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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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atop san bruno where storm ranger is picking up the first signs of the storm rolling. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking it. jeff, here we go again. >> we're definitely looking at another round of rainfall. you'll see right now the storm is just offshore, producing some light to moderate rainfall. as we get a closer look, i wanted to put this on a loop so you can see the direction it's moving in from. and overall we're seeing the storm move from the west off towards the east, but it's got a little bit of a southerly component with it. so that's why it's going to take some time getting here. it's just going to slowly start to fill in and eventually get towards the bay area. so about 67 miles away would be that more consistent rain chance for us, only producing 200th of an inch. we have to wait a few hours before we get wet. you see it's dry from san jose to santa rosa. if you're heading to the store in the next hour or so, i think you can leave the umbrella in the back seat because we're just not going to see that rainfall coming down yet. by 11:00 tonight, that storm
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begins to put some rain right near our coast line with some of the first isolated pockets of heavier downpours. at 3:00 a.m., this will keep the morning commute wet, especially in the north bay. coming up we'll have a look at that full time line and we'll check out how much snow is up across the sierra if you're headed that way, in about 18 minutes. >> we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. we'll keep track of all the storms on our digital platforms. you can check out our storm ranger radar, on the website, we have an update to a story we brought you as breaking news in our 5:00 newscast. a 71-year-old man badly burned after what may have been an explosion in a home in belmont on chula vista drive. happened around 3:00 in afternoon. sky ranger was overhead minutes after the fire was under control. now, police did shutdown nearby roads. you can see the crime tape there, and put up crime tame around the property. now, this location at the home right near the high school, you can see the life flight
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helicopter on the field, the football field. the man was air lifted to the hospital. at this point no word on what triggered that possible explosion and the fire that ensued. >> well, from wharf wash d.c. to the bay area and across the country, it's an active evening. people are protesting to impeach president trump. tomorrow is the house vote where it's likely the president will be impeached. tonight we have protests on both sides of the bay. let's start with nbc bay area in san francisco. we see a lot of people behind you, melissa. >> reporter: that's right, raj. we changed location. the protest transformed into a march now. we are walking down market street as you can see. a san francisco police officer tells me he expects 2000 people. he counted 2000 people taking part in this massive rally tonight on the eve before the house votes for articles of impeachment.
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organizers say speaker nancy pelosi's daughter christine pelosi will be speaking and addressing the crowd. demonstrators say their message to congress is the majority of voters support the impeachment of president trump. they will remember those who show more loyalty to the president rather than the constitution itself. we spoke to one of the organizers to this event. take a listen. >> it doesn't matter if you're a liberal or conservative. no one should be above the law, especially trump. he should not be above the law. the message to the senate specifically, senator mitch mcconnell is do your job. do your job and have a fair trial. >> reporter: and if you're wondering where all of these protesters, demonstrators are walking towards, they're walking towards senator dianne feinstein's office right here along market street. a lot of people did not expect this protest to have this many participants, given we're a week
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away from the holidays. but the folks are out here with their signs, calling on congress to impeach the president or have the very latest coming up for you guys. send it back to you. >> melissa, if you can hear me, we see you marching on market street. is there traffic being stopped on either side? >> reporter: absolutely. traffic is basically shutdown on this side of market street. there's heavy police presence right here just making sure this protest does not get out of hand. but i can tell you people are pretty peaceful and i'm sure you can hear the music, the live band right here marching down as well. it's pretty peaceful right now. people are expected to be walking towards market street down here outside of senator dianne feinstein's office. yes, as you mention, heavy police presence. just making sure that no one gets hurt as we continue to march down market street, guys. >> okay, a lively rally there in san francisco. be careful if you're commuting through the city. there will be a lot of traffic as we speak.
