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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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significance to the house, it has 13 bathrooms, 13 fireplaces, 13 steps on a flight of stairs. the mansion's historic bell will be rung, how many times? 13, in honor of sarah winchester, at 1:00 this afternoon, which is of course 13 o'clock. 6:00 a.m. right now. back to capitol hill alleges the showdown over impeachment is kicking back up. he does not recognize our impeachment and he will not participate in it. >> article one in this resolution ignores the truth, it ignores the facts. >> a live report on the historic vote expected today on capitol hill, following an all night debate. plus guards pull a gun on a city leader. who is at fault, coming up. and big waves are rolling in but they're dangerous. coming up, the high surf warning
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now in effect. "today in the bay" continues right now. what a feeling to ride those waves like that. >> i wouldn't know. >> have you done that before? >> no. >> i did that picture in hawaii, looks like you're surfing. >> i web surfed. it was cool. it was enjoyable. >> oh, man! good morning to you. don't go anywhere, please. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm in for marcus, and you know maybe they'll be rethinking that. first something we're talking about the raiders, this is their final game. i mean, the final game ever at the coliseum. if you want to g you're really going to have to pay a lot to see this. they go off to las vegas after this. >> tough news for a loft folks. we'll have more on that coming up. nice if they get a win tonight. >> they're not coming back unless they come back. >> that's a good point. >> let answer get to kari right here. >> hey! all right, we're talking about the fog this morning and also the rain that will be moving in as we check out our forecast for today. we're going to see some patchy,
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dense fog rolling through and as we check out the maps, we are seeing there we go the live view in san francisco. poor visibility there, if you're getting ready to head out the door in antioch, we're seeing low visibility in the area and temperatures that will be in the upper 50s today, as the rain moves in by noon. we'll talk more about that rain coming up and mike, you're tracking a problem on the east shore freeway. >> kari, gone from view. the fog is the issue. you can kind of make out the glowing lights. lower visibility and it's tougher because our camera is right in the fog layer but we are having an issue because there's debris reported coming down the east shore freeway and we see slowing as you pass around university by ashby, tough to see so use that caution. folks are appropriately slowing from golden gate field. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge but that's about the only big issue for the bay aside from the fog which is a much bigger concern, lower the speeds. back to you. >> good advice there, thank you. it is 6:02.
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police investigating a deadly shooting in east san jose, we have video from the scene this happened on white road near florence. white road closed right now in that area. officers tell our crew the shooting happened about 2:00 in the morning. so far police are not giving out any information on potential suspects or the person who died. this is the 32nd homicide in san jose this year. there were 28 homicides in 2018. after a fiery all-day debate, a big surprise last night in washington. the vote on articles of impeachment against president trump never happened. it's now set for this morning. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill to explain the delay. good morning. >> depends who you ask, scott. good morning, everyone. the democrats in charge said they had to sleep on it. other democrats say this was too
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important to happen in the middle of the night. republicans accuse them of grandstanding, and just wanting to hold this vote in the morning while the cameras were rolling and president trump tweeted democrats have no answers and that's why they wanted out. >> the lack of case they have for them to come out here and defend this is the most ludicrous thing i've seen in my life. >> reporter: after 14 hours of debate and all-day marathon. >> no president is supposed to be a dictator in the united states. >> reporter: democrat jerry nadler suddenly -- >> the committee will stand in recess until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. at which point -- >> whoa! >> reporter: postponed the vote on article of impeachment against president trump until this morning. >> this committee is more concerned about getting on tv in the morning than it was finishing its job tonight. >> reporter: there are two articles up for a vote, abuse of power, the president accused of withholding aid, while pressuring to investigate joe
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biden. >> the president of the united states shook down a foreign power to get involved in our election. that's wrong. >> reporter: and obstruction of congress which republicans tried unsuccessfully to remove. >> none of your fact witnesses were able to establish any evidence. >> reporter: despite the delay, the democratic majority in the house of representatives almost assures the president will be impeached and tried in the senate. >> he wants witnesses out there, because he wants his side of the story told. >> reporter: but senate republicans may block all witnesses. they want this over quickly. >> we all know how it's going to end. there's no chance the president is going to be removed from office. >> reporter: the president's party planning to save his job when impeachment lands in their hands. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. new details this morning after police find two men shot to death inside an east oakland home. according to "the east bay times" it happened following a standoff that started around 6:00 last night along tanner
