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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 14, 2019 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- dolly parton star of "the crown," actor tobias menzies representative ro khanna featuring the 8g band with jon theodore ♪ [ cheers a applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is fantastic to hear. in that case let's get to the news today was the third and final day of this week's public impeachment hearings "finally," said devin nunes, only to find his car wouldn't start, his phone died, he had to walk home, and he couldn't stop stepping in buckets.
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[ light laughter ] u.s. embassy staffer david holmes testified this morning that u.s. diplomats did not want to work with rudy giuliani, with eu ambassador gordon sondland once saying, quote, "every time rudy gets involved, he goes and gets effs everything up." [ laughter ] it's true. i mean, for example, here's what new york city looked like before rudy was mayor [ laughter ] during last night's debate senator amy klobuchar touted her fundraising ability and claimed she set an all-time senate record by bringing in $17,000 from ex-boyfriends [ light laughter ] so either she has one or two wealthy exes, or she freaky. [ laughter ] former vice president joe biden's campaign sent out a fundraising email yesterday asking supporters to evaluate his debate performance six hours before the debate actually took place. said biden, "damn, and with the election next week!"
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[ laughter ] senator cory booker last night attacked former vice president joe biden for coming out against marijuana legalization, and said biden's position was so ridiculous, quote, "i thought you might have been high when you said it. [ laughter ] really i mean, it's hard to accuse someone else of being high when you're polling at 1% and you start every sentence with "when i'm president. [ laughter ] google is rolling out a new feature for its google docs app that will study users' past writing to suggest personalized sentence completions donald trump tried it out, and the app killed itself. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause authorities in florida arrested a man on tuesday who allegedly robbed a bank while wearing a "make america great again" t-shirt. said the police, "could you describe the man i mean, other than he's white. we know that we get that. [ laughter ] we know that already." and finally the adult website pornhub announced today it will offer users a $300 lifetime
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subscription on black friday it's the perfect gift for that special someone who's too dumb to find free porn on the internet [ laughter and applause ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight [ cheers and applause i am so excited about this we have a country music legend, a grammy award-winner whose new anthology series, "dolly parton's heartstrings" begins streaming on netflix tomorrow dolly parton is here, you guys [ cheers and applause how about that you can see him as prince philip in the third season of "the crown," now streaming on netflix. tobias menzies is here [ cheers and applause and he is the united states representative for california's 17th congressional district. representative ro khanna so it's a great show everybody [ cheers and applause last night, ten candidates faced off in the fifth democratic debate from the beginning of the debate, substantive policy issues were at the forefront
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and i'm just [ bleep ] with you, we're going to talk about impeachment. [ laughter ] for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: this has been an explosive week of testimony in washington and if you'd like an example of just how shocking and crazy things have been, i'd like to direct you to c-span, the network of empty chairs and sleeping congressmen [ laughter ] c-span is normally a source of calm and consistency, but the tone was a little different today when they were taking calls on impeachment and someone from florida called in after someone from alabama and said this. >> howdy i just want to apologize first and foremost for all the morons on the calls earlier, especially from you know, alabama and all that secondly, i just want to say impeach the [ bleep ]. have a great day [ laughter and applause >> thanks monty in florida that's it for phone calls right now. >> seth: oh, my god. [ laughter ] impeachment has been so crazy c-span is turning into howard stern [ laughter ] so that's just a little glimpse into how crazy washington's been this week. now, the actual impeachment hearings have been nothing short
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of jaw-dropping, with one bombshell after another. the testimony this week has directly tied virtually every senior official in trump's inner circle to a corrupt quid pro quo, in which the president used hundred of millions of dollars in taxpayer money appropriated by congress to solicit a bribe from a foreign country to help him in the 2020 in the election. that's it. that's the major takeaway i wish everyone would remember. in fact, if i knew how to cross stitch, i'd get that sewn onto a pillow and sell it in the nbc store. [ laughter ] although the merch in the c-span store is much better [ laughter and applause now remember, before these hearings, the only line of defense trump and his allies had, the line they kept repeating over and over and over again was that there was no quid pro quo with ukraine >> there's no quid pro quo, no demand, no pressure, no threat >> there's no quid pro quo >> there was no quid pro quo >> there is no quid pro quo. >> there is no quid pro quo. >> there was no quid pro quo >> there was no quid pro quo >> there was no quid pro quo >> but listen to this, there is
