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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> investigators say they found electronic chop shop to harvest parts now comes the next step, trying to get all the stolen cell phones and laptops back to rightful owners. >> returning valuables back to the people they belong to is really important for all of us. >> they were really brazen and starting to steal in the middle of the day. >> karen flood is with the union square business improvement district. they've had theft issues here too. >>s in the most important time of year for us of course in union square with the holidays. and to send that message that if you steal from us you will be caught. >> people who work in here say it's time that victims got a break. >> there is a lot of nest going on. and it's bad. >> okay, kristy, here is the $2 million question if i think my stuff is there or other people, how do we get it back? >> reporter: well according to the district attorney office in san francisco any say it all starts with calling the number gnaw see on your screen.
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and of course as you might imagine they are looking for specific information that would help identify the equipment as yours. and we have more information on what it is that they're looking for on our website, >> okay a lot of people. >> live in sfriz, kristy smith, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people will be calling the number. appreciate it let's go to capitol hill, still developing at this hour still at it the second day more than ten hours today the house judiciary is arguing passionately over the two articles of impeachment against president trump. the committee is sharply split along partisan lines democrats abuse the president of two charges one is abuse of power by pressureding ukraine to investigate his political rival in exchange for military aid. the second obstructings congress by defying subpoenas and blocking witnesses from testifying. >> president of the united states shook down a foreign power to get involved in our election. that's wrong. >> this is a completely unprecedented, single-party impeachment char aid. and everybody at home can see
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that clearly. >> members expect to vote later tonight. with the full house expected to vote next week and a senate trial is expected in january. well, more money up for grabs. former vice president joe bide isn't back in the bay area tonight hoping to raise more fund raising dollars now senator harris dropped out of the presidential race. this is a live picture of the fairment hotel in san francisco where biden is expected any minute now. he has a second fundraiser here today. he had one earlier in palo alto. he is a bit behind schedule. unless you are ready to write a big fat check this may be as close as you get to seeing him. aanoushah rasta joins us riff where mr. biden is expected to hold the third event today. a busy day for the frrm vice president, anoushah >> that's right, janelle, very busy day. his third and last stop in san francisco. but his team is not releasing
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any information about exactly where the event is going to be. mr. biden, as you mentioned, did start the day in palo alto as a private fundraiser there. these are exclusive pictures from the event we received minutes ago showing the former vice president talking to a group of supporters. it doesn't look like a big crowd. we're told the checks they wrote certainly were. former vice president and current presidential candidate joe biden made a stop in one of the richest parts of the country today, to shake hands and collect donations. first stop was a small private fundraiser at the home of venture capitalist greg sands in palo alto. >> and there is nothing like meeting someone in person, listening to a television sound byte is no substitute. >> his visit comes a week after a new berkeley igs poll shows he has work to do in california. right now in third place among likely voters trailing bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> this is a good time for people to come and raise money and then they hit- be with the
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folks in iowa and new hampshire and beyond. >> still the supporters from palo alto today say they are confident biden will move the needle with voteners the golden state including people who previously voted kamala harris who dropped out last week. >> i don't think senator harris had nearly the support the major candidates had. >> the day that he takes office, hopefully, he know where all the right buttons are, every instrument of government is. and we don't have time for on the job training. >> and again the former vice president is at the fairment hotel in san francisco right now for a second fundraiser. after that he is expected to arrive here in south san francisco. his team is not saying whether or not he is going to be spending the night here in the bay area. reporting live in south san francisco, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> a business day and evening for the former vice president. that thank you, unusual aire. the wet weather continues as forecasted on and off showers