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near elmhurst park. half an hour officers found the men's bodies. for a time neighbors were told to stay in their homes. we're still working to learn what led up to the shooting. 6:06 right now. a first amendments rights group is reportedly filing a new motion to unseal evidence on the deadly stabbing on the macarthur b.a.r.t. platform. john cowell is expected to stand trial sometime in the start of the new year. he pleaded not guilty to killing nia wilson and seriously injuring her sister. the first amendment coalition filed a new motion to unseal grand jury transcripts tied to witness testimony. a judge refused the same group's request on a technicality, the last time around. this video getting a lot of attention showing a private security guard who pulls a gun on an east bay urban planner, who was taking pictures of bike racks on the sidewalk. kenyan wheeler happens to be african-american, says he was
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checking out the bike racks which he thought were cool outside a new apartment building in downtown oakland, when he was confronted by those guards. wheeler is the chairman of oakland's pedestrian and pirbice commission. >> really unfortunate that we are seeing these kinds of incidents occur, where people are being racially profiled because of the color of their skin. >> wheeler says when the guards called police, he was actually relieved, because he was afraid for his safety. the building management agrees with wheeler. they sent us a statement that reads in part "we share the concerns of the individual on a public sidewalk. he should not have been confronted. effective immediately, we have changed our security provider." new this morning, a dispute over a popular san francisco spot for four-legged friends is heading to court. three dog owners groups and a recreation association suing over new pet restrictions. according to "the examiner" the
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suit alleges one of the changes prohibits dog walking entirely at two fort fundston areas. they say an environmental study must be done before the rules take effect. the golden gate national recreation service and u.s. interior department have been named in the suit. the gg nra is not commenting on the case. here we go, time to say good-bye to raider nation. it's been their home stadium in oakland for most of the team's almost six-decade history. the raiders are playing their last game at the coliseum sun as the team prepares to move to las vegas next year. thom jensen joins us in alameda with some reaction and a lot of people sad about this one, tom. >> reporter: oh, they definitely are. this is going to be an emotional day on sunday for those long time local raider fans. sad and upsetting for some who had really held out hope and had worked to try to keep the team
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in oakland, but after starting out, they had even hoped the team might have a couple of playoff games in the nearly 60-year-old oakland kohl see co. with the team at 6-7, there's a 1% of any playoff games at all. the raiders new $2 billion facility is set to open in august near the las vegas strip and although they have left oakland before only to return, that's not likely to happen again with the commitment to that new stadium in las vegas. players and head coach jon gruden now in his second run as the team's leader, promise to give the fans of their best effort when they take on the 4-9 jacksonville jaguars sunday. >> it's hard right now to really k abouwhat it's going to be like stepping in there for the last time ever, and last time of the season is one thing. last time ever really hits a tone with me. >> i expect it to be crazy and loud and all those kind of things so we'll go out there and give our best effort. i promise you that.
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>> reporter: quarterback derek carr also talked about his first win in the coliseum and reaction, the comeback wins and all of the injuries he's suffered over the years and overcome. it will be an expensive game for fans who want to see this game in person. the lowest ticket price is about $170 and the average price is about $300. on the secondary market, $500. we're live from raiders headquarters in alameda, thom jens jensen, "today in the bay." >> you can get a good deal on the face paint, got to root them on. the coast could see 20-foot swells from point reyes to big sur. this the waves have been drawing crowds in pacifica all week. it is quite a show. >> from a distance. beach conditions in hawaii aren't much different. they're seeing some of the biggest waves there in years. high surf advisory in effect for
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the west shores of the big island. yesterday some waves reached as high at 45 feet on maui's north shore. good news for surfers participating in a big competition. the waves are huge and fascinating to watch. it's amazing what the sumpb sur take on. >> you see it on television, you can't imagine how big they are. >> i think i need to make a trip. >> research. we can write it off. >> take this show on the road! >> as of part of my job some research. having to head over to hawaii. and we're seeing big waves here but unfortunately the fog is kind of hiding those waves this morning. a live look at ocean beach with low visibility. that does make it more dangerous to be out there because you can't see those breakers coming up to 22 feet, when it's foggy out there. so just a heads up. we'll see the fog through 8:00 or 9:00 but the high surf advisory continues until early
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tomorrow morning. we'll also talk about the rain in the forecast coming up and mike, right now we have breaking news for your commute. >> that's right, the issue for the traffic alert has been westbound 80 the breaking news is that your two right lanes are blocked by the crash and debris on the east shore freeway in the foggy area in your commute direction. so traffic is jamming up starting at golden gate field extending toward ashby avenue just shy of emeryville, things clear up toward the berkeley curve, lighter traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, a benefit for folks out of oakland and off of highway 24 in lafayette. a smoother drive around the rest of the bay and fog is a major factor in many patches so be prepared for low visibility. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," the big milestone, california just reached when it comes to instag on homes across the state. plus you might want to update that christmas wish list. baby yoda dolls are coming soon.
