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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 8, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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you can rest now i can take it from here. right now at 11:00 breaking news out of new zealand. a volcano sending clouds of ash into the sky and a bay area man narrowly escapes. what he's saying tonight. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks so much for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. a volcanic eruption on white island, a small island off the coast of new zealand. >> that happened a few hours ago. one person is dead and dozens more are mission. it's the first time that volcano has erupted in almost 20 years. officials are saying there's likely to be more deaths as the day goes on. it's a popular place for tour groups. the video you're watching was taken by a san francisco man,
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michael schade, who was visiting the island with his family. he said he was standing right on the summit of the volcano less than 20 minutes before it erupted but thankfully he was back on his boat when it did. the boat operator then helped rescue people from the island. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. new at 11:00, a south bay neighborhood is concerned after some dangerous driving woke them from their sleep early this morning. and this is not the first time this has happened. people say they are just fed up. nbc bay area's marianne favro live in san jose with the details. marianne? >> terry, it happened here early this morning at the base of communications hill, which you see here. and not only were neighbors frustrated because it woke them up in the middle of the night, but also because they say this has been happening over and over again. a neighbor on communications hill in san jose shot this video of two cars doing donuts. a 4:00 a.m. wake-up call that neighbors say is not unusual.
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justin says he saw a similar scene here last month. >> a person pulled into the intersection and started doing donuts. and everyone else just sat there and watched. >> reporter: andres mino says he no longer walks along hillsdale avenue because he's concerned the drivers doing stunts may spin out of control. >> i was in my living room, and it's right next to the street, right? and i heard screeching, screeching. i was like, what is that? >> reporter: just a mile away you can see this circle of tread marks where other cars did donuts. neighbors say enough is enough. >> it's definitely a danger to the community. when we walk, we avoid that street. >> reporter: well, tonight we didn't see anyone doing donuts but we definitely saw several cars speeding up the hill at a high, high rate of speed. neighbors say this area is already dangerous. in fact, in 2017 a young mother was killed in a car crash here. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. at the moment the rain is in the rearview mirror but now that fog is rolling in. this is a live picture for you in san rafael. you can see those headlights peeking through some of that fog right now. let's check in with rob mayeda for how the fog, rob, could impact your morning commute. not good. >> and the fog really being set up by all the rain we've seen recently going back to friday. through early this morning we've had four or five inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains, two inches of rain plus around scanta rosa. the ground is now very saturated. and with our skies clearing as you see on our storm ranger mobile doppler radar the showers moved out, clear skies setting in, and that is leading to some fog forming. especially into the north bay valleys. look at napa and novato. already down to less than half mile visibility and also seeing some fog forming across the inner bay as well. for your morning commute, especially across the tri-valley, and parts of the south bay heading into tomorrow morning, it's not out of the question, we could see visibility down to a quarter mile or less. so that's going to have some air
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travel implications for sfo and it may slow down your commute time, especially coming through the altmont pass or around areas in the south bay and north bay for tomorrow morning. now, coming up in the seven-day forecast, more chances for rain this week but this week looks a lot different than the types of storms that brought inches of rain just this past weekend. i'll have a closer look at the timeline for when the rain comes back coming up in about ten minutes. >> we'll see you then, rob, thank you. some people in san francisco are still cleaning up after heavy rain drenched the city yesterday. intersections were flooded and some of the homes were damaged. now the concern is over sewage backup. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is live for us in the west portal district with the details. sergio. >> reporter: anoushah, when we came into this neighborhood earlier this afternoon we noticed that there were a lot of homes that had sandbags out front and garages open because they were airing them out from all that moisture. the owner of this house tells me unfortunately it wasn't rainwater that got into his house. sewage was backing up.
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>> it happened in december of 2015 and happened with this storm too. >> reporter: peter glover has had to deal with floods here before. this weekend he put out sandbags to help redirect the torrential runoff from the street. it worked but his house still got soaked. >> this time it was sewage that came up through the drain. so i don't know what the root cause of it was this year. >> reporter: there are several other homes in this neighborhood that are also drying out from the storm. this one at 15th avenue and wawona is one of several that were inundated when the storm drains got clogged up and a deep pool of water formed here. people saw their streets turn into rushing rivers, but street runoff isn't the only issue. this is a map from the san francisco water, power and sewer department. you can see several red blinking symbols. those are warnings that a combined sewer discharge has just occurred into the ocean. that includes this sight at ocean beach and lincoln way. >> it's a big box that just pumps horrible water out.