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all right, the rally is not just in san francisco. another protest in oakland this evening. our sky ranger above this scene. this was an hour ago. people gathering in front of the grand lake theater. you see it there. the rally organized by the group move on. it says its main message is that no one is above the law. on the eve of tomorrow's impeachment vote, president trump sent a fiery letter to house speaker nancy pelosi. in the six pages he claimed to be the victim of an illegal partisan attempted coup and claiming speaker pelosi views democracy as heron am i. the san francisco congresswoman told cnn today the letter was, quote, ridiculous and really sick. when the president was asked if he takes any responsibility for the impeachment investigation, he answered, zero, adding, he's done a great job. coming up at 6:30, we're going to have more and a full report from washington, d.c. >> well, taking on juul, some bay area school districts are
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taking on juul, one of the biggest e-cigarette makers to court. san francisco, san mateo and livermore say the vaping epidemic is out of control. and more needs to be done to stop kids from using e-cigarettes. business reporter has been tracking the company a long time now. scott, tell us what the suit wants and what it entails. >> reporter: well, jessica, the suit's claim is juul is marketing to young people and students. those we talked to in the bay area say they think the suit has merit. juul says it disagrees. with 20% of its students saying they've used e-cigarettes this year, the san mateo county school district is fighting back. >> the goal is to really address this epidemic that is vaping that is hitting our schools really severely. >> reporter: hector camacho is the president of the san mateo board of education. he told us why several bay area school districts including san francisco unified, livermore valley, cabrillo, and jefferson
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union high filed lawsuits against bay area e-cigarette maker juul labs. >> we know that juul is using marketing techniques and product design that is directly targeting youth and it's youth in the middle schools and high schools. the rate in san mateo county is significant. >> reporter: the lawsuits which follow others filed in other states come as medical professionals raise increasingly dire warnings about young people vaping. >> we also have a lot of concerns about what the effects are going to be on the huge numbers of teens and young adults that are getting addicted to these products at a time where their brains are still developing. but also their lungs are still developing. >> reporter: we reached out to juul labs for comment. the company said it does not intend to attract under age users. and to the extent these cases allege otherwise, they are without merit. >> we're just looking to look out for students and really try to keep them safe. >> reporter: so far no specific
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damages are being sought by the lawsuits themselves. they say they want juul to stop marketing to young people and they'd like to see some reimbursement for things like vape detectors in the schools. live in san mateo county, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, scoot. a google worker speaking out after she said she was fired amid rumbletions of union talk at the tech giant. katherine spear said she was fired on friday. she worked on an internal communication program in which messages from workers pop up in the corner of employee's browseers. google workers walked out last year over the sexual harassment policy. the default desktop wallpaper featured a protest sign. spears' message about workers rights brought swift retaliation, she said. >> this was just me trying to raise attention. this change follows four of meiko workers being fired for organizing really. and i wanted to draw attention to that. and i thought that this was the best way i had to do so. >> the message she sent was
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googlers have the right to participate in concerted activities. >> big questions tonight after a bizarre standoff forced a family from its home. last night a suspected car thief barricaded himself inside their home and then the home caught fire. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us with answers. damian. >> reporter: raj, still a lot of this belief in the neighborhood, crews are boarding up the home and they're putting up fencing as we speak around the perimeter of the home. this all because a suspected car thief decided to hide from police by running into that home. it all started as neighbors were evacuated while under cover officers looked for a suspected car thief near the golf course last night. >> all you see is smoke, smoke everywhere coming up, just engulfed in the sky. >> reporter: here's what we know. a county team of under cover officers looking for stolen cars spotted one driven by this man raul anthony rodriguez.