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how soon though? will they make it in time for christmas? plus what would you do for a great seat on a plane? how about wearing your best ugly holiday sweater? coming uppen an airline that's offering that perk. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:16 and as we take a live look outside in walnut creek, visibility not too bad. the clouds are a little bit higher and we may see some light rain and drizzle moving in during that morning commute. for the most part looking good until noon when the heavier rain starts to move in. we're already seeing it in parts of the north bay. we'll take a closer look in five minutes. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is great for some but not others. a traffic alert, breaking news for the east bay and east shore freeway. we'll show you how to get around it or advice we get from our partners at waze.
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good morning. i am rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open slightly higher extending yesterday's gains. the move came on reports that the u.s. and china agreed to phase one of a trade deal that would cancel the next round of tariffs set to go into effect this weekend and reduce some existing tariffs on chinese imports. china reportedly agreed to buy more agricultural goods from the u.s. now the white house and beijing have yet to confirm the reports. the president just tweeted a few moments ago. more on that throughout the day. china's foreign ministry said any trade deal must be a win/win for both sides and the big win by boris johnson in the uk elections that removed some uncertainty in the short term over a potentially messy brexit. on today's watch list reports on retail sales and pces. lyft is expanding its rental car program to more users in the los angeles and san francisco
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bay areas. cars will be able to select users -- users will be able to select cars but you have to be at least 22 years old. the program offers a limited number of models, the volkswagen passat, atlas, mazda 3 and cx 5 you can rent them starting at $35 a day. microsoft is unveiling its new video game console, they did that last night, the xbox series x and looks more like a pc than previous xbox consoles. microsoft promises it will deliver four times the processing power of the xbox 1x and will support 8k gaming and come with a wireless controller. now no pricing details yet but we know the xbox series x will be available just in time to buy next holiday season. scott and laura, back to you. >> that's kind of funny they would announce it now. >> right. start saving your money. thank you, rahel. new at 6:00 supporters are
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seeing it as a big step in california going green. state leaders celebrating 1 million solar rooftop systems across the state. part of an initiative signed into law by former governor arnold schwarzenegger in 2006. the organization behind the project says the goal is to help drive down the cost of solar energy for california power customers. trending, hasbro has just unveiled a new line of baby yoda toys. hasbro unveiled a new line of baby yoda toys from the "mandalaurian star wars" series. you can't order it yet. they're not arriving until the spring. >> that whole thing caught everyone off guard the phenomenon. >> it's huge. meteorologist kari hall will really like this story this morning. some holiday air travelers may want to have their ugly christmas sweaters ready. >> that's right, alaska airlines will offer priority boarding for anyone wearing an ugly christmas sweater next friday, to celebrate ugly sweater day. the airline's lounges will also have holiday inspired beverages
6:20 am
and cocktails. tonight is our office party, nbc bay area holiday party and kari, we understand you are going to wear one of your sweaters. there it is. there is your handsome husband, too. >> you'll see the whole thing tonight, whole unveiling. >> you know what, though, that's not fair. >> why is that? >> it's not technically an ugly sweat per >> she makes it look cute. >> too bad i won't be traveling to get that deal with american airlines. >> alaska. >> oh, it's alasca, that's right. let me get that straight. so let's head out this morning and we are seeing low fog and also some rain moving through. here is a look at storm ranger, mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain and above the fog. this is not the view you're seeing right now. it has been cloudy and foggy. rain moving into parts of the north bay, as we track it on storm ranger, now moving through
6:21 am
