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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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there's charleston. north of the scene and that's your next north exit. southbound is also closed because of that debris. they have to sweep that up as well. you see the surface street traffic. charleston down to the area. back on the freeway so keep that in mind as your alternates. in the middle is bob redell. sweeper trucks are there, right? >> reporter: as you can see behind me the sweepers are cleaning the northbound and southbound sides of highway 101. the estimated time of reopening, they have someone who will swem and if you look to the left the northbound side. a lot more progress. the estimated time of reopening
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probably ten minutes. looks like some final street sweeping on that side. this accident happened around 1:45. it was the result of a dui driver. there was a 25-year-old man, according to chp, driving a red sedan, a zip car, when he wrecked into the center divide. he got out of the car, leaving his car in the number two lane. he went to the side of the road, safe, drunk but safe, and the two trucks collided with the van. only one had to be transported for minor injuries. the gravel spilled and both lanes, the northbound side the direction they were headed and the southbound side. that's, again, why both lanes shut down. again, we expect the southbound side to be reopened in 30 minutes. the northbound side looks like they're finishing up the sweeping, should be opening in about ten minutes.
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bob redell, "today in the bay." we want to look at your thursday forecast. >> some spotty showers? it's been misting and drizzling. we've been picking it up. a lot of the rain will be very light and the heavier showers moving through parts of the sierra. we're seeing off and on rain. a steady stream of clouds and a lot of humidity here even as we go into the afternoon and into the day tomorrow. we have some rain chances. it definitely won't last all day. we'll talk what to expect temperature wise in the forecast in about four minutes. >> thanks so much, kari. now to capitol hill where the impeachment showdown heats up in just a matter of hours. president trump is now two votes
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away from being impeached. they're recommending two articles of impeachment including abuse of power for pressuring ukraine to investigate joe biden. and obstruction of congress for blocking white house testimony in a late-night debate republicans actually argued that democrats will pay for pushing an unfair inquiry. >> if we do not respond to president trump's abuses of power, the abuses will continue. >> most americans are thinking if only we could impeach them. to those americans i say you can. next november. >> a final vote could come next weekend and the trial in january. california congressman ted l lieu is recovering after a heart procedure. in a statement his office says he'll return to work next week. stay with "today in the bay" for more coverage. scott mcgrew will join us with a breakdown ahead at 5:45 and at 6:45 in his checks and balances
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segment. the next bay area transit villages may soon have a prays in berkeley. councilmembers approved an agreement on what are now parking lots in the ashby parkipark ing stations. the next step will include accepting bids. still no real timetable on when the plans may become a reality. when people do board the rail line they may end up in las vegas. while the project may be on life support there's a socal line moving full steam ahead. the company got a bond request. construction could start as soon as next year. they're hoping the first 90-minute train service debuts four years from now. did you catch it? a full moon of december. which is the final one of this decade? can you believe that? it arrived just after midnight.
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this happened at 12:12 on 12/12. there's being called the cold moon and the long night moon. >> spooky. >> i bet meteorologist kari hall knew that. we'll be saying everything is the last of the decade to sound dramatic. >> technically it is. >> since it's the last thursday in december of the decade. as we take a live look outside in san jose, we're going to see some clouds rolling by and probably didn't even see that full moon, did you? temperatures in the mid-60s as we go into the day. our high temperatures for the south by and will be warmer than it was yesterday. a high of 65. oakland reaching a high of 62. 64 in redwood city and the mission district reaching 61. north bay highs up to 61 in novato and santa rosa. and we'll take a look at what's
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happening as far as our temperature trend. mike, still a lot of gravel on 101. this is the live look, crews sweeping, the final stage of the clearing for the northbound side. a truck pushed most of the gravel, and it was inches deep, off the roadway. bob redeal is talking about the final sweep to remove the clutter in the area hopefully in the next five to ten minutes. the southbound side over there is still forced off the freeway at san antonio road as well. both directions still blocked. the rest of the bay just fine construction crews clearing from fremont and that's causing slowing over there. northbound we saw it almost clear. southbound they have to sweep those lanes at san anto getting the freeway. charleston very crowded through
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the area. that will get you on to the freeway. those are both clear of the crash if you're taking the peninsula out. 280 clear of all the activity but it's much further west. hopefully the northbound will open. >> thanks so much. the is your of for survivors under way after the deadly volcano eruption. still ahead on "today in the bay," the dangers rescuers are facing and what we're learnin about the victims. of work. there's something for both the left and the right brain. blesplus, cash in off the o vhs tapes. how much some classic movies are selling for online. here, it all starts with a simple...
