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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, a late night surprise that's angering republicans. the democrats have postponed the impeachment vote until tomorrow morning. >> this comes after a marathon session tonight that could bring president trump to the edge of impeachment. so what happened? ian cole joins with us the latest. >> reporter: republicans are furious, but congressman a mamm
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hours of debate stretching into a late night showdown, as the house judiciary committee argues over whether to approve two articles of impeachment. >> this is about facts and the constitution. >> facts be damned, they don't care. >> reporter: it charges president trump with abusing his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rivals while withholding military aid and obstructing congress by defying subpoenas and blocking witnesses. >> none of your fact witnesses were able to establish any evidence of bribery, treason, high crimes. >> there are no crimes here? that is the defense my colleagues across the aisle are putting forward? how about the highest crime that one who holds public office can commit, a crime against our
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constitution. >> reporter: tonight, president trump appearing at the holiday congressional ball after tweeting more than 100 times a daily record for him, calling it a phony hearing. >> we're having a very exciting month in washington. >> reporter: late tonight, republicans trying to detour the debate, though they don't have the votes to stop the drive toward impeachment. but republicans control the senate and they are preparing for the trial to begin in january. >> thank you, ian. coverage of the impeachment inquiry committee continues tomorrow starting at 7:00 in the morning. of course, we'll have updates all morning leading up to the vote. coming up, an inside look as joe biden visits the bay area. new at 11:00, is racial profiling or good security work? an urban planner was confronted by security guards as hess doing his job. the man, who is black, said one of the guards pulled out a gun for no apparent reason. cheryl hurd is in oakland with
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the details. >> coming from yoga. >> reporter: and minding his own business. he says fear prompted him to start videotaping an encounter he had with security guards outside the webster apartment building in downtown oakland. >> i was taking photos of the bike racks. >> reporter: his actions got the attention of guards outside the building. stwhat >> what's up? >> i live in this area. >> why did you take pictures of the cars? >> i took pictures of the bike racks. >> reporter: he says the guards insisted on calling police. he was fine with that, because he feared for his safety. >> i don't know if he saw me with my umbrella and phone, but he pulled a gun out. >> reporter: he says the guard held the weapon at his side. >> you're not a police officer. you don't have a right to do this. >> reporter: building management
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agrees with wheeler. they sent us this statement tonight saying -- >> it's really unfortunate that we're seeing these kinds of insurancidents occur. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a dangerous situation in mountain view, an overheated car battery started releasing potentially toxic chemicals. it happened about 10:30 this morning on west middle field road. sm someone was charging their prius, and the battery released a strange smell. haz/mat crews determined it was safe. take a look. self-beauty salons in san jose
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have been hit by burglars this week. this business sharing video with us. sergio? >> reporter: raj, the salon was broken in here monday morning. the culprits managed to make off with some electronics and hair products. this is one of at least four small business break-ins in san jose over the last week. one of the prowlers here was wearing a backpack as he was rifling through the front desk monday morning. >> you can see he has a backpack with a red flashing light. >> reporter: the co-owner says the man with the black pack back went in and out of the salon three different times. the third time he came with a friend. fortunately the salon does not keep cash in their register overnight. but pair still made off with more than $1,000 worth of lute. >> behind the front desk, we had
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three ipads, and some of our retail products. >> reporter: the owners are sharing their security camera video in the hopes that someone can identify the men and hoping other salons take precautions. we learned there have been four small business burglars in san jose. in one of those they made off with the cash register. here, the two men weren't able to get any cash, but the man with the black backpack decided to snag a pricey gift set. >>ky only hope that whoever receives the shampoo, the conditioner, the gift sets, the blow dryer and brushes, that this guy gives for christmas, i hope they enjoy it. >> reporter: so far police have not established any kind of a connection or a pattern in any four of the cases that we know of so far. but these are all open and active investigations. i'm sure detectives would like information that would be
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helpful. i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. if you've ever had something stolen in san francisco, you might be able to get it back. all of these cameras, phones, wallets that you see here are recovered stolen goods. authorities think they were taken during car break-ins, store robberies and package thefts. all told, police seized more than $2 million in goods. >> what creates an incentive to break into cars and homes is if you can quickly turn whatever you stole into money. a fencing operation makes that possible. >> the next big step is trying to get all the stolen stuff back to its rightful owners. if you see something that might be yours, call the number on your screen, 628-652-4343. new at 11:00, an updated earthquake map is raising a new concern for some people in some parts of the bay area.
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the u.s. geological survey put out a new hazard map. shaking would be 10% to 25% worse than estimated 25 years ago. tall buildings, long bridges, still most at risk for damage. pg&e has impacted fire safety. and now they're impacting flood safety. lately, the meetings have been postponed so the city can prep for blackouts. >> the more often we get together and practice our roles and practice communicating and coordinating, the better it is when the events come so we don't have to figure it out as we go. >> the next meeting is not scheduled until january. a mother has been charged with attempted murder after being accused of running down her child's barber with her car. this is a story we've been
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covering for more than a week. after being on the run, she turned herself in yesterday. police say she was so upset at the way a barber cut her son's hair that she hit him with her car. brian martin, who works at the delta barbershop, broke his leg. he is expected to be okay. her bail is set at more than $1 million as she awaits trial. the murder case takes another turn. the bodyguard will be getting out of jail next month. police believe he disposed of keith green's body in 2016. adelea originally made a plea deal to testify against lee and her boyfriend. but that deal was thrown out after adelea contacted a defense witness during lee's trial. lee was acquitted last month.
