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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> they're going to impeach not because they have the evidence but because they hate the president. plus a historic week in washington is set to kick off this morning. a live report from capitol hill on what's next in the impeachment inquiry. and thick fog blanketing the bay area just as the rain moves out. our team is tracking the dangerous driving conditions ahead for your morning commute so you're ready to hit the road. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good morning to you on this monday. thanks for starting your morning with us. >> i'm chris sanchez. first something we're talking about in the newsroom, the kickoff of award season this morning. the nom 2345inees are just star to roll in. >> that's going to be interesting to see. there's been a lot of good movies, a lot of talk about mr. rogers. it's a beautiful day in his neighborhood if he gets the nomination, i'm sure.
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>> tom hanks. >> he's not a fan favorite. >> not at all. >> luckily it is on our air so you'll be able to watch the golden globes. i think the golden globes are a little more accessible because it has not just movies that you have to state up late and go out for. you can be at home. >> i always say there are some movies i need to watch. >> yes. >> always movies to put on the list. all right, so let's get out the door this morning with a look at that. do you know where that is? >> where is that? >> that is oakland. look at the visibility right now down to about a tenth of a mile. it's really bad out there. we're seeing in the tri-valley, livermore at zero, san francisco a quarter of a mile. napa also at zero where we have dense fog advisories in effect. keep that in mind as you head out, maybe heading to the bart station.
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after that the sun will peek out. we'll talk more about that but fog is a factor, mike. >> yes. guess where i am. they've opened up the cash laess but we have the back-up all the way to the end of the parking lot. the right lane is a little lighter but we'll track this. after thanksgiving we talk about the end of the year slide so we're expecting a little lighter flow of traffic. with lighter traffic we get higher speeds but with fog that could be a big factor, folks losing visibility in all patches where the orange lighting is. no major crashes right now. back to you. developing now, a bay area man is speaking exclusively with nbc news about this scary and what we know is now a deadly situation off the coast of new zealand. a volcano suddenly erupted on a popular destination island. five people are confirmed dead but other people are still
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missing or trapped on the island with . within the last two hours authorities announced that there are no other signs of survivors. the video was taken by michael shad of san francisco. he was visiting the island with his family and said he was on the summit less than 20 minutes before it erupted. he speaks with the "today show." >> it went from nothing going on to interrupting. we looked back and saw a plume of smoke. there were some people that were screaming for help and looking for reassurance. it was hard to stop crying long enough to take the photo. >> nearly 20 people were rescued and air lifted to a new zealand medical center. many are said to have suffered serious burns. royal caribbean says people on one of its cruise ships had been visit visiting the island and one of those has died. to capitol hill where final
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argumentsen impeachment are happening this morning. lawmakers will present their case to the judiciary committee. tracy potts live for us in washington. what can we expect today? >> reporter: marcus, expect both sides to be laid out today, lawmakers listening to their colleagues on a different committee about the investigation, the witnesses, the evidence and whether to begin the process to draw up articles of impeachment against president trump. this morning, lawmakers for and against impeachment will present their case to the judiciary committee. >> there is overwhelming evidence that the president sought to coerce ukraine into interfering in our election. i think he was acting on concern about ukraine being the third most corrupt country in the world. >> reporter: members of the intelligence committee will break down their report, findings from the evidence and more than a dozen witnesses. then the judiciary committee
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will begin discussing what articles of impeachment to consider. the chair says those articles or charges may be ready this week. >> i think the case we have, if presented to a jury, would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat. >> they're going to impeach because they hate the president. >> reporter: president trump hinting to his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, just back from ukraine, may weigh in. >> he's going to make a report i think to the attorney general and to congress. he says he has a lot of good information. >> reporter: but the white house has opted not to participate in the final hearings. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. coming up at 5:4 5, scott mcgrew will have much more insight this morning on those hearings as well as more of what we can expect today, and as soon as that hearing starts you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. nbc will have a special report ahead for us this morning at 6:00. breaking olympics news this