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across the bay area today. let's look live from the san francisco camera. you can see transamerican pier mid-there and the clouds in the background. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with an update on the seattle-like weather. >> you can see on storm ranger and moberly doppler radar nothing big but spotty showers popped up. moving through tonight you see more of this and also possibly drizzle mixing in. be ready for that. of course we'll track this throughout the night. now, what i wanted to really share with you right now is some of the rainfall totals in december. we have seen some marked improvement in dryer conditions across california. in case you missed it, in december santa rosa, 694% of normal as we had over 7 inches of rain. look at the santa cruz mountains. 1063% of normal for the month with 8 to 10 inches of rain. check it out, with the rain and sierra know pack now 115% of
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normal. what was abnormally dry through most of california -- this is a draut monitor yesterday. watch as we advance. good news. only 3.4% of california remains abnormally dry. right now we have pushed off getting into a draut. some great news to share with you tonight. a look at the weekend forecast when the sun returns in about 15 minutes. >> we will see you shortly thanks, jeff. with the stormy weather beware of waves. dangerous conditions from point reyes down to big is your. let's bring in our career who joins news pacifica where the waves could top 20 feet sonia. >> reporter: yes, many people have been out here today taking in the amazing view of massive as well as that have been pounding the coast in rapid succession. >> they're amazing i'm surprised there is in the surfers out here because sometimes when they're out they're still out so it's cool. >> they are bigger but i
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wouldn't bring the kayak out that's for sure. >> reporter: the waves are hip nottic but also potentially deadly. a high surf advisory warns everyone to be ware of potentially deadly rip current and sneaker waves as as well as hit the coast every 17 to 18 seconds. the large waves can sweep people in frigid waters triggering shock and even strong swimmers can face drowning. >> i have told people to move back before when it's got really bad. i have been concerned for other people, because tourists come here and don't really know what's going on. >> tourists out and just getting nailed like by big waves because they watch wash over the wallace zblrp the crashing as well as trigger worries about erosion something pacifica knows about. waves devoured parts of the coast here for years. at one point forcing the at the to close a demolish a series of apartments that teetered on a
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failing cliff here. >> walking here i was able to meet some of the residents. but now you know they were relocated something is somewhere else which they told me it's very, very hard. >> reporter: now the waves here are around on are the relatively tame side. they are expected to get bigger and bitter and the high surf advisory in effect until early saturday morning. reporting live in pacifica, son that chen abc bay area news. >> a beautiful sunset behind you as well. you can get a closer look at the radar specific to your neighborhood. this is a great tool with the weather here. you'll find it in the weather section at and on our free nbc bay area app. a mother accused running down her child's barber with her jail being charged with murder. she turned herself in last night. . police say was so upset at the way a brian named robert martin
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cut her son's hair that he she hit him with a car. he is expectsed to be okay. the bail is set at $1 million as she awaits trial. a new look at the dirty streets of san francisco. our cameras found this. look closely, right outside of city hall last night at the corner of mccal sister and vanness. looks like used needles all over the ground and newspaper stands. people living in the area obviously upset. the the supervisor says it's being used as a drug market for the city. >> i battled my addiction myself but never did in to the city. >> we have a role here especially op the public health aspect of in, saving lives and having a more coordinated effective law enforcement response. >> a couple days ago we might remember we reported that oracle
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is pulling the tech conference from san francisco and moving it to las vegas, partly because of the dirty streets. they grabbed as much as they could hold and ran out of the store. at sears at the hill top mall in richmond tuesday. four people running with hands full of clothes knocking people over on the way out. richmond police tweeted out the video a few hours ago. viewed more than 6 million times already. up next at 5:00 how the neckless you see on the teenager linked to her decades old murder case in san francisco. we'll talk about that neckless there. her dream came true. she became a youtube sen innovationo sayings before her death. how her school is now making sure her memory lives on forever. i'll show you when the next round of rain moves in and get ready for the weekend and exactly when sun returns coming up in about 8 minutes.
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ahead tonight, the hackers exploiting home security cameras what you should know. also we speak with a lone survivor of the deadly new jersey kosher market siege. authorities now believe it was a hate crime when we see you tonight.
