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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 13, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PST

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impeachment -- >> right now at 11:00, a historic vote as the house judiciary committee votes to approvewortles of impeachment against president donald trump. the stage is set for the full house to vote. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm garvin thomas. laura and marcus are off. we continue our coverage of that historic vote taking place in washington this morning after a delay last night. nbc news brought it to you live at 7:00 a.m. a live look at the white house where president trump is decrying the decision, continuing to claim the effort to i'm peach him is a witch
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hunt. and now what comes next. >> aye -- >> reporter: the house judiciary committee taking the vote to pass articles of impeachment against president trump one day later than expected. the articles charges the president with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> the articles are agreed to. >> reporter: the president blasting democrats. >> and i tell you what, some day they'll be a democrat president and they'll be a republican house and i suspect they're going to are remember it. >> reporter: the critical vote was delayed after many americans had gone to bed. democrats blaming republicans for dragging out the meetinger for 14 hours. republicans accusing democrats of ambushing them. delaying the final vote to get more media attention. >> i have never in my entire life seen such an unfair, rigged railroad job against the president of the united states. >> reporter: democrats say they
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have presented overwhelming evidence that president pressured ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden and on strucking a congressional investigation. >> there is a pattern the president has shown us over and over again that he's willing to do anything, cheat, give away america in exchange for winning elections. >> reporter: the months-long investigation expected to end next week with a vote on the house floor with lawmakers deciding whether president trump is the third president in history to be impeached. then in january the senate will hold an impeachment trial. mitch mcconnell is now saying there is no chance the senate will vote to remove the president from office. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. from national to local, our microclimate weather. spotty showers today but as the weekend goes on, it should dry out. let's take a live look at san rafael right now. and the roadways are looking dry
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but some of the other weather cameras i see some rain as well. kari hall is here. kari, big question, umbrellas in or out this weekend? >> it is in for today and then put them away for most of the rest of the weekend. we're tracking this dense fog lingering over parts of the north bay and over san francisco as well. what is light rain moving through. but we're just seeing clouds right now in san jose. even a few breaks in the clouds going into today we're tracking this. all of the rain on storm ranger, mobile doppler radar showing rain over marin county, toward the richmond-san rafael bridge and some of the heaviest rain approaching san rafael and petaluma. heading over to contra costa county, widespread rain here as well. a few pockets of heavier rain over mt. diablo and toward discovery bay and south of antioch but we are going to see some of the rain continuing to move through throughout the day. here is a look at the bigger
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picture and it does show very unsettled weather with us throughout the day and then the rain tapering off by tomorrow. so i'll show you how much we could see and also what is going on this weekend coming up if the full microclimate forecast. >> looking forward to it. right now san jose police still have a section of white road shut down as they continue to investigate an overnight shooting that left one man dead. we told you about this this morning on "today in the bay." bob redell is live at the scene. and i'm being told you have information about a possible suspect? >> reporter: correct, garvin. within the past hour i did speak with a san jose police commander here on the scene who told me they have identified a possible suspect who would not confirm whether or not they have made an arrest in this case. a woman arrived here earlier and tells me she believes the suspect is her 18-year-old nephew who lives with her mother at a house down there on the left side of the street. and on the sidewalk where you could see that orange tape
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outside of that home, that is where police found the man who was shot and killed. now this woman tells me her mother, father and three other family members had been detained by police here on the scene. not clear if they are still being detained. police tell us they have been holding some people for questioning. there is no indication that they are suspects in this crime. at one point a young man was handcuffed. police tell us the shooting happened a little bit after 2:00 this morning here on the 200 block of white road. the man was shot at least once. died here at the scene. sadly becoming the 32nd person to be murdered this year within the city of san jose. police do not know what led up to the shooting or what the motive might have been. >> i lived here all my life and we've been here in this one location for over 35 years. we haven't seen anything like this and generally this is a good area. >> what is your response to what happened last night? >> i have no idea. i know they're still trying to find the perpetratoror and i hope that could happen quickly.
