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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> let's check in with what is happening right now and what can we expect tomorrow? >> i don't think we will see any
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consistent rainfall in the forecast. you can see that right now. a couple of spotty showers, right near the peninsula. what i want to draw your attention to now is the sky camera network out here in the east bay from walnut creek looking back as we do have ground fog that is beginning to form. so, once again if you have anything to do tomorrow morning, you have to watch out for the fog. what i see happening right now is temperatures dropping to the 40s and the dew temperature in the 40s. that is where air reaches the condensation point. we will get tiny water drop thes forming helping to create dense patches of ground fog. tomorrow morning, and then coming up in about 15 minutes i will have details on what looks to be at this point is another
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storm for the weekend. >> that is a lot coming our way. thank you, jeff. they have one job, to deliver food and then leave. but the doordash driver dropped off the food and stuck around. a surveillance video caught her stealing packages in the lobby of an apartment building. cheryl. >> well, it all happened here at this apartment building on hay street near downtown. someone ordered food to be delivered. but once the food was delivered, as you see from the video, a crime was committed. >> started out as a normal food delivery. >> the resident did receive their food order. that was the only good part of the story. >> the bad part plays out in the following minutes on this
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surveillance video stealing not one or two but at least a half dozen packages from the front lobby full of cameras. >> we have seen a variety of things but this is a first for us. >> the cameras are visible. we have posters of package thieves at this location and other buildings as a way to deter people. >> it did not deter this package thief. she got away in awaiting suv. >> there are good leads. it is food service employees. >> the company is doordash. the company is responding by saying that it does not tolerate inappropriate behavior and has permanently deactivated the dasher from the platform for failing to follow the code of conduct. now the doordash spokesman went on to say they are working to
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rectify the situation. berkeley police are still investigating. >> thank you cheryl. deadly car crash happened at center road when an 85-year-old woman found she was crossing even though the red signal was on and a man driving a honda accord hit and killed her. not a good situation to be in, left without a roof over your head. that is what dozen of seniors are now facing. the brookdale facility said they had until january to move out and that the building owner is to blame and that brookdale did not want to renew its lease. one thing for sure, the seniors, not happy. >> they are telling me i got to go and threw us under the bus. >> some seniors are pledging to stay put, no matter what.
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>> an e-cigarette ban might be coming. last month the city outlawed the sale of flavored tobacco and might extend the sale to all videotaping products. >> well, it is a murder case making international headlines and now the publiciossibility o retrial. prosecutors claim that enlisted him to kill the father of the two children and posted one of the highest bails in history, $35 million. her attorney said she was planning to travel to china to spend time with her family and her children. >> you don't know because terrorism can run in many forms. >> you might want to think twice
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about plugging your cell phone into a public charging station. >> and a daring rescue, how various scientists freed a humpback whale from a dangerous trap. >> and fog is forming right now. we will have an update on tomorrow morning's forecast and what you can expect from this weekend's storm in just a few minutes. looking around here i see tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones. they're all connected to the internet. they're all connected. can your network handle all those devices? sometimes. comcast business runs on the nation's
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>> beware where you plug in in public. when your phone is running out of juice a free usb port could be a welcome sight but you could be juice jacked and it could cost you. that is where a lot of people plug in for that juice. >> jessica, the airports one place where you can find a public free usb port to plug in
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to. but thieves could plug into these ports as well and you could be plugging into trouble. >> travellers often plug in and charge up. >> i am someone that prefer to charge through powered table rather than just a usb port because of the speed. the speed is way too slow usually. >> the usb provides a slower charge and now it can put all of that data on your device in jeopardy. a new cyber theft tactic called juice jacking. thieves can install malware and you plug right into it. >> they have to have access to it. sometimes they have to install it themselves. >> by chance while the airport port seems secure, you never know. >> even though airports have very tight security and we
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assume that all of these connectors are quite secure we just don't know. >> the los angeles district attorneys office is urging people to avoid the public courts. >> the malware could lock the device or send passwords, addresses or a fullbackup of the phone directly to the criminal. >> the da says the best way to avoid being juice jacked is to charge devices on old fashioned power outlets. >> you can avoid plugging directly in by an ac charger or carrying a car charger and charging it once you are on the road. >> thank you jean. what comes next for san francisco and its homeless centers. yesterday the navigation center opened and today city supervisors are pushing for legislation that would require centers to be built in every district.
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>> they shouldn't be tied to a piece of legislation that might constrain us from opening up a site because we need to open it up in a district that does not have that many homeless districts. >> there are seven in the city and three of which are in district 6. >> take a look at a daring rescue in the monterey bay. a whale entanglement team worked for six hours to free this hump back. they attach aid gopro camera on a long pole and saw a rope efs wrapped around the whale cinching its symptom atomach. pretty incredible to see that. >> remarkable they were able to pull it off. hopefully the whale will be okay. jeff, are we going to be okay for the next couple of days? >> i think we will be okay the next two days.