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>> reporter: surfer everett taylor says he had a close call here before after a recent storm. >> i actually jumped in to grab this little kid who fell in and i got him and brought him out and it was all good. and i ended up in the hospital like a week later with a horrible infection and ended up on antibiotics. >> reporter: he steered clear of the drain today. according to the san francisco public utilities commission, several city beaches have elevated concentration of bacteria after the storm. right now it's not clear how many homes were affected by the sewage backup. >> we heard it gurgling up underneath our car. >> reporter: peter glover says he hopes the city does something after the disaster at his house. >> this used to be maybe a once every 15-year kind of event. but now it seems like it's happening every few years. so i think there's got to be some sort of engineering effort, you know, done by the city to try to keep these houses safe. >> reporter: now, mr. glover says that he has contacted the city to file a claim. we also saw that there was a city truck that came by earlier this evening and he had a conversation with that driver.
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we've reached out to the city department of public works to ask how many homes experienced this situation. we're still waiting for a response. reporting fliev san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thanks very much. the wet weather this weekend brought a lot of snow to the sierra. a live look at interstate 80 near kingville right now. and it is not snowing. a lot of snow there but nothing on the roads, no chains required right now. well, this morning snowfall at squaw and alpine. pushed the total past 100 inches for the season. another way to look at it, eight feet in the past two weeks. here's what alpine meadows looked like this morning. you see all the fresh powder. great day on the slopes for skiers and boarders. last year the ski resorts did not hit that 100-inch mark until january. here's a good way to get the very latest updates on the forecast. rob mayeda, always tweeting out information about our changing conditions. make sure to follow him. his handle is @robmayeda. a path forward. that's how some victims of northern california wildfires
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see their recent settlement with pg&e. today victims and their attorneys spoke publicly about the $13.5 billion agreement that headed off a court battle. the settlement involved several fires including the deadly tubbs and camp fires. >> hopefully the money will give us the ability to complete that the way we want to have it done. and our insurance was going to be a shortfall by probably a third. >> that's when i start to hear and close this chapter of my life and move on to the next one. >> pg&e says getting wildfire victims compensation has been its primary goal from the beginning of its bankruptcy process. the deal must now be approved by the bankruptcy court and state regulators. you can hear more from the victims and their attorneys coming up at 11:30. a violent weekend for one east bay city. two people have been killed in separate shootings in hayward this weekend. you see the areas there on the map. first happened yesterday right around 5:00 p.m. near amador way
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and yolo street. the second one 1:00 this morning on belvedere court. this morning police responded to reports of shots fired. they got to belvedere correlate and found a man in the street had been shot several times. by the time paramedics got there the man was dead. this morning's shooting just hours after the one on amador way. there a man died before paramedics could help him. police say they don't think the two shootings are related. they're not releasing the names of the people who died. following up on that deadly car crash in the east bay over the weekend, family friends have identified two of the three people who died. this is 22-year-old cion cione raytafa. he played football at hayard high school. and this is maoni pahulu from oakland. we're told maoni left behind a wife and daughter. chp says they were driving on highway 24 in orinda early saturday morning when the car they were in veered off the road and crashed into a tree. all three people in the car died at the scene. two days after a deadly
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shooting at a florida naval base the investigation has made an important shift. the attack is now being treated as an act of terrorism. the next goal for investigators is confirming whether the gunman, a 21-year-old saudi arabian man, acted alone. the aviation student killed three people, injured eight others before being killed by sheriff's deputies. one of the victims, airman mohammed faiham of florida, his former principal spoke about him. >> and he wanted to give back and he wanted to do good things, and i just feel like he was headed in that direction. >> today a procession carried the three who died back to the base. the route lined with flags, flowers, and mourners. investigators say the gunman used social media to criticize american support for israel. he also showed friends videos of mass shootings in the week leading up to the shooting. this week a new gun storage law is expected to win final approval from the santa clara county board of supervisors. that ordinance requires gun owners in unincorporated parts of the county to store their
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firearms in a locked container or with a trigger lock. the goal is to bring down the number of accidents, suicides, and thefts connected to firearms. the board is expected to approve that new law on tuesday. it would go into effect 90 days after that. well, taking guns off the street, that's the goal in southern santa clara county after two mass shootings. back in june a man opened fire at a ford store in morgan hill. a month after that another mass shooting happened at the gilroy garlic festival. the steve gilroy is hosting a gun buyback sale. it's going to happen next week december 14th at the gl roye corporation yard. 100 bucks for handguns, rifles and shotguns. $200 for assault weapons. organizers say that event will show that while the community is still grieving it's taking action. turning to politics now, it was a working sunday on capitol hill. behind closed doors democrats went through a dress rehearsal of sorts before tomorrow's hearing to lay out the evidence in the president's impeachment
