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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  December 15, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. the first ever billboard women of the decade, taylor swift. ♪ >> good morning, and welcome to "sunday today. i'm willie geist in just days, the united states house of representatives will take a historic vote on two articles of impeachment against president donald trump they are expected to pass along party lines before the process moves to the republican-controlled senate for a trial. this morning, president trump is praising one democratic
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congressman, who is expected to move to the republican side when the house votes. we are live at the white house plus chuck todd and kristen welker join us as history unfolds in washington. then in our sunday spot light, we are inside the operating room with a look at new black box technology, known for its use on airplanes, that could revolutionize medicine we'll explain. and later, a sunday sit-down with oscar, grammy and golden globe winner jennifer hudson on her big role in the new cats movie, and the shock of winning an academy award in her very first movie. >> the only thing i really remember was when the category came up and me giving myself a little pep talk, jennifer, you did good making it this far. if you don't win, it's all right. and they said jennifer hudson, and i said don't get up, and then i looked over and everybody was looking at me. and i was like, oh, that's me,
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let me get up. >> a sunday sit-down with jennifer hudson and a closer on america's big bow company. making giant ribbons for the car commercials. all of that, plus another life well lived a bit later in the show let's begin this morning with the week ahead in washington as the house of representatives is all but certain to impeach the 45th president of the united states president trump defiant on saturday, attacking democrats and taking time out to attend the army-navy football game in philadelphia nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the white house for us good morning. >> good morning, willie. president trump took part in the long military tradition on the football field, and tweeted that he'll invite the winning navy team here to the white house it comes geps the backdrop of the hard knocks of impeachment and president trump is running his own defensive play book. >> announcer: the president looking more like candidate
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trump than commander in chief, as navy beat army in philadelphia one place where it's good politics for him to play both sides. cheering each team and taking home the game ball but back in washington, team colors are divided over impeachment. while democrats by sheer numbers are expected to pass two articles of impeachment by midweek, the white house is courting a potential democratic defector >> i'm a different kind of democratic and i always have been >> first new jersey democrat jeff van drew is from a district where president trump is popular. sources tell nbc news he is expected to switch to the gop after the impeachment vote >> there is nothing that has turned up that truly is impeachable. >> not enough to alter the outcome, but a single-party switch seems the trump argument that impeachment is partisan. >> it will die quickly and i will do everything i can to make
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it die quickly. >> saturday, trump ally senator lindsay graham, who served as a house prosecutor during the clinton impeachment, argued that a trump trial needs no witnesses called >> i don't need to hear from hunter biden, i don't need to hear from joe biden. we can deal with that outside of impeachment. >> perhaps the biggest strategic difference between the clinton and trump approaches to impeachment, clinton's contrition. >> i want the congress to know that i am profoundly sorry for all i have done wrong in words and deeds. >> versus the trump defiance. >> nothing was done wrong. zero was done wrong. >> reporter: and well after midnight the president tweeted about the new jersey congressman who is expected to switch parties, saying he's always heard jeff is very smart and this morning there's also some questions coming from the two military academies, west point and the navel academy, say they are looking into concerns
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raised when some students were seen on television with a hand gesture, just a few cadets involved and the concern is that some consider this hand gesture, including groups like the anti-defamation league to be a white supremacist symbol west point says it does not know the cadets intentions. >> starting us off at the white house, kelly, thanks so much chuck todd is the political director and moderator of "meet the press" and kristen welker is the white house correspondent. good to see you both chuck, let me start with you this morning here we are pretty much where we thought we would be months ago, but at least weeks ago, where we've moved out of the judiciary committee and they've voted. we've got a full house vote on impeachment in the next few days and then things move to the senate, where mitch mcconnell has already said i'm working with the white house on a strategy, there is no way the president will be removed from office so where does that leave us in this process >> i think you have two -- i think right now you have two
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leaders in congress who are basically done with this and you saw them act that way this week in different ways. nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell, you know, in a weird way they both have the same priority, they're worried about their marjjorities so what did nancy pelosi do? they made a deal on usmca, she cut a deal on the budget my gosh, congress has never been so functional. who knew an impeachment could make them do that? mitch mcconnell, what did he do? he's protecting his vulnerable republican members they don't want a dragged-out process on impeachment, so what is he promising? an extraordinarily short trial, but not so short there's criticism of that. but again, both pelosi and mcconnell here, suddenly this week basically grabbed control of their institutions and focused solely on what it would take to protect their majority. >> kristen, jeff andrew of new jersey is expected to switch parties and vote in support of
