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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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next. we need the city to step up. i mean you don't replace a conference that represents 63,000 rooms. >> millions in lost revenue is the price san francisco is paying as tech giant takes annual open world conference to vegas. after two decades in san francisco oracle is trading. hotel rooms price and street
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conditions prompted the move. people in hospitality industry, not happy, jean. >> reporter: they're not only ones, jessica. oracle's week long event keeps workers at moscone center busy. but it's moving to las vegas. economic hit to san francisco. oracle open world took over mosconi center delivering thousands of people and millions of dollars to san francisco but oracle isn't renewing the contract. travel email blames h conditions for signing three-year convention deal in las vegas. president of the handlery hotel says it's a tremendous loss. >> you don't replace a conference that represents 63,000 rooms. just hotel rooms. >> reporter: it's a $64 million
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annual hit for the city. hotels, restaurants, retailers lose out next three years. >> we need the city to step up. >> reporter: john handlery says it's past time for city hall to address concerns about people living on the streets. scientists attending geophysical conference says there's big city hotel rates. streets, mixed reviews. >> not any issues i can tell. >> lot of bums and trash but it's a big city. >> reporter: feedback that is driving convention booking decisions. sf travel says will work to book conventions to replace the oracle events. statements tonight, mayor's office is working to address street conditions and will talk to hotel council about pricing.
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oracle says it's looking forward to maintaining relationship with san francisco and organizations here. jean elle, nbc bay area news. outside. rain coming down in san francisco. what does that mean for the morning commute? chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking this. looks significant there. >> did get in on moderate rain throughout the bay area but nothing compared to the storm systems the past couple of weeks. overall totals tonight, .22 in walnut creek. east sjan jose at .05. most moving south and east. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, just a few spotty showers left over gilroy that i think will continue to move east next 15, 20 minutes. tomorrow morning's commute, keep that umbrella in the back seat. might need it time to time,
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spotty showers forecast. i'll talk more about chances co next couple of days. and what this means for the weekend. that in about 15 minutes. latest updates on the forecast, jeff always tweeting out changes. follow him, @jeffrainery. they're a menace and must be stopped. pigs scaring the neighbors. city leaders are ready to take on those hogs. in lafayette, there's a plan in place. cheryl. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. wild pigs run in packs city has put up signs to let people know they can be dangerous and doing something new to keep the community safe. >> it's not safe for anybody. >> reporter: if you haven't come
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face-to-face with feral pig in lafayette, you probably know someone who has. >> woman said husband walking with dog and pigs charged him and attacked him. we walk back there. >> reporter: this video a few months ago in lafayette community park where wild pigs roam. some are huge, weighing up to 250 pounds with aggressive bent toward people and property. >> had $20,000 worth of damage done to the field, school district also lost their fields at the elementary. >> reporter: many want the swine to go and officials agree, saying time to hire a licensed trapper to control the creatures before someone gets hurt. >> use a system to bait the pigs to an area, catch them into enclosure. >> they seem to be more aggressive, go around in packs.
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maybe it's time we do something about it. >> reporter: wild pigs have forced city to close down hiking trails. will not reopen until the city gets this situation under control. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> hope it happens soon. thanks cheryl. bulldog puppy has been found. update on the stolen dogs in fremont, sable among the vanful of dogs taken. person who stole the van tried to sell dogs on the street. recovered the van, two dogs still missing. learned a woman turned sable into the police, brother unwittingly bought the dog on the street for daughter, didn't know stolen. sable is on the way home. trying to find two missing bulldog puppies, owner is
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offering $1,000 reward. police have caught their grinch. jeffrey welsh, stolen goods in car. robbing the store on friday, woman is still missing. store owner dubbed them grinch d riding hood because of their clothing. new high school soccer coach accused of molesting some players, three girls, all 15 or 16 years old. a walk-in varsity soccer goal. also coached the surf girls club team. she got acquitted but what will happen to her boyfriend? real estate heiress. scheduling possible retrial for
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man accused of murdering her children. acquitted lee but couldn't find decision. capital in washington, d.c., history unfolded today. house democrats announcing two articles of impeachment against president trump, claim abuse of power and obstruction of congress. democrat controlled house expected to vote to pass the articles on thursday. president trump is brushing off the news calling it quote flimsy, pathetic, ridiculous articles of impeachment. menlo park leaders voted to ban the sale of ecigarettes and products. distribution is included in the ban, following ban in palo alto yesterday. city of san jose is hoping to ease housing crisis with property tax on multimillion
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dollar building. tax would raise money for affordable housing. mayor said it wouldn't hurt the middle class, only apply to buildings and homes worth amore than $2 million. resident where homes top that figure isn't buying the plan. >> i don't agree it should only be on -- based on a certain valuation of the homes. i think if we're taxed should be equally across all homeowners, full tax base. >> will be on the ballot in march. are coyotes out of control in the city? reacting to news of attack in golden gate park in daylight. dog badly injured, had to have surgery. is it isolated or is the park at risk to wild packs. terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: [ inaudible ].
