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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 5, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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>> i'm anoushah rasta. things are relatively calm outside and dry but things are about to change. another strong storm coming down on us. but how soon will it be here? chief meteorologist jeff raniere joins us with all the answers. >> by this time tomorrow we'll see the rainfall picking up across the bay area. the ground is definitely saturated which could lead to problems. we are dry. wider look out here, what i'm following is the cold front getting here on friday. so, tomorrow night with rain, also wind. then by saturday, the center of the storm system will sweep over the west, and that could bring us thunderstorms. some of the particulars we're honing in on here, the wind could bring in trees, those isolated thunderstorms, small hail, even heavy snow. up in about 18 minutes i'll take a look at the hour by hour forecast. we'll take you through your
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weekend and show you when this goes into effect for the weekend. that's in about 18 minutes. thank you very much. as jeff mentioned this is just the latest in a string of storms that have pummelled the bay area this winter but the rains haven't moved the needle much when it comes to filling the reservoirs. that's particularly true in the south bay. that's where damon trujillo is to check out where things stand with our water supply. >> reporter: the water levels at the reservoir are calm. the lake looks healthy, but it's far from full. currently just 42% of capacity. that's the same level we saw the last week of november before all the talk of atmospheric rivers. >> we're seeing e reservoir levels below the historic 20 year level. >> reporter: samegan hill, the er 1/10 of 1%. but locals aren't worried with
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the recent rain. > it looks really good and we says low reservoir levels now is a good thing as long as the rain keeps coming. >> that's good news at the beginning of the rain season because that's a lot of room for the rain to get in there and a lot of room to run for us to collect water in the reservoirs. >> reporter: this break in the weather is a good thing. it allows their crews to clear debris on creek beds and river beds. that way water can flow freely from here downstream. and just in case this becomes an extremely wet winter, first responders and allied agencies met today to strategize on how to best respond to flood emergencies. there's no danger of that now, but who knows how many more atmospheric rivers will flow our way. in the south bay, damion true hee low, nbc news. highway 101 back open today after highway patrol closed the road in monterey because of all this. now it's a race against time for
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emergency crews because in the county again tomorrow. firefighters are lining the freeway with 500 feet of pay railing and sandbags hoping to divert that flood water away from the highway. as we wait for the next round of storms to hit the bay area, santa clara county is trying to protect the homeless. several homeless people have died following recent storms because they didn't have proper shelter from the rain and the cold. nbc bay area sonya shin joins us to explain what's being done. >> reporter: i'm here at the community center which is becoming a warming center later tonight. the goal is simple: get as many people out of the cold and rain as possible. >> and if you've been drinking or had something to drink to try and warm yourself up, you're more likely to get sick and die. >> please come inside if only for a few hour, if only for one day to avoid the most extreme weather. >> reporter: from east palo alto
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to gilroy, the county will have daytime warming centers at libraries, community centers and senior centers. >> it's a safe place to put my head at night and a place to get my life back in order. >> they're providing electricity, providing me with food, providing with the means to sleep at night. >> reporter: people can call 211 to find centers and services near them and find out where they can donate items like blankets and hats. home first, the largest provider of homeless and veteran services the santa clara county is helping people at homeless encampments. >> we're taking the warming kits to warm your hands and hats that have been made by a local charity, scarves, jackets, whatever we have we take so people can utilize them. >> reporter: this community center becomes a warming center tonight at 9:00's when peo brought in for food and a place to stay over night. reporting live in san jose,
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sonja shin. >> you can keep track of what's going on with the weather on our website. the qr code on the bottom left of your screen will take you right to the radar. if you have an iphone, just point it at the code to get the weather page. we are following breaking news in hayward. you're looking at pictures from our nbc bay area sky ranger. it's over the intersection of mission and tennyson where a police chase just ended. an officer crashed into the car the man was driving. the officer and the k 9 are fine. police have arrested the driver. we'll continue to follow the breaking news and bring you anymore new information as we get it. and there's been a break in the investigation into a string of violent home envisiinvasion robberies in lafayette. police arrested two men from fairfield and seized guns while serving a search warrant today. the first robbery happened on halloween, the second on