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no pro quo [ laughter ] >> seth: in a way, that's trump's best defense "how could i be guilty of something if i can't even remember how to say it?" [ laughter ] so there you go. trump says there was no "pro quo," which sounds like something a tourist would say in europe when one of those dudes comes into the restaurant selling flowers. "scusi?" "no, no por quo. [ laughter ] but yesterday, that talking point was completely blown up when trump's hand picked ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland, a businessman who donated a million dollars to trump's inaugural committee, and who was an essential player in the ukraine scheme, said there was, in fact, a quid pro quo. >> was there a quid pro quo? >> as i testified previously, with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. >> seth: man, not only did he answer the key question, he asked it himself gordon sondland was so determined to bring down trump, he didn't even need anyone else in the room with him he could have just interviewed himself. "mr. sondland, was there a quid pro quo? "yes mr. sondland, there was
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and that's the tea." [ laughter and applause so there it is he settled it definitively once and for all -- there was in fact a quid pro quo what could trump's defense possibly be? "i never said there was no quid pro quo. i said there was --" >> no pro quo. >> seth: totally different [ light laughter ] so everyone in the white house knew what was going on in fact, sondland named tons of people, from trump to vice president mike pence, all the way down the chain >> president trump vice president pence secretary perry. ambassador volker. secretary pompeo ambassador bolton. chief of staff mulvaney. rudy giuliani. >> seth: my god, it's like he was reading from a phone book of criminals. [ light laughter ] i guess in this case it would be called the very white pages. [ laughter ] so everyone knew what was happening, or as sondland put it in his testimony yesterday - >> everyone was in the loop. it was no secret >> seth: of course, this
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administration has no secrets because every time they do something secret, rudy giuliani runs to the nearest tv camera, confesses to everything, and gives us the evidence. >> did our state department ask you to go on a mission for them? >> they did. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden. >> of course i did and you know who i did it at the request of the state department it's all here, right here. [ laughter ] >> seth: he literally confessed to all of it, then showed us the evidence rudy already held his own impeachment inquiry by himself he's like a guy who sees the cops at his door and breaks down before they ask him a question "fine, i robbed the bank here's the gun i used, and here's the cash. "sir, i am just here to check the meter. i -- [ laughter ] so in many ways we already knew the core facts at the heart of the case, but this week's testimony has made it clear as day. yes, there was a quid pro quo. yes, it was ordered by the president. yes, everyone else knew about it and yes, it was designed specifically to help trump win the 2020 election, which is important, because the other line of defense republicans have used was that trump was just
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concerned about corruption in ukraine in general in fact rudy giuliani, who is reportedly under criminal investigation, repeated that argument yesterday in an interview with glenn beck. but i don't think it came out quite the way rudy intended it >> it's rumored they're investigating me for bribery i'd like to know who i bribed. i don't, you know -- i don't bribe people i've been doing this for 50 years of my life. i've never had a complaint i think people understand that i have a very, very great passion for corruption [ laughter ] >> seth: oh. no no, that didn't -- that didn't come out the way you wanted it to that -- you made it sound like corruption is one of your hobbies. [ laughter ] that's how someone would describe themselves in their tinder bio "i have a great passion for swimming, horseback riding, corruption, and puling the skin all the way back behind my head." [ laughter ] you got to be careful how you phrase stuff, man. rudy saying he has a great passion for corruption would be like oj saying, "man, i'd kill for a ham sandwich right now." [ light laughter ]
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two people [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause but obviously this was not about corruption in general, this was about helping trump specifically yesterday, for example, sondland admitted in an exchange with congressman sean patrick maloney that the investigations were explicitly designed to benefit trump. although it took some coaxing to get it out of him. >> who would have benefited from an investigation of the president's political opponents? >> i don't want to characterize who would have and who would not have - >> i know you don't want to, sir. that's my question would you answer it for me >> restate your question >> who would benefit from an investigation of the president's political opponent >> well, presumably that -- the person who asked for the investigation. >> who is that >> if the president asked for the investigation, it would be he >> well it's not a hypothetical, is it, sir who would benefit from an investigation of the bidens? >> they're two different questions.
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>> i'm just asking you one who would benefit from an investigation of the bidens? >> i assume president trump would benefit. >> there we have it! see? [ applause ] >> seth: trump, the answer was trump. that exchange was excruciating it was like watching someone else open a pickle jar and when they finally got it open, the only pickle inside was one with weird hair on it. [ laughter ] so you heard sondland very clearly there. this was all orchestrated to hurt trump's political rivals and help the president win and today we got more testimony to confirm that fact from a state department official named david holmes holmes was with sondland in ukraine when sondland called trump to talk about the scheme, and holmes overheard that conversation now, you'll recall that yesterday sondland confirmed the account that holmes had given, an account holmes repeated today. >> i heard ambassador sondland greet the president and explained he was calling from kiev i heard president trump then clarify that ambassador sonldand was in ukraine ambassador sondland replied yes, he was in ukraine, and went on to state that president zelensky, quote, "loves your ass.
