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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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or so after a crash and a huge gravel spill. the damage to the morning commute is already done. we'll have a check on the roads in just moments. plus -- >> the future of our democracy and constitutional order require it. debating impeachment as the first round of votes are set to be cast in just a few hours. and don't put away that umbrella quite yet. more rain is coming our way. how long will it lost? we'll check in with kari hall in moments. it continues because we've been on since 4:30. >> good to have you back as well. >> it's nice to be back. my voice is still coming along. >> i hear laura this time. >> she's coming along. not going to sing just yet. we'll save that for tomorrow. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. straight to the breaking news we've been telling you about. mike has a look at the detours
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after that crash. we're looking for the opportunity to not have to detour anymore. most of the bay is green and that's great but over here mountain view, palo alto, there was a crash that reopened and the southbound side set to reopen. southbound traffic is jamming up. charleston is your alternate. bob redell is out there. do you have good news for us and what happened out there? >> reporter: first of all, number one and number two southbound lanes here have just reopened within the past few moments. you still have two other lanes that are shut down. actually that's three others. you're looking at the headlig s
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headlights. it is a crawl so to answer your question what happened, around 1:45 this morning according to chp there was a drunk driver heading in the northbound direction in this area in a red sedan in a zip car, one of those on demand rentals, when he collided with the center divide. two other vehicles came, some trucks. they collided. one of the people in the trucks was taken to the hospital. fortunately injuries are just minor. there was gravel in the truck that shut down both sides for quite some time. the northbound has been opened foro have the lanes, number one and two reopens. we're waiting for the other three lanes to reopen at any moment. the drunk driver is in jail, taken into custody. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob.
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a look at today's forecast for you. >> let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> we've seen off and on light rain. looking live in palo alto we are seeing some clear visibility here and the rain has stayed away longer. we will be tracking that rain that will be moving in just off and on, spotty, light showers. the full micro climate forecast. 6:03. now to capitol hill where the impeachment showdown is heating up in just a matter of hours. president trump is just hours away from being impeached. articles of impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of kongs for blocking white house testimony f. late night debate republicans argued
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democrats will pay for rushing an unfair inquiry. >> if we do not respond to president trump's abuses of power, the abuses will continue. >> most americans are thinking if only we could impeach them. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> a trial could come in january. california congressman ted lieu is missing today's vote because he's recovering following a hard procedure. in a statement his office says he'll return to work next week. be sure to stay with "today in the bay" for complete coverage. scott mcgrew will join us in his checks and balances segment. >> there may soon be a place in berkeley because berkeley councilmembers this week reportedly approved an agreement re now parkingto develop housint lots in the ashby and north berkeley parking stations.
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the next step accepting bids and still no real timetable on when the plans may become reality. >> when people do finally board california's first high-speed rail line they may end up in las vegas. the l.a. to the bay area project is on life support, a separate sin city to socal line is moving full steam ahead. a bond request in california. construction could start as early as next year. listen up. did you catch it? take a look at your screen, the full moon of december which is the final one of this decade. check out the new video shot in the bay area. just beautiful there. this happened at 12:12 on 12/12. it's being called the cold moon and the long night moon. >> some coyotes howli
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>> we'll add that sound effect next time. i was surprised we could see it because of the clouds moving by. we've also had some rain passing. and this is the case that we'll see throughout the day. we've seen the soggy weather, the high humidity, the cloudiness. even into this evening some lingering light rain chances. going into tomorrow another round of rain moving in during the afternoon and then it starts to tape earp off by late friday night into early saturday. we're looking at the possibility of getting anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch of rain, much lesser amounts for the south bay and the south county. i'll show you today's temperature trend for the east bay coming up in a few minutes. mike is still tracking the road conditions. >> but better as far as the flow