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november 26th. in at least one case robbers tied up people in the home while they ransacked it. they're looking into whether the suspects are connected with other robberies. it is a plan to buy pg&e and turn it into a customer-owned utility. pg&e doesn't seem to support this idea. but an ever-growing number of political heavy weights do. robert handa joins us from city hall with the new update to the plan and why some say there is a long way to go, robert, before the proposal can become a reality. >> reporter: yes, when we first covered the mayor's initial proposal last month henmp his p showed daunting obstacles. the san jose mayor sam la car doe acknowledges he's trying to turn pg&e into a customer owned
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prurty. his proposal drew support and ballooned to 114 elected officials from 58 cities and so counties. the mayor presented operating principles for the transformation such as geographic inclusion to make sure areas aren't left out, how a governing board would be formed, public accountability to ensure transparency, as well as safety and response related to wild fire protection are. liccardo says the bottom line is to go to faster than the ten year plan. >> as rate payers, as customers, we are all on the hook for this. if we're going to be on the hook, we better own it. >> reporter: former cpu commissioner catherine sandoval says she's impressed with the goals but it's a long way to meeting the e are responsibilities including helping rural areas. >> we need to have more
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financial before saying this is the right model and we need to have more discussion about equity for especially the cities who couldn't participate in this. >> reporter: now, the mayor says his team will focus on meeting with financial institutions to try to come up with those financials needed in order to come up with any kind of buy out. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. a number of nfl players are speaking up in defense of suspended 49ers radio announcer tim ryan. ryan made controversial comments about ravens quarterback lamar jackson saying jackson had an advantage because of his skin color. ryan made the comments yesterday on knbr radio. it happened when the ravens beat the 49ers. the 49ers released a statement saying it's disappointed in the comments. meanwhile, richard sherman says while ryan could have used better phrasing, he was not
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offended by the remarks. >> it was technically a valid point, but the way he -- you can always phrase things better. you can always phrase things and not say his black skin, you know. >> ryan is being replaced by dennis brown for sunday's match up against the states. plans to cope a cannabis dispensary in the heart of san francisco's union square next to luxury retailers. one big name retailer doesn't want it there and is not alone. nbc bay area christie smith joins us live to explain. christie. >> reporter: this is the block where the dispensary wld next td jimmy choo. those behind the shop say they're looking to run a really high-end operation. a long gear ri street near stockton, shoppers hunting for
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luxury brands can find it all in union square. >> it makes me think of our own beverly hills. you've got chanel. >> tammy thinks a cannabis dispensary doesn't fit with what's here. >> a dispensary, no offense to anyone, but i feel like that's going to attract a different element. >> this is where security is and check in. >> reporter: alexis bronson has high hopes for the space. he's aimed at helping people who may have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. he's teamed up with dispensary operator have a heart. >> we wanted this location because it's a really good location for a high-end boutique cannabis dispensary would like to open up.nion square neighbors including chanel have formally challenged it. >> luxury retailers want to make sure that they are next to other
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luxury retailers that are consistent with their brand to cultivate that shopping experience. >> reporter: she says the district is supportive of cannabis retailers but perhaps not in the heart of the luxury zone. some people think the location makes perfect sense. >> i think it's fine. >> what do you think? >> i think it's fine, yeah. it's pretty normal in canada. it seems like it's already fairly business i s. i don't know that it would take away anything. >> we did reach out to representatives for the two opponents but didn't hear back in time. meantime bronson says maintaining this space is costly. both sides will be able to state their case before the planning commission coming up in february. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks so much. air bnb is taking more steps to crack down on parties in wake of the halloween shooting in o-orinda that left five people dead. it is banning open invite
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parties, that means parties that are open to anyone and advertised on social media. also banned will be large parties at apartment buildings and condos. boutique hotels and professional event venues will be exempt from the new rule. up next, a bizarre crime. a mother accused of running down her child's barber because she didn't like the haircut he gave him. the search for her continues while the barber recovers. those items you ordered on amazon may not be delivered on time. the reason for the delay when we come back. and heavier rain as we move through tomorrow afternoon and through tomorrow afternoon and evening, i'll have the ti
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it was a reaction nobody expected. a woman ran down an antioch barber after an argument about her son's haircut.