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neighbors say he was hopping fences, event bely barricading himself inside this home on santee river court. one resident inside ran out to safety. after a standoff that lasted at least an hour, the home suddenly caught on fire. >> scary, very scary. the cop gave him warning ten times. he didn't come out. >> reporter: the suspect had to be rescued and is recovering at a hospital. the fire department is investigating the cause of the fire. was it set intentionally or accidentally? if it had been started by something law enforcement did during the standoff, the arson unit is leading that investigation. off camera, the homeowner seemed shaken. she told me she doesn't blame anyone for losing her home and that sometimes things happen. neighbors aren't surprised. >> she's a very good person. you know, her kids were born in that house and raised there. and a lot of memories. >> reporter: tonight the victims are staying with family after
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finding themselves suddenly homeless for the holidays. and after his release from the hospital, the suspect faces charges of burglary, driving a stolen car, and also for resisting arrest. they have not added arson to those charges. we will keep an eye on that. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. now, within the last hour a federal judge approved a $13.5 billion settlement for wildfire victims. that bankruptcy judge approved a separate $11 billion cash deal between pg&e and a series of private insurers. the agreement comes with plenty of controversy, though, specifically a clause that requires the attorneys for wildfire victims advise their clients to reject an alternate proposal. it has drawn criticism from the governor. >> up next here at 6:00, a cold case now closed. the technology investigators used to find the man responsible for killing two teenagers in the bay area. >> plus a delay on an urgent
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situation in the north bay. the controversy over moving hundreds of homeless to the fair ground in santa rosa. >> rain is back as we head to tomorrow. we'll have the updated time line in about 6 minutes.
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. new technology and good old-fashioned police work are giving some closure to the families of two murdered teenagers. for three decades, fremont
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police have been trying to find the killer. tonight they said they've done it. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live with a look at the technology that helped crack this cold case after so long, marianne. >> reporter: well, these murders rocked the community back in 1982. the victims were cousins just 16 years old. in fact, the body of one of them was found here off green valley road. but tonight fremont police say they are confident they have found the killer. cousins mary jane was at this theater hours before the 16-year-olds were murdered in fremont in 1982. now 37 years later, fremont police have identified their killer as clifton hudspeth. fremont detective jacob said they used genetic genealogy to crack the case. >> we started going through using and started really branching out with family
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trees. we were able to branch out 400 family members. what you start doing is now you use your investigative skills, who was living in that area at that time? >> reporter: it's the same dna technology used to identify joseph deangelo, the golden state killer, a case that made international headlines. the suspect in fremont, clifton hudspeth lived near where the victims were found. clifton himself died in 1999. was there any doubt in your mind he's the kill er? >> not at all. we ended up exumaing his body and finding 100% match dna to him. >> reporter: lupe rodriguez remembers the murders 37 years ago and is glad price finally tracked down the killer. >> i think it's great. little late, little long, but comfort for the family now that they know who did it. >> reporter: this may not be the end. fremont police are sharing this dna with investigators nationwide. >> we're hoping to close a couple more cases with this. >> reporter: police say they still don't have a motive for
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the killings. now, hudspeth lived in both san jose and milpitas, and in 1975 he was arrested for rape and attempted homicide, but he was never convicted. reporting live in fremont, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. the pressure is on to do something about a big homeless camp in santa rosa. today sonoma county supervisors considered a potential landmark idea for getting those people off the street. 3,000 homeless people in the county. nbc bay area's mark mathews is in santa rosa. >> reporter: there are more than 150 tents and tarps lined up along this half mile stretch of the trail park. and the county cannot remove them unless they can provide another reasonable place for these people to go. this is one of the proposals to use the county fairgrounds. county staff have said the indoor/outdoor space could easily house the campers from the trail. >> i think the fairgrounds are
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an excellent site because they're enormous. they're urban, they're close to a lot of different resources. >> reporter: a group calling themselves the squeaky wheel bicycle coalition is even offering to clean up and fix the horse stables at the fairgrounds. but the fairgrounds are in shirley zain's third district. >> i heard a lot from my constituents around the fair ground. they're not happy. i certainly wouldn't support putting people in stables. i think there is a big issue there. >> reporter: on the trail, he said he'd gladly move into a cleaned up stable. but not everybody here is so eager. >> it would be like ushering people together like cattle. >> reporter: linda hopkins representatives the third district in the trail. she's been pushing the board to act. but today the board of supervisors which was set to vote on an urgent solution decided to wait another week. they're going to meet next monday with the expectation that they have this morning when they