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>> that's really frightening. >> reporter: attack reported on social media happened in middle of the day. some dog owners want the coyote population reduced. humanely. >> need to be relocated. to have five attack one dog, that's terrifying. >> reporter: this is weezy, seven-year-old boston terrier encountered a coyote weeks ago. >> looked back, he was still following us. >> reporter: quicker pace left coyote behind. stopped and took this picture when it was safe. >> hoping he wouldn't chase after us. >> reporter: he didn't. geena with her dogs on leashes. >> sympathetic to the owners but at the same time it's something we're all aware of, maybe you walk your dogs somewhere else.
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>> reporter: also out this evening, seeking revenge on coyotes, won't find that here. >> believe in saving wild places for wild animals. i guess i'm taking my risks with her off leash right now. >> reporter: consensus is the coyotes are here to stay, be aware of your surroundings and keep eyes on the dogs, keep them on a leash, please. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. we're back in 60 missing li volcano in new zealand. some kids truly need some people. and they are giving us the help. >> christmas came early for some bay area kids. how the 49ers made it special night. stormy weather pattern
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still too dangerous. rescue missions to white island called off after uptick in tremors and likelihood of another kohl cannic eruption. killing six people, injuring 30. unclear how many people are still missing but san francisco woman is no longer on the list, giving her family new hope. kathy wong's family and friends had not heard from her. she texted she was leaving new zealand. stunned to see her name on the list of missing. >> just a bundle of nerves.
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what do you do? try to keep the positive thoughts. because miracles do happen. >> wong is a nutritionist in san francisco, new zealand authorities hoping to get back on the island soon. dire situation in chile, no word of missing plane. took off from punta arenas and scouring the area, so far no sign of the aircraft. u.s u.s., ur guy, argentina and brazil have led search missions but may never be found in those deep waters. woman is demanding answers after police shot her son over the weekend. protesters wanted to know what led to the shooting. in mission shot 24-year-old
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saying he was armed and attacked him. paramedics took him to hospital, listed in critical condition but mother insists he's not violent person. >> he was attacked in the wrong manner. it's not right. somebody needs to do something about the power the police have here. >> says homeless and moved to san francisco to attempt to get back on his feet. lawsuit is pushing uc system to not consider s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores. saying tests discriminate against students who can't afford pricey tutors. >> lot of people don't have the money to afford that help. >> investigate how they're used in the process and
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recommendations early next year. christmas came early in red and gold for hundreds of local families. winning 49ers, hope for the holidays event. huge win for the kids and players. >> reporter: tonight showing their talent extends beyond the field, 49ers coming up big for 450 underserved bay area boys and girls. >> some kids just truly need some help. they are giving us the help we need. >> 25 players hosting kids for once in a lifetime experience, hope for the holidays. >> for me personally, growing up, not having a lot, it's a little bit more special. that same way for a lot of guys. >> travel through levi's stadium for new shoes and haircut. >> my hair is growing like a
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beanstalk. >> reporter: bought each kid new bike and helmet. >> want to do something special for kids. i love beingoutside, couldn't imagine kids who didn't have that opportunity. contacted the department, can we get bikes to kids who need it? >> reporter: after hot chocolate with george kittle, given new shades, backpack and more time with the players. >> this is season for giving back. >> great lesson, see all the smiles, calling home, reaching out to mom and dad, letting them know the great time they're having. >> reporter: as the team pushes to the playoffs, players taking time to make sure people who watch and look up to them have special holiday season. >> thanks for donating all these stuff, we had a good adventure, go 49ers! >> beautiful to see something that lot of people dream of,
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seeing football players and getting lot of gifts for christmas. >> reporter: ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> what a great gift to young fans. nice to see that. >> they're so giving. you've been giving us rain. you're so giving. >> i do what i can. asking for it so long, now getting wet weather in here and more chances in the extended forecast. microclimate forecast. on the radar got widespread coverage of rainfall but nothing compared to past couple of storms we've had roll in. 200% to 600% of normal most of the bay area for december. san francisco, .19, san jose only .05 inches. seen this move off to south and east. few spotty showers now in
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gilroy. again the heaviest is now moving on. as we push into tomorrow morning's commute, we'll keep spotty chances of rain. don't expect a lot of sun. no sunglasses needed but umbrella and jacket as you push through tomorrow morning. totals not that heavy. round out morning commute. trace amounts to maybe close to quarter inch for parts of the north bay. just hit and miss for east bay, peninsula and south bay. just be ready for slick spots on the roadways. want you to get where you're going safely. starting off in 50s, similar forecast for north bay. 53 degrees. san francisco at 55 and east bay, 54. move through the day tomorrow, not going to see many changes as you head throughout the microclimate.
