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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 9, 2019 3:30am-3:59am PST

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breaking overnight, details are still coming in as a volcano erupts on a remote island off new zealand. dozens of tourists trying to escape many still unaccounted for. impeachment enters a new phase. the judiciary committee holds s second public hearing today with a full house vote on articles of impeachment expected before the end of the week another possible shooting thwarted police arresting a man who posted this disturbing video where he mimics shooting pedestrians from a california hotel room how real was the threat? the peloton girl is out with a new ad for ryan reynolds for
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gin. and influences on early childhood education in america this morning, a look back at the great caroll spinney, who brought big bird and oscar the grouch to life "early today" starts right now good monday morning. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. we begin with the breaking news from new zealand, where at least five people have died after a volcano erupted. about 50 people were on or near white island when it happened. police say 23 made it to shore, and five of those people died from their injuries. officials have not confirmed the number of people unaccounted for, but it is believed to be about two dozen. just moments ago, police reported that they do not believe there are any survivors left on the island there are no signs of life police confirmed there are tourists among the injured and the dead, but they have not released any information about the nationalities of the victims. royal caribbean cruises told nbc
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news they had guests touring the island but they did not share additional details. the stage is set for a historic showdown in washington, as congress forges ahead with impeachment hearings today, members of the intelligence committee will testify before the judiciary over their findings of whether president trump tried to pressure ukraine intoe iing hise biden. the white house will not participate in upcoming hearings, saying the inquiry is baseless tracie potts joining us with the latest from d.c. good morning a lot to watch for today >> reporter: we do, phillip. this is like making final arguments before the committee that's going to make the decision they will hear both sides and then begin to deliberate and even write or draft the articles of impeachment this morning, lawmakers for and against impeachment will present their case to the judiciary committee. >> there is overwhelming evidence that the president
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sought to coerce ukraine into interfering in our election. >> i think he was acting on concern about ukraine being the third most corrupt country in the world. >> reporter: members of the intelligence committee will break down their report. findings from the evidence and more than a dozen witnesses. then the judiciary committ disct articles of impeachment to consider the chair says those article s r charges may be ready this week. >> we have a lock solid case the case, presented to a jury, would be a guilty verdict in three minutes flat. >> they're going to impeach not because they have the evidence but hate the president and want to do the election. >> reporter: president trump hinting his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, just back from ukraine, may weigh in. >> he's going torn general and to congress. he has a lot of good information. >> reporter: the white house opted not to participate in these final hearings giuliani could be a bit of a wild card here if things stay on
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track and we see articles of impeachment this week. the expectation is lawmakers could vote on that before the end of next week, before the holiday break. phillip? >> tracie potts for us with the latest from washington thanks, tracie. now to a chilling story about an arrest made in california a 30-year-old man is behind bars after a video was discovered that appears to show a gunman practicing for a mass shooting nbc's kathy park has this report a warning, you may find the video disturbing >> look at that. jams boom >> reporter: this haunting video inside a san diego hotel room appears to show a mag pedestrianyes. >> reporter: in the graphic role the southern california man play posted online, you can hear talking to himself in a troubling sequence >> what do you do with this? >> reporter: he grabs ammunitioe of alcohol, and takes aim using a cache of weapons, includie iin
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assault style weapon he was arrested after police received an anonymous tip from someone who knew him on a gaming community. stating, in part, he's gone off the deep end, and he is planning something or already has a plan. >> by the nature of the tip and what it was about, we knew we had to move quickly. we did >> reporter: in the search warrant obtained by our nbc station in san diego, the man booked a room at the sofia hotel for one night in march and purchased 14 firearms between last february and may of this yo year. >> drop the gun, pick up another gun. >> reporter: potential rehearsal for an attack landing a man in jail the next act will be facing a judge on monday. kathy park, nbc news the fb isooting at the naval air station that left three people dead orward as if the shooting was an act of terror.
