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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning morning. it is 7:00 on the dot on this december 7th. we are under a weather alert. here is a look at our doppler radar on the right and the bay bridge on the left. cloudy skies and wet pavement. thanks for joining us. we'll have a look at that weather alert.
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we are talking about how it is actually hot this morning. it's muggy. >> the temperatures are in the 60s. you probably noticed it's not as cold as our last storm and that is not san jose right there. right now our current temperatures, this is what we were mentioning, 60s in san jose. 61 in san francisco. remember our last storm we dipped down into the 40s and the 50s? we are a little bit more on the warmer side this morning. here is a live look right now. not as heavy when it comes to the rain. we saw the showers start to decrease. we have that cold front that will sweep in later tonight. when that cold front gets through, that will bring the temperatures down overnight and tomorrow and it will pop up the chance of some thunderstorm activity and small hail. i'm going to take you through the outlook so you get a better idea of the timing and how long it will last. if you're worried about your monday commute, i have you
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covered on that too coming up. >> we'll see you then. rain may have played a factor in a deadly crash that happened this morning in the east bay. it happened on highway 24 and three people were killed. today in the bay is live near the crash site with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. this was a horrific crash scene. it was on this ramp where we are on highway 24 westbound near that curve as it goes into exit 9. this car at about 3:00 went off of the highway here and into a tree slamming into a tree. the driver and two passengers were already deceased when our photographer arrived on the scene. the chp is not releasing details at all about the victims'
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identi identities. the chp is searching for answers how this happened. some things they're looking at is what role the wet pavement may have played, what was the tread like on the car's tires n and was the driver going too fast for the conditions. >> wet weather, slowing down is one of the most important factors. allow yourself extra time, especially when the rain starts up. we encourage people to slow down and take their time. >> reporter: by the looks of the wreckage, the car hit the tree at a high speed. the chp would like to hear from anyone that may have seen the nissan earlier in the morning. that would be important information for the investigators, did someone see the car speeding on the highway or see the car or the people in it leaving a bar or party earlier in the night?
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chp is not saying that alcohol played a role in this accident, but when you consider the time of day, this was a triple fatal and perhaps the car was driving too fast. that is always something that investigators will look at when they look at fatal accidents. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. despite the rain, many holiday celebrations will go on as scheduled for tonight. last night many were cancelled because of the storm. in martinez organizers decided for safety reasons they would cancel the annual parade. some people were caught off guard and others disappointed. >> i wish we could have had the parade since it didn't rain too much, but things happen and weather is uncontrollable. >> we were going to see thin th lighting of the tree and give some toys to the kids and now we it was cancelled and we didn't
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know. >> despite the disappointment over last night's cancellations, there are activities that will take place today from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. rain or shine. in the north bay the rain is both welcomed and dreaded in the fire burn zones. there are concerns about the rain causing mud flows in regional park. city crews have been working in the park to make sure hillsides remain stable in the rain. we spoke with someone who nearly lost their home and says the soaking is actually a relief. >> it feels good. it marks the end of fire season for sure so i'm happy to hear that. >> in santa rosa crews are cleaning storm drains with more than 1,000 homes in construction. crews are concerned about mug clogging the drains. people who are rebuilding use
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tarps and straw to keep things dry and in place. you can track what's going on with the weather on our website and with our nbc bay area app. that code in the bottom left of your screen, if you put your iappoii iphone up to that, point it at that code with your camera open and it will take you right to our weather page. we turn now to some big news from pg&e. a settlement agreement of more than $13 billion to covers claims for victims of multiple fires. this also covers claims related to the ghost ship fire, which pg&e has denied responsibility for. the settlement needs approval by the court. an alleged sexual assault at
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a bart station. police arrested this man. he is accused of attacking a woman in an elevator at the bart station parking garage. it happened sometime thursday night when trains were not in service. playing right now on nbc, our special series bart derailed. you can hear from riders on all the troubles they face on a daily basis. you can watch it on the nbc bay area youtube channel and apple tv and roku. now to the latest target for thieves, ups trucks carrying holiday packages, three trucks were robbed this week alone. this is one that happened wednesday night in south san jose. a driver was ordered to the ground at gunpoint. the woman who recorded it didn't want to be identified. >> it was outside my house. i could have walked outside and
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grabbed the package. if i took another extra step, that gun could have been at my head. >> police have another video from a robbery tuesday night. that also happened in south san jose. we have new details on the string of dangerous home invasions happening in the east bay. police have arrested two people they call suspects in addition to the two people we told you were arrested thursday night. so far there has been four home invasions. investigators say that clues in two attacks led them to the people they arrested yesterday. it is 7:08. we have more ahead coming up. it is tasked with protecting the skies, but is the tsa ill equipped? a new report shows some security equipment might not detect dangerous threats. also, still in the hospital.
