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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 6, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PST

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two major and devastating stories developing overnight first, four people are dead following a brazen jewelry store heist that led to the hijacking of a u.p.s. truck at rush hour shootout. the deadly crash of f a blackhawk chopper. three national guardsmen on board. new details this morning. today, an nbc news exclusive. uber for the first time going public with the surprise findings from its own safety report, revealing a staggering number of sexual assaults. so what's the company doing to protect riders the nation is bracing for a
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constitution showdown as the house draws up formal articles of impeachment. the revealing new christmas video from a singing superstar as a young girl before the global fame. recognize her? "early today" starts right now good friday morning. i'an a high-speed police chase in florida has ended with four people dead. a violent robbery attempt turned into a deadly hostage situation and carjacking two suspects firing at police in the middle of rush hour from a stolen u.p.s. truck. nbc's dan sheneman has this report >> reporter: a high-speed chase in south florida ends in a deadly shootout. police say it all started near miami at a jewelry store in coral gables two suspects tried to rob the store. >> the subjects exchanged gunfire with the proprietor, who also fired back. >> reporter: a short time later the suspects fle a u.p.s. truck
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and kidnapped the driver shortly after, law enforcement began efforts to try to locate the truck and did so which resulted in a high-speed pursuit. >> reporter: the suspects dodged cars and tried to elude police for about 30 minutes but they were finally slowed by rush hour police moved in. the suspects killed in a barrage of gunfire >> there was exchanged fire between law enforcement and the suspects and, unfortunately, the suspects are now deceased, but two additional innocent civilians were also deceased >> reporter: the u.p.s. driver who was held at gunpoint among th investigation, and that investigation is ongoing dan sheneman, nbc news also breaking overnight, three national guard service
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members were killed in a helicopter crash in minnesota. the soldiers were conducting a maintenance test flight on a uh-60 blackhawk. about nine minutes into the flight there was a mayday call then they lost communication rescuers were able to track their cell phone pings to the crash site officials say the names of the soldiers will be released once the families have been notified. now to an nbc news exclusive this morning on ride-sharing giant uber after years of being dogged by safety concerns and sexual assault allegations against drivers, the company's going public with what it says a comprehensive report addressing those concerns and vowing new action here is nbc's stephanie gosk >> reporter: uber upended how we get from point "a" to point "b," but as the ride share company has grown, so too have accounts like this. >> i was basically taken for 2 1/2 hours in an uber car with -- the next day i had defensive wounds. >> i tmyssault. uber is publicly releasing its
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>> reporter: for the first time own data on sexual assaults. over the course of 2017 and 2018, the company received nearly 6,000 reports of incidents during or after uber rides. ranging from groping to rape roughly four reported rapes every week one in every 5 million rides >> that's a hard number, but i'm not surprised. and i'm not surprised because sexual violence is just much more pervasive in society than i think most people realize. >> reporter: tony west is uber's chief legal officer, spear heading the study released today together with input from sexual violence advocates. >> i was surprised to read that about half of the victims are riders and the other half are drivers. >> reporter: . >> that's right. so this is not just a one-sided problem. we have to keep in mind that both drivers and riders are victims. >> reporter: according to the study, uber is aware of law enforcement's involvement in 37% of the reported rape cases. >> that number seems kind of low to me.