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morning. russia is banned from the 2020 games in tokyo. the world anti-doping agency issued the ban a short time ago, deciding that the russian flag and the russian national anthem will not be seen or heard at the olympics or other international sporting events for four years, including the 2022 world cup. similar to what happened during the 2018 olympics, russian athletes who had not been implicated will be allowed to compete in tokyo. 168 russians competed as olympic athletes from russia. you'll remember that. >> i do. some neighbors in san francisco are dealing with sewage back-up from this weekend's storm and are demanding answers from the city. >> we're live in san francisco. how is it looking? do we want to know, sharon? >> reporter: you can see the sand bags still lining the streets here and they managed to
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keep the rain water out but still sewage came up inside some of the homes here. peter glover has had to deal with floods before. he put out sand bags but inside his house still got soaked. >> this time it was sewage that came up through the drain so i don't know what the root cause was this year. >> reporter: there are several other homes in this neighborhood that are also drying out from the storm, this one at 15th avenue is one of several that was affected when the storm drains got clogged up and a deep pool of water formed inside. matt from the san francisco water, power and sewage department shows several warnings. that means a combined discharge has occurred into the ocean including ocean beach and lincoln way and surfers are being careful to stay out of the water because of possible sewage runoff. we are still waiting to hear from the public works department
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on how many homes were affected by this sewage issue. >> hopefully they get some relief soon, thank you. parents in richmond are expected to discuss potential impacts of a big budget short fall. a forum is scheduled tonight as the west contra costa unified school district is dealing with a $48 million deficit. parents we spoke with say they're concerned that the impact could have on services as well as class size. in march voters are expected to decide on a $575 million construction bond to upgrade school facilities. also today, santa clara county's homeless assistance team is getting input on what to best fulfill the needs of thousands of homeless people living within the county borders. the offices of supportive services will hold two community meetings today, one at 2:00 in the afternoon in the mountain view public library, the other
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at 6:00 at the community meeting room in palo alto. online shoppers know this problem too well, your packages stolen while you're away. a new study says that bay area residents are more likely to fall victim than anywhere else in the united states. a study found that 24 thefts happen per 1,000 people, which is the most in the nation, and about a third higher than the national average. this weekend's wet weather brought a lot of snow to the sierra. here's a live look at interstate 80. no change needed there right now. snowfall passed 100 inches for the season, that's over 8 feet in just the past two weeks. here's what alpine meadows looked like over the weekend, all that fresh powder making for a great day on the slopes for skiers and boarders. last year the ski resort dchbt h didn't hit the 100-inch mark until january.
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>> that's good if you can get there. sometimes you get the snow and you can't get there. >> right. they're really good about clearing out the roads and then we have a break right now. look at where we are. we're almost where we should be at 97% for the state average, a little over for the central and southern parts of the sierra. so that is really good considering that we didn't get any snow up until thanksgiving. now as we take a look outside we talk about how much rain we've measured and how we're doing there. well above normal in santa rosa with 121% of normal, while san francisco, we're catching up here at 67%. we do still have some work to do in livermore. we're at 33%. san jose now at 70%. we have more rain in the forecast. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike, you have a new report out of marin county. >> i want to show folks the golden gate bridge camera.
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doesn't look like anything is wrong but we're noticing there are no lights beyond this initial part of the curve because there's fog here and going up into marin county and all around the bay. there are reports of a bus stalled around the exit right there, should be being addressed right at this second. any time we have even a stalled vehicle, that will be more of a factor because of the limited visibility. you see this orange highlighting around the east bay, san francisco, contra costa county, the north bay and all the way down the peninsula and oakland and heyward and the tri-valley, all those areas limited visibility. be prepared for a patch of fog. everything is moving smoothly now. we'll track the buildup at the toll plaza coming up. searching for answers, still ahead on "today in the bay," at 5:25, an update on the deadly shooting at a florida naval air base. the alarming social media post sent by the shooter just before he opened fire. a new study says san
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francisco's best in the world for attracting tech jobs. what cities aren't? we'll take a look. trending this morning, this might make you go bananas. the art piece that sold for $120,000 is eaten. why the new owner says he decided to take a bite out of the creation. come on, man. what is that? >> that's crazy. here, it all starts with a simple...