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the president on these articles of impeachment the president court congressman van drew and had him to the white house. >> from the perspective of the white house, that is their focus right now, willie, trying to peel off defectors there are 31 democrats in trump districts. president trump was tweeting about them essentially warning that their re-election prospects could be in jeopardy if they voted for impeachment, and so that is where the pressure is going to be. we heard from one congressman of new york who said he's getting phone calls on both sides. people who want him to vote yes, people who want him to vote no, and he's taking all of that into consideration. even if they can peel off a few democrats, willie, the president is going to crow about that on the campaign trail he's going to say that's a victory for him. and by the way, they are expecting republicans to vote in lock step with him so obviously he's going to tout that as well. >> and he's got to be feeling confident. the white house has to be
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feeling confident when you hear mitch mcconnell say there's no by the president will be removed from office and lindsay graham saying i'm not going to pretend him impartial. >> that's right. i also think the president is divided a little bit internally on the one hand. he doesn't want to be tainted with the historical stain of impeachment. that bothers him on the other hand, he does appreciate the politics of this. i was talking to some folks in his campaign who say on some days they have raised as much as $3 million off of impeachment, six times their normal and so he understands that if he is in fact acquitted in the senate, which is by all accounts what is expected to happen, that this is going to be a political win for him. and it's worth noting that is where the white house is focusing largely right now, on that senate trial, coordinating closely with mitch mcconnell. >> let's look at democrats on the campaign trail you might have a bunch of them sitting as we come up on iowa.
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sitting in on the senate trial of the president of the united states how does this affect the 2020 race >> well, look, i think it will be interesting to see if these senate democrats try to do something at the trial itself in order to make an impression with those voters but i'll tell you, it does come at an awkward time then again, if this thing is shut down by martin luther king weekend, which is apparently the timeline we're on, two weeks may not have as much of an impact as we thought it would. >> leader mcconnell said he wants a quick trial. chuck, thank you very much kristen thank you as well. we'll see you in a few minutes for the highs and lows of the week we'll be watching "meet the press" when chuck talks about the articles of impeachment with republican senator pomat toomeyo pennsylvania. >> this morning, nbc news has learned from the trump administration plans to announce the withdraw of about 4,000 troops from afghanistan as early as next week the u.s. forces will leave the country in a matter of months,
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leaving behind between 8,000 and 9,000 troops in a country where t united states now has been since the attacks in september 11th. >> police in atlanta say they are looking for a gunman who opened fire inside a busy mall packed with christmas shoppers the gunshots set off chaos at cumberland mall on saturday afternoon with shoppers running for safety, some hiding in bathrooms and dressing rooms police say two people got into a fight and one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting one person was injured lsu quarterback joe burrow was the run away winner last flight of the heisman trophy, given to the best college football in the country. he won by the widest margin in the award's history. just a few years ago burrow was a backup at ohio state and barely saw the field until he transferred to lsu in an emotional acceptance speech, burrow thanked the head coach for taking a chance on
6:11 am
him. >> you have no idea what you mean to my family. i didn't play for three years. you took a chance on me, not knowing if i could play or not >> he is a great player. burrow will lead lsu against oklahoma in the college football playoffs later this month. but that was not even the best football story of the night. yesterday was the seventh anniversary of the terrible day in new town, kekt keconnecticut 26 children and teachers were killed last night new cls town played for the championship and clearly for something so much more an incredible finish with the score tied, just three seconds left in the game, and newtown quarterback throws a pass through the fog and rain to
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senior wide receiver riley ward, who watchcatches it and takes io the house for the walk-off game-winning touchdown the players and newtown fans wearing green going wild among the players on the winning team, linebacker ben pint oh who lost his 6-year-old brother jack that day seven years ago our congratulations to the night and we've got a clear start this morning over san francisco, but it's getting cold out there. look at the temperatures starting to dip into the 30s in santa rosa. 35 degrees, 35 in napa. 46 in san jose and a chilly 39 in santa cruz. expect a chance for some morning lingering showers, mainly along the coastline. today will be mostly dry with cooler temperatures, only topping out in the mid- to upper 50s for san jose. 57 degrees, breezy along the coastline.