6:19 pm
met, and that is to take action on a set of proposals to find shelter for the people who live along this trail. reporting from santa rosa, mark mathews, nbc bay area news. >> it's a big issue there for so many counties around the bay area. thank you, mark. >> it looks dry now, but how long is it going to stay like that? >> probably four more hours, then we're going to see rain starting to move in late, late tonight. and then definitely as we move into that morning commute. so let's bring you into that microclimate forecast on this tuesday night. and i always think it's a good idea to show you exactly where that storm system is located so you yourself can see what's happening with the weather. of course, that's part of my job, but i really did want to pinpoint that for you tonight. you see we have cloud cover that's been moving over. and the part of the storm system that's going to bring us the best chance of rainfall is still out here offshore. so we'll have to wait a couple more hours. if you're going to the grocery store or anywhere in the next two hours, i do not think you'll need that umbrella. let's get a closer look at storm
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ranger and mobile doppler radar. we can reinforce again, dry here from santa rosa to san jose. i think we'll see the rainfall beginning to pick up by 11:00. primarily at the coast line. a slight, very slight chance we could see isolated thunderstorms. maybe even some small hail with some colder air a loft right around 3:00 in the morning as this rainfall would be scattered. i do think we'll get into some heavier downpours for the morning commute. best chance over the north bay. spotty activity down towards san jose. and then the storm system will try to get out of here once we hit tomorrow afternoon. now, if you're not here but you're going up to tahoe, look at this snowfall that's going to be happening at the same time. i do not think it's a big, huge amount of snow tomorrow. 2 to 36 incheabout 6 inches. more snow sunday, monday, about 5 to 10 inches. if you're headed that way i think you'll get through any kind of snow coming our way in the next seven days. check the ski resorts. look at these fresh snow totals
6:21 pm
over the past seven days. squaw valley with 23 inches. i'll take a look at our extended forecast and how much weekend rain we'll get in about 25 minutes. >> we need to be skiing. thank you, jeff. up next it just doesn't look right. a bay area sports legend has a new look. you know who that is? >> oh, my gosh, i do. >> that is mad bum in an arizona diamond back uniform. we'll hear from him next. steyer: i'm about to say two words
6:22 pm
that will make washington insiders very uncomfortable: term limits. you and i both know we need term limits, that congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment. but members of congress, and the corporations who've bought our democracy hate term limits. too bad. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message because the only way we get universal healthcare,
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address climate change and make our economy more fair is to change business as usual in washington.
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okay. giants fans, you may want to
6:25 pm
look away. madison bumgarner is officially an arizona diamond back. today mad bum reporting for duty in phoenix. he signed a five-year $85 million deal. i want to grow up with the giants, become a bay area legend, huge part of the world series championships, now he's putting on that jersey. it doesn't seem right. >> no, not right. >> mad bum did have a message for the giants fans. >> you know, it's tough. the fans in that city, you know, means so much to me. we've been -- shoot, it's been ten years there, so we won three world championships. been through a lot together. they've always been as good as they could possibly be to me. and i'll never forget that. >> well said. he was here for more than ten years. still has that southern draw. that's what we love about him. the giants statement reads in part, we thank madison for all that he's given the giants and the bay area community and we
6:26 pm
are deeply grateful for the success, excitement, and memories he created over a remarkable 11-year period in the giants uniform. >> an unlikely journey, but she is smelling the roses now. a rousing sendoff for an east bay team who will be taking part in the rose parade on new year's day. 17-year-old evans had a liver transplant when she was six months old. the freshman teen was chosen as the parade honoree and will ride atop the float. the friends and political leaders gathered at the richmond museum of history to celebrate her journey. >> it's a cool thing. people that i know here, seeing people i haven't seen in a long time, seeing teachers that i had, like my third grade teacher is here. my 6th grade, my middle school and my middle high school teacher is here. so it's pretty awesome. >> she will be graduating from high school with honors and heading to college in the fall. impressive. >> up next, at 6:30, the tale of two letters on the eve of this
6:27 pm
impeachment vote. president trump lashing out at speaker pelosi and the house speaker responds. >> plus they're marching in the streets of san francisco. hundreds of protesters calling for the impeachment of the president. we're going to check back in with our melissa colorado who is with the demonstrators. on the economy, a unique leader.