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have some dense fog across parts of the bay area. as you get ready to head out in concord, we will see that fog through at least 8:00. we'll have sunshine with upper 50s at noon and that's about the best we'll do. we'll talk about what's ahead as the fog rolls out and what's ahead as the new storm approaches. that's in the forecast in less than five minutes. at the bay bridge toll plaza there's a crash reported somewhere in this back-up. i'll let you know what the latest chp has. i'll tell you what we can't see, coming up. good morning. the fed meets this week. we're days away from a big increase in tariffs against china. robert lightheiser says congress is close to voting on the new version of nafta. that would be a savvy move on
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nancy pelosi's part, move legislation forward while impeaching the president. bird company announced they will cut employees go. about 24 people will lose their jobs. on friday we got the good news on overall employment. the unemployment rate nationwide dropped back down to 3.5%, tying its lowest level in 50 years. manufacturing, real service jobs all gained. a separate study shows san francisco leads the world in tech jobs. i don't think there's a huge surprise but san francisco is far on the way number one. the brookings institution found big growth in san francisco, san jose, boston, seattle. this is 2005 until now. i don't think you're particularly surprised by any of this. what did surprise me is in these cities there were actually fewer tech jobs between 2005 and
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today. l.a., dallas, washington d.c., still still and chicago, you think of anyplace getting fewer jobs of anything in this economy is astonishing much less to think l.a. and washington and what not. those are surprising cities. did you hear about the play mobile movie? >> no. >> you have no idea what this movie is? >> no. >> nobody does. this is the play mobile. >> oh, i saw an ad for it. >> worst movie open over the weekend. >> oh, it's out? >> yeah. it's out already. it made $668,000. >> how many theaters, do we know? >> i do not know. that is the worst opening since a movie called oogy loves big balloon adventure which i can't remember either. imagine a movie that makes less money than basically a one
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bedroom condo in san francisco. >> they have to decide this is a bomb, we're not even going to bother promoting it. >> yeah. it kind of looks like the lego movie to me too. play mobile, i kind of sort of remember those, kind of. >> are they like legos? >> yeah. >> are we bad parents that we didn't buy those? >> when it comes out on video, you can take it to a white elephant party. >> probably. >> thank you, scott. speaking of gifts, have you gotten into the holiday shopping spirit or maybe you're waiting to actually go shopping? best buy's 12 days of deals kicks off today. each day through december 20th the electronics retailer will have special deals geared towards specific people. today it's gifts for the entire family. tomorrow gifts for him. then it's gifts for her. then you got your foodies, your
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gamers and then on december 14th, listen up apple lovers. a lot of people like those apple gifts. finally, it's gifts for the prokra pro procrastinators. i'm just kidding. but if you wait until the last minute you will be one of those people. >> sometimes we are. so was it performance art or a noonnappealing move. people are split. >> believe it or not this piece of art -- yeah, that's a banana with tape on a wall, it sold for $120,000 last week. that's crazy. can you believe someone paid that much money? >> he bought it and then he ate it. >> there you have it right there. that man has money to burn. >> ate the banana. an artist, not one responsible for the piece, ate the banana over the weekend. he says he did it as part of a performance art piece as well. >> so banksy. >> yeah. there's a new banana standing in
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its place. no action is expected to be taken against that artist. the art world right now is eating up this whole story. >> so we have six kids among us. kids do stuff like that all the time. would you be surprised to find a banana taped to the wall at your house? >> no, but i usually do that. at our house it's not the banana that's the art, it's the tape. this is a whole different angle. >> it's how you put the tape on the wall too i'm sure. >> just so random. >> i'm going to practice today. kari, we are not looking that clear out there. >> not at all. take a look at this view in san francisco crossing the golden gate bridge and that dense fog. for san jose and the south counties sometimes we see some really dense fog there. it is clear but in the tri-valley that's where the fog
5:21 am
is the worst, there as well as napa where visibility is down to zero. concord about a half mile visibility and a tenth in oakland right now, in san francisco quarter mile visibility, that's as far as you can see ahead of your car. slow it down on your way out the door this morning. we're going to see temperatures today a little cooler than normal with some upper 50s for much of the bay area and then as we get ready for our nice break in the rain we're going to be tracking another one and of course i'll keep you up to date on all of what's going on here. it's a fairly weak storm and as it moves in it will bring us a chance of showers starting late tomorrow night for the north bay and then the rest of the bay area early wednesday morning. we'll see fog clearing out by about 8:00 and as we look at the timeline, tomorrow we'll see rain creep into the north bay, some off and on light showers for the rest of the bay area.