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>> reporter: again, the san jose police commander on the scene told me they have identified a possible suspect but would not confirm whether or not they've made an arrest. they were waiting for the coroner to remove the body but as you could see white road is still should down at rose for another block down behind me and it looks like they still have other issues as far as the investigation on the scene. again, one person, a man, becoming the 32nd person to be murdered within san jose city limits this year. live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update, bob. a high school student is in custody accused of making online threats. palo alto police say officers received tips last night about a shooting threat. detectives were able to identify the 17-year-old suspect. the student was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation. police did find
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realistic-looking guns that shoot bb's at the student's home. happening now, students in oakland are walking out of class to save the daca program. the protest is scheduled to begin a few minutes ago outside of oakland technical high school. the u.s. supreme court is set to make a final ruling on letting the trump administration shut down the obama era program granting temporary protection to roughly 700,000 young people known as dreamers. boris johnson is celebrating two big victories. he won the election and this paves the way for the united kingdom to be able to leave the european union next year. keir simmons has the latest from london. >> reporter: boris johnson, the outspoken british prime minister compared by some to his american ally donald trump, this morning enjoying a stunning reelection victory. >> well, we did it. we did it.
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we pulled itoff, didn't we. we pulled it off. we broke the deadlock. we smashed the road block. >> reporter: delivering the largest conservative party landslide since margaret thatcher in 1987 winning over worker class voters in former industrial heartland promising to break the brexit deadlock and promising to leave europe by the end of january. many years of negotiations may be ahead. president trump congratulating the prime minister on his great win tweeting britain and the united states will now be free to stiek a massive new trade deal after brexit. there are dark clouds. scotland voting against johnson after voting for europe, will it try again to leave the united kingdom. the prime minister leading a deeply polarized country, promising to bring unity. >> i'm humbled that you have put your trust in me and that you have put your trust in us.
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and i and we will never take your support for granted. >> reporter: with huge political power to break from europe sand attempt to forge a deeper economic alliance with america. on the page of the newspaper the left live leaning daily nightmare, nightmare before christmas and here on twitter they thought they were gaining momentum and win with socialist policy. one commentator today saying never believe that twitter reflects the country. keir simmons, nbc news, london. you're looking live now at the oakland coliseum. heavy clouds hanging over as the raiders prepare to play the last game ever this weekend at the coliseum that is. but the city and long-term fans are not ready to give up. they said a lawsuit in federal court could bring a new nfl team to oakland wearing the silver and black and both will take the
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raiders name. we are live in oakland where the leaders of groups pushing to keep the raiders name here is not giving up the fight. thom? >> reporter: that is right. greg jones has been a raider fan since he was born and he operated a tailgate here in the shadow of the coliseum just on the other side of i-80. every weekend during the season he operates a fan group called forever oakland trying to keep the raiders brand here in oakland along with the city of oakland. the raiders are set to play the last home game at the coliseum against the jaguar this is sunday. they're supposed to start playing next season in las vegas in a new $2 billion stadium that is still being built. players and coaches promise to do their best to give fans a memorable victory on sunday. but the city and these hard core fans are suing the raiders and the nfl saying even if the team leaves, the n it they say that the raider brand
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developed into what it is today because of oakland's unique lifestyle and the enthusiasm of local fans. they argue nfl owners colluded when they voted to move to las vegas and they say even if the team wants to relocate, they can't take the name with them. >> it is a lifestyle. it is a way of life. and this is because of the oakland mentality and the maverick going against the grain and people became raiders fan, it is not where you are from. that is why they are fans no matter where they are. so this is a brand name and a lifestyle and identity. >> reporter: in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, the nfl said there was no collusion. the raiders were just offered a better deal to move to las vegas and the nfl will not stand in their way. lawyers for the city of oakland are requesting discovery to open up the books of the raiders and the rest of the nfl teams.hat l