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inquiry. leaders are expected to present evidence and testimony from past witnesses against the president to the country and the house judiciary committee. articles of impeachment could be written this week. for democrats the case against the president is clear. but republicans remain unconvinced. >> it's not just that democrats can't persuade people like me who support the president. they can't even persuade republicans like will hurd, who are critics of the president. >> certainly abuse of power. it might be abuse of -- obstruction of congress. and is not cooperating. >> perhaps the biggest unknown is the scope of allegations democrats will pursue. experts say leaders could stay narrow and focus on the ukraine saga or they could expand to include aspects of the mueller investigation. joe biden is headed to the bay area for a whirlwind of private fund-raisers all on the same day. the democratic presidential front-runner flies into town on thursday. his first stop is palo alto for a midday luncheon. from there he heads to san
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francisco for an early evening reception followed by an evening event in south san francisco. tickets to all the events range from $1,000 to $2,800. biden tops national polls. here in california he polls behind bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. coming up -- the commercial controversy just keeps going with the star of that peloton commercial is saying about her overnight fame. plus the price squeeze in the juice aisle. the reason behind why you may be paying more for o.j. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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a driver in connecticut's in trouble after his tesla slammed into the back of a state trooper's patrol car. >> uh-oh. >> then what do you say? i didn't do it? troopers were helping another driver whose car was stopped in the center lane and that's when the driver of the tesla crashed into that cruiser. and then the other car. and then kept going until another trooper stopped him. the driver told police the car was in autopilot, he was checking on his dog in the back seat before the crash. nobody hurt. driver's being charged with reckless driving. at this point it has reached soap opera proportions. the woman formerly known as the peloton girl has been identified and now she's speaking out. monica ruiz says her viral fame over peloton's stationary bike commercial and an aviation gin commercial that plays on the first ad was completely unexpected. she told deadline she was shocked and overwhelmed by the negative response to the peloton ad. so when ryan reynolds called with a humorous way to play off the commercial she was excited and relieved. the actress says she's grateful to both companies for her sudden fame. florida's citrus industry is
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in a lot of trouble. the state's the leading orange producer in the entire country but its crop crisis means you may be paying more for your juice. nbc's kerry sanders explains. >> reporter: orange juice from florida. >> a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine. >> reporter: still a popular morning routine. but the $9 billion industry synonymous with the sunshine state is in serious jeopardy. a disease called citrus greening is ruining the fruit and killing the trees. growers like adam birchinal discovering -- >> this grove's dead. >> yeah. pretty much sick and dying more and more. >> reporter: the grove his grandfather planted cb's citrus, 319 acres near tampa, is now mostly a ghost grove. >> we put so much effort, so much love and money into something, and it still just dies. and it's hard to not be pessimistic. >> reporter: for more than a decade scientists trying to stop a disease that is the leading
11:17 pm
reason florida's citrus industry saw a 70% drop in orange production over the last 15 years. the problem begins with a tiny bug called an asian citrus cillid. >> when they feed on the citrus plant the bacteria gets injected into the tree and then it moves through the vascular system. >> reporter: once that bacteria reaches a tree's root it's game over. and growers say replanting their groves with newly developed disease-resistant trees is too costly a solution. >> it's harvest season in florida. so when you shake a tree some of the fruit naturally just drops off. but growers say because of the disease the fruit that drops is as soft as fresh baked bread. >> reporter: the infected trees bear fruit that in some cases has 50% less juice, causing florida orange juice prices to jump almost 19% in just the last year. and why more and more packing
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houses now sit idle. citrus greening now claiming another victim as adam gives up on his grandfather's dream. in florida, where citrus was once king, for some green is now the new orange. kerry sanders, nbc news, odessa, florida. >> all right, rob. so we had a crazy weekend. >> couple of them, actually. >> and we're going to have some more rain. but is it going to be as bad? >> dplo, not as bad. we're looking at top rain totals for seven days just a quarter inch of rain. the by-product of rainy weather is the fog, which sets up. the ground is saturated. we're not adding to it right now. as you see on doppler radar. that storm has moved out of the picture, clearing skies. cool air. and a lot of moisture down at ground level. that sets up perfect for valley fog. and look at the visibility now in the north bay. from novato, santa rosa and
11:19 pm