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of traffic, kari. you just saw bob redell's live report, told us and showed us two lanes reopened in the last few minutes. we have good recovery. now traffic flowing past san antonio and the rest of mountain view. good recovery there and, in fact, a lighter flow of traffic around the bay. no major problems or flow issues. interstate 680 south there may be an incident. i'll double-check with chp. meanwhile everything else looks great where the metering lights were turned on regular sciple with damp, slick roadways. still ahead this morning on "today in the bay" crews head back to the site of the deadly
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volcano eruption. experts warn it's still pretty dangerous. at 6:25 when the next eruption could happen. back here at home the future of jobs. good news there's something for the left brain and the right brain. plus, dust off your old vhs tapes, maybe get paid for it. coming up a look at how much some classic movies are selling for online. wait until you hear some of these numbers. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning. right now at 6:11 we are dealing with some patchy, dense fog in the north bay and visibility down to half a mile. elsewhere we've seen some clear conditions and are prepared for the possibility of rain today. it will still be off and on with temperatures reaching the low 60s. we'll talk more about this and
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also a new update to the drought monitor. i'll talk about that in five minutes. southbound traffic heading to palo alto. these phoenix will have to tap their brakes we have a couple lanes blocked. a slow drive. when they expect to clear the lanes coming up. a happy thursday. the economy was doing just fine and wall street liked that. "the wall street journal" out with a story about pg&e well, good morning. let's talk about scooters. spin employees are unionizing, joining the teamsters this morning. this may not make news in other cities. we generally don't do unions in high tech. we are getting closer and closer to the trade deadline where new
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tariffs against jin will take effect. that's two days. going to austin, portland, raleigh, north carolina, this according to the emerging jobs report coming out of linked in. it includes skills in a.i. i don't think that's a particular surprise. artificial intelligence and soft skills are important for the future because a.i. can't do that. samsung will open its first company store. the same way for samsung to get its branding message across to the consumer. there are still some jobs robots don't to perfectly well. >> like communicate?
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that's a good thing for us. >> a darned good thing. it's something we all love, a sweet tooth every now and then. if you have one at home, krispy kreme is offering a sweet deal for those doughnut lovers out there selling its original glazed doughnuts, a dozen, for $1. this is a part of their day of a dozen offer. there is a catch. you'll have to buy a dozen doughnuts at the regular price to get the dollar doughnuts. 2 dozen doughnuts for the price of one. >> some stretchy pants. not like these. go grease lightning. olivia newton-john's black leather jacket recently sold for $243,000 at a charity auction. the buyer who describes himself as her number one fan had other ideas. look at that. she post this had on facebook. he actually made a gift of it and gave it back to her.
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>> now that's nice. in exchange for a meet and greet. look around your house for old vhs tapes, some are now worth a fortune. do you have "cinderella"? >> no, i threw that out. the black diamond and masterpiece editions selling for $12,000 online. so collectors are actually -- those who own the "beauty and the beast" tape could bring in more than $13,000 and anyone look to go buy the original "101 dalmatians" vhs may spend $7,000. >> i just threw out a box. what do you do when you buy one for $7,000? >> it's for the ultimate collector.
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>> you give it to olivia newton-john. >> when you buy things, what do you do? just look at it? >> you'd better rewind it. >> be kind, rewind. >> i've probably had something like that as a kid but i would pull out the tape. >> thousands of dollars gone. >> i didn't know. an update on the drought monitor that just came out. now this is what it looked like last week. abnormally dry. now we've seen we've been taken out of that. nowhere do we have drought conditions -- this is such great news after the couple of big storms roll through the bay area. santa rosa has measured over 10 inches and that puts them at a
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surplus of 2 inches for the water year. so we had those good soakings and it's still off and on raining as we see the weather systems rolling by. some light, spotty showers moving through. some of the heavier rain now over the sierra which, of course, is good news. temperatures are warmer so we're not storing this as snow. some colder air will start to drop in as this storm system, this cold front that's well to the north of us starts to move in but keeps it unsettled with off and on rain. let's take it hour by hour. we go throughout the day. we still see some green here and this is what the radar can look like, light rain passing by at noon. going into this afternoon and evening, the rain starts to taper off. we take a short break but more rain coming back tomorrow. especially during the afternoon hours. now this won't be an all-day rain.