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we first brought you the story last night at 11:00. tonight police say that woman is still on the run and the man that she hit just underwent surgery. lili tan is live for us in walnut creek with the latest. lili. >> reporter: the victim, 63 jo brian martin is recovering tonight after doctors placed a rod in his leg. that's according to a gofundme page his family set up for him just a few hours ago. martin also posted on facebook that he's out of surgery and all went well. what's really surprising is the request martin is making about the woman who hit him. a day after a woman drove her car through this store front, the window is being to business. but customers say things don't add up. >> people are crazy. over a haircut. your hair grows. >> reporter: katie pace has been getting her haircut here for 13
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years. she just learned her favorite barber was hit by a car. >> this makes me so sorry for him, for her, for the child more than anything. >> 28-year-old ruby delgadillo confronted martin about her son's haircut. >> he took a picture of the car. that's when she backed her car into the street and ran him through the store next door. >> reporter: even with his leg badly broken, martin wished his attacker well writing on facebook pray for the lady who hit me. she has two young boys with her. >> the first thing was just make sure everybody's okay in the shop and this and that. he's always concerned about other people. it's just who he is. >> reporter: antioch police say delgadillo was driving a 2006 dark blue prius and is facing criminal charges. they ask if anyone has any
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information about where she is or about the incident to call police. the man accused of murdering a fellow passenger on b.a.r.t. was back in a courtroom today. jermaine crim is accused of staring oliver williams. williams was trying to stop brim from stealing another passenger's zhus. she did not enter a plea. they requested a delay. b.a.r.t. riders will see more new trains on the track. the b.a.r.t. board voted unanimously to approve funding for new cars that would run between oakland and san francisco. it's part of the trans bay core capacity project which aims on overcrowding. if you order on amazon, your packages may be a little slow
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tore arrive thisowing number ofe noticed that the get it tomorrow option has disappeared and that estimated delivery times are stretching beyond two days. an amazon spokesperson says because of a combination of record number of cyber monday orders and the winter storms that are slowing travel all over the country. the company is advising people to order christmas gifts as early as possible. talking about death and dying doesn't have to be difficult. that's the message delivered at this year's end well symposium in san francisco. each year guest speakers share their stories of life, loss, and improving the end of life experience. this year that included late arizona senator john mccain's da megan mccain and country singer tim mcgraw. mcgraw says people often forget to take care of themselves while taking care of their loved ones. >> take care of yourself. take care of yourself physically
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and mentally, especially if you're taking care of other people because it gives you more presence for the people that need you. >> this is the third year for the event. all recent snow in tahoe is bringing new job opportunities. "san francisco chronicle" reports the storm caught off guard and now they're scrambling to find seasonal workers. they'll hire more than 2,500 seasonal employees at heavenly, northstar, and kirkwood. alpine meadows is looking for equally as many people. 18 of 21 significant areas in sierra, nevada, and tahoe basin will be open. and here comes in jeff raniere to explain it all for us. >> snow for them means rain for us. >> it does. that's good dollars for the ski companies and then great snow up there to go sliding around on whether you snow board, ski, or
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like to just step in it a little bit and head back in the lodge. right back here in the bay area, we do have continued low level moisture down near the surface from all of the recent rain. it's hard to pick up. but you can see in this view here from walnut creek looking back to concord it's not exactly clear out here and that is once again low level moisture that will lead to more patchy dense areas of fog as you can see through tomorrow morning. what i wanted to show you is it's dry outside now. you'll need a jacket if you're headed out. low 50s as we head into early tomorrow morning. the big warning as you head out the door on friday morning will be we could see dense patchy fog. just be alert of that. maybe add extra time in if you're trying to travel anywhere especially between 5 and 7:00 tomorrow morning. 50 degrees, san francisco also 50 and the north day at 49. so, we begin dry.