ukiah, and off towards the east over lakeport and clearlake and so we're seeing some of that rain clearing for northern napa county but as we go throughout the day we're going to see more waves of rain coming in especially this afternoon into the evening and i know that's in time for a lot of outdoor events from tree lightings to the lighted boat parades. a heads up you need to take your umbrella but it's not enough heavy rain to cancel the event or your plans. get on out there and enjoy. we'll see it off and on. and as we go into the weekend if you're headed to the sierra, here is a look at the squaw valley and alpine meadows report. rain changing to snow and temperatures dropping throughout the weekend. 71 inches of snow at the base and more coming this weekend. you'll be able to watch a foot of snow fall in the resorts in the area. here in the bay area rain will taper off and a dry sunday ahead after seeing off and on rain throughout the day today as well as early tomorrow. next week we're looking pretty good and then we'll see some more rain moving in with cool
6:22 am
temperatures especially on wednesday and thursday. mike you're seeing a different look for the toll pla toll plaz. >> it's a smooth drive with fog as a major factor but the traffic alert is not for the fog. i'll are lelert all drivers. east shore freeway is jammed, it's a tough time, tough conditions, low visibility as well. let's take you out to the waze system showing you a smooth flow of traffic until you get there. this crash reported by our friend chrissysf405. we'll send ate shout out. waze can save but 25 minutes, as they map out the area between san pablo and the bay bridge toll plaza. the routes look similar but there's a lot of wiggling that goes on to save you about 20 20 minutes. use waze and join nbc bay area wazers. >> thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay," why a man allegedly tried
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to arrest a contra costa county mayor. it's coming up at 6:30. >> we'll be right back. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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call today. comcast business. beyond fast. nbc bay area responds to a holiday season fire risk, the christmas tree. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with some surprising statistics, and a new gadget that aims to help.
6:26 am
>> good morning. more than 150 christmas trees burn in homes each year killing three people and injuring many more according to the national fire protection association. what you're seeing on your screen is a christmas tree that a federal agency set on fire to demonstrate how quickly the limbs can burn and how fast the flames engulf a home. >> if that was in your home, you would have less than two minutes to escape the house. >> this week we set a tree on fire with the help of cal fire. we burned a douglas fir we tested out an ornament designed to give you early warning if your tree catches fire. tonight we'll show you what happened in the live fire fest and walk you through some free or nearly free things you can do to help prevent a christmas tree fire. give us a call, 888-996-tips, or go to i'll join you again tonight at 11:00. >> all right. thanks. this weekend catch scarlet
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johansson on snl. >> she was nominated for a golden globe for "marriage story." tomorrow's guest is niall horan. watch that tomorrow on nbc bay area. coming up, today is the ted line for governor gavin newsom to approve the pg&e $13 million wildfire settlement. and a holiday message to thieves, you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now it's 6:30, let's take a live look outside overlooking downtown san jose. nicely lit there. you see christmas in the park, down at the center of your screen there. looking forward to some holiday festivities perhaps for the weekend. >> that's right. >> thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has his holiday festivities off to an early start, halgs ts the day o. u-haul has been taking a look at where people in the bay area are packing up and leaving to. one of them is another california town and apparently it's driving them crazy with all the bay area folks and driving their rents up. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> right now let's check the forecast. meteorologist kari hall foggy in
6:31 am
some parts. >> >> especially in parts of the north bay. a live view in san rafael, watch out for the sheets of fog that you're basically driving in and out of this morning, creating low visibility. we have some rain farther to the north. storm ranger is tracking that for us and we'll see that moving into the rest of the bay area as we go throughout the day so i'll time it out for you coming up. mike you have breaking news. >> i do. the bay bridge toll plaza backup is gone, because everybody's held up on the east shore freeway. while you're coming in from highway 24 that might be fine. crash is blocking two of the three lanes and problem coming on ashby avenue, a problem for berkeley and approach off the east shore freeway. the rest of the bay the biggest issue is the fog so be careful. low visibility will creep up on you. we'll talk about the south bay coming up. back to you, laura. >> thanks very much. it's 6:31. today is the deadline for
6:32 am