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still some scattered showers but during this time our models are only showing about a tenth to a quarter of an inch and up to about 0.3 for oakland, much lesser amounts for the south bay and over towards the tri-valley. heads-up, we are going to see the rain that's falling now turning to snow. that's going to make it a little bit tough getting there. the roads may be slippery. at squaw valley we have 64 inches of snow at the base of the mountain with the season total of 111 inches. we're going to see an additional foot of snow especially for a lot of our resorts. over a foot of snow there and we're going to see that off and on rain but all of this clears out just in time for sunday with the raiders final home game and
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then more rain in the forecast early next week. mike, you're taking us back to highway 101. unfortunately news for bob redell, he's been kicked off the freeway which is great for the traffic flow. it means they have opened the lanes. you see the volume starting to build. that's right around san antonio road. lanes, all lanes, have reopened. the traffic flow should recover quickly. you should have everything cleared up by the time -- all lanes through the border reopened. a crash. i think they're duplicate reports but i'll check on that. waze is forecasting predictive timing shows a lighter flow
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through the end of the year. hayward to the san mateo bridge and the issue here 680 right around the alma area a car fire reported on the shoulder. no real update but there is a bit of distraction through the alamo. we're lookingality highway 4 with typical slowing through pittsburgh and the backup, of course, at the bay bridge toll plaza. we also want to show you there's mist enough to make for damp roadways. thanks so much, mike. a bombshell report. up next on "today in the bay" the major settlement harvey weinstein is reaching. the all new safety feature uber has. first, nbc bay area sponsdz.
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right know rescue crews are heading to the white island to recover bodies following that deadly volcano in new zealand. there is still steam as well as mud continuing to vent from the crater with a risk of further eruxs at least eight people are dead, 30 are injured. at least two americans are among those dead. authorities say the volcano was still rumbling. >> we have a level of activity with a potential for further eruption, potentially longer and i can't ignore that. >> more than 2 dozen people are being treated for their injuries, some with horrific burns. this week's deadly shooting at a new jersey kosher deli. we know the identities of the
6:25 am
three people killed inside the deli along with the detective. police have identified the shooter who investigators say specifically targeted the store. take a look at this new surveillance video. it's really shocking showing the moment the shooters entered. they exit the stolen van, walked past people on the sidewalk. they enter with guns drawn. the mayor is calling it a hate crime. a bombshell report about harvey weinstein and dozens of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. according to "the new york times" $125 million, saying wine stoin would not admit any wrongdoing and wouldn't pay his accusers, instead insurance companies for his former studio would make the payout. >> he'll be able to walk away
6:26 am
from almost all of those cases without paying any of his own money to those victims. >> a quarter of the overall settlement according to "the times" would pay lawyers for weinstein and his former company. uber rolling out a new safety feature and sacramento is one of the first to get it. riders will have the option of receiving a four digit code they will give their driver before starting the trip to make sure they're in the right car. seven cities are getting the feature in the future with more expected to be added in the future. a recently released report said that more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during the rides last year. drivers and riders were both attacked. 6:26. top stories we're following for you including breaking news in mountain view. an overnight crash leading to a gravel spill across several
6:27 am
lanes of highway 101. right now still an impact on the morning commute. bob redell is there. >> several trains are running this morning with just one car. a live report on why muni is cutting back on its trains. 6:27 right now. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a good thursday morning.
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we continue to follow this breaking news. 101 quite the mess as a crash sent gravel spilling across the freeway. all lanes in both directions for some time were closed. we have a report on the progress being made in all of that cleanup with more lanes of 101 opening. quite the crash. >> it was. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. to mike inouye keeping track of what's going on there on 101. how is it looking now? >> very good compared to what it was earlier this morning. both directions were closed at the mountain view/palo alto border. it did reopen. all lanes have reopened in the last few minutes. the morning commute has been easier this last week. we beat the morning commute but this is slow in the area and bob redell has moved his location.
6:31 am
i'm stunned there were only minor injuries. >> reporter: this was the result of a gravel spill, mike, happened around 1:45 this morning and chp believed it was a drunk driver, a suspected drunk driver, who was the cause of the accident. around 1:45, a 20-year-old man driving north in a red sedan. his car ended up in the number two lane, basically in the middle of traffic. he got to the side of the road to safety. two other vehicles, two work trucks collided with the sedan. one person was taken to the hop. the other people were okay and so was the suspected drunk driver. some gravel spilled in both directions not only in the northbound direction but in the southbound direction. more gravel there, at least a two inch layer. they moved the gravel out of the
6:32 am
way which is why we had the lanes both directions shut down for quite some time. over the past hour, hour and a half have gotten the northbound open and the southbound fully reopened within the past 15 minutes or so. the headlights are your northbound direction. looks like a normal thursday morning commute. some good news before people head out the door. >> some rain could greet you. not where bob was. >> some low visibility and notice the roads are wet and visibility down to half of a mile or less as you drive around parts of the bay. light rain will be moving through. more on that and a look to the
6:33 am
weekend coming up. 6:32 for you right now and just into our newsroom word of some major new delays in the construction of the golden gate bridge suicide barrier. the latest time line issued by the bridge transit district indicates the project is running more than two years behind schedule. it is pushed from january of 2021 to some time in 2023. some of the reasons, delays in starting the project and problems with placing the platform for crews to be able to do the work. muni riders may want to brace for a crowded ride. sharon katsuda joins us live to explain the apparent problem with the new fleet of trains that may actually impact some commute times. you're saying there are already some delays out there? >> reporter: that's right, laura. we've seen a couple of 1 car trains already go through and they were packed.