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but then again our storm system we continue to talk about will eventually get here. i want to show you the timeline on this. i think by 3:30 in the afternoon tomorrow we'll see moderate and heavier pockets in the bay. it'll take a little bit of time to work to the south. at 7:00 p.m. we get rain over the peninsula, east bay, and showers start to develop in san jose by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll stay with this chance of rain through 11:00 p.m. then i think for saturday's forecast, we're really concentrating on heavier rain fall by the afternoon. that could bring in thunderstorms, even small hail. then after this, looks like we'll begin the drying process as we move into sunday's forecast. i do think by about 10:00 in the morning on sunday, we should see things exit. we're going to talk more about the flash flood watch. i'll talk more about that in 25 minutes. thank you very much. still to come, it started with a unique lesson which led to a viral video. now lucky students are meeting
6:22 pm
one of the music's biggest stars. we'll catch up with the kids next.
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3-2-1. >> that was it. just moments ago, a bay area girl got the honor to flip the switch and light the state capitol christmas tree. naomi gillis is from gilroy. she was chosen. she was born with down syndrome. thetaas tree is 66 feet tall and covered with 10,000 lights and 800 ornaments. >> gorgeous look at everybody having a good time. month. nobody could get enough of her dancing with her class, their version of the hit song "truth hurts" by the singer lizzo.
6:26 pm
>> tonight those students pushed their bedtime back to meet lizzo herself. melissa colorado joins us outside the school in pittsburgh with more. >> reporter: you guys, i think lizzo is an nbc bay area viewer because minutes ago she tweeted at me, i had tweeted out this video of this adorable fan mail the second graders had written for her. she tweeted i love y'all, crying emoji face. but the students are pumped. the teacher's are excited. the parents are excited as well. not only do they get to see lizzo perform in concert but they get to go backstage and meet her as well. >> dear lizzo, i love your song, if you never made the song, we would have never been famous. >> that is the mail lizzo the second grade class. will be receiving tonight from last month millions of you clicked and shared this video of mallory and her students performing their kid-friendly version of the singer's hit song
6:27 pm
"truth hurts." >> it's viral. we've got a lot of things sent to our classroom, a lot of great opportunities. >> lizzo's song is about man drama but mallari tweaked it for her students. companies sent her furniture for her students to use. >> before this, i bought the furniture or created or made seats myself in my garage. so, getting real stools that are safe and that work for the students has been a blessing. >> and then there are the heart-warming letters like this one sent from a superintendent in texas. >> people sending stuff from their home or these earrings they made for us. it's just been amazing. although it's probably something every day and we don't take those things for granted. >> reporter: but nothing tops what's happening tonight. >> now that we get to meet her, we're excited.
6:28 pm
>> i'm going to tell her can i get your autograph? >> reporter: and if that's not all, lady gaga's born this way foundation is going to be coming to the school tomorrow, spotlighting miss mallari and her kindness. >> that is wonderful. we hope those second graders have a great time. melissa, thank you. spicy joe biden goes face to face with a voter. plus speaker of the house makes history with announcement about what's next in the presidential impeachment inquiry.