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right now at 5:01 in fremont we see what's happening at tesla. skies are clear. we'll see mostly cloudy skies and temperatures from the upper 50s to the low 60s. every now and then the sun will weak out. i'll show you what's happening in the sierra for the weekend in about five minutes. and the closure, both directions of highway 101 at san antonio road and mountain view. northbound through mountain view jammed up from about the shoreline southbound and closed, gravel still on the northbound side. we're tracking that. bob redell is on the scene. i'll talk you through the alternate. good morning to you. a happy thursday. the fed decided not to touch interest rates saying the economy was doing just fine and wall street liked that.
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"wall street journal" with a pg&e story this morning saying power outages in northern california could double in 15 years, quadruple in 30 if the company doesn't replace aging electric lines much, much more quickly. employees at the scooter company spin have joined the teamsters. we generally don't do unions in high tech. spin is owned by ford. we're getting closer and closer to the trade deadline where new tariffs against china will take effect and they'll respond with some of their own. high-tech professionals are going to austin and portland and ralei raleigh, north carolina. a report from linkedin lists the skills employers are looking for most. a.i. will replace a lot of jobs
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in the future and employers need people who understand it. interestingly soft skills like communication and creativity are more in demand because of automation. a.i. can't replicate those skills. at stanford mall samsung will open its first bay area company store. you've seen stores as a way for samsung to get its branding message across to consumers. it's one of those stores apple does great business. they're not expecting the microsoft and the bose to necessarily bring in a lot of business. tell their story in a way that, all credit to the best buy employees who i'm sure are wonderful human beings, when there's 100 different brands, the brand will not stick out and the guy is helping you with the phones isn't necessarily going to say, hey, look at this, in a way they would in a company store. >> exactly. get hands on. >> and apple has had huge success. >> those stores are always
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packed. >> yes, they are. >> thanks so much. >> before you go, do you have a sweet tooth from time to time? >> of course i do. >> i have a treat for you. >> cheesecake. >> i have something else for you. krispy kreme. they're offering a sweet deal for doughnut lovers. selling its original glazed doughnuts for just $1. $1 for 12. this is all part of their dozens offer. there's a catch. you'll have to buy any dozen at regular price to get the $1. >> that's 2 dozen. >> just take it to work. trending this morning, go grease lightning. olivia newton-john's leather jacket sold for $243,000 at a charity auction. the actress probably thought it was gone for good but the buyer
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who described himself as her number one fan had other ideas and posted on facebook he decided to give it back to her. >> what? >> isn't that cool? look at that. i guess he doesn't want to be known, though. he wanted her to know you're the one that i want. ♪ >> she looks great. she battled cancer, too. >> i know. >> good for her. got that iconic jacket back. this morning you might want to look around your house for the old vhs tapes if you have any. some of them are worth a fortune. >> when it comes to disney "cinderella" films, the black diamond is telling for, get this, $12,000 online. collectors who own the "beauty and the beast" tape could bring in more than $13,000. anyone looking to buy the original "101 dalmatians" vhs
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may spend $7,000. >> i had a huge box of those i recently had a garage sale and we tossed. they weren't those, like the diamond edition. >> if they're sealed in plastic and unused. >> who has a vhs player anymore? >> i still do. >> i still do. >> what? >> i have one that transfers to cds. >> i have the vhs/cd player. >> cds and dvds. >> i've been meaning to throw them out. >> record players. >> they're coming back. >> i play my old beatles records. >> what's old is new. all right. >> is she calling you old or new? >> i think old. >> we'll be new soon enough. >> just wait. those bell-bottoms will be back, too. a look outside in san francisco and this is old and it's also new. again this morning as we see another round of some patchy,