5:22 am
some of the higher rainfall totals from a tenth of an inch of rain to three-tenths of an inch of rain south of san francisco. we'll have another system coming in for the weekend and i know it's like the third weekend in a row we'll have rain coming in but at least on sunday it does dry out and we'll see our temperatures coming up a couple of degrees. inland we're looking at some upper 50s all week long. once again that chance of rain late tuesday night into early wednesday, clearing out on thursday and friday and then more showers moving in on saturday. mike, you're looking for a crash at the bay bridge. >> we scanned the shots and scanned all the reports. an update came in. the crash was a fender bender and everything moved quickly out of the lanes. that's why i wasn't able to catch any problem. but we see the back-up. it's 5:22 right now but we're looking over just a few minutes ago, chp says the metering
5:23 am
lights were turned on at the span. that's about your normal time for a commute so we are looking at that being the pattern coming through the fog. part of the issue -- most of the issue is the fog. look at the approach, all green except for the berkeley curve. the fog is a factor. dense fog reported coming down the east shore freeway around university. be careful out there. the crash is cleared. walnut creek, our partners at waze are predicting the timing flow based on historical data saying that every 15 minutes you wait you're adding a couple more minutes onto your commute until about 7:00 where it peaks out. at the bay bridge, almost an hour as you get closer to 7:00. there's a minor crash on highway 84 and this crash is off the roadway north 680 over at mission. back to you. kicking off awards season and rolling out the red carpet, next on "today in the bay," the golden globe nominations are
5:24 am
just coming in. >> also, reflecting on the life of an artistic genius who shaped as well as refined and defined our childhood, millions of us. the growing memorial for "sesame street's" carol spiny. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. the bodies of those three service members killed in friday's shooting at the naval air station in florida are now in the mortuary at dover air force base in delaware. before arriving yesterday, mourners lined the streets in pensacola where the sailors were brought one last time to the naval base. the fbi is confirming that shooting was an act of terrorism. the gunman was a saudi national. governor ron desantis is speaking out wondering how it co could have happened.
5:27 am
investigators say short lly befe the shooting the gunman accused america of being anti-muslim. big bird's star on the hollywood walk of fame, he died over the weekend and helped define "sesame street" through five decades. many are paying tribute, writing, rip, spinney taught us love, joy and friendship. i agree. the nominations for the 77th annual golden globes have just been announced. here's a look at best actor, daniel craig for knives out, roman griffin davis for jojo rabbit. leonardo dicaprio for once upon a time. terran eggerton for rocket man.
5:28 am
a full list is online. you can watch the golden globes on sunday, january 5th. we'll be right back. on the economy, a unique leader. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing.
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proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. (av(man) do you ok to watch a movie?e? (woman) yes. i'll pick. (avo) imagine what you can do with more migraine-free days. (woman) here, catch! (avo) when you're not fighting through migraine, imagine the possibilities. once-monthly emgality is a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. it's specifically developed to help give you more migraine-free days. with emgality, about 60% of people had their migraine days cut in half or more. don't use if allergic to emgality. allergic reactions, such as itching, rash, hives and trouble breathing can occur even days after using.
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common side effects include injection site reactions. (woman) what should we watch tomorrow? (avo) ask your doctor about emgality. and imagine more migraine-free days. right now at 5:30, the impeachment showdown heating up on capitol hill this morning with another hearing set to get under way within the next hour. "today in the bay' "today in the bay's" scott mcgrew is monitoring what's expected. and we are looking at the trans-america building looking a little like washington d.c. right now. we can't see it. that fog is going to stick around through 7:00 this morning. kari is tracking it and mike is watching the roadways as well.