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>> announcer: closed captioning sponsored by airport home appliance. the lone survivor from the massacre in new jersey is telling his dramatic story of survival. he says the shooters came to kill. his name is david lax inside the kosher grocery store on tuesday when bullets started flying outside of new york city. police are investigating the shooting as a hate crime. two suspects calmly walked into the store and started shooting. four people were killed in an exclusive interview with nbc news lax described how he took
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cover in the frantic seconds. >> did you think you were making it out alive. >> to be honest at that time that second everything from start to finish, what you see is ten seconds about, yes? but in that seconds it's over. >> pretty dramatic there. the shooters were also killed by investigators and officers. coming up in about 15 minutes on nightly news we hear more from lax as well as the details on the investigation. well a cold case that started 43 years ago in san francisco ended with help from new jersey. 14-year-old jude gifford's story has several theds. she disappeared in 1976 later a body was found near lake mere sed in san francisco. a half brother reported her missing so police had a possible name but couldn't dpirmt until this year when an elderly aunt was located in new jersey.
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providing a cheeb swab for a dna match with in photo. police were stunned to see the neckless jude was wearing in the photo matched the neckless found on her body. >> the. the alameda team to working to clean up the pacific garbage patch celebrating. in a video today show off the latest version of the retrieval system and bags of plastic they collected so far which they have plans for. they want to recycle it and make useful objects that people will want to buy. the goal is to make the cleanup self-supporting. leaders hope to start telling objects next september. okay an annual tradition that brings a tear to our eyes, also a smile and hope. south bay high school students granting as many holiday wishes as they can for fellow calamities and school staff. >> garvin thomas has the wish of one student to make sure her
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memory lives on. >> i'd like to bring out robin guterres. >> when 14-year-old robin gutierrez made her way on the winter wishes stage in tease of 2016 she could not have known it would be the very last time she would ever be on the campus. >> my name is robin. i'm a freshman here. >> but those knowing robin best. >> rob isn't my daughter. >> her mom and sister danielle say if she had. >> i thought a lot about sfwlief it wouldn't have changed a single thing she did that way day. >> she wanted them to know she was like any other child but couldn't walk. >> rubioen will not been feeling well enough to go to school the previous two months. but she was determined on this day to share her story about what life was like with muscular dystrophy. and to make her wish in person. >> her ultimate goal was she wanted to go to hollywood. >> her favorite past time was
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making movies with friends and posting them to youtube. her wish, 1,000 subscribers to the channel and classmates responded. >> we kept checking and make little announcements, yeah, you have this many. >> but in the weeks that followed, as robin's subscriber list grew stronger she grew weaker. but before taking her last difficult breath, just one month after the rally, robin did see her goal achieved. >> so, yeah, i remember the moment. she got to her fwoel. >> the wish coming true to her to me meant that there was a community that cared about -- that cared about her. >> for this video we would like the family to come up and join us. >> and apparently still does. robin would have been a senior
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this year. >> robin was a student here a few years ago. >> as part of this year's winter wishes rally one of her classmates wished a small part of campus be forever known as robin's grove. >> there are just not enough words. >> reporter: a permanent reminder of the power of wishes. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. powerful story. now if you noum enjoy our bay area proud series. we have a very special series for you. garvin is putting together a half hour special on branam high school winter wishes program. we aired that a couple days ago. it will aaron christmas at 630 "p." >> a great special story for us. jeff is here talking about -- what do we say with seattle-like weather. >> you called it. >> on and off. >> i'm agreeing with you guys on that for sure. we have seen that wet weather moving in, moving out.