napa. before midnight we're already below a half mile. patchy dense fog across the north bay valleys. eventually san jose into morgan hill, tri-valley and os v obviously across the rest of the bay too. you will notice the foggy conditions setting up. you will see the fog across the bay. right now san francisco, 53 degrees. the wind is light. clear skies above. that's a good recipe for fog. also you can look at some clouds there. not too far away from san jose. low clouds and 54 degrees. temperatures for the morning a bit chillier as that tropical moisture has moved out. and that will set the stage we think for some of that patchy fog. as we head toward tomorrow morning not just valley fog but the return of coastal low clouds too. that will lead to a cooler day. odds are temperatures here around half moon bay and pacifica in the mid 50s and a few extra clouds even into the afternoon on the west side of downtown around san francisco. so tomorrow morning's temperatures going from the mid 40s to highs in the upper 50s closer to san jose. 60 in morgan hill. we'll have to watch a bit of a
11:20 pm
light offshore breeze. that may bring actually more fog into places like concord, pittsburgh, and ant yog. especially toward tuesday. we will be watching that closely because that could make those inland east bay valley temperatures actually the coldest around the bay area. but tomorrow mid to upper 50s there. sfrirm from oakland into hayward. peninsula temperatures in the upper 50s with low clouds for the morning. patchy low clouds for the afternoon. san francisco in the upper 50s. and pretty much everyone seeing those same temperatures except up toward ukiah. that's a better chance of finding temperatures closer to 60 degrees. so the long-range rainfall as we go through the week you can see tops by far is up here on the north coast. that is between tuesday and saturday. but notice our bay area projection from tuesday through friday, which does include three rain chances. doesn't have a whole lot to show for it. until we get into friday night and saturday the numbers come up a bit. but even these are nothing like we've seen recently, just about a quarter inch for parts of the north bay and less than that for parts of san francisco. the reason@storms don't have the same punch, we've got high
11:21 pm
pressure off to the west weakening the storms as they approach. it will be areas north of san francisco, north bay, you could see daily shower chances passing mid-week and friday. but those totals look relatively low. and then friday night and saturday it's our best chance for finding some showers. and then this time next weekend kind of like we saw this weekend clearing conditions setting up for next sunday. so the seven-day forecast top concern for the morning commute will be the patchy fog. we'll probably see a little more of that for tuesday morning as well. a few brief light showers mainly for the north bay on wednesday, and then friday and saturday. that's probably the best bet for finding some rain in the forecast. and clearing skies heading toward next weekend with those big football games. niners back in town hosting the atlanta falcons. and the final home game in oakland looks dry and sunny there on sunday for the raiders. >> all right. rob, thank you very much. >> thank you, rob. still ahead, a fond farewell. the way people are remembering the man behind the beloved big bird and oscar the grouch characters. and an nfl star, make that superstar, showing support for
11:22 pm
paradise. the reason he had on a special pair of cleats today. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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saying good-bye to a legendary puppeteer. carroll spinney played two of sesame street's most beloved characters, big bird and oscar the grouch. he died today in his connecticut home after suffering from a neurological disorder. today people took time to honor him at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. you can see they put flowers and photos. even big bird stuffed animals. he was 85 years old. more than 900 players across the nfl today wore cleats representing charitable organizations. and among the players doing that is green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers. the northern california native, he's from chico, went to cal.
11:25 pm
he wore cleats supporting the north valley community foundation. that's a foundation that's helped raise nearly $100 million for those affected by wildfires up in paradise. the shoes said paradise strong and cal fire on them. he also had these headphones you see right there, similar design right there. this is the fourth year the nfl has had the my cause my cleats program. santa came a little early and in style. check this out. every year hundreds of toys are donated to kids at zuckerberg general hospital in san francisco. then santa and his helpers deliver them on their harley-davidsons. >> definite ly supports the healing of our patients. >> reporter: the annual fund-raiser started 36 years ago after its founder wanted to give back to the hospital and even though americains has died the tradition lives on. a massive settlement between pg&e and fire victims.
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at least one person is dead, dozens more missing after a volcanic eruption in new zealand. it's the first time the volcano on white island has erupted in almost 20 years. the island is a popular spot for tour groups. a san francisco man took this video that you're watching on his cell phone. he says he was on a tour there just 20 minutes before that volcano erupted. this latest round of rain inundated san francisco. and tonight people are still feeling the effects. flooding the big issue, but some say the debris in their house did not come from the street, it came from the sewer. it is sewage that backed up into their homes. it's not just homes. public works department says some of the sewage even flowed out into the ocean. two days after a deadly shooting at a florida naval base the investigation has entered an important shift. the attack is now being treated as an act of terrorism.