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straight ahead the highs and lows of the week. including the parody of the classic movie scene that was the british prime minister's closing argument in the country's historic elections. the pigeons wearing mini cowboy hats. how did it get there? you heard of a black box on the airplane, why would there be one in an operator room? >> people assume medical errors are the fault of an individual. the system has cracks in it. >> it is all coming up on "sunday today." a view from offshore as the volcano erupts on white island in new zealand. the death toll ring tois
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kristen welker is back for the highs and lows of the week. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> got a big crowd for you. our first high goes to the best holiday party of the year. the 198 employees of st. john property in baltimore had no idea what they were in for when their boss found edward st. john stepped up to the mic as the employees knocked down drinks and -- >> now, you can open your red envelope. >> you heard that number correctly. $10 million worth of surprise bonuses to his employees. the bonus ranges from $100 to
6:19 am
$270,000 based on years of service at the company. the average pay out about 50 grand per person. >> it is life-changing. it is. it is really amazing. that's so generous. >> kristen, if you reach under your chair, i have an envelope for you. >> some employees paid off their debt. >> i know. student loans and a lot of it. if you get a gift like this in your life, it is your obligat n obligation. >> our first logo to thebili thm parody may have helped determining the outcome of a critical election of the world stage. the british prime minister made his closing argument for the voting public with a tribute to
6:20 am
the holiday classic. this is the famous seen from "love actually" with the reading cards written out. it is a popped culture touch stone on "saturday night live." this week british prime minister did his own tussle hair version in a campaign ad trying to win the vote with a plea for brexit actually. >> prime minister may ruined the holiday classic but not his electoral chances. his conservative party won a landslide in the parliamentary elections signaling brexit actually is on its way. >> so obviously not determined but you got to love the closing argument is a film parody. >> putting politics aside, i
6:21 am
love that movie so it just made me laugh and the voters laugh, too. >> our next high goes to someone who's a familiar face this year. st. louis blue, leila anderson, the 11 years old suffers from a rare threaten autoimmune disease. she was there every step of the way as the blues capture their stanley cup in june. leila made it to the parade and received her own championship ring in october. all of that made possible by a life saving bone marrow transplant from anonymous donor last january. anonymous until this week. leila got a chance to meet her donor at the annual beat the match celebration in st. louis. >> leila, meet your donor.
6:22 am
>> she means the world to me and i love you. i am so happy that you are okay. that's all i can ever want. >> kent is a sophomore at the university of kansas who was inspired to donate after his own father battling an immune system. together, they got a standing ovation. >> we love leila all year, we feature her several times on the show. what a wonderful chapter in this story. >> what a hero this story and you can't watch that and not feel the emotions. >> kent, too. >> our final low goes to a mystery in nevada. someone is putting cowboy hats on pigeons in las vegas. let's get you out to sin city where a lot of pigeons squirming around in adorable cowboy hats.