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dense fog, just enough to make the roads wet but it's been fairly dry in the tri-valley. it's still going to be cloudy today as we still see a steady stream of clouds every now and then dropping rain on the bay area. we check out storm radar. parked on san bruno mountain to scan the bay area. we're seeing some of that rain move off to the east. people have plans to head there for the weekend. right now it's raining as we are going to see that changing to snow. we have the center of the storm still up around the gulf of alaska and this line of showers rolling on through as it draws it into the bay area. the rain has been very light and hit or miss. we're expecting more of the same. not all of us will see the rain
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but where we do will bring very light amounts of rainfall. going into tomorrow we're still looking at some unsettled weather here with some times of rain as we head into tomorrow evening and early on saturday. the models are not showing a lot of rain here. maybe about a few hundredths of an inch in san jose up to about .3 in oakland. maybe a quarter inch of rain in san francisco. if you're going to be going to the sierra this weekend expect some off and on rain today. then as temperatures drop start to see the snow levels coming down. we have about 64 inches of snow and we do have more on the way for the weekend, the possibility of another foot of snow in a lot of our ski resorts. all of this clears out for our games on sunday. on monday we'll see your next
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round coming in. mike is still tracking what's happening on 101. north and southbound 101 both closed because of this carpet, inches deep, of gravel caused by a crash involving this crash. there was no one in the zip car. out to the maps. the northbound side is set to open over the next few minutes. we see the backup jamming up north of shoreline to san antonio. the southbound side also forced off in the same area. san antonio very slow for the traffic. prepare for alma. a good alternate will be an issue out of mountain view as well. lots of surface streets slowing on charleston and east charleston. the only portion that is slow. the rest of the south bay and peninsula looks great on the maps. the fremont, the funnel at 680 and 880.
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a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. we should see the slowing and metering lights turning on. i want to talk about some fog registering in the north bay. some damp roadways and a live look that shows you mist and haze in the area. you might have to use the windshield wipers and will have to pay the toll. metering lights are off. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we have a bombshell report to tell you about. the major settlement harvey weinstein is reaching amid sexual conduct claims. >> the feature uber is adding one week after a shocking assault report is revealed. you're watching "today in the bay." mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back. it's 5:23 right now. we're still tracking that breaking news on 101 in mountain view. southbound lanes remain closed but the northbound lanes moving now. they just reopened this is after an overnight crash. a car hit the center divide. the driver walked away from the crash. he was said to be impaired. there were two other trucks that went and rammed -- look at what was left of the car. the man driving it got out but it led to a huge gravel spill.
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southbound lanes of 101 up by mountain view remain closed. hopefully the northbound lanes being open will help with the morning commute. we'll check in with mike in a moment. rescue crews are heading to white island, new zealand, to recover bodies. at least eight people are dead, 30 are injured with many more missing. at least two americans are among the dead. authorities say the volcano is still rumbling. >> we have a level of activity on the island with regard to the potential for further eruption that is unprecedented the last couple of years, potentially longer and i can't ignore it. >> more than 2 dozen people are being treated, some with horrific burns. chilling new video in the deadly shooting in a kosher deli. we now know the identity of the three people killed inside.