11:29 pm
the next goal for investigators is confirming whether the gunman, the 21-year-old saudi arabian man, acted alone. the aviation student killed three people and injured eight before being killed by sheriff's deputies. today victims of northern california wildfires and their attorneys spoke publicly about their $15.5 billion settlement with pg&e. nbc bay area's christie smith has their reaction and what comes next. >> part of the settlement is making them accountable. >> reporter: in santa rosa attorneys outlined the settlement with pg&e and wildfire victims. >> three barns, a couple greenhouses. two homes we lost. >> reporter: cory leeson joined many others faced with devastating loss after wildfires in northern california. he hopes the settlement will address uncertainty as he rebuilds. >> hopefully the money will give us the ability to complete that the way we want to have it done and our insurance was going to be a shortfall by probably a
11:30 pm
third. >> reporter: the $13.5 billion settlement involves several fires, including the tubbs fire in 2017 that devastated wine country, the camp fire in paradise and the ghost ship fire which the utility denies causing. there's a detailed timeline for the next steps. >> there will be a process where the fund is stocked and the cash goes to the trust for the victims, the fire victims trust. >> reporter: and that is what's expected. pg&e said in a statement on friday in part, "from the beginning of the chapter 11 process getting wildfire victims fairly compensated, especially the individuals, has been our primary goal. we want to help our customers, our neighbors, and our friends in those impacted areas recover and rebuild after these tragic wildfires." state senator jerry hill weighed in on the effect it may have. >> the current managers of pg&e
11:31 pm
do move out of bankruptcy, then it really does fall to the legislature and the governor and the public utilities commission to make sure that a safe utility does move forward and put the pressure on the utility to embed safety into their culture. >> safety was also discussed today. cat coy, a single father of three, lost his home in fountain grove. he has questions about how the settlement will proceed. >> i was at my house. that's when i start to close this chapter of my life and go on to the next one. >> reporter: the deal still must be approved by the federal bankruptcy court and state regulators. in santa rosa christie smith, nbc bay area news. our investigative unit has been tracking pg&e and its role in wild tyres across the state. you can check out our reports on our website. go to the investigative tab, search for pg&e. it is shaping up to be a historic week on capitol hill.
11:32 pm
tomorrow the house judiciary committee will present its findings on the impeachment inquiry. it's the next step on the path that will likely lead to an impeachment vote in the house before christmas. nbc's kelly o'donnell has a look at what we can expect. >> reporter: a working sunday on capitol hill. impeachment headquarters. >> we're continuing to prep for our hearing. >> reporter: media staked out while behind closed doors a dress rehearsal of sorts before tomorrow's hearing to lay out the evidence. >> i expect us to get all of our ducks in a row. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee is expected to take several hours monday as evidence against the president and testimony from past witnesses is presented to the country and the committee. chairman jerrold nadler would not commit to a timeline but expects articles of impeachment could be written this week. >> my goal is to do it as expeditiously but as fairly as possible. depending how long it takes. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest unknown, the scope of the
11:33 pm
allegations democrats will pursue. limited to the ukraine saga or including aspects of the mueller investigation? >> well, certainly abuse of power. it might be obstruction of congress and not cooperating. >> reporter: in florida saturday night president trump made his peril a punchline. >> i need some good news. i've got people trying to impeach me. >> reporter: today his gop defenders argued that house democrats have only convinced themselves. >> it's not just that democrats can't persuade people like me who support the president. they can't even persuade republicans like will hurd who are critics of the president. i don't see a single republican defecting. they've looked at the facts. they know where we are on this. >> president trump responded to north korea's latest warning and test with a warning of his own. the president said kim jong un risks losing everything if he resumes hostilities and his country must denuclearize. mr. trump also appealed to the
11:34 pm
dictator's ego, saying kim was too smart to walk away from the agreement with washington. yesterday the north indicated that further disarmament talks with the u.s. are being called off. on the very same day pyongyang reported what it calls a successful test of great significance at a rocket testing site north korea promised to close. the man accused of killing a fellow passenger on bart is due back in court this week. police say jermaine brim stabbed good samaritan oliver williams to death on a bart train three weeks ago. prosecutors say williams was trying to stop brim from stealing another passenger's shoes. brim appeared before a judge on thursday but didn't enter a plea. instead his public defender requested the hearing be delayed until wednesday. our investigative unit just finished a series that takes an in-depth look at what happens on bart. we spent months riding the trains, recording what we saw from the violence to the bizarre. you can watch the entire series now on we're now learning the