6:23 am
nobody knows how the hats got on the birds. a las vegas bird rescue operation is concerned. they moved into begin safely removing the hat and investigate how they got there in the first place. as the cowboy pigeons became viral superstar, people went out to see if they can spot one of the rare bird themselves. there was a citing in reno. we been trying to find out how this happens. we have no answer. >> they said the birds were not hurt. and so -- it is a cautionary tale. don't put hats on birds. >> standby for an update. it is an important story. >> a sunday sit-down with jennifer hudson, her rise from "american idol" to the oscars and now to singing
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good sunday morning. it's december 15th. here's a live look outside in walnut creek at 6:26. saw a little bit of showers overnight. let's see what's on tap for the day today. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. >> we thought yesterday, it was going to be a little bit of pockets here, a little bit there. scattered. no real organization with that storm. but right now, the temperatures are in the 30s up to the north bay. and we do -- we could still see a little bit of instability along the coastline, which means a couple of light showers for the first half of the day. not really anything to worry about. san francisco, 47 degrees.
6:27 am
san jose, 46 degrees right now. and your microclimate highs for today, a few degrees cooler, actually. and also, it's going to be breezy. we have a high of 57 in san jose. a high of 55 in napa down through santa cruz, 56. santa cruz, 56. in through concord, 55. now, even though we didn't see heavy rain from this initial cold front that swept through last night, i am looking out ahead. i want you to look at the pacific ocean. you see that system just off the coast? that's going to bring our next storm heading into the workweek, and we are tracking rain chances that could also lead into christmas eve. i want to take you through that extended timeline, of course, and what you can expect with the raiders and the miners game coming up at 7:00 a.m.. >> a lot to look forward to. we'll see you at 7:00. vianey, thanks. more vehicles are being attacked south of the bay area. police say five more cars were hit last night alone in prunedale. take a look at this map. chp says all five attacks happened within a six-minute span. those cars that have been hit with an object were hit south of
6:28 am
156. in just the past three days alone, 11 cars have been hit. thankfully, no one was hurt. the chp says the total number of attacks is now at 61 since february. that includes a bus full of high school football players headed to san jose. a live look now at sfo, where a united airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing last night. you're looking at a picture now taken by a passenger onboard that flight. he says he heard a loud crack about 20 minutes after taking off. an sfo spokesperson says the flight was headed to eugene, oregon, when it quickly started having problems with its landing gear. after circling over the bay area for nearly one hour, the jet landed safely while emergency crews lined the runway. well, they're getting guns off the streets and helping a community heal. that's what gilroy police are going this weekend in the wake of the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival and the morgan hill dealership shooting, the
6:29 am
police held a gun buyback yesterday. it's the first buyback in south santa clara county in 25 years. gilroy police say they collected nearly 500 guns, more than 200 were handguns, 26 assault weapons. many people say after the shooting in gilroy, it prompted them to get rid of their guns before the weapons fell into the wrong hands. overall, police gave out almost $50,000. nearly half were handed out in the first hour. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," vandals steal some joy from a holiday celebration. we'll show you the damage to a popular ice rink and how the community is trying to help. that and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then.
6:30 am
merry christmas to all. donald trump, step to me and i will come to you like a plastic straw comes at a turtle. i can't believe i am saying this to a 70 years old man but grow up. >> that's kate mckinnon playing greta thunberg on last night's episode of "saturday night live." thunberg was named "time" magazine person of the year. scarlett johanson hosted "snl" last night with musical guest of
6:31 am
the one direction. jennifer hudson onto an oscar and a pair of grammy awards. hudson's musical hero was aretha franklin in franklin. hudson is currently shooting the movie "respect" which she stars as aretha who hand picked hudson for the role before her passing. this week another big role for the 38 years old in the movie "cats." hudson and her big name co-star disappeared digital fur and walla wallace ker whiskers. >> jennifer and i got together for a sunday sit down. it is the show stopper that shook movie audiences and changed jennifer hudson's life.