5:25 am
along with the detective killed in the gun battle. police identified the shooters who specifically targeted the store. new surveillance video showing the moment they enter. they walk past people on the sidewalk and enter dunst drawn. police are not talking about a specific motive but the mayor of jersey city is already calling it a hate crime. >> doctors are ending a protest outside san diego following the arrest of four doctors who were part of a larger group demanding flu vaccines for those detained. at least three migrant children have died from the flu over the past year. they say they are not equipped to provide vaccinations. to a bombshell report about harvey weinstein and dozens of women accusing him of sexual misconduct. there's word of a huge settlement taking shape. it's worth a potential $25 million.
5:26 am
saying weinstein would not admit any wrongdoing but insurance companies for his former studio which filed for bankruptcy would then make the payout. >> he'll be able to walk away from almost all of those cases without paying any of his own money to those victims. >> a quarter of the overall settlement would pay lawyers for weinstein and his former company. uber is rolling out a new safety feature and sacramento is one of the first to get it. riders will have the option to receive a four digit code they will then give to their driver before starting the trip. in total seven cities are getting this feature with more expected to be added in the future. the new safety feature comes after a report said that more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during rides last year. drivers and riders were both attacked. did you get the exclusive
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invite? apple is hosting a rare open house at its spaceship campus in cupertino. the invitations arrived by mail. rules include no drones and no photos inside the pilding. 5:27. up next, top stories we're following including the two major commute issues this morning. that breaking news i was just mentioning in mountain view. a crash leads to gravel spills. northbound lanes just reopened in the last few minutes. bob redell is there. muni light rail riders are in for a bumpy ride. several trains are running this morning with just one car. a live report on why they are cutting back on trains next.
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we begin with breaking news. a rush hour mess along the peninsula. there's been a big accident after a crash really sent the debris everywhere. look at that car, what's left of it.
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both sides shut down in both directions. we just got word northbound lanes are back open. hopefully that will help with the morning commute. quite the mess to clean up. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get you right to the breaking news we've been following. mike inouye has been tracking it and bob redell. mike? >> bob was getting ready for his report following this one. he told us the lanes have reopened and i've seen a steady stream of more traffic. that's great news for the flow of traffic out of the area. you notice mostly green, here on the peninsula. clearing. the southbound side still has your lanes closed so you're forced off at san antonio road. if you want to prevent that
5:32 am
problem go off oregon expressway and take charleston. the southbound side you're okay getting through the area. i'll talk to you about the alternates but right there with the progress bob redell giving us the updates. what happens out there? >> reporter: we're in the southbound lanes and expect them to be reopened at any moment. this accident happened around 1:45 this morning. a drunk driver cause this had accident. a 25-year-old man driving a red sedan, a zip car, an on demand rental, heading northbound at 101. when he got collided with the median. the man, he got out, went to the side of the road so he could be safe. but as a result there were two
5:33 am
other vehicles coming and collided. one was taken to the hospital. fortunately just minor injuries. everyone else is okay. as a result the gravel spilled and filled the lanes. the northbound lanes are reopen now and have been reopened for 10 or 15 minutes. that drunk driver is in jail. no one was seriously hurt, fortunately. this just caused a massive problem for people trying to get to and from work. mountain view still shut down. the southbound is expected to be reopen any moment. bob redell, "today in the bay." that will be helpful for commuters. thanks, bob. a look at what you can expect with that weather today. meteorologist kari hall has been telling us about the brink ls.
5:34 am
now some fog. visibility down to half a mile. it's been even lower as you drive around some of the valleys. as you head out the door mostly cloudy skies in san jose. going into the rest of the day we'll see some peeks of sunshine. thanks so much, kari. commuters may find their own set of problems during the morning and evening rush hour. sharon katsuda with an alert for muni riders. >> reporter: we've already seen several of the new one-car trains come through this morning so be prepared if you take muni. a tweet warned riders will see an increase in 1-car trains today. they're hoping it will have minimal impact on capacity. more 1-car trains will be
5:35 am
running because muni found a problem with the pins connecting the trains. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the pins only last about three months and then become unreliable. this comes after other problems with the cars including the doors closing on hands. a muni operator does see other 1 car trains in the works. it is affecting drivers this morning. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." now to decision 2020. former vice presideice presiden is heading for party fund-raisers. he'll head to san francisco for an early evening reception followed by an evening event in south san francisco.