g gun newsom to give a thumbs up or down with pg&e and the victims of the wildfires. what happens if the governor says no? >> reporter: if the governor doesn't approve the settlement, then pg&e would have to revise the settlement or the cess lmt disagreement would be terminated. you recall last week pg&e announced that it reached a $12.5 billion agreement with the victims of a number of wildfires, talking about the victims of the camp fire from last year, the 2017 tubbs fire in the north bay, the 2015 butte fire and the 2016 ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland, which was electrical in nature. dozens of people died and thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed in those aforementioned fires. last january pg&e did file for bankruptcy because it was at the
6:33 am
time expecting to face potential lie anl liabilities of $30 billion when you add in the additional billions owed to insurance companies. last night pg&e filed an amended reorganization plan in its bankruptcy case, claiming if all goes accordingly, it could be out of bankruptcy by next june. pg&e has since changed its leadership and in its words made meaningful strides in wildfire safety. that being said one of pg&e's transmission lines has been tied to past october's kincade fire which burned close to 78,000 acres and destroyed over 370 structures, including homes. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll certainly continue to follow that, bob, and see what happens there. thanks so much. the undocumented immigrant accused in the february stabbing death of a south san jose woman inside her home is due in court today for a plea hearing. carlos carranza is charged with
6:34 am
the death of 59-year-old bambi larson. investigators say he snuck into her home and stabbed her with a folding knife. he was released from jail six times despite i.c.e. detainment requests. burglars targeted san jose salons over the last couple of days. owners of a salon in willow glen shared their security video, hope someone can identify the two men who broke a window monday morning. there have been four small business burglaries over the last week. in one incident suspects made off with the store cash register. at this salon, the two men were not able to get any cash but one of the men with a black backpack snagged a pricey gift set. >> i hope whoever receives the shampoo, the conditioner, the gift sets and blow dryer and brushes this guy gives for christmas hope they enjoy it. >> san jose police have not
6:35 am
established any kind of pattern they're not sure the break-ins are connected. new this morning, the mayor of martinez was attacked, now a man is behind bars. police say eli dominguez could face battery charges. the alleged attack happened yesterday afternoon in front of mayor rob schrader's insurance business on main street. officers arrived and detained dominguez. in the struggle he allegedly bit a sergeant. "martinez news gazette reports dominguez was a regular at council meetings and recently told the council he was going to make a citizens arrest because he felt his civil rights were being violated. early arrest of a gun high school student accused of making online threats. palo alto police received tips about a the shooing threat. they hustled to identify the 17-year-old suspect now in custody and receiving a mental health evaluation. police officers say they covered a realistic looking bb gun.
6:36 am
>> 6:35. now to our making it in the bay series. bay area transplants are hoping to boost the cost of living in stockton. the city saw the biggest rent increase over the last five years, just within the past month, prices have gone up nearly half a percent. the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is about $1,000 per month. the two-bedroom around $1300 a month. smart train cuts the ribbon on its new larkspur station that will link to san francisco bound ferries. the ribbon cutting event takes place at 1:00 this afternoon. tomorrow smart will cut the ribbon on a new downtown novato station, trains will start servicing both stations on a limited basis, full service launches next month. >> i wonder if they're using the same ribbon, tie it back together and recycle.
6:37 am
green for most of the east bay. here is the big problem east shore freeway jamming up off the richmond side of the san rafael to richmond bridge and come down out of richmond and san pablo for westbound 80 at ashby, a crash blocks your right lanes. chp said they hope tow trucks would arrive and have in the last few minutes but i don't know d.o.t., the department of transportation, i don't know how long it will take for them to clear the lanes. what's going on is that's holding traffic up in berkeley but makes the bay bridge toll plaza clear for everyone else approaching from the east bay and the other side of the oakland areas. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. san jose a crash cleared north 101 at oakland road. where the hazard sign is residential area that's white at florence, continuing with the police activity of eta, routes 25 and 0 will reroute around the police activity. >> that's right, deadly shooting there overnight. it's 6:37 right now. >> that's right, let's get a check of your weekend which is right around the corner.