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i then heard president trump ask, "so he's going to do the investigation? ambassador sondland replied that he is going to do it >> you also testified that you confirmed to president trump that you were in ukraine at the time, and that president zelensky, quote, "loves your ass," unquote. do you recall saying that? >> yeah, it sounds like something i would say. [ laughter ] >> seth: that is the face of a man who has no [ bleep ] left to give [ laughter and applause "i mean, yeah, man [ cheers and applause oh, yeah that sounds like gordan sondland. hahaha mind if i crack open a brewski it's party time. [ laughter ] so holmes overheard trump ask sondland about the investigations, and just in case it wasn't absolutely clear what they were talking about, when sondland got off the phone with trump, holmes asked him to clarify. and sondland confessed to everything on the spot >> after the call ended, ambassador sondland remarked that the president was in a bad mood, as ambassador sondland
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stated was often the case early in the morning [ light laughter ] i then took the opportunity to ask ambassador sondland for his candid impression of the president's views on ukraine in particular, i asked ambassador sondland if it was true that the president did not give a expletive about ukraine ambassador sondland agreed that the president did not give an expletive about ukraine. >> seth: hey man, you don't got to bleep yourself. you can just say it. we're way past bleeping. a porn star went on tv and talked about the president's [ bleep ] and people are dropping f-bombs on c-span we are -- we are through the looking glass, baby. [ laughter and applause but then holmes continued and said that sondland made it clear to him that all trump cared about was investigating his political rival joe biden. >> ambassador sondland agreed the president did not give an expletive about ukraine. i asked "why not?" and ambassador sondland stated that the president only cares about big stuff. i noted there was big stuff going on in ukraine, like a war with russia. and ambassador sondland replied that he meant big stuff that
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benefits the president, like the biden investigation that mr. giuliani was pushing i briefed the call in detail with the deputy chief of mission, went away for a week, come back, i refer to the call and everyone is nodding. of course that's what's going on of course the president is pressing for a biden investigation before he'll do these things the ukrainians want there was nodding agreement. everyone by that point agreed. it was obvious what the president was pressing for >> seth: it was obvious. this is about the bidens sondland said it himself in fact, i got rudy on facetime right now. rudy, did you ask ukraine to investigate the bidens >> of course i did >> seth: thank you [ laughter and applause and if you're wondering how holmes could have overheard trump speaking on sondland's phone, holmes even did a physical reenactment to show just how loud trump was yelling. >> when the president came on he sort of winced, and held the phone away from his ear like this and he did that for the first couple exchanges that's how i was able to hear it >> seth: i definitely believe that's how it happened that's just how old people talk into phones. they think every phone is like a ham radio during world war ii. "hello
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is anyone out there? are you receiving this message does he love my ass? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause so rudy was at the center of this and everything he was doing he did at the express direction of the president. everyone knew what was going on, even if they weren't happy about it in fact, sondland made that clear in his testimony yesterday. and again today, holmes and former national security official fiona hill made it clear using several colorful metaphors. >> president trump directed us to, quote, "talk with rudy." mr. giuliani's requests were a quid pro quo mr. giuliani was expressing the desires of the president of the united states. >> ambassador bolton had looked pained, basically indicated with body language that there was nothing much that we could do about it and he then, in the course of that discussion, said that rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up >> someone wondered aloud why mr. giuliani was so active in the media with respect to ukraine.