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they say the shooter, alshamrani, was a second lieutenant in the saudi air force and legally boughtrampage. he recently traveled to new york with fellow students here's blayne alexander. >> reporter: the fbi has a long investigation ahead. they want to question any associates of alsamrani and are asking for background information about him. meanwhile, people in florida are beginning to say good-bye. as pensacola gives a final salute to its fallen sailors, more questions are swirling about the shooter, 21-year-old saudi national alshamrani. >> our main goal right now is to confirm whether he acted alone or was this ae pahe a part of a network? >> reporter: officials are investigating it as an act of terrorism.uts, walked into this
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building with a block 9 millimeter handgun and was the only gunman, investigators say there have been no arrests in the case law enforcement sources tell nbc in the week leading up to the shooting, alshamrani showed three fellow saudi classmates videos of mass shootings over dinner. >> do you believe the students or others knew about this attack beforehand >> i'm not prepared to answer as we continue to investigate there are several students cooperating and providing information. >> reporter: several known associates of his, fellow students, have been restricted on base by their saudi commander. as officials investigate why he opened fire, we're learning about his victims' past. >> cameron walters, at 21, he always dreamed of being a navy pilot. and joshua caleb watson.
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in his final moments, pointing first responders to the shooter. >> he is a hero. god bless his heart. >> reporter: all three receiving a hero's farewell. struck down on the battlefield in their own backyard. >> all a big military family, and this is horrendous >> reporter: the remains of those three sailors were returned to dover air force base in delaware. a dignified transfer, something we see for service members killed in war. phillip? >> thank you a tale of survivor twin girls, just 4, are recovering this morning after escaping a crash that killed their father nbc's morgan chesky has more >> reporter: a quiet stretch of road in washington state forever changing a family late friday night. >> little girls. i don't know if they're with a witness or something they can't find the vehicle but they are telling the other adults their dad was bleeding. >> reporter: the 4-year-old girls, twin sisters on a trip with their father, cory simmons, who lost control of his car.
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>> in a ditch. it's a sedan, hard to see. >> reporter: family's car down a steep ravine the impact killing simmons, but his girls, who were buckled in, survived helping each other out of booster seats, crawlinro a broken climbp embankment to t road. >> to realize they needed to get help at that moment, and for their situational awareness to get them to the road is extremely brave. those are the two heros of the day. >> reporter: a woman spotted the girls as she drove by, then pulled over. >> passerby has the children in her vehicle, scared, cold. she's in a white mustang with flashers on. >> put them in her car, got them to stay warm, and they kept saying, my daddy, my daddy she knew something tragic had happened. >> reporter: for the woman who spotted the girls. >> we are so incredibly thankful we are, you know, desperately looking for who, youiustreet" hd
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caroll spinney made big bird and oscar the grouch come alive. he died on sunday at his connecticut, according to the sesame workshop. in hollywood, fans left flowers and gifts on big bird's star it was spinney who made generations of children feel like they always had a friend. here is nbc's harry smith. >> reporter: 50 years ago, caroll spinney was a puppeteer in search of a purpose, when muppet creator jim henson asked him to join his team. >> he said, i'll be involved with a new show. ♪ how to get to sesame street >> would you be interested in working with the mup itpemuppet? >> reporter: in the day to day going ons, there needed to be an innocent a character without guile. his was a child'aks ic 8'2" bird ♪ full of different bf thire kio
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wanted to do the right thing that's what big bird is always trying to be, a good kid >> reporter: awkward, flightless, and sweet, big bird was the perfect counterpart to oscar the grouch, who was also played by spinney. >> oscar is cool it is fun to play somebody very different than oneself on the other hand, big bird is my kid in some ways, i love him best. >> reporter: big bird brought him all over the world, opened his mind, and nurtured his soul. thank you, caroll spinney, for 50 years you have been our fine feathered friend harry smith, nbc news, new york. >> caroll spinney was 85 years old. we are close to the end of the season, but the nfl playoffs is far from over the rams stayed in the running after a win against the seahawks jared goff showed flashes of last season's greatness with nearly 300 yards in the air and two touchdowns the defense sacked russell
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wilson five times. rams win 28-12 the chiefs punched their ticket to thee patriots' first loss ate in 21 games. new england struck first with trickery from tom brady, who connected with edelman for the 37 yard strike last year's mvp, patrick mahomes, silenced gillette with a bomb to hardeman chiefs won it 23-16. >> that win almost didn't happen that's because the chiefs' equipment was accidentally sent to new jersey instead of foxborough, massachusetts. the team personnel had to rush it in last minute, arriving before kick-off. presenting the league's first ever forfeit the shootout super dome 49ers and saints put up nearly 100 points combined. drew brees and garoppolo combined for 700 yards passing and nine touchdowns. the niners had the ball last, and it came to that. all down to this kick right