6:38 am
>> we start out with some rain today and it will be off and on as we go through the time line. we'll see rain approaching from the north and check out where you live and the time frame, as we head through 5:00, we'll see some waves of rain coming through, and then as we go into tonight, still off and on rain, most of it clears out tomorrow but there will be still a slight chance of rain moving through and i know for the pleasanton tree lighting happening tonight that was canceled because of some earlier rain and it does look like we'll still have some scattered showers moving through, kind of off and on, bring the umbrella, have a good time out there, tree lighting at 5:45. for tomorrow we will still have a chance of rain, especially during the afternoon, and then as we go into saturday for the lighted boat parade happening in sausalito from 5:00 to 8:00 we'll also have a chance of some showers there as well. it won't be raining the whole time and all of this moves out as we go into sunday, with our temperatures reaching into the mid-50s near the coast and low 60s for the inland areas, and we know this sunday is the final
6:39 am
home game for the oak land raiders. we have nice weather on sunday and i don't think it could get any better than this, mid-50s and a few clouds moving by and kickoff will happen at 1:05 and around the same time we'll have kickoff for the 49ers game in santa clara, we'll see temperatures in the mid-50s. mostly sunny skies but cooling off quickly. make sure you have something nice and warm to wear. by the end of the game it will feel cool. we'll see showers off and on today and starting to taper off tomorrow for half moon bay. going to yosemite this weekend plan on snow. it will be snowing off and on and the potential of measuring quite a bit up to a foot in some parts of the sierra. heads up about the travel bringing the tire chains. our temperature trend is coming up in three minutes. >> we'll check back with you. coming up next on "today in the bay," impending impeachment showdown today on capitol hill.
6:40 am
the countdown to an historic vote following a late night debate. plus the end of an era in oakland. kari mentioned it, raider nation giving its final farewell to the coliseum. the team's thoughts and plans when it comes to saying good-bye. we think we're on the cusp of a deal with the chinese. remember there's a huge deadline on sunday. wall street's not so sure what to do. you can see it trading flat. you're watching "today in the bay." here, it all starts with a simple...
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it is 6:43 on this friday morning and this is your view in palo alto. hard to see, so watch out for the dense fog and we are going to see still some fog through about 8:00 before it clears out, and the rain won't be far behind. we'll be tracking that with storm ranger. we'll talk more about what's ahead for the weekend, coming up in about five minutes. here is the breaking news we follow out of the traffic center, traffic alert, two lanes blocked on the east shore freeway that jams you up out of richmond, san pablo and coming from san rafael. look what it does headed over from highway 24 from oakland, that's a great drive at the toll plaza itself. we'll talk about the ripple effect coming up. live to capitol hill in a
6:44 am
surprising move by jerry nadler, the vote on the impeachment articles were delayed and they will happen later this morning. >> nbc's peter alexander, what we can expect. >> reporter: just before midnight the top democrat jerry nadler hitting pause on the impeachment plans. the sudden announcement triggers a new round of republican protests with democrats holding off the votes on two articles of impeachment until this morning. that would set up a vote by the entire house, assuming it passes at some point next week and a trial earl will i in the new year. we'll have the latest on "today." back to you in san francisco. >> peter, thanks. now to decision 2020 and the presidential race. this weekend bernie sanders launching a women's event but he won't be there. on sunday his supporters will host panel discussions in san francisco and santa cruz. the event comes after former vice president joe biden dropped through the bay area for private fund-raisers.
6:45 am
he spoke to supporters in palo alto and san francisco. biden gaining support from california firefighters union as well. a new report is raising questions about the handing out of concealed carry permits in santa clara county. our investigative unit has been among the groups looking into whether the sheriff's office plays favorites when it comes to concealed weapons permits. the da's office accuses the sheriff's office of bias and is investigating a possible pay-to-play scheme. according to "the mercury news" it includes apple security executives who made a $1,000 contribution to sheriff smith's re-election campaign. apple tells "the merc" it does not make political contributions. many other applications are listed as pending and the sheriff's office is not comme commenting on the findings. new this morning, sorry. >> that's okay i'll take this one.
6:46 am
more people signing up for health insurance in california. enrollment up 16% compared to last year. experts believe the numbers are higher because the state is offering more money to help people pay their monthly insurance premiums. the state will also start taxing people who don't have health insurance about $700 a year. those people already pay a federal fine as well. don't forget, sunday is the deadline to sign up for insurance that will be effective in the new year. a 59-year love affair about to end for the fans of the oakland raiders at oakland coliseum. the team set to play its final game in the stadium ever this weekend. >> thom jensen joins us with reaction from the team and raider nation probably a little upset, too. >> reporter: oh, it's hard to believe isn't it. raider fans long time local raider fans had hoped they might get a couple of playoff games this season after the team started out so well after losing the past three games.