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my recollection is that ambassador sondland stated, quote, "damn it, rudy. every time rudy gets involved he goes and effs everything up. >> seth: i love that they were all mad at rudy for going on tv and blabbing about their scheme. they're like guys planning a bank heist going, "all right, it's a perfect plan. there's no way we'll get caught. wait, wait, wait, oh, no, no where's rudy where's rudy oh, no, no, no!" [ laughter ] so holmes shared his recollections of what he overheard on the phone call with trump. trump was on the other end, but he was speaking loudly enough that holmes could hear him, an account that sondland himself confirmed yesterday. but still, trump and his allies remain unconvinced trump, for example, insisted this morning that overhearing someone on a phone call was impossible, and he would know because he's tried >> president trump not buying it on twitter, explaining, "i've been watching people making phone calls my entire life my hearing is and has been great. never have i been watching a person making a call, which was not on speakerphone, and been able to hear or understand the conversation i even tried, but to no avail. >> seth: you are a weird, weird man. [ laughter and applause
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what do you mean you've been watching people make calls your entire life? what do you mean i'm willing to bet the only reason it didn't work is because when he listens to phone calls, trump stands right behind you and makes no attempt to hide himself. "oh, excuse me sir, do you mind going away?" "no, i can't go away, 'cause i'm listening to your phone call." [ light laughter ] here's what we learned this week there was a corrupt quid pro quo in which the president of the united states solicited a bribe from a foreign country to interfere in the 2020 election, and everyone knew about it we have the testimony, we have the evidence that's it. it's an open and shut case the republicans have no defense. so all they can do is lie and attack the witnesses i don't know what they'll do next, but as for the democrats, it sure looks like they're going to - >> impeach the [ bleep ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ♪ we will be right back with dolly parton, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band [ cheers and applause all week long, we've had the fantastic drummer of grammy-nominated rock band, queens of the stone age sitting in with us he's also played with renowned groups like the mars volta, one day as a lion and golden the great jon theodore everybody. [ cheers and applause thank you for another fantastic
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week, jon. our first guest tonight is a grammy award-winning artist and country music legend her special, "dolly parton: 50 years at the opry" airs november 26th here on nbc. and her new series, "dolly parton's heartstrings" premieres tomorrow on netflix. let's take a look. >> "you up?" i might not be tech savvy. >> you still have a flip phone >> well, i know a booty text when i see one >> and i'm a grown woman, babe >> i really am worried about you. i'm seeing you running around with all these no-good men, and i'm beginning to wonder if there might be something else going on here >> seth: please welcome to the show the one, the only, dolly parton, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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>> seth: oh, my goodness i'm so thrilled to have you here [ cheers and applause >> thank you i have been looking so forward to being with you. >> seth: you look like a $1 million every single time >> well, that's about how much it costs [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, good. that's the price tag on it >> yeah. >> seth: this is such a cool project. your songs, you've always been a great storyteller in your songs. and now, you've adapted eight of the songs into teleplays that are going to be on netflix >> yeah. >> seth: is this an idea you've had for a long time to make them more narrative >> well, i've always loved to write story songs, and i always thought i'd love to see my songs up on screen, and so now, netflix fell for it. [ laughter ] >> seth: they fell for it, huh >> they fell for it. [ laughter ] and so, we did eight of them, and if they do good, we'll continue if not, it was a dream come true >> seth: that's great. >> and they're all different and so, of course, you saw a little bit of "jolene" there >> seth: that was jolene julianne did "jolene," she did a beautiful job with that. >> seth: and now, "jolene" is a song, the inspiration for "jolene" if i'm correct was a bank teller. >> well yeah, it was a girl that
1:01 am
worked at the bank i tell the real story when my husband and i first got married. and here was this beautiful girl who was working at the bank. she had everything i didn't, like legs and stuff. you know, she was tall, beautiful. and he was just spending a lot of time down there and i thought, "i know we ain't got that kind of money." >> seth: yeah. >> not right now [ laughter ] so he said he was down there, you know, working on trying to get along, cause he was in asphalt paving at that time. so he was trying to get a, you know, deal on that, and i said, "look, you can talk to some of these men on that. >> seth: yeah. >> or you better get your butt to the house, or it's going to be your ass and your wallet. [ laughter ] so finally it was like, that was kind of the set up for it. but "jolene," of course, became famous yeah >> seth: a giant famous song and what would you do today if you ran into another "jolene" with your husband? >> oh, with my husband >> seth: yeah. >> i'd just hide his viagra. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, yeah. a lot easier now a lot easier now [ cheers and applause >> it's a lot easier now actually, though, jolene was quite the girl i learned early on though. i didn't want to feel jealous