5:36 am
bernie sanders launching a woman's event. senator sanders won't be there. they will host discussions in san francisco and santa cruz. hoping a little free parking can help in the fight to end homelessness. a parking lot near the balance low a park b.a.r.t. station and people living in rvs, cars and other vehicles will have a safe place to park. 30 spaces will be security around the clock along with lighting, electricity and showers. and today a vote is expected in the future of firefighting. they will decide whether to put a down payment on all electric truck fire trucks that cost $1.2
5:37 am
million. several hundred thousand more than made by an austrian company. the fire chief says it would save money on gas and repairs and less maintenance. >> it has power now. as much as you want right now. it makes a lot of sense. >> crucial. >> it is. every second counts. >> if approved the first trucks would be in service by late 2021. keeping tabs on the morning commute. the problem along 101 in mountain view. do you have an update, mike? we have progress. northbound 101 reopened. closures cleared. that's stillas the emergency crews doing sweeping by hand and by truck. northbound really recovering.
5:38 am
the somebody side down to san antonio. the surface streets are lightening up. people are taking charleston and alma where you can join back on the freeway. stay with waze. nbc bay area wazers will help reroute you even if you just get off the freeway and adjust your route. so will waze. we do have some mist and drizzle. those numbers are not correct. we have a smooth flow of traffic. >> that's okay. it's almost the weekend. >> right around the corner literally. and so a lot of people will be heading out to holiday parties this weekend, ice skating, shopping. there's a lot going on. >> a lot to do. >> we're getting closer to christmas. forecast. off and on rain on saturday and temperatures will be cool. we'll only see the highs, 59 degrees for the inland areas. on sunday we do dry out and
5:39 am
we're going to see some slightly warmer temperatures and it will be nice to have sunshine even if it's just for part of the weekend where we do have dry weather. if you will be going ice skating in san ramone expect it to be showery on saturday. it won't be raining the whole day. you may be able to get out during one of the breaks in the rain. make sure you have the nbc bay area app to track that and then of course on sunday we have our final home game for our raiders and temperatures will reach into the mid-50s. this is perfect football weather. you just need a jacket as you head out. at least it will be nice and sunny. and then in santa clara the 49ers. a few clouds here and there. if you're going up to the north bay and heading out to the russian river valley. some showers tomorrow as well as saturday. sunday is looking like an all dry day and temperatures in the
5:40 am
upper 50s. carmel valley will be a great place to hang out this weekend. just a little bit on the cool side especially once that cold front passes but it will be out of here on sunday and we'll get sunshine and highs in the mid-50s. today's temperature trend in the south bay coming up in three minutes. it's 5:40 right now. moving forward, coming up next on "today in the bay," new warnings this morning. the state wants to issue for expecting mothers when it comes to marijuana. a head coach on ice. a big shake-up for the sharks bringing in some of hockey's biggest names. in washington this morning the first vote in the impeachment, the committee vote, is almost certainly going to come today. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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the time is 5:43 and let's get a live look outside in san jose as you get ready to head out the door. a lot of clouds and light rain here and there. our temperatures warmer than normal with mostly cloudy skies. we'll talk about this and the weekend forecast coming up in about five minutes. full recovery of 101. bob redell tells me they are ir lanes hopefully in the next couple of seconds. we'll give you the update coming up. thanks, mike. yesterday morning we told you about the high-speed rail construction milestone being reached in the central valley
5:44 am
this morning another train project is moving forward in california. the two cities this train could be zipping to and from. 5:44. new numbers published in "the sacramento bee" shows tens of thousands of gun owners can't buy ammunition. between july and last month nearly 346,000 ammunition background checks were put in place due to the new law. about 100 buyers were denied. another 62,000 were also rejected. and it was because their personal information hadn't been entered into the state's system or on their i.d. cards did not match up with what was entered in. california is moving forward with a risk for expecting mothers. the state vanity voted to require warnings for pot products and remains to be seen what impact it will have on the state's marijuana industry.