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right now at 6:30, rallies across the bay area, across the state and across the country. tomorrow the house of representatives will vote on whether to impeach president
6:30 pm
trump. tonight people sending a message. in san francisco, hundreds of people are marching down market street as we speak, and that means traffic is a mess. >> nbc bay area's melissa colorado has been following that rally. she rejoins us now from san francisco. melissa, you are still walking. >> reporter: i'm still walking, i'm still walking. normally market street is packed with christmas shoppers. tonight it's packed with protesters. this rally that started outside of the san francisco federal building has made its way down market street, shutting down traffic, causing miles and miles of back ups. but now this rally, now march at its final destination just outside of senator dianne feinstein's office. they are making their way outside of senator kamala harris's office. essentially the message here from the participants, they're asking congress to impeach the president. they say they are protecting the constitution. and i want to bring over a woman i met here. carol from san francisco, you
6:31 pm
heard about this event on facebook. what brought you out here? >> well, i'm just tired of not doing anything. i'm sick of where the country is going. i'm sick of this man. and i'm sick of his cronies. our children are growing up with this kind of horrible patterns of behavior and it's not okay. >> reporter: it's not okay. what is your message to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell? >> be a man. care about your wife and your children, others wife's and children. dot right thing. >> reporter: carol from san francisco, thank you so much for chatting with us. that sums up the sentiment here. thousands of protesters are taking part in this march, well over 2000 protesters. but again, they're holding their signs. they're chanting, and they're calling on congress to impeach the president. guys, we'll send it right back to you. >> okay, melissa colorado. looks like a lively yet peaceful protest now through the streets of san francisco right off market. melissa, we'll get back to you later in this newscast if
6:32 pm
needed. president trump is fighting back. he claims speaker pelosi is committing an abuse of power by going ahead with tomorrow's impeachment vote. >> sharp words, the house committee is debating rules for this historic vote. nbc's alice barr has more from washington. >> reporter: democrats and republicans still fighting ahead of an historic house vote tomorrow, even though the outcome seems clear. >> you will impeach him. you have the votes. >> reporter: the rules committee setting how debate will go in the final decision over whether to impeach a president for the third time in american history. >> this is about president trump using his office to try and rig the next election. >> reporter: on the eve of the vote, president trump defending himself in a six-page letter to house speaker nancy pelosi, decrying the process as an illegal partisan attempted cuou and accusing her of declaring open war on american democracy. >> they know it's a hoax, a witch-hunt. it is a continuation. it's been going on now for three years.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the full house will vote on two articles of impeachment against president trump. abuse of power for pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rivals while withholding military aid, and obstruction of congress. republicans denying the president committed any crime. >> there's no way this can or should be viewed as legitimate. >> reporter: republicans already looking ahead to a senate trial where they'll run the show. today majority leader mitch mcconnell denied the democrats' request to call white house witnesses. >> what is leader mcconnell afraid of? what is president trump afraid of? the truth? >> it's not the senate's job to leap into the breach and search desperately for ways to get to guilty. >> reporter: both sides readying for the next round before members of the house have played their role in a constitutional showdown. this should be a marathon debate tomorrow before the full house votes. but in the end, nearly every democrat is likely to vote for impeachment. every republican expected to vote against. on capitol hill, alice barr, nbc
6:34 pm
news. >> okay, thank you, alice. if you want to reed the full letter president trump sent to nancy pelosi, you can head right to our website, >> president trump's former deputy campaign manager is headed to jail. rick gates was sentenced to 45 days behind bars and three years probation. gates and paul manafort were the first former trump campaign officials to be charged by former special counsel robert mueller. both were accused of concealing the millions of dollars they earned working for pro-russian politicians in ukraine. gates pleaded guilty to lying and conspiracy against the united states last year, but earned a light sentence, relatively speaking, after cooperating with federal prosecutors. his former boss paul manafort has been hospitalized. that is according to two sources who could not speak publicly. president trump's former campaign manager is serving more than seven years in prison. sources say manafort had a heart-related condition that prompted him to be moved to a hospital last week from a federal prison in pennsylvania.