6:47 am
it's unlikely that will happen unless they get a lot of help. it will be an emotional day sunday when they take on the jacksonville jaguars. the fans who watched the team leave for l.a. in 1982, only to be lured back 13 years later with the promise of a revamped stadium looks like they'll be gone for good now. the team is now set to move $2 billion facility near the las vegas strip in time for the 2020 season. head coach jon gruden in his second stint as the team's leader promises he and the team will do their best to give raider nation something to remember sunday afternoon when they take on the 4-9 jacksonville jaguars. >> it's hard right now to really think about what it's going to be like stepping in there for the last time ever, and last time of the season is one thing. last time ever really hits a tone with me and i'm sure a lot of people, and really want to do a great job of providing the best effort that we can. can't make any guarantees.
6:48 am
but we want to try to give a memorable effort to our fans and it will be emotional for sure. >> reporter: it will be an expensive game to see in person. $1730 for the cheapest seat, the average price it b $300 and about $500 on the secondary market. people are sure to show up early for the tailgate parties and like they said, it is going to be an emotional day. we're live from a foggy raiders headquarters in alameda, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> always hard to say good-bye. thanks, thom. for the san jose sharks new interim head coach probably not the start he was hoping for. >> ahead of last night's game bob boughner talked about what he and the team needed to do to get things back on track.
6:49 am
>> i'm excited to have the responsibility and take this challenge. we're five points up with 49 games to go. we have to pull our socks up and make improvements, some adjustments but more than anything it's getting the guys to play as a team. >> then the puck drop. boughner and the sharks were hosting the new york rangers, trying to halt the five-game losing streak. for a while things looked good. the goal in the third period gave the sharks a 3-2 lead but they couldn't hold it up, they collapsed. giving up four unanswered goals. sharks lost 6-3, making it six straight defeats. oracle park getting a strategic makeover. we have the rend derings there. the bullpens in the outfield just beyond the center field fence which should mean more home runs and yes, the garden will still be there, because what is a ball park without an organic garden. >> san francisco, baby! >> where are you going to grow the kale. >> or the snack bar. okay, hey let's talk about
6:50 am
the forecast for today. it's foggy. >> it is very foggy. i wanted to show you the view as we get ready to head out the door and talk about the fog we're seeing this morning. >> beautiful. >> it is amazing, yeah, you can't see anything. and this is actually a look at our view from emeryville as we are seeing visibility cut down to about a quarter of a mile, what we're seeing across the bay area, hitting the patches, mangz it hard to get out there for your drive. allow extra time, slow down and use the low beams. let's talk about why this fog develops, because for the most part we have clear skies overhead and the high pressure aloft pushing down and that makes the air sink so we have this cap over the bay area, with the calm wind that keeps that fog from mixing out. a lot of humidity here at the ground, and it's basically the water condensing as those temperatures cool off, and it creates that dense fog right over the bay area that we'll see throughout the next couple of hours. we also have some rain approaching from the north, so
6:51 am
we're seeing it still coming down in ukiah and off toward the east over toward sacramento valley as we see the waves of rain coming down, that's making it a lot more humid as you get ready to head out this morning. a lot of moisture left on the ground from the recent storms, and we're going to see a lot more where that came from, this will be working through today, but we know this has been with us for a while. we haven't had any heavy rain. the rain we see will stay fairly light and start to pick up a little bit more becoming more widespread into this afternoon. 2:00 to 3:00 a good amount of rain and more hit or miss into this evening. we'll keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast tomorrow. headed toward sunday we have a dry day and we'll start out the week dry as well behind that cold front that will cool down our temperatures. by next week another system coming in, bringing back that rain on next wednesday and
6:52 am
thursday. mike, the fog is a major concern this morning. >> it is, kari. not everybody is prepared for fog in the morning. san francisco, north bay, even the east bay typically see patches the fog but looking at the peninsula, through san mateo, palo alto, san jose, silicon valley getting hit, south county as well. no major problems reported in the areas. toward the east bay, limited visibility, kari showed you our camera in emeryville which can not show you the big breaking news for the traffic alert. we have a crash in the backup now, hopefully moving quickly to the shoulder. the backup starting in richmond to ashby avenue. surface street ashby cleared itself up but more traffic coming off that bridge from san rafael as well. so that's compounding the area through here. look with the timing, interesting. the shift has happened now, coming down the east shore freeway is not one of the options they give you, richmond and joining with the folks off of the bridge that will take but an hour out of san pablo. going 20 miles instead of 12, that's what waze currently times