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cause everybody has those jolene's in their life >> seth: yeah. >> and kind of afraid of them. so i just thought, well, i'm just going to try to out sexy them >> seth: yeah. >> you know, and just try to out beat them. so i'm 73-years-old, and if you can beat that -- >> seth: yeah, exactly - [ cheers and applause you know what, i don't know how to tell you this, but i think -- i think for most marriages, you're the jolene, just so you know >> well, i don't know. but either way, i guess we all feel like there's somebody better than us >> seth: oh, of course >> your little boy loves that song, "jolene. yeah >> seth: so yeah, we were -- you were so kind, my 3-year-old loves "jolene. it's his favorite song and we facetimed with him in your dressing room >> we did. do you guys know "jolene"? let's do a chorus of it for your little boy >> seth: yeah, for ashe, please. >> what's his name >> seth: ashe. >> ashe. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ jolene, jolen jolene, jolene i'm begging of you please don't take my man ♪ >> this is for my gay crowd. ♪ drag queen drag queen
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drag queen drag quee please don't take hi just because you can ♪ ♪ >> okay. thank you. >> seth: oh my gosh. thank you so much. now, i cannot believe that this is a true thing that if it was either on the same day or close to the same day. you wrote "jolene," and "i will always love you. >> you know, i found an old cassette, and i didn't realize that myself. we were going through all my archives and trying to get everything on hard drives so i wouldn't lose all these old tapes i had. and the same tape i had, "jolene" and "i will always love you. i mean that was a major night i guess. >> seth: i mean, that is unbelievable you were in the zone that night. [ laughter ] >> oh, it could have been -- it could've been like, the first week or so, cause sometimes, when i'd write, i'd go back to the same cassette. >> seth: of course >> but anyways, it is very possible it was the same night, but it was during that same period of time >> seth: that's amazing. and now, elvis presley -- true story, elvis presley heard that song, and wanted to record it and you said "no." >> well i had to
1:04 am
>> seth: it must've been the hardest thing in the world to do >> you know, it was, and i still grieve over that, but it wasn't elvis, he loved it, but colonel tom said that i had to give away half the publishing cause elvis didn't record anything, unless he had half the publishing but i had already recorded it. >> seth: so that would mean that for perpetuity, he would own half of the song basically >> yeah. and i said, "i couldn't do it," cause i was leaving that for my family and so, i just didn't do it. and he didn't do it. and so after -- after whitney recorded it, i realized that was the best choice that i'd ever made >> seth: yeah, i mean the fact that whitney houston did it. >> i know. but i did write a song though later called "i dreamed about elvis," and it's really, i had an elvis sound-alike sing with me on it and we did sing, "i will always love you," so maybe some day, i'll put that up >> seth: okay, good, good. >> yeah. >> seth: it came full circle >> and eventually, on the netflix, if this goes on, i'll do a movie about "i will always love you" too. >> seth: that would be wonderful to see you were -- we're going to do this special on nbc on november 26th, about 50 years of a -- is that 50 years from your
1:05 am
first time at the opry >> well, actually, i became a member 50 years ago -- >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> that was my dream to be a member, but i've been actually doing the opry pretty much, like, 60 years because i was on when i was 13 >> seth: 13 -- what was it like the first time you went to the opry >> it was amazing because my uncle bill owens used to take me back and forth to nashville. that was when johnny cash was first on the scene >> seth: uh-huh. >> you know, he was all -- you know, and he was the sexiest thing i'd ever seen. i was 13-years-old [ laughter ] and i was looking at him and i'm just feeling all those things that you feel. >> seth: yeah. >> that's the first time i really understood what sex appeal really was. >> seth: wow [ inaudible and i just -- you know, i just really fell into a burning "ring of fire. [ laughter ] but i loved him, he introduced me, yeah [ applause ] >> seth: oh, that's something else you obviously, you had this really unique, like, iconic look for so long. where -- what were you inspired by as far as how you wanted to look with your stage persona >> well, don't i look sort of
1:06 am
like a hooker? >> seth: no, no, no. >> i do too. actually, i told this story a lot of times, but it's true. there was the town tramp in our little town. >> seth: yeah. >> or everybody said she was, you know -- i thought she was the prettiest thing i'd ever seen she had this big yellow hair, lipstick, high heel shoes, red nails. and when i was little, we were just country kids, and every time we'd go downtown, i'd see her, and i'd just be fascinated, and everybody would say, "oh, she ain't nothing but trash. and i thought, "well, that's what i'm going to be when i grow up, trash. [ laughter ] so that's kind of how i patterned my look, and i honestly to this day, i just feel more comfortable, you know, wearing tight clothes and flashy things >> seth: well, i speak for the rest of us, we're very comfortable with that as well. >> well, good. >> seth: and you're now -- [ cheers and applause there's i'm so impressed how there's just no stop to you at all. you're starting a line of cosmetics. >> well actually, i'm going to have a line of all kinds of things i'm going to have wigs, and i'm going to have perfumes i'm going to have clothes, i'm going to have all sorts of things so it's my brand, worldwide with