6:35 pm
>> no government shutdown this weekend. the house of representatives passed a sweeping trillion dollar budget today. one of two spending bills funds the military and the border wall project. the 2020 deal also raises the age for tobacco purchases to 21 years of age across the country. the bills now go to the senate. president trump is expected to sign those. >> call your friends and family on the east coast or midwest. tonight millions of people are feeling the effects of a massive winter storm. snow and ice from the midwest to the northeast are being blamed for hundreds of crashes and deaths. in the south, nearly two dozen tornadoes ripped across three states. students and teachers survived by scrambling into a church next door as a twister splintered their classrooms. at least three people have died in the unusual december tornadoes. >> it was total chaos. we had to make do the best we could. >> now, the storm is expected to move to the northeast, bringing with it more rain, snow and ice.
6:36 pm
and winter doesn't even officially start until this coming weekend. >> a major announcement from pope francis today on how the church will deal can sexual abuse cases. he is revoking the secrecy law. an investigation will be shared with law enforcement and the victims' families. critics have said the law was used in the past to shield priests accused of sex abuse. pope francis making that announcement on his 83rd birthday. new details tonight on an amber alert that spanned several counties over the weekend. the suspect who was held by good samaritans and arrested in the central coast town of cambria was arrested today. he kidnapped his 2-year-old daughter. that's what prompted the amber alert. child protective services is now caring for the child and the mom is in critical but stable condition. >> new details in the deadly crash in pinole.
6:37 pm
two people died. the driver of the crash survived. et the people he hit did not. it was driven by a 52-year-old woman and 76-year-old from american canyon. both died at the scene. police say the suspect was driving the wrong way on interstate 80. witnesses say that driver ran two red lights and dropped a passenger off right before the crash. >> as we have been telling you, more than 60 cars, truck ands suvs have been hit by some sort of object while people were driving on 101 near prune dale. the reward to catch whoever is doing that is now over $14,000. patrols have also been beefed up. investigators say the objects on bullets. they aren't telling us what they are. five people have been injured from shattered glass. >> the market place is coming to
6:38 pm
the bay area. where and when it will be opening.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
the nation's biggest mushroom grower is paying up after polluting a creek in the south bay. monterey mush rooms is accused of pumping waste water directly in the nearby fisher creek for years. that small waterway joins coyote creek which ultimately flows into the san francisco bay. last year the santa clara county d.a. filed a $67 million lawsuit against the farm. today montery mushrooms agreed to pay just over $2 million to settle the case. that money will go toward restoring the creek which is home to steel head trout, tiger salman ders and red legged frogs. all species considered vulnerable or endangered. >> okay, menlo park is considering whether to spend a lot of money to make its fire department more eco friendly. in about 20 minutes, the fire district will gather to decide whether to make the first down payment on an all-electric fire truck. we showed it to you the other
6:41 pm
day. the district pushed back the vote from last week. the truck, we showed it to you, cost more than a million dollars. several hundred thousand dollars more than a standard fire truck. menlo park fire chief says it will save taxpayers in the long haul a lot in gas over the long run. the truck is said to require a lot less maintenance. >> a lot of people love this place, and now eatly is making its way to the bay area. the three-floor store and restaurant is going to open in san jose's valley fair mall in 2021. we still have a wait here. it will feature a variety of pizza, sauces, gelatto and wine. it's the first to open here in northern california. the chain got its start turrin italy. >> the whale was first spot ed in capitola. it took four days for rescue crews to catch up with her. they finally did. they used a small boat to get
6:42 pm
close enough and, yea, they cut that net. >> that is great news. >> that's cool video right there. jeff ranieri is with us to talk about the rain that's coming in in a few hours or tomorrow morning? >> i think late tonight we'll start to see some of the rain beginning to pick up with heavier downpours. right now in san francisco, we are dry, but some spotty showers, 9, 10, 11:00 this evening we'll take you through your wednesday forecast and an update on the weekend rain and what we're seeing about that in just a few minutes. >> also turning feed bags into food bags. the east bay woman rescuing ponies by finding a new use for her old gear. stay with us.