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thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm chris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get a look at what we can expect with that forecast. kari hall has been monitoring that for us. >> we did have a break in the rain but all of that water that we have left on the ground giving us some fog this morning, even a cloudy start over the south bay. in evergreen we'll see that fog right there through about 9:00 and then we'll see that sun coming out. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and about normal temperatures as we go throughout the day. now, we're going to see the thickest fog in the tri-valley as well as around napa. i'm watching that for you as it kind of drifts around but it's affecting the drive right now, mike. you're seeing -- talking more about seeing less. >> that's right. that's exactly it, we're seeing more traffic, less visibility and that's not a good combination. the commute building across the san mateo bridge. we have no advisories lit up but
5:32 am
you can tell visibility is an issue. brake lights tapping as the commute builds across the bridge. that's about the line we're talking about, the fog registering with that orange highlighting going up the peninsula. we see patchy dense fog across portions of the dunbar bridge. the south bay looking pretty good. the santa cruz mountains, no major crashes. we have a lot of fog in contra costa county and the north bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. bart is quietly cracking down on fare gate jumpers and they've been doing it under the radar without publicity. >> bob ra dell is in fremont. bob, the agency is losing tons of money, millions of dollars with these fare evasions. >> reporter: correct, chris and marcus. bart estimates fare evaders cost them as much as $25 million a year in lost revenue.
5:33 am
fare evasion is common enough that our own cameras have been able to catch this in the past. this morning a bart spokesperson tells me that since september the transit agency has been conducting sweeps of the morning trains. fare inspectors and bart police officers have been asking riders to show proof of payment and those who haven't been able to, they've been ejected. the transit agency says that between 75 and 100 riders have received the boot. i asked a spokesperson if they will be conducting sweeps at other stations. she wrote it's not their practice to announce the time and place of their enforcement actions. she noted that police have been checking for proof of payment for almost two years now, including on trains. this focused enforcement on the morning trains just since september. you'll recall earlier this year bart approved a new fare gate design to try to deter evaders.
5:34 am
it's a tall swing style gate. it will cost around $150 million. bart is still trying to find that funding but once it does, it will probably take a year and a half for those gates to be installed system-wide. >> thank you, bob. our investigative unit is taking on in-depth look at the issues happening on bart. you can watch our entire series of reports right now on people living in one south bay neighborhood say they are fed up with being woken up by dangerous drivers right outside of their door. this is video shot about 24 hours ago by someone who lives on san jose's communication hill near hillsdale avenue. you can see cars doing doughnuts. other neighbors say that this is a common sight. >> a person pulled into the intersection and started doing doughnuts and everyone else just sat there and watched. >> another neighbor we spoke with says that he avoids the hillsdale area at night due to
5:35 am
dangerous driving conditions. in 2017 a young mother was killed in her car during a crash in that area. new details and questions about former coliseum authority leader scott mckibbon. the bay area news group obtained public records other authority members believe there was questionable spending during the time he headed the board. the new report suggests that he made a questionable payment and had the agency cover costs for a pair of nba finals tickets. mckibbon defended his actions to his east bay times saying that it was all part of his daily duties as executive director. happening today palo alto leaders will talk about a new push to ban e-cigarettes. a special meeting is scheduled for tonight to discuss an emergency ordinance. supporters are asking for new legislation making it harder for minors to buy those products online. a wave of other bay area cities and counties have already taken
5:36 am
similar action. the cdc reports more than 2,000 cases of lung injuries linked to vaping in the united states and 48 deaths as well. a new gun storage law is expected to win final approval this week from santa clara county soup viedsers. the board is expected to approve the new law tomorrow at the meeting. it requires gun owners to store firearms in a locked container or with a trigger lock. the goal is to bring down the number of accidents, suicides and deaths connected with firearms. this would go into effect 90 days after it's passed, if it's passed, for all unincorporated areas. if you think you have a clunker, how about trading it in for an electric vehicle. a new grant is allowing low income drivers switch out their cars or electric vehicles. they're offering grants of up to $9500 towards the price of an electric vehicle. to qualify a family must make
5:37 am
less than $58,000 a year. the funding comes from a $10 million payment from volkswagen emissions scandal. we want to check in with mike who's watching our roadways. even an electric car or a clean air vehicle is not going to get you through that mess. >> that's not smog behind me, that's fog. hey folks, carl the fog is the name we've given our local fog and that's coming up right now, right here. we have these folks who are not cheating the toll. they're paying it and waiting but they're also paying the price for that fog and lower visibility. look at all this fog. the orange highlighting, pretty much all the map, that is the issue. the low visibility is the problem. as we zoom down, you see it hitting the peninsula, the tri-valley. but the speed sensors are pretty much at the green level. i want to show you our palo alto camera. use standard headlights because you see that big, bright orb