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welcome back. cloudy skies as we look over san francisco. we are under a weather alert. we are expecting winds and rain today. calmer tomorrow, but we will detail your forecast in about four minutes. two weeks until the busy holiday travel rush and there is a new report that warns that the tsa is relying on outdated security equipment to keep us all safe. it's equipment that might not actually be detecting explosives. we take a closer look. >> reporter: the weekly photos of weapons taken under score the
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threat. the tsa's screening technology is often years old and not updated to meet new detection requirements. as of august liquid scanners met standards approved in 2006. explosive detection units were up to 2012 standards. >> the process takes years and we face an enemy that is adaptive and patient and very agile. >> reporter: the tsa transitioning to 3d scanners. >> with one fingerer i rotate the image. >> reporter: the tsa will assess screening performance over time. investigators found it can take tsa two to seven years to approve and roll out new technology. it's urge headquarters to take
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immediate steps to meet the evolving threat. it is shy of 7:13. we have more ahead. coming up, skipping school to support the environment. what these students are calling for. the rain is light and calm, but we are under a weather alert. we are tracking heavier rain expected tonight and i'm keeping an eye on the flash flood watch in the north bay. the forecast coming up.
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it is 7:15. cloudy skies and we are under a weather alert. winds and rain today. although it is warm outside. you'll notice it's muggy. not something we're used to in the bay area. we'll have your forecast in a moment. a broken leg and a pile of hospital bills, that's what a barber is dealing with after a
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woman hit him with her car. this morning he's still in the hospital. we first told you about this story on tuesday. police say the suspect confronted the barber about the haircut he gave her son. this is at delta barber shop. she started screaming at him and hit him with her car and drove off. brian martin texted us saying both bones in his right leg are broken. he says he forgives the woman and hopes she gets the help she needs. police are trying to finds the woman who ran him over. some encouraging news if you're hoping to buy a home. the prices are dropping a bit. the price for a single family bay area home fell nearly 3% to $805,000. that's pretty steep. some parts have hit an affordability ceiling. that means the market could be
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correcting after years of soaring home values. here is video of bay area students protecting climate change yesterday. they skipped school and targeted a company because they say it's one of the world's biggest backers of fossil fuel compan s companies. >> they hurt communities. >> the students are calling on national leaders to support the green new bill which is a set of policies before congress that aim to tackle climate change. we're turning now to our weather coverage. the chp says if you're thinking about going to lake tahoe, it's going to take a while today. here is what i-80 looked like late last night. you can see all the snow on the road. the chp tweeted that they're requiring chains. if you're planning to go there today, just make sure you're
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prepared. we're going to check in on the weather. >> before i get to that, i do have a little bit of a shoutout to some students from last night's event that i got a chance to mc. it's for the better business bure bureau. they had a student video award ceremony and those students were from high schools throughout the bay area. they were tasked with the opportunity to demonstrate their film making abilities by writing scripts on how to avoid getting scammed. we have the first place winners here. it was west lawn high school. that's just a nice shot there of all the students. a big congratulations to them. i told them get to know each and be nice. you could be hiring each other or working for each other one
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day. 60 degrees in san jose. the wind speeds are 14 miles an hour. you can see the sheen on the roads. we have christmas in the park going on, but you may want to check the website in case changes happen because when the rain rolls in tonight things are going to get gusty. i like the gray skies when you get to stay inside. 59 degrees, wind speeds at 14 miles an hour. here is a live look at satellite radar. it's a little bit of rain and we have plenty of instability. last night's first round of rain did weaken off a little bit with the lesser rain totals expected in the south bay. storm ranger is up right now. right now we're seeing mainly light showers up through santa rosa and the napa area and further down south. the reason i want to show you this is if you plan to travel down to southern california,