11:35 pm
financial impact that flooding has on sonoma county. over the past 40 years strong storms known as atmospheric rivers have caused more than $5 billion in damage in the county. that makes it the hardest-hit county in 11 western states over those years. according to a study published this week in the journal "science advances," marin and napa counties also sustained more than $1 billion worth of damages from storms. again, that's over the past 40 years. tons of snow came down in berkeley today all on one street. and no, it was not a natural phenomenon, of course. but north berkeley's annual take a snow day. >> it wasn't in the forecast. >> that's what rob said. rob was shocked. the family event is full of holiday cheer. and the little ones were so excited about meeting santa and they had a rare chance to play in the snow. for some kids it was an entirely new experience. >> jax is 3 years old and he's never actually seen snow before. so this is the first time seeing
11:36 pm
and touching snow. >> they were just making a snowman. and -- >> until my sister destroyed it. >> yeah. >> there were also pony rides, food and art vendors, lots of fun. the best part of berkeley's snow day is it was free. the event's been going on for 30 years now. concord's vice mayor just got a promotion. this is tim mcgalleon. he is the east bay city's new mayor. he was first appointed to the council in 2015. he has served in the city's planning commission, been city treasurer. then he became vice mayor. he's also known for founding the concord july 4th festival and fireworks. still ahead, there's a kickoff of awards season but first we need to meet the nominees. who's expected to get a golden globe nod? . it's going ok? . great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!?
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a new vaccine for ebola could start saving lives in central africa. johnson & johnson produce the vaccine. they're now distributing it in rwanda, supplying the country with 200,000 doses. the hope is to stop the deadly disease. rwanda borders the democratic republic of congo, where so far 2,000 people have died from ebola. >> the new initiative will offer the vaccine to people who cross the border with dnc on a regular basis. as part of work, as part of school, as part of commitments they have. >> the world health organization calls the ebola outbreak in the congo a public health emergency of international concern. flu season is off to a fast start and it's all because of an unexpected virus that's floating around. that's according to the cdc. it's the earliest start of the flu season in more than 15
11:39 pm
years. the viruses don't usually hit until spring. but right now the south is seeing a quick and widespread of the sickness. children's hospital new orleans has already seen more flu cases this fall than it saw all of last winter. the emergency alert system in san francisco is going to be turned off for a while. pretty long while. the city -- that's the system right there. the city says it's time to update the public warning system so those sirens that are tested every tuesday are going silent for two years. and they're being shut down this week. i guess tuesday is the last time you're going to hear them. they were installed in the 1940s during world war ii. while the system is down, it says it will issue text message alerts through alertsf. mart strain is expanding. the transit agency says it's opening two new stations in marin county. that's so passengers can travel from sthoema, marin, and san francisco earlier. the line will be north of santa rosa and larkspur ferry
11:40 pm
terminal. they will honor the opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on december 13th and 14th. the california hall of fame is getting some new members. governor newsom is going to induct ten new honorees on tuesday. among those honorees the late poet maya angelou and u.s. women's soccer player brandi chastain, who is from san jose. the rest of the inductees are there. george lopez. the george lopez show, me and my boys used to sit there and watch that episode after episode. fantastic. the event set for the hall of fame in sacramento 6:00 on tuesday evening with a red carpet rollout for the honorees. and it will be live streamed on youtube. the 77th annual golden globes are right around the corner, and tomorrow we'll find out who's been nominated. movies like martin scorsese's "the irishman," and quentin tarantino's "once upon a time in hollywood." terry, are you clapping? >> i'm clapping for once upon a time. and "the irishman." >> and the irishman. >> yeah. >> they're both expected to come away with several nods. tom hanks is a possible nominee for his recent performance as
11:41 pm
mr. rogers in "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." by the way, ricky gervais is going to host the awards. it's the british comedian's fifth time hosting. he breaks a record. remember, you can watch the golden globes right here on nbc bay area sunday january 5th. >> should be a party. coming up, an out of this world delivery. the reason barley, barley just arrived at the international space station. and in the skies around the bay area right now starting to see low clouds filling in around san jose. and visibility down to near zero right now in novato. what all this means for your morning commute. when we come right back.