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just 37% >> i'll tell you, one of the facts about sexual assault is that it is a very underreported offense. uber shouldn't make that choice for survivors, survivors should make that choice for themselves. >> it also opens up the possibility that uber is aware of someone who potentially raped someone else who's out in the public without involving law enforcement. >> as someone who is a former law enforcement official, i understand the tension we have lots of information about an incident that we will share with law enforcement if we get the consent of the victim. >> reporter: uber's study reveals that more than 40,000 drivers were banned in the u.s. in the last two years. as part of continuous background checks for a variety of reasons, including sexual misconduct. uber announcing they plan to share those names with other ride share companies. >> what do you hope to see with these numbers over the years >> we hope to see and hope to learn a number of things i think first we want to raise awareness. the other thing we want to show
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is that we're developing best practices. >> reporter: among new safety features, uber is adding the ability to text 911 from the app. unique pin codes for rides and on-trip reporting. ers in. >> were there ever any interna conversations where people said this could hurt our business, these numbers? >> sure. sure there were. it was hard. but it's important for us to push through that discomfort and to talk about theese issues. and uber simply couldn't ignore what was happening on its platform and most importantly, we have to then address it. >> and uber tells us it does have plans to conduct a study like this every two years. our thanks to stephanie gosk for that report. history unfolds as democrats take a dramatic and material step toward impeaching president trump. the speaker of the house nancy pelosi made the call and alerted her committee chairs to begin drawing up articles of impeachment against donald trump. meanwhile, today is the
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deadline for the white house to say if it's taking part in the impeachment proceedings. nbc's peter alexander has the details. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi wielding the power of her office in an effort to remove the president from his >> today i am asking our chairmen to proceed with articles of impeachment. >> reporter: pelosi echoing the words of the founding fathers, saying president trump's alleged wrongdoing strikes at the heart of the constitution. >> our democracy is what is at stake. the president leaves us no choice but to act.upt, once again, the election for his own benefit. >> three, two, one >> reporter: the president celebrating the season while counting down the days to his likely impeachment that could come before christmas. >> it's a hoax it's a hoax. it's a big, fat hoax. >> reporter: earlier defiantly challenging democrats to move quickly, tweeting, if you're going to impeach me, do it now fast so we can have a fair trial
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in the senate and so that our country can get back to business the white house is aggressively gearing up for an impeachment trial early next year in the republican-controlled senate with the president and his allies are confident that he would be acquitted. >> the speaker gave a speech on national television to push forward her rushed and partisan impeachment. >> reporter: the president reiterating his demand that many key democrats be called to testify. including house intelligence chairman adam schiff and joe biden. who confronted an iowa voter who questioned his age and accused him of having sold access to the white house. claiming biden sent his son to serve on the board of a ukrainian energy company >> you're selling access to the president just like he wast on . >> you've seen it on tv. by the way -- let do pushups together, man. let's run. let's do whatever you want to do. >> reporter: also bristling at a question, speaker pelosi as she was leaving a news conference asked by a reporter whether she
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hates the president. >> i don't hate anybody. >> the reason i ask -- >> i don't hate anybody. >> i pray for the president all the time so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that >> reporter: house democrats are still debating whether those articles of impeachment should be limited to the president's dealings with ukraine or broadened out to include what they call a pattern of obstruction that takes into account the findings of the mueller report frances? >> all right peter alexander for us thank you, peter african-american officials gathered in south bend, indiana to show their support for mayor pete buttigieg and the event, unfortunately, descended into chaos. >> people are having a crisiche- >> no, no, no. >> who chose these people as the black leaders? who organized this >> a city leader was speaking
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when a protester wearing a black lives matter t-shirt ripped the microphone away. in a statement black lives matter south bend said it fully supports the actions of its supporters and allies. buttigieg responded telling nbc news, quote, we need to make sure everyone is empowered to speak their truth. a look at the weekend to see if the weather is going to correspondent. >> good morning. we have a storm that is going to move across the country over the next four days san francisco is going to get some rain, high elevation in the sierras as we go throughout saturday on sunday this storm rapidly kicks to the east. it's going to le develredevelopo throughout the day and into the plains a pretty good snowstorm from montana into the dakotas and also the mountains there over corrode colorado by sunday 8:00 p.m., this storm rapidly has a lot of southerly air. it's going to be's going to be y throughout the tennessee valley. we're going to get soaked in the northeast on monday, too the backside of the storm could
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have snow is in areas of wisconsiny northern michigan, but this isn't like the last storm. there's not a lot of cold air to work with. it's actually going to be very warm two feet of s of new england. you're going to see a huge reductio heavy rain an.nd blast heading through areas of the northeast. that will produce light snow from buffalo to syracuse to the capital district take a look at your complete weekend forecast coming up ahead. >> that's what i like to hear. thanks, bill. now, "thursday night football" in chicago, the dallas cowboys tried aftea two-game skid and a dreadful thanksgiving performance. this two-yard run by ezekiel elliott, but the bears battle back and never look over their shoulder as chicago handled dallas their third loss in a row