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argument and a judge is set to make a decision on those issues whether to open the books or dismiss the case and that is coming up just in the next couple of months in a federal court in san francisco. live in oakland, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> something to keep an eye on. thanks, thom. we want to take a moment to correct a story we told but this week. on wednesday we said it was a carnival cruise line being sued in the connection with the death of a toddler. it is the royal caribbean cruise line. the family of chloe wiegand is suing. we apologize for the mistake. coming up, bernie sanders campaign returns to the bay area. but the presidential candidate won't actually be here. we'll explain. plus if you want your gift to arrive by christmas, listen up. the first holiday shipping deadline is already here. what you can do to make you're your gift gets there safely and on time. >> announcer: coming up -- mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute,
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because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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new this midday, soon it might be easier for people considering suicide to reach out and talk to someone. regulators are setting up a new three-digit number to reach a suicide prevention hotline. once it is working people call 988 for help. it is just like calling 911 for emergencies. but if you need help now, call this number anytime, 800-273-8255 and chat with a counselor at suicide prevention and now to the presidential race this weekend. bernie sanders is launching an event but he won't be there. on sunday his supporters will host panel discussions in san francisco and santa cruz. that comes after former vice
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president joe biden had private fundraisers and spoke to those in palo alto and san francisco and picks up the support from the california firefighter's union. the clock is ticking to get your presents delivered in time for christmas. this holiday season companies are expected to deliver more than 2 billion packages and today is the first of the standard shipping deadlines if you're shipping with ups. nbc's vicky nguyen gives us a run down of the dates you need to know. >> reporter: this morning, if you don't have your present picked out and ready to go, hurry up. the first shipping deadline of the holiday season is today. that is right. ups needs your packages by the end of the day for standard shipping guaranteed by december 24th and the post-season is already in full swing. >> we know this is big game time for us. we practiced all year long. >> the holiday buying season is on a record pace, $143.8 billion expected to be spent online and that means millions of packages hitting the road. the ups has 32 million a day.
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between now and christmas the post office will deliver 200 million packages aweek. >> this time of the year we are 50% or double our volume that we do during the rest of the year. >> reporter: but it is not just santa and his reindeer that get in the way. some cyber orders were delayed by high demand with fewer truck drivers on the road and receive sear weather. so put down the wrapping paper and get out your calendar. here is what you need to know to get your packages under the tree in time. torr postal service standard shipping deadline. next up, december 16th for fedex. if you need more time, you can use priority but they'll cost you more. ups and fedex need your boxes by the 20th but they promise two-day delivery and the post office wants it by the 21st and if you are a last-minute shopper there is overnight shipping and the deadline for all three is
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december 23rd. again, the price goes up for that. keep in mind that date also applies to amazon orders for prime members. many other retailers like walmart and jcpenney offer free shipping with a minimum order but the deadline for guaranteed delivery are a moving target. check the fine print. what can you do to make sure your packages arrive. set delivery alerts so you get an email when the package ships or arrives and check signature required on a shipping label. think about buying extra insurance if you have an extra costly package to get home for the holidays. happening tonight, get ready for a celestial show. the gemminid meteor shower is happening. peak viewing time isn't until 2:00 this morning. now of course everybody is questioning at 2:00 in the morning if you are awake and
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what will the skies look like. i have just the woman to answer those questions. kari hall, what are the chances of clear skies at 2:00 in the morning. >> not that good. >> you might want to sleep. >> we have off-and-on rain into part of the day tomorrow. and this is what we've seen. so if you are trying to watch a -- a meteor shower, these are not the conditions. taking a live look outside in fremont. a breeze and light rain, mist and drizzle moving through. a better chance of rain into the afternoon. and there will be some clearing here and there. but it does stay unsettled. live look at ocean beach. we've been watching the waves. and today there is a high surf advisory through 3:00 in the morning. some of the breakers may reach 22 feet between now and 3:00 a.m. and unfortunately with all of the that fog it is dangerous to be near the coast. so just be careful if you are near the beach. and then taking a live look at our storm ranger mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno