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adelea pled no contest. he's facing three years in jail. now the focus turns to lee's current boyfriend, who would be retried for murder. back in 60 seconds. ahead, joe biden in the bay area tonight. a look at his very busy night. a split second rescue. a dog's leash caught in the elevator and that neighbor springing into action. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. waves right now ten feet at this point. could get up to 22 feet tomorrow. so you have to stay away from that water. we'll have details on what to watch for tomorrow morning coming up in eight minutes. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa candidate joe biden -- wrapped up a busy visit to the bay area. these photos -- from his fundraiser tonight, presidential candidate joe biden wrapping up a busy visit to the bay area. these photos from his fund raisers in palo alto and san francisco. it was also an effort to win ore california voters and pick up
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key endorsements. the mayor of oakland, a supporter of kamala harris, was at tonight's event. biden is leading in the national polls but a different story in california. jean elle joins us in san francisco with the details. jean? >> reporter: raj, one of those fund-raisers was here. it was an intimate event. biden supporters, who got to meet their candidate, say he was energized and funny. democratic presidential candidate former vice president joe biden swings through the bay area for private fund-raisers. speaking to supporters in palo alto and san francisco. >> california is known as the nation's biggest atm when it coming to politics. >> reporter: he can count on california's cash, but can he count on the votes? a poll shows he's in third place among like lie voters, trailing bernie sanders and elizabeth
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warren. bay area firefighters showed their support tonight. >> vice president biden has been a huge advocate for all labor, especially firefighters. we also believe he's the person that can make a change for the working class people. >> reporter: everyone will have a chance to hear from biden next week. while he's not leading the pack in california, he is the favorite nationally. >> it's always important for the front runner to do well, and the front-runner is one who has always been targeted, if you will. and nationally, biden is sitting about 11 points ahead of anybody else. >> reporter: he expects biden to return to california and hold public events to connect with voters before the march primary. here in the bay area, several elected officials had endorsed senator harris. now that she has dropped out of the race, biden and others can earn their support. jean elle, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, jean. six recovered bodies from new zealand's white island will soon be back on the mainland after a recovery mission to the volcano. that mission, extremely dangerous due to the toxic air and the risk that the volcano can blow again. 47 people were on the island the day the volcano erupted. two young brothers from chicago are among the dead. confirmed dead. their parents are still missing. new zealand police say as long as the rescue team is safe on the island, it will continue to search for more people. two people still remain unaccounted for. the suicide barrier project for the golden gate bridge is behind schedule. san francisco began building the barrier in 2016. it's resigned to catch jumpers trying to end their lives. it was supposed to be completed by 2021. but today, they said it won't be
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completed until 2023. the lead construction contractor is behind schedule. about 30 people die by suicide on the golden gate bridge each year. if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help. call this number any time. you can also chat with a counselor online at suicide prevention they bring their bell over the holidays, but the salvation is in need after someone stole red kettles stuffed with donations. the latest theft happened outside a hobby lobby yesterday around 5:00 in the afternoon. the salvation army says a volunteer stepped away for a moment to stretch her legs. when she turned around, the kettle was dwone. last month, another red kettle was stolen from the same location. the salvation army says a con man tricked the volunteer into
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handing over the red kettle full of money. the homes are tiny, but could have a big impact. the first presbyterian church has signed off on a plan to house homeless people in tiny homes in their parking lot. each home is 157 square foot and includes a bathroom and kitchen. >> having a place to call home, a place to have dignity and feel cared for and loved is important to me. >> the homes should be ready by february. the church is taking applications. here are the guidelines. people must be homeless, ideal will from alameda county and have an income. all ten pant for the first time in 125 years, a ferris wheel will spin in golden gate park.
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the ride will be 150 feet tall, and riders will have sweeping views from the city to the oceans. it will start april 4 of next year to march of 2021. the major says this is only the beginning of the park's celebration. stormy weather usually leads to big waves. our coast could see 20 foot swells up to big sur. the crashes waves through a lot of crowds in pacifica today. but stay away. it's beautiful but dangerous. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. what are we looking for in the next 48 hours. >> the worst of the waves could be tomorrow, up to 22 feet. really just got to stay out of the water the next two days in our forecast. let's bring you to our microclimate forecast.