5:45 am
officials say too little sound research is available and they fear a flood of lawsuits. a house ju dishly vote will vote on the impeachment of donald trump. >> it is expected to go along party lines. impossible, though, e laura. some democrats may break rank and vote no. you hear from doug collins, a republican. >> one way or the other president trump will not be president forever. when his time has passed with his gripe on our politics gone, with our country returns as surely it will to calmer times and stronger leadership, history will look back today. how will you be reared. >> two articles like that? abuse of power and obstruction
5:46 am
of congress? the only abuse of power is racing as fast as they can determining what impeachment looks like. >> the debate gets back under way today. hard to predict when a vote will come. after that vote the whole house votes and assuming the ayes have it, the president is impeached. they're moving quickly because in their words trump asked for help from a foreign country in 2016, russia if you're listening, and asked for help again in the 2020 election from ukraine. i want to you do us a favor, though. president trump says he's eager for a trial, wants a bigger and longer trial than others are hoping for. president trump's team says it wants to call witnesses. republicans pushing for a shorter two-week trial without witnesses. republicans want to force intelligence chairman adam schiff to testify but that would allow democrats to call people
5:47 am
like mick mulvaney, deeply involved in the deal, but has so far refused to testify. we will hear testimony recounted, perhaps on videotape like gordon sondland who said this. >> was there a quid pro quo? as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is, yes. >> so the debate gets back under way at 6:00 a.m. i will update you on twitter as to the progress. >> the shake-up for the sharks who abruptly fired their head coach. peter deboer was fired yesterday, in the midst of a five-game winless streak. he led the sharks to their only stanley cup final back in 2016 when they lost to pittsburgh. bob boughner named interim coach and added new assistant coaches including fan favorites, remember mike ricci and former
5:48 am
goaltender evgeny nabokov. it looks like colin kaepernick's shot at a job has slipped away. he organized his own private workout. this was after that arranged by the league fell apart. now commissioner roger goodell said the league has moved on hinding that window for a job is closed at least for now. turning for you the actress at the center of the peloton commercial is speaking out. >> she portrayed a wife in the holiday exercise bike advertisement that's gone viral. many people took it sexist and creepy. the attention eventually led to an ad with aviation gin owned by actor ryan reynolds. in an interview on the "today" show she helps the attention will lead to even more acting
5:49 am
roles. >> i hope people can just see me as an actress because that's what i am. i like to do movies and tv and commercials. i hope people can remember i'm not actually the peloton lady and let me work other jobs. >> ride the wave, peloton lady. tune in at 7:00 a.m. >> laura, we're glad you're back and your voice is the same as mine. we're getting there. in the commercial sometimes there's just acting. it went real life. >> they're actors. >> i had to sit him down and say, son, there are some people who act. >> a learning moment here. >> exactly. >> that's what we do here. >> your stuff is real, right, kari? >> i think so. i don't know.
5:50 am
>> last time she checked. >> fake or real. >> that is real. a live look in san francisco. it's wet and we've seen a lot of fog drifting across the golden gate bridge. and then as you get ready to head out the door, maybe you're heading out to ride b.a.r.t. it's going to be in the upper 50s as you head out the door. mostly cloudy skies and there will be off and on rain. it could drop at any point. we're seeing light showers moving through as we check out storm ranger. that's the red scan you're seeing there. a lot of the heavier rain is off to our east. there's still a lot of cloud cover overhead and more rain rolling in as we still track the storm system across the region. we'll see that area of low pressure bringing in a lot of the moisture to the bay area not only today but the next couple of days and turning up high waves along the coast. starting at 3:00 today a high surf advisory in effect that goes until saturday morning.