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right now at 6:30, taking the next step, the most powerful democrat in washington gives the green light for the next step in the possible impeachment of the president. this morning nancy pelosi formally ordered house democrats to begin drawing up the the ord, it's unclear how many charges the president could face. nbc bay from washington. >> good morning. >> in an historic announcement, speaker nancy pelosi says the house will push forward with articles of impeachment against president trump. >> our democracy is what is at stake. the president leaves us no choice. >> on monday, attorneys will lay out the evidence for and against impeachment setting up a full house vote possibly by christmas, likely articles of
6:32 pm
impeachment include abuse of power and obstruction of congress. it's not clear yet if the case will focus on ukraine or draw obstruction of justice claims from the mueller report. >> i think we have to keep it as simple as possible for the american people to understand. >> president trump saying he's not worried about his legacy. >> no, not at all. not at all. it's a hoax. it's a hoax. it's a big fat hoax. >> reporter: urging democrats if they're going to impeach, do it now fast to get a fair trial in the senate where he wants live witnesses called. >> they have a b they have no proof. >> reporter: speaker pelosi insisting she's following the facts, bristling when a reporter asked if she hates president trump. >> this is about the constitution of the united states and the facts that leads to the president's violation of his oath of office. and as a catholic, i resent you're using the word "hate" in a sentence that addresses me. so, don't mess with me when it
6:33 pm
comes to words like that. >> the president accusing pelosi of having a nervous fit, tensions rising high as urging closer to impeachment. one democratic presidential candidate made political predictions today at stanford. for hjulian castro. he told a student round table if the house impeaches president trump, he doubts the senate will vote to convict the president and remove him from office. but he predicts the backlash will give democrats a 2020 sweep of the house, senate, and white house. he says a lot is riding on 2020 for the is doierng but donald trump really has not power. he's violated his oath of office, tried to extort another country in order to get military
6:34 pm
aid. >> castro also gave his first major foreign policy speech at stanford outlining planning to withdraw from foreign wars and repair strained relations with latin america. a spokesperson for the trump campaign released this statement, julian castro giving a speech on foreign policy is laughable. if castro had his way, he would put the needs of illegal immigrants before those of u.s. citizens. heated words on the iowa campaign trail today as a voter accused candidate joe biden of selling access to the white house through his son's position on the board of a ukrainian gas company. >> you're a liar man, that's not true. no one has ever said that. >> heard it on the tv. >> you see it on the tv. >> you look like you don't have any more backbone than trump does. >> after this happened a
6:35 pm
reporter asked biden about losing temper but biden denied it and said if you want to see my temper, keep going. bernie sanders is the front runner among california voters. that's according to a new berkeley igs poll. here he is in oakland last month. sanders leads with 24% followed by senator elizabeth warren with 22%. joe biden is running third with 14%. indiana mayor pete buttigieg has 12%. the poll was taken before senator kamala harris dropped out, but it did ask her supporters for their second choice. when factored in, they didn't change the standing significantly. >> the investigation continues in hawaii after the historic site was rattled by gunfire. a sailor killed two sylvian workers and wounded a third. investigators are trying to piece together how and why it
6:36 pm
happened. the deadly shooting comes during a solemn. saturday marks the 78th anniversary of the sneak attack on pearl harbor. today san jose's major talked about his plan to turn pg&e into a customer owned utility. his idea to turn pg&e into a non-profit utility became very popular. some 20 mayors and other elected officials support him. since then, more than 100 elected fushls ha elected officials have expressed interest from dozens of cities and ten counties. today liccardo outlined the fine print like operating principles and structure of a government board. critics say they're going to need a lot more details. the push by all these cities to divorce from pg&e raises a lot of questions. fortunately, jaxon van derbeken has been covering and studying pg&e for years. he joins us now to shed light on
6:37 pm
the situation. jaxon, how is what mayor liccardo is talking about different from what cities like los angeles have done? >> those cities outright own their part of the system. they run it. this would be an intermediary situation where ai non-profit corporation would take on that role, the difference, of course, being that it wouldn't be pg&e and it wouldn't be a direct government enterprise either. >> what does this matter? what kind of change does this do? >> well, it allows the cities involved and they have to almost universally get together and agree to run the utility and set safety or perhaps lower the rates. the idea is to take it over for the purposes of getting it out of the pg&e private enterprise role. >> okay. the big question is as a customer, why might i want my city to leave pg&e and join a
6:38 pm
co-op? what's in it for me? >> the hope is you can get safer, cheaper energy. the problem is our city or in this case a non-profit takes on all the responsibilities, they also take on all the liabilities. and that means wild fire liabilities. and right now the way this is structured, there's no way that the non-profit corporation could take advantage of what pg&e and other utilities will be able to take it apart next year. and that involve getting some backing from this fund for wild fires. >> jaxon van derbeken clearing it all up for us. thanks so much. up next, how often are you looking for your charger to give your phone extra juice? that may be a thing of the past. on the economy, a unique leader.