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20 states. an alarm study of head and neck injuries by cell phone use. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on the mobile mennis. >> reporter: don't look now but a new study finds this is happening more and more, people tripping and falling while distracted by their cell phones. >> why do you walk and text at the same time? >> we're just busy. >> reporter: researchers from rutgers found that cell phone-related head and neck injuries like this have risen sharply, more than 200% in the last 20 years. the study estimates the total number of injuries is 76,000 nationwide. >> i saw patients, multiple patients who had injuries and i would ask them why doc, i wasn't payion my phone. >> reporter: the study found most of the injuries were associated with texting while walking. now cell phone-related head and neck injuries were relatively rare until about 2007. that's the year the first iphone was released the most common, deep cuts,
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♪ under the mistletoe watching the fire glow ♪ ♪ and telling me i love you, boo ♪ just adorable. well, for anyone out there who is sick of the overplayed christmas tunes, pop star taylor swift is giving listeners of a new option overnight she dropped a festive track and music video titled "christmas tree farm". home footage and the christmases she spent in pennsylvania. so far the video has over 600,000 views on youtube. >> i love it it's going to give us a nice little break from mariah's "all
4:20 am
i want for christmas is you. >> give the top spot a run for her money. all right. here is a guess for you. what was nancy pelosi's favorite movie of the year? based on her outfit, it might be quentin tarantino's "once upon a time in hollywood. dressed like brad pitt's no nonsense stunt man characterl r. one of our tm members here at "early today" ivy noticed this pitt and pelosi can rock the white on white combo well past labor day. again, this is just ivy's theory, but i think nancy pelosi with so much going on is totally clueless >> i think it was more brad pitt emulating nancy pelosi that's not the first time she's worn that great white suit. >> could be that, too. "rolling stone" just released its best albums four of the top five records were made by women
4:21 am
ariana grande's thank you next, lana del rey's was number three and swifties can rejoice because "lover" came in fourth congrats, ladies. a utah man was caught on camera while driving on the interstate playing while he was behind the wheel with both hands on the instrument n none on the wheel. the teenager shared the clip with teachers at their school. they know the guy. y plays the trumpet while driving. >> wow they even know who he is. >> come on, man. it's one thing if you're at a stop sign. that's the highway. >> that's a problem. it's going to catch up with him. alright. up next bill's got the forecast fousr for the weekend. just ahead, why a boy invited his entire kindergarten class to a very special day in court.
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now, i've heard people say lactaid isn't real milk. ok, well, if it isn't real then, i guess those things over there can't actually be cows. must be some kind of really big dogs, then. sit! bad dog. weekend outlook is going to feature a big storm on the west coast heading into the rockies if you're east of the going to ann ar to nday the warm air heads everywhere in the east that wet weather, though, is heading monday to the east coast. >> here we go again. all right. what happened to these adorable puppies abandoned on a snowy mountain eeeeeww! dead skin cells! gross! so now, i grab my swiffer sweeper and heavy-duty dusters. duster extends to three feet to get all that gross stuff
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time now to check in with willie to see what's coming up on supd today. hey, willie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. good to see you. this week on "sunday today" -- we got together to talk about her first feature film "queen and slim." it's a gripping and controversial story about race len and politics catch us sunday morning or set that dvr for now back to you, frances and cori and see you on sunday morning. >> see you then. it's the day one boy had been waiting for and the friends he brought along with him to support him. here is nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: it was a field trip unlike any other schoolchildren in kent county, michigan all invited down to the local courthouse. >> welcome to the courthouse on this amazing day >> reporter: to attend a very special hearing.
4:27 am
it was adoption day in family court. in all, 37 foster children united with their new families >> there's so many emotional stories. >> reporter: with paper hearts in hand, the friends of 8-year-old michael clark jr. came to celebrate right along with him he's been with his foster parents for about a year today they are one >> you know, we asked him and he was just like, you know, the roass is kind of my family of kids have found their forever parents. >> we were just kind of thinking how can we build -- >> i love my mommy. >> and there's so many options, right, for building a family these days. >> reporter: and one boy's classmates have learned an important lesson about love and commitment ♪ love in your heart >> reporter: kevin tibbles, knees ne nbc news >> what a lessen in civics and love for these kids. >> you can't see those stories without tearing up a little bit.
4:28 am
i think that's the sound bite of the day. i love my mommy. to some very resilient puppies in utah. they have seen an outpouring of love these three us were discovered in a remote area the couple who found them said they were thin, shivering balls of ice and this is the disturbing part. they were living inside an animal carcass the rescue center that is helping them find new homes is not accepting any more applications as you can imagine, the response has been so overwhelming teams are still searching for the puppies' mom so, yeah, adorable faces, but you hear the story of how they were found, man, that tears right at you so hopefully they'll be get their foreve long. we thank you for waking up with us i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm cori coffin we hope you have a wonderful weekend. thanks for joining us on this friday more news straight ahead kim is now demonstrating her congestion. save it slimeball. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move- kim nooooooo! only mucinex has a patented tablet that lasts 3x longer, for 12 hours.
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screen, on your right you see san francisco and san jose where it is dry right now, but on your left, as you can see there from nbc bay area storm ranger, all is quiet now, but that storm is ready to roll in. our team is timing it all out as we make your weekend plans this morning. thanks for starting your morning here with us with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. nice to see you back, mike, feeling a little bit better? >> yes. >> get ready for some rain because it's coming. >> we are going to have one of those weekends where you're still inside for most of it or


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