6:34 am
so regulars are telling me this will cause even more problems later today. a tweet warns an increase in 1 car trains. they're still hoping it will have minimal impact on capacity. muni found a problem with the pins connecting the new red and gray 2 car trains. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the pins only last about three months and then become unreliable. muni is trying to address the problem now. this comes after other problems with new cars including the doors closing on passengers' hands. passengers already experienced delays even without the new train problem. >> this early it's pretty bad. i'm usually late to work. i'm not going to lie. >> i know there are delays, there are delays this morning. i hope they can fix it. >> reporter: one passenger complained about the
6:35 am
uncomfortable seats in the new trains which muni is also working to improve. back here live the muni operator didn't want to go on camera but tells me there are other 1 car trains. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today." >> getting busy. thanks so much, sharon. joe biden's first stop is in palo alto. from there he'll head up to san francisco followed by an evening event in south san francisco. tickets range from $1,000 on up. bernie sanders launching a women's event. senator sanders won't be here. his supporters will host panel discussions in san francisco and santa cruz. san francisco is hoping a little free parking can help in
6:36 am
the fight end homelessness. mayor london breeze announcing a new program located in the parking lot near the balboa park station giving people a safe place to park. 30 parking spaces will be provided. they will have security along with lighting, electricity and showers. an application process will ultimately determine who gets access to the spaces. 6:36 and today a vote is expected on the future of firefighting in menlo park. they will decide whether to put down an all electric fire truck that costs about $1.2 million. it's several hundred thousand more than the current. it would save taxpayers money on gas and repairs and will have less maintenance. >> it's got power now. as much as you want right now.
6:37 am
>> crucial. >> every second counts. >> if approved the first trucks should be in service by late 2021. it's 6:37. we've been keeping tabs on the breaking news we're following along highway 101 in mountain view. a lot better out there now? >> a lot better. the big alert has been both directions of 101 affected by the gravel spill. we're looking at the southbound side. it's had great recovery only a half hour to clear up. southbound was the last to clear. still a lot of traffic getting off the freeway, major surface street and a lot of traffic getting off. it's popular for businesses in mountain view and to palo alto. north 280 we have a crash that cleared.
6:38 am
that's not the worst of it for the south bay. a look at north 17 dragging up to lexington reservoir. one lane blocked for quite some time. most of those folks are coming over the hill right now. folks leaving los gatos are okay. we have two lanes blocked. no injuries. >> that's good news. at least we're cruising to the weekend. >> we're almost there. our rain comes back. it will be showery at times heading to saturday. some waves of rain coming in. you may be able to get outside and get in the activities before the rain falls again. have that nbc bay area app so you can get alerts as the rain moves in. by sunday the rain is clearing out and our temperatures will
6:39 am
reach into the mid-50s. once again if you're going ice skating, watch out for the spotty showers coming in. and then for sunday our final home game for the raiders and we do have perfect weather. we'll be at 55 degrees. be prepared for the cool temperatures. in santa clara for the 49ers right at about the same time temperatures in the mid-50s here. a few clouds and then cooling down quickly there as well. if you're going up to russian river valley expect some rain tomorrow and then off and on showers on saturday. sunday temperatures coming to the upper 50s and some mostly sunny skies. carmel valley looks like a great place to head for the weekend. have that umbrella handy. sunday temperatures reaching 56 degrees. if l.a. is in your weekend
6:40 am
plans, expect dry weather there. we'll take a look at our south bay temperature trend and also talk about our update to the drought monitor coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. moving forward this morning, on "today in the bay" the new warnings this morning, the state now wants to issue for expecting moms when it comes to pot. and a head coach suddenly on ice. the big shake-up for the sharks also bringing in some of hockey's biggest names. in washington the debate is under way in the house judiciary over impeachment. a vote could come anytime. out to the big board this morning. wall street -- well, the dow industrials are up 143 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:43 get your cameras and head outside. we have a beautiful sun rise under way especially in the south bay. and we're going to see the clouds mixing in. the sun peeking out every now and then. we'll also have a chance of rain today. and so we'll be tracking that as well as we head into the weekend. and also what's happening in the sierra is coming up in about five minutes.