5:38 am
there? that's that big board by the ikea and the shopping center. see as they dimmed the light, the orb got smaller. you don't put the highlights on because it reflects off the fog. >> makes it really tough. >> the more you know. we're looking forward to that weekend forecast. hopefully a good one. >> it was kind of iffy this past weekend with some scattered showers moving through. i know you want to get outside this weekend. >> yes. >> but there will be another round of rain. >> aw. >> on saturday. it won't be raining the whole weekend and check out sunday's forecast for the raiders' final home game. it's going to be sunny and 60 degrees. i don't know if it gets any better than that. we're going to see once again for saturday, san francisco just some scattered showers moving through. at least we're dry on friday as well as sunday. if you're going to the sierras this weekend and enjoying some
5:39 am
time in the snow, you'll want to get there before friday because there will be some snow coming down once again making it hard to travel there. napa valley is looking great this weekend but once again the scattered showers will be coming through on saturday and then we'll have some dry weather on sunday. we'll talk about today's temperature trend and more on that fog coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks. the cost of fighting wildfires is growing in california. next on "today in the bay," the shocking new report revealing how much the state paid firefighters in overtime this year alone. more impeachment hearings today. i'm going to whaalk you through the basics. that's coming up. the commercials still trending this morning, the commercial controversy and it keeps going. what the star of the pelton
5:40 am
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right now at 5:42, really hard to see in parts of the bay area including the tri-valley. that's a life look outside in dublin right now. as you head out we're going to see this fog sticking around through at least 9:00. then we'll get some sunshine today as our temperatures head into the mid to upper 50s. we'll also have another storm approaching and i'll have the
5:43 am
timeline coming up in about five minutes. >> there's that golden gate bridge as we see more traffic and less of the bridge. we're showing the fog, the big impact it will have on your drive and we'll let you know how it's affecting the timing as well coming up. this morning, some neighbors in san francisco are dealing with sewage back-up from this weekend's storm and are demanding answers from the city. >> we're live in san francisco with how things are looking this morning. it was a rough weekend, sharon. >> reporter: it sure was and i just talked to a neighbor who said she is dealing with the stench this morning and the cleanup this morning. she didn't want to go on camera. these are the sand bags that still line the streets and they managed to keep out the rain water but still some of these homes had sewage come inside the homes. peter glover has had to deal with floods here before. he put out sand bags to help but inside his house it still got
5:44 am
soaked. >> this time it was sewage that came up through the drain so i don't know what the root cause of it was this year. >> reporter: there are several other homes in this neighborhood that are drying out from the storm. this one at 15th avenue is one of several that was affected when the storm drains got clogged up and a deep pool of water formed. matt from the san francisco water, power and sewer department shows several warnings. surfers are being very careful to stay out of the water because of possible sewage runoff. we're still waiting to hear from the public works department on which homes were affected by this seuwage issue. >> thank you. new for you this morning, california's historic wildfires are costing the state billions of dollars in overtime. according to the "l.a. times," firefighters' cost have surged 65% over the past decade.
5:45 am
it's forcing the state to shell out nearly $5 billion and more than 1,000 firefighters made more than $100,000 in overtime alone. experts say it's cheaper to pay overtime than hire more firefighters. now to the 2020 presidential race. joe biden is headed to the bay area for a whirlwind tour of private fundraisers all on the same day. this is going to happen on thursday. his first stop is palo alto for a midday luncheon. from there he heads to san francisco for an early evening reception. the tickets to all of those events range from 1,000 bucks to 2800. more hearings today in the impeachment of donald trump. >> investigators will present their evidence to the judiciary committee. >> evidence, chris, that we've seen before but presented this time to the committee that will actually write up the charges. president trump has complained his side has been shut out of
5:46 am
the process but understand the judiciary committee did ask lawyers to represent the president to attend and participate, and the white house turned the invitation down. those hearings get under way at 6:00 a.m. our time. i feel like today's a good day to go back over the accusations. for some of you this is going to be totally old hat but let's start it. ukraine, it's a country that is on the teeter totter between our side, the west, and our enemy, russia. we want ukraine to come our way. seducing ukraine into the modern world has been a major part of foreign policy for years. the russians don't want ukraine to go our direction. they sent forces into ukraine to take parts of it back. there's an active war there, ukraine versus russia. you remember the shoot-down of the civilian air lyle eliner ma flight 217.