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after years of decline, the cdc says teen tobacco use appears to be on the rise again. a new report says 6 million
6:41 pm
middle and mo middle and high school students say they've used some tobacco product in the last month. ecigarettes were the most popular product. what is tesla's new year's resolution? making sure anyone who bought a tesla will get their car before the tax credit expires. mercury news reports elon musk sent tesla employees an email expressing that sentiment. tesla gets a tax aut $1,800 but only if they delivery of their new car by december 31st. the electric car company is looking to finish its current business quarter with at least 100,000 vehicle deliveries. a new move from apple could have you throwing away your charging cord. a top apple analyst says new high end iphones may charge wirelessly. that would eliminate the charge port. it would only be a feature on
6:42 pm
top tier phones that hit the market in 2021. >> don't throw the cord out. get creative with it. make bracelets out of them. >> i don't know if that's safe. >> jeff raniere. >> that's like we'll test it on you first. >> yeah. >> the beta version. >> what's ahead with weather? >> we have rain fall coming our way for tomorrow so make sure you do have those phones charged up to get alerts from the nbc bay area app. look at this christmas in the park. beautiful. all the lights going. cloudy now but we'll talk about the rain tomorrow. >> when you have a complaint about one of those bracelets, i know a guy you can call. she asked us to open doors when she spotted a problem with hers. i'm chris chmura. we respond next. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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nbc bay area responds to a san francisco woman whose fridge was running just fine but she spotted trouble. >> so, when she got a frosty
6:45 pm
reception from the manufacture, consumer investigator chris chmura stepped in. >> i like that. is your refrigerator running. couple grand for a refrigerator these days. rosalynn bailey knows that well. she says she saw spots on her new fridge. she says she could see them all the time. concentric circles that she says were a manufacturing defect. there's a closer look at them right there. she says she contacted frid frigidair. they said they replaced the freezer door. that saved rosalynn $750, the estimated cost for parts and labor. that bouncing back and forth she described was between the warranty division, the extended warranty division and then just the regular warranty division.
6:46 pm
when you opt to buy one of those extended warranties, you've got to ask who's providing the coverage. sometimes it's the manufacturer. other times it's a third party. you might not know. it's good info to have going in. got a consumer problem? give us a call, 888-996-tips or online at >> when did refrigerators become the price of a car? >> they've always been expensive. >> the moral of the story, if the company is giving you the cold shoulder, call chris. it took three years but the city of san jose unveiled its new website. they decided to overhaul the website after the last web contract expired. new web cytois sleeker, more user friendly design. there's a quick link to top requested services and we're told it's much easier to read on your smartphone. so, it's technologically advanced. >> yeah. speaking of the smartphones, hope you have the nbc bay area
6:47 pm
app. >> mm-hm. >> so, you get your weather reports on there. you're going to need it. >> super easy, just open it up and you have a weather tab at the bottom. click that, get the radar, my forecast, everything you want when it comes to weather. get that nbc bay area app. we'll take you into our microclimate forecast tonight. i do think it's important to update on how we're doing so far for the rain fall season which started on october 1st. it was a slow start. remember october, november, we barically h barely had a drop of rain fall. then we'veeali with ade mcit, wo two and a quarter inches behind. but i think with this incoming storm system we'll be able to make up a lot of this. in fact the north bay would be running a surplus after this storm system hits us with the totals and how things are shaping up. that's going to be the problem though. we're going to get a lot of rain
6:48 pm
in a short amount of time. that's why we have the flash flood watch issued for the north bay. we could see some isolated street flooding, possibly some mud slides especially around the kincade fire burn zone. we have it highlighted here. we of course will be on with wider perspective. it is one storm but we're going by two different zones. with every storm you get a cold front and the center of low pressure. the cold front hits us friday with the heavy rain and gusty winds. by saturday, different impacts. we could see the low pressure moves over, potential for thunderstorms, maybe even small hail. so, it's a 1-2 punch for us. i think we'll start to see things ramp up by 3:00 p.m., heavier pockets in the north bay. eventually by 7:00 p.m. moves down towards the south bay and
