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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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right you know at 4:30, amber alert, a girl was abducted out of the south bay. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. new details are breaking by the moment. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose this morning. kris, we understand the stabbing investigation may be tied to this. >> reporter: that's what we're trying to confirm with san jose police. there is an investigation happening at the corner of 11th street and reed street near san jose state not so far from san jose.
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we want to get to the video right away, happened around 10:00 last night. san jose police have not told us who the victim is nor what that person's condition is. however, we also know that san jose police asked the chp to activate an amber alert for a 2-year-old little girl taken around the same time. the amber alert is for this little girl, 2-year-old, who may have been taken by her father. she's bethany caranzza, not a super clear picture but the most recent picture that police had. she was last seen with her father, 24-year-old victor megania, last sneep a light green 2007 hyundai, license plate 7xjx025. he is considered armed and dangerous. if you see the car, you are
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asked to call 911. chp has broadened out that amber alert to san joaquin county, he might be on the move. we're asking questions and we'll see you back here in half an hour. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. we'll check back with you >> it is also a chilly start this morning across the bay area. taking a live lookout side overlooking san francisco. it looks beautiful. >> it does. >> but it's so clear, no cloud cover to keep us warm, kari. >> right. we know that fog and the clouds act as a blanket to help keep temperatures a little bit warmer so when you don't have that the temperatures climb. we're going to see temperatures dipping down to the upper 30s and there will be some patchy frost especially in the north bay, you may have to scrape some of that frost off of the windshield.
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you'll see some sunshine today as we are going to start out with the dry week, we'll also see some more rain coming in. i'll have more in a few minutes. mike, something drivers will see around the bay. >> this sign, or signs like this, the message signs you see around the bay and as kris sanchez talked b the amber alert going on, kris is in san jose, continuing to follow that girl we're trying to find and they've enlisted the help of drivers around the bay area and greater san joaquin area. you'll see this sin lit up with information. 280 at 92 near the coast we have word chp said there were foggy conditions at least at some point overnight. green sensors around the bay, show a light flow, easy drive. we'll see the changes. back to you. >> thank you very much. taking a live look at capitol hill this monday morning, where overnight the house judiciary committee sent lawmakers a 658-page report.
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it outlines two articles of impeachment against president trump those include abuse of power for withholding aid to ukraine while pressuring the country to investigate joe biden and obstruction from blocking white house staff from testifying to congress. the final house impeachment vote is now expected wednesday, if the house approves, the senate will then hold an impeachment trial. coming up on "today in the bay," at 5:00 a.m., our washington insider tracie potts breaks down what's expected on wednesday. she'll also forecast what may happen after that vote. acstiffists plan to rally outside the pg&e in san francisco following governor news newsom's rejection of the settlement plan. he decided that the settlement did not go far enough to ensure safety improvements. protesters today are demanding pg&e make restructuring and safety a priority. organizers say at least 111
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californians have died this year due to fires and power outages. happening today, san francisco leaders appear poised to try to turn over a new leaf, when it comes to cleaning up city streets. the most recent came last week, when oracle's open world decided to move its annual convention to las vegas citing conditions on city streets and as a major reason why. mayor london breed scheduled a news conference for this afternoon in union square. our investigative unit spent a lot of time covering the story, in its diseased streets series which you can still link under the unit section of our home page. >> 4:35. this week for the first time mayor london breed will also show off the new waterfront homeless navigation center. opponents contested every step of the way. the mayor will provide tours of the new $4 million facility starting tomorrow. while there's no hard date set for the official opening it's
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likely to happen by the end of the month. the man accused of an attack on the mayor of martinez is due in court. last thursday eli dominguez unlawfully tried to make a citizens arrest against the mayor. it happened in front of his insurance business. in the struggle police say dominguez bit a police sergeant, he's facing several charges including battery. the mayor was not seriously injured. 4:36 for you right now. a new twist in the college admission cheating scandal involving one of the leading defendants. the new claims made by actress lori loughlin pointing the finger at prosecutors. plus the changes google is making to its aims at making things easier for ev owners looking for charging stations.
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breaking news, we want to keep you updated an on amber alert issued for this 2-year-old, she is missing out of san jose. police say she was last seen with her father, who is considered armed and dangerous. officers are investigating a stabbing at a home near san jose state. they say bethanie carranza was taken. the toddler was last seen with her father, victor magana. they were in a light green 2000 hyundai santa fe, similar to this one. the car has a california license plate 7 xjx025. if you have any information, call police. good morning.