5:47 am
that was part of the war. we decided to help our friends, the ukrainians, fight the russians. congress voted on it, both sides said yes. except the president didn't send it. he dangled the military help as he asked the president of ukraine to investigate the bidens. hunter biden had business dealings with ukraine and of course his father joe biden running for president. all of this is established fact. even the white house will acknowledge all of that. the question is can democrats prove those arms and the ask are connected. you investigate, you get the arms, this for that, or in latin, quid pro quo. that, democrats say, is an abuse of offense and an impeachable offense. we will be watching everything that happens with the impeachment hearings. we'll have live coverage this morning at 6:00 a.m. >> thank you very much. the 9ers this morning wake up at the top of the heap in the nfc. if somehow you missed
5:48 am
yesterday's heart-stopping game against the new orleans saints you may have missed the game of the year. it had a season's worth of big plays including a huge catch by george kittle in the fourth down with less than a minute. that set up the game-winning field goal as you see here. after the game jimmy g talked about the catch and run by kittle. >> george is a beast with the ball in his hands. get him the ball in space and let him go work. he did the rest. >> the 9ers' 48-46 win launched them over the saints in the playoff race. they solidified the top seed. turning for you this morning, the woman known as peloton girl is speaking out. her name, monica review eauiz, t her viral fame that riffs on the ad was completely unexpected. >> you're safe here.
5:49 am
>> to new beginnings. >> to new beginnings. >> it's going to be a fun night. there you go, take this. >> ruiz said she was shocked and overwhelmed by the negative response to the peloton ads so when ryan reynolds called with a humorous way to play off that commercial, she said she was excited and relieved to get the chance. the actress says she's most grateful to both companies for her sudden popularity. >> when it hits, you roll with it. >> when ryan reynolds calls -- >> yeah. okay, ryan. >> it's funny that she's excited about it, but the guy, the actor that played the husband, he's like, i wonder if it's going to affect my career. >> by the way, he's available. >> he's sympathetic, right? >> yeah, but a commercial is a commercial.
5:50 am
i look at it as they're actors. >> they are. >> wait, what? >> what? commercials aren't real? >> we need to talk after the show. i have something to tell you. all right, there are a lot of people on their pelotons this morning watching. we're seeing a lot of fog. i wanted to show you this few because this takes you above the fog. i know it's hard to see but those are the very top towers of the golden gate bridge sticking out from the fog. i can't wait until sunrise when we can actually see what's going on there. we've got a lot of fog drifting around and it's going to linger until about 8:00. then the skies will start to clear, not only here but across the bay area. our temperatures reaching into the mid 50s. it's been really thick fog in the tri-valley and parts of the north bay. as you're getting dressed, grab
5:51 am
a jacket. you can leave the umbrella at home now that the rain has moved out of here. but we do have some more rain in the forecast so let's talk about when it comes back. once again today is our break from the rain. the fog clears out by about 8 to 9:00. tomorrow we'll see a new storm system approaching but this looks pretty weak and we'll start to see some light, spotty showers moving in through the north bay right at about 6:00 and then into the rest of the bay area late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. it looks to bring us about a quarter inch of rain or less and some trace amounts for the south bay into the south county. as we go toward the end of the week, there will be a new storm system approaching for the weekend. i know it's been so soggy these past three weekends, well, we're going to see it again as we get a quick round of rain moving in on saturday and it will clear out in time for sunday. here's a look at our seven-day forecast. rain chances late tuesday night
5:52 am
into early wednesday and then again on saturday. that's it for the week so i think this is pretty good. we are going to see those temperatures staying in the upper 50s to lower 60s. right now for the drive, mike, the fog is the main concern. >> fog is the main concern for drivers. for me it's the fact that marcus told me that they're actors in commercials. the fog that you see is the huge factor at the bay bridge. the toll plaza metering lights were turned on at 5:18 a.m. but this orange is showing you the impact. the index shows you where fog will be a factor for your visibility. north bay, contra costa county, the east bay, alameda county and san francisco as well. you'll see as we broaden out our shot that's the major issue. disabled vehicle also a major issue if you come across them unexpectedly so watch out for flashing lights. you see a couple disabled vehicles in the oakland area. low clouds are touching just