6:44 am
101 has reopened. focusing on the berkeley curve. a crash has moved to the shoulder. i will give you an update on what to expect the timing there and another trouble spot for contra costa county. new numbers published in "the sacramento bee" indicate tens of thousands of owners can't buy ammunition. the california department of justice said between july and last month nearly 345,000 ammunition background checks put in placed to the new law. about 100 buyers who can't legally possess ammunition were denied, another 62,000 were rejected. it's because their personal information hadn't been entered in or the information on their i.d. card did not line up with what was entered in. now the new lawsuit by the california rifle and pistol association is seeking to overturn the law. 6:44.
6:45 am
$1,000 reward is now being offered for two puppies stolen from the east bay. here is a look at those puppies. this one here named unike. it's a 4-month-old american bulldog. also missing is an english bulldog. it's believed they may have been sold on the street in the oakland area. the two dogs were among those in a van stolen in fremont. they found it in oakland with most of the dogs still inside. a risk for expecting mothers, state panel voted to require warnings for pot products and it remains to be seen the impact on the state's marijuana industry. officials say too little sound research to support the change and they fear a flood of lawsuits.
6:46 am
four bay area jurisdictions are among half a dozen in california reportedly getting the green light to ban or limit natural gas. "the chronicle" reports yesterday recently enacted policies, along with san jose, san mateo and menlo park. the new policies are meant to encourage the use of electric appliances eliminating the use of fossil fuels. today the house judiciary will vote on the impeachment of donald trump. >> scott mcgrew, it's expected to go along party lines. >> all democrats vote for, all vote against but it's not impossible some democrats will break rank and vote no. you hear from chairman nadler and doug collins, a republican. >> one way or the other president trump will not be president forever. when his time has passed with his grip on our politics gone, when you're country returns as
6:47 am
surely it will to calmer times and stronger leadership, history will look back on our actions today. how will you be remembered? >> two articles like that? abuse of power and obstruction of justice. racing the clock and the calendar determining what impeachment looks like: >> you are looking at a live picture of the house judiciary committee. of course nbc will break into regular programming to bring that to you. there is a voting committee today and then likely a vote by the full house. democrats admit they are moving quickly because, in their words trump asked for help from a foreign country in 2016, russia, if you're listening, and then asked again for the 2020 election from ukraine. i want you to do us a favor, though. president trump says he's eager for a trial in the senate and he
6:48 am
wants a longer trial with witnesses. republicans are pushing for a shorter two-week trial without witnesses. the republicans who want to call witnesses want to force adam schiff to testify and mick mulvaney who is deeply involved in the deal but has refused to testify. we will hear either way from testimony recounted perhaps on videotape like eu ambassador sondland who told the house committee this. >> was there a quid pro quo? as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. >> we are watching everything that is happening. again, this is happening in real time right now in washington. you can follow me on twitter. >> there's a big shake-up for the sharks. they fired their head coach.
6:49 am
pete deboer was fired yesterday. it comes in the midst of a five game win streak. bob boughner has been named interim head coach and new assistant coaches. fan favorite mike ricci and former goaltender evgeny nabokov. >> looking more and more like colin kaepernick's latest shot at another job in the nfl has slipped away. he suddenly organized his own private workouts last month. nfl commissioner roger goodell said the league has moved on hinting the window for a job has closed at least for now. the actress at the center of the controversial peloton commercial is speaking out for the first time. >> monica ruiz portrayed a house
6:50 am
in the bike advertisement that went viral. many took issue with it, some calling it sexist and creepy. the attention led to an ad for her. in an exclusive interview she says she hopes the attention will lead to even more acting roles. >> i mean, i hope that people can just kind of see me as an actress because that's what i am. i hope people can remember i'm not actually the peloton lady and let me work other jobs. >> that's your claim to fame, ride the wave. she was joined by a special surprise guest t.o. see who it is tune in coming up right after "today in the bay." ride that wave of popularity. >> that industry is not easy to break into. >> right there on that bike.