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even down to l.a., they are seeing rain. check the road conditions as well. it can get messy. we are under a flash flood watch. this is expected for the fire zone. this will be in place through tonight because of the next round of rain. 59 degrees. santa rosa 62 degrees. our temperatures are warmer compared to the last storm. this is slightly warmer, which is why it feels muggy out there. we're tracking the snow . they are requiring chains. there is a winter storm warning and that will remain in place through sunday. gusty winds. they are encouraging people to take some sort of emergency kit in their vehicle in case they get stuck on the roads. dangerous road travel. i would avoid it if possible. over the next seven days, the rain totals have backed off a
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little bit. expecting anywhere from a half inch to one and a half inches. because we have so much instability as the cold front passes through this evening, we could see a chance of thunderstorms through the north bay with a small chance of hail as well. spotty rain sunday afternoon. then the rain backs off and by monday we'll have a dryer work week ahead. >> thanks so much. it is 7:21. still ahead, there is a new danger for inhabitants of the bay. sea lions being shot. we dive into the troubling trend coming up. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. welcome back. bay area sea life has to dodge boats and nets and there's a troubling new danger for them. sea lions being shot in the bay.
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today in the bay explains. >> reporter: in the hills overlooking the pacific ocean the marine center treats a variety of critters suffering a variety of ailments. the issues include things like starvation, shark bites and poisoning. last week several of the center's sea lion patients were battling injuries unrelated to nature. >> we have 15 animals on site right now and three are gunshots. >> reporter: the center rescued a sea lion that had been shot in the face losing an eye. a second sea lion suffered the same fate also losing an eye. a third shot in the flipper. >> these round metal objects are pellets probably from a shotgun blast. >> reporter: the evidence of human inflicted wounds is
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disheartening. >> they have a lot of challenges. something like this is unnecessary. >> reporter: for all three sea lions, the center doesn't know the source of the gunshots, which are extremely difficult to pinpoint. >> by the time we rescue the animal we have no idea how or when they got shot. >> reporter: it isn't rare for the center to treat patients with gunshot wounds. the finger is often pointed at fishermen. >> the big problem is that there's competition for the same resources. this is what is most likely causing this. >> reporter: representatives of the fishing industry say they don't condone the deadly violence. >> nobody in the fishing industry supports sea lion justice. it's not how we operate. >> reporter: even with these severe wounds, a little tlc and a diet of fish can do wonders. >> i think all three animals have recovered well enough that we are confident that they can
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live on their own. >> reporter: last week two sea lions were healthy enough to return to the wild. >> it's the reward we get for the hard work that we put in to p care for these animals. >> reporter: the first sea lion made his way to the ocean and then blue grass headed back to the freedom and challenges of the wild. nbc bay area news. it is 7:26. we have much more ahead. coming up, who is throwing or firing things at cars south of gilroy. what police are doing to find the person responsible. surrounded on all sides by flames, we're learning how a firefighter saved himself and
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two others during last month's wildfire wildfire. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
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good morning. it is 7:29. we are under a weather alert. here is a look at our doppler radar on the right tracking the rain and the bay bridge on the left. slick conditions on the roads. we hope if you're heading out, you will stay safe. thanks for joining us. even though we are under a weather alert, it's almost deceiving because it's hot outside. >> yes. the temperatures are in the 60s. not to mention it's a little showery right now. it's not heavy downpours coming down. we are seeing areas of rain. live look right now in san francisco. i want to show you what we're tracking here. we have the storm system that's off in the pacific, but we have a couple of showers pushing through.