6:43 pm
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the one bay area woman holiday giving has turned into both a rescue mission and a way to honor a lost loved ones. this is all about ponies and horses. right up your alley. >> she shows us the transformed treasures. >> ray-ray was a rescue, our
6:45 pm
daughter's horse. >> reporter: love comes in all shapes and sizes. >> but he wasn't being taken care of by anyone, and my daughter fell in love with him, so she rescued him. >> reporter: and for gretchen it came in the form of a rescue horse named ray-ray. >> but we just loved him. >> reporter: through her love of horses, the pleasanton woman was one day struck with an idea to reuse the bags livestock feed comes in. >> and there would be these gorgeous bags that cannot be recycled. really nice, like a horse jumping over a fence. >> reporter: she had the idea to re-sew colorful feed bags into shopping bags and raise money for horse rescue groups. there was just one snag. >> i'm not a sewer. >> reporter: so she collected donated bags from farms and ranches and enlisted people to sew them for her. >> on my own i went around and sold them when i could. two shopping bags. >> reporter: every year she dee
6:46 pm
nats the proceeds from the effort which she calls big bay ray after ray-ray to support a horse rescue group. this year the effort to help many horses went to helping many horses. in walnut creek, the group angels for minis rescues horses big in heart, small in size. >> i think they're magical. they make people smile. hi, baby. some are from neglect. some have been physically and emotionally abused. good boy. i love you. >> reporter: since mary stewart began the program six years ago, it has saved 527 mini horses and donkeys, finding them permanent homes. which is why kyle's donation of several thousand dollars is no small affair. a that's why somebody like gretchen is our angel. we may be the angel to them, but she's an angel to us. >> reporter: for kyle the chance
6:47 pm
to aid horses became healing because her beloved horse ray-ray died. so she sewed that love into her bags. >> we wanted his memory to go on and help other horses get rescued like he did. >> reporter: next year kyle will put her charity to work helping horses impacted by the kincade fire, a gesture of love designed to fit all. nbc bay area news. >> oh, look at those minis run, they're so cute. first and second graders frommal um rock academy got a reading and skating party at downtown ice rink. holiday fun courtesy of alaska airlines on skate day and olympic gold medallist christy yamaguchi and her dream foundation. they read to the little ones before they hit the ice for a lesson and then a special performance.
6:48 pm
>> it was a great time of year to do that and provide a fun day for these kids because a lot of them are under served. and to have a special party, santa is going to come, just real really get in the holiday spirit of things. >> you're my little gingerbread. you're sugar. you're spice. >> i got to use my reading skills, too. get ready. so many revolutions. >> we need slow motion on this. >> it was so, so fast. great day out there. one of the big things they were celebrating, christy was celebrating, she got awarded the heisman humanitarian award. you know the heisman trophy? they do the heisman charity award. only two women have gotten that award. christy is the second one. mia ham is the other one. >> you on skates is a big deal, too. >> it looked like one spin. it was so fast, it was like nine. >> i showed the video we showed at 5:00. >> super fast.