1:07 am
img. so we're going to be doing a whole lot of things, i've done everything else, why not do that [ light laughter ] >> seth: well, you are a force of nature, and i cannot tell you what an honor it is to have you here thank you so much. [ cheers and applause >> well, let me just say you are a special guy, and everybody just loves you >> seth: thank you so much >> and i do too, so thank you for having me. >> seth: give it up for dolly parton everybody [ cheers and applause "dolly parton's heartstrings" premieres tomorrow on netflix. and "dolly parton: 50 years at the opry" airs november 26th here on nbc. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a golden globe nominated actor you know from shows like "outlander" and "game of thrones." he stars as prince philip in "the crown" which is streaming on netflix let's take a look. >> you do know if that wins today he'll want us out. >> who >> wilson. and half his cabinet will be made up of rabid
1:12 am
antimonarchists. they'll want our heads on spikes [ speaking foreign language except i doubt they speak french in halifax, huddersfeild wherever he's from >> seth: please welcome to the show tobias menzies, everyone. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> thank you very much >> seth: i'm so happy to have you here i've been a fan of yours for a very long time >> thank you >> seth: and i want to ask about "the crown" because i think it's probably this unfair perception that most americans have that all british people are obsessed with the crown and the monarchy. not the case >> no. >> seth: yeah. >> i sort of barely thought about them for most of my life >> seth: yeah. >> and, yeah, then i -- yeah, then i had to actually be one of them so i thought i better read about it a bit >> seth: yeah. >> but, yeah yeah, i mean, my background was
1:13 am
sort of small 'r' republican, you know my mom would sort of actively not watch the queen's speech on a christmas morning. so, yeah i had no idea about them at all. so, yeah >> seth: yeah. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> seth: i always wonder, because you know, it's very strange. this is both a historical drama, but a lot of the key players are, you know, they're still alive. >> yeah. >> seth: do you think to yourself, are they watching? and also, do you want them to watch? >> it's a very mixed thing a part of you wants them to watch, but also, part of you is terrified. i mean, i sort of can't imagine the queen and prince philip sort of, you know, netflix and chilling >> yeah. >> so i don't -- >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. >> seth: it's true >> yeah. >> seth: i didn't think about that even if it was on bbc i would think they're probably not watching >> yes >> seth: but the fact that it's like, "what's our log in?" >> yes >> seth: "where" - [ laughter ] >> yes >> seth: i forgot the log -- >> it's a generational thing >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: so i think you're probably, you might be in the clear. >> yeah, in the clear. >> seth: both you and olivia colman --
1:14 am
>> yeah. >> seth: helena bonham carter. you all also have this interesting job ahead of you where you're taking over parts from other actors. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: matt smith who was wonderful in the first two seasons. did you spend a lot of time watching that? >> i've never heard of him >> seth: yeah, no. i think that's best. yeah [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: do you try to watch what he did? or do you think to yourself, like, "oh, that'll only get in the way of what i choose to do?" >> no, like you i really loved the first two seasons. i loved what matt did. so yeah, it was actually a kind of an amazing resource to go back to those first two seasons and watch. but -- and then sort of combine that with, you know, the real person like 80/20 >> seth: yeah, that's pretty good i think 80/20's good >> is that good? >> seth: that's what i got from your performance >> okay. thanks, buddy. >> seth: i was like, "that's about 80/20 right there. yeah, yeah, yeah >> okay. >> seth: lot of corgis >> yes >> seth: so there's a lot of on set corgis >> well, there are two on set corgis >> seth: just only two >> yeah. and there's a boy corgi and a girl corgi >> seth: gotcha. >> the girl corgi is quite mischievous. >> seth: uh-huh. >> yeah, she very rarely sort of stays where she's meant to stay. >> seth: yeah. >> and when the girl corgi is there, the boy gets quite
1:15 am
mischievous too. so often you have to, like, remove the girl corgi. and the boy corgi then is quite well behaved >> seth: gotcha. >> do you -- was there any part of playing this role make you long for a life where you could live as a royal? >> no. no part of me would like to be a -- >> seth: yeah. >> absolutely none, yeah >> seth: it does seem pretty just depressing. >> well, just, i mean, obviously hugely a privilege but i just -- you go into a lot of rooms, people are kind of tongue tied i imagine. so just the sort of sheer weight of quantity of chat is heavy i think. >> seth: yeah. >> small talk. >> seth: right, yeah, everybody is going to leave and talk about how they met you - >> yes >> seth: and you're never going to go home and tell anybody who you met. >> no. >> seth: yeah. >> i think -- i imagine they sort of look at you like, sort of this. >> seth: yeah. >> and i imagine that's sort of, yeah, an odd way to spend your day. >> seth: i also think giant rooms sound really cool until the minute you're sitting in one. and then you're like, this is really cold. yeah >> yeah, can we bring everything in a bit >> seth: yeah, i'd love to just