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santa rosa right now. then if i push further down south, southern california along the grapevine, that is something you want to look out for. we're not in the clear yet. it might seem like the rain is light right now. i want to remind folks we have a cold front that's expected to sweep in around the 1:00, 2:00 hour. it's going to bring that instability and kick up the winds and a chance of thunderstorm activity primarily for the north bay. the chance of possibly some small hail. if you're wondering about the north bay, we are under a flash flood watch through the burn area because of the heavy downpours expected. i will be breaking down the timing hour-by-hour as always coming up in about 15 minutes. this is a good time to run errands. >> yes, when we're off the hour. we'll see you in 15.
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those slick roads may have played a factor in a deadly crash in the east bay. it happened on highway 24 early this morning. three people were killed. today in the bay is live near the crash site with the latest. hi, tom. >> reporter: good morning. the chp is saying that weather probably did play a role in this crash. the pavement out here was wet. it was raining heavy at times. we're on highway 24 westbound. the wreck happened just about where that curve is that you see. the scene cleared an hour and a half ago. the vehicle went off of the highway according to chp and smashed into a tree. the driver and two passengers were nonresponsive according to a spokesperson. the chp is not releasing any more details at all besides saying that three people were killed. no other victim identity
7:32 am
information was given. it became an investigative scene. the chp is searching for answers. some things they will be looking at is what role the wet pavement played and what was the tread like on the tires and was the driver going too fast for the conditions. >> wet weather, slowing down is probably one of the most important factors. allow extra time, especially at night and especially when the rain has started up. we encourage people to slow down. >> reporter: by the looks of the wreckage, the car hit the tree at a high speed. the chp would like to hear from anyone that may have scene the nissan. the crash happened at about 3:00, was reported about 3:09 this morning. that would be important information for investigators, did someone see the car speeding
7:33 am
or did they see the car or occupants leaving a bar or party earlier in the night. right now the chp is not saying that alcohol played a role in this accident, but that is one thing that they obviously will be looking at because of the time of this accident, the fact that the vehicle went off of the highway and did hit a tree. we're live with today in the bay. >> thanks so much for that report. it is 7:33. the rain for some local holiday celebrations to be called off yesterday, but today events will be held rain or shine. organizers decided for safety reasons they would cancel the annual parade which kicks off the holiday season. the same thing happened for folks and some were caught off guard. >> i wish we could have had the parade since it didn't rain too much, but things happen and weather is uncontrollable. >> we were going to see the lighting of the tree and give
7:34 am
some toys to the kids and now it was cancelled and we didn't know. >> despite the disappointment there over last night's cancellations, there are activities that will take place in martinez today from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. rain or shine. in the north bay the rain is welcomed and dreaded in the fire burn zones. in windsore where a neighborhood was saved, there are concerns about mud flows in regional park. city crews have been working to make sure hillsides remain stable in the rain. one man who nearly lost his home feels some relief thanks to the rain. >> it marks the end of fire season for sure. i'm happy to hear that. >> in santa rosa crews are cleaning storm drains. there are more than 1,000 homes being built under construction. in that burn zone crews are
7:35 am
concerned about the mud clogging the drain. you can keep track of what's going on with the weather on our website and our app. that code in the bottom left of your screen will take you right to our weather radar. if you have an iphone, open your camera and point it at that code and it will take you to our weather page. who will be next? that's what people passing south of gilroy are asking themselves after yet another driver's window was blown out after someone threw or shot something at that car. it happened thursday night on south bound 101 past gilroy. the driver was not injured this time. as today in the bay shows us, this has happened more than 40 times to drivers in the same stretch of 101. >> reporter: the crunch of glass on the driver's side rear
7:36 am
passenger door of the suv. he says it sounded like an explosion when it shattered just behind his headrest as he was driving home on 101. >> in the back of your mind, your mind is saying it's a shot. >> reporter: he managed to keep his cool and called his wife and made it to his home where he met officers. then he took them back out on the freeway to look for clues. >> we went back and traced it a couple of times. >> reporter: this happened on the same stretch of 101 where dozens of other cases have been reported. according to the chp, they've logged more than 40 incidents this year including family vehicles and last month a school bus loaded with football players. commuters saying this is not the kind of hazard they should worry at. >> it's my car maybe breaking down or running out of gas. >> i guess i could be a target if somebody really wanted to make me a target. >> reporter: the latest victim hopes the suspect gets caught
7:37 am
soon. >> whoever is doing this, think twice, please. you know what, you will get caught, guaranteed. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. some scarey moments on board a united flight. this is a strange. a woman says she was stung several times by this scorpion. it happened thursday morning. the woman says while in the air she began to feel a stinging sensation on her leg. she went to the bathroom and this fell out of her pant leg. the insect was caught by flight attendants. after the plane landed, the woman was taken to the hospital. new details of a daring survival story. cal fire released a report on how a fire captain and two others survived after flames surrounded them. they parked their trucks near a home outlined in the yellow and
7:38 am
they considered sheltering there until the area got too hot and the captain deployed this fire shelter. it is meant for one person, but the trio was under it. you can see the truck in front of the home and you can see a small patch of trees that aren't burned. that's where they survived. wow. caught on camera, new pictures of jewelry thieves who triggered a stampede at the great mall. three men robbed the store in august. they smashed the cases and stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. at the time shoppers said they heard loud noises coming from the store and someone yelled gunmen. that set off a chain reaction with hundreds of people running out of the mall and some trampled. there is now a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those thieves.