11:42 pm
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. okay. you've heard the expression the eagle has landed. but today it's the dragon that landed. this right here is the spacex dragon spacecraft. it docked at the international space station this morning and the mission delivered supplies to crew members. but this is kind of interesting. one of the items that was being delivered was barley. barley beer. it was part of an experiment to see how beer brews in space. interesting. crews are currently working on fixing a cosmic ray detector. >> doing some other work as well. >> they are. but the beer is the main thing. >> it is. i think when they're up there they're going to try to come up with a cure for the hangover. and if they come back with that, it was all worth it. >> it was all worth it. >> interesting in zero g.
11:45 pm
right? >> exactly. what's it going to be like? >> from the view from outer space looking down from the satellite view over the bay area right now what you'd find is fog. thick fog. look at the view here in oakland. it doesn't take a weather person to tell you how far -- >> that could be anywhere. >> oakland. that's what less than one mile visibility looks like. it's not even midnight. this fog setting up pretty quick. keep this in mind tomorrow morning with kerry hall and mike inouye as we watch our reports on traffic and weather. that's a sneak preview what you're going to be driving through tomorrow morning. notice in san jose we've got low clouds but nothing really quite at ground level just yet but we think even the santa clara valley could be dealing with some dense fog for the morning numbers in the mid 50s right now and san francisco actually the clearest of the three right now. across the bay you can begin to see a little bit of low clouds near the water. temperatures in the low 50s. currently. and the worst of the visibility, oakland was pretty bad but look at novato.
11:46 pm
it's down to zero already. santa rosa about just over a quarter mile. half mile in the north bay. that is pretty thick this early at night. as we head toward tomorrow morning i even think out toward the tri-valley and down across the central bay obviously you're seeing it now in oakland, we will continue to see these conditions likely getting a little bit worse in terms of that patchy dense fog. you're going to want to factor in a little extra time on your morning commute. if you've got travel plans around sfo or local airports. until about mid-morning we'll probably see those low clouds lingering around the bay area. and speaking of low clouds you can see some of it there on the future cass. in addition to the valley fog setting up inland we've got the return of some coastal low clouds too. so a cooler day tomorrow. especially near the coast. of highs in the mid 50s. so a bit farther inland as you go toward morgan hill. closer to 60 degrees. ukiah also seeing some 60s. and actually temperatures will be trending a little bit cooler we think. concord and antioch, we're going to probably see a little bit of an offshore breeze. some of that fog around stockton and modesto the tulee fog that
11:47 pm
could drift off to the east. fog coming in from the east and coastal low clouds also making for a bit of a cooler start to the week. in terms of rainfall this is a progression from tuesday all the way through friday. notice the totals here. we just went through these periods of atmospheric river storms dropping inches of rain. that doesn't look like a lot. in fact just enough to barely register. until we get to saturday now. so the models are starting to bring up those rain totals. timing is the same. but it may be a quarter inch to a third of an inch of rain we think up toward the north bay. so this is why the storms coming in may not have quite as much energy. we have high pressure off to the west. they're going to weaken as they cross inland on wednesday. if you're in the north bay you may still see some daily chances of showers. especially north from sonoma county up toward mendocino county and points northward. and then friday into saturday this looks to be our best chance for rain. as you saw that there on the future cass. saturday heading into sunday we begin to see those clearing skies once again.
11:48 pm
a few chances of showers this week. rain totals look much lower than we've seen recently. i think it's the fog that's going to be the bigger problem for the next couple morning commutes. you're already seeing it in oakland. as we head through the rest of the forecast heading toward next weekend the wettest day right now looks to be saturday, then clear skies for both the 49ers and raiders. raiders final home game in oakland coming up next sunday with should clearing skies there. highs near 60. >> when you say zero visibility in novato, how far can you see in the end of your car? >> that would be probably literally 50 to 100 feet in front of your car. so you're going to want to reduce speeds obviously, increase the pacing between yourself and the car in front of you, and for it to be that thick this early at night kind of hints what we could be looking at for tomorrow morning. >> all right, rob, thanks very much. >> thanks, rob. turning over to sports now, dave feldman has the sports. >> coming up in sports, the raiders try to keep pace in the afc wild card hunt against the titans. plus the niners travel to the big easy for a showdown against
11:49 pm
the saints. the winner of this game goes a long way in determining home field advantage throughout the playoffs. highlights of a must-see instant classic, ahead in sports. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not?
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♪ the stanford women's soccer team captured the national championship tonight. they played north carolina at avaya stadium for the 2019 women's college cup. >> look at that. >> it was a close game. the game finished in a scoreless tie. then stanford beat the tar heels 5-4 in a penalty shootout. kiki pickett scored the deciding g goal. the third time stanford has won the women's college cup since 2011. >> way to go. >> wow. >> women. fall season's almost here. for college football fans it means one more game for cal. cal going to be playing in the redbox bowl.