1:16 am
get it in? >> yeah, i - >> seth: also, i feel like you -- if you were in like buckingham palace, you're like, "oh, my god, i need way more pictures to put up on the wall and stuff. >> i mean, i hear -- they kind of hate buckingham palace. >> seth: yeah. >> that's why they sort of constantly go out to sort of scotland or the other ones >> seth: yeah. >> they have a lot of houses >> seth: i mean, i guess that's the thing. i've always said if you have a buckingham palace make sure you have other places, yeah. >> yeah, exactly have other palaces yeah, yeah >> seth: you got to have a few other palaces when you get tired of your palace that is just - >> that's a good rule. >> seth: that's one of the hard fast rules you stayed with one of your -- i heard you were getting work done on your place. and you were staying with one of your costars helena bonham carter how was that did you know each other well you must have. >> well, we've gotten to know each other on the show yeah she's a wonderful woman. and she very kindly took me in in my hour of need i sort of had a shortfall for a few weeks so, yeah we've been doing a sort of deep meta kind of "crown" where i sort of live with princess margaret. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: that's a real -- sort of like an alternate reality >> yeah, we stayed in the accents and everything, yeah >> seth: oh, great yeah, yeah, yeah >> it was bizarre, i mean, yeah. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. but as actors you have to, yeah. >> well, i mean, it's very important to do this sort of work [ laughter ] i mean, i hope you can see the results in the show. >> seth: absolutely. i think we all did the queen texted me, she loved
1:17 am
it [ laughter ] so i -- you know, i first -- i think i first saw you in "rome." >> oh wow, yeah. >> seth: i loved you in "the terror." >> yeah. >> seth: very serious stuff. and then you turned up in "catastrophe," whish is wonderful show created by rob delaney and sharon horgan. >> yeah. >> seth: and another great show called "this way up. these are comedies which i hadn't seen you in, and yet, even in the comedies, it seems like you play it very serious. >> yes, yes. i mean, i'm essentially not a very funny person. so the only way i can be funny is if someone brilliant like sharon horgan or aisling bea write me funny things to say and then i keep my face quite still. and i say the line and apparently it's funny, so yeah >> seth: that's great. >> that's how it works >> seth: and when they first came to you, i mean, you know, i think sometimes there are dramatic actors who when they get a chance at comedy they think, "oh my god, great now i can do all these funny voices i have. did they come to you and specifically say, "just do exactly what you do in the serious things?" >> no, no. i mean, i have my faults but i have a very clear sense of how funny i am [ laughter ] so i know -- i know that i need their help and i'm very grateful to them for, yeah, making me occasionally funny
1:18 am
>> seth: oh, great it pays off great. you're wonderful in both and thanks so much for being here it's really great to meet you. >> thank you >> seth: thank you so much [ cheers and applause tobias menzies, everybody. "the crown" is streaming on netflix. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪everybody♪ ♪needs somebody♪ ♪everybody needs somebody to love♪ ♪someone to love♪ ♪someone to love♪ ♪i got a little message for you...♪ ♪when you have that somebody, hold on to them,♪ ♪give them all your love.... wherever they are♪ ♪i need you, you, you♪ ♪i need you, you, you♪ ♪i need you, you, you♪ ♪i need you, you, you♪ ♪ ♪ with chili's to go, baby, go, baby, go ♪ ♪ you get 3 for $10 bucks baby, bucks, baby, bucks ♪ ♪ and take it to go baby, go, baby, go ♪ ♪ while you sit on your butt, baby, butt ♪ ♪ 3 for $10 bucks, baby bucks, baby, bucks ♪ mmm-hmm! ♪ together we chili's oh yeah baby yeah ♪
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♪ >> seth: every wednesday and friday, we release a podcast edition of "late night" so you can catch up on the go it's audio from the show and includes "a closer look," comedy bits, and guest interviews plus extra things exclusive for the podcast, like bonus backstage interviews, chats with the "late night" staff, original comedy sketches, and more. head to to subscribe and it's free, which is great. ) hello, my name is itsy bitsy. i love watching the weather. rain again? (robin) hahahaha! (statler) that's impossible. i always plan ahead! let's try one more time. (kermit) ha! robin, what do you think of the story so far? (robin) gee, i've always liked arachnids. solid opening. boy can't wait to see
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1:29 am
>> seth: welcome to the show congressman. >> thank you thanks for having me >> seth: i want to ask about you this, which must have been a trippy night for you when you won election it was 2016. that was election night. >> it was. >> seth: so a big night for you, and yet a weird night overall. >> well i had lost two elections before then. and as my brother says, 2016 was the year anyone could get elected. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's a very nice way of a brother - >> so i made it. [ applause ] >> seth: for a brother to say it before -- i want to move on to some other stuff but i have to ask, like, what has it been like for you this week with the impeachment hearings has it changed your take on any of it? and are you surprised or is it what to expected, that it doesn't seem like it's changed any republican minds >> well, that it hasn't, but this is not complicated. i mean, you can sum up the whole thing in one sentence.