6:49 pm
>> she knows we can't skate. you're good out there. >> did you pull out the hamil camel? >> i'm saving that for next year. >> okay. >> we're going to hold you to it. >> sounds good. >> take it away, jeff. >> weather forecast going to get a little wet here eventually, but the good news, it's holding off. if you have any plans over the next two hours, i think we'll be okay here for most of the bear. you're not going to encounter any heavy rainfall. the storm system is continuing to inch just a little closer. we're waiting on the cold front to get here because when that cold front gets here, it helps to provide some uplift to the atmosphere, and you need uplift to get? heavier downpours. that basically takes any moisture in the lower levels, it pushes it up in the atmosphere. it produces that rainfall and it falls down. it will spark the wet weather returning for us. i wanted to put the radar loop into motion. you can see why it's taking its time. we're getting moisture moving in
6:50 pm
from the south off to the north. it's slowly pushing in from the south off to the north and eventually we'll get it here across the bay area. i wanted to bring us into the time line because that's what we all really care about, right? when does this thing move in, when does it move out. 11:00 tonight, you see we do start to get moderate rain moving in, possibly a few heavier pockets near the coast. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. possibly small hail with this cold air. as you move into the overnight hours that's when you start to hear the rainfall hit your roof. with some heavier rain possible in the north bay and some scattered activity towards the south bay. i think for the morning commute, best chance of getting any consistent rainfall would be in marin, napa, sonoma countys and it's more the scattered situation right there for the rest of the bay area. we'll hold onto a similar deal here until 10:00 tomorrow morning. then by the afternoon this should try to push on out of here. i haven't seen any big changes in the totals on this. everyone looking at about a 10th to a third of an inch on average
6:51 pm
for the urban areas. then right up here into the north bay for some of the higher elevations we definitely could get a half inch, may higher there for parts of the northern coast line. so it is wet and it is also cold. so jacket weather, also the umbrella for tomorrow morning. have you down to 45 in the south bay. a little bris i can as you step out the door. 43, more 40s for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. with that rain, cloud cover and that system moving across, numbers really are not going to be able to warm up a whole lot. 58 in san jose. 54 in milpitas. over to the east bay, 57 in concord, and through the peninsula have you also at 57 in palo alto. san francisco. 55 for the embarcadero and right across the north bay, plenty of low to mid 50s. my extended forecast has us drying out thursday and friday. we get more rainfall by saturday night. better chance of some rain on sunday. lingering into monday. so far for christmas eve, some showers, but we're going to be all good there for santa claus
6:52 pm
as we move into christmas eve. i don't think there's going to be any problems out there for those kids. inland valley temperatures in the 50s for highs. 40s for those morning lows. if you're worried about the 49ers game, i think right now the way it looks, most of it would be dry with maybe some showers in the fourth quarter. we still have to watch it very closely, but that's the best we have it right now. so get the poncho out, have it ready to go, and it will kind of make things better. football and rain. >> it's good football weather. >> i want him to wear a poncho. >> we have to see it. an nbc custom poncho. >> let's see it. >> now you have to get one. thanks, jeff. >> who is best, we'll tell you which 49ers made the team. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
6:53 pm
ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! i'climate is the number 1ove priority.sage. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever.
6:54 pm
this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
6:55 pm
well, it is always nice to be recognized by your peers and fans for doing your job really, really well. >> really, really well. the pro rosters were announced. four niners made the team highlighted by the rock star of the team, george kittle. the best tight end in the nfl. joining him 49ers defensive back richard sherman. the rookie sen sheriff's station nick bosa and kyle. as for the raiders they're sending two players to the pro
6:56 pm
bowl. offensive lineman rodney hudson and trent brown. a reminder you can watch the 49ers game here on nbc bay area this saturday. not sunday, saturday. >> saturday. >> 49ers and rams. it's a special game. pregame, a special edition of nbc bay area news at 4:00 from the stadium and then kickoff at 5:15. are you ready for the game? >> bring your poncho. >> maybe, maybe. >> exactly. >> have a great evening. ♪
6:57 pm
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you publicly humiliated me. i just kept saying how did the [ bleep ] did you let that happen? >> that's kevin hart's wife about the rumors of his cheating but that's not the only controversy kevin is getting candid about. gabrielle union speaks for the first time. what she wants you to know about her agt departure. and a wardrobe malfunction right before the "star wars" red carpet? where are the royals? as harry and meghan continue to hide from press, we look back at her rise to fame and what she told us about her first marriage. >> it's a destination wedding. honestly i'm like so happy right now, it's crazy. >> if the movie "cats" has taylor swift this excited just imagine how this woman felt when


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