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as we bring you into the microclimate forecast on this wednesday night as we head into thursday tomorrow. big change i am seeing right now as we move in to tomorrow is the stormtrack that brought us rainfall today and it will lift off to the north. that is important. it will take the best rain chances with it and move it away from us. i do think we will be left here with fog as we head to the morning. you can see visibility down to about two and a half miles in santa rosa and some of the patchier areas are in the east bay. i heard from a couple and it is starting to get thick. you do want to think about that as you head into the morning for any type of commuting. we will start out in the 40s. 42 in the east bay. san francisco 46. north bay at 45. as we push through tomorrow we will see a few breaks of sun.
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60 in san jose. down to the east bay. 61 in pittsburgh. 59 in martinez. 50s for san mateo to redwood city. north bay, 52 in clearlake. tomorrow is storm-free. i think we will stay storm-free as we hit friday and we will see the return of rain lining up as we hit 6:30 on saturday. this is what i have done on the extended forecast. 7:00 on saturday the rainfall starts to arrive and the wettest day is sunday. then we will see spotty chances here tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the 50s and 60s as we head throughout the next several days and a great forecast as we headed to christmas next week. and by the way, if you are
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headed up to the sierra we have more snow on sunday and monday and wednesday. if you are heading up there for christmas, it's definitely going to look good. snow much fun. >> i love that. >> we saw the santa icon in the bay area and in tahoe. >> going to make his rounds. >> the new my shake app, how much warning it gave people that live near the epicenter. >> jimmy. >> helen hunt and paul riser are my guests. dua lipa and a classic show tune with the cast of the movie cats. >> another puppy has been found. one of the dogs in a van that was stolen in freemonth. unique, the dog's afternoon. the van of dogs was stolen in freemonth last week and the people tried to sell the dogs on
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>> california's new earthquake warning system successfully sent
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out its first alert just yesterday in the rural part of central california. only a small area felt the shaking. creators of the my shake app say 40 people got an alert on the phone. people closest said they didn't get advanced warning but those farther away received a warning seconds before the feeling of any shaking. >> christmas is a week away. today was the busiest mailing day of the year. millions of packages, letters and christmas cards. 200 million packages will be delivered this week alone. in san jose they will handle more than 3 million pieces of mail. >> no one delivers as much
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e-commerce as the united states post office does but the guy christmas eve. >> a new sorting system helps the post office handle those big packages. >> needy families in the east bay, four newly restored cars given away to the parents of patients at an east bay hospital and the families were hand-picked. parents have been using ride share apps or renting cars to drive the kids to doctors appointments. >> it is just a magical moment. >> there's more. the trunks of all four cars packed with gifts including gas cards totaling $350. >> up next we are go to check in with the 49ers and the warriors.
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even when you are injured klay thompson and steph curry can make you smile. >> even when they are not playing. >> we saw it today.
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klay was at a toy drive at an elementary school in oakland. someone asked if steph curry was coming. he facetimed steph. you see him there. they all chatted. steph, klay, all the kids. he posted the photos on instagram and he was happy curry picked up or it would have been anarchy at assembly hall. the warriors in portland. pascal with the dunk here. this was a close game. warriors played them tough. damian lillard with a hoop here. nice move. blazers win 122-112 and drop to 5-24, the warriors do on the season. the super bowl is in miami this season. the road to south florida might go through santa clara depending how the 49ers do in the final
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two regular season games. this saturday they host the rams and the following week in seattle. they win both they would be the number one seed throughout the playoffs and get a first round bye. today the team dodged the raindrops as they practiced for saturday's primetime matchup and richard sherman says he will be back in the lineup. >> they are very talented and well coached. i think they are playing as good of football as anyone in the league. they had a top ten offense and defense before that. talent and coaching. >> be careful of the rams. you never know what they are going to do. niners and rams here on nbc sports bay area with a 4:00 p.m. newscast from the field. kickoff in 59:15 hour and after the game at 8:30 eddie murphy hosting saturday night live. that is a big saturday here. >> we are back with more.
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the force is strong this weekend. the restored theater is
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reopening to host the new movie, the rise of skywalker. people will get their first look in a preview tonight. they did earlier. includes a 60 foot screen and immersive dolby sound. >> the last time eddie murphy hosted saturday night live, ronald reagan was the president and joe montana was leading the 49ers now murphy makes his long awaited return to the show that helped to launch his career. >> no reason why the show shouldn't be really special. i want it to live up to any expectations anyone has. if you have no expectations i want it to blow you through the back of the studio. >> i think we have some expectations. >> we were talking about it in the news room. you want to see more of eddie murphy's interview with al roker, it will air on "the today
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show" and watch the return 8:30 live here on nbc following the 49ers game. i want to watch the interview tomorrow and snl on saturday. >> you can do it from the field. >> we can watch it. >> and now snl. >> exactly. >> there is a chance on saturday. i think it will develop from 7:00 to 11:00. >> it is winter as well. >> watch out for the fog tomorrow morning. >> a lot. >> thanks for joining us tomorrow. >> winters coming. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - helen hunt a p


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