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mountain in san francisco and also seeing quite a bit of rain south of the city. now we're also picking up on heavier spots of rain. what we were just seeing in marin county has moved over the bay approaching vallejo and moving toward the east. seeing lighter showers over concord and then it gets heavier as you head over toward antioch and discovery bay. so we'll see waves of rain coming through. into the rest of the bay area, into this afternoon and then this evening we're going to see a lot of this moving to the south as the cold front passes. it will help dry us out but also cool us off. so looking at what we're going to see in 4:30, 5:00 during the evening commute, the rain is over the peninsula extending to the east bay and then approaching san jose around 6:00 or 7:00. although we won't see the rain lasting long and it is fairly light and may disrupt outdoor plans but make sure to take the
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umbrella and get out to the activities. going into tomorrow, we'll see some clearing but there will be a chance of a stray shower late tomorrow evening into early sunday morning. we're not going to see a lot of rain out of this. maybe a few hundreds of an inch. in north bay higher amounts. up to a quarter of an inch of rain with some rainfall totals for spots like ukiah at about half an inch. as we head into the weekend, getting ready for the raiders final home game but we'll have nice weather on sunday. looking at temperatures in the mid-50s at kickoff at 1:05 and it will cool off as the game goes along. if you are planning to head to the sierra, we have a lot of snow falling. and we do have the possibility of another foot of snow between now and monday. even a little bit more for spots like kings vail, twin bridges and toward kirkwood, our ski resorts getting snow. we'll start to see the rain taper off by tomorrow. mostly sunny skies and then
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another quick stray shower moving through tomorrow evening. on sunday it is all dry. early next week we do also start out with some dry conditions. cool temperatures and then more rain by next wednesday and thursday. garvin. >> thanks so much, kari. coming up, a new voice coming to echo and there are no snakes in this device and this guy is making sure of it. but first happening now two american women are in the top five of the list of the most powerful women in the world. the magazine named angela merkel as the most powerful woman in the world for the ninth year in a row. number three speaker of the house nancy pelosi. she is the first woman speaker in the history of the u.s. and rounding out the top is the ceo mary barra. we'll be back after the break.
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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77. john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70. and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space. your best is yet to come.
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although we're looking at a soggy start to the weekend, the holiday cheer is in full swing in the bay area. mike inouye wraps it up for you in a minute. >> well as you may know, this is winter market german in mountain view. there will be local and international artisans with ornaments and toys. train rides and live entertainment. proceeding benefit the school in silicon valley. and then kimochi tradition and
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saturday is the silver bells arts and craft fair sharing their work in san francisco. north after that, get to sausalito. by 6:00 for the lighted boat parade and fireworks and i've heard of traffic slowing down because they're watching from highway 101, do not that do. and fairy winterland with black santa returning now through christmas but the tap dancing campus tree and isolated snow showers, they say to the end of the year. yes! trending this morning, you can now here samuel l. jackson's voice on your amazon eck know and it will cost you 99 cents but you could have him respond to your alexa request for music and the weather forecast and more. to enable the feature just say alexa, introduce me to samuel l.
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jackson. so, kari is here with one final look at the weather. it seems like every time this holiday season i want to finish putting up the christmas lights. it is raining. >> i know. >> what is the putting up forecast. >> you have to do it. we'll just have off and on rain today. and tomorrow it starts to move out and then we'll still have stray hours moving through. on sunday if you want to put the lights in, that is probably -- >> sunday -- >> sunday is the day. it is cooler. as our high temperatures across the bay area stay in the 50s. more rain next week of course. >> fantastic. thank you very much. and thank you so much for joining us this morning. our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. and of course you could also get the latest information all day on as well as twitter and facebook. have a wonderful day.
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right now on "california live." kim is crashing santa headquarters with part of the brady bunch. >> santa, santa, today i'm hanging out with marsha brady for a very brady renovation at the hgtv santa headquarters. >> ho ho ho. then malou is taking us to the giving tree up in the bay. >> elfs are busy getting 80,000 gifts ready for those in need in time for the holidays. and imagine dragons lead singer dan reynolds gets personal about his life and painful battle with here to sprs joy through kid toys. it's all happening right now o


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