6:32 am
>> music is the under line of everything i do. if i am shooting a scene, okay, what's the emotion? okay, if i am in a photo shoot, what do i need to feel? i can find that song and music that puts me into place. hudson brings those familiar power house vocals to memory. the iconic center piece of the new film "cats" in which she also stars. that song, did you want to do anything different with it or just honor the original? >> songs like that, you don't touch. >> my result was to admin head t to it. let the emotions do speaking. >> she's joined in the al star cast by the likes of taylor swift, idiris elba and james
6:33 am
corden. >> to become a movie in "cats" the actors have to go to cat school. >> we would sniff around. >> literally? >> closing our eyes and trusting our other senses, things like that which makes you more like cat-like. >> i am just picturing you and a group of some of the most famous people on earth closing your eyes in the room and sniffing around. >> yes, you should try it. if you close your eyes and sniff like a cat and let your nose be the lead. >> as a child growing up on the south side of chicago, jennifer hudson found her voice in the church. >> my family were born as singers. i was about two and they hit the note and i hit the note.
6:34 am
this baby is going to sing. >> at two years old? >> yeah, really young. >> once i fell in love with music, i was like, that was 7 years old. this is who i am and this is what i am going to do. after graduating from high school, hudson chase that love of music to the high seas where she performed on a disney cruise ship. >> i learned then that you have to launch into the deep if you want something, you can't just sit there. you have to go for it. >> two days i got off the ship, i auditioned for "american idol." >> hudson became a fan favorite for the third season of "american idol" of her classic songs. she finished knew her name and her talent. with little acting experience, hudson was cast in the film of
6:35 am
"dream girls." >> there were a lot of people who wanted that job. >> 782 others. i will never forget it. >> did you go into that thinking there is no chance. 782 people. >> it is faith. i believe so much that this is my part. they can go cast somebody else but they still have to come back and get me. and then you not only win the part but you win the oscar for the part. how surreal was that experience? >> it is still surreal. the only thing i really remember was when a category came up. and me giving myself the little pep talk, jennifer, you did good making it this fault. if you don't win, it is all right. jennife jennifer hudson, don't get up because there is nobody here but you. i looked over, oh, that's me. let me get up. >> jennifer hudson >> thank you all for helping me
6:36 am
keep the faith even when i did not believe. >> for me, making it that far coming from everything that i came from. if you have been in the room is enough and being nominated that's an oscar to me. with an as score and more movie roles in hands. what will happen if these were to magically disappear. hudson got around to putting out her first studio record in 2008. it won the grammy for best r&b album. >> i am in awe right now. the joy of hudson's professional rise was interrupted unthinkably. in october of 2008 when her mother, brother and nephew were murdered by her sister's time away from music to grieve. >> you talk about your mother, do you think about her? >> today is my mother's birthday. she used to write me letters
6:37 am
when i was away. of all these thing is you have done, my favorite part is the person you are and you are good to everyone and your character. i don't know what other way to be. i have seen the highest of the highs and the lows of the lows. >> how did you have the strength to get out of those lows, ? >> we had no choice but to go on. the best way to keep going is honor their memory and live the way they want you to live >> life has blessed hudson with a son. two more albums and everyone in a broadway debut in the color "purple." >> i have done every form of the stage there is and even in the seat, only place i have been is out of space, i have not been is out of space, i am going to get there, too. >> for now, jennifer hudson is staying grounded with that powerful gift she first discovered as a little girl in
6:38 am
church. >> i want to be 90 something years old -- what's the words? i want to be around. i want to be around for as long as i can just doing what i love, what more can i ask for? i am dprafl. grateful. >> you can hear jennifer sings "memory" in "cats." jennifer is in the middle of shooting "respect," the aretha franklin bio pick for which she was hand picked by the queen of soul. to hear jennifer talk about the challenges and the honor playing her idol, check out our w web extra.
6:39 am
don't forget to hear the entire unedited interview with jennifer hudson on apple podcast. next week a sit down with john liggao. and a prolific career on stage and on screen as one of the best and most respected actors of our time. john lithgow, next week on "sunday today ". coming up, we'll answer your questions, use the we're off to a cold start, but at least it's not raining. we do have the chance of possibly seeing some isolated showers for the coastline for the first half morng. 47 degrees right now in san francisco, but temperatures have dipped down into those 30s for santa cruz up through santa rosa and napa, as well. in through the afternoon, expect a cool day, breezy conditions.