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through the south bay we'll have you in low 60s again. 63 in morgan hill, 61 cupertino. east bay is similar. 62 in fremont and 60 in concord. peninsula, light winds out of the south, 63 in palo alto. daly city, 59. 60 in outer sunset. going to marin, napa or sonoma counties, cloud cover and chance of spotty shower through the afternoon. 57 in santa rosa, 58 in napa. what about the days ahead? we had showers tonight. slight chance tomorrow. way things are looking, i think we'll keep chance of spotty rain in the forecast because of this. wider pattern across the pacific, very stormy over the west, most of it happening in
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washington and oregon. storm tracks just north, what's going to happen next four days is get grazed by systems that keep chance of rain in the forecast. don't see any big storm system as you see in my seven-day forecast. but on again/off again chances of rain wednesday, thursday and friday. after what we've dealt with lately, can handle this just fine. new change to the forecast today, got to alert you, just a slight chance of showers on saturday. i don't think it's going to ruin your weekend plans. next organized storm system, tuesday and wednesday, quarter to half inch. we'll update you as we get closer. inland valley temperatures, 50s to low 60s next couple of days and eventually keep eyes out for colder morning lows heading into next sunday night and also into monday. talk about the rainfall
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averages, well above average for the month. most of the bay area is between 100% to 600% range for december. santa cruz mountains, 1,063% of normal. good that nothing coming our way large next four days because could be setting off big-time flooding conditions. just enjoy the rain we've had, let it all soak in. >> rain in moderation now. >> exactly. san jose international is getting new nonstop flights. take advantage of another option to fly from silicon valley to the silicon prairie. new hope for people with sickle cell anemia.
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and jimmy. >> charlie is here for talk, music, more. it's a great show, do not change the channel. happening now, only free bird watching festival is canceled. always took place in vallejo but fires ripped through the reserve past october. back with more news in a moment.
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chris from nbc bay area responds, here with ray. best part of fighting for consumers is victory celebration. >> chris had my back. >> we have a voice, someone to fight for us. >> gracias. >> it's a wonderful feeling. >> someone cared. >> only one who responded. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. new hope tonight for people suffering from sickle cell disease, inherited blood disorder that causes a number of complications, including pain from malformed blood cells stuck in vessels. new treatment approved by fda, does reduce pain but has to be taken for life and costs
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$100,000 a year. zuckerberg general hospital may have put patient information at risk. put meal tickets in the trash instead of shredding them. patients who stayed june 8th to november 4th could be compromised. south bay company is celebrating after completing first cross country trip with driverless commercial truck. took three days to make the trip from california to pennsylvania, carrying land o'lakes butter. driver on board but operated on its own most of the ride. former manager bruce bochy has a new job. sports is next. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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while the sharks are a streaky team this season, after winning 11 of 13, followed up losing five straight. latest loss came in nashville, game was scoreless through two periods but predators pushed across three goals in the third period. sharks lose 3-1, winless on the
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road trip. return to host the new york rangers. making moves to win the world series. baseball meetings in new york this week. giants acquired infielder zack cozart, missed most of the past two seasons with injuries. shortstop with the angels last year. and signed pitcher kevin gausman to deal. former giants manager bruce bochy has a new job couple of months after retiring. named manager of france's national team, trying to qualify for the world baseball classic in 2021. bochy was army brat born in france. work cut out for him, they've never qualified. bochy, bon chance. back in a moment.
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okay, final word from jeff ranieri. umbrella in front seat or back seat kind of day? >> think the back seat. depending on where you're going,
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might pull it out. otherwi otherwise might not need it. rain moved east. spotty rain chances wednesday, thursday, friday. weekend looks pretty good. considering what we've dealt with, everybody can handle this fine. maybe no umbrella, just a little bit wet. >> sunday and monday, umbrella in the trunk. >> exactly. >> we'll see you tomorrow, bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ roern the heart tudio 6b in ♪ tonight, join jimmy and his guests -


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