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i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business head lines. wall street is pointed toward a higher open this morning as investors continue to digest the phase one trade deal struck by the u.s. and china last week. the trump administration agreeing not to go ahead with tariffs on billions of dollars of chinese imports and cutting some existing tariffs in half. china will postpone tariffs on u.s. autos and other goods. steven mnuchin tells cnbc phase one will likely be signed next month. on the watch list for investors, reports on housing, personal income and consumer sentiment. google will help you find charging stations for electric vehicles and those that your car supports so that includes the different types of adapters you may need. there's also a new electric vehicle setting in the app so you can set your plug preferences. options like this may be necessary in the near future as automakers are electrifying more of their line-ups. many americans are
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apparently leaving vacation days on the table. a recent survey by priceline finds employee also forfeit about half their paid time off this year, equivalent to more than $65 billion in lost benefits. reasons for not taking the days include difficulty unplugging from work, feeling guilty about being out of the office, and also concerns about your reputation with the boss. more than half of americans still had seven days of vacation left headed into the holiday season. marcus and laura, back to you. >> you have a lot, too. >> i do have vacation. >> okay, see you later! hawaii, here we come. >> thanks, rahel. >> if they let us off. 4:41. coming up next, kari hall tracking the work week forecast. should we stay in town for our time off? >> i think so. it will be nice. we'll see off and on rain this week, starting out with cool temperature this is morning an a live look in palo alto where we're dropping down to 39 degrees as we start out this day. we'll talk about what's ahead as the rain comes in, coming up
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a very good monday morning
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to you. taking a peek outside, sfo, whether you're coming or going, perhaps for the holidays, certainly a cold start across the bay area this morning. we'll check if there are any delays on flights. looks pretty clear for the moment. very cold. >> i was thinking where am i this morning? >> where are we? so cold on a monday morning. yeah, we get the little cold snaps here and there especially headed closer to the new year and we're going to start out, look at this, temperatures in the mid to upper 30s in the north bay. yes, it is cold. we're at 36 degrees in livermore, 43 in oakland. 44 in san francisco. we are feeling all of this because the cold front that moved through late on saturday, and so now as you get ready to head out the door in antioch, it's only going to be at 39 degrees, dropping down to 38 in the next couple of hours, and then we see it slowly warming up today as we head into the upper 40s, eventually reaching 57 degrees in san jose. concord will see a high of 55
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degrees. 54 in napa, and san francisco reaching 55 degrees. so these temperatures right at about normal for this time of year, but a very chilly start for us, so if you're about to head out the door, you're looking out the window, bundle up. we're going to have those chilly mornings for the next couple of days, so we need to layer up with the scarf and maybe a nice warm coat, and then once again, going into the afternoon, we only reach into the upper 50s, so it will be a cool day. as we look at what's ahead for us, what's happening out there in the pacific, there is a storm system that will be approaching. this line of clouds will be reaching the bay area on wednesday, and then we'll have more rain moving in by the end of the week, into the weekend. so as we go hour by hour, we're looking ought clear today, dry and cool start to the week, and then as we head toward the middle of the week, more clouds moving in by tomorrow, rain starting to drop as we go into early wednesday morning, and so we're going to wake up on wednesday to some wet roads and
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also some waves of showers still lingering. as far as how much rain we're going to see, we're going to see some of our highest rainfall totals along the coast. inland areas up to a quarter of an inch of rain and for the coast we'll be seeing the half inch rainfall totals possible and there will be some more rain headed our way for the weekend, but there will be some breaks in between. looks like late friday into saturday will be our next wave of some wet weather. so as we head toward the next seven days, we're looking pretty good here, just some off and on rain from midweek and again for the weekend. mike, the commute looks pretty quiet right now. >> yes, shhh, don't mess anything up. over here a smooth drive, green sensors, clear view of the richmond side of the san rafael bridge, golden gate bridge clear view as well as the bay bridge no problems coming across to or from san francisco. we are looking at the early commute out of antioch, highway 4 at speed through pittsburg and boy point and coming down vasco a little bit of slowing around
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the bend but so far still under 20 minutes from brentwood and byron down to 580. right now you're okay starting at about 5:00, every 15 minutes or so you wait you add another couple minutes on to your drive and peaks about 7:00 where it holds steady just under an hour getting over to dublin, a long drive but important one, very important one out of contra costa county. here is the south bay, the peninsula, easy drive as you'd expect. no problems out of the south county. one major note we'll continue to tell you about this all morning is the amber alert that continues for young bethanie. she's 2 years old. you'll see the signs lit up around the bay, this one at the san mateo bridge we talked about. kris sanchez continues to follow the story. here is the clear view we showed you, from the city you can see the light show. this is the bay bridge from the city side. back to you. >> thanks, mike. police say over the weekend, at least five more cars were hit by projectiles on 101 south of the bay area. the latest attacks happened