11:52 pm
takes place at levi's stadium. that game is december 30th, 1:00 p.m. the bears will play the university of illinois. cal went 7-5 this year, beat stanford in the big game. speaking of football, the niners played an instant classic today. it was amazing. the raiders' playoff hopes took a big blow. >> dave feldman joins us with highlights and reaction from both teams. >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. the 49ers and saints played what has become an instant classic. it featured a combined 94 points. spectacular play calling. a tough tight end who basically carried the niners to a victory with a game on the line. and a last-second field goal to watch. if was fun, it was exhilarating, it was scary all at once. i hope you got to see it. 49ers and saints. second quarter we'll pick it up. niners down 13. emmanuel sanders on the reverse. he's throwing the ball! raheem mostert's catching it. 35 yards for the score. 49ers cut the deficit to six. third quarter 49ers down two,
11:53 pm
jimmy g steps into the flat, george kittle finds the pylon. niners take the lead 35-30. now just a minute left in the game, saints down five and driving. drew brees, trekwon smith who slips a tackle and scores. two-point conversion no good. saints in front by just one. ensuing possession for the 49ers, fourth and two, garoppolo to kittle, who carries one, maybe two, maybe three saints 39 yards plus 15 for a face mask. it's more than enough field position to set up robbie gould from 30 yards out for the win, and it's good. 49ers win 48-46. they improve to 11-2. >> first half they got us. but second half they got us too. yeah. thank goodness for our offense. thank goodness for jimmy garoppolo, george kittle. obviously kyle shanahan, the entire offense made plays when we had to, made it hard down the
11:54 pm
stretch. you know, obviously there were some things in there, some circumstances that you can't control, but we're thankful we got the win and it's a great team win. >> i think it's just -- it's good for our team. we win different ways every week. i feel like i say the same thing every week to you guys. but it's just that's what a good football team does. you find a way to win tough games like this. whatever it may be. i think our guys are built for anything. handling the environment and everything. it was pretty loud out there. but i thought we did well with it. meanwhile, the raiders clinging to their playoff hopes, hosting the titans. second quarter raiders down seven. derek carr. rico gaffer. someone made a gaffe because he was wide open. 49 yards. we're tied at 14. third quarter now tied at 121. derrick henry runs it in from ten yards out. his second of the game. titans lead by 7. fourth quarter raiders down by 14. carr to waller. but he fumbles it and j.r. brown
11:55 pm
scoops it up and goes 46 yards the other way. tight rnz winners, 42-21. raiders drop their third straight. they're 6-7. and afterwards jon gruden was asked if the season was unraveli unraveling. >> it's easy to look at it that way, no doubt. but we've got a tight football team that's competing hard. we're missing some of the players that helped us win those three straight games. i think golden state warriors are going through a similar process. it's not as easy to win when you're not playing with your front line guys. we're excited about the development of some young players, but it's on me. it's my responsibility to fix it. and certainly doesn't look good the last few weeks. >> that'll do it for sports. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
11:56 pm
the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute,
11:57 pm
because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. rob mayeda here. and we are talking, we've been
11:58 pm
talking rain, snow. now we're talking fog. >> yeah, we've had a lot of water on the ground. that moisture with the clear skies above. >> whoa. >> trust me, that's oakland. it's out there. visibility 3/46 of a mile. in the north bay visibility less than a quarter of a mile. all this sets up before midnight. that's a sneak preview of your forecast tomorrow morning beginning with fog and low clouds. probably going to get a repeat of that on tuesday. a few showers wednesday. but i think friday night and saturday that chance of rain increase a bit. maybe a quarter inch. >> we leave you with a shot of san francisco's city hall. and it's changing colors. if you're down there you'll see. >> lovely. >> really nice. have a great night. and a great week. just changed. the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi.
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chad johnson, one of the top nfl receivers of his era. >> i had fun playing the game of football. i made it fun to be a bengal fan again. >> he took the showboat attitude and record shattering play, the man once known as ochocinco eventually found himself at odds with the organization he'd come to love. >> would have been great to be around one time. i never knew what it felt like to win. >> but it was a 2012 arrest that led to jail time and the end of his nfl career. >> how tough was that period for you to go through? >> very. you think about your mistake, you know? >> when i sat down with johnson in 2015 at his home outside fort


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