5:53 am
around the dunbar bridge so be careful out there but no major crashes. back to you. finland will soon have its youngest prime minister ever. 34-year-old lawmaker sanna marin will also become the country's third female fwochgovernment le. finland's ruling social democratic party appointed her. she had been the vice chairwoman since 2015. next on "today in the bay," bart's silent crackdown on fare evaders. the new numbers we're getting this morning on early morning sweeps and how a lot of folks were caught riding without paying. a live report coming up next. also, worried your holiday packages are getting stolen? you're not alone. coming up, where the bay area ranks in the country when it comes to porch pirates stealing packages. you're watching "today in the bay." so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
5:54 am
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." we have breaking news overseas. these pictures on your screen are of a volcano that erupted overnight on an island off the new zealand coast killing five people. there are more people unaccounted for, but searchers are giving up hope in finding them. the video that you're seeing here was taken by michael shad from san francisco. he was one of dozens of tourists on the island just before that volcano blew. >> it went from nothing going on
5:57 am
to interrupting. we looked back and we saw this plume of smoke coming up from the volcano. there are some people that were screaming for help and looking for reassurance. it was hard to stop crying long enough to take the photo. >> 20 people were rescued, some of them with serious burns. one of the people who died was a guide with a royal caribbean cruise ship that's traveling through the area. more top stories now before the nbc news special report on the impeachment inquiry at the top of the hour. if you're taking bart this morning, make sure you have that ticket handy. bartings cra is cracking down o jumpers through a string of early morning sweeps. >> bob is at the station in fremont. we know this has been a problem but why has this been happening under the radar? >> reporter: bart just doesn't want to publicly get the publicity out there ahead of time of what these sweeps are going to be and where they're going to be. it is a problem, bart fare
5:58 am
evaders cost the agency upwards of $25 million a year. this morning bart tells us that since september the transit agency has been conducting sweeps of the morning trains in sf. fare inspectors have been asking riders to show proof of payment. those who can't have been ejected. the transit agency says that during each sweep between 75 and 100 riders have gotten the boot. i did ask that bart spokesperson this morning if they will be conducting sweeps at other stations. she wrote it's not their practice to announce a time and place of their enforcement actions. she also noted that police have been checking for proof of payment for almost two years now including on trains, but the focused enforcement on the morning trains has been since september. you'll recall earlier this year bart approved a new fare gate to deter fare evaders. it's a tall style gate. it will cost bart around $115 million but they're still trying
5:59 am
to find the funding. after that it will probably take another year and a half to get the gates in. be aware of your packages. a study finds that the bay area has the highest rate of package thefts than any other wreregion the country. google searches show that about 24 thefts happen per 1,000 people in the bay area. we have been talking about that fog this morning as something that's probably causing a mishap for people on the roads. >> it's kind of disorienting. as that clears out we'll have another chance of rain in the forecast early on wednesday. you want to slow down? >> extra slowing, unexpected look at the map. i've marked it with a circle at the bottom of the screen at north 101. we did have a traffic break for a disabled vehicle that's been cleared but look at the fog, the orange highlighting. >> that is what's happening on
6:00 am
toe "today in the bay." we want to take you to the impeachment hearings. we'll hear from intelligence committee members on whether trump pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden. our coverage continues with loster holt who lost -- lester holt who has more on this. >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report, the impeachment hearings. here's lester holt. good morning, we are coming on the air to bring you the historic next step into the impeachment inquiry of donald trump. 17 weeks ago that now famous whistle-blower complaint was filed raising, quote, serious and urgent concerns about the president's conduct regarding ukraine. since then there have been hours of congressional testimony alleging abuse of power and obstruction of justice. this morning the house judiciary committee holds a public hearing on the evidence gathered so far with


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