter: the traced act requires phone companies to verify where calls are coming from and let consumers block them, enforces harsher penalties, and targets the one-ring scam where consumers get one ring from a fake number and when they call back are often hit with hefty fees. the bill is expected to clear the senate
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and receive the president's support with no hangups. vicky nguyen, nbc news, new york up next we go outside for an electrifies holiday tradition.
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welcome back as you can see, a big night, a big crowd for the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree our gadi schwartz takes us on the long journey to the tree's big night here >> reporter: when carol schultz planted her norway spruce 60 years ago, she knew it was destined for greatness. >> i always said, you're going to be up in rockefeller center some day, and you're going to be a beautiful tree when you get older. >> reporter: as soon as her tree was chosen and brought to the big city, people couldn't get enough >> what do you think >> amazing >> reporter: down below, the renowned represented peace, hope, and humanity >> reporter: for a os you know what it smells like here it smells like christmas. >> reporter:
2:33 am
for weeks electricians have been stringing up 50,000 lights, and 5,000 mile of wires to make sure everything is perfect. this star is about to become the center of the new york universe. before we light it up, we have to head down so the scaffold can come down too. as the final touches are set, carol schultz is ready for the memory she's been waiting more than half a century to share. >> when i see the tree lit up, i'm probably going to cry my hope is that it will bring happiness to people i hope they enjoy it >> reporter: lester, incredibly, that was the same tree in carol's living room. she loved it so much after christmas, she planted it and voila >> and now a tree grows in manhattan gadi, thanks a reminder, "christmas in rockefeller center" airs tonight on nbc. i'm lester holt. that's "nightly news." good night, everyone
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