5:51 am
some of the breakers may reach up to 22 feet. we're going to see some off and on rain here, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, clearing out on sunday. that break doesn't last that long. we'll see more rain in the forecast early next week. most of the rain will be fairly light going into the week. mike, you're still tracking highway 101. a crash just before 2:00 left all this gravel inches deep and this cash smashed to smitherines. no one was in the car. major impact. both directions were closed for a while. back to the maps and the northbound side opens up a half hour ago.
5:52 am
the southbound side, bob redell is telling me any minute cal trans will open. that should be good recovery. the oregon expressway or forced off at san antonio, you see the slower drive to east charleston. get back on the freeway, there's an in and out there. that's it for the slowing but we still have in towards that area the 30 they will clear the lanes soon. one minor crash off 680 but no problem for the walnut creek interchange. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, marcus. happening now the polls are open in the uk this morning. voters will decide who they want
5:53 am
to handle the stalemate. johnson facing off against corbyn. corbyn wants another referendum that could reverse brexit. banning natural gas. bay area cities that could require new construction to go all electric. plus, on the peninsula a tech worker arrested for allegedly stabbing his co-worker. it happened in the mail room. new details on the attack and the victim's condition is next. and is it the end of the road for the famous holiday bus tours? coming up, new rules l.a. is considering that could limit where the buses would go. you're watching "today in the bay." so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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welcome back. 5:56 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." a peninsula tech worker, 21-year-old lionel munoz, is in jail this morning accused of stabbing his co-worker. it happened last night in palo alto at rubrik. investigators say the men got into an altercation in the mail room which then led to the attack. the victim is expected to be okay.
5:57 am
meantime, a walmart worker is recovering after being attacked by a shopper in solano county. it happened yesterday. police say the shopper punched and bit the employee. officers arrived and arrested the suspect. a $1,000 reward is being offered for two puppies stolen from the east bay. you're looking at unike. also missing is an english bulldog. it's believed the dogs may have been sold on the street in oakland. they were among about 2 dozen in a van stolen. police found the van later that day in oakland with most of the dogs still inside. new details this morning for bay area's jurisdictions are among a half dozen in california. reportedly getting the green light to bap or limit natural
5:58 am
gas. "the chronicle" reports the state's energy commission approved recently enacted policies for marin county along with san jose, san mateo and menlo park. each case the new policies are meant to encourage the use of electric appliances eliminating the use of fossil fuels. tonight you have the chance to help name three new schools coming to the south bay. santa clara unified is holding a meeting where you can offer suggestions. the elementary, middle and high are expected. construction began last year. the schools were originally supposed to open this past fall but due to delays in the building process the elementary and middle schools will open next year. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. fans having a new way to support a hockey team while giving a big assist.
5:59 am
>> you're looking at gilroy strong practice jerseys worn by the barracudas. players are wearing the jerseys. the team is then auctioning them off to assist the gilroy foundation. next you actually want to take a tour of l.a. -- or lala land and you may run into a few roadblocks. >> l.a. city transportation voted to move ahead with a plan that would close off certain streets to tour buses. it has verified roadways where many safety issues exist. some of the streets have more than 100 tour buses travel on them every day. bus operators are trying to improve safety but feel restrictions are too broad. a mess on highway 101. only the northbound lanes just reopening in the last 30 minimum or so after a crash and a huge
6:00 am
gravel spill. the damage to the morning commute is already done. we'll have a check on the roads in just moments. plus -- >> the future of our democracy and constitutional order require it. debating impeachment as the first round of votes are set to be cast in just a few hours. and don't put away that umbrella quite yet. more rain is coming our way. how long will it lost? we'll check in with kari hall in moments. it continues because we've been on since 4:30. >> good to have you back as well. >> it's nice to be back. my voice is still coming along. >> i hear laura this time. >> she's coming along. not going to sing just yet. we'll save that for tomorrow. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. straight to the breaking news we've been telling you about. mike has a loo


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