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back in, back out. and more rainfall in the forecasts tomorrow. but i promise you, in this extended forecast of mine i have some sunshine coming your way. so hang tight. i did want to get through this first. if you had any reason to head to the coastline heading through friday, even the early part of sunday we have some dangerous waves. we talked about it earlier in the show. they're already 10 to 11 feet. and we see those size waves every 15 to 17 seconds. we could see the waves top out otto 22 feet which may produce some isolated coastal fedoraing issues. we'll be tracking that with the news desk. also the potential of rip current and sneaker waves as well. now we see the waves get kicked up from an extremely stormy pattern with much stronger storm systems right here off to the north over washington and oregon. we're just getting the bom edge of these moving in. that's why we have seen the waves of on gwen, off again rainfall it's more southerly
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flow so it's relatively mild for december. more rainfall back in the mix. i don't see any anything ranger for tonight. mobile doppler radar has spotty showers right now but nothing heavy. you'll be able to get everywhere okay tonight but be prepared for the showers rolling in. for tomorrow morning clouds in the forecast. i don't think it's extremely wet to start off. temperatures in the low 50s for the south bay over to tri-valley. north bay 48, san francisco 55 and the east bay at 50. let's take to you the rain forecast. the clouds for the morning. and then once we hit the afternoon the next wave of wet weather that will bring us anywhere from trace amounts to a quarter inch. as we move through the day another gloomy day coming our way. down here to the south bay 60 in san jose. over to the east bay at 56 in vallejo, 59 in pleasanton through the peninsula 57 in san mateo. 59 in palo alto. going to san francisco, jacket weather keep the umbrella close. 55 in the embarcadero for the
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morgt fwa 53 in clearlake 56 in napa and feeling the chill in mill valley at 57. my extended forecast i promised you the sunshine let's get to that. i think we'll begin to see some of the reyes of sun moving into saturday just a slight chance of some showers. will not ruin the weekend. then sunday that's the day you want to spend outside and just soak up the sun get the sunglasses out. we'll see that into monday as well. looking forward to that sunday and monday on a personal note. once we hit wednesday and thursday a quarter to a half inch does not look like a big storm system moving in. inland forecast 50s to 60s through the week. morning lows sunday and monday down to the 30s. and then that chance of some rainfall next wednesday and thursday. going to the sierra fast a few seconds on the clock. looking at another few inches here heading into friday and saturday's forecast. so great for skiers. snowboarders. not heading to a draut and that's fantastic. >> a lot of good news from jeff
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today. >> thank you. >> thanks, jeff. >> yeah. >> up next at 5:00 a new service from lyft. here is the deal. you got to drive yourself. we'll explain.
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a zip car crash turned to a
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mess in the middle of 101 today. at 2 in the morning in mountain view. the zip car is missing. the driver hit the median hit got out running. a gravel truck crashed into it and spilled gravel thp pen another driver hit the stip car. the chp closed the highway four hours to clean up the mess. they believe the driver had been drinking and at this time the police haven't located the driver. >> there is a new way to rent a car in the bay area. today lyft launched the new rental car service. pretty interesting here. the san francisco based company is test going out in the bay area and in l.a. you can rent the car through your lyft app. you get $20 in ride credit to get to and from the car rental lot. so far there are two pickup locations in san francisco and oakland. something really big is come to swrat golden dwaet park 150th anniversary. it's 150 feet tall.
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>> what is it? >> we'll tell you, when we come back. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today.
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the ones that make a truebeen difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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ton at 6:00 not fully prepared for of an emergency. how those pg&e black outset
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forced san jose to delay critical training ahead of potentially devastating winter weather. that story and more on the 6:00 newscasts. >> the first time in 125 years the ferris wheel will spin in golden gate park. the park turns 150 next year. and it's planning a celebration. installing in ferris wheel outside of the young museum. the ride is 150 feet tall. one foot for each year the park existed. >> ooh. >> the riders had have sweeping views of the ocean and downtown san francisco. will be able to ride starting april 4th next year through march of 2021 like the london eye. >> it is. >> it's a big deal. >> this is only the beginning of the park's yearlong celebration. >> that's beautiful. >> that's going to be fun. >> there will be fog rolling in cold. >> next april it opens. >> and stays open about a year. >> hopefully everybody gets ticket. >> we'll be in line. doesn't matter. thanks for joining us here at
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5:00. as a remind he were lester holt is next with nightly news. >> see you at 6:00. bye. >> breaking news tonight in the verge of a historic vote, house democrats at the brink of approving two articles of impeachment against president trump the first vote happening tonight setting the stage for the final showdown of the house. breaking the domestic terrorism investigation launching into the targeted attack on a kosher grocery store. the shooter motivated, police say, by hate against juice speaking out for the first time, the lone survivor on surveillance escaping as they


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