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saturday in prunedale, south of 156. the chp says that in this case, all five cars were hit within six minutes span. no one was injured but several windows shatter. there have been more than 60 attacks since february including a high school bus headed to san jose last month for a football game. anyone driving south is advised to keep all windows rolled up through that area. this morning, in southern california, rescuers have called off the search for a missing hiker on mt. baldy. they plan to reevaluate the situation after the death of a search and rescue volunteer over the weekend. the volunteer, 32-year-old tim staples, fell down an ice chute while looking for a man who vanished more than a week ago. the man somehow became separated from the group he was hiking with. now to decision 2020, starting today, senator bernie sanders is making an extended visit to southern california. his tour is supposed to continue all week and include stops in coachella valley, venice and
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l.a. on friday, he'll attend an immigration rally in san diego county and on society, new york congresswoman alexandria ocase yo cortez endorsed him in october. a debate scheduled for thursday in california is in danger of being canceled due to a labor dispute. many candidates say they are unwilling to cross the picket lines, the second time in two months democrats are in danger of losing this debate that was originally scheduled to be held at ucla but the school's labor dispute x'd that location. the same issue is surfacing at the replacement venue, loyola marymont university. lori loughlin not going down without a fight. she and her fashion designer husband are accusing prosecutors of concealing evidence. they refused to turn over evidence showing the couple believed their payments to usc
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would be used for legitimate purposes. they are accused of paying the university $500,000 in bribes to secure her daughter's admission as a rower. the u.s. attorney's office has yet to respond. switching teams, next here on "today in the bay," when it comes to sports weekend, chop this one up as mummer all fronts for us ending with a big deal for mad baum, not with the giants. plus the raiders' painful swan song and the nooug niners taking a hit in the playoff race. it adds up to one big ouch you have to see to believe. but happening now, in the philippines, rescuers still scrambling to find at least seven people trapped inside a three-story building after it collapsed, following a very strong earthquake. at least five people died in yesterday's 6.9 magnitude quake. at least 80 people are hurt. the region has been battered by three deadly earthquakes in recent months. it's 4:51 right now. a lot more ahead. stick around. there are two types of journeys in life.
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insurance company cuts you a check they'll demand proof you are entitled to uncle joe's policy. we have a link on our website or you can call us, 888-996-tips. 4:55. three major bay area sports teams all playing at home yesterday and we know how it turned out, sorry, they lost. the lowly warriors lost to the kings. >> the niners could not hang in against the falcons, losing the last seconds, 29-22. so the good news here, the 49ers will clinch the playoff spot going into the post season for the first time since 2013. but now, they're fifth seed. the raiders played their final game at home in oakland, losing 20-16 there. for thousands of long time fans it was bittersweet. >> to see them gone now, it's going to be hard, man. we got to trek to vegas now, baby. >> it's a hard pill to swallow and i'm going to miss my team. >> i wish the raiders would have
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won and i would have been more happy. >> we were hoping for raider magic, but it didn't turn out that way. >> it would have been nice. not all raiders fans behaved. there were booze, trash, bottles thrown on the field as the team walked off for the last time. and if it wasn't a bummer for a bay area sports weekend already, this may have sealed the deal. mad bum going away. giants fans will see him a lot in the visitors dugout, he agreed to a new five-year deal with the arizona diamondbacks, the division rival, the deal worth $85 million. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari is tracking that cold monday forecast. >> you need a thicker coat this morning, as we take a live look outside in san jose, all clear skies. we'll stay clear throughout the day and look at how cool it will be in campbell, dropping down to 39 degrees, as the sun rises and reaching into the low 50s by noon. we'll talk about more of what's
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ahead in the forecast, coming up next. and a clear view of 580, away from us, kind of see the signs but you see up the grade in the middle there, headed into dublin, and toward the castro valley y. a smooth flow of traffic. we'll talk about what else you'll see and why it concerns you, around the bay. plus walking off the job and onto the picket lines. the worker strike expected this week at kaiser permanente, centering up and down the state.
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right now at 5:00, breaking news, an amber alert issued overnight for a missing girl who investigators say was abducted out of the south bay. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. those details about that amber alert have been coming in throughout the morning. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been covering the story since this morning and kris, i know that they have talking about a stabbing being connected to this. so how does that play a role in what's going on this morning? >> reporter: well, we are waiting for further confirmation but we can show you that there is a san jose police crime scene right here. this is at south 11th street and east reed street, where we are. we're not too far from san jose state university but it is a pretty residential street. we want to get to the most important part of the story right now, there is an amber alert based possibly on a crime that happened here. this happened about 10:00 also night. san jose police have not said whether this is in fact a stabbing, who the victim was,
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what that person's condition is but we know they triggered an amber alert through the chp for a little girl who was taken from san jose right around the same time, 2 years old, bethany carranza, three feet tall, weigh being 30 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. not a super clear, crisp picture but the most recent picture. san jose police say she was last seen with her father, 24-year-old victor magana, described at 5'4", brown hair, brown eyes, considered armed and dangerous. they were last seen in a light green 2007 hyundai santa fe with license plate 7xjx025. magana, the father, is considered armed and dangerous. if you see that vehicle, that light green hyundai, santa fe or you see the little girl or the father, you are asked to call 911 so they can reunite the family as quickly


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