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i want to start off with the big thing we're tracking into tomorrow morning. i don't want you to get caught off guard by the fog that continues to develop here across the bay area. very patchy in nature. slooes so so everybody has the chance of maybe running up on some of these dense areas of fog tomorrow morning. so be on the lookout for that, especially if you're traveling on down the valley. we have that chance of fog. temperatures will be cool, and you need a jacket if you're up from 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning. 52 here in the south bay. peninsula 50. and also 50s for san francisco in the east bay. notice in the north bay, you'll start off at 48. okay. if you feel water logged lately, with all of this rainfall we have had in december, you're not going to like this next weather map, but we're going to get some sunshine into that forecast. we have all of these stronger
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storms moving into washington and oregon. the storm track is real close to us. so as the storms pass on by, we're getting the bottom edge moving in. that's why we've seen these areas of on again, off again rainfall and pushing in milder air from the south. so we expect this to stay put for tomorrow. we'll have the clouds and some of that fog for tomorrow. then we get this rainfall. trace amounts to a quarter of an inch. tomorrow afternoon's commute could get slick for us. so just know that. and i think you'll be able to get through that day pretty good. not a lot of change throughout the bay area, so 62 here in morgan hill. right over to concord, 59 degrees. danville at 61. let's bring it to the peninsula. 59 in palo alto. san francisco. 59 for the embarcadero. and right here through the north
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bay, 57. let's take you up to lake tahoe. our sierra report shows more snow friday and saturday. an additional eight to 14 inches possible. then you get sun on sunday. so 149 trails, 28 runs open. and that will be a great time if you're headed there. back here in the bay area, we get, yes, that sunshine, moving on in. once we hit saturday afternoon, should see a little of that. a better chance on sunday and monday. a new storm system next wednesday and thursday, a quarter to half inch possible. 50s for the afternoon highs. inland valley, 50s to 60s this weekend. morning lows dropping down to 30s. i have you there by sunday and also on monday. okay, remember last night we talked about the drought update coming in. the official update is in. good news after our recent rainfall in december, 2 to 10 inches. snow pack at 115% of normal.
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most of california was abnormally dry. you can see it right there. as of today, much, much better. only 3.4% of northern california right up there remains abnormally dry. so we have seen a huge improvement on that. and now all of that rainfall in december is responsible for keeping us out of a drought. so a few dry days wouldn't hurt us at this point. >> thank you, jeff. up next, it's like the oscars for video games. why steph curry took center stage at the game awards tonight down in los angeles. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, my guests are here. and stay tuned. happening just now. lyft is testing a new car service out in the bay area and los angeles. rent a car right in the lyft
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app. there are two pickup locations, san francisco and oakland.
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okay. he was at the right place at the right seem. johnny mathis was walking out of an elevator in houston on monday. when a neighbor walked in with a dog trailing bhimdz her. the owner gets in, and then the doors close and the dog is stuck outside attached to the leash. the elevator goes up. mathis springs into action, trying to unhook the leash. the dog's owner is stuck in the
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elevator going up. the owner quickly came back down crying, fearing the worst. thanks to his quick action, the doggy just fine. disney plus has hit millions of mobile downloads. the app tracking company says 22 million people have downloaded the app. it's only been out for four weeks. the app has a daily average of 9.5 million users. >> amazing. steph curry is a busy man, we know that, but it's not basketball he's busy with, at least not nowadays. tonight it's video games. >> as some of you may know, i have my own gaming related injury recently. >> a real game. >> the warriors star was a presenter at the game awards down in los angeles. it's like the oscars. game of the year went to shadows die twice, best multiple player
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game, apex he yenllegends. >> i love that game. >> i know you play it a lot. we're back in a moment with the sharks. can they turn it around?
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okay, you know what? the sharks have been one of the nhl's strongest franchises for nearly 20 years, but this season it's a bit of a different story. >> last night they fired the head coach. tonight, the interim head coach took over the reins. >> i'm just excited to have the opportunity and the responsibility and take this challenge. we're five points out with 49 names to go. we have to make some adjustments, but more than anything, it's getting the guys to play as a team. >> that was before the game. and they didn't pull their socks up tonight. just trying to spark the struggling sharks, arriving for duty tonight. there he is, the rangers were in town. things looked good, but in the third period, bren don dilan with the goal. sharks lead 3-2. but they chance, the rangers scored four unanswered goals.
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new york wins 6-3. the sharks have now lost six straight games. the giants continue to get a makeover with their roster and the ballpark. take a look. we have the rendering, the bullpen at oracle park will now be in the outfield. it will be on either side of the garden that sits out there. that's not all. the giants are bringing in the fences, which should mean more home runs. the left center field wall will be brought in five feet. center field will be eight feet closer. now you can hit a home run out there. >> first i have to be able to pick up a bat. >> back in a moment. here, it all starts with a simple... hello! hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not?
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how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today.
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finally tonight, santos the seal back home. two weeks ago, the fire department rescued this baby seal from a parking garage. he was malnourished but otherwise okay. so to gain his strength, he feasted on fish and smoothies and fresh caught red herring. today, rescuers determined santos was good to go and
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healthy, so they wanted him to join his family so took him out there and he's like, bye-bye. thank you. >> so he spent some time in a wellness resort and then went out. >> did some seal yoga. hopefully he'll find his family. >> i like those moves. >> very nice. >> they do such great work there. >> tomorrow morning should be okay for the commute? >> some fog and some mist. by sunday, that's your sunny window. >> enjoy your friday. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - ryan reynolds,


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