6:49 pm
santa cruz mountains. once it gets here, the winds are picking up 20 to 40-miles-per-hour which could bring down trees. let's head back to the future cast and i think we'll be back into the rainfall here into 11:00 p.m. on friday and even holding on into saturday. this is where we get into isolated thunderstorms and hail. you can see some of the yellow and orange pockets. that's the instability we'll be tracking on saturday's forecast. as we hit the forecast here for the rovalall some of the heavie would be good for anywhere from an inch and a half tosome of th could get around 3 inches of rainfall. san jose, anywhere from a quarter to a half inch. we'll get rain shadow spots picking up as well. wide ranging totals overall, once we hit midday sunday into the afternoon, we'll start to dry out. no big storm systems next week so we'll get a little bit of time to recover for this. same thing with the inland
6:50 pm
forecast. going to the sierra, the day to watch out is saturday and sunday, one to two feet expected there with snow level around 5,000 feet. i think the top threats will be the north bay, especially the higher elevations. that's where it's 2 inches or above. everywhere else it's going t sls we head through frida to want careful on the roads. she is the most electrifying scorer in college soccer and she plays for the home tm.has. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together
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a couple of championships are up for grabs this weekend in the bay area. it starts friday with the pac 12 championship at levi's stadium between utah and oregon. >> and then stanford women's soccer will be playing for a national title just a few away. anthony flores has a review. >> reporter: theha plenty of co their site. the tournament is being played in their own backyard. they're riding a 17-match winning streak and they have the best player in the country in the country on their side.
6:54 pm
katerina. >> it's awesome. she can do a little bit of everything. >> she's an amazing person. >> she shoots and scores. >> she's huge for the team, obviously with the goals she's been scoring. >> katerina is often described as the most electrifying scorer in college soccer. the stanford junior forward leads the nation in scoring after setting program records in goals, assists, and points. >> if it wasn't for the people i have around me and the chemistry we have on and off the field, i would not be where i am today. >> she is the favorite to win her second consecutive mac herman trophy, an honor she never dreamed was possible when she first moved to the united states from brazil at the age of 12. >> looking back seeing where i came from i'm very proud of everything that has happened and am very grateful for the
6:55 pm
opportunities i have had. >> this weekend she has another opportunity to win her second national title in three years when she and the top seeded cardinal hit the pitch in the college cup, soccer's version of the final four. >> none of my stats matter if we don't win a national championship. your legacy is if you win a na to do it along side by best friends. that would be the cherry on the cake. >> they have the home field advantage friday. in san jose, anthony flores, nbc bay area news. coming up at 11:00, a string of south bay robberies with very specific tastes. the search for the suspects targeting understa targeting ups drivers and your packages. let's take one more peak at the weekend coming up for the next 48 hours, going to be another wet one. >> i think we'll get a little
6:56 pm
break in here as we head to the weekend eventually. so, let's take a look at it. we do get the storm arriving tomorrow from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. start in the north bay first then push to the south bay. we have the chance for isolated thunderstorms on saturday, possibly small hail. once we move into sunday morning, this should all start to exit. so, i think by midday sunday into the afternoon we'll get a break in here and that'll be good. we can dry out. >> and so far looks clear for next week. >> at this point, yeah. >> jeff, thank you very much. thank you so much for joining us. >> see you at 11:00.
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how are justin's fans taking his apology to his wife jessica. wait until you hear what camilla tells us about the pda with sean. >> come on. >> it's the truth. >> inside the "america's got talent" investigation with julieanne hough is telling access about the aftermath. >> that's an important step to . >> 2019's cutest celebrity baby moments and why chrissy teegp is a bit concerned by luna's new song. ♪ mama loves


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