6:40 am
temperatures will be in the mid- and upper 50s. 57 degrees in san jose. 56 in oakland. and then as we head in towards the workweek, we are tracking our next storm system that's expected to bring more rain to the bay area. next on sunday today, new technology moving from airplanes to hospitals as a black box cut down the stakes in the operating room, we are back in 60 seconds. what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like this. ♪ the beat goes on ♪ entresto is a heart failure pill that helps improve your hearts ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. ♪la-di-la-di-dah don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪the beat goes on yeah!
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the availability of data has revolutionized our lives, made anywhere from advertising to automobiles and dating and baseball. airplanes have relied on that detailed information storing in the flight data reporter where it could be synthesized and studied after a crash. now in an effort to make their critical works safer and more
6:42 am
efficient, hospitals have come up with their own version of that black box. nbc medical correspondent dr. john torres explains in our sunday's spotlight. >> on every commercial airplane in the united states is a bright orange device, despite on the color, it is known as the black box. it records what happens during a flight and its data is essential passenger safety. now for the first time it is taken inside the operating room to see if it can also save patient's lipa patient life. >> i am here in the first hospital of u.s. to use this technology. >> a bold experiment to reduce medical experience which is right behind heart disease as america's biggest killer. >> the system has cracks in it.
6:43 am
a canadian study can found it could be quite a bit of noise that interrupts surgery. al pager beeps six times and a door closes 42 times and equipment alarms going off 67 times. >> patients don't die from surgical complications, they can die from communication break downs and hand off failures. that's why cameras and microphones mounted around the or collect data on a wide range of things that can impact health outcomes. everything from the patient's vital to room temperature and after a few months, this team has made some important discoveries. >> have you had any surprises? >> yeah, you don't realize how often people come in and out of your operating room and how often you are being distracted from what you are working on and even music being played during surgery which seems harmless have been going on in the
6:44 am
operating room for decades is now being recognized as disstradi distracting. >> i think if the data continues to show that, music may be banned in the operating room. >> one of the big questions, north well claims, the data protected from lawsuits but not every doctor believes that. >> there is a lot of push back about this and lot of fear. but a lot of people see the potential realtime advantage of the black box data and analyzing impacts it has on their surgery. it is giving some patient peace of mine. >> i like the fact of the tactic being watched and monitored and you feel secure and safer. >> clear to land. a lesson from the aviation industry in the operating room, reducing errors and saving lives. from "sunday today," dr. john
6:45 am
torres. >> next on "sunday today." a giant bow for the holidays from the company that makes just about all of them. >> i think some people must see the lexus commercial and think oh, that does not happen, does it? >> it does. >> it does. >> the man who fight against ♪(music playing) ♪this is the first day of my life♪ ♪i was born right in the doorway♪ ♪now i don't know where i am, i don't know where i've been♪ ♪but i know where i wanna go ♪ ♪the happy heart, is a healthy heart.♪ ♪so find a fun way to make your style.♪ ♪do whatever makes your heart grin and take a spin.♪
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you have seen no doubt those car commercials that return every holiday season where an attractive family surprises the mom and dad with a big bow. in fact, there is a company who's entire booming business is in bows just like those. nbc's joe fryer has our sunday's closer. >> the elves in this workshop are not making any gifts. >> now you have a 30 inch bow. >> is what goes on top. >> reporter: amber hughes and her mom runs the california company king size bows in
6:49 am
crafting a product you likely recognize from lexus commercial. >> i think some people may see those lexus commercial and think that does not really happen, does it? >> it does. >> according to the internet, happens quite a lot. >> why is that? what is it about that? >> bows are symbol of goodwill and love and attention getting. everyone comments on wants the extra mile. >> just a few blocks down the road at chevrolet, a bright red bow graced the. customers often ask, can you put a bow on. >> they want to up date the excitement level for their loved ones. >> the standard car bow is three feet long. the one so big they wrap around