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here san francisco wins 48-46. let's get a check with nbc meteorologist janessa webb to see what she is watching. >> good morning. pacific northwest under winter weather advisories for the upper midwest. this is a strong cold front making its way through it'll continue to deteriorate throughout the afternoon from bismarck to international falls. unfortunately, the temperatures will not climb back. day time highs today, minneapolis, a h highs, only in 40s for seattle to portland. quiet for now, but another storm system about to hit seattle. i'll show you when coming up. >> here we go. thank you, janessa. still ahead, celine dion
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fast forwarding into monday. the 2020 golden globes nominations will be announced by the hollywood foreign press association thishe 8:00 a.m. eastern time. firsla melania trump is getting into the spirit of giving she'll visit a base to participate in the annual mari
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today at noon eastern. the trump administration is heading to course this week. today, a panel of judges will hear oral arguments over whether members of congress can sue the president for allege the spirit to christmas is on the minds of retailers, including best buy joining us from london is karen tso. good morning >> frances, good morning we're all counting down to christmas, but perhaps there's no need to wait for santa to visit. electronics retailer best buy is launching 12 days of deals starting today each day is themed and targeted to specific people for instance, gifts for the fami, gifts for, and apple loverssney has been rn at the global box office with a whole of almost $10 billion. so far, it's had five films crack the $1 billion crack, lion king, aladdin, avengers end game, captain marvel, toy story
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4. with the latest blockbuster, "frozen 2," it is expected to cross the $1 billion mark sometime this week it is yet to release the latest "star wars" film, "the rise of skywalker. disney is unlikely to be able to repeat this record performance next year. enjoy it while it lasts. back to you. >> karen, thank you. coming up next, janessa will have our forecast for the week ahead. plus, how ryan reynolds is putting his own spin on the putting his own spin on the controversial peloton adowed ref and remission, witability to fig 8 weeks.ayower and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur.
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janssen can help you explore cost support options. nyquifor your worst cold andrful relieflu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquilbest sleep with, medicine. it was supposed to be for a photo. >> if i looked like him, i'd try to distract the photographer, too. >> yeah, he's not good looking like us three. >> hey, guys, is this seat taken? >> sorry actually, it is. >> yes we would love to see you talk and chew at the same time, but we promise this seat to our
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friend. >> i'm boris' friend right, boris >> don't make this harder than it already is. >> it's a fun take on it. >> like "mean girls. >> yeah. if you have the beginning of the week blues, check out these tips to make your monday more bearable they come from researchers at u.c. berkeley. they suggest you prep for th the beginnings on friday. of the week calm and stress free if you are feeling dread, give yourself something to look forward to by scheduling monday fun. last but not least, don't forget to take breaks and give yourself a minute to recharge easier said than done, right >> of course you can just call in >> it's monday, man. >> not deal with it. >> it is what it is. it'll be tough no matter what. >> always. chicago bears linebacker khalil mack spread some cheer in his hometown it is a great story. 28-year-old surprised the walmart shoppers in fort pierce, florida, by paying off their layaway accounts
3:57 am
according to nbc sports, mack paid off over 300 accounts through the khalil mack foundation walmart posted about the star's secret santa moment on facebook. they thanked him for his generosity 300 families that will have a christmas free of having to worry about making those payments. >> yeah. no debt. ryan reynolds is capitalizing on controversy, putting the actress from the controversial peloton ad front and center in his new commercial ♪ >> this gin is really smooth. >> yeah. >> we can get you another one, if you'd like. >> you're safe here. >> to new beginnings. >> to new beginnings >> all right i see the humor there. i like it. this spot is for reynolds' brand of spirits aviation gin. he saw an opportunity to ride on
3:58 am
some of the spotlight from the peloton ad and the controversy and seized on it of course, the actress is working again. she's got another gig. she's got to love it, as well. you said the last line in the ad is -- >> you look great. >> right >> from the peloton ad >> i like that. >> he turned that around real quick. >> he did. thanks for watching "early today" on this monday. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. on "today," we're marking the international day of the girl. jenna bush hager trave
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> articles of impeachment, will they be delivered today a new hearing is about to get underway following a weekend that saw president trump tweet some 105 times by midnight sunday the fbi is confirming that it's operating on the assumption that the deadly attack at a pensacola, florida, naval base was an act of terrorism.
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details are still coming in as a volcano erupts off of the north island of new zealand. many still unaccounted for remembering the actor who brought big bird and oscar the grouch to style for so many years. the grea spiey gone thage of 85. plus, the incredible lov


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