6:51 am
>> good gig. >> let's talk about the drought monitor because an update this morning and we know that's something we're always watching but the recent rain we had made the map go from this to the update that shows we have now been taken out of the abnormally dry conditions and snow drought anywhere across california all thanks to those big storms that we had just a couple weeks ago. we are still lacking about an inch of rain in san jose. a surplus of 2 inches of rain for the water years. we do have more rain on the way. we're starting out with spotty, light rain and heavier rain over the sierras. temperatures are too warm for this to come down as snow but
6:52 am
still seeing the steady stream of moisture to the north of us. still some rain chances for us. the rain spotty, hit or miss. there will be times where we don't see rain at all and then it may sprinkle. some of our models showing the possibility between now and saturday morning getting light amounts for the south bay up to a quarter of an inch of rain for oakland. in the sierras a live picture, very nice. cooling off, another foot of snow possible this weekend. make sure you have the travel plans. temperatures reaching the upper 50s. mike, you're focusing to the east bay. a peninsula crash that
6:53 am
cleared the border from mountain view and palo alto completely reopened and that portion of the peninsula, the east shore freeway, we saw the crash just before the break. there's a bit of a build from powell over to the berkeley curve. we do have leafyt. pick out your own character and join our team. that shows why there's a slow drive. let's widen out our view on the maps and the slowing as well as in the walnut creek area. we have the earlier car fire. i do see speeds recovering. still 40 minutes down to 580.
6:54 am
the peninsula, and mountain view cleared again. back to you, laura. >> happening now the polls are open in the uk this morning. voters deciding who they want to handle the stalemate. prime minister boris johnson is facing off against jeremy corbyn. johnson says he'll take britain out of the european union. corbyn wants another referendum that could ultimately reverse brexit. several major opinion polls predict johnson will be the winner. up next, a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." we'll head back out to mountain view where traffic is still trying to recover after a crash led to a gravel spill. a live report next. b.a.r.t. parking lots turning into housing. up next and all new, the latest sea where construction may move
6:55 am
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welcome back. before you head out the door it is 6:57. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." all lanes of highway 101 are back open after a crash sent gravel flying. it actually shut down both directions of 101 for hours. "today in the bay's" bob redell has been at the scene since we went on the air this morning at 4:30. a lot led up to all of this, bob.
6:58 am
>> reporter: chp says a suspected drunk driver around 1:45 this morning, a 25-year-old man heading northbound near san antonio here in mountain view was in a red sedan, a zip car -- one of those online rental cars -- when he lost control and hit the center divide. he abandoned the car and got off to the side. two trucks came. one of the people was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and one stole that gravel in the northbound direction and in the southbound direction. it took time for caltrans to clear it up. we saw the opening of the northbound and southbound directions. it looks like your normal thursday morning commute. the suspected drunk driver is in jail. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay."
6:59 am
the next transit villages may have a place in berkeley. councilmembers reportedly approved an agreement with b.a.r.t. to develop housing projects. the first thing is to change the zoning and accept bids. there's still no real timetable on when the plans may become a reality. >> people may actually end up in vegas when the l.a. to bay area project seems to be on life support. a separate sin city to socal line is moving straight ahead. the company working on it got a bond request, construction could start as soon as next year. >> a quick look at the forecast, kari. we are going to see scattered showers moving through today and temperatures inland reaching the low 60s. still some rain into tomorrow as well as saturday. drying out on sunday.
7:00 am
a live look at the commute. >> the crash cleared in mountain view. we still have traffic. good morning. capitol hill clash. all eyes on washington after a long night ofcapitol hill clash. all eyes on washington after a long night of contentious debate. the first vote on the articles of impeachment against president trump just hours away. democrats say now is the time to act. >> we do not respond to president trump's abuses of power, the abuses will continue. >> republicans saying the president's critics have been out for him since day one. >> didn't like the president, his supporters. >> we're live with the very latest.


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