1:30 am
donald trump pressured the ukraine president to dig up dirt on joe biden, and withheld aid you've got hours, and hours, and hours of testimony but there's no factual dispute i mean, we ought to vote to impeach. >> seth: there you go. that was very simple [ cheers and applause >> and you know, the republicans, they don't have a factual defense. so they basically say, "okay, let's just attack the witnesses. it's like if you're team is losing down 20 points, you just attack the ref i mean, that's basically their strategy >> seth: you -- i think washington congressional hearings is always remarkable because, you know, you see people elected from across the country and some of them are good at talking to witnesses some of them are not good at talking to witnesses >> right >> seth: you represent silicon valley and i think one thing that is always notable to me is how often, when congress people are interviewing tech leaders, they don't seem to understand how even the internet works. [ light laughter ] >> well, the technology hearings haven't been one of the finer moments in congress. >> seth: yeah. >> and there are a lot of
1:31 am
embarrassing moments but you know, when you have senators asking, "how does facebook make money? or you had one member of congress -- he literally -- he held up his iphone and he starts yelling at google ceo saying, "can you track me if i move five feet." and the google ceo is perplexed and says, "well, it's apple that makes the iphone." so, you know, this doesn't exactly inspire confidence given that we're the body that has to regulate technology. >> seth: you are -- again, you represent silicon valley you are also a co-chair of bernie sanders campaign. >> i am. >> seth: so, obviously, that's a very progressive wing of the party. you don't believe in this idea of breaking up big tech, but you do think it requires reform? is that the right word to use? >> absolutely. i mean, here's the deal. we're going through a technology revolution in this country everyone uses google everyone gets packages in amazon but there's a concentration of wealth, and jobs and economic opportunity in silicon valley. the challenge i really believe of our time is how do we extend the technology revolution to
1:32 am
rural america, to minority communities, to places left out. no one should have to leave their hometown just to get a job in the 21st century. >> seth: well, this is an interesting situation for you because i think it's very rare for someone who represents the district basically saying not that you want to, you know, collect the power. but you're basically admitting there is too much power right now in your district >> there's too much a concentration of economic activity and i'm probably the only congressman where people are saying, "look, there's too much traffic. the cost of housing is too much." you know the average job at a software company is 15 months? i mean, how long have you been doing this i imagine more than 15 months. >> seth: yeah, a lot longer than 15 months. >> so think about it people want to work -- if you want to work five, six, seven years, somewhere a silicon valley company should go elsewhere as well to recruit and it is a win-win. it's a win for my district and it'll be a win for the country. look, donald trump went around the country. and he basically said, "i'm going to bring your old jobs back." >> seth: right >> and the past is better than the future we've got to convince people that technology is going to bring new jobs, more opportunity
1:33 am
for their kids, and that the future is better and something that they're going to have an access to and the american dream >> seth: there are, obviously, a lot of elected officials because we have such -- there is such a big field of democratic candidates who haven't jumped in yet. you jumped in early as a co-chair for bernie's campaign what is it -- what can you tell us about bernie that we might not know from seeing him in public >> he's got a great sense of humor. >> seth: yeah. and i'll tell you one quick anecdote >> seth: cause he seems very gruff. he's -- there's times where he maybe doesn't seem like he has a great sense of humor >> i mean, he's not quite your sense of humor but he - >> seth: well, thank you >> you know, but he's got a dry sense of humor i'll tell you, you know, when he was hospitalized, i was going to be speaking in iowa for him. and so i asked the staff, "what should i tell people?" and they said, "well, you tell them that he had a myocardial infarction." >> seth: so instead of heart attack - >> myocardial infarction and so i'm just googling this -- what is a myocardial infarction?
1:34 am
and then i got a call from bernie sanders i said, "senator, how are you doing? he says, "oh, i'm doing great. he said, "ro, i don't recommend though that you ever get a heart attack." so i said, "all right, we're going with heart attack. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. and i'm glad you did i think for the straight talk of somebody like bernie sanders, that's better than myocardial infarction >> he's blunt. he's honest. but the main reason i'm backing him is his platform is simple. he wants everyone to have healthcare he wants everyone to have free education. you know, one of the worst attacks when people say, "oh, giving medicare for all is elitist. have you heard this? >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, the idea -- when 66% of americans want medicare for all. and if you're saying, "look, you're going to get healthcare you don't have to pay co-pays. you don't have to pay premiums you don't have to pay deductibles. there are a lot of criticisms you could make elitist isn't one of them. >> seth: yeah. well, best of luck with everything going forward thank you so much for making the time for us tonight. >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: representative ro khanna, everybody we will be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to dolly parton, tobias menzies, representative ro khanna, everybody! [ cheers and applause jon theodore and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for "lilly singh. see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ >> lilly: tonight, on "a little late with lilly singh," john cena and bindi irwin. wait, where's john >> if we're really, really quiet, we can observe john cena in his natural habitat look over there. >> lilly: oh, oh i see him. [ laughter ] he's a lot bigger than i thought he'd be. >> that's because he's eating his favorite food, chocolate


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