6:50 am
buildings like this large one. >> the entire table was filled -- >> the fire warehouse was filled. >> the employees love what they do is always on display. the heart of the company is in the giant ribbons made for many causes, many of their products whine up on television. >> like the bow atop this package containing channing tatum, surprise for ellen degeneres' 60th birthday. >> what's your reaction in. >> there it is. take a picture. >> on bridal joy for a family, they bought the already successful business six years ago after amber was in a horrible incident. >> i broke several bones and had
6:51 am
reconstructed surgery, they never thought i would talk again. the doctor cried the first time i spoke. >> while recovering she can no longer be a 911 dispatch. >> it is learning that in the darkest times that you have, you can turn it into something beautiful. >> a gift so enormous it is worth it of a king size bow. from "sunday this week we highlight another life well lived. in the summer of 2014, america appeared to have lost its mind, with millions of us dumping buckets of ice water over our own heads. it was all because of pete frates frates, the former baseball star at boston college, was 27 years old when in 2012 he was diagnosed with a debilitating disease, als
6:52 am
a couple of years later, a friend told him about the ice bucket challenge, an effort to raise awareness of als it wasn't fledge ling for long frates inspired the country and the world. the challenge became a global phenomenon with stars like oprah winfrey, taylor swift, bill gates and lebron james all joining in frates favorite team, the boston red sox, invited him to take the challenge again at over, the challenge raised fenway mark $15 it had raised over $220 million for als research around the world. this week, a leading doctor at massachusetts general hospital told the boston globe, quote, the science was getting exciting five years ago, but there was little funding for it. then, all of a sudden, there was this huge explosion of funding the doctor continued, i really think we're going to have new
6:53 am
treatment in 2020. pete frates, whose public fight with als changed the trajectory of the disease, died on monday at home in beverly, massachusetts. his funeral was held friday in chestnut hill, two weeks before what would have been his 35th birthday pete is survived by his wife julie and his 5-year-old daughter lucy.
6:54 am
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kristen welker is back to help me through our sunday's mails. the first one comes from raleigh, north carolina.
6:57 am
would you have all traffic lights you approached to be green or never have to stand in line again. this is the deep question that we love. >> i think never have to stand in line again. i have so much anxiety about standing in line. how about you? >> in new york when you are driving down an avenue and it is green as far as i can see. i adpree ovgree with you over te of your life, never to stand in line. i am with you. question two. kay who's out on our plaza. have you finished your christmas shopping. no, i have not. >> i just started my christmas shopping. my mom was here yesterday in new york. >> good. >> hit up some stores and spending the first few minutes buying presents for each other, we are not getting too far. >> the better question is have you started your christmas shopping. >> we have a big family.
6:58 am
>> gary in missouri, asks, fruitcake, yes or no? my grandmother has passed who brings us a fruitcake every year. >> i get it. >> it is just, isschristmas. >> it is nostalgia. i have not made a fruitcake ever. >> if it were not your grandmother's fruitcake, would you like it? >> how about you? >> i don't love a fruitcake but if it is your grandma's, i would love it. >> thank you karen on tennessee and reed in georgetown, memphis and ilene and mike in raleigh, north
6:59 am
7:00 am
good sunday morning. it is december 15th, 7:00 on the dot and a live look outside for you in san jose at guadalupe park. looks pretty nice out there. you can see some wet pavement from the showers we saw overnight. we really appreciate your starting your morning with us. i'm kira klapper. my husband had to run out in the middle of the night and he was like, it's raining. >> it's starting to make its exit. but if you live anywhere along the coastline today, you will see the chance of some possible isolated showers. now, right now in san francisco, it's about 48 degrees. yesterday, we had a high of 56. wind speeds are about 12 miles per hour. but


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