7:39 am
it's that time of year, we keep hearing plenty of stories about package and mail thieves. one south bay man is doing something about it. the man found a pile of mail left over from recent thefts. in that pile was a letter from santa to a neighborhood boy. he personally delivered the letter to the boy. he says he's making sure he isn't the thieves' next target. >> i have put an alarm on my mailbox at night. i have cameras that point at the mailbox as well as cameras that point down the street so i can pick up license plate numbers. if somebody does take my mail, you're going to get caught. >> the sheriff's office says security cameras are a great way to keep thieves away. at 7:39, still ahead the warriors and the bulls go down to the wire in chicago. we will show you the exciting ending.
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the 49ers have the showdown against the saints and the raiders take on the titans. last night at levi stadium. a little rain fourth quarter. oregon with a 70-yard run. 37-15. a chance for a national title is no more. oregon wins the title. the warriors were in chicago wrapping up their road trip against the bulls. a look at the famous game there. the game came down to the final minute. there were big plays and there was a rare road victory. they beat the bulls by 2. there is much more ahead on
7:43 am
today in the bay coming up. why you've never seen him before, the mayor singing on stage. we have the video. . we are under a weather alert. despite the fact that it may feel calm right now, we are expecting heavy downpours and gusty winds and we are in terms of our snow pack. i'll have details coming up.
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big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. good morning. it is 7:45. we are under a weather alert. live look at the golden gate bri bridge. you can see cloudy skies. it's not coming down in terms of heavy pours, but we are seeing instability out there. we can see on radar all of that rain. we did see that first round of rain that moved in last night weaken as that moved through. right now showers passing through san francisco up through the north bay as well.
7:46 am
so when is the next round of heavy rain expected to move in? that will move in right around lunch. let's get you through your daytime highs. temperatures are comfortable in the 60s. it will feel muggy because this is a warmer storm. windy. 60s across the board. there is a flash flood watch that will remain in place through this afternoon for the burn zone. the impacts are potential rock slides and mudslides. the ground is saturated from previous storms so this is something we have to monitor. rainfall totals have backed off. we're expecting two inches for maybe the south bay into san francisco and up to the north bay. here is that time line. right around 1:30 look what happens. we get a good cell. this is a cold front pushing
7:47 am
through. we're expecting to see heavy rain and the possibility of thunderstorm development along with small hail. as we head to the 5:00 hour, we see that activity as well down to the mountains with some heavy downpours at times for san jose as well. we're going to see heavy downpours. still seeing that rain expected to push through and notice what happens here. periods of on and off again rain by sunday afternoon. we'll get decreasing showers and things dry out overnight and into sunday and by monday we'll be in the clear. winter storm warnings are in place and will be in place through sunday. we have gusty winds. where are we in that snow pack? right now for the north 75% of average. central 100% of average. we're doing pretty good when it comes to snowfall. one last shoutout to the
7:48 am
students for the feature filmmakers here. they were able to create a video on how to avoid getting skacamm and they won money for their school. the next seven days, morning spotty showers and thunderstorms and a chance better in the north bay. morning fog into tuesday as well and then over the next seven days in through sunday inland temperatures will remain in the 60s. >> thanks. it is 7:48. still ahead on today in the bay, did you know the holiday shopping season is shorter this year? we have everything you need to know to get your orders under the tree without the stress of getting things stolen.