6:53 am
out at 20 minutes better than the shorter route that will ripple back toward more congestion on highway 24. for the time being as we get back out to our maps, a live look coming off 24 right now, you have no backup at the toll plaza, great drive south of berkeley and on the peninsula we have the effect of the fog, unexpected for some. you know about it because of this. back to you. >> certainly can see it out there, or not, right? thanks, mike. 6:53 right now. british prime minister boris johnson is celebrating another victory this morning. he has won the general election in a solid conservative majority of seats in parliament, following yesterday's election. johnson campaigned on a promise to take britain out of the european union january 31st, following brexit. next on "today in the bay," we'll have that quick look at the top stories, including governor newsom staring down a critical deadline, the decision he faces that will impact
6:54 am
thousands of northern california wildfire victims. plus security guards pull a gun on an oakland city leader caught on strid yvideo. what led to the altercation and response from the guard's employers. we're back in two minutes.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:56 right now. welcome back. before you head out the door, if that's where you're headed here are the top stories we're covering on "today in thevest."y shooting in east san jose about 2:00 this morning on florence avenue near white road. florence avenue is closed right now. there are no arrests.
6:57 am
police are not giving out any information on potential suspects or more information about the person who died. the deadline for governor newsom to approve pg&e's wildfire settlement, last week the utility reached an agreement with victims of fires, including the tubbs fire, butte county camp fire and the ghost ship fire considered an electrical fire. if the deal gets the green light, it may help pg&e emerge from bankruptcy by next june. san jose city leaders say pg&e's planned power outages are potentially impacting flood safety. the city trains year round in the case of flooding like these damaging floods in 2017 but these meetings have been postponed to allow many of the same people to prepare for blackouts. the next emergency preparedness meeting won't take place until the new year. new details this morning after police find two men shot to death inside of an east
6:58 am
oakland home according to the "east bay times" this happened following a standoff, started around 6:00 last night along tanner way near elmhurst park. for a time neighbors were told to stay in their homes. we're working on learning what led up to the shooting. an east bay urban planner was confronted by armed security guards as he took photos of bike racks in front of a new oakland apartment building. kenyan wheeler is chairman of the oakland pedestrian and bicycle commission. when one of the guards pulled out his gun, he says fear prompted him to start videotaping the encounter. it happened outside the webster apartment building in downtown oakland. management fired the security company and says wheeler should not have been confronted. well, look out if you're headed to the beach this weekend. the coast could see 20-foot swells from point reyes to big sur, the crashing waves have
6:59 am
been drawing people in pacifica. wave watchers say it is quite a show. >> quite the show in hawaii as well, beach conditions are very similar, big waves there. some of the biggest waves in fact in years. imagine surfing that. high surf advisory in effect for the west shores of the big island. yesterday some waves reached as high as 45 feet on maui's north shore. good news for surfers participating in a big competition there. amazing to see. >> beautiful. in the meantime high waves and we've seen the fog it's incredible. >> the fog has been really bad this morning and the dense fog advisory continues for another hour. off and on showers today as well as tomorrow. >> how about the morning commute? >> the big problem in berkeley paying benefit, the bay bridge toll plaza is too quiet because all the traffic is held up in berkeley westbound 80 jammed, two lanes still blocked but highway 24 might get more traffic. >> be careful as you head out the door. it's foggy in a lot of parts out there. that's what's happening "today in the bay."
7:00 am
we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and we'll take you out to sfo as we leave with you that foggy day. have a wonderful friday. the committee is in recess. >> good morning, breaking overnight, chaos at the capitol, after 14 plus hours of heated debate, democrats suddenly delay the first vote on impeachment. republicans blind sided and engaged. >> the most ludicrous thing i've ever seen in my life. >> that vote now scheduled for this morning. will it happen? >> the most ludicrous thing i've ever seen in my life. >> that vote now scheduled for this morning. will it happen? we're there live. landslide. >> we did it. we did it. we pulled it off. >> boris johnson and his conservative party cruise to victory in the most divisive british election in decades. stunning results appear to make brexit unstoppable. what that me


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