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welcome back. the time between thanksgiving and christmas is shorter this year meaning there's a rush to get gifts under your tree. nbc has all we need to know about getting fast shipping and how to protect your packages from being stolen. >> reporter: with three weeks until christmas, the clock is ticking to get those gifts on time. this holiday season companies are expected to deliver more than 2 billion packages. what are the shipping deadlines to get your gifts to arrive on time? for standard shipping the last day to ship is 15th for ups. for two day shipping you need your boxes by the 20th. priority shipping the post office cutoff is the 21st.
7:52 am
that date applies to amazon orders for prime members. getting those deliveries to your front door is half the battle. watch out for thieves working overtime this holiday. thieves caught on camera like this guy making the getaway just days ago with three packages at once. this woman jetting off with a stolen box. so what can you do to protect your purchase? set delivery alerts for every package you ship so you get a text to your phone letting you know when the package ships and arrives. you can select signature required on the shipping label so your package isn't left on an empty porch. another possibility, have your package shipped to your office so you can be sure someone is on the receiving end or have it delivered to a trusted neighbor. get the extra insurance, especially if you have an expensive package. it's only a few dollars more and it can save you if your package is lost or damaged. for example, if you're shipping through fedex and your packages
7:53 am
were $300, you can insure the amount for $2. one more thing to note, the number of boxes coming your way for the holiday. if you have the choice and the time, opt to get your items delivered in as few packages as possible so there's less waste and less to track. whether you're shipping across town or the country, simple tips to get those packages in home in time for the holidays. a first in san francisco, the former mayor up on stage singing. ♪ the band irish news boys is made up of musicians and reporters. the mayor goes to concerts and for the last year the band has tried to get him up on stage and last night he finally agreed to sing a few lines of danny boy in north beach.
7:54 am
>> i decided i had to make good on my demand and my request for danny boy. >> while he joined the band for that one song, he told us that is the last time he's ever doing it. still much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, it's our clear the shelters segment featuring our friends from pets in needs. we will introduce you to sara lee nebs.
7:55 am
7:56 am
. welcome back. it is time for our clear the shelters segment with our friends from pets in need. the program director is here with ms. sara lee. she is so cute. i have to give the disclaimer because you always dress up the animals. if someone adopts sara lee, do they get this adorable sweater. >> it is free. >> there's a bow too, a a little christmas bow with bells on it. look at her. she is the sweetest thing.
7:57 am
she is a 3-year-old mix and you say she could potentially be good for any home because she already lives with a dog right now. >> right. she has a roommate and i've taken her to every single school visit so she's great with kids. she came in with four other puppies. very tiny. everybody went out to foster and they've since been adopted. she's the only one left. >> no one took her. >> no one took her. she's a great dog. she would go well with kids, other dogs. >> you suggest maybe someone come take a visit first if they have another dog? >> they would have to bring the dog to the meet and greet. >> she's at your redwood city shelter? >> yes. >> speaking of coming to visit and potentially adopting, a lot of people do like to give pets for the holiday and you have a special sort of incentive, home for the holidays promotion where you're offering pets older than
7:58 am
six months old just for $20. >> $20, which saves $100. it saves $120. >> there is a $75 deposit for training for the dog, but it is refundable. every animal at both locations over six months old $20 adoption fee. >> between now and january 5th. for christmas, hanukkah, new year's day. >> that's a great deal. you vaccinate and neuter and spay and microchip and flea collar. >> they are totally checked out. they have their well check. they have been spade and neutered and current on shots. they get a bag of food to go out the door with and an outfit. >> what more incentive do you need? this is ms. sara lee up there at the redwood city location.
7:59 am
thanks for coming in. thank you for making us part of your morning. we have more local news tonight. i'll see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. .
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